King Charles asked racist ‘relic’ Susan Hussey to stay on after his mother died

In much of the reporting about Susan Hussey’s resignation from Buckingham Palace, people have called her “Lady Susan Hussey.” I’ve done that too, but technically, she’s Baroness Hussey. Her late husband Marmaduke Hussey – former chairman of the BBC – was elevated to “Baron.” The Husseys were actually featured in some storylines in The Crown Season 5. Lady Susan was often described as Queen Elizabeth’s “favorite.” Which begs the question… why didn’t King Charles and Queen Camilla simply shove Susan Hussey out when QEII died? Baroness Hussey is 83 years old – she doesn’t need to be in a position where she greets palace guests by barraging them with racist questions. Let this old woman “retire” to the country. So the fact that Charles and Camilla wanted this racist old woman around speaks volumes about them. Hilariously, now the palace can’t throw her under the bus fast enough. From Page Six:

Lady Susan Hussey quit after making “unacceptable and deeply regrettable comments” to Black charity founder Ngozi Fulani, during a Buckingham Palace event — hosted by Queen Consort Camilla on Tuesday — to raise awareness about violence against women. The 83-year-old is godmother to Prince William and was one of Queen Elizabeth II’s closest confidantes.

Lady Susan, who is the widow of Marmaduke Hussey, the former chairman of the BBC, was the monarch’s longest-serving lady-in-waiting. Her official title was Woman of the Bedchamber, and she joined royal service in 1960. She was even by the queen’s side on the drive to Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021.

One palace source told Page Six: “Lady Susan is a relic from another era, but she was with the queen for some of the most important moments of her reign. She was integral behind the scenes. She had the queen’s ear and the respect of the private secretaries and all the senior staff at Buckingham Palace. She was a force. She’s a formidable presence to say the least.”

“William and Harry are used to Lady Susan being around,” said another well-placed royal insider. “She was so close to the family that King Charles appointed her as one of William’s godmothers and Harry and Meghan were fond of her.”

Charles even asked her to stay on at the palace following the death of Queen Elizabeth in September — and Hussey’s daughter, Lady Katherine Brooke, was announced as one of Camilla’s six new aides over the weekend after the Queen Consort scrapped the traditional title of “ladies in waiting.”

“It just shows what a relic Lady Susan is,” the palace insider said. “She’s been using that opening shot ‘Where are you from?’ for all her life.”

Asked how this affects William and Kate’s US visit, the palace source said: “I would hope this would not overshadow [the trip]. Lady Susan was at Buckingham Palace at the request and bequest of the king and queen and not the Waleses.”

[From Page Six]

Ah, so the KING asked Susan to stay on. Charles has always preferred the company of older women who mother him, he’s forever looking for mother-surrogates and grandmother-surrogates. Is that what this is? He wanted his mother’s closest associates around him now that he’s king? Or was this Camilla’s call? Or both? What I really want to know is what Susan Hussey says in private, what kind of racist a–hole is she when she’s around Camilla and Charles and her godson Prince William. Yes, she is a relic from another time – and they all wanted her to stay on, representing them. She felt bold enough to act that way towards Ngozi Fulani standing in Buckingham Palace, with Queen Camilla standing just yards away. It’s the racist royal structure, not the individual racist.

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  1. MaryContrary says:

    “Harry and Meghan were fond of her”-wtaf? The woman who publicly bad mouthed then to a group of outsiders?! Talk about revisionist history. I’m sure the Sussexes have “feelings” about this racist hag-and they’re not positive.

    • Myra says:

      They want to make excuses for Charles keeping her on so they use Harry (and Meghan).

    • Lux says:

      Acknowledges she’s a relic—check.

      Keeps her on/intended to fully employ her for life—check.

      Here’s the thing about relics…they belong in the past or in museums. If it’s kept up with the times, it ceases to be a relic. A newer, more efficient model usually takes its place.

      To the Palace who employed her: don’t blame the relic if you’re the one keeping her relevant.

      • harpervalleypta says:

        That’s what just kills me about the whole “she’s a relic” and “she’s 83” comments.

        That was her JOB. And her job was to be the soul of courtesy and etiquette.

        Isn’t that the entire BRF schtick?!?!? That they are all about manners and etiquette?

        So if you have someone offensive to someone, they aren’t doing the job!!!

        We expert better courtesy from anyone in customer service, yet the “most courteous people in the world” get excused.

  2. Eyeroll says:

    “Harry and Meghan were fond of her.”

    Sure Jan.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      Hussey was a Charles loyalist in his destruction of Diana, Princess of Wales and her daughter has just become Camilla’s lady in waiting
      She has openly said the Duke and Duchess of Sussexes wedding would end in tears.
      The Royal Family knew who she was and placed her in charge of helping the Duchess of Sussex ‘learn the ropes’ of Royal life
      They wanted Meghan gone before she began

  3. Amy Bee says:

    I doubt Harry and Meghan were fond of her as the piece says and yes it was Charles who decided to keep her on as a Lady of the Household.

  4. Nuzzy says:

    Institutionalized Racism: Less despicable than foi gras!

    King Charles Tampon Windsor

  5. Lady Esther says:

    She is Lady Susan Hussy (typo and it stays) in her own right because she’s the daughter of an Earl. I think that she can use the Lady style instead of Baroness which is her married title (and daughter of an Earl may outrank a Baroness), but I’m sure someone more knowledgeable can correct me….

    Oh and “Harry and Meghan were fond of her”? I sincerely doubt that!

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Susan Hussey is the daughter of Geoffrey Waldegrave, 12th Earl Waldegrave and is, as Lady Esther stated, a “Lady” in her own right.

      Daughter of an Earl does outrank a Baroness by marriage.

    • tolly says:

      Yep, the other racist cow only goes by “Princess Michael” because her husband’s title is higher than her own (baroness). Hussey’s husband was a commoner for most of their marriage.

      • Lady Esther says:

        thanks @BayTampaBay, @tolly! My degree in Downtonology provides me with only basic knowledge about the British aristocracy, so I’m glad I got it right 🙂

  6. Jay says:

    Dang, that’s cold: “a relic from another era” and maybe said some sh!t about Meghan? I guess with this crowd, when you’re out, you’re out…. The only thing I wonder is if they’ll try to pin ALL the racist, er, pardon, “regrettable” remarks on Susan now that she’s taking one for the team.

  7. Jess says:

    Sometimes karma’s timing is just so beautiful – I love how all of this is coming together to remind everyone of just how racist the entire royal family is right as the Netflix doc is about to drop. And Charles hasn’t done anything right as king, which is great. I also really like your point about his surrogate mother figures — his entire kingship so far has been about his hurt inner child (from lashing out at the younger siblings to keeping this racist relic on).

  8. ML says:

    PageSix is part of the NY Post, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch. That creepy man is in 90s. Interesting that this article is describing SH as a “relic” from another time. She’s younger than he is.
    The whole institution is a relic from another time. People are absolutely capable of learning new things as senior citizens and this SeeYouNextTuesday was deemed fully capable and deserving of her position. By Pennington and his wife. “William AND Harry are used to her being around”?! “Harry and Meghan were fond of her”?! Way to distance KC and QCC from their mess.

  9. BUBS says:

    Harry and Meghan were fond of her yet she bashed them and said the marriage would end in tears? You see why it’s good that H and M tell their own story? So these idiots can stop trying to rewrite history!
    By the way, what in the world does “Woman of the Bedchamber” even mean? Was it like she was assigned to watch over Betty’s room or watch her while she slept? These royals are weird!

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Per Wikipedia: “In the Royal Household of the United Kingdom the term Woman of the Bedchamber is used to describe a woman (usually a daughter of a peer) attending either a queen regnant or queen consort, in the role of lady-in-waiting. Historically the term ‘Gentlewoman of Her Majesty’s Bedchamber’ was sometimes used. In addition to the Women of the Bedchamber, queens (regnant or consort) have Ladies of the Bedchamber (typically wives or widows of peers above the rank of earl), and a Mistress of the Robes (usually a duchess) who is the senior female member of her household. The Women of the Bedchamber are usually in regular attendance, but the Mistress of the Robes and the Ladies of the Bedchamber are normally only required for major events and occasions.”,of%20lady%2Din%2Dwaiting.

  10. Becks1 says:

    Yeah, I doubt H&M were fond of her.

    This feels like its a return shot from W&K, right? the emphasis on how Charles asked her to stay on, charles named her as one of William’s godmothers, she was at BP bc Charles and Camilla asked her to be there, NOT because of the Waleses. Someone realized all those headlines about william’s godmother didn’t look that great. So now there is pushback and putting this back on Charles and Camilla.

  11. blue says:

    King Chas has terrible taste in the people with whom he chooses to surround himself. Always has. It’s indicative of both his character and lack of personality.

    May his reign be short & hasten the end of the monarchy. Willy & Katie can finish it off.

  12. Ceej says:

    Where are you from? could be the most normal question if she has accepted “Liverpool” “right here in London” or any Place someone is actually from. The problem is the question no, I mean where are you FROM?

    All SH had to do was accept the answer she was given like she would have if any white European-accented person who named the place they were from as being within GB.

    I will accept the moving of someone’s hair to read a name instead of the much less effortful choice to just say “sorry, I can’t see your name.” as being “of a certain generation” because there is an era of passively aggressively touching sweaters, tags etc to read a name tag that is otherwise obscured to let the subject know how you feel about their social faux pas.

    But seriously, this should have been a boring, banal small talk interaction but for snotty people who cannot accept that they get the answer they get and don’t have the right to demand a stranger’s lineage.

    (I’m Canadian and mixed, and black and white strangers across the U.K. have refused to accept through the years that I simply identify as Canadian – the place I was born and raised – when I don’t look white. “Fine. Where are your grandparents from then?” Will get you the same rudeness you’re showing me.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah, given the nature of the event, “where are you from” could have been interpreted as “where is your organization based” or even “where did you grow up.” I’m sure Fulani knew immediately that’s not what she meant, but she played along and answered “we’re based in Hackney.” And then Hussey just kept going.

      • Lara (the other) says:

        Those “aristocrats” need a course in basic manners.
        Meeting people at an event with people from different places, where are you from ist fine, but accept the answer. Meeting people who most likely live in the place e.g. new work colleagues: Are you from “Name of the city”?
        It’s not that difficult….

    • Anners says:

      Also Canadian and had a similar take. I could *maybe* accept the moving of the hair as a passive aggressive class thing, but the continued drilling down on trying to identify Ms. Fulani’s genealogical roots was straight up racism and designed to other her and make her unwelcome. I find it a bit surprising because I thought the BRF self-identified as the arbiters of good manners, and it’s my understanding that when you are a host, the comfort of your guests is of paramount importance. But what do I know? I’m just a working class plebe from the colonies.

    • Feeshalori says:

      It’s just so ridiculous with this obsession of wanting to know where a person is from. My doctor is Asian and I don’t go asking her where she’s from. I don’t know and l don’t care, just take good care of me, that’s all I require. But Hussey’s motives are really cringeworthy and her age is absolutely no excuse, especially in her position and in this day and age.

      • Feeshalori says:

        And to add, I am a senior citizen too so can be considered, I suppose, an old relic, which I definitely don’t consider myself to be. I’m not as old as Hussey, but I would never behave that way.

  13. equality says:

    She has the inside scoop on a lot of them. Maybe that’s why KC kept her on.

  14. Julia K says:

    “Where are you from, really ” is a sneaky way of asking ” are you one of us” , ” do you belong here ” , are you ” our kind of person”. Typical country club chit-chat to weed out the riff raff.

  15. Jais says:

    I’m not into the old age relic of the past taking the blame for this. Sooo many BM commentators are like well she’s old and from another time. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nicholas Witchell went on about how poor lady Hussy will be mortified and Richard Eden tweeted about how this was a sad end for her. I’m sorry but they are centering SH in this story and giving her more empathy than Ngozi and then treating Ngozi like she is a side character in her own story. I am not into it. It’s not about old age. KP staff and William and Kate are not that old so what’s their excuse?

    • ML says:

      The BM is really fond of centering their stories around their perceived victims at the cost of the real ones. That is so effing frustrating: from the non-apology to Ngozi Fulani, which wasn’t even sent TO her, to not mentioning NF’s name in said non-apology to bemoaning a nasty old piece of work’s firing…
      I wonder if SH was a main source of information for Witchell and Eden.

    • Esmerelda says:

      Also, this spin: “she’s old, she’s used the same question for 60 years” can quickly be turned into “Ms Fulani overreacted” or “A simple misunderstanding, poor old dear.”

      But I’m sure her views and her manner do not exist in a vacuum, real accountability would require a re-evaluation of the whole aristo class values.

  16. bitchy architect says:

    I guess now we can see why Betty refused to abdicate- Chucky has done nothing but f*ck up from day one and he’s had like 50 friggin years to prepare. My guess is Betty knew his “reign” would just careen between disasters.

    • teecee says:

      Elizabeth was BFFs with this hag for decades – she’s the reason Hussy got to stick around so long. More like now that Elizabeth is dead, a few stories are starting to get out. She really had a stranglehold on the media, and Charles doesn’t.

      Charles is also terrible but I am not here for people minimizing how Elizabeth’s laid the foundation for all of this. She was never a sweet ole granny.

    • equality says:

      TQ also raised Andrew and Charles, who have both caused plenty of embarrassment during her reign. And she had Phil who made racist comments himself.

      • QuiteContrary says:

        Equality is right. TQ was a terrible person, too. She devoted her life to “service” — self-service, more accurately, as she reaped the many benefits of the monarchy.

  17. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Lady Susan Relic is past her prime, but she also groomed her spawn to be one of Camilla’s ladies-in-waiting. So her racism is very likely very present among Camilla’s herd still.

  18. Linds says:

    If I recall correctly, Hussey also worked with Diana when she came into the Royal fold and there was no love lost in the relationship.

  19. HeyKay says:

    I suppose Charles can explain it away as an honorary thing.
    After all that H&M spoke out about, How can anyone really be surprised about this ugliness behind The Firm?
    Look how they treated Diana!

    William had best be prepared to realize he will not be King.
    Every day, another brick in the wall.

  20. Brassy Rebel says:

    If Hussey is “a relic from another time”, what does that make Charles who is only nine years younger than she is? 🤔 And she’s only eight years older than Camilla. I think the “she’s just an old lady” excuse is incredibly ageist. All of us old ladies are not racist.

    • Dot Gingell says:

      Hussey would have been in her twenties during the UK’s race riots in the late 60s and 70s . She must have been living under a rock if she wasn’t aware of all the protests over racial discrimination.

    • Feeshalori says:

      Hear, hear, Brassy Rebel.

    • SueBarbri33 says:

      Exactly. This woman is 83 so…only 3 years older than Paul McCartney and a year older than Ringo Starr. They’re acting like she was raised in the Victorian Age, when in reality she’s basically a Baby boomer.

  21. Pumpkin (Was Sofia) says:

    They’ve added H&M’s names so they can go “see even they liked her so she wasn’t that bad!” but I doubt, like others have said above, they really liked her. If she was like that with Ngozi then I am sure she was like that with Meghan too.

  22. Chantal says:

    Like others have said, I doubt H&M were fond of Lady Brazen Hussy. Bc of the boring Boston EgoTrip, the BM have little else to talk about and love lying on H&M.
    Placing this fiasco firmly back in C-Rex’ lap is the smartest thing KP has done. It’s gonna be interesting to see how W’s racist godmother responds to being thrown under the bus…

  23. Curmudgeon says:

    That first picture with Hussey and Keen: if I remember correctly, at the year before’s Remembrance ceremony Keen was on the front covers laughing uproariously with Camilla (because they have no decorum or class); so the year after they put Mistress of Death Lady SH beside her to babysit. Of course, the year after that, it was the one where Keen kept twirling her hair and looking haughty so you know… you can lead a horse to water and all that

  24. serena says:

    They still don’t get it, do they? The fact that she’s old has NOTHING to do with her being a racist a-hole and them likely allowing and welcoming that until the public fall-out.

    ” She was integral behind the scenes” this alone speaks enough.
    ” and Harry and Meghan were fond of her” now here is where I highly doubt it, considering all that went on.

  25. Puppy1 says:

    I doubt Harry & Meghan are/were fond of Ms Haughty Hussey. They are/were polite, period.

    I’m not a POC, however if someone tried that with me , I would ask to see their Census Taker ID and say I thought the census was completed already.

    The amount of “Yes, But(ing)” is utterly disgusting 🤬