Prince Andrew’s £3 million annual private security bill will be paid by King Charles

His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, still has all of his titles and royal stylings. He still has his sweetheart-deal lease on Royal Lodge, an enormous mansion on the Royal Windsor estate. He still has all kinds of shady friends funneling money to him. He also still has royal protection, both personally and for Royal Lodge. Recently, there were rumors that the Ravec recommendation was for Andrew’s royal protection to be pulled somehow. Something was worked out though – the “taxpayer” will not be footing the bill… in the traditional sense. Apparently, King Charles is going to pay for Andrew’s private security, and Charles will likely pay for the security through one of the monarch’s slush funds. Those same slush funds will not be used when it comes to Prince Harry’s security though. Of course not.

The Duke of York’s private security bill is likely to be funded by the King, despite the monarch’s refusal to pay for Prince Harry’s protection. Prince Andrew is to be stripped of his taxpayer-funded Metropolitan Police protection as he no longer performs public duties. His armed personal protection officers will be replaced by private security guards at an estimated cost of up to £3 million a year.

The King is expected to foot the bill as the Duke has no discernible regular income. Such a move is likely to rankle the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who complained in their Netflix documentary that the withdrawal of their own taxpayer-funded security left their lives in danger.

The Duke of York is said to have written to the Home Office and Scotland Yard to complain about losing his police protection. His entitlement to taxpayer-funded bodyguards was subjected to a full review after he was relieved of his duties as a working royal by Queen Elizabeth II earlier this year, shortly before agreeing a hefty financial settlement with Virginia Guiffre, his sex abuse accuser. The Duke of York has always strenuously denied her allegations. While he is understood to have enjoyed the benefits of police protection since then, the deal is believed to be coming to an end.

All decisions about royal security are made by the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures, known as Ravec.

The Duke’s property on the Windsor estate has separate, permanent security arrangements.

Meanwhile, the Duke of York is expected to join fellow royals at their annual pre-Christmas lunch on Tuesday at Windsor Castle. Up to 50 members of the wider family are expected to gather at the castle for the private event, which will be hosted by the King for the first time. The lunch has traditionally been held at Buckingham Palace. It was last held in 2019 after being cancelled for the last two years due to the coronavirus pandemic. Buckingham Palace and a spokesman for the Duke declined to comment.

[From The Telegraph]

Charles has made it clear repeatedly that Andrew is not welcome in royal life or in public life whatsoever. And yet Charles will go out of his way to allow Andrew to keep the sweetheart-lease on Royal Lodge with taxpayer-funded security on the property, plus the king ensures that Andrew will have full private security paid for by the king’s slush fund. Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan have been under constant and mortal danger for the better part of five years, and Charles only gave them a couple of weeks’ notice before yanking their security. Tyler Perry was 100% accurate when he said: “I saw my mother be abused for years. I knew the symptoms, I knew what it was like…This woman was abused and so was he…To use the institution to try and do all the things a batterer would do, like, here’s what we’re gonna do, ‘we’re gonna cut off the money; we’re not gonna leave you security; we’re gonna do all those things to make you comply and come back’.”

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  1. SarahCS says:

    Chuck 3 may hate Andrew but he loves the institution more and while Andrew is still in the fold (I honestly believe they don’t think he did anything wrong), and not publicly airing their dirty secrets, Chuck will keen him housed and safe.


    • Becks1 says:

      My thoughts are similar….Charles can only punish Andrew so much, as much as he may hate him (for many reasons, not just Epstein.) Andrew was sidelined as a working royal bc he made the Firm look bad, not because of his actions themselves. He is getting security funded by Charles bc Charles needs to keep him just happy enough so that he stays on the side of the Firm.

      My guess is Charles will also be giving him some sort of income or stipend from the lancaster funds.

      • Andy Dufresne says:

        It’s baffling to me that Andrew gets away with all of this, having 0 accountability, while Harry and especially Meghan are being vilified by the likes of old hags and fat turds with double chins (also known as royal experts and journalists).

        Like for god’s sake, Andrew committed a crime and used taxpayer money to pay his victim! WAKE UP BRITAIN AND ABOLISH THE MONARCHY!

      • Caribbean says:

        Maybe this was the reason for the vile article. Compare to that, Charles paying for Andrew’s security does not seem such a big deal now, does it? The royal are playing the long game

      • CocofromCanada says:

        Yeah and then the security can report back to C3. Handy!

    • SarahLee says:

      Andrew has plenty of dirty secrets to spill. You just know it. He was Mummy’s favorite, and I’m guessing she confided in him quite a bit. That, plus just what he knows as a normal part of being around the institution all his life? The nightmare for Charles would be if Andrew wrote a book or gave an interview. Perhaps Spare #2 is an available title?

    • February Pisces says:

      Charles doesn’t hate Andrew for being a peado, he hates him for being his mummy’s favourite son. I think Charles is only keeping Andrew around because Andrew knows way too much about Charles. He needs to keep him sweet and under his control. At the end of the day, Charles doesn’t care about anyone but camilla and everything he does is only for his benefit.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      This is purely damage control.

      The problem is Andrew is without shame and has nothing to lose. King Charles will have to pay and pay and pay.

      They used RAVEC to exile the Sussexes. Without adequate security the Sussexes could not return to outshine the Wales layabouts.
      Perfect was to keep them out of the country for good.
      This action against Andrew shores up their newly formed no security for non working Royals excuse.

    • Andie says:

      Yupppppp. The whole “Charles hates mummy’s favourite boy” and “petty Charles will strip Andrew of all his titles” rhetoric is somewhat satisfying but the reality is that these trash protect their own. Andrew, a pedophile, has more worth to than a married in black woman. They all show the world who they are every day. Believe them.

  2. Beana says:

    Looks like Randy Andy really DOES still have some good dirt on his brother. I wonder what it could be….

    • Snuffles says:

      A lifetime of dirt. He also probably did a LOT of Charles’ dirty work so the heir could keep his hands clean.
      Charles knows that Andrew will sing like a canary if he isn’t kept in the life and style he’s accustomed to.

      • Rnot says:

        I don’t know about doing Charles dirty work. Between the age difference and Andrew’s lifelong track record of being a screwup, I don’t know that Charles would have chosen to rely on him. By the time Andrew reached adulthood Charles already had his own office and staff. I can’t imagine Charles using Andrew for any role other than buffoon or patsy. Maybe to convey a message that he didn’t mind being spread around and shared along the way.

    • Tacky says:

      I think Andrew has enough dirt on himself to make Charles pay for his silence. He could unload all sorts of embarrassing and scandalous sh*t.

    • Harper says:

      Dirt on C-Rex. Dirt on Camilla. Dirt on William. Dirt on Kate. Dirt on the Middletons. Andrew’s dirt is all out in the open and he has nothing to lose. So paid security it is. Plus Fergie at Sandringham for Christmas.

      • Green girl says:

        I would think Harry knows lots and lots about the family, too and that William and Charles would want to stay on his good side for this reason alone.

  3. Becks1 says:

    I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’m not.

    • Jais says:

      Idk why but I’m still surprised! Lol, I’m always thinking they can’t surprise me with their evil but then it happens again. Thought maybe he’d get to keep the house but just wouldn’t leave it ever bc of security issues. Guess that was very wishful thinking 😂

  4. Nightshade says:

    The Royal Rapist gets to keep his security but Harry gets his yanked even with so many credible threats to his life…. I thought I couldn’t be surprised by this scummy family anymore but here we are. If I were a Brit I’d be screaming for revolution..

    • Gabby says:

      Andrew elevates the institution by still wanting to be part of it. He tows the company line that the RF is something to strive for, something to admire, an honor. Conversely, Harry makes the institution look useless and corrupt. Hence, they are “rewarded” differently by Chuckles the Clown.

  5. Heather says:

    But he wouldn’t provide security for his son and his sons wife AND his grandchild who were being surrounded (and had credible threats against them) in Canada and had to flee to the US with the help of Tyler Perry? You’ll protect your pedo brother but not your son and his family?

    Charles is not a good man. Tyler Perry is a good man.

  6. Digital Unicorn says:

    Andrew and his ex-wife are massive liabilities to the RF, esp Chuck – I have always felt that there is more dirty laundry about Andrew that is waiting to be printed and that’s why Chuck is afraid to cut him out completely. Plus I think Andrew has some dirt on his brother and nephew (Peggy). Andrew is just as capable of dirty media games like the rest of them.

    • Fortuona says:

      And he has a lifetime lease on Royal Lodge

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      Right on every point. Andrew was born close enough in time after Charles and Anne that he knew everyone they knew and what they have done their whole lives. He’s got better than dirt—it’s manure. And if he slings it, like Jeremy Clarkson does in his wildest fantasies, it will hit every Royal, including Camilla. And Charles cannot have that. No, sir.

  7. Chloe says:

    Tyler Perry words encapsulates exactly what is going on here. The Windsors are abusers. Sorry but yanking your son’s security when they were constantly under threat AND doing so in a period that was meant for transitioning?? Trash.

  8. UnstrungPearl says:

    Not surprised in the least, and the RF fans will somehow find a way to defend this decision.
    I assume Andrew has some high level kompromat on Charles/William and they know he would sell them out if he doesn’t get what he wants.

  9. ML says:

    What is it about Paedrew that warrants this level of filial devotion and protection? In the Emily Matliss interview he came over as stupid, entitled, boorish and nasty. He bleeds money and is not well-liked among people who work with him or charities. His love of shady oligarchs and teenage girls is seriously creepy and off-putting and there’s little doubt that he has engaged in criminal behavior. He’s uncomfortably tactile when it comes to his daughter’s bum. And yet. This is who the entire royal family protects. KC will go to bat for this member of the gene pool and he attacks his own son. This I will never understand.

    • Tykarri says:

      Harry is half-Diana. (the bane of Charles existence)
      And while so is William, William’s other half is the heir, so it outranks (and has also shown itself to be stronger by his behavior and actions).
      And we all know which half Harry leans into…

  10. Miranda says:

    Won’t pay to protect his son and constantly threatened daughter-in-law and grandchildren, but will continue to financially support an unrepentant paedophile. Won’t give his fairly harmless youngest brother the dukedom he was promised decades ago, but will allow the unrepentant paedophile to continue to pal around with various fellow degenerates (likely on royal property). Got it.

  11. Heather says:

    Exactly! He described that so well. They ARE abusers. Taking away all your commodities (security, money, etc) as a way to get you back on side is classic abuser behavior. Absolutely shameful.

    • Startup Spouse says:

      Someone on this site the other day called the Windsors bottom feeders and that’s exactly what they are.

      Kardashians have more class than this bunch.

  12. Emmi says:

    I don’t think Chuck has much of a choice here. Because he never thought Harry would say “f*ck this” and go rogue and yet he did, but he KNOWS Andrew would in a second.

    I highly recommend the interview a former RPO did with LADbible on youtube. He trashes him and has some interesting stuff to say about the security around Andrew.

  13. Lili says:

    I think there are many lessons the royal family are not learning from this whole saga, Andy’s is the saddest of them all, in all the years he was globe trotting he never learned how to take care of himself, instead it’s the wheeling and dealing and holding something over someone life strategy he goes with. What we are seeing with Meghan from the together cook book we’re strategies to generate an income, not having to rely on someone else for handouts

  14. C-Shell says:

    Well, well. The Telegraph very clearly drawing the comparison of Paedrew’s protection to the lack thereof for the Sussexes. The drip drip of shade against the current crop of senior royals is fun to witness.

    I agree with everyone noting that Charles HAS to keep his noncy brother in the fold, hence this unholy bargain. It’s very mob-like.

  15. Brassy Rebel says:

    They really are trying so hard to convince us that every word H&M said in the doc series is 💯 true. They can stop now. I am completely convinced. I am also convinced that they are disgusting. 🤮

    And if Charles is footing the bill, that means it’s really the taxpayers. All of his funds can be traced back to them.

  16. Tessa says:

    Some in the media do victim shaming and don’t blame Andrew. And praise him for taking care of the corgis and hope he and Sarah will remarry. Revolting.

  17. Amy Bee says:

    I’m not surprised by this at all. It’s part of the deal the Queen made with Charles. Furthermore in the eyes of the Royal Family including Charles and William, Andrew didn’t betray the family and so deserves to be taken care of while Harry did and deserves to be punished.

    • Eurydice says:

      Exactly, people keep saying they don’t understand, but they’re still expecting that the RF should act like a human family. The #1 most important thing is loyalty to The Family. The individual family members are servants to the monarch and the monarch is servant to God. So, to break that “sacred” chain by placing your own wife and children above the monarch is heresy – much, much worse that sex trafficking and rape and graft and corruption.

    • Lady D says:

      He also made a deal with the queen to make Edward a duke, but that didn’t happen. I guess Eddie doesn’t have enough dirt on Charles.

  18. AO says:

    I feel no one is saying another obvious aspect. This has been done so Harry can lose his case against the Home Office. Andrew still having state security is probably part of his defense. And the RF and govt are once again hand in hand.

    • ML says:

      I’m afraid I don’t understand how giving Paedrew security is detrimental to Harry?

      • AO says:

        Harry is in court vs the Home Office about his security, including offering to pay. Part of his defense must be that Andrew has security even though he’s no longer a working royal. With this factor taken out, the home office has a better chance of winning the case

      • C says:

        Why would that be part of his legal defense? It’s certainly an argumentative point but it’s not going to be the foundation of what his case rests on, which is this – the credible threats against his life and the lives of his family should be taken into account.

    • MsIam says:

      But Harry has offered to pay privately for the security too. He is not asking for tax payer funded security. So I think this strengthens his case. Because if Charles can “privately “ foot Pedo’s bill then why can’t Harry foot his own? This definitely plays into what Tyler Perry said about abusers wanting to control you and force you to come back and comply.

      • ML says:

        Yes, MsIam, that’s what I thought. Wasn’t the argument that no one in the RF could have privately-paid security, but they were covered by royal security when they were on safe land (Windsor, Kensington Palace, Sandringham,…)? So Paedrew being funded by KC should help H’s case, no?

      • MsIam says:

        Then why didn’t they say no to Charles and Pedrew? Wouldn’t your argument apply there too? Pedrew is not doing any “royal” duties so presumably all his engagements are as a private person. Plus Harry doesn’t live in the UK like Pedrew so his need for royal security might be once or twice a year at the most.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Rennata, I always find this argument rather shallow. Let’s take Harry by himself. He is the son of the King and did two tours in Afghanistan. For some reason, people want to ignore the fact that he is marked as a target because of that. Now add in the fact that you’ve got people who consider him a “race traitor” in the UK–the very much NOT a racist country. I have no doubt that the threats about him are many and current. You want me to go on and include Meghan? Or their children?

        If that doesn’t make you understand, then let me ask you something. If anything happens to any of the four of them while they’re in the UK because they don’t have security who can carry weapons AND the intelligence regarding threats what do you think is going to be believed globally? I for one will believe that the rf want something to happen to all 4 of them. You might want to think about that. These are not just private individuals. There is nothing that is going to change the fact that the four of them are members of the brf. I know many people want to pretend that’s not true, but facts are facts.

      • teecee says:

        @Rennata And?…If someone has been credibly threatened, then the police ought to be providing protection. Harry is actually being generous by offering to pay for something that would be given to him by most civilized countries.

        I swear, the amount of Brits who insist that being expected to do your job is unreasonable is certainly something.

  19. s808 says:

    not surprised. i’m sure dear mummy negotiated his protection in exchange for that queen camilla BS. this just makes andy look like a bigger loser to me. he can’t take care of himself. we already know charles is a morally bankrupt POS.

  20. ML says:

    Perhaps this is a silly question, but is there a way to “disenfranchise” a royal in GB? In the NLs, Prince Friso chose to marry Mabel, but lost his “firm” membership to do so, since Parliament didn’t approve. What are the “checks and balances” of the BRF? Couldn’t Parliament essentially take away Paedrew’s privilege for all sorts of reasons, which are far worse than Friso wanting to marry the love of his life?

  21. CC says:

    You think this security bill is bad? Just wait until you hear what Charles gives Andrew for his antiperspirant budget.

  22. HeyKay says:

    Well apparently Charles IS a bank.
    What a mess these people are.

  23. B says:

    Lol for a family obsessed with how things look I am finding all of this hilarious. Its becoming clear to me now that the King/Queen and heir don’t have to concern themselves with how things look. That rhetoric is used to bludgeon the others in that family to do things the don’t want to.

    Charles will pay for Andrew’s security but won’t let Harry pay for his own security and he thinks this is a good look? And this was released on the heels of the terrible headlines around Fulani, Jeremy Clarkson, Hussey, and his wife’s terrible circle of friends?

    Lol that silent contract is going to destroy them. They really think they can control public opinion and therefore don’t need to cater to it anymore. They are high on their own supply and really believe what the bots they hire and the press they control say about them.

    • HamsterJam says:

      Maybe they think that if they don’t wear dark nail polish, people won’t notice the bags full of cash.

      Just like they think that if they don’t get a divorce, people won’t care about the pedophilia (Uncle Mountbatten), sex-trafficking (Andrew), multiple affairs and bastard children

  24. thaisajs says:

    I don’t think King Charles has any choice but to foot the bill for this creep. He’s already shown his abysmal judgment-making to the world. If he wasn’t supported by the crown, he’d have to go out and try to make a living and would end up in the pockets of the Saudis or some such. In the end, this will produce much less embarrassment for the family.

    • MsIam says:

      Charles already gets money from those folks, so I doubt if he cares if Andrew does too. I think this is just another way to say “FU” to Harry.

  25. HamsterJam says:

    How come Charles is allowed to pay for security and Harry is not?

    “Robert Palmer QC, acting for the Home Office, said: “Personal protective security by the police is not available on a privately financed basis.

    “Ravec does not make decisions on the provision of such security on the basis that any financial contribution could be sought or obtained to pay for it.””

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      They said that Chuck is paying for private security. Interesting. Why do I think that Andrew’s private security will be able to carry weapons and get intelligence about threats? That’s something that Harry’s private security does NOT get.

  26. HeyKay says:

    Have you all noticed that Team C & C, W&K are making serious mistakes, errors in judgement, generally not reading the room and basically getting everything wrong since The Queen passed?

    Every day something new comes to light, goes to hell.
    They are just awful in so, so many ways.

    • HamsterJam says:

      Exactly, that was her secret, she did nothing! Literally as little as possible. If you don’t do anything you don’t make mistakes. Charles is doing things and so far there isn’t one thing he has done since he became King that is not a mistake. All he has done is punish the royal family, esp H&R

  27. aquarius64 says:

    The only satisfaction I get is if William comes the throne Andrew’s mess would be Bill’s problem.

  28. Maple Plains says:

    “The Duke of York has always strenuously denied her allegations.”

    Makes me think of that scene in A Few Good Men… Sam Weinberg: “I strenuously object?” Is that how it’s done? Hm? “Objection, your Honor!” “Overruled” “No, no. I STRENUOUSLY object.” “Oh! You strenuously object. Then I’ll take some time and reconsider.”

    Andrew can strenuously deny the allegations all he wants, and I can still be sure he’s a predator.

  29. blue says:

    Andrew is 12 years younger than Chuck. Not sure how much a child would have seen or been told about a late teen/young adult sibling’s antics. By the time Andy was a teen & mummy’s clear fave, I’m sure he was aware of some of big bro’s behaviors. I do think that as a young man spending lots of time with mama, she probably took him into confidence & spilled some tea about her any frustrations or concerns she had about Chuck, so Andy’s got dirt.
    I also think that Andy provided the intros to the Saudi sleazes who Chuck took money from. I believe Andy found that source of money first & has plenty of leverage to keep BigBro paying his bills. Andy getting p.o’d & doing a dirty spill is probably a recurrent nightmare for Chuck.

  30. Emily_C says:

    Chuck doesn’t think Andrew did anything wrong. Not because Chuck thinks it was consensual in any way — that’s not even something he can comprehend when it comes to people of the lower classes. Remember, he was bestest buddies with Jimmy Saville, whose rape of every girl and woman he came across and could possibly rape was an open secret. This is a man who raped disabled girls in hospitals. No question in my mind that Charles knew. We are objects to these people.

    Charles only doesn’t like Andrew because Andy was Mommy’s favorite. As for the secrets Andy could expose about Chuck? I think they are much worse than what people here are speculating.

    • HeyKay says:

      Re: Jimmy Saville. Evil incarnate.
      Anyone who knew what that PoS was about should have had him arrested At Once!
      Charles knew? And did nothing? OMG. I have no words to express my anger.

      How can anyone work with, or for, vile people like that? The Royal Protection officers for Charles and Andy must have a burn out rate of 3 months. 3 months at maximum.

      • QuiteContrary says:

        How has Charles survived that friendship with Jimmy Saville? I do not understand it.
        The royal family is a basket of deplorables.

      • Original penguin says:

        There is no way Charles was actually friends with Jimmy Saville. Charles used Jimmy, Jimmy used Charles. It was transactional not personal. If the aristo set don’t accept Kate, they sure as hell wouldn’t have accepted Jimmy Saville. There are more interesting personal relationships in his background though

  31. sparrow says:

    Let’s rephrase that. We the British people pay Charles to pay Andrew’s bills.

  32. JRenee says:

    Of course, Andrew and Fergie would be loose cannons. But he’s not a working royal so how does he continue to receive paid security.
    Mommy made a deal to say Camilla should be QC and Charles has to take care of Andrew.
    The shit is brazen and openly disturbing.
    Charles will end the Monarchy himself…