The Earthshot finalists & winners weren’t even invited to attend the ceremony

Just after Netflix premiered the Harry & Meghan teaser trailer, a Kensington Palace source huffed to Valentine Low at the Times: “They are two people who are accepting awards for themselves, talking about themselves, doing programmes about themselves. [William and Kate are] active members of the royal family who have a job to shine a spotlight on other people, give awards to other people. That’s the contrast.” Well, funny story – you know the big, keen Earthshot Awards which were endlessly previewed and served as a huge aggrandizement for Prince William to magnanimously “give a platform” to people doing groundbreaking environmental work? Well, William didn’t even want those Earthshot prize winners in Boston with him. Please, he might have had to touch someone poor. They did a satellite link-up for the Earthshot finalists and winners. Which wouldn’t be so egregious except that William burned through millions of dollars to put on an “awards show” with celebrities in attendance.

The food was plant-based, the flowers grown locally and the carpet, as is now tradition, was green. Guests invited to the second annual Earthshot Awards were whisked to the venue in electric taxis and encouraged to recycle pre-loved outfits.

Five budding winners each won £1 million to scale up their projects.

“A million dollars is significant,” Justin Winters, executive director of climate philanthropy organisation One Earth told the Boston Globe. “For a lot of these nonprofits and companies, it’s a game-changing investment. But I would say in this case, the level of attention and partnerships that are brought to the table — to the finalists and the award winners — are really significant.”

In order to reduce the carbon footprint, all finalists were filmed on home turf, joining the ceremony via a live video feed.

The Princess was among those who presented an award, warning that air pollution “poses a threat that knows no borders.”

Guests were treated to performances by Ellie Goulding, Annie Lennox, and Billie Eilish. After the show, the Prince and Princess went backstage to thank the celebrities who had taken part.

The royals flew home on a British Airways flight overnight to be reunited with their three children.

[From The Telegraph]

Arguably, the best thing one could say about Earthshot is that William is platforming diverse people making diverse solutions to environmental issues, and that Earthshot could become a place to facilitate innovation, growth and collaboration within sustainable and environmental industries. Except that for William, all of the Earthshot winners should literally stay at home, not meet with each other, not fuel collaboration or innovation, and here’s some money and now shut up about it while he chums it up with Rami Malek. They seriously made celebrities fly into Boston for a big awards show… and then didn’t invite the nominees to come to Boston. He made them stay at home. He doesn’t think that looks bad or that it should have been organized differently. He does not believe that prize winners should actually be feted and recognized for their work in person.

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  1. Alarmjaguar says:

    That is appalling- and the hypocrisy so thick! This line: “In order to reduce the carbon footprint, all finalists were filmed on home turf, joining the ceremony via a live video feed.” RYFKM?

    I’ve been thinking throughout all of this how ridiculous and tragic it is that I can’t name a single winner or tell you about a single project this prize has funded. I’d actually love to know, I’d love some hope for the future. Instead we get these self-aggrandizing, vapid twits. Ugh

    • Startup Spouse says:

      More like Earthshitshow.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        🌍 💩 show. They could register the trademark!

      • TeamMeg says:

        LOL EarthShitShow. Good one. I watched some of the ceremony “highlights” on YouTube. Overdone, glitzy and fake. My eyes were rolling when I realized the winners were “attending” on Zoom while a roster of A-Minus List guests flew in from overseas on jets. What hypocrisy. Prize ceremony nothing but a somewhat politically correct excuse to throw a fancy party for a disgustingly wealthy couple, newly risen to next-in-line for the British throne, yet hopelessly out of touch. Personally, the last thing I want to see is Kate Middleton dripping in eyeliner and jewels while Brits freeze back home. GROSS.

    • Ginger says:

      But they flew in a green carpet. How pathetic.

      • Couch potato says:

        A green carpet that’s now a tradition because they’ve used it ONCE before.

      • AnnaKist says:

        But Cathy did wear a green dress. Is it new or recycled?

      • jan90067 says:

        It was “rented”, yet miraculously it fit perfectly, incl. hem. Isn’t that a *fantastic* coincidence??? /s

        Guess that old saying IS true: (the) Drape really DOES match the carpet!

      • Debbie says:

        @Couch Potato: Yeah, I caught that one-time “tradition” line too. Dear God, they do try hard.

    • Dawning says:

      We all know Earthsh-t was not the reason for the Wailses coming to the US. The main reason was to compete with Harry and Meghan. In their delusional and racist minds they thought they could show H&M that they are more popular even in the US. Remember when the US trip was first announced, all those articles about W&K wooing the US crowd and being more popular than H&M?
      Come on! We all knew it was never about the environment, never about the winners, and it definitely was never about Earthsh-t.

      • Dawning says:

        You know, Harry has Invictus which has made a HUGE impact internationally, so as usual, Pegs has to compete with the better brother by taking Earthsh-t overseas. Wake up Prince Peg, there is no competing with your brother and his wife. They are simply better at everything they do. They are just better humans than you and your wife.

      • Jais says:

        The contrast is just so stark. Harry treats the IG athletes with such respect and the games are so clearly about celebrating the athletes and making certain that they enjoy their time at the games.

      • AnnaKist says:

        Absolutely, Dawning,
        How much work did Bill (and Cathy) actually put into Eartgshite? Did he put in the hours, do the hard yards, learn all he could, round up all the experts he needed for judging etc, or no? Or did he delegate, issue orders, micromanage, and then take all the credit? Just going on his past laziness and disinterest, I am not convinced he actually did much of the work. He was the public face of Earthshite, and he would have loved that that, and it guaranteed donations, which he would have controlled with an iron fist. He likely put the palace lackeys to work and came in at the end to receive the accolades for such a great job. And he got to control the money.
        So the nominees and winners had to “reduce their carbon footprint”, but Bill, the missus, the entertainers, and likely other guests, where were exempt?
        Roll on, Netflix. Roll on, Spare.

    • vs says:

      Was it the NYT or WPost who said it? this is something put together for continue to make sure the rf is relevant! They are irrelevant to me and important for people in the UK but they are useless! Why not focus on their island?

    • Couch potato says:

      Me neither. This is the first time I’ve seen a name of a finalist/winner, but we still don’t know what they are doing or what they’re working towards. It’s all about promoting TOB.

    • windyriver says:

      Was anyone aware Earthshot has a YouTube channel? I wasn’t. There’s five different categories of nominees and clips about each group were posted two weeks ago. Obviously not publicized as no one knew who these people were. There’s also quite a lot of content from the NYC summit two months ago; haven’t watched any of it so no idea how useful or in depth they are. Didn’t know any of that was there either. And of course the most recent clips are about you know who and the really big event. There’s a lot of money going into all of this – how does anyone know if there’s a real impact anywhere?

      • BeanieBean says:

        Sounds like a children’s book title, You Know Who and the Really Big Event!

      • windyriver says:

        Well, my nephew has a two year old who loves books and I spend a lot of time in the children’s section at B&N….

    • Green girl says:

      I can’t name a single winner or winning idea either. What a waste. There clearly isn’t any planning beyond the ceremony. Like is there any way KP could promote the winners months after the facts and share updated in any progress they have made with scaling up their projects? That would be interesting to see.

      • Gruey says:

        The charities Harry and Meghan support are familiar names because H&M brought the world’s attention to them:

        Smart works
        Homeboy industries
        World central kitchen

        Of course there are many more but these are just a few that come instantly to mind. H&M really lift up these people

        William and Kate support…who now?

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Exactly @Gruey! There are so many charities, partnership affiliations, and community projects M&H support and bring awareness to. I would add: CamFed (in Africa); Myna Manila (in India); One Young World; UN Women; Hubb Community Kitchen; The Loveland Foundation; Homeboy Industries; The Mission Continues; Re-Wild. Harry created Travalyst and he had the idea for HeadFit in support of the British military. At around 19 years of age, Harry created Sentebale with Prince Seeiso (which was just the beginning of Harry’s journey to give back). This weekend, Harry sent the sweet video message to the bereaved young children of military personnel, being aided by Scotty’s Little Soldiers!

        M&H advocated for and supported the VAXX Live fundraising concert, and the list goes on, including highlighting the good work of others, such as The Malala Fund which fights for girls’ education. We can go to M&H’s old Instagram account to find more community and charitable organizations they have brought attention to and actively support. When a young lady was racially attacked, Meghan spoke to her on the phone to offer solace, and I’m sure Meg has kept in touch with that young lady. Not to mention recently helping families of the school shooting victims in Texas.

        Moreover M&H, through their good works, have inspired so many people around the world, including their die-hard supporters, The SussexSquad, an organic movement that came together initially on Twitter, and since 2019 has independently raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Sussex-related charities. The SS also launched a hugely successful tree-planting project. The most recent fundraiser, for World Central Kitchen, is apparently still accruing donations, and not just from SS members!

        Even when singled out for awards, M&H prefer to place the bulk of attention on others. Instead of accepting an Intrepid Award, Harry said he would show up to award others! When called to receive an NAACP Image Award, M&H agreed to accept if they could partner with the NAACP to create the NAACP-Archewell digital civil rights award recognizing groundbreaking work at the intersection of social justice and technology. The award comes with a $100,000 prize. Safiya Noble, who wrote ‘Algorithms of Oppression,’ was the first recipient.

        This is still just a small sampling of their charitable achievements and influence. The impacts, inspirations, and far-reaching benefits that Harry and Meghan have made and are continuing to make with their focus on universal service, are vast and immeasurable. M&H exist in a completely different stratosphere than W&K. There is no comparison and no competition. You can’t compete where you don’t compare!

        Meghan and Harry aren’t interested in aggrandizing themselves. They truly want to uplift others, solve problems, and help make the world better for us all.

      • Sugarhere says:

        @AFTERSHOCKS: The bulk of the Sussex achievements is enough to make Catherine green with envy 😁.

      • Julia K says:

        Clever. Saw what you did there @sugarhere

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ LOL @Sugarhere! That’s why the green-screen meme of Khate wearing a gown depicting triple images of the M&H Netflix promo poster, is so hilarious! 🤣😂

        It’s also very fitting that this portion of the thread topic was initiated by @Green Girl! 👍🤣 ROFLMAO!

      • Roo says:

        @Aftershocks, you make thoughtful, insightful points. I simply wanted to add my thoughts that it is because M&H spend so much effort uplifting and celebrating others and others’ efforts that they have garnered such respect. Peg and Khate will never understand this concept.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Exactly @Roo! 🎯 That’s the bottom line takeaway that the rota detractors, online haters, and royal kool-aid drinkers can’t seem to grasp. Or, they purposely try to ignore. Thanks for pointing this out! 👍

    • DouchesOfCambridge says:

      Let’s celebrate the earthshit winners with everyone except the winners. Let’s fly everyone in but them. They probably hired someone to convince them that it would look bad if they would fly in. Incredibly stupid. How obvious is it that earthshit annual culminating show is really about pegs and kkkhate having a party with celebrities? This is lightyears away from what Invictus is doing for the PEOPLE they are trying to highlight. Got it all wrong …again

    • Peanut Butter says:

      They squandered yet another opportunity to generate tremendous good will far beyond the effort required. What a clueless, classless waste of money and carbon

    • BeanieBean says:

      It is beyond ridiculous to pretend they were being mindful of the environment by requesting people arrive at the event in electric taxis but flying in all these celebs from around the world. And NOT bringing in the nominees or winners???? Appalling. We’re throwing a party to celebrate you! But you can’t come!!

      • Debbie says:

        As I said before, this is like throwing a Super Bowl game and inviting the half-time entertainers, the announcer, but no football teams when you don’t invite the nominee to your environmental event. In fact, this shines a light on the fact that this Earthsh!t Show should have been held remotely or, at the very least, in England. But, as someone said before this nonsense began, Will and Kate wanted to be recognized by the American press, and internationally.

    • DK says:

      I don’t understand this at all…

      If they were trying to reduce carbon footprint by asking the most important would-be attendees (the winners, ie the entire purpose of the event) to stay home,
      1) Why was the event in person at all? Why wasn’t the whole thing a video call?
      2) If W&K had to do something in person, why did W&K have to fly anywhere? Why wasn’t the in-person segment in Windsor or London?
      3) Were all the celebrities in attendance Boston residents, or celebs who would have been in Boston anyway for other reasons?

      I mean, we all know the real reasons (H&M-keenery), but what were the stated reasons?
      They must have had to justify some of this…what on earth could they have said?

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Proof that Earthsh!t is nothing more than William’s vanity project: William spent 12 million pounds just so he can be seen giving away 5 million. William decided last year that he wanted to come to America, because the Sussexes are so popular here. The impact on the environment from his jet travel (and wife and security and entourage) didn’t matter. The inconvenience to the nominees didn’t matter. He tried to turn a one hour presentation into a three day event. He realized people weren’t interested in him, so he changed his “quiet wealth and power” into a “star-studded” event. The impact to the environment caused by celebrities flying in didn’t matter. His wife wore jewelry that is probably worth 3 times what he gave the prize winners. His wife went through multiple costume changes in a single day. Their shills took to social media to deny reports from legit news sources that William and his wife were booed and mocked by Americans. The actual nominees were sidelined, and William didn’t even care to have any of them present at the festivities. The nominees’ absence meant they didn’t have a chance to network with people who could help them, or have their work spotlighted in the presence of those oh-so-important celebrities.

      This has only ever been about William’s narcissism, and it backfired because America doesnt want him. And I am glad that history (via the legit news sources) will remember it that way.

      I didn’t invite these people.

      • Feeshalori says:

        And to add to your excellent post, Mrs. Krabapple, America didn’t invite them either. Willy just invited himself.

      • ChewieNYC says:

        Agree. The worse is that this could have been an incredible opportunity for the nominees to network and collaborate with others looking to make impact. They could have had last years winners talk about how they’ve used their funds and where their projects stand now. It’s a shame that the awards ceremony wasn’t a small part of a larger conference of innovators. Such a waste.

    • Detnow359 says:

      Carbon footprint? What a joke when The Queen had to call them out on their repeated use of private jets. Wow

    • Waitwhat? says:

      I discovered at the weekend that I actually know one of the people who organises this event … although not well enough to ask about this, alas.

  2. Geegee says:

    Wow it really is just the “prince william is an environmentalist.” Show.

  3. Becks1 says:

    What. Like……WHAT. So the nominees/winners had to be environmentally conscious and not fly to Boston but HE got to fly to Boston and swan about for three days?!?!?

    What a waste.

    • equality says:

      Well, let’s not limit it to him. All the big shots involved are hypocrites here.

      • SussexWatcher says:

        I have to wonder if the celebs were even told that none of the actual award nominees would be there. I really hope that’s the case and that at least some of them would have said no to coming if they knew that (although seeing as how Billie Eilish filmed her bit, I guess they did know). I was so disappointed to see some people I admire taking part in this absolute sham of an environmental award. It was a total clown show/vanity project to make Peggington look good. How his staff are perpetually the worst in doing anything makes me laugh and laugh. It’s what those two bozos deserve.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        I made a terrible mistake, it was Ellie Goulding who called it a “distraction,” not Eilish. My sincere apologies. Is there a way to delete my incorrect comment? Thank you.

    • Layla says:

      @becks1 Because at the end of the day, Boston was just “the will and Kate show”, just like the Caribbean tour was “the will and Kate show”. It’s always about how w and k can “one up h and m. M&H worked with Stanford, so K must work with Harvard. H collaborated with clear it ties for the Vax live concert, so W must have celebrities at his “WilliamShot prize”. I’m surprised they haven’t mentioned where they’re taking this clown show next?

      Also @equality, did billie Eilish back out from coming? Apparently they begged her fans to come only for them to tel the fans after they came that Billie was a no show.

      • equality says:

        Eilish performed remotely. I wonder if she did that because of how it was structured (with no nominees there) and she wanted to not be a hypocrite like the rest and leave a carbon footprint.

      • Jan says:

        Harry and Meghan have joint project at Harvard, they just welcome the recipients of the grant at Harvard this week.

      • Ginger says:

        Apparently Billie was in NYC and attended a Broadway show lol And that’s why she wasn’t there. William and Kate used Billie’s fans to make it look like they were there for them. Once they found out Billie was a no show they were pissed. They knew they were being used.

    • Nic919 says:

      They can’t reasonably justify not flying in the actual winners when they brought in celebrities who could also have performed via satellite link. Who was even in the audience to enjoy the performances? Certainly not the winners of the award.

      This has been a vanity project since day one.

      • SussexWatcher says:

        I read that Beckham flew all the way from Qatar (and then back again) to attend. So environmental! Such conservation! 🙄

        I hope all of this – not even inviting the nominees/winners – blows up in the Wailses faces. They’re such a joke.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        Sussex we know that Beckham will swan about wherever Wills calls him because he is begging for that knighthood he so greatly desires. He is a known asskisser. Didn’t he make sure he was seen in that very long Queue when he went to pay his respects to her Majesty who in all likelihood was not lying in that coffin.


      • Nic919 says:

        Too bad couldn’t pick up the winners based in Oman to bring to Boston.

        This is really awful.

      • jenjamtx says:

        I am surprised no one has mentioned it here, but I saw people interviewed that were on W&K’s flight from London to Boston. Several of them said the entire 1st class was full of the Wales “team”. I’m sure hairdresser included. But Will is saving the planet by leaving the “honorees” at home. Hypocrisy at it’s peak.

    • Nicki says:

      Exactly. Hilarious to see the guy with five houses play act at being an environmentalIt’s. He’s so disinterested, he can’t be bothered to help publicize the names and work of the winners.

      No one seems to have any idea of who they are, what their innovations do. It’s a huge opportunity to make green news all year long but Bill is too bored and lazy to do it, or even understand.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Becks1, I’m sure to Bill this all makes sense. This (stolen) prize is all about him, so why should the silly people doing the actual environmental work be any part of award event.

    • SAS says:

      It’s even more gross to me that many of these nominees/winners are from poor countries or are start ups by minority groups. Leaves a really bad taste.

  4. Feeshalori says:

    And in that article there’s still no mention of the winners or the nominees, just the celebrities. Just a vanity boondoggle for William’s ego. And what is going on with Kate’s rictus face? She doesn’t look good at all.

    • Snuffles says:

      How many rounds of Botox can a face take before it completely rejects it and falls out of exhaustion?

      • Erin says:

        And William is giving Quagmire these days.

      • Gabby says:

        It looks like we will eventually find out, @Snuffles. Those fillers seem to be going rogue and floating around under her skin like a bad horror flick.

    • Flowerlake says:

      This. For all the spotlight this is supposed to give the winner, I haven’t seen any extra attention to them.

      • Sugarhere says:

        So if I got this right, the winners won from a distance, didn’t get a chance to have real exposure and were deprived of the possibility of networking – which is essential in their field – because W + C wouldn’t risk anyone from the world’s peasantry standing in their shine 😯😳?

        Despite the festive atmosphere, the way the Wailses put themselves in the limelight has confrontational and combative overtones about it: they felt the need to derail constructive attention away from the winners and capture it for themselves.

        Kate and Will literally hijacked the winners’ one-of-a-time media exposure to make sure they would be staged as the unsurpassable centerpiece of their own self-celebratory ceremony. The narcissistic insecurity and undiplomatic gracelessness here are verging on the pathological 🤦🏻‍♀️.

      • Lemons says:

        This is the most egregious part to me. If anyone should be present, it should be the winners and nominees who may want and need more than 1 million to get their projects up and running.

    • Carrie says:

      Agree. Her face looks wonky. Is one eye partially drooping? Her hands are swollen.

      • Mrs. CP says:

        @Carrie I noticed the hands too. Not good, something very wrong is going on here.

      • ThatsNotOkay says:

        Her right eye is receding into her skull. Soon she’ll have to wear a bespoke eyepatch from the Wickstead Pirate collection.

      • Jaded says:

        She may have had some dermal filler in her hands, they’ve been looking very scrawny lately.

      • Sophia’s Sideye says:

        The swollen hands may be filler related. It’s definitely a thing I’ve heard of for aging hands.

      • BeanieBean says:

        That swollen hands photo is weird.

      • Sugarhere says:

        ” Her right eye is receding into her skull. “: 😀😅😂🤣. @THATSNOTOKAY. Why are you doing this to us?

      • L4Frimaire says:

        Kate is only 40. Why would she be doing all this stuff to herself that you think much older women do? Do people put filler in their hands for real? Even all the Botox stories seem weird. How often do you get touch ups? It just seems bizarre and unhealthy if she’s really getting constantly tweaked as much as being speculated on. Hope there’s another explanation.

      • Feeshalori says:

        She’s morphing into Jocelyn Wildenstein, the cat lady.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Exactly! Who are the nominees and winners?! What are their plans to help save the planet?! I have the Wailses Twitter page blocked but none of the articles I’ve seen about this entire trip have mentioned the actual people it was supposedly about. Their staff is so incompetent.

      The Sussexes are just so much better at highlighting causes and organizations. Putting the focus on the people they’re, you know, trying to help spotlight. How come the keens can copy everything Harry and Meghan do, except actual competence and getting things done?

      Plus, the award is being given out over the course of several years, right? Is that actually even helpful to a startup as the article claims? It doesn’t seem like that would actually do all that much for the winners. And since they’re not getting any publicity…? Is it worth it?

  5. Snuffles says:

    “William burned through millions of dollars to put on an “awards show” with celebrities in attendance.”

    Not to mention the millions of dollars the city of Boston had to spend to host and protect them while they were in town. Yet, they continue to insist that Harry and Meghan don’t deserve the same when they come to England.

    “Except that for William, all of the Earthshot winners should literally stay at home, not meet with each other, not fuel collaboration or innovation,”

    They could have brought these winners to Boston and bring THEM to Harvard to facilitate discussions and connections with the world’s greatest minds instead of sending Kate for 30 minutes in her Harvard intellectual cosplay outfit.

    • Layla says:

      I don’t know about anyone else, maybe I’m overreaching watch too much because I almost always expect k to copykeen, but I felt like her Harvard outfit had a few elements of Meghan’s look at the jubillee with the big collar and the belt. I don’t mind if anyone tells me that that wasn’t the case. But I did get a little whiff of that.
      Also, did her green screen dress remind anyone else of Meghan’s wedding dress? Would’ve been great if she wore that in white a) she could’ve ticked off flag cosplay b) she could’ve ticked off the ny palette of th the Meghan moodboard and c) her copykeening would be so much more obvious to the rest of the world, especially with the way they’re beginning to catch up to Meghan’s racial abuse at the palace.

    • Nic919 says:

      Exactly so. These winners could have forged further links to moving their ideas forward.

      Instead princess Barbie did a 30 minute PR stunt which caused hours of hardship for Harvard students simply trying to get to their finals.

    • Couch potato says:

      So true @Snuffles. If the environment was really the focus, they could have arranged a conference with lead speakers and workshops, with the award show the ending night. They could’ve paid for a lot of attendants with the wast sum they’ve spent on this s%% show.

      • windyriver says:

        From the Earthshot YouTube channel, which I just discovered, looks like that’s what the September conference in NYC was about. No one knows that, because it wasn’t publicized either. That as well as the nominees should have been talked up in the weeks before the “gala” so it looks like a cohesive project. I don’t understand what the names behind all this, like Bloomberg, are getting, if no one has any details about what’s actually being done

    • Gruey says:

      Oh but @snuffles, facilitating meetings of that caliber between winners and relevant, willing faculty at Harvard would have required serious advance work.

      Poor poppets, maybe Invictus poached every last staffer capable of doing that type of research and coordination to set up a meaningful event

    • Chaine says:

      Exactly, instead of Kate trotting out her tired faux Early Years initiative yet again for a “listening” photoshoot with people whose only motive in meeting with her is probably the hope of some kind of royal donation to their academic department, the activity could have been Kate and the Harvard prez cohosting a lunch for the Earthshot nominees to meet and mingle with Harvard researchers from the relevant fields. How hard would that have been to put together? Not very.

    • Bisynaptic says:

      These people are so disgusting.

    • Carmen says:

      All that money they blew on an empty spectacle, and they STILL couldn’t upstage Harry and Meghan.

      Hardly a peep out of the Daily Mail about how W&K left H&M in the dust. Interesting.

  6. Chloe says:

    What exactly is the point of holding the ceremony in the USA then? He literally could have done it in London.

    • Layla says:

      @chloe because “how dare America love Harry.” They’re supposed to LovE mE dammit”

    • Amy Bee says:

      The Royal Family feel that they have to win back America from Harry and Meghan.

      • Gabby says:

        Mission not accomplished.

      • Carmen says:

        Yeah, and they want to send Camilla over here to do it.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        My worry now is that Charles might consider sending Ed and Sophie here to make up for William’s flop, like the Caribbean. Please don’t do that! We’ve had enough of the royal family’s offensive charm.

      • Carmen says:

        Ed and Sophie will flop even harder than Willy & Wiglet. Americans are like, Ed and Sophie who?

      • Sophie was already over here a couple of months ago and literally nobody cared, to the point where she had to have her own people take pictures because our press couldn’t be bothered.

    • Emily says:

      Excellent point. None of this makes sense. No wonder Meghan was “mean” to the staff — they are so bad at their jobs, and W&K don’t have the instincts to realize it or suggest better ideas.

      • Christine says:

        It’s like Cannot and Willnot are a step back in time, and all of the conversations around them are equally out of touch with reality and antiquated. A photo that flashed by in a trailer for Harry and Meghan for a millisecond was elevated to near hysteria, because HOW DARE THEY, it’s the one photo that Kitty has ever looked bad in (snort), and it really is entirely disrespectful to the thousand year old institution of the monarchy, blah, blah, blah.

        Meanwhile, Harry’s all, WHEEEEEEEEEEEE! I’m Spiderman!

        Harry and Meghan actually want to help people, all over the world, in this century, while the Wails are desperate to appear they care about anyone, even each other. It’s pathetic.

        Making the green carpet a tradition is groovy, would you like a sticker?

    • Jais says:

      I think Boston was chosen to show William was inspired by JFK’s moonshot? Also iirc, at the end of the ceremony, which has yet to be aired, they state where the next ceremony will be held? Not sure if I’m remembering that correctly. I’m assuming after it airs, there might be some more articles about the winners? Maybe? Hopefully. It’s an earthshit show.

      • Truthiness says:

        Yes, Will desperately wanted to connect with his idol JFK, by meeting his daughter (UK royalty meets US royalty!) and using the JFK library. So sorry Pegs, none of that reflects on you. He’s like a spoiled child wanting his little created world or he’ll throw an incandescent tantrum.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Chloe – it’s because Peggington doesn’t really give two poops about the environment, so it’s not really about anything sustainable or planet-saving. If you come at it from this truth then all the rest makes sense.

      It’s about giving The Other Brother his own legacy type project (like Harry has created with Sentebale and Invictus Games). It’s about giving the Wailses a chance to play dress up and mingle with celebrities. As for having it in the US? As others have mentioned, the Wailses are just that insecure that Harry and Meghan are popular here. So they think that just by showing up they can win American hearts and minds (which…they’ve just spent the last 4 years talking trash about how awful Americans are).

      TL;DR – the Wailses are stupid and incompetent.

      • Debbie says:

        All of what you said plus (and the rota finally admitted the obvious shortly before Earthsh!t began), but it’s like the old saying, “If a tree falls in the forest but no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” Well, a British columnist wrote that even William’s 1st Earthsh!t was “very successful” last year, but it didn’t receive any real international attention or praise. He said that if it’s in America, it’s bound to make a big splash everywhere. Well, they took their sh!tshow to America but brought all their vanity and bungling incompetence with them, while leaving the hard-working nominees and the environmental concerns out. So, I think that has as much to do with why these people are here as anything.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Yes, Jais, William is hijacking JFK’s moonshot accomplishment because hijacking other people’s ideas and accomplishments is what they do.

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        He’s so lazy. It’s obvious Earthsh*t is’nt serious about it’s supposed goal, becasue if it was, much more money would be given to the winner (instead of to glitzy ceremonies). And the winners would be front and center, not Peggy. It’s should be the winners’ Super Bowl, yet all we heard leading up to it was Peg, Peg, Peg!!!

        Anyone supposedly serious about environmentalistm who is associated with this vanity project should be f***ing ashamed after Friday (and they should apologize to the winners).

  7. Janet says:

    This makes me side eye the celebrities even more. How do you go to an award show that didn’t allow it’s nominees to participate? How awesome would it have been for them to network with the celebrities, explain their work further and perhaps get even more support.

    • Amy Bee says:

      The celebrities are not doing this for free. They’ll undoubtedly got an appearance fee to be there.

    • SH says:

      The celebrities didn’t know the award winners wouldn’t be there. There is a great article in one of the Boston papers about how the VIPs thought they were going to the usual fancy gala, but instead it was made of TV show where they were told when to clap. One person said they only came to see Billie sing not knowing Billie was going to just send in a pre-recorded performance.

    • Startup Spouse says:

      Because it’s a just a paycheck for the celebrities.

      Would love to see someone do a carbon accounting of flying the celebs in – you know they all flew private.

      • equality says:

        Yeah, but they took that electric taxi from the airport or hotel, so it’s all good. (sarc)

    • Flowerlake says:

      Did they know?

      It wouldn’t even come to my mind to think the nominees wouldn’t be at an award show.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      People on twitter were pointing out that not having the winners present meant they couldn’t leverage the award with photos from the event with the vip’s which is everything to entrepreneurs.

  8. Layla says:

    Also, just read that excerpt that kaiser was highlighting and immediately you can just see the image of William stomping his feet as he dictates this to low

  9. Osty says:

    So they flew to America with their entourage, supporters and media but the reason they went there was told to stay home . SMH , most of us know it was a vanity project but there was no need to make it so obvious .
    And tone deafness like this the reason they will always dance to the BM tune cos without it, the media will go after them for wasting money for PR and the global media also don’t care so they get away with it

  10. Pam says:

    But then why was the ceremony in Boston??? No snark, really. Why? It’s not a commonwealth country. It’s halfway round the world. And no one honoured was in attendance!? Would have made sense if they held it in one of the winners’ country, and then broadcast the rest in.
    Do you mean not a SINGLE winner was there? That just can’t be true.

    • equality says:

      Fly one of the bigshots who attended to the location of each of the nominees since they were all travelling anyway.

    • Zoid says:

      I also looked up the winners (since they were never formally announced anywhere) and guess what! One of them is from the UK! I imagine some travel costs would’ve been saved had they just… held it in London? Flown the remaining four winners in? No, too easy? Or not enough clout, eh?

      Also if anyone want a kick, look at the Earthshot winner page on their website. The first half of the page is a summary of the event, followed by quotes from Will. The winners are at the very bottom and get one sentence each, no joke.

    • windyriver says:

      Presumably someone came up with the idea for the very tenuous tie in of the name with JFK’s successful “moonshot” program. A big talking point for PR, and JFK/moon=US, while Kennedy=Boston. (Hence photo ops with Caroline at the library.) And of course, US=Harry and Meghan.

  11. Tessa says:

    It is more or less a fashion show for Kate and will trying to play statesman

  12. Amy Bee says:

    Earthshot is all about promoting William and Kate nothing more. They used to complain about Harry and Meghan being too celebrity but the truth is William and Kate were jealous of Harry and Meghan’s popularity and their ability to platform good causes.

  13. lleepar says:

    They sure are salty that the Sussexes are getting an another award. That comment to V.Low about giving vs. receiving is rich — because the Sussexes are receiving an award for their giving.

  14. susan says:

    It’s staggering that they are SO BAD at this.

  15. Osty says:

    How is pegginton platforming these pple when majority of us don’t know who they are, they didn’t go to receive those awards and the news articles about this flop event was about william , kate and their clothes ?

  16. CindyP says:

    Also read that the million $$ prize is distributed over 3 yrs. WTH?? I just can’t wrap my head around how insulting & stupid this is. Mind boggling how entitled & tone deaf they are.

    • Snuffles says:

      And how much do you wanna bet that these winners will only get the first payment and be abandoned afterwards.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Ooh, yes, I hope there’s follow-up on this. So last year’s winners should be getting a second payment soon. Sounds like a pyramid scheme–paying last year’s winners with funds they raised this year, and then doing the same next year & the next.

    • tolly says:

      The Earthshot math has always been funky. Wills announced that he raised 50 million from his billionaire buddies, and he would give away 5 million-dollar prizes a year for ten years. That’s not how endowments work. The interest off the principal is supposed to fund expenses and prizes, but Earthshot has burned through 12 million in operating costs already, even though it runs out of an existing office. I think the prizes are paid in installments because the money is disappearing faster than they can reasonably account for.

    • Amy Too says:

      At some point people are going to stop applying to win this award since it literally does nothing. The smallish amount of money spread out over years might’ve been okay if you got to be platformed by the RF and go to a big awards show and meet with the other winners and get face time with wealthy environmentalists who might give you even more money or connect you with others who could support you, but this? You get nothing with this. Being an Earthshot “winner” means nothing when no one knows your name or your work. Why would people keep applying for this award/grant?

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        That’s another sketchy thing about it–you can’t apply! I’ve looked at the Earthshot website. A large group of handpicked “Nominators” presents nominees to a council, which consists of William, celebrities & some business types & activists. You could have the best idea in the world & you couldn’t apply for a grant directly.

        ETA: The fact that all of the work is done by nominating organizations means there’s no overhead for Earthshot, so all of the money goes to galas for Will’s ego & then prizes are doled out over 3 years for the winners.

      • Jais says:

        I wonder who the “nominators” are? So wow no one’s really even applying for this? Huh.

    • Debbie says:

      I think the winners should get paid in the royal style, you know, suitcases filled with cash. So regal.

  17. Wasp10 says:

    She has truly the most ridiculous face.

  18. Brassy Rebel says:

    They also flew in David Beckham by private jet from Qatar of all places. I saw one news item about all the giant SUV’s idling outside the building waiting for W&K and their entourage. Only these two phonies would have an awards show and tell the finalists and winners they can’t come, they’ll have to zoom. I’m embarrassed for all the vip’s who were taken in by this scam. And Caroline Kennedy has very questionable judgement.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Brassy Rebel, yeah, you’d think Caroline Kennedy’s staff would do some serious vetting before allowing her to be involved with something like this, and I can’t imagine that SHE doesn’t realize how awful it is that celebrity presenters were flown in while the award winners were forced to stay home. It will be interesting to see if the Kennedys ever have anything to do with William ever again, because this scandal is a huge embarrassment for her.

      Last year, at the first ES ceremony, William blurted out on stage that the next one would be in the US, and I’ve always felt like he did that spontaneously, without discussing it with staff beforehand. Who knows, but it’s weird that they wouldn’t announce were next year’s ceremony is going to be during this year’s. More proof that this was allllllll about Bill wanting to compete with his little brother, not about building upon each ceremony to make this an annual event that is taken seriously and looked forward to, like IG.

      Now that Bill got his “super bowl moment,” his photo ops with the Kennedys, and his handshake with Biden, he’s probably bored of ES already. Watch, there will be some announcement that future ceremonies will be held remotely for “environmental reasons.” W&K will go on Zoom for like 15 minutes and ES will go the way of Head’s Together.

  19. Kim says:

    What is the POINT of a big awards show if the nominees/winners aren’t present. If they’re so “concerned” about carbon emissions, make the whole awards show virtual. This is arguably worse than Kate’s early years center (which I think still doesn’t actually exist, but I could be mistaken) because it’s a waste of so much money. Like, cancel the awards show and use that money to fund more initiatives. Send the Waleses and celebrity attendees to visit the winners in person and highlight what they’re doing.

    If they’re so set on having an excuse to dress up in fancy recycled outfits, have a “watch party” at Buckingham Palace for a virtual awards ceremony. Like this makes all of Kate’s early childhood “initiatives” (where she visits a center with children and waves her hands around and says “this is ImPoRtAnT” actually look good.

  20. Layla says:

    This whole trip was the equivalent of a trumpet fanfare ending in a whimper (just like in shriek 2)

  21. equality says:

    So the meal was plant based and they travelled in an electric taxi and “recycled” (“rewore” for normal people) clothes? Unless they do this continually and not just for one night (and we know W&K do not) this is just performative. And how does someone seriously write that the nominees stayed home because “carbon footprint” but the bigshots all travelled in? I wonder if that’s why Eilish phoned in her performance. She wanted to be less of a hypocrite than the rest.

  22. Julia K says:

    With every photo her padded bra slips lower and lower.

    • sparrow says:

      Ha ha. I love this. Went back up to look thru, and yes the one with Rami (where he is shaking her hand but not looking at her at all). That bra is heading south to their wrists.

  23. WhoElse says:

    The point of the whole thing is to position themselves, there is never any actual desire to help others. The money wasn’t raised by them, they got to spend a bunch of it on themselves, and I bet you anything the finalists’ contracts are so strict they will lose funding for breathing the wrong way. This is scam charity, throw out a bunch of flash and then scoop up the money behind the scenes. The recipients always get treated shabbily, despite getting told and and sold as “the stars of the show”. This whole thing was an excuse to dress up and hobnob with some Kennedys.

    • Snuffles says:

      Has anyone read the fine print for these prizes? I read that they don’t even get the full amount right away. That it’s doled out in small portions over time.

      • Watson says:

        No way, for real???

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        I saw that too, Snuffles.

      • Tennyson.Sarah says:

        Yes, the prizes are spread over 3 years and the winners get £300,000 a year, which is not a lot of money.
        In countries like the UK I don’t think it’s enough to build a factory for instance to commercialise a product.

    • Jaded says:

      This sh*tshow is going to be the gift that keeps on giving, in that for all the friggin’ expense and self-aggrandizing, people are going to wonder where the rest of the funds raised actually ARE! Have they been stashed in the Wails’s foundation run by Shady McKnauf? The whole thing was an embarrassing disaster, and Pegs and Keen have yet another Wails-Fail on their hands.

    • Bisynaptic says:


  24. Chaine says:

    Is this story from The Onion?! What is the point of having an in person ceremony with celebrity guests if the honorees themselves are banned from attending? Why did he have to fly to the US and stay for three days for an event that was basically a made-for-tv charade? He could have stayed home and hosted everyone via zoom from his little studio In sandringham! (Side note: when I misspelled “sandringham” my iPad autocorrected to “snoring hammer” which seems oddly appropriate for William)

  25. Harper says:

    Apart from Prince Ego, do the rest of the Earthshot bigwigs know how absolutely insane this is reading to the rest of the world? The hypocrisy and classism. No, no, us famous and important people will take care of the fun celebrating and photo shoots and recognition part while you peasants stay home and get busy saving the planet. Prince Ego needs something on his resume.

    I don’t expect the UK media to follow-up, but the American press sure should shine that beloved spotlight the Keens are so fond of onto this mess

    • Lorelei says:

      @Harper, right? Is this being covered at all by any respectable media outlets? Because there should be some serious backlash and fallout from this. Not only for William, but for Caroline Kennedy and John Kerry and anyone else complicit with this scam of a PR move for William and Kate.

      • Jais says:

        Imagine if Harry and Meghan set up something like this. The British papers would be covered with the fact that the attendees were not invited.

  26. Lizzie says:

    This is Trump level narcissism. Bill and Cathy won’t share the stage or spotlight with people they are supposedly honoring for actual achievements is breathtakingly selfish. This cements the reason there have been multiple fawning tabloid stories for days exclusively focused on Bill and Cathy and close to zero focused on the winners is by palace design.

  27. Laura D says:

    Someone on Tweeter summed up the award ceremony perfectly: “It was a Superbowl moment, without the players!” Nothing-else needs to be said!

    • Lorelei says:

      @Laura D, that’s a perfect description. It would be so funny if it wasn’t such a waste of time, money, resources, everything

    • Lucky Charm says:

      I would die laughing if the NFL invited Harry & Meghan to the Super Bowl to actually give a prize to someone actually in attendance, an award recipient being recognized for a charitable or environmental contribution who was invited to the Super Bowl.

  28. LadyE says:

    Eh, this is one where they needed to go all one way or the other. As an initial idea, there’s a certain logic and I think even interesting to imagine an event like this with zero travel. It would have been interesting as a challenge actually- can you design the most eco-friendly event, with performances and speeches, and how would you do it? But, I can certainly see why the idea of having artists performing remotely would be nixed. Both logistically for the artists, but also I imagine fear that the “audience” would all be camera-off or people clearly reading emails/doing something else played into it. And from there, you have to just go all in-person, not half and half and certainly not making the division that all the nominees/winners are remote.

    Of course, may be giving too much credit here. It’s not clear that the winners being remote was some type of eco-friendly statement (I assume it was, tbf). It wasn’t a well-thought out one if so. What a missed opportunity. There’s lots of creative ways you could have re-imagined this, including regional in-person sites connected online. Or William and Kate in person with the *winners* all gathered together and the rest of the hosts and performers in Boston. Instead, they chose the most awkward option with terrible optics…not really surpised!

    • Snuffles says:

      “It would have been interesting as a challenge actually- can you design the most eco-friendly event, with performances and speeches, and how would you do it? ”

      The entire world did it during the start of the pandemic. They wouldn’t be reinventing the wheel.

      • teecee says:

        But that only worked because we were all in a pandemic. If an event were to function like that now, would people attend, and would it generate the publicity necessary to justify its existence.

        I do some educational events as part of my job now, and at least in my area, interest and attendance in remote events is way way down. People are just not showing up, no matter who the guests are. It’s incredibly frustrating.

        I suppose the real question is for Earthshot is: does there need to be an awards show? Someone else suggested mini-documentaries released on the BBC and PBS, which would seem to work better for what they say they’re trying to do. And then host the nominees and winners at a luncheon in the UK so that they can get photos standing next to Will and Kate which might help them raise funds for their projects in future.

      • Maremotrice says:

        @teecee: Last year’s Earthshot was accompanied by a BBC series which devoted one episode to each category followed by the prize ceremony. This was shown in a somewhat less-than-primetime slot, i.e. late weekday nights repeated on Saturday mornings. I can only assume its ratings weren’t good enough to warrant the same treatment for the 2022 awards.

    • Debbie says:

      @LadyE: Oh, you said to design the most “eco friendly” event. William thought you wanted an “EGO friendly” event. You should have been clearer.

  29. Lolo86lf says:

    God forbids William and Kate had to mix and mingle with poor commoners whom some of them may have been people with dark skin, the horror! If I really care I would look up what Bostonian newspapers wrote about the Boston Flop Tour which really was an excuse for Kate to wear that swamp frog colored dress.

  30. Zoid says:

    Am I the only one thinking Kate is really looking Grinch like? The color of the dress really seals it but it’s her FACE! Small pointy nose, drawn puffy cheeks. She’s really starting to look overworked.

    And oh my goodness, still nothing on who the winners are. Will really doesn’t care does he? This just seems like the stupidest event on earth. Why bother holding the event at ALL if you don’t even want the winners there? You kinda have to pick between the two – either have the event and let the winners have their day, or don’t have a big show and just grant money and do it all via Zoom.

  31. Jasper says:

    I will always be amazed at how Harry and Meghan (especially Meghan) were scorned for being “too Hollywood”, only for these two to find any reason possible to hobnob with movie stars.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      This whole week has been enlightening about the royal family. To paraphrase Maya Angelou, when Meghan tells you who these people are, believe her the first time.

  32. Geegee says:

    It’s not just greenwashing. Its lazy greenwashing. Very on brand for Will and Kate.

  33. Haylie says:

    Shame on all the celebrities who were more than willing to overlook Will and Kate’s racism to attend this environmentally wasteful awards scheme while the budding climate innovators were told to Zoom in. I have lost all respect for Rami Malek.

    It gets even worse: 2 members of Netflix’s advisory boards who also consult on EarthShyte complained to Netflix about the release of Harry and Meghan’s trailer to higher ups at Netflix.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      I know it probably won’t happen (because they must like the Wailses in the first place to even attend), but I’d love for some of the celebrities who were there to come out and criticize the award. For them to talk about how they were not told that the nominees/winners wouldn’t be there and they were very disappointed or wouldn’t have participated if they had been told this, etc.

      And, I saw that too, about the Earthshit board criticizing the Harry and Meghan promo dropping. And I laughed and laughed and laughed. The Wailses are utterly pathetic. By making those board members complain, all it does is put the focus back on how much bigger and more popular the Sussexes are. If an entire award show – that we were told was bigger than the Super Bowl, bigger than the Beatles, bigger than the World Cup – can be knocked off the front pages for a 45-second promo…you’ve got much bigger problems.

    • Nic919 says:

      How pathetic that they complained to Netflix about a trailer. The show hadn’t even aired anywhere yet.

      • QuiteContrary says:

        This was excruciatingly embarrassing! Those Netflix advisers must have been mortified (or they should have been) to complain about the trailer.

        This whole Earthshot production is, like William and Kate, an empty and self-aggrandizing gesture.

    • Harper says:

      How utterly embarrassing for those Earthshot board members, both of whom worked for the UN. The pressure from Burger King’s lackeys to DO SOMETHING ABOUT NETFLIX must have been so annoying and intimidating that they caved in just to placate him. I can’t imagine what it was like in that Boston hotel suite Thursday morning when the trailer dropped; but knowing this happened gives us a glimpse of how much raging had to be going on behind the scenes.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      After this, knowing the nominees were excluded, I wonder if celebrities will want to attend in the future. It looks so bad. I mean, the headline act didn’t even show up in person this year.

    • equality says:

      Well, they must not be too influential if they couldn’t get ES aired on Netflix.

  34. Hail says:

    The winners don’t even get their 1 million dollars right away. They get it in in increments over a 3-5 years period and I read somewhere that in order to even get the money, they have to continue making environmental innovations. They only posted once about the winners and didn’t even include their names. Talk about a vanity project!

    • Lorelei says:

      @Snuffles, good. It’s a scandal and should be covered as such. What a scam. I hope some of the celebrities release statements saying they were unaware that the finalists wouldn’t even be there, or else they wouldn’t have taken part (whether it’s true or not).

      • Poli says:

        Problem is it hasn’t been covered! Not like how it would had Harry and Meghan done the same (of course they would never).
        He’s perfectly getting away with it so far…

        Though I was pleasantly surprised to see the booing/protestors being covered on some news sites instead of a compete blackout

    • sparrow says:

      This is a brilliant link. I think there was another critical Harpers’ article earlier in the tour or perhaps this is the same one (I am tour’d out!). This is such a stinger because of course Harpers is within the same bracket as Tatler. The true aristocracy seem to kick William in the nuts every now and then…as if, “remember what you did to one of our own, and your wife isn’t one of us at all”.

  35. Kingston says:

    I hope Halle + Chloe or whatever their names are, are suitably ashamed, after the fact, to see now that they were only used to add some contrasting color to the sea of green (decorations) & white (people.)

    Because their names are nowhere to be found in tht article that mentions the performers…..just the white ones, even tho Billie eilish didn’t attend.

    When are some blk people gonna learn to recognize tht they’re being used. Like chattel.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      Same. I really wish Black Brits (and everywhere) would stop giving these two racists (and the entire racist monarchy machine) legitimacy by showing up for them. The BRF does not care about us! They only want to use us for photo ops. And even in the photo ops it’s clear they don’t want to touch us! They can’t even fake treating Black people like human beings.

      • Snuffles says:

        As far as Black Brits or other POC Brits, there might be a genuine fear of retaliation if they don’t play ball.

        As far a Chloe and Halle go, it was just a paycheck. I hope it was a big one.

  36. AMD says:

    These complete twits shit down ALL THREE LANES OF I93 and couldn’t even be close to The Poors long enough to hand out the awards for this stupid publicity stunt in person?!

    What a MISS. They could have come up here and made connections with the local universities/libraries/museums but to keep their carbon footprint small they’re at home. Disgusting.

    The Keens could have flown in for three days after an entire week of these organizations networking and doing smaller lectures and presentations around Boston. They would have been able to be just as lazy, but would have had everyone happy after several days of all working towards spreading their messages. I don’t know a single organization or meaningful goal anyone had for the past year of their work. I live in this city, there hasn’t been a single damn sign about a single thing to do with this.

    The team that works for all of them are terrible at marketing. No wonder the most interesting thing that happened besides them getting booed was Wills saying hello to someone’s mom on their phone. This should have been a week full of easy “wins” but they’re still so bad at understand and executing engaging tours and events they let their team put out stupid statements taking about the Sussexes being the Kardashians.

  37. A says:

    The thing that most pisses me off about this is the David Beckham thing. This man flew in from the world cup of all places and is neither a professional enviormentalist and/or from Boston and baldingham and Karen had the nerve to actually anounce his appearance like he was the biggest star on earth like why?

    • Moi says:

      Don’t you know he is literally BEGGING for a knighthood, he is GAGGING to be Sir David Beckham…. He is sooooooooooo desperate for a title. Man Queued up all night and cried at the Queens coffin, so do not underestimate how far up their bowels he is willing to go.

      • Lorelei says:

        What a sad little man. It’s almost 2023, Beckham is actually talented at something and has accomplishments to his name, but he’s throwing all of his dignity out the window for a “knighthood?” Some fake-ass, archaic royal tradition? He’ll go to Buckingham Palace one day for a photo op of himself receiving a little framed ribbon or some shit from the Tampon King, and then he’ll be able to call himself “Sir?”

        Like…he’s already an international celebrity. Everyone knows who David Beckham is. And will just keep calling him David Beckham. But I guess it will refer to him as “Sir” and mention the knighthood in his obituary, so not a total loss? I really don’t understand the fealty some people display toward the BRF. They’re scandal-ridden losers.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        Sorry Moi.. I did not read through this thread and see your post and posted something almost identical above. My goodness.

      • Kingston says:

        Poor beckam. He’s suffering from a form of napoleon complex……..but without the aggression. Just the desperation. Its that teeny-weeny voice, you see.

        All his life, despite his prowess on the football field, he’s been plagued by that whiny, little-girl voice. Which is why the pursuit of a knighthood, even if he has to debase and embarrass himself in the process, makes him do such desperate things, as @Lorelei said.

  38. BUBS says:

    A “super bowl” without the players! “Oscars of the Earth” without the actors! “Nobel Prize” without the scientists, writers, activists etc. These dullards put a show to focus the spotlight on themselves only…and even then, they still failed. Turned up in a tacky green screen dress with a dead woman’s choker that looked to be snuffing the life out of Kate’s large neck as she and her “work colleague” moved awkwardly and clumsily on their eco green carpet! Overshadowed by brother and sis-in-law, overshadowed by racist godmother. Beloved, let’s say a prayer for the repose of the lackluster careers of Billy and Kathy! It was over before it even began!

  39. Pumpkin (Was Sofia) says:

    If you can fly in yourselves, your staff, the rota and all those celebs then you could have flown in the winners as well. This is supposed to be an award show highlighting and rewarding the people who come up with solutions to the climate crisis yet… they’re not there? But everyone else is?

    Earthshot actually has show much potential and could have been a great scheme but the entire thing was just designed for William to have a fancy international event so he could compete with Harry.

    • Amy Too says:

      I’m starting to think that William bought himself a multi pack of velvet jackets in various colors and was like “oh crap, I have no where to wear these!” and so Earthshot was created.

    • notasugarhere says:

      The original EarthShot Award, created 10+ years ago, was already doing that. He stole someone else’s prize name, idea, all of it.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Earthsh*t was founded by Wal*Mart heirs and other billionaires who don’t give a cr@p about the environment. This is NOT about the environment, I can tell you that.

  40. Digital Unicorn says:

    R we surprised. Most of the money donated for the event will have gone on this trip and her wardrobe.

    This ‘prize’ is not about the finalists or the planet but the ego of dumb and dumber

    • Carrot says:

      I’m surprised anyone thought this was a good idea from the get. I’ll be happily surprised if the thing comes under investigation for misappropriation of funds

  41. antipodean says:

    I was reading an article this morning where it was reported that Pegs and Jegs had a dinner meeting with some VERY wealthy and influential business people…on the down low of course. I wonder if they will be taking home bags of extra cash, to fund their “Foundation” of course! Just like dear old Dad!

    • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

      With no evening engagements while in Boston, I assumed that they would be wining and dining wealthy contributors to their foundation. This seems to be pretty standard practice for the royals, gotta keep that cash flowing, we can’t expect them to use their own millions *clutches pearls*

    • Jais says:

      Someone else, can’t remember who, commented this week that they need new connections after the bags of money scandals.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Antipodean, I hope those wealthy people read up on ES, including all of the fine print, and especially this year’s ceremony before they give one thin dime to Bill’s “foundation.”

      • Polo says:

        I actually think he’ll try to make a business deal soon. Watch this space….
        Charles already made one with Amazon prime though we haven’t heard much about it since.. I think William is looking for his version of Netflix and Spotify deals or something to make a splash.

        Remember they clearly said that they wanted to do big high profile events instead of ribbon cutting….some other sht is coming. All done to try and prop him up which is why I feel like some of this stuff will eventually come back to haunt him.

      • San Diego says:

        I think the deal will be with Amazon. A couple of months ago, Bezos and his girlfriend had a private tour of Buckingham Palace and he has been very complimentary to W&K. They held this event in Boston because that’s where the money is. This is to line their pockets and meet with very wealthy donors. Honestly, I’m at a point where I do not think they will ever get called out for the crap they get away with. They will always get protected by the press and they will be worse than C when it comes to “getting” money. They are going to far more wealthy than ppl realize.

      • Polo says:

        @sandiego yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if it was bezos especially as he’s been giving out money left and right. Imagine if he gave money to Harry and Meghan they would call them both all kinds of names. Smh

  42. RoyalBlue says:

    Nothing more needs to be said. This was a disgrace and Baldy needs to be shamed for the rest of his life for this sham. Does he not see how terrible this looks? Are his advisers telling him this is a master stroke and to keep on with this bitter, senseless rivalry?

    The emperor has no clothes.

  43. Madchester says:

    Did any of us know that Jason Knauf (remember Jason Knauf) is now on the board for Earthshot.

    • Lorelei says:

      I think so? We all knew Knauf would never be truly “gone.” Like father, like son. He’s probably still on KP’s payroll as an unofficial “advisor” or something

      • sparrow says:

        I didn’t know this but I can see how he would have wedged himself into the fabric of KP. He knows too much about them & he can do so much to hurt others on their behalf. Makes sense, like you say.

    • Kels says:

      Yes it’s been talked about. He was at the queens funeral for this reason. Crazy right?!

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Now that you mention this, it reminds me of an online clip of Harry staring daggers at someone during the Queen’s funeral services. It must have been Knauf. 😠

    • windyriver says:

      Yes, have mentioned it here a few times.

      Jason was appointed to ES in July as one of 4 new trustees (there were 7 total listed at the time, including 3 senior staff members). The press about it said he was working as a global fellow (position couldn’t be too much more nebulous sounding) for, IIRC, Conservation International. And also IIRC the head of CI was also appointed as one of the four new trustees.

      Meanwhile, also in July, the Royal Foundation, previously headed by Jason, got its new CEO. That new CEO was Amanda Berry, CEO for many years of BAFTA. The same BAFTA – which gave an award earlier this year to the 2021 ES show in the category Live Event.

      I think I’ve got that all correct. And I’m sure all above board…

      I can only imagine what other cozy interconnections there are throughout this entire web of ES (now a stand alone charity), the RF, whoever the actual funding entities are, etc.

    • Gabby says:

      Jason Knauf. Did they fly that smarmy little shitcake in from India?

  44. Tessa says:

    King Charles as prince of Wales held receptions due princes trust award winners. William can’t be bothered having earth shot winners at a reception.

    • Jaded says:

      IKR? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have all the winners at a special reception in London with lots of media coverage of the actual awardees and what they plan to do with their prize money? That would have made more of a splash than the Boston Boondoggle, which is exactly what it was — the Wails were only there to hustle up more foundation money from rich Americans.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        I have concluded that Charles knew this would be a flop and allowed them this long, long leash to hang themselves. He knows they needed to learn the hard way, and he is letting Baldy do this to himself.

      • Jaded says:

        @RoyalBlue — I too have maintained all along that Charles is deliberately letting the Wails sink themselves. He clearly wants them to fail in order to ensure they don’t get “above themselves” and steal his thunder. But there isn’t that much thunder to steal, his reign so far has been one of blunder, not thunder.

  45. Mslove says:

    The Earthshit awards is a huge embarrassment to the RF. The Wails came to Boston uninvited, caused havoc with supermarkets & daycares, forced President Biden to go out of his way for a photo op, & lastly, because the Wails are fake as shite, didn’t invite the award winners. It doesn’t get any worse that that. Oh I forgot all the money Kate spent of clothes. There’s so much wrong with his flop tour, I don’t have time to list them all.

  46. Kp says:

    If people are inclined please tag reporters about this on social media because other than a blurb in passing I don’t see anyone else talking about this though I could have missed it.

    Jack royston, Jamal Crawford smith and some of the Newsweek reporters seem to love drama so tag them to write up about this. Or maybe omid could write about this?
    It’s unbelievable and because he’s protected he gets away with it. For the rota and British tabloids it’s all about one upping Harry and Meghan so they’ll just store this in their files for future use. Smh

  47. HeyKay says:

    These comments are correct.
    The entire “event” was PR for W&K.
    I feel guilty for tossing the occasional yogurt container instead of recycling and yet look at these planet killers, en masse.
    What was the carbon footprint total for all these idiots to fly into this event?

  48. swirlmamad says:

    I love the blowback they are getting for this for them so, SO much. Couldn’t happen to two more deserving people. Cold-hearted grifters to their core. It’s just a shame that there’s still a sizable faction of people still taken in by their fake “charitable giving hearts”. 🙄 These two deserve to have their house of cards crumble around their ears, STAT.

    • KP says:

      THEY ARENT GETTING BLOWBACK!! Nothing besides a few tweets. They can easily ignore that and move on to the next thing. Im not meaning you but I think people need to realize that just because your timeline is talking about it does not mean anyone else is. I wish it were bigger news but it’s just not! They are being protected.

      Even David Beckham who is usually a target of daily mail hasn’t had anything bad written about him because of his long flight to this prize!

      • BUBS says:

        Whether serious blowback or not, I’m just glad this thing didn’t even get half as much traction as they hoped it would. Hilariously, some UK tabloids were running stories yesterday about how people tuned out after the first minutes of BBC airing it. Will and Kate being met with boos and this show not gaining much traction is good enough for me. Hahahahahaha
        PS: Beckham did get bad press yesterday.

  49. Tessa says:

    One thought came to my mind – this is about avoidance and designed to control the story. So why would you want to avoid people you are honoring and supporting with a significant amount of money? Unless you are not really doing that, and are afraid of them giving their perspectives, right…?

    • MipMip says:

      I actually think this was a significant part of their reasoning for not inviting the nominees. The nominees are- presumably- young, liberal, educated people who would not be afraid to speak truth to power. Maybe they already have and that’s why the RF and co were like “wait, we can’t invite them, this is the demographic that hates us.”

      That, and the fact that these people cannot PR their way out of a paper bag so they would actually think ”we aren’t inviting the nominees because carbon footprint” is a good stance. Never mind that the carbon footprint of flying coach is MUCH lower than flying first class or private.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I think you are correct. They cannot control what the nominees would say live, so they force them to pre-record and any statements can be vetted and edited. This is so disgusting. Rather than giving nominees a voice, they are doing the opposite.

  50. CC says:

    This is so aggravating for the winners/nominees. If they were truly given a platform, or even if there names and what work they are associated with was published now, they could be getting donations today instead of question marks. If I knew anything about these winners or nominees, I might donate something, especially if I thought a nominee was working on something closer to my interests than a winner and would need the money more.
    Consider that instead of spending money on the ceremony, they put together a two hour filmed special where the winners are followed doing their work and interviewed. Get a famous person to narrate. The celebrities could also be filmed as talking about what inspired their commitment to the environment and presenting each category and then winner. A musician could compose an original song. Like if Billie Eilish wrote a song for the opening or closing credits, and people could only buy the song after the program aired on TV (and all proceeds of the song went to funding future Earthshot prize money)… I’m getting mad thinking about this.
    This wasn’t just a lost opportunity. This was the Earthshot board in the UK consciously deciding they hate thinking about what an opportunity they have, taking a private plane to Iceland, and dumping that opportunity into an active volcano.

    • Jaded says:

      Great ideas CC, especially about the song. Mr. Jaded wrote and recorded this song 30 years ago and just recently re-recorded it to better express the dire situation the planet is facing climate-wise. It’s gotten a lot of airplay on local radio stations and I think it encompasses the issue really well (the little girl at the end is his granddaughter!):

    • Snuffles says:


      I know, right!? Those are all excellent ideas! And if the Wales’ wanted to insert themselves in it. THEY could have narrated a special. Or traveled to the winners to take a look at the work they are doing. Dressed appropriately of course, not dripping in stolen jewels and bespoke designer clothes.

      They could have used facilitated the winners meeting with other, more established experts. Introduced them to donors and investors.

      SO many opportunities wasted!!!

  51. Noor says:

    The royals are unravelling with one disaster after another..
    1. Camilla’s senior staff who is also William’s godmother and Queen Elizabeth’s lady in waiting, insulted and harassed a British born guest with her relentless and humiliating line of questioning,” Where are you really from?”
    2. William hosted the Earthshot award ceremony with celebrities and the 5 winners were not invited.

  52. Happyoften says:

    This is peak awards show satire. This is Best in Show, without the funny bits. And no dogs.

    Who throws an awards ceremony, and forgets to invite the winners? How does one even manage that?

    • sparrow says:

      It’s ridiculous! Also, am I the only one who feels let down by the celebrities who attended? Annie Lennox & Catherine O’Hara. I feel a bit deflated about them. David Beckham – he’d go to anything he thinks will get him the right side of the BRF. He is of no consequence to me.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      @ Happyoften – Best in Show, that’s it! That’s why Catherine O’Hara was there. She thought Earthshot was a mockumentary they were filming because in a real life, actual awards ceremony, the nominees (or at least the winners), would be invited to attend in person to receive their awards from the presenters who are also there in person.

  53. tamsin says:

    Gosh, they should have consulted Travelyst. It probably would have given them some positive publicity. I commented in a previous story on Earthshot here that a documentary each year featuring the projects should be made. A chance to get a Netflix contract of his very own for William! How ironic for Netflix board members to complain. They couldn’t get a contract for poor William? An additional reward for the winners should be a chance for projects to be implemented on a wider scale where it might work. Why not even arrange a virtual conference with big environmental players for the winners? This whole event has become such a farce if indeed William’s event is to reward and hightlight ways to save the environment. I’m trying to imagine the brain of the person who conceived of this whole mess. What a huge carbon footprint inflicted on the planet for the sake of William’s vanity. Not only do they do little good; they do great harm. If anyone was ever in any doubt that Earthshot is a vanity project, this award ceremony and tour should prove it. I know it’s a place for billionaires to park some of their money, but really, shouldn’t some of the donors be feeling a bit uncomfortable with this?

  54. Vanessa says:

    This is truly shameful the woman and man who are doing the work to save the planet are not invited to a the award that’s supposed to be honored them . But William and Kate who owned five homes including a castle are constantly taking helicopters riders spending millions and millions dollars on themselves just so they can mingle with celebrities and prove to their themselves that American like them . They needed to all this just to feed their egos their one sided competition with Meghan and Harry will bring down the Royal family . I’m hoping that the celebrity’s who attended this sham faux awards get criticized just as much This was nothing more than the William and Kate vanity projects just a photo op Kate got to buy expensive clothes cosplay Diana and Meghan . William got his big photo op with Biden and Kennedy’s what with William obsession with the Kennedy’s lately .

  55. Dee N. says:

    “You know I can’t wear green, Jenna. The Clinique lady says I have witch undertones.”

  56. Jaded says:

    I cannot understand the KP *source* who got their panties in a knot about how “They are two people who are accepting awards for themselves”…that’s what you do when you’re given a prestigious award for actually DOING SOMETHING GOOD. You are thanked and graciously accept an award. What are the Sussexes supposed to do? Have someone else accept it on their behalf or turn it down because getting well-deserved awards make Keen and Mean look lazy and useless? They do that to themselves with very little effort.

    • Hail says:

      Them same William that awarded himself a BAFTA for earthflop? These KP sources are hilariously daft. They can’t even remember what their own bosses are doing

  57. sparrow says:

    Shallow, side note. You know the sayings that go, “eat five a day”, “walk 10 thousand steps” etc. I always understood there to be just “8 faces”. But I have never seen a face like William’s. He’s got a huge jaw, and that’s OK, lots of people have lantern jaws, but it seems to be round not square. The Windsor males all have really close together eyes. I think this combo of close set eyes, huge oval jaw, and lack of hair to balance it out, make him unique. Like an aubergine. I can’t think of anyone I know or any celeb who remotely looks like him. And it’s not a bad thing that he’s losing his hair, it’s just another feature that helps create this remarkable look.

    • Snuffles says:

      His head reminds me of a Weeble Wobble.

      • Emily_C says:

        I chuckled.

        I think a couple things are going on. He’s got unfortunate genetics, but that doesn’t have to mean he ends up looking like he does. If he was right about what he ate every day (most people aren’t), he doesn’t eat anywhere near enough. This would not surprise me, considering his mess of a family (I’m talking Charles, Elizabeth, Elizabeth’s mother, who knows how far back.) That’s going to make anyone look stark.

        Second, his expressions are always very strange. Condescending, “aren’t you lucky to be in my angelic presence” — or just drunk/high. Possibly a combination. He’s uncanny valley.

    • Jensa says:

      He does look increasingly odd. I’m sure his jaw hasn’t always been that massive. Maybe it’s all the clenching.

  58. Rare says:

    An awards show with no awardees …how dreadful – in my Dwight from real housewives of Atlanta voice

  59. Jb says:

    And if Kate had reworn – for the entire trip – then just maybe some of the headlines could have been about the nominees? And not her $15 million choker and green screen dress that put her increasingly shrinking body on display.

  60. Bonnie says:

    The Earthshot prize is $1 Million dollars. That’s a game changer for these inventors. I’m sure the inventors are thrilled for the money & don’t mind not being there to accept in person.

    This was a very positive event for a very worthy cause.

    • Ms petit says:

      But wasn’t the point of the awards to bring to attention the work that these winners have brought to saving our environment? All of the focus has been on the Royal couple playing Boston tourists. Between security, flights for the celebrities, Kate’s wardrobe and the cost of their visit for the city of Boston, I wouldn’t be surprised that they far exceed what was spent on the winners.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      Except, the winners have to wait several years to get the full million dollars. Their prize money is being doled out in annual increments, so they’re not even getting $1 million at once to help their projects.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I hope it’s a game changer, but it’s paid out over the course of 3-5 years. We’ll know in time, I guess. If Earthsh*t doesn’t go bankrupt spending all this money on throwing parties for royals & celebs in various cities around the world.

    • San Diego says:

      @Bonnie, then what was the point of having an award show if non of the nominees are invited to the actual ceremony. Why fly to another continent to celebrate if the ppl that are actually doing the work are not invited? I’m sure they could have given the awards the same way the nominees received it.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Uhhhh….I think not. Why is it that NO ONE can name the nominees or what their initiatives are?!?! It is utterly SHAMEFUL that these people weren’t highlighted and given the appropriate spotlight that they deserved. This was nothing more than self-promotion for the Keens and I am disgusted by their stans twisting themselves into knots to excuse their selfish publicity stunt.

    • Laura D says:

      @Bonnie I doubt you’ll find one person on here who disagrees that the winners deserve every penny of that prize money. Where people like myself have a problem is that the prize winners were an after thought at an awards ceremony which was supposed to celebrate their achievements. William and Kate were shameless in their self-promotion and turned the event into “look at us we’re giving away all this money for a worthy cause.”

    • Jaded says:

      The Earthshot prize money is a drop in the bucket and is being doled out over 3 years. The winners weren’t even fecking invited. Can you name one of them? Where’s the balance of the $12 million as only $5 million was used as prize money. Spent on guess who? The Wails and their entourage of photographers, makeup artists, wiglet wranglers, wardrobe people, etc. etc. It was a full-on self-aggrandizement PR/photo event for the Wails, nothing more. They did the bare minimum.

    • Jensa says:

      For most of them, unfortunately, given the nature of the projects, £1m really won’t go that far. And it’s also split into 3-4 annual instalments which limits what they can do with it.
      And they absolutely should have been there. This whole event was supposed to be celebrating them and their work.

  61. L4Frimaire says:

    This is such a ridiculous farce. What a patronizing snob. He is using the environment, these organizations and his sponsor’s deep pockets to prop up himself and his huge ego. The only thing they thought of when planning this trip was getting photo ops from their green carpet, hobnobbing with celebrities and hoping to get one over the Sussexes. It could have been a great networking opportunity and the nominees should have been visiting Harvard and the innovation labs, but that would require the Wails actually caring and having some foresight. This was just a wasteful celebrity junket and incredibly shallow.

  62. QuiteContrary says:

    The New York Times headline: “Bostonians’ take on the royal visit? Whatevah”

    The reporter spoke briefly to one woman who said she couldn’t talk about the royals because they made her too mad — referring to their treatment of Meghan and Harry.

  63. Edna E Mode says:

    Kkkhate looks like Natasha Fatale now.

    i hate that both Harvard and President Biden and his (behind the scenes) administrators and the other well known Democrats showed up to legitimize’ the Wails and all their vile tory games. What BaRF and their lickspittlers in their Tory government and media institutions have done to Harry and Meghan especially for Years now. Neither Biden or Harvard should be legitimizing or rewarding their years long dangerous behavior Including the very real effect on the way other people are treated in life. That really bothers me Biden showed even if it was just for ?10 minutes. –and is it true that Prince Rager made President Biden wait for him outside in the cold before coming out? and was not out there to greet him when he drove up???

    I also think it is So humorous that the “famous people who attended their circle jerk party are UK … What are the odds that the american/canadian famous people already know enough (thru the entertainment business grapevine) about the royal family’s treatment of Meghan and Harry, that they refused to do any thing for Bills earthsh!t ?

    I think now that the English /tory /royal family burned some big bridges this week by lying about Billie Eilish and fans and also NOT inviting the honorees to the fancy dress event itself??? The BaRF and their tory lickspittlers are literally dangerously stupid.

  64. RoyalBlue says:

    When Baldy and Knauff launched Earthcrap, they also spoke about several well-known personalities who would help judge the finalists like Shakira, Queen Rania and Jack Ma. What ever happened to them? Were they invited, and did they give a speech? Mabe we will see when it airs. I guess they too were less deserving of invitations than the celebrities.

    • Kels says:

      Shakira is mired with issues, jack ma disappeared off the face of the earth for almost a year… I legitimately think they are rotating celebrities just to try and gain popularity. It’s all about status for them right now.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      They’re all on the Prize Council, which selects winners after they’re nominated by other organizations. It seems like none of them attended, or if they did, their presence wasn’t highlighted, which is weird.

  65. Kyle O says:

    Edna I don’t like that Biden met with Willie, but Biden is a politician, who is also the President. He is a statesman and I’m sure diplomatic pressure was applied and it was a small concession on his part.

    • BUBS says:

      But Biden meeting him out on the streets must have hurt! Hahaha. He posted the obligatory photo but couldn’t even be bothered to put the hashtag so people know what W was actually there for. Just a simple “Welcome to America, Prince William”. Didn’t even bother using his new shiny title! Add to the injury, a day later, a round up of his week did not even feature Will! Bwahahahaha…

  66. Saucy&Sassy says:

    This entire awards show was to cover the fact the Fails & Wails were in the US to get money from the wealthy they dined with in the evenings. That’s what it sounds like to me.

    I will be interesting to see if the bm go full out negatively about Kerry Kennedy since Carolyn Kennedy’s presence was wanted. I can see that since Carolyn is the Ambassador to Australia that she felt compelled to meet with the non-dynamic duo. They bm already started that in an earlier article, so let’s see if they double down on it.

    My question is: are we going to have to put up with these idiots every year so that they can get money from the wealthy under the radar? I suggest they get their buddies in Qatar to host these in future, and leave the rest of us alone.

    I wonder just how much taxpayer money went to pay the police to protect these two in Boston and other locales. Someone should check up on that and report it.

    I checked and C-Rex made a deal with Amazon last year to start January 2022 to have his TV channel on Environmentalism shown. Does anyone know whether that happened?

  67. HeyKay says:

    #1. When H&M Netflix show finally starts, you KNOW C&C + W&K will be be all over SM trying to smother anyone siding with H&M.

    #2. Then we have all the Christmas garbage shows and endless commercials to keep us buy, buy, buying everything or you life is meaningless BS.

    #3. Doesn’t Harrys book “Spare” come out in early January in US?

    #4. The book will be everywhere on SM for months I bet. You know The Firm will spend ungodly amounts of time and money trying to get “their side” out front.

    #5. Teams Chuck and William just refuse to see The End is near. They are not able to stay down or keep their mouths shut. The Queen got a ton of goodwill for decades because she held the “Never Complain, Never Explain” line. Those days are OVER!
    Charles and William are not well liked by most people. IMO, no one in US gives .02 about them. We have tons of problems in US. Royal Tools are not among the Top 100. They are Kardashians with stolen but lovely jewelry.

    Oh, I just had another awful thought. You don’t think we are gonna be bombarded with W&K doing charity photos opps with little kids constantly between now and New Years, do you? If that starts I’m staying off SM.

    • Jaded says:

      Of course W&K will be photographed interacting with and hugging little black children. That’s their MO. Of course they’ll show up at these charities empty-handed as usual or with a box of cookies or something. Sickening isn’t it…

  68. Janice Hill says:

    Not just the winners should have been invited. The runners up should have been there to make contacts.

  69. Dierski says:

    Ugh, I didn’t think I could lose even more respect for William & Kate, but this one proved me wrong.

    Such an important cause & global conversation, and these two not only make it all about them, but what platform and publicity have they offered the winners? This would have been exciting and inspiring to hear all about the work of the contestants. and winners… and instead it was a pseudo gala event featuring Peg & Buttons, a few other celebs, and NONE of the scientists??

    Another poster said it above, but how incredible would it have been had they invited the winners/contestant to go to Harvard for a scientific conference while they were in Boston? They could have had an exciting and relevant roundtable discussion ahead of the event, and included it in the broadcast. Or during the event they could have had presentations of these ideas. They could have done literally anything to focus on the EARTH SCIENCE of it all, debunking myths, projecting trends, etc. But these two are too focused on their wannabe “star-power,” and dumbass rivalry with H&M, to consider how they could actually make a positive impact on the world with this whole thing.

    I just don’t get it – outside of reading about it here on CB, I have heard nothing about it on any other media platform I usually visit. Why are they wasting all this time and money? Ugh, this one set me off this morning. obviously, haha.

  70. phlyfiremama says:

    So…if they really wanted to reduce the carbon footprint (HA!), shouldn’t their lame asses have been filmed from THEIR home turf??

  71. MJM says:

    OMG that picture of Keen! Your photo game is on point as usual. 😂

  72. Escape says:

    Super lame. They should have all been invited to Boston. Put up in a nice hotel for a couple of nights. Kate or William could have stayed at home. Or half their staff.

  73. Elizabeth says:

    OMG. What a shit show. And honestly, the winners probably would have liked to meet some of those celebrities. Kind of a unique experience. I can’t believe he shut them out of the ceremony. Mind BLOWN.

  74. L4Frimaire says:

    I’ve seen tweets comparing this to the Fyre festival or an episode of Black Mirror. Someone defending him said the award recipients would be too homely to be around the celeb guests, I kid you not. How can you fly in celebs and even the carpet, but have no representatives from the actual environmental organizations. Did they announce where they’d be holding it next year? They really need to rethink how they present this award because it is just the Will and Kate clout chasing vaudeville show.

  75. Annalise says:

    I just came here to say that I have come to the conclusion that William LITERALLY does not know how to smile, (unless he’s hanging out with footballers and degrading an Uber driver.) Every smile looks like a grimace, or like he just tasted something bitter. The corners of his mouth almost always turn DOWN when he’s “smiling”, which certainly gives away how he really feels….. What I’d LOVE to see is a LEGIT body language analysis of him and Kate. Not one of those Daily Mail-employed “experts” with their contrived “analysis” telling us how Will & Kate are like two teenagers in love…..🤮
    But a REAL, as objective as possible (although I understand that total objectivity is impossible) analysis of their body language, preferably by someone who does not follow the royals or have any personal opinions about the royals. I would be SO fascinated to see that. And it’s really interesting how even the most popular body language “experts” on YouTube, for example, have “analyzed” Harry & Meghan relentlessly, and yet Im pretty sure NONE of them have done Will & Kate…….. it’s very telling………..

  76. Sue E Generis says:

    3 things:

    1) He’s not platforming a diverse group of people. He’s not platforming anyone. Almost no mention was made of the nominees. the winner, or what anyone’s doing. I bet if you asked at least 50% of the people who were at the ceremony they couldn’t tell you who won or what the projects were. Certainly the public at large will never know.

    2) Kate knew the carpet would be green and still chose to wear that dress?

    3) What is going on with her face? It’s sliding off all over the place. Her mouth in that last pic…

    • Lurker25 says:

      I’m having fun imagining Meghan’s reactions as she hears about the details:
      “But H, be nice. 1M each to the winners, that’s great!🙂… Oh, over 3 years. Ok.😌
      Wait they weren’t there?😲 Did they choose to sail like Greta thunberg and got delayed or something? 🤔
      What do you mean they weren’t invited??!! 🤨
      But David beck-
      WHAT? 😳
      And the city wasn’t😱..
      Her obviously altered dress is supposed to be😉…
      And their SUVs😆…
      They released a trailer??!😭💀💀⚰️…
      OMG, wait, stop, it’s too much.
      Yes let’s go upstairs☺️”

  77. Lucy2 says:

    I cannot believe how ridiculous this is! All the time, effort, and resources used to put on a big event, but the nominees and winners have to stay home? For environmental reasons? They really could’ve done it all online, with performances and speeches and everything from where everyone is, no gathering needed. They are so bad at this!

    • Julia K says:

      @lucy2, there are some mysteries that will never be explained or understood by we mere mortals.

  78. Seaflower says:

    The more I see of this debacle, the more I think it will collapse in on itself in a few years when the celebrities and notables realise what a sham it is every year.

  79. ChillinginDC says:

    How the heck did no one call them out for this. They should have stayed in the freaking UK then. What a stupid mess.