Royalist: Prince William ‘absolutely f–king hates’ Meghan & Harry now

The first three episodes of Netflix’s Harry & Meghan have been out since 3 am EST and 8am GMT (in London). The British media is doing wall-to-wall coverage of the series but there’s a palpable sense of relief so far, relief that the British media’s insanely negative hype about the show hasn’t panned out. I mean, yes, Harry got some digs in and there are some pointed comments, but no one has said outright that William and Kate are two jealous, petty, racist, vile imbeciles who gleefully briefed against Meghan in the hopes of driving her to suicide. Thankfully, the Daily Beast’s Royalist column has unnamed “friends of William and Kate” telling the world just how much the Waleses “f–king hate Meghan.”

Friends of the royal family brushed off the first three episodes of the new Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan Thursday, expressing relief that the show hadn’t made any fresh serious allegations against the royal family. However one source said that the show was nonetheless a betrayal, and that it would cement the toxic status of relations between William and Harry.

Hours after the episodes dropped, communications were running hot between senior palace aides and advisors, but the over-riding sense was one of relief that the show landed no major blows on the family, largely repeating already well-known stories and focusing on the couple’s widely publicized sense of the wickedness of the media.

One friend of Charles and Camilla told The Daily Beast: “It’s hard to see what Netflix paid $100m for. If this is all they have got to say, I really think the worst is over for the king.”

A friend of Kate and William’s said: “It’s hard to imagine how devastating the last three years have been for William. The brothers were so close, they had such an incredible bond. It’s impossible really to express what a massive, terrible, ongoing headache this has been for William in the past few years. The family blame Meghan for it all, really. They absolutely f–king hate her, basically. It’s a huge disaster. Growing up the brothers were so close. Harry would do anything to be with William. They lost their mum, and their dad was really disengaged so they had this incredible, incredible bond. Everyone knew it.

“And then Meghan came along. Everyone warned him off her but he wouldn’t listen, and she just ripped him away. The bond is gone, completely gone and this film is just the latest betrayal. William really, really, really hates both of them now. It’s really toxic and destructive for all of them. At the end of the day, they are a family, and their whole family life has been ruined by Meghan. You can’t imagine how bad it really is.”

However one ex-staffer who remains loyal to the king and the Prince of Wales was sanguine about the show, expressing a general sense of relief, and saying, “It looks like the truth bombs have failed to detonate.”

[From The Daily Beast]

Look no further than those quotes to tell you everything you need to know about why Harry left and why he chose to protect his wife and children from his family, but mainly to protect Meghan from his brother. The absolute f–king audacity for “friends of William” (and that’s really just “Kensington Palace staffers”) to go on the record about how much William despises Meghan for taking Harry away from him. William wanted to bully and control Harry forever. William can’t stand the fact that Harry fell genuinely in love and wanted to protect his wife. William can’t stand the fact that Harry puts Meghan before William.

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  1. Tessa says:

    Some people never grow up. William is one of them imo.

    • AmB says:

      It’s much easier and less painful to gin up hurt and hate against someone else than to look inward at your own insecurities and shortcomings. And while I can understand that’s probably at the root of Wills’ rage (and that he’s been enabled in his extreme solipsism all his life), he’s made his choice to remain an emotional child. Harry choosing to live his own life as an adult isn’t a betrayal.

    • Yvette says:

      Well … so much for “everyone in the Royal Family welcomed Meghan with open arms!” This statement by the royals (who are they kidding with a ‘close source on this?) backs up everything Meghan said about how she was treated. If the ‘whole family’ tried to warn Harry off Meghan, then they treated her like crud from day one. They had no intention of giving her a chance and the aides were probably briefed to show her no respect.

      It ‘was’ a campaign to drive her away. They just truly never thought Harry would love Meghan enough to go with her. William thought he could bully Harry enough the make him ‘see reason’ and dump/divorce Meghan. Sad that an appallingly number of Brits felt the same and gleefully jumped on the hate campaign.

      What I don’t understand is how some Brits, and the rabid British media, feel the Royal Family can say any and every hateful, nasty thing about Harry and Meghan they want, but Harry and Meghan hadn’t dare say anything at all–even a comment of respect–or it’s called “an attack on the Royal Family!”

      • ArtHistorian says:

        That’s because the British tabloid media operates in a deeply abusive manner and the British royal family functions as a cult.

    • Suki66 says:

      And just like that…all of the sources are ‘ex staffers’ and ‘friends’. No more palaces sources….because the palace doesn’t brief the media, right?

      • SomeChick says:

        Bingo! No more “palace sources” (too bad it’s already in print everywhere). They are so bad at this! I can hardly wait for the next part! For once being on west coast time was an advantage and I was only up til 4. lol.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Except, somehow, the Daily Beast royalist, Tom Sykes was made aware that communications between senior palace aides and advisors were running hot after the episodes dropped. That sounds a lot like ‘palace sources’ briefing against the Sussexes to outlets.

      • Christine says:

        WORD, Agreatreckoning. My God, they are so bad at this.

  2. Eurydice says:

    OMG, really, really, really, really, really. Like a toddler stamping his feet. Next he’ll be calling Meghan a poopy-head.

    • Kyle O says:

      Poopy head is my college student granddaughter’s word. Bill can’t have it

    • Cessily says:

      Truly not a good look for a grown ass man of 40. He should be embarrassed and ashamed to put this out there.

      • Lux says:

        Oh yeah. I’m sure Harry saw the latest “source” leak and was like, “case in point.”

        Note to William: your brother doesn’t care that you hate him. And he already knows you hate his wife. That’s why he put an ocean and several states between you guys.

      • Colby says:

        Absolutely +1. It is **WILD** to me that they did this. Do they think this makes William look good?!????????!

      • Harper says:

        I’m actually speechless. He f—ing hates Meg and H. This, my friends, is William’s official statement.

      • Lorelei says:

        Not only not a good look for a grown man (or anyone) but TODAY, when millions of people are learning exactly how that family operates.

        The best thing the RF and especially William & Kate could do right now is lay low and SHUT UP for a while, but apparently they’re incapable of that.

    • Sam says:

      OMG!! This is next level, even for them!! He outright admitted what a hateful person he is! How SICK do you have to be to feel hate like that! I can say with 100% certainty that even though H&M went through hell because of this sickos K+W, they are not that filled with hate!

    • Kingston says:

      LOL Well, just so you know, we’re supposed to substitute all those many “reallys” with “incandescent.” Except that its not allowed anymore. Thats because theyve banned the word incandescent from usage as the most apt descriptor of Bully-i-am. They readcCelebitchy and saw that we got a look behind the curtains hiding the toddler wannabe king, with the frequent usage by his #1 sycophant (cough)woo-woo(cough) of the word incandescent to describe his monstrous rage-filled temper and they thought oooops! pull tht cat back into that bag!

    • swirlmamad says:

      Right?!?! What a childish, pathetic sack of shit William is. This is the foolishness you put out into the universe about your own brother? You are a grown man, you pitiful fool. Get a hold of yourself.

  3. girl_ninja says:

    I am so glad that Harry got away from William and his disgusting friends. William hates Harry because he wants to BE Harry but without the hard work. He wants his life and his wife. I truly believe this. Will had no one who wanted to enter this royal life with him willing and was left to choose Kate who he like when they married. Now he cannot stand that woman and he is stuck. Harry found his match is a super star and he will always be jealous of that. He can choke on his hate and jealousy and he probably will.

    • zebz says:

      “He wants his life and his wife. ”

      Exactly. He has over involved himself in Harry and Meghan’s marriage and life when it wasn’t necessary and it has actually affected his public image negatively. This has gone on for years now. His behavior at the walkabout and funeral wasn’t of someone that loathes Meghan. He was closer to her and Harry than he was to Kate. He is obsessed with his brotthers wife. Hence Kate’s desperation with trying to be her.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Girl_Ninja I completely agree with you, and William is never going to be content or at peace— let alone happy— if he doesn’t do some serious introspection. But instead he’s sticking to his tried-and-true “bitching to the tabloids.” Pathetic little excuse of a man.

  4. ArtHistorian says:

    This is a pathological response to a close relative marrying someone you don’t like.

    An aunt of mine had a daughter who married an man my aunt really didn’t like – but she she was always polite to him because he was her daughter’s choice and she loved her daughter.

    • Lady Esther says:

      Pathological is correct. There is something deeply unhealthy about that level of rage directed towards someone in your family and their spouse, for so many years now when all they actually did was leave. William sounds unwell. He needs help.

      Charles has done shitty things as a father and a Royal to Harry and Meghan, but I don’t get the sense that he is nursing that kind of hatred toward them; on the contrary, I think if they’d toe the line with him more they could probably mend their relationship. It’s William that’s the problem, and William who will block any attempt to give any quarter to Harry and Meghan. How this plays out is anyone’s guess….I hope Charles eventually lowers the boom on William, but time will tell.

      • Lady Esther says:

        Correction to my post: “I think if they’d toe the line more with him AND he stops throwing Harry and Meghan under the bus with the press when he needs a distraction, they could probably mend their relationship.” Until then, Charles is too much like Bad Dad with the press betrayals. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s one of Harry’s red lines with Charles.

      • BeanieBean says:

        But it’s not just family dynamics involved, it’s the palace/s machinery & the press–multiple Iagos whispering in their ears constantly with dopey William/Othello believing every word.

      • Nic919 says:

        There was a Times foreign correspondent yesterday saying that all the briefing was coming from KP and it was relentless.

      • Christine says:

        You are exactly right, and it is so pitiful.

        Harry fell in love with Meghan. This is not even middle school levels of easy to comprehend, unless you are Willnot.

    • Green girl says:

      It’s a long story but the opposite happened in my family. A relative married someone the rest of the family did not like for reasons that are completely dumb and narrow minded. Instead of trying to get to know the married-in and welcome her, they ignored her and even tried to set up my relative with someone else. And then were really surprised the relative chose his wife over them.

      The same family members see a lot of similarities with Harry and Meghan and yet are still mystified why someone would turn their backs on faaaaaaamily in this situation. Some people just never learn.

      • SomeChick says:

        my grandfather was british. he married an irish woman, and members of his family did NOT approve. they moved to america, where some of his other relatives were already living. someone in the extended family in the states had the temerity to marry a black woman. this divided the family right in two, with some refusing to speak to the others. I met her once (we lived far away) and she was a very nice person. so the racists in the family basically cut off contact with everyone who accepted and welcomed her. even as a kid, I was like, this is messed up! what is wrong with these people?!

        as for William, I think there is something really wrong with him. he needs to work on his anger and jealousy. I’m extremely curious whether the head injury he sustained as a child caused any personality changes or if he’s been Billy the Basher (his actual childhood nickname!) from the start. I suppose we’ll never know. we do know his father has a temper. (especially around pens, it seems.)

        he’s also part of a rigid and deeply unhealthy system. I wouldn’t say he’s trapped. he has free will. but the whole thing is a terrible setup. and it looks extremely unlikely that he will ever transcend it.

    • Lorelei says:

      Truly. I realize everything with this family is on a completely different scale and hard to compare to any of our own situations, but emotions are emotions.
      I’m an only child and have tons of cousins but only two first cousins, and we grew up in the same town. I *detested* the woman my older cousin married, but JFC I only bitched about her to my husband, behind closed doors. And then once they had a child? That’s it — she’s the mother of his children, and deserves a certain level of respect from his family no matter what I think of her personally, imo.

      Anyway, I was validated after a few years because she cheated on him and then dragged out an extremely acrimonious divorce. But as long as she was the woman he was choosing, every sane, well-mannered adult knew they needed to just plaster on a smile and be civil when necessary.

      So yes, their family is obviously very different, but William was (and continues to be) a disrespectful prick and there’s no excuse. I don’t care what his title or position is; the way you treat close family members should override everything else.

      • Green girl says:

        Thank you for sharing that, Lorelei. I wish my family members had taken a similar approach. Instead it created resentment and a huge rift. This happened when i was a small child but the ramifications are still in place today.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Green Girl I just reread this and apologize if it came across as judgey! I wrote it right after I finished watching the show earlier today with William in particular in mind. I know all families are different and I definitely have some relatives who…handle things differently then I might have! But you’re right that the ramifications do pass down the generations, which can be really sad.

  5. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Yeah, once you’re married, your priorities shift. Your new family comes first, even if kids are not (yet) in the picture. But William cannot fathom that because he’s not a family man, he’s a Firm man who made himself a family for optics and out of duty. Harry and William couldn’t be more different.

    • Blue Nails Betty says:

      “ But William cannot fathom that because he’s not a family man, he’s a Firm man who made himself a family for optics and out of duty.”

      That is an absolutely brilliant description of William.

    • EllenOlenska says:

      And if they had been able to persuade Harry to divorce Megan it would serve a ton of purposes. Harry the lose. Bille the devoted family man ( yeah right) Kate’s bff is back!

    • Yep says:

      Brilliant analysis on Firm v. Family man. That’s it exactly

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      I concur. Excellent analysis @ThatsNotOkay.

  6. jra says:

    yeah. but no. the tabloids really want a quote like that to keep the fires not only burning but raging. Not a fan of willy and katie, but I think this is just tabloids making sh*t up. I liked Guardian’s take more:

    • equality says:

      Then KP needs to act and emphatically deny like they do when anything is said about Kate. That would not be a difficult reach and it would help stop the racist flames being fanned by this type of article.

    • ShazBot says:

      I never understand it when newspapers get people who hate a topic to review it. They do this with a lot of movies too.

    • Rani says:

      Nope, if this quote wasn’t true Kensington palace would emphatically deny it as they have done in the past. This is what they WANT out there.

    • Kels says:

      People please don’t click on this link and give it engagement. It’s awful disgusting review purposefully done to continue to hate bait.

      • Waitwhat? says:

        Do you mean the Guardian review? It really isn’t (although I appreciate it might not be to everyone who comments on this blog’s tastes).

      • Lady Esther says:

        The reviewer at the Guardian just didn’t find it his cup of tea, so snarked on it- nbd, he’s certainly entitled to his opinion, that’s his job. I didn’t find it hateful. I found the liveblog of the other guy at the Guardian watching the docuseries was pretty even-handed

      • Becks1 says:

        They had a live blog of someone watching it?? Lordy, these people. 🤦‍♀️

      • equality says:

        Snarking on something because it isn’t your cup of tea isn’t being objective in a review. I don’t think there will be any even-handed reviews from tabloids since the docu is critical of tabloid reporting. This writer is likely just angry that it focuses on criticism of the BM more than criticism of the royals (which would suit his agenda more).

      • ML says:

        Here to defend The Guardian: they are a small r republican paper. They are neither always positive nor negative toward H&M, but definitely do not espouse the same views as the RR! It’s okay.

      • equality says:

        There is being neither “positive nor negative” and there is describing them as a “podcaster and her husband” like the writer has no clue of any other interesting things about them.

      • ML says:

        Equality, the Guardian is a left-leaning, anti-monarchy newspaper with a fairly diverse set of journalists who write mostly high-quality articles. Frankly, I would not use them as a go-to for articles on the British royal family (they usually write less about them anyway). They have written about how the British media covered Harry and Meghan:
        Sometimes they’re more positive and sometimes not about H&M depending on the author of the article, but you won’t really find them fawning over the royals in GB either really.

      • FormerlyLithe says:

        @Kels, I wish I had read your comment before clicking the link because what is this:

        “The first three episodes of Harry and Meghan dropped on Netflix this morning. Great. Whoopee. Lucky us. How fortunate we are to live in a world where the biggest streaming platform on the planet can offer up a punishingly long documentary series about a podcaster and her husband, which exists for no other reason than to make a lot of boring people aggressively defend all their pre-existing opinions online.”

        How far The Guardian has fallen. And with this piece, I’ve just added another “ever” after my pledge to never donate to them again.

      • Lady Esther says:

        The Guardian has done more to expose worldwide institutional corruption, as well as important issues involving corruption and the British RF (from the Paradise Papers to the “Queen’s Consent” scandal and others) than almost any other newspaper on the planet, so they’ll keep getting my donations!

      • Surly Gale says:

        1. Sorry @Kels, I read your comment too late. 2. he says at the end they are still supporting H&M so that’s clearly a lie. 3. He calls them leaving ‘Megexit’ and that just pissed me off. Though it indicates early it’s not an impartial review.

      • Amy Bee says:

        People’s perception of the Guardian is wrong. The Guardian is as very much part of the establishment as the right wing papers.

      • Lorelei says:

        I know they touched upon “tabloid culture” in the UK a bit, but I hope in the next three episodes they’re more blunt about it. Make the comparison about how the network nightly news in the US would never give airtime to, for example, a story that appeared in the National Enquirer. The idea is laughable. But those sh!tty papers are taken seriously over there, and mold public opinion. They really need to spell it out for the people who don’t follow it as closely as we do.

      • dee(2) says:

        I think some people like to use the Guardian as their way of saying that they don’t read those ” other” papers so they are so much more enlightened. That larger point that was made in the documentary and is clear here is that the Guardian while left leaning still has a staff that’s 95% white, that went to these same privileged schools as the people that write for the Telegraph or Times. Being liberal in a bubble sometimes isn’t much different than being conservative in one. The Guardian has frequently written about them not in an obvious dastardly way, but very much so in a sneering we have oh so much more important things to talk about way. If you ever saw the movie American Psycho, I always am reminded of the dinner scene where one character went on and on about the war in Sri Lank-uh.

    • Waitwhat? says:

      I haven’t read the entire live blog the Guardian did (it’s a work day, who has the time) but I read the overview and a couple of paragraphs while I was waiting in line at the coffee shop and I think it’s probably as balanced as the coverage anywhere is going to be. I appreciated that they got a dig in at both Kelvin McKenzie and Dan Wooton, who are the living definition of “hypocrite”.

      • Lisa says:

        The problem with the reporting on it too is that these episodes are the love story. Next week, the bombs will go off. Netflix might expect him to say whether it was William or Charles who spoke about the colour of the baby.

    • ML says:

      Tom Sykes is sort of a member of the aristocratic crowd—he’s worked for tabloids, but his background gives him an entrance into higher society. I would not necessarily dismiss what he’s saying here.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Tom Sykes is very much part of the aristocratic crowd as he is the grandson of Sir Christopher Sykes who was born into the northern English landowning Sykes family of Sledmere House, East Riding of Yorkshire.

    • EBS says:

      Well, I certainly agree with him that David Olusoga and Afua Hirsch should present a show about the British empire. That would certainly be well worth watching.

  7. TheOriginalMia says:

    William, his friends, his staffers and courtiers can all get bent. For them to act like Meghan existing and loving Harry is the crime of the century because she took Harry away from William is crazy as hell. Harry grew up. Fell in love. That’s what life is about. The fact William was hellbent on destroying Harry’s happiness is pathological. Thankfully, Harry moved heaven and earth to protect his wife and child from his spoiled, petulant brother.

  8. equality says:

    Way to expose Will as toxic, controlling and misogynistic. This “friend” is doing more damage to PW’s rep than H&M have. “Harry would do anything to be with William”? What when they were children? Most of PH’s adult life was spent avoiding royal things in the military. So PH joined the army to be closer to PW who was in a different branch and didn’t serve as long? PH who said he preferred being with his pals overseas was doing “anything to be with Will”? And interesting how that only refers to one way. Where was PW doing anything for PH? He couldn’t even play nice to keep PH as a “working” royal. Millions of families navigate members who date, marry, and move away without being so disfunctional about it.

    • SarahCS says:

      “Way to expose Will as toxic, controlling and misogynistic. ”

      And future head of the Church of England!

      This whole chosen by birth order rather than aptitude is really coming back to bite them isn’t it?

      • Emily_C says:

        Well, the first head of the Church of England murdered two of his wives, and murdered thousands more people besides. So at least William is better than that. Though he probably wishes he wasn’t forced to be.

    • notasugarhere says:

      There were never close as children. William abused Harry all the time when they were kids, gloried in staff mistreatment of his little brother and their favouritism towards Billy the Basher. He continued that at boarding school where he had his friends alternately ignore or bully Harry. Harry who was a couple weeks shy of 8 when he was shipped off. His older brother wanted nothing to do with him, their parents officially separated soon after. And the school failed to recognize and address his (alleged) dyslexia so Harry was treated like the ‘stupid one’. William leaned in to that and to this day references his brother, outright or through sources, as stupid.

      • FormerlyLithe says:

        @ Notasugarhere this makes me so sad for Harry. I admire him so much more for being able to overcome his toxic upbringing to become a positive force in the world.

        Completely anecdotally, having volunteered for many years in school reading programs, I’ve noticed that the children who were identified as having dyslexia were deeply intelligent. They just needed their learning supported in order to access the curriculum.

      • Jaded says:

        @Nota — Having had an older sister who abused me incessantly growing up and well into my 30s — emotionally, mentally and physically — I can certainly relate to your comment. I remember her saying once, when I was very sick with mono, “I hate you I wish you would die”. At one point in my mid 30s I didn’t speak to her for over a year. If she had lived she would have continued to mistreat and terrorize me the way William is doing to Harry. But now it doesn’t matter, he can “f*cking hate Meghan, Harry” and anyone else who stands in his way, but he will only demean himself by doing so, he can’t get to Harry and Meghan anymore and it’s driving his around the bend. Such a nasty little child…

      • Truthiness says:

        Notasugar’s comment can’t be emphasized enough. The brothers share a unique history but stop shoveling that crap of them being 2 peas in a pod, this unshakeable bond. Lies. It’s dogsh*t, William has been a bully his entire life. He’s been a sadist to Harry, old Billy the Basher. The guy who thinks it’s hilarious for the food delivery guy to get searched/accosted like the guy is delivering a bomb. Harry’s relationship with Meghan empowered him and showed Will’s true colors.

      • windyriver says:

        In one of the documentaries about KC, possibly Charles at 70, Will and Harry are looking at old photos. There’s a picture of Harry dressed in his uniform, starting school – think it was Ludgrove. Harry says, I was excited because I had a big brother at the school, and then you basically ignored me. Just as @nota says above.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Equality, I wonder if William will ever, ever learn this:

      “This “friend” is doing more damage to PW’s rep than H&M have.”

      Charles is 70+ and he still hasn’t, so my hopes aren’t high.

  9. what's inside says:

    Harry is such a decent human being. Diana would be proud of him and how he moves about in the world. William if he had any real power would be terrifying.

  10. ML says:

    Okay… the RF is happy that there were no truthbombs (which evidently DO exist) and then a William-friendly source gets his approval to post:
    “And then Meghan came along. Everyone warned him off her but he wouldn’t listen, and she just ripped him away. The bond is gone, completely gone and this film is just the latest betrayal. William really, really, really hates both of them now. It’s really toxic and destructive for all of them. At the end of the day, they are a family, and their whole family life has been ruined by Meghan. You can’t imagine how bad it really is.”
    Question: does he want Harry to lob the truthbombs?

    • Eurydice says:

      Harry doesn’t have to lob truth-bombs – William is doing it for him.

      • ML says:

        Eurydice, I would love to see him “own-goal” all sorts of information and it seems like this may tip him into doing that.

  11. ShazBot says:

    How is William not *mortified* at this being out there?
    That man is broken.
    If you love someone – you love and support them. He clearly never loved Harry. He loved having Harry around for himself.
    Very sad for Harry.

    • HeatherC says:

      He’s not mortified because he thinks this makes him look good. “Friends of William” and “senior advisors” are either William himself or people given a script from William.

  12. Scooby Gang says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how abusers flip the script and play the victim – all while blaming the true victim(s) of the exact behavior they themselves are guilty of but refuse to admit to.

    • WHAT says:

      I’m a fan and I agree 💯 with all of you. Seriously 😳 I hope this and next week will be the final say on what happened

      The Oprah interview proved that but okay let it out with Netflix but after next week it should be done and not brought up again

      • BeanieBean says:

        Not gonna happen. Hateful Meghan stories are the bread & butter for British tabloids. They’re not going to stop unless they’re made to stop.

      • WHAT says:

        I’m not talking about the rota we all know they won’t stop 🛑 I’m talking about California
        Let it come from jealous and petty Windsor. Next week should be it coming from California

      • Eyeroll says:

        Those in California should stop what?? They have barely said anything. An Oprah interview and a documentary series are too much for you as a fan? I look forward to hearing from them about more and more. They have interesting and insightful things to say and do. If you prefer to not hear it, you don’t have to.

      • Kittenmom says:

        LOL if Meghan read the phone book aloud on TV I would tune in 😹 I am really glad they are taking their opportunity to talk.

      • Kingston says:

        To both ur comments: I’ll just refer u to what M said in the Cut intvw……”I have a lot to say, until I dont.”

        So………I guess that means neither u nor any member of the bended-knee brigade on salt island will decide for her or ‘recommend’ to her how to have her being in this world.

      • WHAT says:

        Y’all really need to get out and get some fresh air. They need to be heard and need to tell their side of the story. It’s applauded and is well taken and needed. Take a few minutes to get out and enjoy your own life

      • Maybe you should take your own advice, as your comments are contradictory and all over the place.

      • Carrie says:

        Sorry, but don’t agree. They should be able to talk, give interviews, write autobiographies whenever the fk they want to, and we can choose whether to listen. Both sides have a choice. Why on earth should they mute themselves?

  13. Kt says:

    That quote makes Charles and William look far worse than anything Harry has ever said.

    Charles, for being such a disengaged father that his sons developed an unhealthy sibling relationship – ‘Harry would do anything to be with William’ is not good; and William obviously did not reciprocate the sentiment, or he would have made the necessary concessions to keep M&H in the fold. And William’s hatred of Meghan – of any woman who threatened to break Harry’s reliance on him – is clearly not healthy.

    I think in a lot of ways it’s really not about race for William. Any woman who truly captured Harry’s heart and so took his focus away from William would have been hated.

    Both Harry and William are deeply scarred by their upbringing.

    • Jaded says:

      The scars are there but Harry has learned to manage them, to deal and heal. William hasn’t, he just keeps ripping off the scabs.

      • EM says:

        The scars are there but some of this is not scars but rather personality. William was brought up as a brat and grew into a prat. Plain and simple, he felt Harry was his to use and abuse and then Harry stood up for himself and his wife. That’s the real crime in William’s eye – Harry grew a backbone and he blames Meghan for that.

  14. SJ (they/them) says:

    Imagine thinking this is a good look??? holy hell.

    • Lorelei says:

      And not having even one person around you who cares enough about you to tell you, “No, you shouldn’t say this.” Everyone just lying to you all the time and blowing sunshine up your ass no matter how cruel, petty or unhinged you’re behaving.

  15. Blujfly says:

    So their “incredible bond” was based on Harry doing anything William asked him to? And then it broke apart the minute he asked William to do some things for him? They tell on themselves.

  16. Osty says:

    Oh he told us that years ago so he should stop bothering us, no one cares about his incandescent arse anymore . He should get a life , move on and leave Harry and Meghan alone

  17. sparrow says:

    Goodness. I haven’t got far into the programme, but there’s nothing horrible. Just two people in love. Perhaps this riles them the most. I always had the impression from royal experts that W&H weren’t that close, anyway? This is an unexpected twist to the narrative – William & Harry were so close, and she’s wrenched them apart. Seriously. And for a brother in law to “f’ing hate” his sister in law? Is this sane or rational? Is it an obsession?? If I were Kate, I’d be alarmed at my husband.

    • zinjazin says:

      This narrative just makes the staffers and William sound completely unstsble and obsessez! How is this supposed to comd across?
      That he “really really” hates his brother but also his sister in law?
      Like what? It is worrisome that they even speak like this in public.

  18. Snuf says:

    “It looks like the truth bombs have failed to detonate.”

    To that I say, it’s only part 1 babes. The best is yet to come. 😜

    • Becks1 says:

      But even when they say that… there ARE truth bombs out there? So there ARE some really bad things that H&M can say? Stop telling on yourselves.

      (also I am coming to hate the term “truth bomb” lol.)

      • Eurydice says:

        So far, the truth bombs are that the RF f-king hate Meghan and that William really, really, really hates both Harry and Meghan and that Meghan has destroyed the entire Rf’s life. And all of this is a reaction to Harry marrying the woman he loves.

        William and the RF are showing their asses and Netflix didn’t even have to pay them anything for it.

      • ML says:

        Exactly: if the truthbombs haven’t detonated, then there ARE truthbombs out there.

    • Islandgirl says:

      Yeah…they shouldn’t celebrate just yet. Why would they put everything in the first 3 episodes.
      Let’s wait for the final 3 people!
      They don’t know what they are saying when they talk about breathing a sigh of relief. Just what did they do?

    • Kittenmom says:

      Yes! I can’t wait.

    • twoz says:

      And if they aren’t in the doco (or only hinted at) the RF and the RR will do it for them.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yeah, we’re going to see how part 2 goes when the fairy tale turns nightmare….

  19. Miranda says:

    Oh f–king well. Let the selfish tw-t die mad.

    How utterly pathetic, to demand your brother sacrifice his own happiness and health, just to be your wingman for life because you’re too self-absorbed and lazy to develop a personality of your own.

  20. StellainNH says:

    I have been barraged with British press articles on my Facebook feed, embiggening Cathy and Bill. I figured it was all because of the series.

    I haven’t watched yet, but read everything that has been posted. It makes me more curious as to what will drop next week…

    • Lorelei says:

      There was barely anything about Cathy and Bill in the first three episodes, and when they were shown or mentioned, nothing negative was even said. It basically called them “formal,” which, duh. So idk what these people are freaking out. But there are still three more episodes, so!

      • Plantagenet says:

        Right? If “the show landed no major blows on the family,” and Will and Kate are barely mentioned, how is it a terrible betrayal? What is Will so angry about?

  21. Digital Unicorn says:

    Harry and William were never close as adults – yeah they partied together when younger and had a similar group of friends but they went their own ways in life and developed interests/friends away from each other. Perfectly normal for siblings to do this.

    All this does is expose just how butt hurt Peggy and Mutton are that they don’t have a whipping boy to throw under to bus to protect themselves. kHate and her family were really gearing up to do the same to Meghan.

    The RF are not out of the woods yet – I suspect the more damaging footage will come out next week when they start talking about the nightmare it all became.

  22. Holz says:

    I think the truth bombs will arrive in VOL II. So the RF and BM shouldn’t feel relief yet.

  23. Becks1 says:

    Thats……not the good look that William’s friends may think it is.

    It makes William look petty, mean, angry, and just like an overall ahole. It makes the royal family look controlling and like their big problem with Meghan was that (besides being black and American), Harry chose her over them.

    I remember seeing something – it could have been Scary Mommy lol, it could have been a much more reputable source – around March 2020, that was basically like “women everywhere love Harry bc he did what so many women want their husbands to do – he stood up to his family and chose his wife over them.” (in the context of the wife being mistreated, gaslit, excluded, etc from the husband’s family obviously.)

    And I think that’s the issue for the royals.

    But still….even knowing that was the issue….this is not a good look for William and KP needs to deny it just to save face at this point. “omg, my brother fell in love you guys, WHAT ABOUT ME!!?!??!”

  24. one of the marys says:

    Imbecile is such a great word to describe the Wales, encompasses so much and does a lot of work. These two, sheesh

  25. Eyeroll says:

    So immature. It’s like William is a 4 year old instead of a grown man of 40. Yikes.

  26. Athena says:

    The Harry and William were close before Meghan took him away is a false narrative. Diana’s boys being close made for a good story but was not really true. William only cared about himself. In school he never looked out for Harry, in life he doesn’t look out for Harry.

    • K8erade says:

      I’ll be damned if I can remember where I read it but I swear I read awhile back that Harry stopped trusting William after the costume party scandal when Harry was 18 or 19 and Harry felt William set him up. The timeline seems to add up to this as Harry joined the Marines shortly after and seemed to avoid royal duties for the better part of a decade. It seems William and Harry were really only close when the press was watching. I also have a tinfoil tiara theory that William was the one who leaked Harry’s location in Afghanistan and ultimately was the one who forced Harry out of the military. I think William had an obsession with having Harry under his control.

      • Lorelei says:

        @K8erade, I was SO disappointed that when they discussed the Nazi costume, the documentary— even if it didn’t come directly out of Harry’s mouth, but from footage or a source or whatever— didn’t explain that 1) William was with him, 2) William was the one who encouraged him to get the Nazi costume, and 3) William also wore a racist costume to the same party.

        That’s something that’s been associated with Harry in the public consciousness for so many years, and this was exactly the time he could have set the record straight, but didn’t. The Sussexes clearly want to take the high road, and I get it— but I feel like there are some things that really just need to be made known.

        Anyone who dislikes Harry alllllllways brings up the stupid Nazi costume, and while he did an absolutely beautiful job of explaining how he handled it and the steps that he took afterward, that’s such a prime example of him being thrown under the bus to cover up for William.

        So idk how many “truth bombs” we really have to look forward to. I think they’ll sacrifice Knauf and blame everything they can on him, but likely stop short of telling the audience that Jason was only repeating whatever William told him to, and that Kate and CarolE have tabloid writers on speed dial. THAT’S the kind of thing people don’t understand, and need to.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        William was supposedly dressed as a “Zulu chief”. We’ve never seen a picture of that, although someone leaked pics of Harry. One question that remains about William’s costume is, was he in blackface?

        I don’t think it’s Harry’s job to out William on this though. He wanted to take responsibility for what he did, not seem to be blaming his brother. He was old enough to know better. It’s not a secret now that William was the instigator.

      • Sunday says:

        @Lorelei, I completely agree, I wish we had gotten some of the larger context. I think @BrassyRebel is correct that Harry probably just wanted to take responsibility for his own actions and not hide behind pointing fingers – after all, just because he was set up didn’t mean he had to go along with it, he could’ve said no (and if he couldn’t, then it would be even more crucial to include as context). He focused on that he did something insensitive, owned up to it, took active steps to learn, and grew as a person, and that other members of his family are incapable of doing the same with Meghan. His focus is valid and obviously relates to the overarching theme of the doc, but like you I think the setup aspect of this is an incredibly important piece of the puzzle that we’re not getting. Same as with Meghan’s niece and the “advice” they got. They’re evoking the idea of being sabotaged, setup, scapegoated (at least in viewers like me who know enough about the saga to recognize what they’re hinting at), but I wish they’d be a little more blatant about it.

      • SomeChick says:

        I have seen a photo of William in that costume, around the time that it happened. so, years ago. It included a sort of grass skirt, a headdress, and necklaces. I’m pretty sure he had some sort of makeup or something to make his skin look darker, but it’s been a long time and I wasn’t really paying much attention to the royals then. What I am absolutely positive about is that we’ll never see that photo again. But it does exist. Or did.

      • K8erade says:

        I agree with @Lorelei that I don’t think it’s Harry’s job to out William. I also think it speaks to Harry’s character that he takes responsibility and it isn’t trying to deflect. But I think the media – specifically the British Media – need to be called out for hiding the truth on this matter and protecting William. It was their job to report on this truthfully.

    • The Hench says:

      Yes, there were also stories that Harry thought William would look out for him when he joined Eton and Wills completely ignored him.

  27. Shawna says:

    The quote about them not knowing what Netflix paid for: this is another instance of the Royals really showing what their own logic is. They really didn’t think that the show would be marketable unless Harry and Megan completely sold them out and told everything. H&M have every right to sell them out, I think, but it goes to show how low the royals’ minds are. They don’t believe that a love story, especially a story connected to values of warmth and charity and hope, could be valued by the public. As much as they can be a bit cheesy at times, the world needs really nice narratives right now, needs genuinely compassionate people, and that’s what they are.

    • Becks1 says:

      Also, Netflix pays famous people for content and its often not salacious or shocking. Obama did a series on the National Parks for crying out loud. his wife did a children’s show. Netflix knew what they were getting here. (also, considering that according to reports, H&M were approached by other streaming services as well, my guess is that there were many discussions about what was expected in terms of content.)

  28. Polo says:

    Wow I feel like I need to take a shower! How disgusting that they would even print shit like this. Clearly William will never change. Do I think this is all from William yes and no. I think friend can also be another “ royal expert” who has an agenda. The fact that the royals allow these people to fill in the gap for them in thoughts etc is exactly why Harry and Meghan are doing no one can put words in their mouth.

    After seeing the doc I just don’t know how this looks good for William or the family. Maybe I’m biased but makes me hate him more. They are so lucky that Harry and Meghan are nice cause if it was me I would blow everything up.

  29. Feeshalori says:

    There are another three episodes to this documentary, so I wouldn’t be breathing too easily yet if I were the RF. Harry and Meghan can still take it down. And with “friends” like these who needs enemies? How can anyone be sympathetic to a spoiled immature brat who wants to ruin his brother’s life and marriage because of control issues? This does not make William or Charles look good at all, and they’re way off base with this remark.

  30. Ceej says:

    And if the next 3 episodes reveal these “truth Bombs” all we’ll hear about is how awful they are for saying all this stuff about the royal family, the queen’s memory and how they’re only doing it because Netflix paid for it… lose/lose scenarios in every timelines.

    Also Netflix paid $100M for more than just one docuseries lol. These people are so focused on getting found out they haven’t even realised that when the invictus games docuseries comes out, William’s little earthshot PR campaign is going to look like a piddly POS and his jealousy is going to give him a hernia.

  31. Roo says:

    How can anyone involved with the RF think it’s a good look for William to need Harry and be outraged that Harry has his own life. I can’t imagine anyone I know being outraged that their sibling “left them” to start their own family. It’s bizarre and indicative of serious issues in William, and yet the RF gladly trumpet this take on what happened.

  32. D says:

    All I’m reading is “me, me, me, my feelings, me, me, me.” Can you imagine having to deal with him all the time? The POW certainly likes to center himself.

  33. Emmlo says:

    Notice, again, how there’s absolutely zero examples of anything Meghan actually DID or SAID to deserve this vitriol. Harry chose her. That is all. That’s her entire rap sheet.

    • Solidgold says:

      The palaces hated her from the beginning. It had nothing to do with her personality and everything to do with her nationality, ethnicity and career.

  34. MangoAngelesque says:

    At least they managed to work their new favourite word, “sanguine,” into the quote. That’s their new “incandescent,” I swear.

    • Lorelei says:

      Every time they say “sanguine,” we should probably take it to mean that William has gone completely off the rails and is punching holes in walls. Because I’m sorry, but no way is that dude “sanguine” right now

  35. K8erade says:

    Charles must be face palming at this very second. I can’t believe that Kensington Palace would put this out there and think that this is in any way a good look. I would be livid if I was Charles and I read that my son, The Prince of Wales put this temper tantrum out there. This only serves to make William look childish while Harry and Meghan take the high road.

    • Lady Esther says:

      ikr? And Kate’s all, “Dude, I tried to tell you guys that I live with a rage monster, but no one cared, so suck it. Off now to have some champers with AK-47 and pick out new jewelry from the Queen’s collection, and just wait till you see my next few months’ clothes bills! bye bye bye”

    • Becks1 says:

      as it stands right now (I may be proven wrong on this point very soon, LOL) Charles is handling this MUCH better than William. charles is handling this the way he should have handled the Crown. Yes we heard about the “war room” but that’s kind of been it. William should follow his lead.

      • Jaded says:

        Agree, but Charles has always played the long game well, and I honestly think he’s deliberately letting William off the leash. He MUST know that Wm is a loose cannon and is on a self-destruct mission — their two tours were utter embarrassments and neither Wm nor his Stepford wife are capable of putting a much-needed shine on a dull, broken and useless monarchy. I’m not sure what his and Camzilla’s end game is with the Wails, but he should be hauling them both in for a serious come-to-Jesus meeting and tell Wm to STFU.

      • Nic919 says:

        Charles knows what he did and what he didn’t do. and the security issue was already said during the Oprah interview so he probably knows there isn’t much more to reveal.

        William is the one who benefitted from the “Diana’s son” thing and it will get out that KP was behind most of the briefing that will tarnish his image in a way he hasn’t dealt with before.

      • Lorelei says:

        Is it possible that at some point Charles realized how bad his whining about The Crown had become, and decided to keep his mouth shut about this one? Or is it more likely because he perceived the content of this season’s Crown to be so damaging to him personally? (Probably the latter with him)

        I don’t really know what kind of long game Charles can play by now. He’s 70+ years old, he’s finally King, and he’ll try to implement as much as he can as long as he can. But he knows exactly who/what William is, and after Charles passes, whatever is going to happen is going to happen.

        He doesn’t really have any leverage over William anymore since he gave him the PoW so swiftly, and he’s seen how W&K are received on tours. Charles isn’t stupid, and he must know they’re unpopular. Plus, William refuses to take advice from anyone; it’s not as if can Charles can leave him with a large team of younger, well-trained people or whatever. IDK.

        At this point I feel like all Charles can do is enjoy it while he can, and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  36. ML says:

    Actually, though there’s a sense of sneering relief in this article, there’s also a feeling that H&M did not say something specific that would be damaging. What they did say has unleashed a weird amount of rage, though, so something in those first 3 hours really ticked the RF off. What?
    The main themes were H’s childhood, paparazzi, Diana. I don’t believe M’s childhood is personal enough for the rage, though one of the emphasizes was the Commonwealth and racism? Touching on the Royal Rota briefly while highlighting the problems they caused in H&M’s relationship? Touching on women who marry in get attacked in the press and Meghan had it worse due to racism? Something unclear to me has clearly unhinged the RF, because I didn’t think anything was really shocking in this first part.

    • Solidgold says:

      The palaces are always in a rage when it comes to Harry and Meghan.

    • Alexis says:

      Watched all three episodes, cannot understand the fury, the insanity, the irrational and delusional comments in the media. I enjoyed the episodes, nothing was an attack, they were telling their story. It appears the tabloid writers (they are not journalists) are encouraged to spread any nasty story that they invent, but cannot or will not tell the truth about K’s background and behaviors over the years. A natural beauty does not have a nose job, total teeth replacement, jaw work, masses of hair extenstions plus regular botox and fillers. Enforcing photoshopping on all her photos is pathetic. A documentary on Middleton desperation and manipulation would be very interesting. K, a rigid, mumbling. ice queen, bears no resemblance to Diana whatsoever. Wearing her jewellry is an insult to her memory.

  37. Julia K says:

    I truly don’t understand the whole ” Meghan stole Harry and we hate her” remarks. We raise children, educate them and watch them leave to start their own lives, hopefully find a partner along the way. This scenario happens every single day. Something is very wrong with a family who cannot accept this natural progression and decided to hate and rain hell on an innocent person who is their child/brother’s chosen partner.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      This 👆

    • K8erade says:

      Having a narcissistic mother, I sadly do understand this mentality. If William is anything like my biological mother, as far as William is concerned, Harry is a possession to do with as William pleases. People aren’t people to William, they are pawns.

      One thing that stood out to me was when Harry told Oprah that his relationship with William is space. To me, that tells me that Harry has gone very low contact with William. The walkabout after QEII died said a lot to me. I saw Harry understand exactly who William was and William pissed off that his brother wasn’t caving in to his every demand. The tension was Harry doing as little as needed to placate William along with Harry putting as much of an emotional wall up as possible to protect both Meghan as well as himself.

    • Becks1 says:

      Well, you hit the nail on the head. Something IS very wrong with this family. They don’t go and do their own thing, at least not entirely. Yes Anne had her riding, but always under the umbrella of being a working royal. Yes Edward tried his little production company, but that failed pretty early on so he was back to being a royal. Even someone like Margaret Rhodes (not a Windsor) was pretty involved in the royal life. the Queen’s Windsor first cousins are all working royals.

      Harry, as the son of the future king (now king) and brother of future king, going out on his own and doing his own thing was a really BFD and just not done.

    • Deering24 says:

      The Firm is essentially a cult on centuries of steroids—and behaves like one.

  38. ChewieNYC says:

    I don’t understand this victory lap, there were no truth bombs narrative? They’re obviously coming next week. I think they’re trying to get people to not watch by saying this over and over.

  39. Izzy says:

    WOW these dusty saltines really don’t get it. The series isn’t about them. It’s about Meghan and Harry, yet these idiots seem engorged with incandescent rage that they are not the focus of the documentary, while also being enraged that H&M say anything at all about the RF. How these idiots don’t collapse from the exhaustion of their mental gymnastics, I will never understand.

  40. Lady Digby says:

    PoW has more than enough to be content with and yet he is raging because he lost his scapegoat/ wingman?! M. and H are madly in love and sacrificed for each other and have a close loving bond with their children and family and friends they can trust. PoW has a tiny soul so his riches count for nothing!

  41. Vexxy says:

    I hate it when any family blames the new girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/husband for the dissolution of a familial relationship when they were hostile about their partner from day one. Just because YOU don’t like your sibling’s partner or they rub you the wrong way or you don’t see the appeal doesn’t mean they’re automatically awful.

    If that partner makes your sibling happy, that should matter more than your personal dislike of that person. Meghan clearly makes Harry incredibly happy, and even if she butted heads with William if he really loved Harry as much as his friends say he would have made an effort to get along with her and kept his mouth shut.

    They clearly iced her out immediately, which would of course upset Harry, and then when the knives came out from both his family and the media at once of course it’s going to drive Harry and Meghan closer and make them feel like it’s them against the world.

    That’s to say nothing of William’s obvious jealousy of the depth of love and loyalty Harry has to his wife, or the jealousy that they so massively outshine him and Kate as public figures. Harry always has, and Will has always loathed that. He saw Harry as a lapdog and scapegoat and Meghan changed that f*cked up dynamic.

    • Flower says:

      This is what this is all about with Narcs like William.

      Harry didn’t know it then, but there was always a ticking time bomb if and when he found someone to share his life with and God forbid he should show that person more love , loyalty and devotion it would all be over. Harry broke the unwritten rules of that family i.e. that they always put the heirs first.

      This is why William is really mad. He settled for a wife he could be half committed to as ultimately his whole existence is about protecting the crown, a mantra that was drummed into him since he was old enough to walk and talk, because after all that is his legacy and destiny.

      Harry however seeing the writing on the wall and his father’s constant talk of a slimmed down Monarchy saw his opportunity for a different kind of life that aligned more with his mother’s values, so is it any wonder that he found Meghan. Add the very complicated dynamics of UK/US race and class and you have the perfect storm.

      The above now perfectly encapsulates Roya Nikkah’s tweets and columns in late 2019 about the brothers having diverging interests.

      William doesn’t know it yet, but he is literally paving the way for his own children to repeat the same horrible dynamic.

      • Deering24 says:

        I wonder if this was one of the big reasons Harry’s previous girlfriends didn’t want to join The Firm. Bad enough it’s life under a public X-ray, but you will forever face William’s hostility for “taking his brother away”—and as king, he’d control your life. Yeesh…😳😳😳

      • C says:

        I don’t think Harry saw himself marrying his other girlfriends honestly. This is not to say Meghan is the only woman he’s ever cared about but the others were not as serious, and Chelsy was when he was basically a kid.

  42. Brassy Rebel says:

    These sighs of relief may be premature. There are three more episodes which cover the most traumatic period for Meghan. Don’t know why they think they’re in the clear.

    William sounds like a deeply disturbed individual. Talk about needing mental health care. He actually expected his brother to hang around forever being his scapegoat and whipping boy. And instead of being happy for Harry when he found true love, he directed all the hatred and rage inside him at the poor woman. These people who are demanding loyalty from Harry to the family when the family gives zero in return are truly pathetic.

    • Nic919 says:

      Next week is when the bombs hit you can’t discuss crygate and all the other issues leading to the departure without more coming out.

    • Lorelei says:

      I hope Harry discusses William and Kate’s behavior the same exact way that Meghan did with Samantha and her father in the first three episodes. No histrionics, just the facts. She didn’t come across as vengeful at all, imo— she simply wanted to set the record straight after so many lies have been circulating for years. But I won’t hold my breath.

      • C says:

        Derangers are already saying she “lashed out viciously” against Samantha in the docuseries, lol.

      • Lorelei says:

        @C, seriously? Good grief. She was perfectly calm and just explained what happened. And backed it up with facts.

        I LOVED her niece and I felt so, so sorry for her when she didn’t get to go to the wedding. I feel like if Meghan had it to do over again, she’d tell Jason to fck right off, of course her niece would be invited.

  43. Well Wisher says:

    Don’t you love it when the person who created the problem make themselves the victim of said problem ?
    They were never close enough to the extent that he was comfortable to state on camera how much he wanted to beat up Harry, even before he was born.
    One must add ‘friends of Willliam’ as the euphemism for William the leaker.

    He leaks on almost everyone within that family.

    It comes as a relief that he publicly acknowledged his hatred towards the Sussexes, especially Meghan: it was very apparent especially when he leaked their location twice after they left the cess-pit, to put their lives in danger.
    Knowledge of their security did not deterred him.
    It would be interesting when the novelty of newly minted titles wear out.

    Then what?

    Even when he becomes king, or have the good sense to abdicate.

    There’s always a bottomless pit at the core of his existence , that abyss that is now a shared emotion with his vacuous wife.

    It must really ‘suck to’ be him.

    • Lorelei says:

      Yet the British press whines DAILY about how Meghan and Harry are the ones who are constantly complaining, and now, monetizing their “victimhood.”

      Although we’ve just seen how much can change in a decade, and witnessed how things that people previously thought *unthinkable* can actually happen…maybe William will decide at some point to put his well-being and happiness first and abdicate (again, not holding my breath)?

      People would have sworn on their lives that Harry would never walk away and publicly air his grievances, but here we are!

  44. N. says:

    That family source seems quite proud of sharing how babyish and pathetic William is. He can’t find his big-boy pants, poor dear.

  45. Happy says:

    I’m 30 minutes into the Netflix series and Harry is talking about the royal men and the temptation of marrying someone that will fit the mild rather than someone they love- no doubt this is about William and Kate. It must hurt them for this to be laid bare. So glad he said it and THIS is what the tabloids should be talking about.

  46. Flower says:

    My God this family are truly evil.

    Even now they’re doubling down on Meghan. What do they expect Harry to do ? Abandon his family, pretend they don’t exist and run back to the Royal fold ?

    This is so disgusting and to get yet another ‘friend’ to come out against her like this reeks of their racism, snobbery, entitlement and bullying.

  47. Sue E Generis says:

    What the hell? I don’t think this ‘leak’. is doing what William thinks it is. It lays bare what a selfish, venal, nasty person he is. Wow.

  48. Lemons says:

    I mean…let’s be honest. William and Kate could never package ANYTHING they do in this way because they are not a real team. Allies perhaps, but they aren’t around each other enough, they don’t do enough credible work to create this.
    The team did a great job with this documentary. I’m on episode 3 and so far, no real shots have been fired.

    But the Wailses must be seething with jealous because they have absolutely missed the opportunity to capitalize on their youth, their relationship, their soft power. And that’s really why Will hates Meghan. She magnified the star power Harry already had.

    • SueBarbri33 says:

      Absolutely! This is what I’ve been trying to articulate all day. It’s not so much that H&M are saying anything in particular about W&K in these first episodes. It’s the contrast between the two couples that is making William furious. The entire time I was watching the first episode I was thinking…this is what people wanted/expected from W&K’s 10 year anniversary video. A brief glimpse behind the scenes, a few pictures of them young and loved up, personal photos and video of them enjoying life and having fun. But instead we got a 45 second video with almost no sound on a beach somewhere. I don’t expect the heir to the throne to give us 3 hours of reality tv, but they should’ve be able to do better than that.

  49. Mary Pester says:

    So there we have it. Billy bully loved having Harry as his Lap dog and human shield. Whilst everyone was Looking at Harry, Billy bully could do what he wanted, when he wanted and no one would know
    Then Harry joined the army and was gone for 10 years. THAT’S when we saw pictures of Billy bully in nightclubs getting very friendly with another female and drinking himself stupid. When Harry left the military all was well in Billy bully’s life again as his human shield was back. But shock horror, Harry dared to fall in love and get married. That’s when Billy bully started to throw his toys out of the pram and lob grenades at meghan. Is he really that thick that he doesn’t see that getting his friends to slate meghan just show what a slime ball he really is and oh my the truth bombs comments, BIG mistake, BIG, BIG mistake, everyone now knows for sure that KP have a lot of nasty little secrets hidden away that they are petrified of. So while they are running around briefing the press, Harry and Megan are sitting back, letting them hang themselves with their soundbites

  50. Mel says:

    I believe that William has spent his entire life being jealous of his brother. He didn’t have the responsibility of the crown, Harry is funny, at ease with himself and others and is naturally geared to being with people. He’s not awkward and out shines his brother even though HARRY isn’t competing with Will, Will is competing with him. I think the cousins are closer to Harry also. He’s been quietly seething for years and was looking forward to turning his brother into Margaret, a lackey to the crown who sits around waiting to be put to work but gets their wings clipped as soon as they fly to high. I believe that Harry joined the army to get away from it and them and then they dragged him back to serve William. William had everything for once, or so he thought, then Harry met Meghan and said NOPE to all of this.

    • Well Wisher says:

      He never had Harry, he thought he did.
      Harry tolerated him, until he could no longer bear him.
      In the engagement interview, Harry spoke about stepping aside as soon as George was of age to commence royal duties.

  51. Seraphina says:

    Wow. The future head of the CoE. His father is no better. Bitter and vindictive to their own blood.

  52. Mslove says:

    Wow, after putting out that embarrassing & unhinged statement, I hope someone can stage an intervention for Pegs. He desperately needs help. Where will his rage lead him next? We don’t want to find out.

    • sparrow says:

      It is awful. It makes him seem off the rails. Is this the “we’re going to fight any untruths in the programme” response. So far this is just a swear ridden rant. He sounds unhinged. & doesn’t it give you an insight into what life must be like around him. No wonder they left.

  53. Alexandria says:

    Nothing new from you Pegs? We already know you’re bitter. Look at yourself.

  54. Ostrich says:

    These are pretty premature sighs of relief….isn’t there a part 2 next week?

  55. J says:

    What is clear as day is that , the more Harry protects William and Kate , the more they feel emboldened to smear Meghan.
    William only respects bullying that’s why the British press can get whatever they want from him starting with his kids that he basically to be used by tabloids.
    Because those tabloids putted fear in him.
    Maybe He needs to be bullied into leaving Harry and Meghan alone once and for all

    • Solidgold says:

      Harry is not a bitter vindictive person though. The media likes to call him weak and dumb because he will not play the manipulative game Will and Chuck play with the press.

      • Well Wisher says:

        To share your story with your whole heart is the definition of courage, hence Harry and Meghan, the docuseries.

  56. B says:

    1-The truth bombs are coming. They are going in chronological order and episode 3 ends at the engagement. KP planting stories and colluding with the British Media against Meghan started after the wedding.

    2-They did such a great job at providing context and explaining the coercive control the press have over that family. The British Press are so used to this predatory dynamic that they think its normal. They don’t realize how eye opening and shocking a lot of this information is to an outsider. Also most people don’t know the royal rota is just a extended PR arm of the royal family. They think they are real journalists.

    I don’t think the British Media realize how much this documentary is exposing them. I follow Harry & Meghan’s story and just learned in this doc that the silent contract has only been in place for 30yrs. This means the royal family can and has existed without the royal rota. But in the last 30yrs the royal rota has compiled secrets and now exerts coercive control over that family because the royals need to remain popular with the people to stay in power and the royal rota and tabloids hold a lot of sway over public opinion. They use this power to monetize the royal family by having its member “perform” for them, give scoops, and access.

    The British Royal Family are the perfect victims for this type of abuse. They are cold, unlikeable, selfish, entitled, ignorant, and vaguely criminal. The press wouldn’t even need to lie to ruin them in the eyes of the public. But that would be killing the golden goose so the press makes them perform and monetizes them. As Harry said none of it is consensual and the press don’t honor any of their “give us a pic and then we will leave you alone” bargains.

    The royal rota like all abusers want to keep their victims silent. Harry and Meghan have become the perfect whistleblowers because they are now outside that abusive situation. By sharing this abusive dynamic through the lens of their love story its makes the audience care about the abuse in a way you wouldn’t for the more unpleasant members of that family. Hopefully Volume II thoroughly covers how damaging the British Media is and this doc plus Harry & the other 6’s lawsuit leads to a real change in how the British Media operates because right now they are a cancer.

    Harry and William were their first ones raised within the predatory dynamic of the “silent contract”. Harry got out and saved his kids. Who knows maybe this will lead to action that save his niece and nephews as well.

    • Clarabella says:

      Long time lurker but I just had to comment and say that B, every word of your comment here is absolutely spot on.

  57. Gabby says:

    This friend/palace source just did everything they feared the Netflix show would do.
    Nice going, dumbass.

    1 – outed Chuckes as a shitty father (“disengaged”)

    2 – admitted that William and KKKate hate Meghan

    3 – admitted that other family members (looking at you Sophie and Cam) hate Meghan

    4 – admitted that William is stuck at the developmental level of a toddler – One “really” before the word “hate” would have been sufficient. Three “reallys” exposes you as a a complete buffoon.

  58. Solidgold says:

    Harry said Camila is not the evil stepmother the tabloids make her out to be. And that she makes his dad happy.

    Harry said Kate is the sister he always wanted.

    Will and Charles said they HATE, HATE, HATE Meghan!

    Harry should keep his family far away from his father and brother.

    • InterestedParty says:

      On a side note.
      What’s with this Catherine business?
      I swear everyone was calling her Kate until like last week.

      • Lorelei says:

        They’ve been trying to make “Catherine” happen ever since W&K’s engagement interview, and they need to give up. She’s Kate. She’ll always be Kate. Let it go. I guess they think Catherine is more “regal,” or something.

  59. Amy Bee says:

    I agree with everything Kaiser has said but I wonder if William had a different view of his relationship with Harry. I don’t think Harry felt as close to William as William did to him and perhaps they’ve never had a heart to heart about it, probably because of William’s attitude and way of dealing with things. I suspect that William dismissed and disregarded Harry a lot.

    • Eurydice says:

      William seems to have a different view of his mother and father than Harry does, so it would make sense that the way he sees his relationship with Harry is different, too.

      • Becks1 says:

        This is a very good and probably underlooked point. Just because Harry did not feel that close to William did not mean that W did not feel that close to Harry.

        I say that as someone who always considered herself close to her brothers, and realized over the past few years they don’t consider themselves close to me (its been hard, but I’ve finally just accepted it and now things are better because of that, I think, because my expectations are different.)

  60. QuiteContrary says:

    So William, Kate and the family “absolutely f–king hate” Meghan, tried to warn Harry off of Meghan, and now believe their “whole family life has been ruined by” Meghan … no wonder Meghan looked frightened to be in K&W’s presence during the flower walk.

    No wonder Harry and Meghan are happy to be thousands of miles away from William and company. William is deranged.

  61. Okurr says:

    William is a child who always wants to get what he wants. He used to be able to use Harry and now Harry’s healthy boundaries prevent that. Anger is a typical response for people like that. Blaming Meghan prevents any sort of introspection. He prefers blindly hating and blaming others.

  62. Beverley says:

    This coming from the future head of the Church of England is quite telling, isn’t it?

    • Solidgold says:


      Harry says, I have compassion for my father and brother, but we are on different paths.

      Will says, I F*@king HATE, HATE, HATE him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Peachy says:

    Jealousy is a beast. The egg can marinate in it and his temper boil until fully cooked but it won’t change the fact Harry chose to live his own life without William being the focus. Good for Harry. I’m delighted he’s technically away from them now, in love and married to a beautiful woman who loves him back and with beautiful babies to raise surrounded by that love. Meghan is a true princess along the lines of Diana and nothing KP or the BRF does will change that…no leaks, no titles, nothing. I got up super early as a very young teen to watch the fairytale wedding of Charles and Diana and have been invested ever since….grieved for a year after her death like she was a family member. There was hope for both boys at the time…but Will is a spoiled brat narcissistic man-child. Cheering for Harry and Meghan with all my heart! (Wow this turned into a rant lol I just started posting and not lurking not long ago and guess it all needed to come out)

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Peachy, I understand. When we’ve seen what they did to Princess Di and then see what they’re doing now to H&M, you have to vent at times.

      I think Fails has done real damage here. He HATES them. Think about that. There are all kinds of families out there and I know some of you have had to deal with people like this (I’m sorry), but do your family members HATE you because you have cut them out of your lives?

      • Hated says:

        Yes. My abusive family HATES me because I had to cut them out of my life. This is not unusual for estranged abusers, either. It’s sick, regardless of how common it may be among toxic abusers.

  64. losingmymind says:

    both sons are their parents. harry is diana and william is charles down to the core. petulant, reactionary, quick to anger and unsympathetic.

  65. Over it says:

    Let’s call a spade a spade. Willy was definitely jealous because Harry found true love and that person loved Harry back for being himself. The second reason would be because Meghan is black and those Windsor and their peeps hate people is color with a passion and didn’t want their white blood being tainted by a person or color . Will the pegger can go f himself and the mattress he rode in on .

    • hangonamin says:

      i think those are factors, but i think the biggest one is that he thinks he should be the center of attention and both H and M have way more star power than he and kate can ever hope to even capture a fraction of. he’s smart enough to not portray himself as an overt racist and show himself looking down POC…this all changes when they start to surpass him in any capacity. same mentality in a lot of old rich white/entitled people…”look, i’m so modern and woke bc i know POC and i love x celebrity”…but the min these people are made to feel inferior, their racist fangs come out and belittling starts. can tell there was really a switch flipped when meghan and harry became popular after their first tour. it very much became we gotta teach her her place bc she doesn’t know she should be inferior.

      • Lorelei says:

        I think another factor is how impressive Meghan is and how utterly useless she makes Kate look in comparison (and there were always going to be comparisons).

        Even in the minute of footage they showed of the “Fab Four’s” first event together, Meghan spoke eloquently and Kate sat there with a stupid smile on her face and did not say one word. Even though they try to claim that Head’s Together was all her idea. The writing was on the wall after that, imo. It must have been mortifying for William.

      • Well Wisher says:

        Kate has fulfilled her role, she has produced the children, with a little help from her husband and plays her part perfectly as a ornamental part of the pageantry.
        She has never put a foot wrong. /s

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Well Wisher, well, her feet may be where they’re supposed to be, but those eyebrows need to be beat into submission.

  66. Still In My Robe says:

    So, did the first three episodes cover any of the Bot Sentinel stuff, which the trailers revealed is in there? Because if not….yeah, sighs of relief are premature…

  67. Jessica says:

    Wills sounds completely unhinged here. Yet again, asking why they think this makes them look good?

    When my older sister started dating her husband, I didn’t talk to him for like three years (I interpreted his attitude at our first meeting as kinda rude, and I was 16 at the time). I really struggled once they got engaged, upset that he was breaking up our family. But the wedding happened, I got over it, and 14 years later it doesn’t matter anymore, he’s part of our family and I know I can count on him. That’s how a normal family operates. I can’t imagine still being angry my sister fell in love and had the audacity to get married. Wills leads such a sad life.

  68. sparrow says:

    He is SO jealous. What would K&W’s love story be? Here’s when Kate started stalking me. Here’s her mother, who made her stalk me through university. Here I am, standing on a table, shouting how free I felt when I broke up with her. Here she is at Jigsaw doing bugger all and waiting for me to call. Here’s my alleged affairs. Here’s me, dancing with blondes on holidays away from her. They simply couldn’t make a film like this.

    • Into Focus says:

      Yes! Of course this is why they accuse Meghan of stalking Harry and being obsessed with him and forcing him to marry her. It’s the truth, they’ve just subbed in Meghan’s name instead of the true perpetrator, to protect the institution.

    • Lady Esther says:

      Thanks Sparrow for making me spit out my tea…this is sadly so, so accurate. All those photos and videos of H&M in love from the docuseries must really stick in William’s craw, because his own experience with his wife was quite different…

  69. Admirer says:

    I’m really looking forward to watching this later today when I can curl up with snacks, and indulge in the sweetness that is H&M. Several things stand out to me so far.

    1. This is exactly my love story with my husband (except for the royalty part, despite that my mother-in-law believes she is The Queen). I entered the family, it started out sort of well, but the red flags and undercurrents were there from the beginning. Cut to: we are now ten years estranged from “the cult/institution/family,” because no matter what I did or how hard I tried, his family would not stop blaming me for destroying their family, for stealing their useful prince. They hate me for marrying their prince. They hate me for being loved by their prince. They will never forgive me for it. It doesn’t matter how good or nice or helpful or compliant I tried to be. They hate me, and the only way they wouldn’t hate me is if I was dead or divorced, far on the outside of their cult. And even then, they’d still hate me. There was no winning. There was only saving goodness from evil.

    2. Classic DARVO from the BRF. Deny. Attack. Reverse Victim and Offender. When I told my own family why I was walking away from them permanently (because I believe rape of children is a crime, and they believe pedophilia is no big deal), they felt victimized by me telling the truth, so instead of accepting accountability, they call me crazy and have used every means at their disposal to continue to abuse me. Their “press” is everyone they know in our community and family, plus the flying monkey minions who have taken up the mantel of abuse, smearing, lying, and stalking.

    3. M&H are so very sweet. I love them. They are beautiful, caring, charismatic, magnetic, compassionate, warm, sincere, strong. I have so much love and respect for them, and so much admiration for their survival. Removing yourself from an abusive system is not easy, even with wealth. One must be willing to lose absolutely everything. M&H are a beacon of hope for me and so many survivors.

  70. SueBarbri33 says:

    William is so bitter and awkward, I think rage is the only emotion he has left. I think a segment of the documentary that probably angered him is the one where Eugenie and Jack visit Toronto for the costume party. It was a behind the scenes snap that showed that 1.) Harry is close to his cousin, 2.) Harry knows how to have fun, 3.) Harry is (almost) normal. William has probably never taken a candid, fun photo with his cousins or friends in his life. I think he’s a lonely, bitter man and it’s getting harder and harder for them to pretend otherwise. Over the past year they’ve given us nothing to humanize him besides all of this anger and the “festive glance” from last year’s xmas party. That’s a mistake.

    • Lorelei says:

      It really is like the rage has been eating away at his brain for so long now, he’s starting to crack.

      • Julia K says:

        Agree@lorelei, that level of hate and rage will take it’s toll and he will buckle under with poor health.

    • Becks1 says:

      That sequence of photos was SO fun and it was something I went back over a few times. Eugenie and Jack looked like they were having such a great time and I think it was probably triggering for W. Look the other cousins have a GREAT time when you’re not around!

  71. Jay says:

    Well, good for the Windsors for abandoning the “We welcomed Meghan with open arms” drek they were spewing yesterday – it clearly wasn’t landing. Instead, they are just straight up reading the subtext out loud: That they “warned” against Meghan from the get go and that they will “hate” Harry forever because he…checks notes… marrying the love of his life and starting a family? That seems remarkably unhealthy not only to feel that way, but to express that you feel that way. Yikes.

    I’m also laughing uproariously at the “friend” of Charles and Camilla who finished episode 3 of a 6 part series, yet somehow thinks they’re off the hook. My dudes have apparently never watched episodic television before – this is the meet-cute, where we get invested in them as a couple before the sh!t starts raining down.

  72. Scout says:

    It’s so funny how every new detail about Harry and Meghan brings on efforts by the RF to top themselves with descriptions of how cruel and vile the couple are….I mean really….

  73. JJ says:

    The fact that William’s friends say disgusting things about Meghan so freely because Harry would have done anything for William and now, shock horror, he got married and puts his wife and kids first???!!!! I mean was Harry always supposed to stay single and be W&K’s trusty sidekick till death do them part? Nobody in that world seemed to care about Harry except in relation to what he could do for Will.

  74. karkopolo says:

    “He would do anything to be with William” –like go to various African countries for months at a time during (what I assume were) school breaks? Like seeing Prince Seeiso as a brother who essentially helped raise him during his formative years, when he was obviously feeling lost & unsupported? HMMMM.

    • N. says:

      karkopolo: *ding * ding* EXACTLY! THANK YOU! Harry’s story of Lesotho & his relationship with Prince Seeiso was very moving, William should be taking notes and humbling himself to learn something.

    • arhus says:

      That’s the quote that stood out to me too. Like William is upset that Harry is a grown man now not doing whatever he decrees? Like Harry realized William wasn’t there for him the way Harry was for William.

  75. Ann. says:

    It’s a disgrace that Harry married a woman of choice and all the talk that surrounds that union.. The media really have had a party reporting on H&M. Will it ever end.?

  76. Rapunzel says:

    Netflix has “media circus” as one of the tags on the series. “Investigative” is another.

    It’s clearly divided into two volumes:

    Vol. 1- everything leading up to the media circus.

    Vol. 2- the media circus and investigating what’s behind it.

    Vol. 2 is obviously going to expose the plot put in place to slander Meg which drove her and Harry out, and it is an investigation that will lead to KP. I’m guessing Wills knows this and that’s where the hate is coming from.

  77. FTBRF says:

    Idk what they’re so relieved about, considering there are still 3 more episodes that are likely to cover the period that was extremely tumultuous with the family itself. I hope the series is much more direct about the family’s actions (especially briefing to the media) next week. I would love so much if Harry said outright, “My brother sold me out to the media to cover for his extramarital affairs.”

  78. Reign says:

    Whatever H&M do, they will be mad.
    Relief, it then to question what they paid $100 million for, do they want the tea spilled or not? It sounds like they were itching for a dust up and are deflated they didn’t get one.
    British media and the “royalty is not a celebrity but is the biggest celebrity” is a repetitious syndrome. Look at me because I am the working royal!
    They prove the narrative so easily,

  79. Catherine says:

    I certainly hope William distances himself from this language because, if true, the only explanation can be that he is insanely jealous of H&M and their happiness. What a cesspool of a family.

  80. Beech says:

    Arrested development, look it up Willy.

  81. El Natalie says:

    We all know good and god damn well William doesn’t have friends that aren’t paid for

  82. Feeshalori says:

    Tell us how you really feel, William. Wait, you did, on a worldwide scale that showcases how deranged and mentally unstable you really are. What a real charmer you must be privately if this is what you’re showing publicly. What misery you put your brother and sister in law through with your envy and anger. How’s that Cambridge way working out, or is it the Wails way now? Just keep letting the world know how you’re breaking down. In a normal family where he’s not cosseted, defended and enabled, he’d be the one ostracized as the venomous soul sucker he is. Good thing Harry has done the shunning with his vile family. Now if William would only practice some of that mental health he pontificates about….

    • Lorelei says:

      @Feeshalori, seriously, it’s kind of disturbing to even think about…if this is what he wants published in the DAILY BEAST, what on earth does he say behind the scenes? There is something very wrong with William.

  83. sparrow says:

    William the patron of mental health charities…”I f-king hate my brother and his wife”. Strange.

  84. Plums says:

    I haven’t watched yet, but I saw a clip on twitter with Meghan *joking* about how caught off guard and weird it was for her to have to curtsey when she met the queen. She likened it to being at a ren faire, as that is the only experience with the notion of curtseying or bowing to royalty that existed in her world before. I found this entirely relatable, but honestly it feels a piece with the reason why the family and the courtiers and a sizeable population out of Salt Island hate her so much. She isn’t just a black American feminist, but she’s a black American feminist who never took their ingrained sense of birthright superiority seriously at all. The idea she’d be expected to curtsey to her boyfriend’s grandmother was a cartoonish absurdity to her and something she did out of diplomatic courtesy, and the first time she didn’t know what she was doing and was bad at it, and that doesn’t bother her at all. They hate her so much for all the games she refused to play. Both with the media and the game of pretend that goes with respecting a caste system.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Plums, ITA—I’ve seen Meghan being trashed over this, but I think it’s totally reasonable that she might have assumed that she’d have to curtsy if they were at a formal event or in public or whatnot, but not on some random afternoon when she was just popping by for lunch. It could go either way, but I can definitely see why Meghan had that reaction.

    • Emily_C says:

      I wouldn’t do it. In public, sure, I’d figure it was for show and everyone knew it was basically a game. In private? No. Would not do it. Meghan bent herself into pretzels for this family.

      • Isa says:

        It surprised me that she was expected to curtsy at a non-formal event too. I never expected the formality to extend to private family events.

  85. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    At the risk of having my comment deleted, I still want to say that this type of over-the-top reaction is not normal. There is evidence of anger management issues, obsession, narcissism. William and Kate CLAIM they care so very much about mental health, but seem blind to their own issues. I know they will never get therapy because they seem to always want to pretend to be perfect, and mental health issues is not something they will EVER admit to having, but I think it would do them a lot of good if they were open to it.

    • Becks1 says:

      I completely agree with what you’ve said. I just feel like W’s reaction is NOT normal. I’ve had a toxic family member, I know how it can be……but that family member had borderline personality disorder. My grandmother was a narcissist (diff family member) and as a result my mother went a decade without speaking to her.

      I think W&K are a-holes, but I also think there is a lot going on for one or both, mentally. I think if they actively sought some type of therapy they would be better off in the long run.

  86. Glamarazzi says:

    Whoever this “friend” of Will’s is, is no friend at all. Saying how much he hates his brother & sister-in-law doesn’t do him any favors. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

  87. WTF says:

    I will probably get blasted for this, but I have an iota of sympathy for William. I think that William married Kate because he felt like it was his duty. I think he thought that Harry would also marry a woman out of duty and he (Harry) would have a similar veiled contempt kind of relationship with his wife that William has with Kate, and the two of them would continue to be bff’s against the world. But then Harry actually fell in love. So now, William doesn’t have love, he doesn’t have his bff, and he doesn’t have anyone in his life that understands how unbearable the royal life really is. He must be incredibly lonely. Unfortunately for him, a lot of racists with poor social skills end up being lonely. I guess I feel a little sorry for him because as soon as Diana died, he and Harry were really just f&*^. No one in that family is equipped to raise human beings. They barely know how to be human beings.

    • Tessa says:

      The thing is will broke up with Kate a few times. After the 2007 split he could have walked away. He had a choice.

    • Emmy says:

      No one gets to decide what kind of family you are born into. Many of us are burdened with shite family. Lots of us carry some baggage around and still manage to be ok humans. As an adult, we learn to take responsibility and find ways to manage our decisions and life.

      William didn’t have to marry Kate or a virginal aristocrat like his mom. He could have waited to get marry. Regardless of whom he married, Will is his own person. Why should the burden on what makes Will a decent human being dependent on his wife? At 40, it’s time Will grows up and learn to be responsible for who he is and his actions.

      This is a 40 yo would be king who needs constant reassurance that he’s the greatest. Will’s already got a built in fawning UK press telling the world what a great guy he is. Hard to believe Harry came from the same dysfunctional family.

    • MsIam says:

      William and Harry were never bff. William is jealous of the little brother he always regarded as “less than”. It was always f#cked up between them, that’s why there is so much rage. Don’t feel sorry for William, feel happy that Harry and Meghan got away. William has to face his own demons but his enablers won’t let him. At least not so far.

  88. tamsin says:

    Interesting that someone has actually said “their dad was really disengaged.” And truth bombs failed to deonate- well that’s admitting there are truth bombs. If you are expecting to be crucified, then you must have done something that makes you fear that, right? And have these people forgotten that there are there is a second half to this documentary?

  89. Isa says:

    Harry always wanted to leave. He talked about it before Meghan.
    They were never gonna act right. We didn’t even get any bombshells and they still don’t wanna act right. I actually felt sorry for William after the clip of the boys greeting strangers and he was smiling. Not judging his facial expression, but rather the fact that he was trotted out to smile for the crowds and cameras as a CHILD when he should’ve been home grieving.

  90. Lola says:

    They do realize there’s 3 more parts, right #aintoveryet

  91. Monlette says:

    Is it my imagination, or in the Heads Together interview clip did Prince Peggy jump right into bitching about the others while the rest of the fab four looked awkward and embarrassed.
    I have heard him insult his wife, his kids, Africans, people with Covid…it seems that if he isn’t allowed to badmouth anyone, he doesnt have anything to say.
    I predict he will do well until he is crowned and the he will be as popular as Prince Joffery.

  92. ChattyCath says:

    Jennie Bond ‘Royal Correspondent’ says the Saintly Wise William was right. Harry should have ‘taken it slowly’ and realised Meghan was ‘unsuited’ to ‘Royal Life’ and English customs and traditions. Not that the World has moved on from the Queen’s Victorian traditions.

  93. Beverley says:

    William “absolutely fucking hates” Harry and Meghan now? What vitriol spews from the maw of the next head of the Church of England! White Jesus must be so proud.