Queen Camilla’s office lied, they didn’t actually contact or apologize to Ngozi Fulani

On Tuesday, Queen Camilla held a reception at Buckingham Palace for activists working on the issue of gender-based violence. One of the attendees was Ngozi Fulani, the CEO of Sistah Space. We now know that Lady Susan Hussey approached Fulani, touched her hair and proceeded to barrage Fulani with a series of offensive and racist questions about Fulani’s citizenship and ethnicity. Hours after Fulani posted about the interaction – with a transcript of their dialogue – Buckingham Palace announced Hussey’s resignation:

A spokesperson said Buckingham Palace “investigated immediately” and that “unacceptable and deeply regrettable comments” had been made. They said the palace had reached out to Fulani and were “inviting her to discuss all elements of her experience in person if she wishes.”

The spokesperson said that the member of the royal household who had the conversation “would like to express her profound apologies for the hurt caused and has stepped aside from her honorary role with immediate effect. All members of the Household are being reminded of the diversity and inclusivity policies which they are required to uphold at all times.”

The new King Charles III and his wife, Camilla, are no doubt sensitive to accusations of palace racism as they seek to set the tone for their version of the monarchy.

[From WaPo]

“They said the palace had reached out to Fulani and were ‘inviting her to discuss all elements of her experience in person if she wishes.’” Come and tell us about how the Queen’s lady-in-waiting was a huge racist a–hole to you, let us feed on your pain like vampires. Except that according to Fulani, the palace didn’t reach out. At all. And she has not received an apology. From The Independent’s Nadine White:

Holy sh-t. Wow. Buckingham Palace is gonna have to say “recollections may vary” about their own dumb apology. In the hours after Fulani posted on Twitter, the first call should have been to Fulani!! I would understand if maybe Camilla didn’t make the call herself, but surely she has senior staff who would reach out to Fulani via phone? After all, they have her number – she was literally invited to that big palace reception!! And Hussey should have been forced into making a call too, and writing a note of apology. And Camilla should have made a private statement. Instead, it’s once again complete f–king Amateur Hour at the palace.

Prince William’s office commented too. William’s godmother is Lady Susan Hussey.

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  1. girl_ninja says:

    I actually sad that Ngozi Fulani had to deal with this trash, because those racists are going to make it difficult for her when NONE of this this is her fault.

    What a disgusting family and disgusting operation they have in Merry Ole England huh? I hope that they ask Prince Peggington Yellow Tooth Troll and his Lazy Princess all about these events.

    • Lucy says:

      Yes! It’s so awful, especially because she was there to be recognized for her work, and now she’s in the middle of all this. Her comment about how she tried meeting new people (went back to check quote and her Insta post had been taken down) is heart breaking. And the fact that she’s now taken the post down (or was forced/asked to) is sinister.

      I hope it’s the first one hundred questions that Peggington and Buttons have to answer at their six events.

    • Lilly (with the double-L) says:

      Wow Lucy, that’s ridiculous. How terrible and adding further trauma to have the post gone. I read where Ngozi Fulani said she was sad about the resignation versus training and conversations instead. I agree having been in a similar situation once and a place calling me to say the person was gone, which was not my intention. Although, some would probably rather leave than doing the work to understand and change. I was triggered by the entire incident, especially don’t touch my hair, or at all, without permission. Agreed, girl_ninja, I hope the press ask about it at events.

      • Cali says:

        It creeps me out when white women want to touch black womens hair. Even with permission. I’m white and I would never ask to touch someone’s hair. Particularly a person of color. It’ seems like an invasion of privacy and disrespectful.

      • Sugarhere says:

        I wouldn’t touch any body part from any ethnicity because I have manners. Period. That colonialist’s gesture is reminiscent of those obscure times in history when her kind fancied people of color were their property. Outrageous. As for that Bullyiam dunce pretending to care when racism is
        unrelated to soccer, he should give himself a break and keep the lowest profile ever. So insincere. So unhelpful.

      • Debbie says:

        I don’t know, to me the way the palace resolved the incident (by claiming that William’s godmother issued an apology, with no proof) just seems like a fast way of erasing the issue from the news as fast as possible. Nothing more to see here, move along. It’s really not the way that respectable businesses, companies or organizations handle such incidents. They were just trying to cover up the incident, not correct the issue and make it up to N. Fulani.

  2. BUBS says:

    And all this on the day Billy arrives the US!!!

    • Christina says:

      And isn’t that the best part? William can announce that his is a “very much not racist” family when he hits the first junket in Boston.

      Lord, these people are truly dumber than a box of rocks.

    • Tiffany:) says:

      Wow, that’s incredible. He’s going to be asked about it (if the press has any backbone), and he loves being questioned about his kind of thing. It is sure to bring out the best in him (lolz!).

      • Otterton says:

        I love this for him! I hope one of the upstart non-rota US press follows through and asks him about it, or even better asks Buttons McWiglet. I’m sure she’d be able to handle it with grace (not).

    • PrincessK says:

      He will be so furious that it has coincided with his tour, a tour that he probably isn’t truly interested in.

    • SarahCS says:

      Please can everyone who meets them on this trip (not tour) ask where are they from.

      • Blithe says:

        Where they’re from? Or: Where they’re REALLY from? Lol

        Kate’s visit to Harvard is going to be REALLY interesting. Maybe they’ll chat about what the under 5’s REALLY need to grow up healthy and secure, and to realize their full potentials — even when they’re challenged by living in pervasively racist, noxious environment. Now: Archie and Lili….

      • MissMarirose says:

        And then keep asking them where they’re from until they admit they’re originally from Germany.

    • Ginger says:

      It’s amazing, isn’t it? It’s what William and Kate deserve. This is reminding me of the beginning of their Caribbean tour.

      • Debbie says:

        Only if Twitter and other social media helps raise the profile of this story, like they did W & K’s screw-ups in the Carribean. Otherwise, it will be viewed as an isolated incident instead of another event which shows the way that family operates and is allowed to function.

        It’s also funny how there’s no mention of the Diversity Chief or Czar position that the BRF was promising to add.

  3. Becks1 says:

    so I’m pretty sure that BP thinks the apology included in the released statement is sufficient – that she “would like to extend her profound apologies.” Why would Lady Susan Hussey have to call this woman and apologize PERSONALLY? That’s SO beneath her (please note that’s sarcasm.) but I’m sure that’s the thought process.

    • Steph says:

      She presented the Crown in that situation. The problem isn’t with her apologizing (I can’t decide if she should. She clearly saw no problems with her words so I don’t believe one anyway) it’s the fact that the Crown lied about apologizing to Fulani. All they see is a pr mess and don’t care to actually make change. It’s infuriating.

      • Becks1 says:

        I agree with you, my point is that I think BP thinks the apology included in their statement is sufficient. I’m sure no one there thinks that anyone should actually pick up the phone and apologize, whether on behalf of the crown or Hussey herself.

      • DK says:

        @Becks1, I 100% agree. I bet the palace was absolutely shocked by Fulani’s blasting them for never contacting her and that it’s being framed as they lied about apologizing: the palace totally thought they had already done the apology beautifully in the statement release.

        Especially since the point of the apology was to get the public to like them again, and stop negging them on social media, not to, you know, acknowledge the person they harmed and personally attempt to repair said harm, or anything we commonfolk do with apologies.

      • Ginger says:

        Agreed Becks. Also, we know Lady Sarah didn’t resign or got fired. She is likely still going to be working there she just won’t be seen in public.

    • windyriver says:

      Omid reports BP has clarified they reached out to “one of the organizations” Ms. Fulani “is aligned with to express their regrets”. WTF? She was invited by Camilla’s people because she is head of Sistah Space. That should be a clue to what organization she’s with. So even they didn’t actually talk directly to her, never mind Lady H. I guess someone lost the phone number? Hint: don’t put out any statement until you CYA by making sure you’ve actually done what you just said publicly. Absolute idiots.

      • PrincessK says:

        Exactly incompetence heaped upon incompetence. This is the kind of organisational shambles within which Meghan was trying to carry out royal duties.

      • Jaded says:

        These weasel words and back-pedaling aren’t doing the BRF any favours, it’s only digging themselves in deeper and deeper into another tissue of lies. It boggles my mind how badly they eff up EVERY SINGLE GD TIME, then respond all innocence and deflection. This couldn’t have happened at a better time just as W&K are landing in Boston. The media is going to have a field day.

      • molly says:

        I think this a lot, but the half-assery of this centuries-old, global organization is baffling. I do PR for mid-size, professional services company, and our little team would NEVER be this sloppy. It’s PR 101! Do these palace press people not know or not care how terrible they are at their jobs?

      • Lady D says:

        Well it’s not like anyone can fire them. Good job or bad, it’s theirs for life.

      • Weetzie says:

        How can their “professional” staff be THIS bad at their jobs? I worked in PR/Communications – including a lot of crisis comms – for years and over and over again I am completely baffled at how very bad their comms team is at performing the basic functions of their job. The BRF should have a crisis communications expert on staff, barring that, a contract with a firm that can advise on crisis comms. Frankly, a competent comms person would go a long way at eliminating a lot of these self-inflicted wounds before they happen. Years ago I read somewhere that there were only 1-2 people in the press shops of the various households and I felt bad for them imagining the volume of press calls and monitoring they had to handle, but now I feel like they’re getting everything they deserve. And hiring a former reporter to be your head of comms ain’t it. I’ve worked with a lot of great reporters who transitioned to PR and while there are some skills overlap, it is a STEEP learning curve.

    • Nic919 says:

      There aren’t enough popcorn emojis for me today.

      “Recollections may vary” really coming back to haunt them now.

    • Princess Planky says:

      I expect BP has sent some waffling unspecific letter in the post that regrets she felt she had been treated wrongly. It will admit no fault, no actual specific points and the invitation will be to respond via some suit in the press office.

      It won’t have occurred ( or will be ignored) that the turnaround for this should be immediate and with outcomes. They will think they have responded appropriately. That just the way it’s done.

      Meanwhile , I hope Pegerella and Buttons get all the questions they don’t get asked here.

  4. lanne says:

    Damn. I’m glad she called them out. And if I recall, the royals recused themselves from any guidelines on diversity and inclusion work. They probably think diversity is having “those people in our palace” once a year.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      I wonder if the Queen’s exemption from having any close/ upper-level staff be diverse now extends to the King and Queen Consort. Like, did Charles (and, by extension, Camilla) inherit his mother’s exemption from not being racist or having racist and exclusionary policies at the highest levels of the Firm? I’m guessing yes. Thus, no apologies necessary. /s

  5. IForget says:

    Oh my good god, abolish the f*cking monarchy. ARE YOU JOKING. This whole saga has been so upsetting to read about, and I have reached out to a few colleagues today who are WOC. Even here in London, this sh*t happens so often. I am white, and have a strong north american accent. Rarely am I asked where I’m from, and if I answer, they then drop it. I’ve seen people who were born here, have a strong London accent, still being pressed about where they are ‘from-from.’ My blood is boiling. Really struggling to reconcile living here and seeing this kind of thing happen all the damn time.

    Camilla, Charles, and Susan should have already apologised via telephone and letter. AGH it’s maddening to live here.

    • Nick G says:

      @IForget This happens to me all the time in Canada (happened last week) and I have to say, your outrage somehow touched me a little bit. Please continue to speak out to non- POCs as well

      • IForget says:

        I’m so sorry this happens to you so often. I’m so grateful for your reply, and strengthening my resolve. I will tell everyone I know, and make sure this isn’t buried. Thank you so much for your comment and again I am so, so sorry this is a regular occurence, especially in my home country 🙁 we are not the tolerant utopia everyone thinks we are 🙁

      • Nick G says:

        Thanks for the kind reply 😘. Canada has its issues too, but overall there are lots of good people here too, as everywhere. It’s good to hear their voices.

    • Em says:

      My friend from London (born and raised) has dealt with this countless times as well. Her mom was born in Brazil, but she is obviously English. White Brits refuse to accept her as one of their own because of her skin color. It is sickening.

  6. Eurydice says:

    Well, if the rest of the senior staff is like Lady Susan Hussey, it’s no wonder they’ve lied and/or screwed this up.

    So interesting how all these things show up once the shield of Harry and Meghan is removed.

  7. hangonamin says:

    “she put my hand in my hair to move my locs so she could see my name badge”….
    what the heck? guess they don’t teach manners to lady-in-waiting. that’s rude in any context with anyone.

    • Nev says:

      Happened to me. Hands on my hair.


      • hangonamin says:

        i’m a firm believer in giving them a taste of their own medicine. she should have invaded her personal space and see how she likes it. old racist inbred hag.

      • HeatherC says:

        @hangonamin then she would have been accused of intimidating an old white lady.

      • hangonamin says:

        @HeatherC would gladly take that accusation to teach a lesson

    • Melisande says:

      It’s because SH doesn’t see her as a person worthy of respect. SH felt that Ngozi Fulani was “beneath” her and she could do what she wanted to her.

    • blue says:

      No one of any color or gender should touch me, my hair, clothes, etc. without my express permission! I even ask my teen-aged granddaughter if I may touch her long hair.

  8. Brassy Rebel says:

    Anti-racism training for the whole racist royal bunch is the best idea I’ve heard in a long time. To be clear, abolishing the monarchy would be even better, but it doesn’t look like that will happen any time soon.

    • Cessily says:

      The anti racism training can start with cleaning up the comment sections on all their social media accounts that target the Sussex’s and others with racist hate until then I don’t believe any statement coming from any of these people.

      • Debbie says:

        Do they REALLY need to be taught that? Really? Because they pre-emptively close the comments sections when they don’t want negative feedback to their own social media accounts, or they have staff members delete negative responses. So, it appears that they know very well how to protect the white members of the RF — when they want to. All that without any training in sensitivity, hostile workplaces, or any lessons in technology. Imagine that.

  9. Janey says:

    not surprised about this either, I don’t think they understand a sense of urgency – probably why they all cried when someone asked them work a bit faster / smarter / actually do their jobs.

  10. Jais says:

    Omg. To publicly say they reached out when they haven’t. What racist idiots. Again, I’m shocked. But why do I let these people keep shocking me? They’ve shown us who they are over and over.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      The royal household seems to be a complete clown show. Why lie about something in a press release when it can so easily be disproved? And yet they do it again and again. They did the same after the accident where Philip drove into another car (the Palace said that they had reached out to the victims – and then one came forward and said that she hadn’t been contacted).

  11. Lucy says:

    Sarah Hussey is a dame, I believe. I can believe an 83 year old, long time confidant to the royal family would think she’s above an apology to a Black woman. I’m sure she doesn’t see what the fuss is about.

    I don’t know why I’m even surprised that they cocked this up so publicly. It should’ve been a straightforward thing, handled quickly with private abject apologies and then the public statement. Instead, they did the public part without the private follow through and called it a day. I guess they want to demonstrate how to royally screw up.

    Ms. Fulani seems lovely.

  12. Miro says:

    Unfortunately, it appears they have gotten to her already. That instagram post no longer exists. I fear for her living in the UK and so boldly calling out the establishment like this. More Black Britons need to stand up. Their hatred and racism thrives in silence and disunity.

    • Becks1 says:

      I can still see the original tweet about this on the Sistah Space twitter account.

    • windyriver says:

      Check the Twitter page for Sistah Space. Looks like that’s where it was posted. It’s still there.

    • Eurydice says:

      Not to worry – everybody has picked up the story. The BBC headlines and story keep referring to Lady SH as “William’s godmother.”

      • Debbie says:

        I rather like that reference to William because if he wants to be the face of the monarchy, then let him accept its responsibilities as well. It’s all just sashes and stolen jewels. Besides, no one knows who this Susan creature is, and her name will soon be forgotten. Hang it about William’s neck like an albatross.

    • McGee says:


      More *white* Briton’s need to stand up.

  13. MaryContrary says:

    It also needs to be noted loud and clear that Lady Susan Hussey is not only one of William’s godmothers, but the Palace rep tasked with “helping” Meghan adjust to royal life. And she spoke to outsiders at that time about how M & H’s relationship would “end in tears.” Not that any of us ever doubted Meghan and Harry saying how insidious racism is within the Palace-but this needs to be amplified as an example of how horrible the BRF and their staff were and continue to be!

    • Naomi says:

      …also that their staff are septegenarians and octogenaerians! time to get fresh blood in their– the BRF could use some 30 & 40-somethings who have a basic understanding of how 21st c PR works

      • Kingston says:

        Actually, I strongly believe that the RF should KEEP those septuagenarian and octogenarians in place. Theyre there to make sure “royal traditions” continue and this will ensure that no “modernization” takes place which, therefore, should hasten their demise in this here 21st century. lmfao

      • Jais says:

        I don’t believe it’s an issue of age. KP staff is much younger and so are William and Kate. These people are racist, regardless of age. The younger ones are just smarter about it and less obvious.

    • Jaded says:

      It was Meghan and Harry’s tears that made their relationship stronger.

    • molly says:

      Meghan 100% texted a link of this story to Harry this morning with nothing more than an “um hmm” gif.

    • Emily_C says:

      Holy crap I did not know that. This kind of racism is not an “oopsie” or “unconscious” or “they didn’t know better” — not that that would be okay either. But it’s another piece of evidence that the BRF very intentionally, and with malice aforethought, racially harassed Meghan.

  14. Beverley says:

    Racist White folks will believe the palace lies about reaching out and apologizing to the victim. Even though it didn’t happen. They are the ones who feel that SH did nothing wrong. And they’re anxious to preserve their ongoing way of life “othering” and marginalizing non-whites. All the palace has to say is it’s being handled (whether or not it is) and racist people will point to that in an effort to shut us up. They don’t care about injustice.they just want us to shut up and put up.

    • Debbie says:

      But, if these people believe that William’s godmother did nothing wrong, then what’s “being handled” by the palace? I fully expect them to lie and act racist, but just be consistent about it.

  15. Beach Dreams says:

    These people never miss an opportunity to demonstrate how vile they are. The arrogance of “apologizing” without actually apologizing at all…are we quite sure that SH actually resigned?

  16. Lissen says:

    That line “Oh I can see I am going to have a challenge getting you to say where you’re from …”

    Total White Condescension. I’m certain this old White woman still can’t understand why there’s a “fuss” over her actions. After all, she, a White aristocrat, was kind enough to speak AT a POC and showed interest in her.

    • katherine says:

      This was exactly my thinking. She is going to go home to her white Aristocratic circles and cry about HER being a victim of “woke/cancel culture.”

      She will have zero self-reflection on how her actions have impacted not just Ngozi, but also the women who were standing with Ngozi/witnessing this barbaric line of question, and so many Black women who go through this daily. This almost certainly isn’t even the first time she’s asked such gross other-ing questions to BIPOC people, and she’ll have no memory of all those times or the hurt she caused too.

    • Harper says:

      I agree completely with you @Lissen. Not only was it condescending but she was taunting Ms. Fulani when she stayed firm about being from Britain. To me, it is chilling the way Lady Hussey says, “Oh, I can see I am going to have a challenge getting you to say where you’re from.” Just a fun game of cat and mouse and Lady Hussey was going to win in the end. Gross.

    • Curmudgeon says:

      Not just this vile women. Racism is the environment these people (including the royal family) swim in from birth. They absolutely see nothing wrong with asking such inappropriate questions to people they believe are second class. It’s the same reason they see nothing racist with asking about a child’s skin color. Mr “We’re Not a Racist Family” does not actually know what racism is and they definitely didn’t think twice about it. They’re probably so annoyed that they have to apologize and explain over something “the peasants” on social media have made a big deal over. Love that. The only thing I hate is that Ms Fulani had to endure any of this sh-t from these odious people.

  17. Nanz says:

    A. Lady Susan Hussey touched Ngozi Fulani.
    B. She harrassed Ms. Fulani.
    C. The palace intentionally left Hussey’s name out of the statement (see: “The spokesperson said that the member of the royal household who had the conversation ‘would like to express her profound apologies for the hurt caused and has stepped aside from her honorary role with immediate effect.'”)
    D. ‘Let’s invite you over so you can explain yourself and be retraumatized.’
    E-Z. The palace was more worried about damage control as usual (see: *gestures wildly at royal articles, statements, history, evidence*).

    They are so f*cking gross. The ONLY silver lining is that this comes right as the Definitely Not Racist Wales are doing a Super Bowl Not-Tour-Visit to the US where we already see who they really are. Love it.

    • katherine says:

      D !!!! The caucasity! She was already invited as a guest into the palace and was traumatized for it. WHO and WHY on earth would anyone want to go back in?

    • Blithe says:

      As to point C, in a tweet, Ms Fulani specifically said that she had no wish to reveal, name & shame her.
      I’m wondering if she was deliberately names so that Ms Fulani would get push back — similar to the way Meghan was treated by the press.

      The racism, the nastiness, the arrogance, the traumatization of “others” — it’s just baked-in pervasive. I totally agree with “E -Z”.

    • Mariko says:

      @Nanz Thank you! These are the words we all need to be using. Harassed, traumatized and I don’t even think it’s a stretch to say assaulted, when she put her hands on her locs to push them out of the way of her name tag. The racist fetishization of “exotic” hair and bodies and white people’s need to touch BIWOC at their pleasure is as wanted and is as loaded in a different way, as a pat on the ass or a pinch of the cheek from a stranger. These are the words we should all be saying, it’s more than “offensive.” And using phrases or words like “out of touch” are wrong descriptors to the feelings and psychological damage, and as you said, traumatization we endure. Thank you Nanz.

  18. Digital Unicorn says:

    Peggy is being dragged on UK Twitter over this as well – he’s being called out for not speaking out about the racism his SIL received before he, his wife and MIL (and others) ran them out of the country.

    Their US tour is going to be a bigger clusterfk than the Caribbean one was. If thats possible.

    The usual rota rats are trying to the use Invictus video that was dropped as a tool to deflect from him and blame the Sussex’s.

    • Layla says:

      @digital unicorn did you see the response he sent – through a spokesperson – you’re quick to say racism is unacceptable but when Meghan was talking about the exact same thing you maligned her (by calling her a bully), and bellowed how “you’re very much not a racist family” bs

      • Nic919 says:

        His “we are not a racist family” after the Oprah interview and the “recollections may vary” statement are really pulling their karmic weight here.


    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      I truly didn’t think the Windsors & the Palaces were capable of a bigger disaster than the flop tour. Awe-inspiring levels of bigotry & ineptitude. Liz really was the duct tape holding this whole thing together.

    • Blithe says:

      That’s wonderful to hear. It’s bizarre how much truth about the greed, arrogance, cruelty and racism in the BRF has been made public in just two months, and BEFORE Harry’s book comes out.

  19. Jessica says:

    The palace just released a statement that she is welcome to reach out and speak of her own experience if she would like. Wow. Not even bothering to contact her and let me guess where all those calls and emails would go if she chose to contact them (I wouldn’t).

  20. Amy Bee says:

    Recollections may vary indeed. BP need to admit that they have a problem with racism and they have to extend an apology to Meghan. I know this will never happen.

    • Debbie says:

      Nice idea, but the palace would issue a formal invitation for Ms. Fulani to come over and touch Lady Susan’s hair before that happened.

  21. B says:

    “would like to express her profound apologies for the hurt caused and has stepped aside from her honorary role with immediate effect”.

    Lol Hussey DID apologize it just wasn’t to Ms. Fulani. She apologized to Charles Camilla and Co. for causing a scandal about race at the worse possible time. Right on the heels of Camilla catching flack for touching a black baby like she has fleas and Willy and Kitty on their way to the USA for the first time in 8yrs.

    It was dumb move to lie about woman who has already shown herself willing to speak publicly about the incident. They should have just sent Ms. Fulani an email with the same language they released in their statement.

  22. Malificent says:

    Weren’t the ladies-in-waiting just announced a few days ago? Did this Lady Blah-Blah manage to royally screw up her very FIRST assignment?

    • Becks1 says:

      Nope. It’s worse than that. She’s been one of the Queen’s Ladies in Waiting for YEARS. she rode in the car with her to Philip’s funeral.

    • Sportie says:

      She’s 83 years old and I believe a Petty Betty holdover. She was also tasked with Meghan’s orientation and we know how that went. She also spoke to the press that if H & M’s marriage goes thru it will end in tears. The fact that King Vindictive and his Queen saw fit to retaining her services is telling, Betty’s death was the opportune time to faze someone like her out and start fresh.

      • Lisalemann says:

        Yes – they had the perfect opportunity to “retire” her once the Queen died. They had to know she was like this – I’m sure it wasn’t the first time she acted like this. And I’m sorry – unless she’s senile – being 83 is no excuse. My mother is 85 and she would not touch another person’s hair or berate them about where they were “from” – especially if they were a person of color or had an accent. It’s called good manners – why don’t these people have them? I’m white and if someone other than my mom touched my hair without my permission, I would slap their damn hand. This whole thing is just mind boggling. I’ve never been a huge Harry and Meghan fan – but if this was the kind of crap they put up with – no wonder they left!

      • SnoodleDumpling says:

        There is, of course, the horrifying prospect that this ‘Lady’ Susan Hussey was the least offensive option possible.

        Queenie DID love Philip and Andrew above all other humans, after all.

  23. Eurydice says:

    Oh, the Boston Globe will be so torn. On the one hand, their editorial policy is super fierce on racism – on the other, the owners are salivating to get their photos taken with royalty.

    • Jais says:

      Let’s be real here. William and Kate ain’t ever going back to Boston so the Boston papers can get pics and shoot their shot at the same time.

  24. QuiteContrary says:

    Note this: “The new King Charles III and his wife, Camilla, are no doubt sensitive to accusations of palace racism as they seek to set the tone for their version of the monarchy.”

    They are not sensitive to the actual palace racism — just to the media attention to it.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, sensitive to accusations, not to racism. But, “no doubt sensitive” doesn’t even mean that C&C are actually sensitive to anything – it just means that the person who said this is making an assumption.

  25. MsIam says:

    Not surprised about this bunch lying. Weren’t they supposed to be hiring a “Diversity Czar”? The truth will tell, like the old folks say.

  26. Mel says:

    WTF!!! Touching my hair or any part of me without permission is a “we gonna fight” offense. What is wrong with these people????!!!

  27. Lizzie says:

    Do they still think Biden is going to meet William?

    • booboocita says:

      Oh, I’m thinking Biden’s schedule is going to be too tight to meet with the Wailses, all of a sudden.

  28. TeamMeg says:

    Now is the time for a conversation on WHY what happened was wrong. Why one should not ask a stranger where they are “from”, or touch their hair. Simply condemning the behavior as “racist” and firing/resigning the perp is not going to change much. Maybe it will push racists underground, or quiet them down, but it won’t transform them into anti-racists. Which, to me, is what we actually want and need. Transformation. Society needs to talk about the painful things, not just call people names (however well deserved) and cancel them (ditto). Educate!! Educate!! Educate!!

    • Jais says:

      Well one of the reporters on the bbc already suggested since she was older and from a different generation it could be understood. Nope.

      • Eurydice says:

        Interesting. So, why would BP assign this understandably racist old lady to introduce the Black princess to royal life?

      • Jais says:

        Great question. Mandu Reid, who was with Ngozi, told sky news that it validates Meghan’s claims of racism and they were there for just one day, not day in and day out like she was.

      • Nic919 says:

        This is such bs. All generations know you don’t touch strangers without their permission. And with the royals there was the whole “don’t touch the queen” rule so it’s not like they don’t know this is wrong. The main difference was that this lady did not believe that Ngozi was worthy of being treated with respect regarding her personal space.

      • MsIam says:

        “We’re not racist, we’re just old!” Nope indeed. One thing does not cancel/excuse the other. As to why they picked this particular racist old lady to “guide” Meghan, it was probably six on one hand, half a dozen on the other with that bunch. I’m sure they are scrambling to find some random black person to excuse or cover for this mess.

    • Emily_C says:

      At this point, no. This was not being badly educated or not knowing better. This was entirely intentional harassment. She did it BECAUSE she knows it’s racist.

  29. Snuffles says:

    They totally lied to try and nip this in the bud ahead of the Wales US visit. His team is even trying to head off any questions about it while they are here.

    They know enough to know how bad this looks, but still can’t be arsed to do anything about it. Typical for this institution.

  30. Mslove says:

    That racist old cow. I bet BP gives Susan Hussey an award or medal or something.

  31. booboocita says:

    Not only is this entire mess unbelievably offensive and disgusting, it’s head-scratchingly puzzling. Just how many embarrassments, missteps, and gaffes have Chucky Boy, Queen Side Piece, and their minions created or performed in one extremely short reign, and how many more will they do before the monarchy falls?

    – Not flying Harry to Balmoral with the rest of the family
    – The glacial treatment by the family of Meghan during the Queen’s funeral
    – Removing “ERII” from Harry’s uniform epaulets (although I noticed they missed the one on his hat)
    – Withholding the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh titles from the Wessexes after they had been promised those titles IN WRITING
    – Taking 4.5M from the enslaving, human rights-denying Qataris for “charity”
    – South Africa and India demanding the return of the Cullinan and Koh-I-Noor diamonds, to the utter indifference of Buckingham Palace.
    – Queen Side Piece picking up a Black child’s arm by the sleeve, as if the child were dirty

    And now this latest travesty. And all within a couple of months of the Queen’s passing. What a sh!tshow Chucky’s reign is turning out to be. Get your popcorn ready, folks.

  32. KimmyChoo says:

    $20 says this Hussey is the one who made the comment about Archie’s skin color.

    • lanne says:

      She may have repeated it, but someone in that shitty family said the words first. Don’t exonerate the royals by passing their bullshit on their aides. They’d probably love people to think that it was this Old Dirty Baroness when it was really one of them.

    • Jaded says:

      Came here to say the exact same thing. No doubt there was lots of head nodding, agreeing and snickering from the others who we have always believed to be complicit (KC3, Camzilla, Wm & Khate, etc.) We all knew as soon as QEII died the wheels would come off the cart…it’s happening and I’m here for it.

    • Serena says:

      I feel like many did but Camilla and her circle of b- did for sure too, I just can picture her snickering with her pals behind a glass of alcohol or tea.

    • C says:

      I highly doubt Harry or Meghan cared enough about her opinions to be complaining about her (or, I’m sure they did care but in the grand scheme of all the racists there were much higher ranking ones to worry about like the ones who held their security in their hands).
      I’m sure she made comments, but the ones who made the comments that Harry and Meghan were referring to were senior royals. But I’m sure those senior royals would love for us to believe it was just their underlings, so they could blame it all on them, fire, and business as usual.

      • Nic919 says:

        I agree with this. The comment came from someone who Harry cared about. He doesn’t care what this woman says.

    • Emily_C says:

      There wasn’t one comment. I think Charles, William, and Camilla all said something. And I think Charles was the ringleader.

  33. Tursitops says:

    Here’s the problem that they are too stupid to recognize/admit: either they have to concede that they are “very much a racist” institution, or they have to concede that they treat everyone who does not perfectly align with their values as less-than. It’s that simple. POC are automatically suspect to them, even when they are family members. People whom they consider to be un-royal or not royal enough are mistreated with reckless abandon; see the current and former Princesses of Wales, for example. Meanwhile, the in-crowd can do no wrong, even when they are clearly doing wrong; disapprobation for their antics will only be expressed when there is no other option, the egregious behaviour is a proven fact and it affects the solidity of the institution.

  34. Southern Fried says:

    There’s absolutely no way those people can redeem themselves. Ever.

  35. kelleybelle says:

    Why did Hussey have to be so aggressive in the first place? She was just plain rude and arrogant to begin with. Trash.

  36. Pumpkin (Was Sofia) says:

    God what a dumb thing to lie about. Maybe BP were hoping Ngozi would be “happy” with the apology and just shut up. It takes about 10 minutes for just one staffer to email her and give a sincere apology yet they can’t even do that.

  37. ChillinginDC says:

    See, I would have went to jail. How dare she! Seriously. F this terrible ass family.

  38. Serena says:

    So pathetic and ridiculous is what they are. They refuse claims of racism each time something happens (which is a lot) but then they don’t even do anything!!! As if people don’t know!!

    It’s been years since Sussexit happened and as much as they said they were gonna change thinga and blabla, they did not do anything, not even the basic education or just, you know, not putting your foot in your mouth. But the Tour of Doom happened, Chuck made a series of unfortunate comments, the media still kept on smearing Meghan and refute what the RF did to her, and now this. Well, are they ever gonna learn?
    They can’t even apologize properly, ffs.

    • Debbie says:

      @Serena my dear, you’re going to have to start being more specific about WHICH Tour of Doom. I mean, really, at this rate…

  39. jferber says:

    This is because they don’t really think anything was wrong with the interaction in the first place. Obviously, their horrific treatment of Meghan is making them THINK this should be their new narrative, but they don’t really believe it and lie about it, saying they made it “right” when they so obviously haven’t. They just don’t get it.

  40. MsIam says:

    You know this all reminded me of that uproar last week when Kerry Kennedy made that statement about the Sussexes standing up to racism in the royal institution and Piss Moron and the other sewer rats went bonkers. I know Moron retweeted some Daily Fail story about the Sussexes winning an award for their “monstrous” racism accusation against the family. Now you have this wholly self inflicted wound by the “institution” and I just love it. Add that to the fact this Hussey woman was the one assigned to show Meghan the ropes and its just chef’s kiss.

    • Princess Planky says:

      The awful thought that occurred to me regarding LSH being assigned as Meghan’s ‘mentor’ was that the other candidates were even worse.

  41. aquarius64 says:

    Billy threw his godmother under the bus. You know this is bad. I feel so sorry for Ms. Fulani; she deserves much more than an apology. This Sussexes are staying silent on this and the threat story (bet the BRF wish they’re talking now. ) Karma has come to the House of Windsor with a vengeance.

  42. Beverley says:

    Of course BP thought that announcing there was an apology was identical to making an actual apology. My guess is the palace feels that white royals and staff do not lower themselves to apologize to lowly Black “peasants”. Don’t hold your breath for an actual apology. White Jesus has shown favor to the mighty Windsors.

  43. Nina says:

    But how can this be?? Prince William has stated on the record that theirs is very much NOT a racist family! And if he said it, it MUST be true.

    • SAS says:

      And now that he’s released his sad, one-line, unspecific “statement”, there is NO NEED to approach him with any further questions on the matter!

      I’m desperate for someone to tie this directly to his “not a racist family” comment. How much more obvious can it be when they are constantly facing racism crises. FFS.

  44. LTanya Spearman says:

    This remind of what the Sussex’s said in their interview with Oprah Winfrey, ” How they would lie to protect the others, but unwilling to tell the truth to protect her husband (P. Harry) and her (Meghan).”

  45. Well Wisher says:

    My heart goes out to Ms. Fulani.
    Sadly her discomforts will be treated as per usual.
    We’ve seen this before.
    Reference: Harry and Meghan
    They are bothered with what the BP aide said, just that she got exposed.

    The anti-humans.

  46. sevenblue says:

    Call me crazy, but I don’t believe this is the first time something like that happened. I think that Harry and Meghan gave others the permission (through sharing their own story) to openly talk about this kind of aggressions done by royals and their people. That’s why it was crucial to discredit H&M especially Meghan in case other people of color would start to share their own stories with them. You can see almost all the articles talking about Ngozi Fulani, Meghan’s story is used as further evidence for the institutional racism in Palace.

  47. bisynaptic says:

    These people are so basic. I love this for them.

  48. Vexxy says:

    My husband is from the US and gets a lot of questions about where he’s from all of the time. I can’t imagine that within my own country from a fellow countryman after they presumed to casually fondle my hair, and then insist I’m wrong about my own nationality. Even if she were white it would be insanely rude and bizarre.

    I’m sure there will be zero media interest (ie accountability) in the UK or in Will and Kate’s circle/bubble within the US because this happened to a black woman so no big deal to any of them. Brush it under the rug and congratulate them for ‘taking action’ somehow.

  49. ML says:

    This is an outrage! I wasn’t expecting this as a follow up to Susan Hussey’s original racist ilk this morning. None of the regular news websites I read reported that the “apology” was never sent to Ngozi Fulani—none—so if it weren’t for CB, I would have never known that the royal family actually made a terrible situation worse.

    That “apology” is also an outrage. My mind immediately goes to when Meghan’s name was eliminated from Archie’s birth certificate and how her biography was severely edited on the royal family’s website following QE2’s death. Both Susan Hussey and the royals should have been issuing direct apologies to Ngozi Fulani stating what they did wrong, empathizing with NF, and how they will proceed in the future. Ngozi Fulani should have been addressed directly by name. Remember when geriatric Prince Philip had a car accident? He apologized too late, but he at least apologized properly. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/prince-philip-finally-apologises-car-13912422
    This institution has a racism problem that they need to address immediately. In addition, they have a nepotism problem as to the people filling important roles for the royals, as well as a political problem since just about every person there is closely associated with the Tories. I hope that the royal family suffers extinction.

  50. Over it says:

    I couldn’t comment on this yesterday or any other post. Between the way this beautiful black woman was treated by that white racist hag and the news about Meghan and Harry being threatened constantly, y blood pressure went up.
    How much more do people of color have to survive and tolerate before we are believed and change happens? The days of karma is on its way and if I were Chucky and family, I would hide in a bunker before it comes knocking.
    These people keep showing us their racist asses over and over again.