Daniel Craig knew he wanted to ‘kill off’ James Bond after ‘Casino Royale’

On the whole, I thought Daniel Craig was a very good James Bond, but he was poorly served by extremely stupid scripts. Casino Royale is absolutely the best Bond film of Craig’s, because they at least had the Ian Fleming story to base it on and modernize. But the rest of them? Some of the stupidest plots ever. I also never blamed Craig for bitching about Bond films so much – each production sucked up a year of his life, he would have to diet and beef up, and he kept getting really banged up in those productions. Anyway, he’s thankfully done with the franchise after last year’s No Time to Die. Which I still haven’t seen, whoops. Craig obviously did a lot of “exit interviews” last year, but now that’s gotten Bond fully out of his system, he reflected back in a new interview.

He asked for a timeline for Bond as soon as they premiered Casino Royale: “I was driving away from the Berlin premiere of Casino Royale with Barbara Broccoli. I had genuinely thought I would do one Bond movie, then it would be over. But by then we knew we had a hit on our hands. I realized the enormity of it, so I said to Barbara, ‘How many more? Three? Four?’ She said, ‘Four!’ I said, ‘OK. Then can I kill him off?’ She said, ‘Yes.’ ”

How he knew No Time to Die was his last: “I said, ‘This is it. I don’t want to do any more.’ Real tragedy is when you have absolutely no choice. We had to find a way to make his death no choice. It was the happiest Bond had ever been because he’d found exactly what he was looking for. Like everyone on Earth, he was just looking for love.”

Regenerating Bond: “If we kill Bond, we can begin again,” the actor said of the effect killing off the character would have. “I think Barbara thought that too. But, bless them, the studio, MGM, were, like, ‘What are you talking about? Are you out of your minds?’ There was reluctance. So we had to do it in secret, really.”

The criticism of his looks: “‘His ears stick out! He’s blond! Blue eyes!’ I’m hardly the tall, dark stranger Fleming wrote, but I thought, ‘We have to make it new.’ We can’t just go, ‘Here, audience, here’s the same old stuff we always did.’ “

[From People]

I’ve always loved the fan-theory that James Bond isn’t a real person, it’s a MI6 legend/alias. As in, you get to a certain level at MI6, you get promoted to the “level” of James Bond, 007. As in, 006 has a different name/alias, 008 has another alias/name and these are just spycraft-legends assumed by agents. Meaning, the current James Bond can die and a new one will be promoted in a few months. And yes, people were big mad about Daniel Craig being blonde and not that tall. I liked it though – he wasn’t super-suave or polished, and yet he’s still sexy in kind of rough, damaged way.

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  1. girl_ninja says:

    Ughhh…I LOVED Casino Royale. That scene in the water where he can’t reach Vesper is still so heartbreaking. He was a great James Bond. I also really enjoyed Skyfall, it just went a bit too long but damn was it good.

    • Mei says:

      CR was just incredible from start to finish, that is what a Bond movie should be. And I agree, the water scene was heart-wrenching.

      Skyfall was also incredible, it had so much depth and emotion, particularly the scenes with M in Scotland.

      He was a great Bond, they definitely screwed him with trash plots (what gives, Quantum of Solace?). I really wouldn’t recommend NTTD if I’m honest, they competely wasted Rami Malek’s character and rushed through what felt like 2 films-worth of plot points so nothing had enough time or space.

  2. Barbiem says:

    He was my favorite bond. Its disappointing to hear he was so eager to kill the character. Why take the role and immediately complain. Anyways im patiently waiting for new bond.

  3. doctahgrrl says:

    Casino Royale was a brilliant Bond movie and I highly suggest making time to watch his last film NTTD. It’s heartbreaking and bittersweet.

    • The Recluse says:

      That last film was a dirty, rotten trick. You don’t expect to get emotional in a Bond film, but dammit, Jim, I did. I had a feeling that something traumatic was coming because they played some of the theme music from the much earlier James Bond with George Lazenby, the one in which his bride gets killed in the end. I knew something bad was going to happen to someone, but did not expect it to be Bond this time. Dirty, rotten trick.

  4. Frippery says:

    I mean, Casino Royale was great, but Skyfall is right there too. “Welcome to Scotland!”

    • Lucy says:

      I loved Skyfall too, the big bad and all the Macau stuff could’ve been cut and it would’ve remained awesome.

      The last one upset me for several days, not gonna lie. Mostly because I thought they were going to be ballsy enough to turn every trope on its head and completely subvert all expectations. But no, they stick to the hero’s journey (lone wolf, gets into pack which becomes dangerous,saves pack, leaves for safety of lone wolf). I thought they were going to do the heroines journey (family/friend unit, gets alone which is dangerous, saves family unit, rejoins). Alas.

  5. The Voice says:

    I agree!! I loved James Bond movies as a kid. Big fan of Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, and Pierce Brosnan. The movies were campy and Bond was suave but didn’t really get his hands dirty. And then I watched Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and I was like ugh, THIS is who Bond should’ve been. I LOVED Casino Royale. He was so raw, messy, a brute but tender. I found Daniel Craig to be super ugly sexy. The kind of guy who could build you a gazebo with his bare hands and then whip up a candlelit dinner to enjoy under it. I’ve been a huge fan of Daniel Craig’s but I agree that his other Bond movies were just terrible. He and Eva Green were dynamite, their chemistry was off the charts. Casino Royale will be the standard of Bond movies for me. Oh, and I love that Daniel Craig, the man, wears some great fashions. He looks good in everything from casual to suits.

  6. Brassy Rebel says:

    Minority opinion: I think DC is the best looking and sexiest, including Sean Connery. And he looks like a secret agent, not a movie star. But he is aging out now.

  7. SarahCS says:

    I have always enjoyed Bond films, even when we get into Goldeneye territory, and I absolutely loved Casino Royale and DC as Bond, he absolutely nailed in IMO. Then it just seemed to slide, I quite enjoyed Skyfall but have only seen bits of the one that has the hotel in the desert somewhere in South America? Something about water? I have no interest in seeing his latest one.

  8. TheCrankyFairy says:

    The next James Bond will be the first James Bond who has not served Queen Elizabeth II unless they completely reboot and go back to the original time period. How, or even if, serving king and country will play out differently than serving queen and country.