Gifts for friends who have everything including a mini waffle maker & clip on flashlight

From CB: I reordered these shoe inserts for preventing plantar fasciitis because whenever I get a new pair I need them now. I also got the maple syrup gift set we talked about as a gift as everyone loves maple syrup. Oh and I bought the furminator pet brush for my dog! It works really well and he seems like it. Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at on Amazon.

A lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner that’s so affordable

From CB: My German Shepherd puppy is starting to shed so I bought a hybrid Eufy robot vacuum cleaner/mop (it’s 50% off at just $150!) and am looking at cordless vacuum cleaners. This cordless vacuum cleaner by Fabuletta has so many accessories and is priced at 35% off at just under $110. It has over 2,000 ratings, 4.3 stars and a B on Fakespot. Reviewers say that it picks up pet hair and has great suction and call it comparable to the much more expensive Dyson model. “I’ve been using my vacuum for about a week. It works great. I have 2 dogs and it works well at picking that up. The light on the front is genius!” “Super easy to assemble and it works great on my hardwood floors and area rugs. I’ve used the other two extensions to vacuum my stairs and hard to reach areas and it’s been a life saver!”

A sink topper for more counter space in the bathroom

From CB: I realize I should be looking for gifts but I keep finding stuff I want! Namely this sink cover, which would solve so many problems for me in the bathroom. This sink topper is $27 for the standard version and $29 for the large version. It has 1,500 ratings, 4.7 stars and an A on Fakespot. People wonder where it’s been all their lives! “Love this for space saving on my pedestal sink. It’s made of a heavy duty soft, rubber like plastic with holes so it drains easily if you happen to splash water on it. Sturdy enough to actually support things that you place on it – glass jars, bottles, hair gadgets … Extremely happy with it!” “I still can’t believe it took me so long to buy this. We have a very small bathroom with a pedestal sink. Offers additional temporary space, heat resistant (curling iron), easy to clean & has a rubber like surface that grips so it doesn’t slide around.”

A set of contact lens travel cases for convenience on the go

This is one of those items you can keep on hand to keep one for yourself and give out the extras in gift bags. You get four mirrored contact lens cases with a little vial for solution and both tweezers and a suction cup thing, all for $6. (You might want to not try the suction cup, I read another listing where people said it got stuck to their eye.) These have over 4,000 ratings, 4.3 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say they’re so convenient and they keep them everywhere. “ it’s perfect because it’s small, yet it holds everything you need. And since it comes in a 4 pack, I keep on in my car and in my bag. With contacts, you have those moments that you need to take them out. This has everything you need in one little package!” “Perfect for traveling or to carry in purse.”

Touch screen knit gloves would make a great gift

From Hecate: These are a great gift or stocking stuffer for kids or teens. Not only do they work on screens, which let’s face it, is almost a prerequisite for kids’ gifts these days, they come in so many cute patterns and color combos. And they are really well priced, ranging from $11-$13. They have over 1,100 reviews and ReviewMeta gave them 4.4 stars. The people who bought them said the touch fingers work great, “They do work with the touch part of the gloves as pictured and good quality material.” A couple talked about how good they feel. One even said they almost feel like cashmere, “These gloves are super cute and very comfy and soft and warm. They feel almost like cashmere, thats how soft they are.”

A small waffle maker for tasty mornings

From Hecate: I’ve actually recommended this in an Amazon post a while ago but I still love mine so much, I would absolutely give this as a gift. DASH isn’t top of the line, but their products are reliable. I have both this waffle maker and their small donut maker. These little guys make almost a perfect little waffle quickly. The only bummer is they’re small and you can only make one at a time so it takes a while to make enough breakfast for a family of four. But, the basic model is on sale for $8 this week so you can get whoever you’re gifting two! Even normally, they’re only $13 so it’s not going to kill your budget. They also have seasonal versions, like hearts, bunnies, skulls, pumpkins and pineapples. Or there’s a griddle option for pancakes and small egg dishes. They all make great little gifts, whether holiday or hostess. Over 200K people agree with me and ReviewMeta rated them 4.7 stars. The fact that it’s compact works in its favor, “​​I like that it is small, so it’s ideal for those with limited storage. As others have mentioned, the waffles are the same size as frozen waffles.” It’s just a great little gadget, “Heats up fast. Easy to clean. Cooks up the perfect waffle.” DASH products come with small recipe books, btw.

An electric shaver they’ll love

From Hecate: This is a ‘safe bet’ gift. You can’t really go wrong with a good shaver and you can’t really go wrong with Norelco. Granted this isn’t the most romantic gift you can get, but men use their electric razors to death and rarely replace them when they should. Norelco’s been doing this so long they have it down to a science, too. This has three heads to get a good, close shave. It’s easy to grip so they can shave while they walk around (hopefully not all over the house) and can shave for a full 40 minutes when charged. Plus there’s a mustache/sideburn trimmer pop-up. And super easy to clean. Normally this shaver is $40 but it’s on sale for $30 right now. Ithas over 39,00 reviews and 4.3 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed. People say it’s as good as the high-end shavers, “I can find no apparent difference with this less expensive 2300 model in giving a close shave.” And customers are really happy with the battery life, “Battery life seems great, as I’ve used it on a regular basis and seems that doing a whole face and neck would still leave plenty of battery life.” It would also be great for a coming-of-age young man or anyone shaving for the first time.

A rechargeable clip on flashlight would make a great gift

From Hecate: This fulfills the “what to get the person who has everything” box. In essence, it’s a flashlight. But it looks so cool, it’s guaranteed to wow the person you give it to. And it has a lot of neat elements to it that makes it a good tool for workfolks and outdoors people. It’s rechargeable, first of all, and only takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge. And holds its charge for 3.5 hours. It has a clip so you can attach it to your pocket, tool belt or backpack. But it’s also flat so it can be attached to a clipboard which would be amazing for events coordinators. The light arm is flexible so the light will actually go where you want it. Plus there are multiple settings so you can adjust the light to what you need. Normally, this sucker is $63 but it’s $41 this week or $42 with the AC adapter. And it’s been tested too with almost 3,000 people giving it 4.8 stars and Fakespot rating it an A. This fuel hauler bought two so one is always charged for his 12-hour shifts, “The weight of the light doesn’t pull my hat forward on my head, and I can adjust the bendy head to point the beam exactly where I look.” And the light has a good memory, too, “This little light is perfect for me. It’s well-built and easy to use. It remembers which light setting I used before (so I don’t have to cycle through to find it.)” Definitely consider this for your gadget-minded giftees.

This hybrid robot vacuum and mop by trusted brand Eufy is $150 off!

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  1. Roop says:

    I have the furminator brush for my large dog and can confirm that it works amazingly well! I also have a smaller one for my cat and it’s great (when I can convince her to let me brush her, lol). They get all the undercoat out from both pets, and it doesn’t hurt them at all. They’re worth the steep price!

    • Barb Mill says:

      I also had the furminator for my German Shepard and it was the only thing I found that worked on her.
      I have the dash mini waffle maker and never use it because it takes so long to make just one waffle and I actually had to toast it to get it to the doneness that I like.

      • minnieder says:

        @celebitchy and @barb mill, this is off topic but where did you get your German shepherds? I’ve been thinking about adopting one for over a year now, but have no idea where to look. (The only dogs I’ve ever owned are miniature schnauzers). I see shepherds on a variety of places (humane society, Craigslist, etc.) but I’m nervous about inadvertently perpetuating puppy mills.

      • Celebitchy says:

        I got my shepherd from a local breeder that I visited. They breed and train German Shepherds and I got to meet my dog Remy’s parents and the family that raises them. He wasn’t cheap but I knew when I saw him! I visited rescue dogs and another breeder and I didn’t feel like any of those dogs were my dog, if that makes sense.

      • Sandra says:

        @minnieder there are a lot of breed specific rescues, especially ones for GSD! They save puppy mill pups a lot of the time depending on where you live.

        I adopted my gsd and mal from a breed specific rescue and they also offer training and boarding. They are lovely places.

      • minnieder says:

        @celebitchy and @sandra that makes perfect sense! Thank you both 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        You can also find great ones through the rescue organizations if you’re looking for an adult dog or potentially a less expensive option. GD are fabulous dogs, my grandmother had them and I’ve had three. Two of the 5 had small amounts of black lab in them. They looked like GS though. However, one of them that was a lab mix had a lot of lab traits-always wanted to swim-even in a muddy puddle (a GS would NEVER!), roll in smelly seaweed or dead fish (GS NEVER) and I had to buy a container to secure the dog food from her because she would’ve eaten until she popped (the other GS were all grazers). So if you adopt and it’s a mix, just make sure you know what the other breed’s traits might be. She was still prob my fave dog, even for her labby traits! (Nothing wrong with labs I love them, I just don’t like to have to manage them as much in that way and with the GS I found you don’t have to.). Also: expect to have issues renting or living in certain places because some people stupidly restrict the breed. All the GS I’ve known were so lovely, and the females were like sweet Mommies, so the nature is there.

  2. North of Boston says:

    I love the mini waffle maker … though TBH I’ve never used it to make waffles

    Chaffles (eggs and cheese) or to heat up, toast breads or make pressed sandwiches, though? It’s quick and simple to use for 1-2 servings. Plus it’s little, so it lives in the drawer under the oven where it’s easy to grab.

  3. Colleen says:

    We also have the mini waffle maker and love it. I put cinnamon rolls in them to make cinnamon roll waffles for the kids sometimes. They love eating them that way – probably more so than the regular way.

  4. Randamonium says:

    Someone gave us a Dash waffle maker and we tossed it. Didn’t work well, was plasticky and waffles came out tasting like nonstick coating which I think is toxic anyway. But I am picky about waffles.