Queen Camilla’s staffer resigned after being incredibly racist to a Black activist

Yesterday, Queen Camilla hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace as part of her work with the United Nations’ 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. Camilla has done work with women’s shelters and rape crisis centers in the UK – that’s one of the big issues in her patronage portfolio, violence against women. The headline from the reception was supposed to be about Queen Camilla hosting other notable royal women, including Belgium’s Queen Mathilde, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and Queen Rania of Jordan. Ukraine’s First Lady was also in attendance, along with representatives from British organizations and nonprofits who work in this area.

One of the attendees was Ngozi Fulani. Fulani is CEO of Sistah Space, described as “Specialist support for African & Caribbean heritage women affected by abuse.” Fulani posted on social media about what happened to her at the reception:

I actually got nauseous reading that dialogue. The first part of the conversation happens all the time, to everyone brown and Black. I’ve had similar conversations throughout my life – “where are you from? No, really, what are you?” Most people drop it after one or two questions. The palace aide who spoke to Fulani was clearly contemptibly racist and solely focused on being offensive as possible.

Hours after Fulani posted her account, Buckingham Palace announced that “a member of the household has resigned and apologized after ‘unacceptable and deeply regrettable comments’ were made to Ngozi Fulani.” No, I want to know the person’s name. I want to know if the person was a long-time member of Camilla’s staff. I want to know the person’s position. I want to know what Camilla has to say about this. Oh, Omid Scobie named the person – Lady Susan Hussey. Hussey is very well-connected and it speaks volumes that she felt the need to treat a Black woman like this.

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  1. Laura D says:

    “We’re very much not a racist family.” We’ve servants to do that for us!

    • Aidevee says:

      Do you hear that strange wrenching and clanging sound, a bit like an aged super tanker at full starboard?

      It’s the Daily Mail turning….

      • Constance says:

        Lol she is Will’s godmother…great send off to his mega important Big Boy trip to try to outshine Harry

      • Nadia Thanua says:

        Lol that made me snort. First thing that came to my mind too.

      • Carmen says:

        The DM is having spasms and heaves. They ran at least three articles on this incident. One publicist called it a disaster for W and K, getting their trip off on the wrong foot.

    • Lorelei says:

      So both Charles *and* Camilla are doing a bang-up job in the first two months of their “reign.” It’s been one negative headline after another. Couldn’t happen to a sh!ttier couple.

      • More says:

        More like their Feign.

      • Tacky says:

        It’s amazing to see such a well funded operation be staffed by truly incompetent people. This event should have been a big PR win for Camilla and they just keep digging the hole deeper.

    • LULULULUbro says:

      Did yall see the latest development? BP lied they never apologized or reached out to
      The founder of Sisah_Space. She just released a statement and called them out on lying about apologizing. She said they need race and sensitive training in the palace.

      • Nadia Thanua says:

        That’s just ridiculous but sadly predictable

      • Dee says:

        Saw this, and the first thing that occurred to me is that this all could have been avoided.

        Not that it *should* be avoided… but they brought it on themselves.

        Imagine if Chucky Sausage Fingers and the Prince of Pegging and Jowls and her family had never gone on a years-long attack on Meghan. If they had shown the tiniest bit of respect for her, this kind of thing would easily have been swept under the rug.

        But now everyone who is enraged about the injustices and racism against M have their eagle eyes on the RF.

        This is how fooling stoopid the RF is.

    • Nev says:


      But I can’t be enraged at this display, then I’d be the angry black person.

      I honestly can’t with this.

    • Gruey says:

      Laurad damn now that is a read. Nailed it on several levels.

    • PrincessK says:

      Oh dear! It is getting worse by the day. I actually recoiled in horror when I read what happened to Ngozi Fulani. Aside from the interrogation she got over where she was from, Susan Hussey actually touched her hair and moved it away from her badge so she could see her name. Such a violation, is touching people’s hair without permission something Susan Hussey does at palace receptions??
      Susan Hussey is also supposed to have said publicly that she did not think that the marriage between Harry and Meghan would last.

    • Elon's Sink says:

      I’m a black woman from Trinidad & Tobago, which is an English-speaking Caribbean country. When I lived in England, I ALWAYS got “Where are you from?”. This was ALWAYS followed by “Your English is really good.” My response would be “So is yours.”

      • Pulchritudinous says:

        “Your English is so good” is my least favorite microaggression. I wish I had thought of that reply . Usually I’d say “it’s the only language I speak so I would hope so”. It’s aggravating because it’s a compliment but so condescending. Sometimes I’d want to say “yes, I got a perfect score on the SATs, and you?”

      • Eva says:

        Although not a POC I get such interrogation often in Canada and it’s very uncomfortable for various personal reasons. Every person with an accent around me is similarly interrogated. It’s quite disrespectful if not insulting.
        For a POC of course even more so given the racial aspect.
        Overall, it has to stop. If a person lives, works somewhere, that’s where they’re from at this point.

      • Debbie says:

        @Pulchritudinous: It’s actually not a compliment, and it’s not meant to be either. If you finish the thought (as my teachers used to say), they’re actually saying, “You speak English very well, for a person of color” which is like saying, “You’re very smart, for a woman.” You know?

      • Gabby says:

        That’s what they used to say about President Obama when he began to gain momentum on the national stage “Oh, he speaks so well” as if they were expecting something else. The worst insults come wrapped in fake praise.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      “We are very much not a racist family” — maybe what they meant by that statement is that they don’t care for each other, and while they *are* very racist, they are very much *not* “a family.” So technically, it’s true.

    • Bisynaptic says:


    • SBJ says:

      I was coming here to say just that!

  2. Becks1 says:

    Holllllllllllly crap. I was NOT expecting that when I clicked through to the conversation. I thought the part about the staffer moving her hair was bad enough. WHERE ARE YOU FROM?!!? And then she doubled down! And tripled down! And again! and again! I mean after her response of “they didn’t leave any records” the woman should have known to just STFU and walk away.

    Now I wonder how many times similar questions have been asked of POC visiting Buckingham Palace. Susan Hussey clearly felt comfortable asking the question and pushing for the answer she felt she deserved.

    • Zazzoo says:

      Right? I came to make a joke about the house of Usher crumbling, but after reading that I’m in no mood for jokes. That exchange escalated from ignorant to hostile pretty fast. I’m crushed for the person on the receiving end of being told they aren’t “really” from Britain. And by a representative of the nation’s living monument to Colonialism?

    • Lucy says:

      According to Twitter receipts, she’s one of Other Brother’s godparents, was a lady in waiting to QEII and is now one of Cam’s ladies of the household or whatever they’re calling it. She was also the one tasked with welcoming Meghan. She’s not some random staff member, it’s interesting she’s being reported as just staff.

      • Zazzoo says:

        “Welcoming Meghan”? Guess we have some insight into how that played out.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        She was “tasked with welcoming Meghan” so Meghan got a racism baptism right from the start.

      • Josephine says:

        And she felt completely justified and safe in assaulting a woman of color in a crowded room where anyone could have heard. This tells me that she has been given the okay for her racist views again and again — perhaps even encouraged to take such a stance — under the queen and now under this hosebag.

        Horrific that one of hosebag’s patronages is violence against women when all of them have no problem being violent against women of color.

      • Smart&Messy says:

        Ms Fulani is so brave for putting is so brave and amazing for exposing this. It was nauseating in writing, I can’t imagine what it felt like in person. She was so condescending, insinuating that Ms Fulani was an idiot for not understanding her question.

        Peggington is frothing in the mouth somewhere right now. Noone would think about Earthshat?! No press will be allowed anywhere near them in Boston after this.

        …and then the Sussexes get an award for standing up against structural racism. The Earthshat news cycle will have the lifespan of a day and a half.

      • Kingston says:

        Yeah that sarah person is quoted in valentine low’s book as saying in reference to H&M: “thats going to end in tears.”

        So yeah, lets imagine the “welcome” she gave to Meghan after BP assigned her that task.

      • ML says:

        Holy hell, what an incredible misuse of highlighting violence against women by, well, aggression against a black woman.
        Lady Susan is more than well-connected. She’s been part of the royal apparatus since the 1960s, was not only QE’s lady in waiting, but also stood in the queen’s stead when QE was unable to make it, she’s Peggington’s godmother, and was now one of QCC’s companions. This cannot be the first time this cee-you-next-Tuesday popped off and she’s been protected all this time. I hope Ngozi Fulani is okay and knows how much support she has.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Lucy, yes, I was just about to say that even *I* recognize her name, and I usually don’t have a clue about the ladies-in-waiting and various other hangers on. Susan Hussey seems to have been the highest profile of the bunch. Bye b!tch.

        ETA: THIS is who was tasked with “welcoming Meghan!?” That explains a lot

      • Cairidh says:

        She was also given the job of helping Diana when she arrived. She gave her books on previous princesses of wales, tried to teach her about waving, royal etiquette and how to hold conversations with the public….ironically…. when only meeting people briefly. The art of 30 second or 2 minute conversations….

        It’s strange that for 60 years of her being Queen elizabeths number 1 Liw there was no word of her behaving inappropriately, she was considered the go to person to teach people how to behave as a Royal, and now Charles is King this happens. Perhaps she’s going senile. She’s in her 80s. When reading the transcript, I kept thinking she sounds senile.

      • Concern Fae says:

        Lady Susan Hussey? Blast from the past!

        I remember her from Charles’s dating days. She was one of the Queen’s friends charged with helping Charles find a bride. And presumably push that bride aside to make way for the mistress becoming queen.

      • JJ says:

        “Welcoming” Meghan. What a warm welcome that must have been. Along with that chick wearing the racist brooch… How can a structure that has so many countries with so many black and brown people not care at all about instructing its working members on racial sensitivity?

      • MM says:

        Susan Hussey might be hidden away from now on, but her daughter Katharine Brooke, is one of Camilla’s official “companions” as announced this week.

      • Debbie says:

        Maybe instead of worrying so much about the identity of Archi’s godparents, the BM should have been more worried about William’s. Welcoming Meghan to royal life, indeed. All I can say is that “welcome” must have had knuckles in it.

    • Barbiem says:

      The conversation reads like a script, comedy, satire. Classic “what not to say”. I was confused, are people really still talking like this “where are u REALLY from”? Seriously the amount of information out there saying do NOT say this to POC. Idc she 83, I know she heard to stop asking that stupid crap

      • SarahCS says:

        I sometimes run sessions for leaders on inclusive leadership and there’s a short sketch I play from a BBC Three comedy show where they turn it into a sort of game where every time the guy interviewing asks ‘but where are you really from” (and the candidate acts as though she doesn’t understand what he’s actually asking, “we always lived by the big Tesco”) points appear on the screen and it closes with her saying something along the lines of “oh, you mean why am I brown? That’s a bit racist don’t you think?”

        Sadly I always knew that this happens everyday in real life but it’s still so shocking to see the way this woman just kept pushing and pushing. Racism runs so deep in this institution its horrifying. Props to Ngozi Fulani for speaking out.

      • AnnaKist says:

        Here is a little story from Sydney, September 2022.
        We had a niece-by-marriage staying with us from New Zealand, A proud Maori woman. She became very ill with an infected wisdom tooth. After days of agony and even calling an ambulance for her (they couldn’t do much beyond take her to the nearest hospital who wouldn’t have done anything anyway), my best friend’s daughter said she would give her old boss, a great dentist and good friend of hers, to see what he could advise. He did better than that. He managed to get her an emergency appointment for the following day with a specialist dental surgeon, but it was quite some distance from us. The following day we arrived and went to the counter at the surgery. One of the receptionists greeted us and handed my niece a clipboard with a form to fill, as she was a new patient. Then she swung her chair around and began tapping on a computer, and said, “So where are you from?” My niece and I exchanged a glance, and I said, “Is that important to know? We are paying cash, as Tiaho will claim it back on her private health insurance.” The receptionist replied, “ No, that’s not important. I just wondered if you had a lot of trouble getting here today, what with the train strike and all this torrential rain…”
        Faith restored.

        This Buckingham Palace event is disgusting and disheartening. Those who have learned to read the room, have learned to hide their racism and protect others who can’t hide their racism. This story will die away, and LSH Will be installed in another comfy position, “companion to Camilla“ status intact.

      • Truthiness says:

        For me, this could never be comedy/satire of “what not to say.” It starts off with Susan Hussey MOVING HER HAIR TO GET TO HER NAMETAG. Nobody has that privilege, are you her hair stylist or mother? The conversation goes from ghastly to holy hell. Camilla herself needs to apologize, she keeps having these unacceptable events. Or maybe it’s Charles who needs to apologize, given her role as his son’s godmother. This ain’t senility, this is a life of racism and classicism.

      • Debbie says:

        To all the people trying to stress how old this Susan woman is, as a way to explain her conduct. I say, so what? The whole dialogue, as described by Ms. Fulani, just shows how some people secretly feel that England is for whites only, regardless of how their ancestors pillaged and stole from other lands. The sentiment behind Susan What’s-her-name’s incessant questioning is also reminiscent of Germany before WW2. Many times, when some patriotic Jews referred to themselves as “German” some German people would instinctively and promptly feel the need to correct them about that. It’s as if to say, “I don’t care that you were born here like I was, you’re still not one of us — and don’t you forget it.”

    • Lorelei says:

      @Becks seriously, WTAF is WRONG with these people? How on earth were they raised to believe it’s acceptable to speak to another human being like that??

      • Kit says:

        What is wrong with these people is that they see us non titled people simply as peasants. They have absolutely no manners and in my experience are rude , obnoxious and uneducated. Yes they are racist but they also look down their noses on Americans and Irish Catholics. They are despicable. They are the same people who accepted Andrew and Lord Mountbatten, into their little society, tells you all you need to know about them.

    • Green Desert says:

      Exactly, Becks1. The clear comfort this woman felt in asking these racist questions (multiple times!) clearly speaks to a deeply embedded racist culture in the institution. Pisses me off that they’ll explain this away as a one-off. And I can’t believe there are still people out there saying Meghan brought all of this on herself.

    • New.Here says:

      @Becks1, lots of people are correctly discussing this heinous conversation with the racist, abhorrent woman. And can we also talk about how she, “moved her hair to see her name badge”.

      NOT OK, Shady Susan Hussey touched Ngozi Fulani, moving her hair aside at an event promoting safe spaces for women. Was Ms. Fulani a prop? A plaything? A, god forbid, token? Nobody gets in my bubble without my say so. That freaks me out SO BAD!

      • one of the marys says:

        They’re so comfortable because the culture, atmosphere, milieu of the firm reinforces their racism. Wasn’t there an article about Meghan and Harry spending Christmas with his friends and calling them on on their attitudes. She’s only one woman. I think it was too much to ask that she help modernize the firm

      • Debbie says:

        Do you think this woman saw Ms. Fulani as a token? Hm. I don’t know, let’s just ask any member of this dreadful family, which routinely uses Black or brown people, especially children, as props in photographs. This just becomes a more extreme example of it, but they all hold that attitude. But their servants or staff members see it, and they do likewise.

        This is why the KP staff felt free to mistreat Meghan, and openly speak badly of her and bully her, or collude with the Daily Fail in Meghan’s lawsuit. The fish rots from the head down.

    • Stacey Dresden says:

      I would barf I’d be so angry if someone moved my hair to look at a nametag on my chest and I am not even black. This story is incredible

  3. Chaine says:

    That interrogation was heartstopping to read …. And people still doubt Meghan when she expresses what she went through living in that environment!

    Wikipedia says that Lady Susan Hussey is one of Prince William’s godmothers 🤯

    • SURE says:

      Yeah BP is really downplaying how close LSH is to C & W.

    • Steph says:

      I think it’s interesting that you found it heart stopping. I found it infuriating but still so typical. I get asked questions like this all the time. I’m biracial (Black and white) but look Latina.
      I’ve got a question for Black Cbers: have you gotten these questions? If so, what’s your nationality?
      I’m asking bc Fulani looks fully Black to me and here statewide, I’ve never seen a Black person with an American accent get asked this. While racists will happily tell someone to go back to Africa, they usually aren’t automatically assumed to be immigrants.

      • Becks1 says:

        I’ve said before that my husband is part Asian and the question he gets asked the most is “what are you.” And gets asked that a LOT. Or he’ll say something in a conversation about his grandmother and people will say something like “ohhhhh I was wondering what you were.”

        I never ask ANYONE where they’re from. I feel like asking is assuming they aren’t American, and someone having an accent doesn’t mean they aren’t American obviously. I have heard people just ask “where is your accent from” which I think is kind of interesting, but not sure how offensive that is to people. So I just don’t ask. I also figure its not my business, LOL.

      • Chelsea says:

        Steph Im African American and while I’ve dealt with racism in the states I’ve never in my life been asked where I’m from. This seems to be more of a British racism thing where they ask anyone Black or Brown where they’re from because in their minds British means white. It reminds me of the story from a few years ago where another Black British woman claimed Charles asked her where she was from and told her she didnt “look” British.

        Omid Scobie, who i believe is half Pakistani, also told a story last year about a palace aide who commented how surprised he was at how articulate Omid was and Omid also elaborated on similar racist comments he’d gotten working at British publications in the past. It seems to me like for some reasons a lot of white Brits view these racist incidents as just xenophobic and for some reason think that makes it better. I mean remember all of the stories about how “the palace doesn’t care that Meghan’s half-Black they just how AMERICAN she is”? It’s weird.

      • K.Tate says:

        @STEPH I am mixed race and adopted by one race (black) while presenting more the other. I’ve been asked (and I have asked) the question when I lived in SC! ALL the time. Since moving to the PNW, I’ve realized how backward and awful “The Question” is. People still ask me though.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I’ve had friends who are Asian-American who have been asked where they are from as if they couldn’t possibly have been born in the US.

      • lanne says:

        I have an interesting experience. I’m African-American, but I was travelling in Brazil (the only place on earth I’ve ever been where people assumed I was a local) and met a British couple who were west African and South Asian looking in appearance. We met at a museum, had coffee, talked about where we were from and where we were travelling. The man at one point thanked me. I asked what for. He said, “for not asking us where we’re REALLY from.” I responded, “you told me you were from the UK.” It was obvious that I got what he was saying–I had studied in the UK myself so I knew the deal. Conversation went on, pleasant, and we parted ways. I can’t imagine how exhausting it must be to be othered like that on a regular basis. I know a lot of AAPI Americans deal with this in the same way.

      • nisa says:

        Steph, first gen Mexican American growing up in a predominantly white small town and I got asked that question constantly. I think people have learned to tone it down in recent years, as in I will be asked what my ethnicity is as opposed to “what are you” (not sure that’s great either). I’ve gotten comfortable saying “American” and that usually ends the conversation.

        I am disgusted that a supposedly worldly, educated person would behave like this, persisting in her questioning when the target is visibly uncomfortable and trying to shut it down. I don’t click on a lot of royal articles but this really does speak volumes about what type of people/behavior aren’t just tolerated by the RF, but actively promoted.

      • sunny says:

        I’m a Black woman and grew up in Canada, and I get that question routinely to this day, when I travel and and also here in Canada. People assume I can’t possibly be from Canada all the time. Usually some other microaggression is paired with it(“You speak English or French very well”). As if I wasn’t just born and raised in the French and English speaking part of the country but also hold multiple graduate degrees. The wildest part is people never think that is a racist thing to ask.

        It is also very interesting when I describe my father’s family as being British because people don’t accept that. Then I have to explain that they have been British for the last three generations since my family came to London as part of WIndrush.

      • Snuffles says:

        I’ve gotten similar questions my whole life from almost everyone. They never went as hard as this Hussey woman though. My family tree on both sides is littered with white people. My Dad is fair with soft curls. I’m brown but have curly hair and features not typical of your average African American (or as one black girl told me, I looked like a white girl dipped in chocolate). Other ethnicities frequently assumed I was one of them and would speak to me in their native language. I’ve had the hair touching too. Ironically, mostly from black people. And once from some Korean ladies while I was living there. Korea was interesting. It was the 80s and they weren’t used to seeing foreigners. So my family always attracted attention from the locals when we were off the military base.

        Even with all that, I have never encountered anyone as rude as Hussey. And certainly not in the last 20 years as I assume people in the US have evolved. I guess the British haven’t.

      • MariaS says:

        I’m South Asian, African and Portuguese and: apparently look “ambiguous” and “exotic.” I live in the western US and get the “where are you REALLY from question” a lot. Now I just walk away. I can’t engage with racists anymore. I’m exhausted.

      • Kittenmom says:

        I am biracial (Asian/white) and often mistaken for Latina. I have gotten this question throughout my lifetime. I find it humorous because when I was young (70s/80s) you just were not allowed to callout racial microaggressions, like at all. So I just learned to cope with eye-rolling snark. Anyway – so very sorry she had this experience, but not at all surprised. The older generation can be especially tone-deaf when it comes to these matters.

      • Green Desert says:

        I’m biracial (black/white) and used to get asked versions of “what are you” quite a bit. Been mistaken for Latinx and South Asian in the past. I also used to hear the “exotic” and “from the islands” type of comments. People don’t make these kinds of comments anymore and I’m not sure if it’s because people have advanced as a whole for the better and know they shouldn’t ask? LOL forever at that. Seriously, I used to straighten my hair and I feel like that threw people off more. I have 3b curly hair and wear it curly now so maybe my hair has taken the confusion away.

      • Mariko says:

        These things aren’t just offensive, I’ve heard it as a biracial woman my whole life, but there are other consequences. All POC CB’ers there is a phsychological term coined by
        Dr. William Smith, “Racial Battle Fatigue.” With repeated micro aggressions over one’s life, this leads to higher rates of anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and the other illnesses that accompany constant HBP. White ignorance has a physical consequence to our bodies. These situations are more than just offensive, it’s shortens our life spans. I recommend that all people read about this, doubtful colonizers like BRF have any curiosity, let alone remorse for living as the most famous family of ignorants.

      • Jan says:

        @Chelsea, I think Scobie is Iranian.

      • Hudson Honey says:

        As a ‘mixed’ girl growing up, I was asked these questions all the time and I tried to be polite. As a multiracial woman, I clutch my pearls and get on that high horse right quick. No one ever has a follow up.

      • Blithe says:

        I’m African American. I’ve been asked where I’m from, “No, Really from”, and was once told by a Black immigrant who questioned me at length that I “could not be an American (because I spoke) like a person of education “. I’ve had a white supervisor stare at me and ask me if my hat was “political.” I’ve had random people tell me that I’m “so articulate “ — which is NOT the same thing as saying that I’m an excellent public speaker. The list is long.

        On the positive side, when I lived in NYC, Latino people would often speak to me in Spanish, assuming that I was also Latino. That felt like an instant “you’re one of us” vs the comments that either are intended to treat me as “Other”, or marveling at my existence as though I’m an exhibit.

        When I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade, visiting Mt Vernon plantation on a school trip, a random white woman came over to me, smiled, and said: “Don’t you wish you’d lived back then?” I met her eyes, stared for a moment, and simply said: “No”. Later I wondered if she thought any envisioning that I’d do would turn me white? If she thought I’d be thrilled to be enslaved? Fending off the projections of racism starts at birth for some of us.

        Don’t get me started on “nude” stockings and lipstick!

        To Add: I have a couple of accents — and code switch — but all of my accents are very much American.

      • Blithe says:

        Becks1, saying something like: “I’m from Maryland, are you from this area? “ or something similar is a comment that I’d just view as a conversation starter. It also points out what kind of information you’re asking about and starts with revealing something about yourself first. That’s very different from: “No, where are you REALLY from?” which, to my mind, is always offensive.

        Asking me about my accent would depend upon the context, so someone who doesn’t know me well should be careful with that one, since it could seem perilously close to the offensive: “You’re so articulate “. It could be fun to talk about if the conversation is more general though.

      • Cairidh says:

        My mother was a white redhead from Northern England. When she went to Ireland in her 20s people kept asking her “Where are you from?” She’d say Manchester. They’d say “No, where are you really from?” “Where’s home?” She’d insist she was from England. “No no no, where is it really?” Eventually she realised they were asking about her ancestry. So she’d say her fathers grandfather left Dundalk during the Potato famine. “Ahh that’s what I thought”.

      • Steph says:

        To everyone that responded: thank you. I was looking for something about American racism here. It didn’t prove my theory but it says something. The theory was even though America likes to hide it’s hand in the slave trade, Black Americans aren’t getting asked where you’re from bc ppl already know that answer. I was trying to show how this question was linked to all other non Black POC. However, it still shows the racism all non whites experience. Again, thanks for answering.

      • Debbie says:

        @Steph: Your instinct was correct though, in my opinion. That particular question is usually reserved for other people of color. Native Americans were also excluded from that particular bias. I think before the immigration issue heated up in the US, Hispanic people were mostly excluded from that umbrella too. Since then, more Hispanics have been treated with the assumption that they were not only not-American but here in this country illegally — but that’s just a way to justify any poor treatment that’s coming. From what I’ve seen, that “But where are you really from” attitude was reserved for mostly Asian Americans. It was used against them after Pearly Harbor (regardless of their ethnicity or American citizenship), and it just lingered for decades after the war. Every group faced their particular poison.

      • SIde Eye says:

        I get asked these questions all the time too. I am disliked in my old neighborhood because I would ask White people the same dumb ass questions they would ask me. Questions like:

        why are you going to Jamaica for Spring Break? Are you from there? (blank stares)

        Is that your real hair? Eye color? (shocked and outraged)

        Where are you from? Answer Michigan. Me: no but where are you really from? Answer Michigan. Me: tilting my head to the side like Cher in Clueless when she’s confused as if to say well that can’t be right. (pearl clutching/anger)

        And the list goes on. It’s funny because the WW in my old neighborhood used to pretend these are harmless questions when directed at WOC but when those same exact questions were directed at them they were suddenly deeply offended, which indicated to me the point of them is to other-ize someone, make them uncomfortable, and intimate that this country is for White people.

        I would also do things like point out their kids were great jumpers or athletes and then say the Black kid nearby was so great at math or an avid reader. Oh that used to piss them off so much even though they did that to my kid all the time who was top of his class in math not that this ever got acknowledged by them.

        They could dish it out but sure as hell couldn’t take it in return.

    • First comment says:

      “a member of the household has resigned and apologized after ‘unacceptable and deeply regrettable comments’ were made to Ngozi Fulani.” really? I wonder if there would be a resignation if this incident hadn’t gone public. I doubt it. This so called”lady ” has/ had a certain position inside the royal environment and she obviously collaborates with the new queen in view of her attendance to the event and the way she felt free to ask questions like that… they are very much racist family!!!!

      • MY3CENTS says:

        Very much not racist family, rather a racist household.

      • AnnaKist says:

        Right. Or would there have been a resignation if her name hadn’t been made public? Doubtful. The incident would more likely have been swept under the carpet with a bland statement about the unname staffer having had her employment terminated. Since Hussey is so close and tight with the top royals, I wouldn’t mind betting that she will be found another position in the not-too-distant future. They are loyal to their own and will not hang her out to dry. She is probably even garnering a lot of sympathy with those at the top, and wondering what all the fuss is about. Rabid racists do not suddenly change because of one incident.

    • Cairidh says:

      Lady Susan hussey was described as the female Mountbatten with regards to her relationship with Charles. An aunty/godmother figure who was one of the three most important women in his life along with the queen mother and Camilla.

  4. Sierra says:

    I am British Asian and this happens a lot.

    When a white British person asks where I am really from, I always ask them back where they are from. If they are Scandinavian, Italians or French? You know, since UK was conquered by these nations and stayed until the next nation came along.

    That always shuts them up 🤷‍♀️

    • Cathy says:

      Brilliantly answered Sierra!

      I used to get asked where I was from when I lived in London too. Saying that I am a New Zealander was not enough for many. It’s like they want to find that little box to put you in and that’s why these English people keep pushing?

      But when I would say that I was a Kiwi I’d then get asked “are you sure?”
      “That’s the same as an Australian? Right” then they would proceed to tell you that Australia and New Zealand are the same country.

      I found the fact that she touched this lady’s hair rude, ask for someone’s name if you can’t see it!

      I suppose there can be one positive? That Lady Susan admitted it was her and has stepped down from her unpaid lady in waiting role? Hopefully she’s learnt this is not acceptable behaviour?

      • tolly says:

        She did not admit responsibility. She let the palace release an anonymous apology (WTF even is that?) and Scobie outed her.

    • hangonamin says:

      happens alllll the time for me in the US as well. I know what they’re asking me and most of the time it’s curiosity and not malicious. there are rare times that people press on and it becomes very annoying. the worst is when they play the game of “let me guess” what kind of ethnic you are…

      • Lux says:

        Incidentally, the question when posed to me is actually warranted but the answer still surprises the asker: I’m from Taiwan but sound like a native speaker/fully American. When I say I’m from there, people are shocked and would say, “You have no accent/your English is so good/I thought you would say, ‘California’ or something.”

        Now is that supposed to be a compliment? Ya can’t win 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Ceci says:

      To be honest, I do get ask that as well in the UK – where I’m from (and I’m a white European immigrant) so I don’t think all of those people are necessarily racist. I have a somewhat British accent but not quite there, so it can be amusing to see how people try to get around it without offending. “So, where do your parents come from?” was probably the funniest.

      • Josephine says:

        my parents are both immigrants and my dad constantly asks people where their people are from. it’s been hard to get him to break the habit and see that it can be incredibly offensive. he does ask pretty much everyone but it’s still not ok. I do think people like him are really just curious and want to swap stories so I’m trying to just get him to tell his story and then let others add their own if they feel comfortable doing so.

      • TikiChica says:

        I’m a white immigrant in the UK with a slight accent. My European colleagues can’t spot it, but as soon as I open my mouth, British people ask me where I’m from.

      • Eva says:

        Just wrote the same above about Canada. It needs to stop.

      • Jen says:

        Please help me. How is it racist to ask someone their heritage? Why is this type of curiosity wrong? I am genuinely interested in people & their background as part of learning about an individual in conversation. I ask this question sometimes when I meet someone new. Not the first question, mind you – it depends how the conversation is going.

      • hangonamin says:

        @Jen i think it’s all about the context like you said. if it’s someone that i know more than in passing, and we are learning about each other, it’s not racist to ask hey do you mind if i ask you what your background and heritage is? where it ends up being problematic is you meet someone for the first time, and literally the next question out of their mouth is “hey where are u from? no no where are you really from?” it just has undertones of “hey i don’t think you belong here and what kind of “box” i can put you in”.

      • No Peep says:

        @Jen Because it’s denying someone their cultural and national identity when they reply that they’re local, and the person asking the question presses, “But where are you really from?”

        The question implies that we can never really belong, even if we were born here and lived in (insert city) our whole lives, even if English is the only language we speak, even if we’re culturally American (or insert country).

        When white locals get asked this question, their geographic answers are accepted at face value and never pressed. “I’m from NY,” doesn’t get followed up with, “But where are you really from?” The person asking also doesn’t doesn’t begin applying stereotypes from the questionee’s ancestors’ country in attempt to connect. “My grandparents were from Italy, but I was born here.” / “Oh you’re really from Italy? I’ve been to Italy once. Ciao Bella! I love pasta!”

        If you want to ask someone their heritage, just ask without couching the question under, “Where are you from?” / “But where are you really from?”

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Jen, when Ngozi Fulani answered Sista Space the first time, Hussey should have stopped. When NF answered Hackney after the 2nd time being asked, Hussey should have stopped. The racist bullying Hussey would not accept that a WOC is British. The bullying Hussey was trying to other Ngozi Fulani in her racist shelved mind. Curiosity about ‘heritage’ absolutely flew out the door when Hussey bullied her further with the entitled/condescending comment of:
        “Oh I see I’m going to have a challenge getting you to say where you’re from.”.

        (Uhm, no Hussey, she answered that question already)

        Followed by more ignorance:
        “When did you first get here?”.

        Ngozi Fulani first got there when she was born there-as she had already stated.

    • Sonia says:

      Yes as an Indian American I get the “where are you REALLY from” question sometimes, but never as hostile and racist as the way described here.

    • Janey says:

      I’m white British and I never ask this of anyone. it’s none of my business. I might ask someone whereabouts they live or whether they are local (usually when I’m trying to describe where a decent restaurant is) but never where they are from. I didn’t know the extent of the problems and I’m so sorry.

      • Bromptonviewer says:

        Yes. It’s also used in a BIG way as a class identifier in both US and UK. Asking whether someone is local is fine. Insisting on the person telling you where they grew up is rude even if it isn’t based on racism.

  5. Harper says:

    This is pure performative BS. The only reason they pressed on Lady Hussey to resign so fast is because Sista_Space’s tweet is going viral and they don’t want the noise to follow William and Kate to America. Otherwise, Camilla and her Real Housewives of Buckingham Palace would have been snickering behind the palace walls as usual.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      “Real Housewives of Buckingham Palace”! 😆 Good one, Harper! May borrow it with your permission. 🙏

      • Harper says:

        Of course @Brassy Rebel! Although sadly, this probably won’t be the last time Camilla’s Housewives put a foot wrong. Honestly, the way the palace acted so fast to dismiss The Hussey is infuriating to me. Just shows they do know when they’ve stepped in it and I am so angry on Madame Ngozi Fulani’s behalf and for Meghan because they never responded to any of the smears against her.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Thank you! I made a comment below about how this will keep happening because the fish rots from the head.

    • mia girl says:

      Did Lady Hussey really resign or is she just getting shuffled to make it seem like they are doing something about it? On Twitter Chris Ship posted part of a statement from the Palace that said “stepped aside from her honorary role with immediate effect”. So is she still working at the Palace?

      They are definitely acting swiftly and trying to make this go away because of Boston. Not a good look for Prince Williams when his godmother is a blatantly rude racist.

      Funny enough last night I watched the episode of The Crown where Lady Hussey and her husband were featured.

      • Becks1 says:

        Wait THAT’S Lady Hussey?? The one whose husband was the head of BBC or whatever??

      • booboocita says:

        I’m guessing LSH will lay low for a couple of months, then make a very low-key, deliberately unremarked-on return. The RR won’t comment on her presence in BP or Clarence House, and she’ll be kept out of any official photos. Then, in a few months, when it’s “discovered ” that she’s back, BP reps will say that she’s learned her lesson and the “unfortunate event” was so long ago that no one remembers what really happened.

      • mia girl says:

        @BECKS1 – Yup! That’s her.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Booboocita, ITA. Just like Charles does with Fawcett and Bill with Jason Knauf. They’re never really “gone.” The RF waits just long enough until they think the entire [insert racist offense] was forgotten by the peasants, and they’re back to business as usual.

      • Jensa says:

        Of course they’re downplaying all this. Lady Hussey is incredibly well-connected with the Royals. She was lady-in-waiting to the Queen for decades (and yes that’s her in the Crown, having a birthday party with the Queen, and persuading her husband to do a BBC tribute). So I guess her views cannot have been too out of line with TQ’s all this time.

      • MipMip says:

        Funnily enough, the actress who played Lady Susan Racist on The Crown is the actress who plays Camilla on The Windsors. I actually screamed when I saw her on The Crown because her character is sedate and boring and I just see soapy evil Camilla scheming to replace Kate with a robot when I see her.

        The fact that that character is THIS bitch? Layers.

      • Eva says:

        So did I! Then saw this story today. Quite the coincidence.

    • MY3CENTS says:

      So the list of questions reporters are not to ask pegs&buttons grows.

    • agirlandherdogs says:

      The part that really hit with me was staff being reminded about the diversity and inclusivity policy. They don’t get rid of the racists. They just remind the racists that they gotta hide that sh*t until it’s just the Real Housewives of BP (TM Brassy Rebel) sitting around making fun of everyone.

      • SadieMae says:

        Right?? That struck me too, especially the part about upholding it at all times. I can definitely see needing diversity/inclusivity guidelines about hiring practices, the way HR handles specific issues, etc., but the wording here makes it sound like the people who work for the RF have to constantly monitor themselves lest they Prince Philip all over the place. Which, as a white person I can say that I have occasionally made a misstep when I didn’t understand the racist undertones to what I was saying or doing (and, while it was a little upsetting, I was very glad when someone took the time/effort to enlighten me!), I . . . don’t have to be reminding myself every minute not to be racist. That rather suggests that the RF are perfectly fine with their employees being super racist right down to the core . . . as long as they keep it under wraps so it doesn’t embarrass The Firm.

    • Just A Thought says:

      In some people eyes in the U.K. and America. The racists whether they are old are young. Will always make sure to let you know. In there eyes you will never be viewed as a citizen of nation.

  6. MsIam says:

    Isn’t this that same woman who was talking sh*t about Meghan? And Camilla decided to keep her around? It figures.

    • Emily says:

      She’s the one who said that Meghan and Harry’s marriage wouldn’t last and then leaked the conversation to Tom Bower. Glad she’s gone, karma.

    • Layla says:

      @msiam she’s also the same woman who was assigned to “help bring Meghan into the royal fold”

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        I bet after 5 minutes in this woman’s company, Meghan learned *exactly* what things in the “royal fold” would be like.

  7. Mrsfonzieface says:

    Appalling. Doesn’t half tell you what you need to know about the inner workings over there. I wonder if this staffer ever had anything to do with Meghan?

    Also, that first picture is giving me huge COVID anxiety.

    • blue says:

      Susan was one of the folks assigned to “help” Meghan adjust to the royal ways. Tragic!

      • SadieMae says:

        “My dear, you’re going to have to make some changes to fit into your new role. Don’t use your natural brains, kindness, and charm; you’ll outshine us. Don’t actually advocate for desperately needed societal change; it’s too political. Don’t acknowledge your heritage in any way; pretending to be basically white is the least you can do, since we have to at least pretend to accept your unfortunate skin color. Do not have any babies with that skin color; it would be awkward, darling. Basically you need to be a totally different person or, better yet, just go away forever.

        “Also, neutral nail polish only.”

  8. FancyPants says:

    Oh. My. God. Ms. Fulani politely (very undeservedly so under the circumstances) gave her SO many chances to check herself before she wrecked herself and and she absolutely would NOT. My jaw was hanging open two lines into reading that exchange.
    Also, “I spent time in France?” What? I’ve been to France too but I’m not “from” there in any way. Nonsense.

  9. equality says:

    Did they not have a locale to host this where people wouldn’t be packed in like sardines? And was this one of Cam’s new “companions”?

    • Roo says:

      @Equality, Perhaps that’s the space set aside for POC and peasants when they come to visit? Nothing to steal, you know. 🙄

    • Pumpkin (Was Sofia) says:

      She was one of the QE’s ladies in waiting. Charles kept the ones still around and rebranded them as “Ladies of the Household” or something.

      • blue says:

        She’s also 1 of Willy’s godmothers.
        Actually touching Ms. Fulani’s hair to move it to see her name tag?? Wtf!!

    • Lorelei says:

      @Equality, MTE. Obviously not the most pressing issue here, but what the HELL?! These people literally have countless palaces, castles, estates, etc. and they cram guests in like that at a reception??

      This family never fails to live down to its potential.

  10. OriginalLala says:

    Ugh that is infuriating, I’ve had that line of questioning my whole life (“what are you”, “no but where are you really from?”) It is dehumanizing and othering. Also, eff the palace and their very much racist staff

  11. JJ McClay says:

    Christ on a cracker, what is wrong with people?! The way she doubled, tripled, quadrupled down on her offensive line of questioning… my god. How exhausting for Ngozi Fulani.

    Also, the palace acting so quickly on this pisses me off. They should have, of course. But Meghan was left hanging at every racist opportunity.

    Water is wet, the pope is catholic, and this dismissal was for show.

    • katherine says:

      Oh yeah, it’s 100% for show. They want to move on from this as quickly as possible before William’s “big super bowl.”

      Little do they know, we are all in solidarity with Ngozi. I hope she is taking time to recover after this. The palace’s statement is 1000% for show because they put out it out, saying they’ve reached out to her and apologized…. when Ngozi has said she hasn’t even heard from the palace! https://twitter.com/Nadine_Writes/status/1597961031019827200

  12. Lady Esther says:

    Susan Hussey’s behaviour was shockingly offensive and racist to the core. I feel so badly for Ngozi Fulani, whose organisation has done so much good in the world – I hope donations flow into her centre although nothing can make up for the hurt she was caused. Absolutely awful behaviour and I’m glad Hussey was sacked immediately.

    • Kingston says:

      Thank you for merely stating the culprit’s given name without the honorific.

      It p*sses me off to see folks, even on this thread and the other threads today that spk to this matter, give her the honor of “Lady” before her name…..as if its legitimately her name and not an honorific that is supposed to lend her (and all of them with these marks of unearned prefixes:…”Lady/Master/Your Highness/Your Majesty/Etc.) our respect.

      Its bad enough that societies with monarchies buy into this nonsense but it really gets my goat to see other people, from true Democracies, fall into this retrograde trap.

  13. thatgworl says:

    My god this is awful. Makes me furious for her. What the heck is wrong with this family other than excessive inbreeding?

  14. Brassy Rebel says:

    This will keep happening in one form or another over and over because the fish rots from the head. Wasn’t it just last week that the so-called QC appeared disgusted to be in proximity to Black and brown children?

    • BohemianAngel says:

      In all my almost 53 years of living, I have never been asked this question, I know it happens a lot though. I’m black with a dash of French and Scottish, look kind of Brazilian or at times been told I look Spanish, and have lived in the UK almost all my life.
      These people tend to think they could get away with anything without being called out. I really hope a lot more comes out about that vile ‘family’ and their minions, their behaviour is disgusting! I take my hat off to Ngozi Fulani, well done for speaking up.

    • Sportie says:

      This will definitely continue to happen, especially since Lady Racist’s daughter is also part of the Queen of Mean’s Real Housewives of Buckingham Palace (RHBP – credit to another poster).

  15. Talie says:

    This lady was named in Tom Bower’s book as making a rude comment about Meghan. The implication being she talked to Bower and then gets promoted up the chain. I’m surprised they took any action, but I guess getting into a race battle before W&K start their American charm offensive was not ideal. You know they really wanted to say “recollections may vary.”

    • Talia says:

      Do you mean she got a better role as a result? If so, she didn’t – there was nowhere for her to go. She was already the Queen’s most senior L-in-W. I agree there is no way she would have spoken to a journalist without palace approval, though.

  16. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Camilla is the company she keeps. They’re all like this, I guarantee.

    Meghan should have Ngozi Fulani on her podcast, posthaste.

    • MipMip says:

      I would love it if Meghan had Fulani on her podcast. I think all the heads in the palaces and up and down Fleet Street would actually explode. That’s the kind of stuff that probably could bring down the British monarchy 😮. A girl can dream

      • Kingston says:

        No absolutely not. Its enough that M shows that she has nothing against the majority of the British people who just go about their lives and are not involved in the sustained, state-sanctioned smear campaign against her, by continuing to support the organizations that she CHOSE to align herself with from even before she got married [Smartworks, the Hubb ladies, and Mayhew (before she gave that up.)]

        But I definitely do NOT believe it would be a good idea for M to involve herself in british society by having anyone from there as part of her media projects.

        In fact, I think this is already M’s strategy. She just completed a 12-episode series of her podcast without including a single person from britian. I think that was deliberate [well except for Jameela who is a diehard supporter].

        M’s focused on her home country, and also, I think you will see her involving other women from other countries to show the global reach of Archewell, as well as send the message that britain is a “been-there-done-that” place that belongs in her past.

  17. anna says:

    she was the one apparently who was supposed to support meghan when she arrived – you can imagine how that went.
    She also told a room full of theater executives!! that their wedding would end in tears. How horrific and disrespectful. you’ve barely met her and not only just gossiping with your friends, but also horrifically to a group of professionals meghan would be working with she was already saying awful things about meghan, trying to make people not respect her from the beginning.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Anna, that article is appalling. I knew that someone had made the “it will end in tears” comment about the Sussexes, but I did not know that they did it in. front. of. an. audience!

      (Also, I know this is petty, but “Marmaduke Hussey” is one of the most hilariously asinine names I’ve ever heard)

  18. C-Shell says:

    The assumption that anyone non-white, no matter how many generations have lived in England, are from elsewhere is sickening.

  19. SAS says:

    “Felt almost alone in a room full of advocates”. Heartbreaking. This is the thing that these ASSHOLES will n ver truly understand, how being victimised makes you feel like NOTHING. I’m so angry for her!

    It’s an almost indescribable feeling to try and get across to many white men and seemingly the same for these utter classless Royal and adjacent clowns! Yet another reason M&H have won hearts, they get that feeling and don’t want anyone else to go through it.

  20. Roo says:

    I am appalled, but not surprised. Thank goodness for SM. This went viral and is causing problems for the RF. What if there were no viral outcry? Nothing would have been done.

  21. Amy Bee says:

    BP moved with a quickness. But this only further proves that what Meghan and Harry said on the Oprah interview was the truth. Lady Hussey was assigned to Meghan before the wedding. I could imagine the snide and racist remarks she said to Meghan all the time and I have no doubt she wasn’t the only one. And they still expect us to believe that Meghan was a bully.

    • First comment says:

      I’m pretty sure that this lady would consider any type of answer or opinion of a not completely white person a bullying

    • Stacey Dresden says:

      Chances are good this Susan Racist contributed to Meghan’s severe depression

  22. girl_ninja says:

    Absolutely disgusting but not the least bit surprising that this happened. But Meghan and Harry are lying about how she was treated when living in that hell hole. Disgusting.

  23. Moxylady says:

    The woman in question is one of Williams god mothers.
    She’s just going to be moved to a different position. And rewarded for falling on her sword.

  24. tolly says:

    What utter BS to apologize anonymously without taking any responsibility for her appalling behavior. I understand why Ms. Fulani took the high road (she still has to deal with these clowns to advocate for her clients), but I’m glad that Omid Scobie named and shamed. Lady Hussey deserves it.

  25. Steph says:

    While I’m disgusted with what Ngozi Fulani went through, I’m not at all surprised. What did shock me though was that Sistah Space is the only space of it’s kind in the entire Britain? That’s insane to me.

  26. Pumpkin (Was Sofia) says:

    Honestly my mouth kept getting wider and wider as I read through the transcript. So openly and strongly racist. I am glad that Ngozi Fulani spoke up and didn’t let this slide.

    And surprised BP acted as fast as they did. Maybe Omid is right and they didn’t want this following the Wales in Boston.

  27. Noor says:

    What an extremely offensive encounter and shockingly from Queen Camilla’s lady in waiting and who is also Prince William’s godmother.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Noor, this comment really says it all.

      Charles must be the incandescent one now; he’s had nothing but disasters and gaffes since becoming king. And this was ALREADY a week during which the Windsors were worried about being “overshadowed”

  28. Feeshalori says:

    That was an appalling encounter, I can only imagine how isolated and helpless a shocked Ms. Fulani felt in that situation. I thought the only incident was the hair touching but reading that transcript was disgusting. And Susan Hussey has been around for a long time. She also served as the late queen’s lady in waiting. I guess she felt she was bulletproof at this point in the new regime, but I’m sure she won’t be entirely cut loose and will still have a role in that racist household. Unbelievable.

    • Debbie says:

      She “won’t be entirely cut loose”? Are you kidding me? If the BRF’s past conduct holds true, I’m convinced that there’s a blue sash in Susan Racist’s future (if she doesn’t already have one).

  29. diana says:

    this woman could have stopped Panorama interview because of her husband … prince william must be very fond of hers

  30. Miranda says:

    This is outrageous. And shows perfectly why there was a need to have a safe space specifically for Black victims of abuse. Many, many white women are just determined to NOT understand a damn thing beyond their own race and socioeconomic level.

    As a side note, it’s a good thing that Meghan is a better person than I am, because between this and the confirmation that, yes, there were vile and credible threats against her, I don’t know that I’d be able to resist the temptation to release a statement that just said “WHAT DID I F–KING TELL YOU?!”

    • Lorelei says:

      @Miranda, if this is the way this woman speaks in a room full of people (!!), I can’t imagine what Meghan had to deal with behind closed doors.

    • Athena says:

      This is someone they pointed to when letting us know how welcoming they were to Meghan. The queen assigned a close friend to help guide Meghan. I am at awe of Meghan for having survived the years spent within that family.

      This must be embarrassing to the European royals who participated in this event to be somewhat attached to this and not a good start for Camilla.

      • Jais says:

        This! When they crow about how they gave her so much support, this is what they’re talking about. And then blame her for leaving and not trying harder, esp after all the support she was given. GTFOH

  31. Veda says:

    After the Wails’ American not-tour, this Hussey will be re-hired in some other capacity. Like Knauf. The BRF watches out for their fellow racists

  32. samipup says:

    The VERY FIRST thing that woman did. Touch the person and hair of the Activist without permission. That happens all the time. I have no words to describe my horror and shame at a fellow human that did this.

  33. lanne says:

    Color me unsurprised. The rats and roaches are crawling out behind the walls where they have lived for decades. More evidence that Meghan was treated appallingly by the British media and by the royal family directly. This very much a racist family can’t hide their racism behind palace walls anymore. What a filthy, foul institution. I’m glad Meghan survived it. I’m glad harry took her away from it. I’m glad their children won’t be subjected to it.

  34. Janey says:

    not at all surprised, but I am truly grateful for the amazing Ngozi Fulani for not only her work but for having the courage to speak up about this.

  35. Cat says:

    Ever since I saw that awful, blatantly racist brooch Princess Michael of Kent wore to Megan Markle’s first royal gathering, I knew the racism ran deep in those circles. The fact that that woman even THOUGHT she could wear it without consequence was bad enough, but it turns out SHE WAS RIGHT. That’s all you need to know. And half the articles about the incident described it as “racist” in sarcastic quotation marks. It’s times like these that reminded me the US started life as a British colony.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Cat, that brooch really was the canary in the coal mine

    • Nic919 says:

      I agree. That was a bla tangly racist thing to do and the fact that she wasn’t asked to take it off at the reception says so much.

      Also let’s not forget the painting kate and William thought was fine to keep around when the Obamas visited.

  36. Lizzie says:

    It’s completely outrageous and the QC should apologize asap. William should also make a statement and apology when he arrives in the US. As an American my first thought about Susan Hussey is who the hell do you think you are? But of course, she thinks she is a rich, titled white woman and she will let every POC know she can mistreat them as she wishes. I’m so glad this has come out. This woman is Camilla’s best friend, says everything.
    Also, there should be accountability from BP for giving positions to Camilla’s friends without any sort of interview or review. They just unleashed them at a BP affair to harass the invitees. I hope the attending queens and crown princess wash their hands of Camilla. High time Camilla takes the lead on racism in the royal family by publicly cutting ties with Susan Hussey.
    Within hours it’s been incontrovertibly revealed the threats against Meghan were terrible and the racism in the rf is real.

    • Eurydice says:

      Is she Camilla’s best friend? I thought she was Elizabeth’s long-time lady-in-waiting.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah I think she was closer to the late queen than the current QC. Twitter is on FIRE with pictures of her with the royals dating back decades.

        and this really has been a one-two punch for the palace, hasnt it? the threats against Meghan were credible and very real, and one of the nearest and dearest of the royal family is an incredibly racist woman.

        William and Kate’s boston trip is off to a happening start.

      • Cerys says:

        She was a long serving lady in waiting to QE2 so no doubt there are other similar stories still to emerge.

    • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

      Lady Hussey was a long time companion of QE, Charles kept her on after the queens passing. The BRF has known what she’s like all along, since she emulates what she sees and hears in the halls of BP every day.

      • Lorelei says:

        Things went completely off the rails much more quickly than even I expected they would after the Queen’s passing.

        At least this woman’s name is an accurate description of her.

    • Harper says:

      Looks like KP spokesperson has made a statement denouncing the incident. My, my, so they can be responsive! We’ll know if they are really panicked if they start cleaning up the KP Instagram’s racist comments about Meghan that are still there. Also ABC news’ headline is that she is Prince William’s godmother. Welcome to America, Burger King!

      • etso says:

        > Also ABC news’ headline is that she is Prince William’s godmother. Welcome to America, Burger King!

        Huzzah!! LMFAO.

  37. hangonamin says:

    it does not surprise me AT ALL that an old white “lady” that is part of the British aristocracy has no sense of the times and say racially offensive things. a group of people that have prided themselves on being the top of the social ladder and shun “otherness” and “outsiders”. while i’m not making any excuses for her behavior, i see this a lot as an minority from this generation of old white people. even here in the US. sometimes they think their questions and insistence on knowing your heritage is totally innocuous and a way to relate to you by following up with “ohhh i’ve been to x country and it’s beautiful”. I don’t think they understand at all how aggressive and offensive it can be to establish this boundary…no one ever asks oh what part of the US is your family from? or where were you born in the US? Lady Susan’s line of dialogue was incredibly offensive and demeaning…to continue to insist and move someone’s chair. if i were the activist, i would ask her where her family is from and if she knows how many of her ancestors exploited her people and how does she feel being propped up by generations of exploitation and human rights abuse?

  38. Watson says:

    Horrific? yes. Shocking? No.

  39. Eurydice says:

    Yikes, the combination of racism and aristocratic blindness is powerful, isn’t it? I

  40. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    In less than 24 hours 2 separate incidents haven proven that everything Meghan and Harry have been saying is true! #AbolishtheMonarchy

    • MrsCope says:

      Right?! What a karmic/self-inflicted one-two punch for the BRF.

    • Delicious says:

      As a survivor of abuse, I can tell you right now that vindication is f***ing delicious.

    • Debbie says:

      ‘Tis a good start, but it’s not enough though. Between the Caribbean DisasTour and this, I want William and Kate to break out in hives the next time they even think about leaving the UK. I want them to quake in fear and cry like 5-year-old girls the next time they see someone packing a suitcase. Next time, stay home, losers. (I’m petty that way).

  41. Mrs. Smith says:

    I am so glad Ms. Fulani spoke up about this — very gutsy. Susan Hussey has been tight with the entire royal family for decades, so yeah, that family and their friends are all like this. The comments above reminded me that she was the one assigned to Meghan (wow). Was she considered the least racist of the bunch and deemed suitable to help Meghan?? I guess so since she was in full swing greeting guests at the palace with Cams this week. Even the DM acknowledges that this incident will be problematic for W&K’s US trip.

  42. Lionel says:

    Talk about a brazen Hussey…

  43. GossipGenie says:

    What’s surprising is how many people here are shocked that this question even gets asked. Ask any Asian American and they’ll tell you “Where are you from? No, where are you REALLY from?” Is one of the most racist and annoying questions we get asked ALL, THE. TIME. Followed up with “wow, but you speak English so well!” Uh maybe because I was born here!? The only surprising thing about this conversation is where it took place which goes to show how completely clueless lady SH is, how clueless BP is, and how someone could have so easily made a comment about Archie’s skin and seen nothing wrong with it!

    • R says:

      @ GossipGenie exactly! I live in a West European country, with three official languages and I can hold and I’m expected to be able to have convo’s in all three of them (+English), while a white person only need to speak one of them in order to be seen smart and educated. it’s infuriating. (while my Asian parents of course expects me to be fluent in their native language 😂)

      • Cathy says:

        @R Don’t even start me on that delightful (not) habit of the English abroad where they think that by yelling at someone in English will make that person understand.

      • R says:

        @Cathy, man, I can write a whole essay about the language stuff. While I agonise whether Im fluent enough, whether I’ve used the correct pronunciation with the corresponding grammar of a language AND switch quickly enough between languages (I have to work, switch and use 4 languages at work), meanwhile a Brit/American don’t even (have) to bother learning one of the European languages cause they’re (white) native English speakers. Urgh. it’s hair pulling frustrating.

  44. Serena says:

    I swear they never fcking learn!

    • Emily_C says:

      Honestly? I think in this case, they learned. And what they learned was how to racially abuse people better. This was purposeful bullying.

  45. R. says:

    Jezus fuck, that dialogue is both familiar, horrendous and nauseating to read. I didn’t care about the British Monarchy growing up, but after reading up on their history and the recent display of good old racism by the members of it; abolish that shit. They’re wealthy enough to live without stupid titles and whatnot.

  46. Louisa says:

    Claiming she has “resigned” is just performative BS. She wasn’t an employee in the regular sense of the word, she is a close, long-time friend of the family. A godmother to the future king. How is she resigning from that?

  47. Elizabeth says:

    My jaw was on the floor reading that. What the actual f?

  48. Feebee says:

    Things started to tingle at “moved my hair”, I mean you knew what was coming after that. Still, did not expect the tripling down. I could hear the condescension in tone with the “we got there in the end”. So not only incredibly racist and offensive but snarlingly superior too.

    What a bitch (sorry Meghan) though speaking of which, I read a comment she was in charge of introducing Meghan to the Palace/the Firm… Good God, Meghan didn’t have a chance.

    I don’t suppose I’m the only one smacked by the irony that Camilla, given her track record, chooses to patronize this cause (though good for her and all positive work she does in this space) I mean it’s an easy one, right? And yet still they manage to offend in this way. Quite incredible.

    • PrincessK says:

      My body tingled when I read that too. Such monumental arrogance, she would never touch a a white woman’s hair at a palace reception.

      • Just me says:

        I know Ngozi Fulani is too classy but I wish when Hussey went to touch her hair , Ngozi would have very loudly said “ why are you trying to touch my breast ?”
        Her name tag was right there and follow that up with “ please keep your hands to yourself, that was really inappropriate “

        Let’s just turn that abuse around. I would love to have heard Hussey’s reasoning and look on her face.

  49. ncboudicca says:

    I knew it must be bad when I actually had a BBC America notification pop up on my phone this morning, but after I read it…Hussey is a friggin AWFUL piece of trash. I love that Scobie named her, and I love that this came on the heels of the interview confirming the threats against Meghan….and I love all the extra context I got on this woman from the CB commenters.

  50. chumsley says:

    As someone who is biracial and has a very white sounding name , but doesn’t look white (I take after my mother, who was Japanese), so I get that people can be confused when they meet me for the first time. But it doesn’t excuse people acting like this, especially in a professional environment. At least when this has happened to me , they’ve never messed with my hair! And it’s never shocking when it happens to me since it has happened so many times and you can see what they’re getting at a mile away. I have to admit that I like to play dumb and act like I don’t know what they’re trying to find out, “No, I’m from Texas, I grew up here.” I don’t care if you’re a random person on the street or executive management, you shouldn’t act like a trash person asking “no really, what are you?”

  51. TeamMeg says:

    I think the best response from the get-go might be, “Why do you ask?” It’s weird that SH cared at all in the first place, but to keep hammering away at it. What an insensitive ass.

    As an American, I will say that genetically speaking, everyone here, save for Native Americans, “came from” somewhere else. Many of us born in the USA are complete mish-mashes of ancestral geographic and ethnic backgrounds. (I myself am 5 things.) I believe culture is beautiful, and diversity is something to celebrate. So I don’t find having curiosity about “what someone is” innately offensive, but of course motive factors in. There is a spectrum to it. What SH did is on the reprehensible end.

  52. Julia K says:

    Is it coincidence or planning that that this remark and the interview with the retired law enforcement man was released on the same day as the Wales were due to land in Boston?

    • Quinn says:

      The British media identifying the racist woman as Prince William’s godmother and the threat danger to Meghan in the UK. Both of these stories coming out just as William and Kate are due to arrive in Boston? It’s too much of a coincidence to me.
      Is this Charles sanctioned targeted attack on William? William will have to face the US media. Will they ask him about both these reports?

  53. Beverley says:

    The touching her hair to see the lady’s badge was my first clue. My experience with white woman has been similar. One older Karen wanted to admire my waist-length dreadlocks while standing behind me in the cashier checkout line. She pulled her hand down the length of the back of my hair, moving her fingers through it. I flinched and moved away, asking this random stranger not to touch me, she immediately escalated, shouting loudly about how she can touch me whenever she pleases. She was launched into a loud, tense verbal attack in which she told me that she missed the old days when she could touch any “Nigra” she wanted to according to the law. While my groceries were being checked out that trifling, unpleasant woman threatened to call the cops because according to this elderly white woman, she had every right to touch me in any way she like because I was black and she was white and god put Blacks on earth to be subservient to whites. She was shouting this in a checkout line at the grocery store. She claimed she owned me and took great offense that I didn’t have to tolerate her violation of my physical space. The cashier tried to scan my groceries in record time so I could escape that woman, but Old Karen had already called the police, and tried to physically block my exit, citing a citizen’s arrest.

    The police assessed the situation and explained to the deranged Karen that she doesn’t have a license to touch me or any other Black person. She kept insisting that she meant no harm but that she believed that I could be pressed into her service because the US slaves had never been freed legally, so if she wanted to boss me around and touch my body without consent, she should be legally allowed to treat me as though the Emancipation Proclamation never existed. In those few minutes, I began to realize how enslaved people at the human markets must have felt.

    All of this in the supermarket checkout line. Shitty Karen loudly demanded that the cops arrest me for talking back to her and not allowing her to inspect my body as though I was her chattel property. The cops, while helpful for me, didn’t threaten her with arrest. It was me they focused time talking to, telling me this was no big deal, just take my groceries and leave. Karen screeched the entire time, breaking out into sobs at on point. There is a saying I heard from the older ladies of my family, my grandmother and her friends whom we called aunties. They say that when a white woman cries, so Black somebody dies. I wasn’t entirely sure the cops weren’t going to turn on me to soothe the white woman’s tears. I wasn’t sure the police weren’t going to arrest or harm me because I refused to let a nasty stranger paw my body.

    I still feel traumatized when I think about that incident. I tried to press charges for assault but they gently escorted her out of the store under her protests. The cops never entertained my concerns, not one.

    It was infuriating, humiliating, and bewildering.

    • lanne says:

      I am so, so sorry this happened to you. You didn’t deserve this. I hope someone recorded this interaction and posted it. That rancid cow needs to be banned from the store for life.

    • JanetDR says:

      That was such a weird, strange and wrong thing to have happened to you! I am so sorry that happened and you didn’t have other people try to protect you in that situation. She should have been arrested, I don’t care how old she was.

    • AnneL says:

      That is awful. I am so sorry that happened to you. As a white woman I am so embarrassed by this. I would never touch a stranger’s hair. Ever! If someone touched my hair I’d be offended too. It has happened to me but never anything close to that.

      That woman is utter trash. Being elderly is no excuse. My mother is in her 80s and grew up in the Jim Crow South, though she left when she was 18. She would never talk to someone like that or think that way. But too many still do.

      I agree with JanetDR. She should have been arrested.

    • Jaded says:

      That is truly horrific. I’m so sorry you had to deal with someone that ugly and full of bad Karen energy, and of course she should have been arrested…SMH. BTW, I HATE having people touch my hair (I’m white but have VERY curly hair) and I’ve had to put a few people straight (all of them men who seem to think I’d be flattered by their attention) to NOT touch my frickin’ hair.

    • Harper says:

      I’m sorry, Beverley. Thank you for sharing; how very painful for you. You were just minding your own business and were assaulted by a racist freak. And yet, no consequences for her, while you bear the emotional weight of the incident.

    • TeamMeg says:

      HORRIBLE. No one has the right to touch any part of a stranger’s body. What the hell is wrong with these people? So sorry this happened to you @Beverly. 💞

    • Beverley says:

      Thank you all for your kind words. 💐It’s still a topic of conversation in my household even though it happened nearly 20 years ago. My then 4 yr old daughter heard about my encounter and remains traumatized to this day. We did seek counseling to help us cope with the fear and rage the incident caused. I’ve since developed a plan in case something similar happens again. My daughter and I have determined to reach out and stroke a Karen’s hair or body in response to ever being touched by a white stranger again. Touch them precisely where and how they’ve touched me. Hope it doesn’t get me beaten or killed, but I have bodily autonomy and sovereignty. And I think it would be informative to demonstrate how it feels to be treated as less than human.

    • Nev says:

      I am sorry that happened to you.

      I have a close friend and I went to his house for dinner. A friend of his and someone I thought was a new friend came up behind me and ran his hands through my hair/kinky Afro. Then had the nerve to say I’m not suppose to be doing this am I?
      I laughed nervously as people were watching and I vowed then and there never to be around them again.
      I didn’t stand up for myself in that moment. I didn’t want to upset the party. I regret that.
      I still cringe when I think about it.
      Again I’m sorry for what you went through. Horrible.

      • Beverley says:

        @Nev, I’m so sorry you’ve experienced this too. It’s so soul-numbling to be treated like a farm animal in a petting zoo, isn’t it? And it’s scary to respond as there are many Karens are itching to have the cops come and deal with us. It isn’t always safe to stand/speak up for oneself, as this is often viewed as “aggression” by the perpetrators.

        My daughter has an enormous Afro and has had to constantly keep white strangers from pawing her hair. It’s staggering how many racists believe they can touch of person of color (especially a Black person) anytime they please and we better not object. Definitely an attitude left over from colonization. My daughter now looks them in the eye and touches them back. They get big mad, and sometimes verbally abusive, but it’s clear they understand.

      • ncboudicca says:

        @Beverley and @Nev: I hate these things happened to you. Touching people without their consent is gross and possibly assault. I’m constantly dismayed at the collective trauma that WOC are walking around with all the time. I’m so sorry.

      • Nev says:

        To everyone who expressed kind words thanks!!!

      • Becks1 says:

        @Nev and @Beverley – I’m so sorry for your experiences. That’s just awful behavior and I’m sorry you had to experience that.

    • R says:

      @Beverly, that sounds horrible and horrifying to have to deal with!

  54. Rapunzel says:

    Current DM headline:

    “Prince William’s godmother Lady Susan Hussey RESIGNS from Buckingham Palace role after ‘quizzing black charity founder about what part of Africa she is from’ – as race row threatens to overshadow Cambridges’ landmark US tour today”

    Wow. Just wow. Leading with the Prince William connection is not a good look for anyone. And suggesting overshadowing is interesting. Are they preparing us? I’m almost wondering if this is an intentionally planned excuse for a poor tour/trip. Lady SH is a good scapegoat if the trip is not well received.

    • Debbie says:

      I’m sorry but they’re still trying to cover for the royal family. What that Susan woman subjected Ms. Fulani to wasn’t a “quizzing” it was harassment. And that’s just a start.

  55. Vanessa says:

    But according to William their very much not a Racist family this woman is his godmother every time the royals try to prove their Racist. Something comes out to prove just how very racist they are Kensington Palace refuse to release how many people of color they have on their staff one of Charles former staff a black woman came forward during the Meghan and Harry wedding special. And say she had experience Racism with staff members being racist towards her . I’m not shocked by what happen with this coming out and the police chief confirmed what we all knew that Meghan was in physical danger this whole time . The Usually Suspects Are suddenly so quiet now their are no royal reporters running with exclusive royal sources saying this didn’t happen they can’t gaslighting the public or blame Meghan Americaness this is 100 percent evidence that the racism the vile disgusting behavior starts at the top of the Royal Family which includes Charles and Camilla and William and Kate and their staffers . I hope people continue to bring the recipes on Twitter and this ruined William and Kate trip .

  56. Gin says:

    She accompanied the Queen to Prince Phillip’s funeral. She’s in the car with her. Her longest and most trusted lady-in-waiting. She was in her Covid bubble.

  57. rawiya says:

    What was it? We are very much not a racist family? And recollections may vary? That’s what they’ve told us time and time again for the past two-ish years, non? Lawd.

  58. Seraphina says:

    Just…….gross. I remember being asked once in college: what are you? I replied: a female. Just because I am darker. It makes one feel so many different emotions. None of which are positive.
    I also agree that the House of Usher is falling – very slowly. Maybe Liz was the glue that held it together and the people’s/media’s deep love for her.

  59. Carrot says:

    When in doubt as to what to say when people ask where are you from really? “I’m from my mother’s uterus by way of her vagina” usually stops the flow of stupid.

  60. Plums says:

    Love that an event with international guests = that black woman must be from one of the colonies. Let me interrogate her about where she’s from! Never mind her accent indicating she’s British- she must be foreign.

    I’m sorry this lady was so caught off guard from that blatant racist aggression. Every white person asking a minority where they’re *really* from should get the same questions clapped back at them so they know how ridiculous they sound. Susan Hussey’s people originated from outside of Britain at some point sometime in history. Who gives a shit when or where? If you live in a place and identify with that place, that is where you are from and what you are.

  61. AnneL says:

    She pushed aside her hair. She started getting into this woman’s physical space, touching her, in ways that were totally inappropriate and presumptuous. Then she started talking and it got worse.

    Her persistent questions were incredibly offensive but the thing about pushing aside her hair really struck me too. Who does that to someone she doesn’t know? At an event that is effectively honoring that person’s work and contributions to an important cause? It’s grossly insulting.

    It actually made me think of a scene in the first Harry and Meghan movie from Lifetime (I think?). Meghan is sitting on the couch with one of Kate’s friends, whom she has just met, and the friend picks up a lock of Meghan’s hair and says “How do you get it so straight?!” Meghan understandably is a bit triggered.

    Now I think that might have really happened.

    I think it can be fine to ask people about their ancestry, in the context of a friendly conversation. My husband is an immigrant and people sometimes detect an accent and ask where he is originally from. Their curiosity doesn’t bother him at all so long as they are respectful, which they almost always are. But this woman was plainly “Othering” Ms. Fulani with her haranguing questions. She wouldn’t stop! It was a freaking onslaught.

    What is wrong with these people?

  62. Smices says:

    Now this is a “Brazen Hussey.”

  63. QuiteContrary says:

    This is beyond appalling. Ms. Fulani deserves an apology from Chaz and Camilla. The fact that Hussey felt entitled to touch her hair and interrogate her is disgusting, and yes, as others have noted, just confirms that Hussey felt entitled to be racist because such racism is prevalent in the royal household.

    My kids get the “where are you from?” question all the time. We taught them to shut it down using this video — which is hilarious but also pointed. (If you need a laugh, and most of us do after reading about Hussey’s horrific conduct, watch it. It’s great.)


  64. Jaded says:

    Clearly SH has been Knauffed or Fawcetted, and will continue to have a *behind the scenes* role at the Palace. The public mea culpa is nothing more than weasel words and I’m thrilled that Ms. Fulani hasn’t been intimidated into staying quiet. This situation needs to be blasted around the world, especially the commonwealth countries, that racism was and still is the foundation upon which this vile family has built its immense wealth and power. It is truly sickening.

  65. Cel2495 says:

    This is so f up! But this is what we people of color have to be subjected to again and again by these ignorant fools. And this woman was tasked with “welcoming” our queen Meg? Gosh, we must not wonder the kind of welcome she gave her.

    By the way I am black… biracial by all accounts ( British father and french mother) mother is black father is not. Anyhow , I have when people tell me, but you don’t look 100% black, oh but you just be mixed with something , it but your accent is different , what are you?

    I always answer , I am F*cking human, that’s what I am. Human.

    “ We are not a racist family” they say

    • Nadia Thanua says:

      I am glad Ms Fulani brought this to light and called this lady out on her abhorrent behavior.

  66. TangerineTree says:

    Same. I have endured this type of questioning for years (I am a bit ambiguous in appearance for some people). It seems only in the last 10 years or so it is recognized as not the thing to do. And some people go in Hard. One man when we met told a racist joke in front of the whole group we were with. We met again years later as he sought me out at another gathering and he told the same joke again. I said something but it just bounced off him. He had just wanted to say it and he moved on like nothing had happened.
    Ms Fulani feeling as if she were in a fog afterward and just waiting to leave the event just really hits me. The shock, the hurt – I understand completely and I am glad she put it out there on social media.

  67. CherriePie84 says:

    Seriously, I am not surprised. But why, oh why do Black Brits continue to support these RF events…..they are being used as props at this point and given little to no respect. On the other hand however, it is good that her attendance highlighted the institutional racism within the palace walls. All the other European royals are of the same ilk in my humble opinion.

  68. Sue E Generis says:

    3 things:

    1) Just walking up to someone and putting your hands on their hair to move it for your convenience is incredibly objectifying. Some real ‘massa inspecting property’ there.

    2) Lady Susan Hussey will be quietly reinstated in a different position.

    3) This is one of the people who was assigned to Meghan to introduce her to royal life and who proclaimed before the wedding that Meghan’s marriage would end in tears.

  69. PrincessK says:

    I am actually looking forward to Billy and Katie being sensational on their US tour…what possibly could go wrong…Lol!

  70. Pam says:

    I couldn’t BELIEVE what I was reading. I sort of understand the hair thing…there is a whole upper class of old biddies who think it’s okay to break boundaries like that—my late aunt was one of them. But to be so rude…I would have been so tempted to ask, “Do you ask ALL the guests where they’re from, like they’re an exotic bird???” I can’t get over how these people say they’re not racist, but then prove over and OVER again!

  71. Frae says:

    Yeah. Now imagine marrying into this system. Meghan never stood a chance, and I can only imagine the level and frequency of aggressions she experienced.

    On the up side, these headlines are really helping to reaffirm the Wails’ Boston Flop Tour.

  72. JRenee says:

    Imagine this tone from the firm and associates and still think Meghan was treated differently. Smdh! 2022 and we are here

  73. Lip Gloss says:

    This happened to me once at Sephora while shopping for makeup. The associate asked me where I was from, and I named the city from where I moved to current city. “But where are you *from*?” she kept asking over and over and over again. I was young and didn’t really understand what she was really asking, just that I felt deeply uncomfortable in a way I couldn’t quite pinpoint in the moment. As I later put the pieces together, a call to Sephora headquarters was in order, but I never did go back to that particular store because I didn’t feel comfortable anymore there.

  74. Scarlett says:

    I am of mixed heritage, dad from India, mom from the US. I look a lot like my dad with a darker skin tone. If I had a dime for each time someone asked me “Where my people are from?”…Uh…right here, the Windy City born and raised….”No, not that, where are your people really from?” … ignorant, racist people, ask ignorant, racist questions.

    My sister who took more after mom got asked once if I was adopted. Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Sue E Generis says:

      The one that really gets me is, ‘What are you?’ I always stare the person up and down, sneer, and say, ‘A human being. You?’

      • OriginalLeigh says:

        I have been getting that for most of my life. The best part is when I humor them with a response and they tell me that they don’t believe me….

  75. Athena says:

    According to one of the newspapers, Hussey’s daughter Katherine Brooke is one of the newly appointed companions to Queen Camilla. Hussey is a close friend of the king.

    Love the Prince William’s godmother headlines, so much for BP trying to pretend she some sort of staff member.

  76. Birdie says:

    I know Twitter is a dumpster fire now, but everyone replying to the OP Twitter post telling Fulani to calm down, it’s not a big deal, and basically “don’t take it that way” have me almost as angry as the original conversation. The gaslighting is obscene.

    • Lizzie says:

      DF comments are much the same; It’s just a question, why all the big fuss?
      Ugh, sickening.

      • Sue E Generis says:

        But it wasn’t just a question. She kept badgering her half a dozen times, disregarding her answers and othering her – you’re not really British, where are you really from – was the tone.

  77. Loki says:

    Irrefutable proof that Meghan was right all along. This woman was part of the inner circle. HER views are THEIR views. The queen spent 60 years with her, but didn’t know she was racist?

    • OriginalLeigh says:

      Yeah, just like the Queen somehow missed that her husband of 70 years made a habit of saying the N-word for at least a few decades…

  78. AllBlackEverything says:

    For those of us who believe God and His Karmic hand of justice, we knew it was coming.

    They already told on themselves and Meghan and Harry just confirmed the truth, but look how they are continuing to fall apart at the seems!

    Look at how they just can’t help themselves from not being racist.

    But now the plot thickens, like Meghan’s “exotical” DNA (omg LOL!), who really was talking crap about Archie’s skin color? My bet THEY WERE ALL GUILTY!

    • SomeChick says:

      it’s most certainly Divine Timing!

      there’s no way the release of this was in any way planned. it just happened to take place at the most exquisitely perfect time possible.

      I agree, they were all shit talking. this was not a fluke. it’s just that usually no one says anything. Philip got away with horrible racist BS for decades. if it was mentioned at all, it was described as a gaffe or a joke. no, that’s what he really thinks! it’s what they all really think. ugh. appalling, but completely unsurprising.

  79. Julia K says:

    I hope Meghan is sipping Prosecco by the pool in Montecito with a very tiny smile. Finally, they all know.

  80. Robin Samuels says:

    Ms. Hussy is the same Lady-in-Waiting assigned to Princess Diana. I’m confident it wasn’t Princess Diana’s choice to name her as one of William’s godmothers. Lady Hussy is also the same woman assigned to Meghan Markle. According to a quote in Tom Bowels’ book, she predicted the Sussex marriage would end in tears. I assume that was her objective. When Meghan spoke about the levels of racism in the institution, she became a liar, the enemy of white supremacy. Prince William stepped forward on his shining white horse to declare they were “Very much not a racist family. ” The attacks from the media, trolls, and journalists heightened. During his interview with Hoda in the Netherlands, Prince Harry said he believed the Queen was not getting the best advice. Connect the dots. Ms. Hussy was the Queen’s Lady in Waiting, the liaison between the Queen and courtiers. She becomes Lady in Waiting to the Queen Consort, who happens to have Angela Levin as her official biographer and multiple connects with the Daily Fail. Meghan never stood a chance. Sharks surrounded her. I’m embarrassed for Prince Harry.

  81. Rebma says:

    For me this pretty much confirms what I’ve long suspected- it was Camilla that asked about the skin color of any future children Harry and Meghan would have. Not that it matters because they clearly very much are a racist family, but I think Camilla is crass and brutish enough to say something like that. She strikes me as a “says the quiet parts out loud” kind of racist.

  82. Princessk says:

    I know that it has been announced that series 5 will be the last of The Crown but really the material for future series is mounting. Susan Hussey’s interrogation, violation and humiliation of Ngozi Fulani must not be forgotten. The Royal Family is institutionally racist.

  83. Julia K says:

    The comments so far from the U.S. are 90% or more blaming the victim. She’s too sensitive, or what’s wrong with asking someone where they’re from or the palace over reacted, nothing to see here, no apologies needed. I guess the U.S. Is also a very racist country because people are commentating that they are embarrassed that this is even an issue.

    • SomeChick says:

      oh, we are. and in recent years they have become so emboldened to shout their racist garbage everywhere.

  84. blunt talker says:

    Two things were really wrong in this incident-never ever touch people in that way-to continually press a person about their heritage until they say something that pleases you Mrs. Hussy-it is as if she is saying you are lying British people are white and I don’t care if you were born on this soil you are other and don’t belong-Meghan was surrounded with people who had this mentality on a daily basis-My heart is heavy thinking about how Meg was treated behind palace walls-God bless and keep the Sussex family safe

  85. PrincessK says:

    Ngozi Fulani and Sistah Space need protection and our support. As I feared The backlash against them has already started and a campaign to malign and discredit them has already been mounted. As we know this is what happens when you dare to expose the underbelly of institution of the monarchy.

  86. ava says:

    John Oliver did a piece about this just like 2 or 3 weeks ago.