Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi’s ex is grateful their son doesn’t live in gun-crazy America

I still believe that there were many shenanigans in and around Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi’s courtship with Princess Beatrice. One day, he was engaged to Dara Huang and they were raising their son together and the next day Edo was super-serious with Beatrice and Dara was sleeping on a friend’s couch. Whatever happened, it happened quickly and the mess was hushed up for the most part. Dara and Edo are still friendly, they still work together and they coparent their son Wolfie. As it turned out, Edo and Beatrice had Wolfie on Christmas Day, so Wolfie was included on the church-walk on the Sandringham estate. Wolfie has been included in some royal events before, especially during the Jubbly, and it seems like Edo and Dara are both fine with it. Well, Dara did have some sh-t to say… about how happy she is that Wolfie is being raised and educated in the UK.

Her son has been welcomed so warmly into the Royal Family that he joined the King and Queen on their walk to church at Sandringham on Christmas Day. And now architect Dara Huang has voiced her gratitude that Christopher Woolf Mapelli Mozzi, or ‘Wolfie’ as he’s known, is being educated in this country rather than her native America. She fears that the six-year-old could have become yet another victim of a school shooting in the USA.

‘I’m glad my son doesn’t go to school in the USA,’ Dara declares online. ‘I can sleep at night knowing he won’t die at his desk tomorrow morning.’

There have been more than 600 mass shootings in the US so far this year and at least 1,500 children killed in gun-related incidents.

Miss Huang, 39, who was engaged to interior designer Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, 39, before he married the King’s niece Princess Beatrice, 34, was born and grew up in America, to where her maternal grandfather had emigrated from Taiwan. She was granted British citizenship earlier this year.

The architect, who was recently featured in Channel 4’s property programme Britain’s Most Expensive Houses, made the comments after returning to the US for Christmas while Wolfie was at the King’s Norfolk retreat with his father and stepmother.

‘Not to get all political here, but I went to a sports store in the US to buy tennis shoes today and couldn’t help but notice this huge gun section – post Xmas sale,’ Dara says. ‘So I walked up to the man and said, ‘What do I need to buy a gun home? Do I need a licence?’ And he said, ‘No, you can buy one right now and either take it in two days or take a $50 two-hour ‘conceal and carry course’ and bring it home right now.’ And I said, ‘OK, so no licence needed, medical records, history of felony?’ And he said, ‘Nope. You can keep it in your car or home, as you see fit.’ ‘ She adds: ‘Literally anybody can buy the most dangerous weapon known to man.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I mean… she’s right? America’s gun culture is shameful and crazy. It shouldn’t be this easy to buy a gun. American parents have completely legitimate fears that there will be a shooting at their kids’ schools. Foreigners traveling to America are always shocked by the guns and the prevalence of gun violence. News of American gun violence makes international news. It’s a bonkers way to live. Anyway, I’m glad Dara and Edo are on the same page about raising Wolfie in the UK.

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  1. equality says:

    So, I think, the real point is look how inclusive the RF is in welcoming Edo and his son. Aren’t they wonderful and anyone who lives in the US over the UK must be stupid (hint H&M). Is Dara just going along to co-parent or is she agreeable to the marriage so she can milk the royal connection also? It makes it look more like Bea is being played.

    • Snuffles says:

      I think they’re all on the same page. A deal was struck that they all seem happy with.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        My great niece and nephew are in an online school (not home school!) for this very reason. Unlike Wolfie, they’re nowhere near the royal family, so I’m pretty sure they’re better off here in America. Just sayin’. 😉

      • Tacky says:

        Dara’s career really took off while they were together and I think Edo felt left behind when her architectural firm opened an office in Hong Kong. I think he fixed his bruised ego by marrying into the royal family, thus making him more important than her.

      • Snappyfish says:

        Snowden 2.0

    • Jasper says:

      Yeah, definite shots at H&M and their decision to live in the US and raise their children there. Why this sudden need to interview Dara? She’s living her life minding her business and out of the blue, an interview? In the space of 2 weeks we see a married in actress and now a woman of colour who shares a child with a married in being interviewed and discussing issues that connect to H&M?
      Maybe I’m just paranoid but it looks sus to me.

      • Tacky says:

        Dara has a new TV show coming out in a few weeks and is probably doing press for that. She survived the Mumbai terrorist attack so she may have been asked about gun violence.

      • vespernite says:

        Actually she wasn’t interviewed, it was a post she made on her personal instagram. It was picked up by the press for the exact purpose of making H&M look like bad parents and because Dara is a tv personality in the UK with royal ties.

    • Tessa says:

      I see it as a cynical move by Charles and William to try to prove there is no racism in that family. I hope Edo and d a r a do not let wolf be used for royal spin if this is the case.

      • clarissa says:

        for sure this could have only happened under KCIII. I sincerely don’t believe QEII would have welcomed him for the church walk, not because of race, because he’s not her blood

      • Sue E Generis says:

        Wolfie was most definitely used as a showpiece. The problem is that Wolfie will never be a threat to anybody. Nothing will give him access to the line of succession and he will never be a high level royal – Prince, Duke etc.

        Meghan married too high. Harry is a blood prince and very much near to the throne. His children are grandchildren to the monarch and Prince and Princess (even though Charles is doing everything to avoid acknowledging that and desperately trying to find a way to undo it).

    • Nic919 says:

      There is no denying the US has bad gun laws. But if the UK is such a safe haven then why have RPOs? There was quite a line up of security for the Christmas walk.

      • C says:

        It’s quite something for someone royally-adjacent to say these things when even if their kid lived here they’d never be exposed to actual security risks, and is fine to endorse the Royal Family which did NOTHING about the threats to Archie who was also a vulnerable child. You’d think it would say something to her that the US is so unsafe and they STILL felt like it was safer than their situation in the UK, but alas.

      • Tacky says:

        Right, because the only threat to the BRF is gun violence. 🙄

      • C says:

        Right, like the violence of white powder being mailed to Meghan and the multiple threats against her children. But somehow, that wasn’t their concern, and all of a sudden US gun violence is? Ok.

      • Nic919 says:

        @tacky Yes exactly the IRA killed their uncle but we are going to pretend that there is only violence in the US? Talk about missing the entire point. But then you’ve posted trolling nonsense for the last week so no surprise there.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I agree there are other motives at play here. Yes, the USA has stupid gun laws. Or more accurately, we don’t really have “gun laws,” we just have restrictions on having gun laws. Even worse is that there is a large segment of the population that has turned guns into a symbol of what a “real” American is (guns, the flag, pick-up trucks, country music, faux Christianity — in short, “white” culture). I hate it.

      But, that is not the motivation of her comments. This is clearly a way to criticize Harry and Meghan for choosing to live in America. Because did the interviewer ask for her views of America’s gun laws? It seemed like such a random thing to bring up.

      Beatrice’s mixed-raced step child is being used as a prop to show the world how the royals are “very much not a racist family.” That’s the only way racists welcome non-whites into the family — as props or trophies to buy themselves good will with the public. But that prop/trophy must always support the racist institution, and never say anything the family does not approve of. The racists are willing to use these props for their own benefit, but never forget that underneath it all, their true feelings haven’t changed.

      There is also a strong “William/Kate = Britain vs. Harry/Meghan = USA, so pick your side” narrative going on. Harry and Meghan were welcomed by the USA while William and Kate were booed and had to listen to chants of “USA! USA!” So now, a proper British person cannot sympathize with Meghan and Harry, or they will be seen as “pro-American and anti-British” and who would want THAT, right?

      • Kingston says:

        I agree with this take. That dara chick might be too dumb to see it yet but her kid is gonna be fodder for the royals and their PR-arm, the rota, if he becomes a more visible fixture in the mapelli household.

        Wolfie will be used like theyd planned to use Archie. And given that wolfie is in the age-grp between george and louis, watch how he’ll be used like a ping-pong for those 2. For now, theyll (the rota) tread carefully, tho. Theyll follow the lead of the courtiers……see which way the wind blows. The rota and courtiers have learned a thing or two about treading a little bit more cautiously, re how they treat with a different kind of “other” in their midst.

        In the meantime, I’m highly curious at the silence of the rota about the invisibility of beatrice’s daughter. I believe theres a story there. But bea is being a good little princess-doormat. Unlike her ‘rogue’ sister. lol So shes safe……….for now.

      • SussexFan says:

        @Mrs. Krabapple: Agree 100% with this take. Let me add something else. Both Wolfie and Archie may not be attending American public schools; you may be sure that Archie and his sister will probably attend an American private school. They are all privileged to have money behind them to attend very good schools in their respective areas.

        Mighty funny, though, that Wolfie has suddenly turned into an “honorary white” child within the Royal Family. The damage that it’s going to wreak on the boy long term when he figures out how this is a conditional acceptance. So having a part-Asian stepchild is a lot better than having a part-black royal prince and princess who don’t fit the description? Explain this kind of mental gymnastics, KCIII.

      • AnonyCat says:

        She didn’t do an interview. She posted on Instagram stories her quick thoughts. So the story had a picture of this huge gun section and she wrote the text out.

        Meghan and Harry can afford a lot of security (thankfully, because the Royal Family and BM put a target on their backs) so they don’t have to worry about this. But there are frequent shootings and folks do have to worry about it. The Mail reported on Dara’s insta- Stories post. Today she posted in her stories that she loves being American and she is proud of it.

        So no slight to the Sussexes there.

        It is a post to when personal instagram STORIES that was lifted by the daily mail

  2. Doh says:

    It’s a dig to Meghan and Harry for raising their kids in America. London has its own knife crime problem. Parisians strike like it’s their favorite past time. There’s no perfect place to raise a family. America’s suburbs and rurals are probably still better places to live than big cities in UK.

    • equality says:

      Also the most dangerous of weapons, motor vehicles, are sold even more freely than guns.

      • K says:

        Cars main purpose is transportation. There are regulations around cars.Guns main purpose is to kill something. So very different

      • MaryContrary says:

        Oh yes-and people are constantly ramming their cars into schools and killing multiple children. Eye roll.

      • Rnot says:

        Cars kill more people in the US than guns, every year. We allow 16 year olds to pilot 2 ton projectiles that can travel more than 100mph and that are capable of delivering more destructive physical force than an actual cannon. It’s an extremely emotional subject but the emotions don’t change the relative risk.

      • equality says:

        @Mary Cars have been driven into parades deliberately and children and adults injured/killed. Cars have been driven deliberately into protests to injure and kill. As Rnot says more people are killed in car accidents every year, especially teens. (Guess you maybe don’t count them as children?) Glad you find this so worth an eye roll.

      • ArtFossil says:

        Firearms are the number one cause of death in children in the US. Monstrous.

    • Snuffles says:

      Yes, it’s totally a dig. Fortunately for Archie, he’s got his own security detail.

    • dee(2) says:

      I thought so too, and wondered is this now their plan? Can’t be too obvious with the media given the docu-series and the blowback to the Clarkson and now Politico articles. So, they just plan to bring out cousin’s wives, and exes to write articles or give interviews about how sucky America is, and how the royal family are so cool and welcoming? I’m guessing the reception to Earthshot probably had something to do with the cooled ardor towards the US as well.

      • Yup, Me says:

        Shitting on the US is only going to go so far when they simultaneously need to market themselves here.

      • Snuffles says:

        The “new” plan is the proclaim they are keeping calm and carrying on while sending their minions to take shots at them. It’s the same old playbook but they’ve just recruited some new players.

    • Danbury says:

      Because Parisians going on strike is as dangerous as gun violence? Ummm no

      • C says:

        Well there’s striking and then there are things like that Freedom Convoy earlier this year that was meant to copy Canada’s, lol.

      • Danbury says:

        Still not nearly as dangerous as children getting shot up in schools and politicians and police allowing it.

      • C says:

        Mmmm, that kind of protesting against Covid regulations caused a lot of deaths, as did the logic behind it – internationally. In fact, I’d consider it the only thing that would be a contender similar to gun violence. Now of course, the US had both, but let’s not pretend that it didn’t happen in other countries typically portrayed as more enlightened. And my partner is French so I’m not completely clueless.

        And this kid wouldn’t be anywhere near a school where that kind of thing would happen, if they lived here.

      • TheVolvesSeidr says:

        The difference between gun violence in the US and “other countries” is that I can go buy an AR-15 today if I choose. You can’t do that in “other countries”. It’s out of control in the US, unlike any other place. You can’t literally blow someone’s head off with a pistol unless you are very close range. AR-15’s cut people in half from across a room. And those are the types of weapons used in the mass shootings here. This kid wouldn’t be anywhere near a Sandy Hook or a Parkland? Two very “rich” neighborhoods – get real. These mass shootings aren’t happing in ghettos. Black folks are not doing these mass shootings. Whyt males are doing these shootings. No where else in the world has gun violence like the US. Don’t downplay this horrific issue.

      • C says:

        Did you mean to reply to me? Gun violence by white males is absolutely disproportionately a problem in the United States. Nevertheless, Dara’s statement is off because she is using it to cozy up to a particular microcosm of racism and white supremacy that had no care for the mixed kids threatened within it, after all. Again, it says something that Harry and Meghan found the US even with its issues safer than the UK for them.
        (By the way, how many millionaires’ children are involved in these shootings? They aren’t.)

      • TheVolvesSeidr says:

        @C you don’t really know how many millionaire’s children are involved in the shootings. Like I said, Parkland in particular has many wealth families and it’s not like they advertise their net worth when their child has been murdered is it.

      • C says:

        If you’ll look at my comment below, you’ll see that I acknowledged that there have been shootings in places with incomes above the median. But the US pays poverty wages and that doesn’t mean millionaire. Parkland was not a school for the children of millionaires.
        Net worth is important in this discussion. Because some of the wealthiest families in the United States are gun lobbyist families.
        Dara’s comment here is supposed to be a dig at Harry and Meghan and especially Harry’s security concerns for his family. Why else would they print this in the Daily Mail? She is echoing the royal line of disdain for America in particular that many media personalities who hate Harry and Meghan for costing them money, and the royalists who want to back the Home Office, echo – “if they are so worried about security how can they live in the US?”
        It’s a conversation meant to distract, not address.

    • hangonamin says:

      ok, let’s just admit our gun culture is out of control and it is getting more dangerous to live in the US. school shootings are appalling and should NEVER happen. the fact it’s happened in suburban and smaller cities shows u how pervasive and harmful our gun policy is. By far out of the high economy countries, the US is more dangerous to raise kids. from 2009 until now, there are 19 countries with mass school shootings…we are responsible for 288 of those statistics and the other 18 countries are single digits. gun violence is responsible for 4 out of 100,000 deaths, with the next highest country being Chile at 2.

    • Delphi says:

      With respect, I’m really troubled by equating strikes in France with gun violence in the US. Strikes are the organised withdrawal of labour by working people, in order to negotiate for better pay and other rights. The right to strike is a huge blessing. There is no equivalent!

      I also don’t think we should use right-wing talking points about strikes and knife crime in London to defend Harry & Meghan. (Knife crime is usually discussed as a racist dogwhistle about places like Peckham, or an attack on London Mayor Sadiq Khan. As Meghan said – “what’s wrong with being from Compton?”). It’s perfectly ok for an American-born woman of colour like Dara to express her opinion on gun crime. What’s sad is how toxic and vicious the UK press are, that her words have to be twisted into a critique of another parent in a very different situation. It’s clear that the US is probably the least safe place in the Global North for children. It’s also clear that for Harry & Meghan’s children, the US is much safer than the UK. I’m willing to give Dara the benefit of the doubt here and say she’s just expressing her opinion about her own birth country and child, not taking potshots at others. Let’s not forget that the DM is the kind of publication to pit Meghan and Dara against each other so that Meghan haters can hate on her, and Meghan fans can hate on Dara. I don’t want to play their ugly games.

    • Cessily says:

      Exactly a dig.. but being raised around people that embrace racism, hate, dehumanizing targeted harassment, pedophiles and sex offenders is to be praised.

    • Mila says:

      Can you people not accept that most of Europe really abhor US gun laws? She’s entitled to her opinion, it does not make her stupid or a pawn in BRF hands. Not everything is about Harry and Meghan.

      • Kate’s Jeggings says:

        @Mila, seriously. The woman has a legitimate point and there’s no indication it has anything to do with Harry and Megan. People are really twisting themselves into pretzels trying to find a “BRF hates Harry and Megan” spin on literally everything.

    • goofpuff says:

      It’s not a dig to H&M. Many other royals are living in the US and raising their children here. Many English expats as well. She never mentions anyone at all, just her experience. And her story is very important statement on US policy. We can’t turn ourselves into the royal rota and make up stuff like this.

    • AnonyCat says:

      It is a post that she made to her personal instagram stories. The Daily Mail saw it. Lifted it to make an article. They want folks to assume that she was criticizing Meghan and Harry, when H& M are not in the same financial or security situation. Literally before that she was posting about learning the Wednesday dance with her niece.

      It was one post in her stories, with a picture of the gun section and that text. Then she went on about her life.

      Now today she had to post that she loves being American. Come on folks.

  3. Moderatelywealthy says:

    Edo as per usual manages to know excatly where the cameras are and places himself in a angle we can see his dandy face in full…

    Edo is not shy about enjoying the perks of royal adjacency life and I am glad Dora Huang seems to be as pragmatic as her former partner is.

    Beatrice and Edo seem very happy with their aristocratic marriage and in no way will jeopardize their connection with the RF. They want and will keep getting their inviations and I doubt we will ever see them taking sides. They are aiming for non controvertial and it would be Edo´s dreams to be half in half out .

    Dara is just helping them out. She gets to criticize the Sussexes for raising their children as americans , lends her biracial son to be used by the RF as inclusivity prop and Beatrice and Edo can safely claim they never criticized the Sussexes and never took any side, mind you?

    they surely learned from the mistake that was going with disgraced Andrew to the Embassy of China and claiming to represent the Queen.

    • Tessa says:

      Edo is a married in. I hope he does not push social climbing so he does royal work. I like jack so much better.

    • Indiesr says:

      This! Plus, Wolfe is no threat to them, he won’t outshine anyone like Meghan did, so of course they are happy to use him to show how welcoming they are.

    • Zoochy says:

      Doubt Dara even cares about H&M. This is an overall comment on the state of America right now. Might as well reap the benefits of Royal connections when you have them.

      • C says:

        Lol. No, it’s not. Even when Meghan joined they had all those articles about the gang activity from “where she grew up” in OMG lawless America! and implied she would bring knives to royal dinner parties. And Beatrice has shown which side she’s on during this whole thing. I imagine her husband and his ex-partner are fine with it. She came out and said this for a reason.

      • Jais says:

        The papers want to imply that Meghan is a bad mom bc she chooses to raise her kids in the US where there are mass shootings and absurdly stupid gun laws. The debate isn’t really about whether Americas gun laws are stupid. They are, no question. But like @C says, even with that, Meghan assessed that risk and it was still healthier to get her kids away from the RF. Meghan is a fierce mama bear and she knew that the family and tabloid press would crush her children spiritually and emotionally. But there’s a dig here that she is causing her kids harm by living in the US. By Dara saying she would never, it sets up a good mom/ bad mom dynamic. I’m not sure if Dara intended that but there’s just no good faith way for the papers to not want her words to draw that comparison for the readers.

      • LaPlatanera says:

        I was very surprised to see Woolfie considering Dara never posts his face on her social media. I follow her and had no idea about her upcoming show. This echoes what any parent living abroad would say about gun violence in this country and in my humble opinion has nothing to do with the Sussexes.

      • Moderatelywealthy says:

        I want to clarify my comment about Dara being pragmatic, I also dont believe she was taking a dig at the Sussexes, but only meant she was covering up for Edo and Bea for pragmatic reasons.

        Edo is the one who dumped Dara to enter into an aristocrat marriage. Beatrice was happy getting her plus one because it meant people would stop pitying her. Dara knows her child is being used as a prop by the RF, but also knows she cannot do anything about it. Wolfie is Edo ´s son. She posted this remark actaully to justifiy her decision of not pushing back against Edo and Bea , to keep quiet and enjoy the perks because it will be good for her son. ” Oh well, Wolfie gets to be used as an inclusion, but look, at least he is not being raised where I came from where they have guns.” The Daily Mail then made it a dig about the Sussexes without mentioning their name.

    • Lizzie says:

      My guess is that Edo and Dora businesses are benefitting a great deal so they will play along.

  4. Tessa says:

    What about his daughter.

  5. Eurydice says:

    Beatrice’s hat is tragic – that’s all I’ve got.

  6. Amy Bee says:

    I’m surprised the piece didn’t mention Harry and Meghan. Whatever deal she struck with Edo must have been substantial because I seem to remember her running to the DM to complain that he left her for Beatrice.

  7. Tessa says:

    Such a double standard. Harry dated Meghan for 2 years and he is accused of rushing things. While Edo is dating Beatrice he has a pregnant fiancee and not a word from another family member telling Beatrice she is rushing things.Not a fan of edo.

    • Aurora says:

      Edoardo and Beatrice had known each other for years. Wolfie was 2 when they started dating, and 4 when they got married in 2020. Beatrice established they rushed the wedding since she wanted her grandparents to attend it. Their age and frail condition didn’t make advisable to wait for the pandemic to end (which proved right, since both QEII and Philip’s health entered a severe decline shortly after). Most likely, the fact that she was already pregnant factored into that decision. So, two long-time friends marry while expecting a child after dating & cohabitating for 2 yrs, vs two people from opposite upbringings who hadn’t even googled each other marry after 18 months of basically LDRing. The difference is obvious.

  8. Danbury says:

    That kid is so cute. I hope they protect him from the Royal Machine

  9. T3PO says:

    Sure you can avoid the gun violence in America but grandpa is a pedophile so have fun with that.

    Clearly this was a dig at H and M. The RF is a bunch of cretins.

  10. C says:

    Well, just make sure he never tries to introduce a nonwhite partner to the palace.

    Also, while there have been shootings in communities where the median income is higher than normal (like in Sandy Hook where the median income was six figures), millionaires and people of their financial level do not need to worry about security at their childrens’ schools whatever country they’re in honestly. (And a lot of people on that income level are lobbying for more guns).

    • hangonamin says:

      not completely true. there have been school shootings in private schools in the US. just much much less than public schools. i think the thought is that it’s a combination of gun policy as well as lack of individualized attention as a failing of the public schools where kids are lost in the shuffle and no one notices the signs until it is too late.

      • C says:

        I didn’t say private schools. I said millionaires. The people who live in gated communities and their schools all have metal detectors.

      • C says:

        And I need to stress – people wanting to pay to protect their children is understandable. But Dara and Edo and their kid would never face these risks. There’s a reason she is saying this.

      • Nic919 says:

        Wasn’t one of the reasons used for the move to Adelaide cottage was because the kids faced threats at Battersea? So they seem to be saying that even in an exclusive school in the UK, the royal kids are not safe despite the presence of RPOs.

        Meanwhile Trudeau’s kids can attend the nearby separate school in ottawa with other regular kids, as Trudeau did himself. So let’s stop pretending the Uk doesn’t have its own issues with violence.

  11. Tessa says:

    Beatrice is stepmother so Andy is stepgranddad. He has maternal grandparents.andy is granddad of August and siena.

  12. girl_ninja says:

    Whew. You dangle some cash in some of these peoples faces and they will dance for the UK press on behalf of that raggedy throne. Whatever it takes to survive I guess.

  13. Plums says:

    Not gonna criticize or ascribe shallow motivation to this opinion because it’s absolutely warranted, and I share it. And I live in an open carry state.

    I don’t think the Sussexes have much to worry about though, living in one of the wealthiest, most exclusive and most liberal enclaves in the country. Not any more than any other super rich person in the world has to fear gun violence, in any case.

  14. Mtl.Ex.Pat says:

    Oh this motley crew. There’s some sort of odd arrangement there. Edo with his preening face wanting to be royal adjacent with all its perks (and seemingly sweetening the pot for the cheated on ex), Bea wanting to get married and stop the “last single girl” sexist articles, the BRF getting to play at being inclusive. And, if I may say, Woolfie is a pretentious annoying nickname.

  15. Blujfly says:

    This isn’t true in all states as she well knows so perhaps she should ask herself why the people she’s visiting who undoubtedly are in an enclave of ranches and ski houses or horse country push those policies, hmm? Clearly a Harry and Meghan dig. Whatever lets her sleep at night after her fiancé openly cheated on her with… Beatrice….

    • Zoochy says:

      You do realize we don’t put up border fences between each US state…? Otherwise Chicago would have been barricaded decades ago.

      • Blujfly says:

        No, Chicago would have put up barriers against you. The majority of guns used in crimes in Chicago are trafficked into it from states with less restrictions. The same is true for the entire northeast corridor where they used to come from Virginia.

      • C says:

        No, I believe Blujfly is referring to the gated enclaves that are almost militaristic in safety sometimes protecting the very very wealthy inside that are in many states.

      • dee(2) says:

        @Blujfly thank you for saying this. I really hate the shorthand that “Chicago” has become for violence, when the vast majority of guns are brought in from our next door neighbor Indiana. It’s insulting and always comes across honestly as a bit of a dogwhistle.

      • Nick G says:

        I’m all the way in Toronto and even I get offended by the Chicago references.

      • Nic919 says:

        Blaming the violence in Chicago is a right wing trope and shows total ignorance of the fact that different states have different laws and state borders don’t matter. Indiana is an hour away from Chicago and that’s where they get the guns.

        Yes we all agree that the US has awful gun laws, but it’s not like the UK is a crime free zone otherwise the royals wouldn’t need taxpayer funded security.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Blujfly, exactly what I was thinking. I live in a blue state. Trust me, you do not get a gun here as she described it. If you want a gun, you have to have a background check which will show any felonies and mental illness involuntary commitments. You have to wait to get the gun until that’s done and you’re cleared. There are other restrictions once you own them. When I read the description she gave of buying a gun, I immediately thought, “oh, she’s in a red state”. I don’t mean to get political, but I calls ’em the way I see ’em.

      I think more needs to be done about smuggling guns across state lines. I wonder why that’s not talked about.

      • Zoochy says:

        I apologize for not making the metaphor clear. Chicago’s gun violence is a direct result of being adjacent to a red state with very lax gun laws (Indiana). Chicago is also in fairly close proximity to the Wisconsin border, another state that has fewer gun restrictions than Illinois.

        My point was of how easy it is to transport guns across state lines. That’s precisely *why* Chicago is used as a bad faith dogwhistle by conservatives and “gun rights” advocates. It’s counter to their narrative.

  16. Esmerelda says:

    I’m European – by brother moved to the US decades ago, married a Chinese-American woman and has two adorable American children. This is all old news, and yet American gun culture is still quite terrifying, and it’s still a topic of conversation (it’s not like Costco being a fun American thing, it’s serious) among the US and the EU sides of the family.
    I know #NotAllAmericans condone gun culture, and Europe is not perfect by any measure… but it is a profound cultural difference, and I can understand Dara remarking upon it.

    • Blujfly says:

      But it sounds like your family comes from a place of concern and confusion and her comments don’t ring the same way especially because she *is* American.

  17. Nic919 says:

    Dara Huang is a non white American living and working in the UK. While she is not wrong in being critical of US gun policy, she’s saying this because the xenophobia and racism in the UK, especially when someone is linked to the royal family, is so off the charts that she’s saying this so she doesn’t become the next target.

    The UK has a better gun policy, but they are just as racist as Americans but pretend otherwise.

    And seeing as how Edo is white and British, he’s going to be protected in a way she will never be. It started with how the sketchy way he met Beatrice was basically ignored whereas Meghan had her years old divorce brought up as if that was an issue compared to a guy with a pregnant former fiancée.

    • goofpuff says:

      Agreed. Feels to me like she is doing this out of self preservation for her and her son. She isn’t calling out anyone by name, just commenting on American gun culture.

  18. Brenda says:

    I cannot speak highly enough about the Stop The Bleed campaign, which is designed to teach absolutely anyone how to stop life threatening bleeding. No prior medical knowledge or experience is required. Anyone can do this.
    The American College of Surgeons supports it, I used to teach classes for it before COVID, we would go through a slide deck educating people on life threatening hemorrhage and then practice on fake thighs with simulated stab wounds and shot gun wounds. Attendees would learn then practice the skills they need to stop life threatening bleeding. Everybody loved being in these classes, they were dynamic and fun.
    The class structure has changed since COVID, obviously the instructors got pulled into pandemic duties and weren’t as able to teach these volunteer courses, but some are beginning to register classes again. These classes are meant to be free or very minimal cost. Unfortunately, there are a few people offering classes that charge a significant amount of money. That is not supposed to be happening, but you can keep looking for a free or very low cost listing.
    Please go get trained! I think every single citizen should know how to do this. In the UK the equivalent is KnifeSavers. You can learn more at http://www.stopthebleed.org

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I appreciate your bringing awareness to this campaign, thank you for posting.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Brenda, thank you for letting us know about stop the bleed. I didn’t know about it and I used to get recertified for first aid every two years. I’ll be looking into this and I’ll be telling my friends.

  19. whatever says:

    I was personally of the opinion that this is precisely why the Christmas walk was so large this year. Wolfie is the only “not completely white” face that is royal family adjacent, and they wanted him for optics. And you can’t invite just Bea without inviting all the other extended family, or it will look too obvious. I personally think that LOTS of people were included that wouldn’t have been, if not for Wolfie. Poor little kid. He’s such a cutie, and I’m pretty sure he’s being used as a prop.

  20. Zazzoo says:

    Has there ever been a mass casualty event at a posh private school in the U.S.? How dangerous is school for someone like Wolfie? Let’s be realistic. Politicians haven’t been swayed that protecting children is more important than NRA kick backs because it’s not their children in danger. These comments feel insincere and suspiciously well timed to coincide with Wolfie being welcomed into the fold.

    • Nic919 says:

      Weren’t there threats made to George and Charlotte while at school? They have security so they will be fine, but to pretend the UK is a perfect utopia is also weird.

    • TheVolvesSeidr says:

      Just read that 6% of school shootings (as of Parkland) were at private schools. So definitely not the majority, but it does happen.

  21. MsIam says:

    They can use Edo’s son as a diversity prop if they want to. Doesn’t mean they aren’t racist and don’t like black people. Given what Ngozi Fulani went through, I would put my money on that.

    • Nem says:

      And there are photos showing a overwelmed wolfie with the people and media frenzy.
      Béa, edo and dara may not have the best interests of their son in mind.
      Charles may tolerate a biracial step grandnephew in law, as he isn’t threatening like his full royal blood mixed grand children who he refused to recognize HRH status and prince titles.

      • Kaye says:

        @Nem: about overwhelmed Wolfie, I saw some media of everyone coming out of the church. He must have gotten briefly separated from Bea and Edo, and he looked so confused and frightened. He looked around and then held up his hands in a “what do I do now?” gesture. It made me sad for him.

      • Nem says:

        whoah !
        So it’s even worse in video ?
        Bea and edo are lucky tabloid storytelling was about them being the good multi racial part of the very not racist brf and kate posing.
        Photos show another story of the wales and them not very concerned with their kids well being :wolfie ill at ease and unsupported, wales children with unsufficient or inadequate clothes for hard winter or their genre, Louis running as he was let down by everyone…
        That royal Christmas walk is such mess, between scandals unadressed, prince andrew parading and so much neglected children…

  22. Blujfly says:

    Also the “wait two days” is in fact to run the background checks to check for a history of a felony of the kind that would prevent you from owning a gun. The overall opinion, whatever, wealthy liberals that seemingly only hangout with other countries’ right wing establishment love spouting it while cosying up to people being supported by the same political apparatus and money that created the environment in America. But the details are wrong.

  23. Haylie says:

    They weren’t trying to push Dara to suicide while she was pregnant like they tried with Meghan.

    Dara, Edo and their little diversity prop that they gladly let Charles use to demonstrate how “not racist” he is can keep America out of their mouths.

  24. Julia K says:

    Bea and Edo were childhood friends because their parents friendship go way back. He is Italian royal adjacent on father’s side and aristo on mother’s side, so worthy of being cultivated by the Yorks. I have always thought this was an arranged marriage, to safely position their eldest daughter during the Epstein scandal fallout, and give Edo a leg up in the property business world by being BRF adjacent. Win win for both sides.

    • Zazzoo says:

      They arranged a marriage to a man who was raising a child with another woman? Could the RF be so machiavellian and cruel? Our delightful BRF?

    • MsIam says:

      If he would dump his fiance so quickly, what makes Bea think he wouldn’t do the same to her? Unless she doesn’t care and just wanted a husband and baby. People get married for all kinds of reasons I guess.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Beatrice’s picker has always been broken, always. First the criminal, then the user Dave Clarke. Edo saw that and grabbed the opportunity to hit on recently-dumped Beatrice. Left his pregnant fiancee to get access to ‘real royals’ as opposed to his grandfather’s silly fake Italian title. Beatrice fell for it, Fergie loved the idea, I’m sure Andrew was pushing for a marriage too (wanting whatever ‘wedding gift’ cash QEII and Philip were handing out).

        IMO Beatrice was desperate to get married 1) since Eugenie was married and 2) before her grandparents passed. Meghan haters blame Harry and Meghan for Eugenie’s wedding being in Fall 2018, that somehow they ‘forced’ her to postpone. I think Eugenie and Jack would have wed in fall 2017. BUT Beatrice was dumped in August 2016 when she expected a proposal. Eugenie held off getting married for a year out of respect for her sister’s feelings, when originally they both thought they’d have weddings in 2017 (Spring for Bea and Fall for Eugenie).

      • Tessa says:

        Look at tom Brady who broke up with his pregnant girlfriend Bridgette Moynihan and started seeing his future wife Giselle. Now tom and Giselle are divorced

  25. Lucy says:

    Am I the only one who finds it interesting Edo is referred to as an interior designer here? I thought he was a real estate developer, the shade.

    It seems very aristocratic marriage. I hope she’s happy long-term.

  26. EduBois says:

    Yeah the gun accessibility and violence in the US is scary. But this is a weird comment to me. It’s giving that Prince Albert baby mother vibes…that woman who had a kid with him and every once in a while pops up to get some press…I’m not even going to look her up. It’s a slow news week, I know.

    • Nem says:

      Albert baby mama may be messy, but she was always telling hard truths about how her Child and she were mistreated.
      Albert was just a little better at hiding his mischief and less exposed than the brf.

  27. N says:

    I, and many of my friends, won’t travel to or in the States any longer as a result of the lax policy on guns and the proliferation of gun sales, as well as shootings. Sad.

    • Guest says:

      @N What does a comment like this or Dara’s aim to achieve? Some of us don’t have a choice, we were born in the US to US parents and don’t have the option to simply up and move to another country. I hate guns, I fight for gun control and I’m terrified about sending my kids to school. And I’m not alone. Many of us feel this way and it’s not our fault this situation exists. So what does proclaiming your privilege to not come here or not live here achieve other than reinforcing the point that you look down on those of us who don’t have a say in our nationality or gun policy? Congratulations on not being born here I guess…

    • Athena says:

      I will not be traveling to England due to the racism of the English and the royal family’s treatment of Meghan.

      • Kittenmom says:

        My friend’s husband made an excellent point – spend your tourism dollars in Wales/Scotland/Ireland if you want some Anglo/Anglo-adjacent sightseeing.

  28. Jumpingthesnark says:

    She is correct of course, but this does come across as sucking up to the Windsors. Business wise, she and the Mozz stand to gain alot from these connections. Which has been discussed alot here in the past. Is Beatrice being played? Or does she know and is ok with it?

  29. tamsin says:

    I feel that Wolfie is being used as a prop as well. Hope he isn’t too damaged by it. Without a doubt, he will be ‘othered’ in his life- we just don’t know to what extent. Edo is doing an excellent job being Bea’s stylist, though.

  30. So this years theme for Christmas was “birds of a feather”?

  31. Talie says:

    Richard always get the exclusives about Edo and Dara’s life. They have been nurturing that relationship for years. He’s a society reporter and that’s kind of the life they want to be in. It’s the one reason I believe Beatrice sticks to the party line and is less independent than her sister. She likes being a part of the aristocracy and all the trappings.

    • Nem says:

      Beatrice and Eugenie (with lady gabriela windsor) seem to be the royals who are beloved by upper classes and aristocratic circle (everyone unfazed by fathers and Mothers linked to pedophilia, racism, money laundering, Corruption scandals, etc.) .
      Some rich old money and noble women love to show off photos with beatrice at events, and boast about being invited to eugenie wedding (which seemed to have been the royal exclusive social event for upper crust from the 4 most proeminent royal grandchildren marital celebrations where you had to be) on instagram. We know meghan was ostracised and prevented from socialising peacefully with her new peers by family and inlaws, courtiers and press (with some tatler rich and aristocratic jealous girls demeaning her), and kate being an afterthought being put in her place when necessary.
      Beatrice is thirsty with high society social life, but she needs the networking, using her status into sponsors for free holidays, freebies from fashion houses, high salaries work, rich sponsors for edo business, opportunities and preparing a better future for her Child Sienna who will not have a HRH or a title to trade in life.
      Sophie winkleman trying to level up the same way without being to manor born after Sophie wessex fails is hilarious

  32. Jazz Hands says:

    I didn’t know any of this backstory but I just Googled and came across some interesting quotes from her father (a retired NASA scientist)! “Why would they want to go and break this up? I can’t understand it. It’s not fair but the Royal Family are so powerful. What can I do? I can’t do anything.”

    • Julia K says:

      Interesting. So the RF broke up Edo and Dara? To arrange a marriage to Bea?

      • notasugarhere says:

        I could see Andrew getting his staff to pressure Dara-and-family to keep quiet about the timeline, crossover, Edo cheating on her while she was expecting or had just given birth, how she was surprised by all of it. Didn’t want the story out there of Beatrice dating an engaged man who was expecting his first child with another woman. Andrew wanted Bea married (again for the PR and for any wedding gift money from QEII), he wasn’t going to let Dara stand in the way OR let her cause any fuss in the press. Keep quiet, play nice, and your business will benefit.

  33. Bonsai Mountain says:

    Won’t save poor Wolfie from being othered, but go on Dara.

  34. Flower says:

    Also what happens with Wolfie comes of age ?

    Will he still be invited to Christmas service and the walk-about with the other Edo-York children ?

    • Miss Melissa says:

      Speaking of which, where are the other York children?

      Why have been no pictures of Baby Sienna at all?

      • Flower says:

        @Miss Melissa I ask because notice how none of Camilla’s children are part of the entourage….

      • aftershocks says:

        @Miss Melissa, apparently Bea and Edo have currently decided not to publicly provide pictures of Sienna, if they haven’t yet posted any pics of her on their respective Instagrams. As Sienna’s parents, Bea & Edo have the right to decide whether and when to publicly share pictures of Sienna. She probably has red hair like Bea and Fergie. She’ll grow up royal adjacent, but hopefully protected from the spotlight as much as possible.

  35. SourcesclosetoKate says:

    America is always the butt of all jokes, I get though, any time there’s crowds for concerts in america there’s always the risk of some gun shots or terrorism or something. Crowds are more secure there. But anytime the world is in trouble, we’re the ones to get called to do something.

    • equality says:

      Or when the royals want money or PR, like W&K, here they come.

    • MsIam says:

      Anything can happen anywhere is my motto. Speaking of concerts, look what happened at Ariana Grande’s concert in the UK. And the vast majority of the millions of school children In the US go to and from school safely every day. I don’t buy Dara”s argument at all, I think she’s just doing her part in the smear campaign against the Sussexes. She should take a good look at what’s happened to Meghan and Harry, that should let her know what’s in store for her if she ever refuses to play ball.

    • TheVolvesSeidr says:

      The population of the US is almost six times the population of England. It just goes to reason the crowds there are more secure, there are much fewer people. And our population is waaaaay more heavily armed b/c people can’t buy hand guns in England, and I can go across the state line to Nevada, pick one up and come back home within the space of a few hours. There’s no federal waiting period and only 9 states plus DC have waiting periods. It’s insanity and needs to change. Hopefully soon, before 2024.

  36. Rnot says:

    I highly recommend “The Violence Project: How to Stop a Mass Shooting Epidemic” by professors Jillian Peterson and James Densley. It’s a DOJ funded data-driven analysis of every mass shooting since 1966. It was published in 2021.

    From an article about it in Politico: “There’s this really consistent pathway. Early childhood trauma seems to be the foundation, whether violence in the home, sexual assault, parental suicides, extreme bullying. Then you see the build toward hopelessness, despair, isolation, self-loathing, oftentimes rejection from peers. That turns into a really identifiable crisis point where they’re acting differently. Sometimes they have previous suicide attempts. What’s different from traditional suicide is that the self-hate turns against a group. They start asking themselves, “Whose fault is this?” Is it a racial group or women or a religious group, or is it my classmates? The hate turns outward. There’s also this quest for fame and notoriety.”

    It’s really key to understand that most mass shootings are violent suicides and that there are clear warning signs and opportunities for intervention and prevention. It’s the most dramatic version of hurt people hurting people. They don’t start out as monsters. They choose to become monsters after their pain goes unaddressed for long enough.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      There is a common thread among mass shooters, serial killers, and terrorists: hatred of women. The crimes may occur for various reasons, such as bias against a certain race, or religion, or sexual orientation, or political views — but they share a hatred for women. THAT is the “clear warning sign.”

      • BeanieBean says:

        Well, yes, and I didn’t read the book referenced or the Politico article, but gun violence is perpetrated by men almost exclusively. We may read of the occasional wife shooting her husband, or hiring someone to do it, but the mass shootings? That’s by men, solely men.

    • Brenda says:

      The RAND group in Los Angeles has started a massive research study to systematically look at gun violence to try to suss out evidenced based interventions to reduce gun violence. It was privately funded because for so long there couldn’t be federal funding for those types of studies (now that’s something to get the Pepcid out over).
      Their research is absolutely worth tracking.

  37. aquarius64 says:

    Hey Dara this interview is not the flex you think it is. One, Wolfe will never be in the line of succession because he is not Beatrice’s in wedlock son. Adoption would not make it possible. Two, Wolfe and Louis are close in age but you can tell they are different in staus by their clothes. Louis is (wrongly IMO for December) wearing short pants, a sign of the aristocracy. Wolfe in long pants shows he’s a “commoner” and not the equal of the other children at church. Wolfe will always be reminded of the difference through his lineage and circumstances of his birth. Hopefully he has a strong support system with his family…not the Windsors.

    • AnonyCat says:

      Just a major point of clarification . It wasn’t from an interview. She posted an Instagram story when she went to a major store and she saw a post-holiday gun sale. She asked questions to the clerk about what qualifications she would need to own a gun. He said, just a few hours of a conceal and carry course. She was surprised and said, “no criminal record check?” He said no. “No visit from the police? Nothing to ensure the gun is secured or a permit?” No no no. And she is speaking of her experience in Florida. Then she goes on to post the rest of her day. Like work stuff. Decoration.

      In comes the Daily Mail, and they write a whole article transcribing her Instagram story that was all in one post. One Instagram story– in order to fit their petty narrative.

      Dara even posted today that she was proud to be American and loves her country.

      But this was not an interview. And clearly The Daily Mail failed to be clear that this wasn’t an interview and that they lifted from one singular post that is meant to disappear within 24 hours. So no, Dara wasn’t flexing. She was sharing her opinion about an experience.

      In her own instagram that she sometimes uses in a personal capacity.

  38. ChillinginDC says:

    She’s right though. There is gun violence every single day in the U.S. Now whether this was to slam Harry and Meghan, no idea, but she has her own backstory for why she was asked about gun violence.

    And even H&M realize the gun violence in the U.S. because of the on the ground work they did in Texas. I recall that she got involved with helping those from the Las Vegas incident.

    That said, they must have done enough calculations and still said private security in America is still better than living in Britain and the RF should be embarrassed.

    • equality says:

      What has being in a terrorist attack in India got to do with the US? Or guns? Weren’t bombs the weapon of choice?

      • ChillinginDC says:

        Are you serious? Because many have been saying for years that white male shooters are the new domestic terrorism in the United States. People have been comparing the mass shootings the U.S. has been dealing with as terrorist attacks.

        And people having an overwhelming feeling of fear from just doing their day to day activities in the U.S. is why many people talk rightful crap on the U.S. politicians doing their thoughts and prayers crap.

      • equality says:

        Still an event she experienced in another country is not related to a comment about US gun laws. You can compare to a terrorist attack and it might merit the same type of police action during an event but a lone shooter is not the same as a terrorist group. Does anyone need an assault weapon outside of war? NO.

      • ChillinginDC says:

        That makes zero sense. People who live here (I am one) are comparing what is happening in the U.S. to unending domestic terrorism. Full stop. The FBI is saying white male loners i.e. single shooters are a domestic terrorist threat. If you want to argue with anyone, you can go argue with Merrick Garland and others in the Congress and the President who have said similar thoughts and have used those words

        I can be annoyed at the Royal Family, but can also say that living in the U.S. is not safe. And yes I wouldn’t want to raise my kids here. And if I had the funds, would not have them living here. But that costs money. And yes it’s okay to acknowledge that those who are rich, can still avoid most of this because they can hire security and live in gated communities.

        If U.S. politicians gave a crap, they would ban certain types of assault weapons, have mandatory background checks, and mandatory waiting periods. They don’t.

  39. DeluxeDuckling says:

    Meg would probably agree with us and Dara about gun control.

  40. ROAA says:

    Where is Beatrice’s invisible daughter? We have never seen her even though she is 1 year and 3 months old now!!!

    • notasugarhere says:

      Beatrice has no requirement to show her child to any of us. When and if she wants to share pics of her daughter, she will.

    • Stephanie says:

      I saw Beatrice kid in a Italian tabloid a few weeks ago. Google it she looks a lot like beatrice with lighter hair

  41. Bren (og) says:

    Wait until Wolfie is a teen and the young white royals will need to throw someone under the bus for a distraction. His parents should be protecting him from the vultures, not exploiting him.

  42. Linda says:

    I mean unfortunately she’s right about our gun violence, but as a Mom I wouldn’t let my kid be raised around a known pedophile either….

  43. JMoney says:

    Dara has a point and no it wasn’t a dig at the Sussexes. If you’re an American who lives abroad and come back to the US and see guns sold in a similar fashion to cigarettes it’s incredibly alarming. American kids nowadays do active shooter drills in schools like they do earthquake or fire drills bc it’s so normalized – literally no other country does this and it’s not normal it’s sad.
    No country is perfect (every country experienced violence) but the US has a unique problem when it comes to guns.

  44. hangonamin says:

    why is everything ever said by anyone remotely related to the royal fam an attack on Harry and Meghan? she didn’t call out any names, and she said something that was very true and one of the worst things about living in the US. instead, people are ripping into her and calling her names and saying she’s sucking up to the Windsors. also, she posted this to social media…and it got picked up by all the news outlets bc $$$. can we not perpetuate this narrative of pitting women on Meghan again?

    • Jais says:

      I don’t think Dara herself is taking a dig at HM. I think the daily mail writer is taking her words and creating a story that pits Dara and Edo against Meghan. See how warmly edo and his son are embraced into the family is how the article starts. See how dara says she would never live In America for the safety of her child. It’s gross and the DM for sure is trying to imply negative comparisons to Meghan and Harry.

    • ChillinginDC says:

      Agreed. Thank you. I went to read it and nowhere in there do I see shade at Harry and Meghan. As I would say on Twitter, this is a reach.

      The Daily Mail did this crap as a way to say see how very not racist the RF is and see how nicely the crowd reacts to this biracial kid. Harry and Meghan have nothing to worry about! See!

    • C says:

      Can anyone tell me where Dara wrote this “online” as the Daily Mail says vaguely? I can’t see this anywhere on her socials. Which makes me think she sat down for this, to the Daily Mail. The other outlets are framing this as the Daily Mail got the story. So if that is the case, we know why. But of course, I can be corrected.

      • AnonyCat says:

        I follow her on Instagram. It was in her Instagram stories. As a singular post. Amongst many other stories about her day, her business and an upcoming show with AJ Odudu.

        She didn’t sit down with anyone. She literally was at a store. Took a pic of the (tbqh, very extensive gun section), and spoke about her thoughts on gun violence. Those stories aren’t up because they disappear within 24 hours. She didn’t even put it on the feed.

      • C says:

        Ah, thank you!
        So I will pass over this part of it.
        Her willingness for her kid to become a prop for the royals, well…

  45. Suusan says:

    I can’t believe this is the best Bea could do. I feel bad for her. Edo and that woman still seem to have something going on. And to top it off he has a kid. I can’t believe Andrew let this pass. Then I think about Andrew and Fergie. There is a money angle here. Somewhere. It makes no sense for her to be this rushed with this guy. They talk about Meg but edo always knows where the camera is. Bea would’ve been better off marrying a poor boy from the country.

    • Tessa says:

      I wonder why Beatrice parents did not see trouble with Dave Clark. Beatrice should have dumped him he was stringing her along

  46. HeyKay says:

    Who is asking the Ex of Andrews daughter Husband, for her opinion on anything?
    Are the RF just pulling in anyone now to beef up their numbers? lol

  47. Liz in A says:

    As an American that has lived abroad the last decades, and raising my kid in the netherlands, she is absolutely right and I agree with her entirely.

    I dont see it as shade directed against H&M, though like many innocuous things it may be weaponized that way.

  48. windyriver says:

    Harry & Meghan might not have ended up in the US, under different circumstances; if their Canadian location wasn’t leaked, their security wasn’t pulled, and the pandemic wasn’t a factor. Meghan lived in Canada for 5-6 years before they started dating. When they left the UK in November 2019 for their “holiday getaway”, they went to Canada. Who knows if they wanted to stay, or how feasible it was. Other non-US (Commonwealth) locations had been discussed. They were still hoping for the half in/half out option thru early January. Tyler Perry said, “Everybody says they had a plan. There was no plan.” Doria said, “It didn’t matter where they landed” as long as she could be with them. So, everything was clearly still up in the air, when the pandemic hit, they were told security would be pulled March 31, and they had to leave Canada immediately or face a border shutdown.

    I didn’t realize how fast they moved, because we didn’t know until now when they left. No wonder Meghan was terrified. After living in Canada four months, they were gone barely 5 days after returning from their final UK events. Meghan left England after the Commonwealth Day service, Monday March 9. Harry stayed a day or two longer. By 6 am on Saturday March 14 they were on the “freedom flight” to LA. They weren’t going to leave the US during the pandemic. The couldn’t stay at Tyler Perry’s house once that location was also leaked, so found a new, safe home.

    Obviously, everything fell into place, and maybe they would’ve ultimately decided on the US/LA, since that was a place at least one of them was familiar with, and Doria’s close. But let’s not pretend the RF wasn’t doing it’s best to interfere with their ability to live elsewhere, because they wanted to drive them (Harry) back to the UK.

    • Aurora says:

      Tbh the whole in/out thing was based on their alleged plans. They said they wanted to cash on the many business/ humanitarian ventures they had to reject as working royals. Either they took s*cking up & courtesies as actual job offers; either they were bluffing in the hopes of making things work out for them. I dont blame them for feeling mistreated and underappreciated within BRF, but obvs they made it look as if they had their future life figured out when it was not the case.

  49. Lily says:

    Seems like an unrealistic reason to have your child in the UK with Beatrice and the baby daddy instead of in the US with you. Kind of a cop out. Like oh America is gun crazy. My kid is likely to die in a school shooting or a drive by.

    I looked up the top three killers of kids and teenagers in the US. The number one is unintentional accidents with those involving motor vehicles making up 73% of unintentional accidental deaths. Then, homicide and suicide which may or may not involve a fire arm.

    • hangonamin says:

      you do realize she’s a British citizen right? and lives in the UK.
      name me one school in the UK where elementary students were killed in a mass shooting. or any high income country in the world other than the US. i don’t know why people continue to think this is a non-issue…yes statistically you’re more likely to die from a lot of other things than a mass shooting, but the fact that we have mass shootings in schools when no other high income country does IS A BIG PROBLEM. how do you not get concerned as a parent when your child tells you there are active shooter drills in school?

  50. Isabella says:

    Glad that Wolfe didn’t have to wear shorts and godawful knee socks. Beatice should burn that hat.

  51. Lily says:

    Huang, Edo and Beatrice are creating a situation for Wolfe by making him a celebrity child. If they kept him home for royal events no one would know about him. Wolfe does not need to be there anyway. He is not a Windsor.

  52. Feebee says:

    So we know how dangerous it can be in schools in the US and yet Harry and Meghan still feel safer than the UK.

    This is an indictment on how bad the UK was for them in terms of threats to them and the lack of something in their security.

  53. Feebee says:

    So knowing the dangers of gun culture and the problem of school shootings, Harry and Meghan still felt safer than remaining in the UK. This reflects poorly on the UK.

  54. Anonycats says:

    I follow Dara on Instagram and I think that it is important to remember the following.

    1) this is one post that she made in her stories after visiting a store and seeing guns there. Literally the posts before and after covered her visiting her family in the US for the holidays and her new architecture ventures and advice. She didn’t mention the Sussexes. She was talking about her own experiences in a personal public facing instastories.

    2) the Daily Mail then lifted it to make a slight at Meghan and Harry. Many Americans choose to live in the US and abroad (literally just read a book called Dinner for One about an American who chose to stay in France after her divorce) . There are millions of Americans. The slight and association is being made by the Mail not by Dara.

    3) I know that she can defend herself but I can only imagine how wild it is to be cheated on by your fiance for a Royal and then now being seen as you espousing and being in favour of Royalty. And then getting into the tabloids. Because of the Edo Bea connection, she will have to be more careful in the future but can we also not read intentional maliciousness.

    4) While I know that she recently posted and deleted (like last year maybe?) Pics of Edo being in NY with her and Wolfie, let’s remember that this is what she had to say about him in a magazine.
    “INTERVIEWER: Have you ever experienced love at first sight? Tell us about it.

    DARA: Oh for sure. He was the father of my child, and he left as quickly as he came, so I would say unfortunately it’s not an instinct you can trust!”

    That’s for folks who say that they are plotting together.

    I just wish folks would remember that the people making the slight are the Daily Mail. The Sussexes were right to move and they live a very different reality than what Dara would be living if she was on the come up with her architectural firm

    • Moderatelywealthy says:

      Thank youf or bringing this perspective. I am seriously not blaming Dara here. She seems to be very professionally oriented and pragmatic. Not the type that would stay at home crying about losing her fiance

      Edo is the one who dumped Dara to enter into an aristocrat marriage. Beatrice was happy getting her plus one because it meant people would stop pitying her. Dara knows her child is being used as a prop by the RF, but also knows she cannot do anything about it. Wolfie is Edo ´s son. She posted this remark actaully to justifiy her decision of not pushing back against Edo and Bea , to keep quiet and enjoy the perks because it will be good for her son. ” Oh well, Wolfie gets to be used as an inclusion, but look, at least he is not being raised where I came from where they have guns.” The Daily Mail then made it a dig about the Sussexes without mentioning their name.

  55. Lola says:

    Meanwhile I’m sitting here contemplating how she got UK citizenry. My GF was semi famous AND married to someone who was a national and still had to wait like a decade there to get hers

    • Flower says:

      I am guessing it was fast tracked under Art 8 given who her baby Daddy is.

      I think Brits don’t realise that with the right money, connections etc British Passports can be purchased but connections are key here.

    • AnonyCat says:

      I think she was working and living there for many years already. She only got citizenship like last year

  56. AC says:

    Why anyone still believes anything DM writes is beyond me. There are still millions of Americans who still enjoy living in the US and millions of people from other countries who still enjoying living in the US. Sure it’s not perfect , but DM thinks the UK is LOL! HM lives in Montecito, one of the most Exclusive places in California. My sister owns a home in Montecito and it’s one of the most peaceful place there is. For one thing definitely better weather in CA than in the UK!

  57. Ihatepeople says:

    I don’t care about her other motives.
    100% correct. I don’t know how parents send their kids to school in the US. I understand they have no choice but it’s just awful.