There was ‘eyerolling’ at Buckingham Palace over Prince William’s racism statement

The Daily Mail’s Becky English had an end-of-year piece on the state of the monarchy and King Charles’s “first 100 days” on the throne. They’re really doing a hard sell, and the invisible contract grows more visibly strained with each passing day. Part 1 of my coverage of English’s piece was all about the Sussexes, which was a decent-sized chunk of the article. But there was more in the piece, about Buckingham Palace rolling their eyes at Prince William, and how they froze out that deranged nutjob Angela Kelly (QEII’s dresser and BFF). Weirdly, there is nary a mention of She Who Keens, the Princess of Wales. It’s almost as if Kate is a nonentity within the monarchy. It’s almost as if they’re behaving like William has already gotten a divorce. Some highlights from the Daily Mail:

Where Charles & Camilla live: The couple, I am told, will continue to use their own homes (Highgrove for him, Ray Mill for her) as well as royal residences including Windsor and Sandringham. But it is Birkhall in Scotland — all ‘muddy wellies, wet dogs and afternoon teas’ — that they see as their ‘marital home’, according to one source.

The Duke of Edinburgh title: The distribution of other family titles is also on the back burner, I understand. I am told that the King has no immediate plans to hand out the Dukedom of Edinburgh that reverted after the death of his father to Queen Elizabeth, and now to him. The late Queen intended for it to be given to the Earl of Wessex, her youngest son, who does a great deal, along with his wife Sophie, for the late Prince Philip’s eponymous awards scheme. It could yet go to Prince Edward, but the current thinking is that such a senior title — particularly one associated with Scotland —should not go to the 13th in line to the throne (and descending). While some have suggested it will go to seven-year-old Princess Charlotte — one of a number of options on the table — others feel little Prince Louis, four, is a more likely future inheritor.

An old woman’s funeral was an advertisement for Britain: One Whitehall source explains: ‘The Government is keen for it to be a great moment of national celebration because this year’s events have been a fabulous advertisement for Britain. We do pomp and pageantry in a way that no other nation can. Despite what some American papers would have you believe, Britain does have a special place in the world.’

What Camilla will wear for the coronation: I am told that planning is continuing apace and that the Queen Consort has already sourced a suitable dress and mantle (the cloak she will wear), and she has also chosen her crown. Many now believe she will opt for the late Queen’s diamond diadem.

Tours & annual events: Buckingham Palace is planning a series of visits to all four corners of the United Kingdom over the next few months in the run-up to the big day. Before then, we can also expect the King and Queen Consort’s first state visit — to an as-yet-undisclosed country. And while I understand Charles also plans to keep the ‘hardy annuals’ of the royal calendar — such as Royal Ascot, the garden parties and the Maundy Service — going, staff are looking at ‘tweaking’ some of these events to make them more relevant to the modern age.

Angela Kelly has been frozen out: The late Queen’s most powerful and devoted female member of staff, Angela Kelly, who acted as her Majesty’s dresser and personal confidante, has been firmly frozen out. The King and his team were inherently suspicious (and possibly a little jealous) about the degree of influence Kelly enjoyed thanks to the ageing monarch. Within days of the Queen’s passing in September, the locks were changed to bar Ms Kelly from access to the royal apartments at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, where she retains a grace-and-favour home. She has written two books and is believed to be working on a third about her life with the Queen. Many suspect she may try to use the tome to settle a few scores.

William’s relationship with Charles & Camilla: As for the family, Charles and William — who, let us not forget, have endured their own tensions over the years — are closer than ever before. The only blip has been a recent moment of friction over the handling of William’s godmother, Lady Susan Hussey — the Queen’s former lady-in-waiting who stepped down after repeatedly asking a British charity campaigner what part of Africa she came from. Some at Buckingham Palace felt the situation was ‘unhelpfully’ inflamed by Kensington Palace’s ‘over-hasty’ decision to enter into the fray with a public pronouncement on the row.

Oh, Buckingham Palace was really pissed at William: A spokesman for the Prince of Wales said at the time: ‘Racism has no place in our society, these comments were unacceptable and it is right that the individual concerned has stepped down.’ He is right, of course, and there was sympathy that the incident came as he was about to embark on a high-profile visit to the U.S. But it was deemed perhaps an ‘unnecessary’ intervention at a particularly delicate moment for the royal household, according to several with knowledge of the situation. This was, it must be stressed, however, more a case of internal eye-rolling than any full-scale row, in what has proved to be a strong partnership between the King and the heir to the throne.

Steady peg: William will be by his father’s side at the Coronation on May 6 — while Harry, having stepped down from royal duties, will be unlikely to undertake any ceremonial duties at the event, if he attends at all. The House of Windsor, then, has much to look forward to in the coming year — and, notwithstanding a few difficulties emanating from California, ‘steady as she goes’ seems the royal order of the day.

[From The Daily Mail]

Interesting about the Edinburgh title – there was some talk that Charles would keep it for himself and actually use it at some point, but I guess he was talked out of it, and now he doesn’t want anyone to have it – especially not Edward, lol. And Camilla won’t wear the Koh-i-Noor… but they still won’t return any of their stolen jewels, I guess. As for Angela Kelly… they really tossed that nasty old woman out the moment QEII died. I mean, I hate everyone in this situation, so I think it’s funny that they literally changed all of the locks on Kelly and she’s persona non grata in the new royal court. Good – she’s a barking lunatic.

The part about William and “internal eye-rolling” is fascinating – I think William is a racist dumbass, but I don’t blame him for issuing a statement about Susan Hussey (his godmother, lol). The fact that Camilla and Charles expected William to NOT throw his godmother under the bus at the earliest inconvenience says, to me, that Charles and Camilla still believe they can control William. They cannot. Keep your eye on that – this is the soft-launch of a storyline about how Charles and Cam are worried about “hotheaded, undiplomatic” William.

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  1. Woke says:

    I want harry and meghan to say their piece and never speak about these people for a very long time. They’ll always be scapegoat but after the blitz around the coronation and Charles first first we’ll get more and more of these cracks through the united front facade.

    • Snuffles says:

      Here’s the thing, Harry and Meghan probably won’t, but the British press and The Firm will take EVERYTHING they do as a personal dig and connect it to The Firm just for the clicks. Meghan wears a clothing item – Meghan takes a dig at Kate’s fashion choices! Archie eats trail mix – Meghan is turning Archie into a leftie, liberal hippie and training him to hate all things royal! SHAME! SHAME!

    • DouchesOfCambridge says:

      These Royals have absolutely no judgment and are so self entered it’s incredible. Everything about me me me. I hope Harry & Meg keep complaining and explaining every little briefing and leaking and planting so they shut their learn to be shaky about how they want to divert the attention. Let Clarence house go against the waleses vs burger king vs the middletons vs the ambitious wessexes. Let them play among those who sign the invisible contract

  2. Tessa says:

    The queen wore crown at coronation as monarch. Camilla is consort but it would be typical tacky Camilla imo who would wear a monarchs crown.

    • Tacky says:

      Camilla is the queen just like the queen mum was the queen when her husband was king.

      • WiththeAmericann says:

        Not to many in the public eye. She is and always will be the “libidinous mistress” who stabbed Princess Diana in the back while pretending to be her friend.

      • Jaded says:

        The Queen Mother chose to referred to as that instead of Queen Consort. However the Queen Consort is simply the reigning king’s wife, their role is defined by marriage and is more symbolic as they offer the monarch support, unlike the Queen who was officially the UK’s ruler and Head of State. QEII wore the St Edward’s Crown, which is the most important and sacred of all the crowns. It is only used at the moment of crowning itself. After the Coronation she wore the Imperial State Crown. I think Camilla needs to choose something more appropriate to her status as the King’s former mistress and destroyer of marriages. Here are some doozy doorstops for you Cam…

      • Becks1 says:

        But the QM wasn’t called the QM until she was dowager, right? Before that she was still Queen Elizabeth, she just wasn’t queen regnant.

        Is the speculation that Camilla will wear the queen’s diadem, the one that she wore on the coins? (she wore girls of great britain on the pound notes, right?)

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Becks1 – It is my understanding that Dowager Queen Elizabeth was called Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother because she and QEII had the same first name. The additional title of “The Queen Mother” was adopted to just avoid confusion over which Queen Elizabeth was being referred to. The Dowager was “Queen Elizabeth” and QEII was “The Queen”.

        Neither Alexandra or Mary was ever referred to as “The Queen Mother”; they were referred to and remained Queen Alexandra and Queen Mary after the death of their King husbands.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        Diana = Queen of Hearts
        Camilla = Queen of Mean

      • aftershocks says:

        The Queen Mother did NOT like being called that. But it was necessary once Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II. It was reported that the QM said she & Bertie would never have named their first daughter ‘Elizabeth,’ had they known she would become Queen.

    • TeamMeg says:

      Not sure why, but I feel really uncomfortable with Camilla wearing the Queen’s diamond diadem. QE2 was so beloved, it seems like her crown should be retired and honored for some time, at least until a real queen comes to the throne (if ever). How gross would it be to see Elizabeth’s famous crown perched atop evil Cams disgusting bottle blond head? AWFUL IDEA.

  3. The Hench says:

    The fact that William cantered out almost immediately to throw his own godmother under the bus for her racist comments only makes the silence over Jeremy Clarkson’s anti Meghan diatribe all the more deafening. Silence is betrayal indeed.

    • IForget says:

      That is such a good point. Same with ‘very much NOT a racist family.’

      He cares about one person, and one person only; himself.

    • Nem says:

      The way William was scapegoated for camilla & Charles sake, when he didn’t have a choice for his godparent, and her staying power in his father,step Mother and grandma good graces, was somethin else.
      They ressent his being able to defend himself because of the succession order.

    • Eurydice says:

      It was an interesting choice – do I say something or do I let Camilla twist in the wind?

    • PrincessK says:

      William only issued the statement because he was on his way to the US and didn’t want the row to affect Earthflop.

      • Smart&Messy says:

        Precisely. He desperately wanted the US audience to see him in a very much not racist light and then BAM, godmother happens. Of course he was scrambling to distance himself within minutes. Obviously, it didn’t matter, cause ppl didn’t give a shit about earthflop and he fxcked up in many other ways

      • Geegee says:

        Ya. Royal racist say what?

    • Christine says:

      100%, The Hench.

  4. IForget says:

    There are many adjectives I could use to describe William, but one of the ‘kinder’ ones that comes to mind is rash. He reacts, and acts rashly. He does not know how to regulate his emotions, and to me, he embodies everything that scares me about toxic masculinity.

    It is deeply upsetting that he will be my future head of state. Charles is bad enough. My dream scenario (that would never happen) is for Charles to be the last sovereign.

    • Harper says:

      Rash and self-indulgent. William doesn’t ever feel the heat for anything he does which I think will make him increasingly reckless. I predict Camilla will tire of Burger King’s antics first and use her media friends to teach him a lesson or two, which will create a domino effect of even more rash actions by him, culminating in a major public tantrum that he will regret.

      • IForget says:

        I think that’s a great point- it won’t be Charles at the helm of that chain of events, it will be Camilla. She has a lot of friends in high places, and Charles could keep his head in the sand. Camilla really does not give a f***

      • tolly says:

        It does seem like this has been simmering for a while. Every time the Sussexes have a project coming out, KP blitzes the tabloids with “concerns” that Harry will attack Camilla because he has always hated her and blamed her for his parents’ divorce and Diana’s death and and and… nothing about Camilla from the Sussex camp. It’s just William using his mouthpieces to express his own petty fury.

  5. Noki says:

    No mention of Kate, it speaks volumes. I have said before, THIS moment in time is when Kate will possess the most bargaining power ever. She has a loveless marriage and empty life, if she had any self respect she would leave William and at 40 still have a great life with all the trappings. They would NOT f**k with Kate the way they did the Sussexes. The world is watching more than ever. If they drag her through the mud like Diana, Sussexes then people will really say Yup the RF is clearly the problem.
    There is an opening that was not afforded to divorcees like Diana and Fergie. They cant use the same smear formula so soon after the masses have been made aware.

    • Tessa says:

      Kate is not in any safe place. Upon a whim of William she will be out. And of course she not the royal family would be blamed. And not everybody cares for Kate

      • Green girl says:

        Agreed. Despite Kate’s copykeening of Diana’s and Meghan’s styles she never picked up on their work ethic. I don’t think she has endeared herself to the public and that was her biggest mistake. She could walk away today and I don’t think many would care.

      • L84Tea says:

        The only ones who would care about Kate being gone would be her fangirls who go out and buy everything she wears and make Instagram pages about it. They would have to mourn the brief loss of copyKate’ing, but would probably easily move on to the next POW or whoever Will would replace her with.

      • Barb Mill says:

        A lot of Kate fans are really just anti Meghan fans. They don’t really like her but they have to prop her up to put Meghan down.

      • Tacky says:

        Kate isn’t going anywhere. She is living a life of incredible wealth and privilege and she loves it. Since no one briefs against her, I’d say her position in the family is extremely solid.

      • Green girl says:

        What the Hench said. There are many ways a skilled PR person could get the public on William’s side. The mummy machinations alone could work I think and paint him in a sympathetic light. All the other issues could be used of course so it’s a never ending onslaught in the press.

        Especially if he claims he tried to get Kate to work and she just refused or would only work if she got a new dress or jewelry. That will not go over well when people are worrying about food and heating their homes.

      • Gabby says:

        @Tacky, I do think William briefs against KKKate. It is infrequent, but I expect it to pick up speed this year and beyond. She gets hit with carefully worded “lazy” exposures and “expensive lifestyle” exposures.

      • Christine says:

        I think you are exactly right, Tacky. This is the best it is ever going to get for Kitty, and she’s going to enjoy it, and that is why she is suddenly completely bored with anything remotely adjacent to doing her “job”.

        Who will break first? Willnot is the obvious choice, all those clenched teeth and whatnot, all Kitty has to do is revel in her wealth, and wait for the hammer to come down.

        You lose me at the point you think her position in the family is extremely solid. There is not one member of the family in England that is on firm ground, at this point, least of all Kitty.

    • C says:

      No. If they were able to orchestrate a character assassination of this level on Harry and Meghan and make it as successful as it has been, Kate would be steamrolled. She knows this. They’re using the same tactics on the Sussexes that they did to Diana. And for a portion of hateful people it’s been a victory for them.

      I think people project when they say Kate is unhappy. She has an empty life yes but she has had an empty life ever since she graduated, even in 2005 all she ever did was shop and go to the gym and party. She is perfectly fine this way.

      • Woke says:

        People want her to be miserable so bad and I don’t think that she is. She want the status she never had that great love with William in the first place since it’s been rumored that he’s been cheating on her back in their dating years. She’s been embarrassed by the affairs being an open secret instead of simple rumors that’s what it is.

      • Noki says:

        I disagree, if Kate were to say ‘I want a divorce and to be very well taken care of for the rest of my life ,I will remain quiet as long as there are no smears or I go ON record’, they won’t touch her. Imagine another high profile senior royal doing a media blitz of how terrible the institution is, they cant afford that in this climate. She will be spared.

      • L84Tea says:

        @Woke, I don’t believe anybody here wants Kate to be miserable. I think it’s just painfully obvious that she is. Yes, she has all the wealth and privilege she wanted, but she’s also wasting away before our eyes and looking more dead behind the eyes every day. The old cliche of money doesn’t buy happiness isn’t a cliche for nothing.

      • C says:

        They went hard with Harry and he had actual info. They STILL are going hard on him despite his warnings he has receipts. There’s nothing that Kate has on William that will be comparable to what he has on her family and can bring to light (her shady uncle etc).

        And Kate doesn’t have the personality to go against the current. When she “worked” at Jigsaw in 2007 she said herself, to the owner, that she had a relationship with a high-profile man who was going to dictate to her when she was needed and not needed, and that she was fine with that.

        You said the phrase yourself: “be very well taken care of for the rest of my life.” She already has that. Why would she throw it away? And unless he meets someone else who puts a fire under him, he won’t either. They are both lazy and that extends to their private lives and attitudes toward each other in personal terms (even if she worked her ass off for her position).

        I don’t think she’s miserable at all. If she has dead eyes during events it’s because she hates to work. But even that is a thing they make her do precious little of. Let’s be honest. She has everything arranged exactly as she wants it.

      • The Hench says:

        I dunno, @Noki. I mean, you’re right, that would be the sensible thing, to do that deal with Kate for her silence but the Windsors – and particularly William – are too arrogant and stupid and entitled to bow to anyone else’s will. Their style is to just try crushing anyone who gets in their way. Kate has many skeletons in her closet and if the media turned against her on palace orders she’d be toast. They’ve managed to besmirch Meghan’s name out of nothing so Kate would be a walk in the park by comparison. There’s the mummy machinations behind the scenes, the stalking, rabid social climbing, the partying, the dodgy finances behind her parents business, the spectacular black hole that is Uncle Hookers’n’Blow, the laziness, the flashing her backside numerous times, the claims of HG whilst pregnant followed by her skipping off on holidays, the whole leaking to the press Middleton PR shambles etc etc etc. SO much to go at.

      • Harper says:

        I think your view of Kate’s current level of happiness and marital safety depends on whether or not you think the move to Adelaide was what she wanted, or if it was where she was told to go. Something went down that made her accept moving into a much smaller Crown property instead of the private grand country estate in Berkshire they hinted they were looking for before settling on Adelaide.

        Also, who here honestly thinks William is living full time at Adelaide? Why would he? The wild card here is whatever promises Burger King has made to his side piece, and whether the big moves that were made last year were all part of a separation rollout that will take place over the next year or so. Whatever was decided, it was all hashed out a while ago and Kate has had to agree to it.

      • C says:

        I don’t know if the Adelaide move means anything per se other than the same way she’s always been treated. She’ll angle for more and accept if she gets less. She was fine whenever she had to pay for herself on vacations he invited her to, or the times he flat out told her to go home and not accompany him (before marriage too). She knows him by now.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Nah, Kate doesn’t have that much bargaining power at all. Just as she knows William’s dirt, he knows hers and her family’s too. A Twitter user sometimes calls their dynamic mutually assured destruction and I agree. Besides that, her value as the only “young” working royal is diminishing, I think. Her fashion doesn’t get as much attention outside of the obligatory media posts, and even the green screen dress couldn’t keep attention for very long.

      Also, for those who question the opinion that she’s unhappy…look at her demeanor 2018 and earlier vs. the post 2018 years. There’s a VERY clear difference, and that’s likely due to a number of things: the Rose debacle (which she foolishly blew up for public consumption), Meghan showing her up in all ways, Harry focusing on his wife and treating her better than William has ever treated Kate, her increasingly frail physical appearance, whatever issues she and William have been going through the past two years, being exposed for being a bitch multiple times, etc.

      It’s just obvious, to me at least, that she’s going along to get along more than she ever has before. She seemed quite content with her life in those first 8 years of duchessing, and that contentment seems to have disappeared.

    • Emily says:

      Kate should leave and find herself a nice moderately wealthy second husband who actually cares about her.

      • tolly says:

        The problem is that these two have made each other a pretty grim prospect. Most of the speculation is about what kind of woman would sign on to be William’s second wife, but it’s even harder to imagine a man who would want to marry Kate.

    • Val says:

      In the words of Hillary Clinton, “The only people who know about a marriage are the two people in it.”

    • Flower says:

      I think the reason they don’t mention Kate in these articles is to drive home the fact that this is not Princess of Wales 2. They’re making it very clear that Kate has ZERO influence beyond being an occasional Meghan Troll and wanna be mini me.

      I also suspect that they’re finalising the terms of the separation agreement and erasing her in this way is a purely psychological move. The separation agreement is important because should Bill and Kate wish to divorce down the line it will form the basis for the divorce.

      I think these two will kick the can down the road but I don’t see them divorcing until William has a mid-life crisis at 50 and George is an adult by which point they might reason it’s time to finalise the divorce.

      I also don’t completely rule out William making it up with Kate as he has a habit of realising he settled then running back when he can’t find anyone else to take him on. The cheating was never an issue for Kate, rather Rose’s social position was what really put her nose out of joint.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I think we’ve seen glimpses into how William and Kate really feel about each other, but I still don’t understand why people think they will divorce? I think they are both getting what they wanted out of the marriage. Kate would put up with anything to have the wealth and public attention/admiration she gets simply for being William’s wife, which are things she would never receive on her own. William gets a wife who will put up with anything he does, and will never appear smarter, or harder working, or more dynamic, than he is. Yet Kate does enough to “pass” as an acceptable wife, at least in William’s eyes — she starves herself thin, buys expensive clothing (and copies more fashionable women), fakes a posh accent, and never says anything of substance. That’s good enough for William, and in return he gets a woman who comes when he calls and goes away when he tells her to, and who watches the kids and presents an image of a happy family so he doesn’t have to (particularly looking after the two kids William doesn’t want to spend time with, the two who are not George). It’s a win-win for them, and I don’t see either one of them wanting to change that. And the biggest issue to me is that William will never admit to making a mistake or being wrong about anything, which is what a divorce would force him to do.

      • Smart&Messy says:

        He will never admit to being wrong. He wouls probably say he was deceived. It would be a lie, but when has that ever stopped him. They will divorce if he has someone else in the wings who he thinks can elevate him somehow OR Kate breaks down mentally to the point where she can’t perform her end of the deal. Like she loses her mother, for example. She will fold like a house of cards. I truly hope someone writes a book about the truth around the Middletons and why William seemingly dropped Carole.

    • HK9 says:

      They’ll fuck with Kate just the same. They screwed over Diana, mother of the future king and she was one of them. Kate is nothing to them, as she’s nowhere near as popular as Diana. We KNOW the BRF is the problem and the BRF does not care. Kate should look at what they did to the Sussex’s and take heed-they’ll do it to her too.

  6. Tessa says:

    Birkhalk the so called marital home was lent to Charles and Camilla by the queen mother as a safe house so both could chest on their respective spouses.

  7. Alexandria says:

    Dude sent Jason Knife to court. My eyes would roll so hard too. He is that stupid and cruel to release a statement where he blatantly lies since he’s shown he doesn’t believe in what he’s saying.

  8. The Hench says:

    Also – wow on how brutal they were about Kelly. They clearly can’t stand her – and rightly so; there are many stories indicating that she is trash – but changing the locks also suggests that they don’t trust her either. And this was a woman that the queen liked, saw as her closest confidante and protected so much that even Charles as effectively regent couldn’t touch her.

    To me this just underlines the fact the TQ, right up until the end, had the power to protect people – if she so chose. And she chose her paedophile son and Angela Kelly to shelter under her aegis. Nice, old lady my a**e.

    • Jay says:

      That was the most surprising – I never thought I could ever have empathy for AK 47, but damn, changing the locks on an old woman’s grace and favour home? That’s COLD.

      • Jay says:

        Ok, I think I misread that – they changed the locks at KP, not her grace and favour home. So I don’t have to feel bad for her!

      • Gabby says:

        I still think she made off with some of the royal bling.

      • Jaded says:

        @Gabby — no she didn’t make off with some royal bling. Not only is it under lock and key, it is surrounded by cameras, alarms, you name it. I’m sure they changed the key codes to get into the royal jewelry room before the Queen gasped her last breath. I imagine QEII left her some of her own, private jewelry in her will, that’s all.

    • Alexandria says:

      And she did not receive 1 percent of the vitriol Meghan received. She’s still gonna write her book and cash out right? But that’s ok cos she ain’t Meg! /Sarcasm

    • Eurydice says:

      For a person who was so close to the Queen and had access to the jewelry, I can imagine it would be standard procedure to change all the locks.

    • tolly says:

      This makes me wonder about the late queen’s personal will. Obviously all of the sovereign property and titles transferred automatically, but she was reported to have a 9-figure private fortune to disperse. It will be interesting to see how much of that money goes to the people who curried favor with her in her later years.

    • PrincessK says:

      It is history repeating itself. Queen Victoria had close relationships with two men in her lifetime , John Brown and later Abdul Kareem. Brown died before the Queen but when the Queen died Abdul Kareem was immediately kicked out and all his documents and letters relating to the Queen were destroyed by her family.
      The Royals hate people who they feel are not ‘insiders’.

  9. Seaflower says:

    >>Despite what some American papers would have you believe, Britain does have a special place in the world.’<<

    It's not just the American papers.

    • blue says:

      Britain’s “special place” is as an anachronistic relic of warring dynasties, inbreeding, and great 18th & 19th century buildings. That’s what tourists go to Britain to see.
      It has as many or more social & political problems as other countries, many of which are attributable to old Vickie’s rampant expansionist colonialism. QE2 was heavily invested in preserving her family’s historical traditions & legacy. She missed most opportunities to modernize the realm or contribute to the education and financial development of former colonies. Britain has plundered artifacts and treasures from other countries which it refuses to return.
      The RF lives off the taxes paid by residents and flusters about meeting with PMs, reading contents of the Red Box, employing thousands of people to serve them & perform in expensively costumed rituals but has no real power to do anything except perform.
      Britain is quaint. Its long-ago history is all that makes it “special” but no more so than France, Poland, Sweden, Germany, etc. all of which also have scenic countrysides and buildings dating back hundreds of years.

      • SarahCS says:

        A slight aside but the fact that our PM has to take time out every week to meet with the monarch staggers me. Were there times when Liz had an interesting take? I’m sure there were, particularly given her longevity, but overall just NOPE. They have far more important things to be doing (most of the time, or rather they should be doing more important things, recent PMs have made me question that). Is having a mentor a good idea? Often yes, but trekking to a meeting every week with someone you haven’t chosen as a mentor? Again, nope. The political system in this country needs a big spring clean. Don’t get me started on the house of lords.

    • Emily_C says:

      It pays its royal family millions while they sit on billions in land and its people have to decide between heating and eating. How special. Actually that’s pretty common, and has been especially common in British history.

      An English guy whose video I was watching about a TV show or something (I can’t remember, might have been hbomberguy but don’t quote me on that) said that Britain is now a 2nd rate power, after Brexit. They were part of a 1st rate power, but decided out of spite to hobble themselves. And now they’re holding on to 2nd rate with teeth and claws while the Tory government kicks them down a cliff.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I think this is part of a bigger plan to force Britons to subconsciously pick a side. You can believe Harry and Meghan, but that would make you an uncouth American-lover. Or, you can be a proper British person — which means shunning all things American and blindly accepting what the royal family says. And between the two, you don’t want to be the American-lover, right? Because Americans sucks compared to the British. So rally around the royals!

  10. ThatsNotOkay says:

    William, in William’s mind, can do no wrong, and will tilt with the wind when it comes to public stances. His public denouncements of racism means, in his mind’s eye, he therefore cannot be racist. It’s like all the east coast and New Englanders in the US who think, because they’re liberal, they cannot be the racist, liberal bigots they are. At least Southerners wear their bigotry proudly on their chests as opposed to under their east coast sweater vests.

    • Well Wisher says:

      He thinks that his inheritance package includes the public respect and gratitude towards the late Queen.

      If all fails, he has the contract with the
      UK English media.

      He’s in for a rude awakening.

  11. Becks1 says:

    Okay, the part about changing the locks immediately to keep out Angela Kelly is pretty hilarious. We all had a feeling that was going to happen but its still hilarious to see it in writing like that.

    I’m not surprised that BP is annoyed that William (or his spokesperson) had something to say about Susan Hussey. Charles probably wanted that issue to be handled completely by BP and William had that weaksauce statement about it. It shows that William is going to against Charles when he thinks it suits him and that will be an issue for Charles.

    • ChillinginDC says:

      I laughed too. Considering how nasty she was to Meghan, good riddance to her.

    • manda says:

      It’s funny, but it doesn’t seem like the way it should have been done. Don’t get me wrong, AK can go take a long walk off a short pier for all I care, but that just seems like an unprofessional way to do it.

      • Blujfly says:

        They didn’t change the locks to her own home. They changed the locks to the Royal apartments – the living quarters for the family in Balmoral and BP – to which she apparently has unfettered access.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah she still had her grace and favor home at Windsor. They just changed the locks to the royal apartments. In general I’m sure that was just protocol (I wouldn’t be surprised if the locks are changed regularly for the royal apartments) but its clear that Charles wanted her access cut off IMMEDIATELY. Maybe AK was the one doling out the queen’s jewelry to Kate and they wanted that stopped.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      The ousting of AK47 is their modus operandi. After Queen Victoria passed I read that they did the same to her close friend and dear Indian attendant, Mohammed.

      • SussexFan says:

        You mean The Munshi. Edward VII was very jealous of both him and John Brown. The King forced him and his family to give up gifts, letters, and awards acquired from the late Queen, and chucked him out of the country. No doubt AK didn’t endear herself to KCIII, and she may have been prepared that the end was near for her own reign.

    • Nic919 says:

      Too bad they had to attack Harry when he said he had concerns about some of the people advising the queen. She was definitely one of the ones he meant and the media made sure to go “how dare he”.

  12. Amy Bee says:

    The eye rolling at the the Palace was probably because they know William was being opportunistic and wasn’t genuine.

    • Becks1 says:

      Especially if they all know that William is “the” one who had “concerns” about Archie’s skin color.

      • Gabby says:

        I agree, and think this mention was Charles reminding William that he knows and can expose him in an instant, so STFU about “lady” Hussey.

    • Eurydice says:

      Maybe. But whatever his motivations, it was something that had to be said. The eye rolling at BP comes from the outdated notion that everything the king does is right and the people should just assume that the monarchy has their best interests at heart. At least, for 2 nanoseconds, William got a clue.

    • Jay says:

      I imagine that William’s pathetic PR attempts are a constant source of eyerolling to his father.

    • Emily_C says:

      I don’t think any of the RF cares the slightest about “genuine.” Actually, no, I think they hate genuine — a regular criticism from the British press of Harry and Meghan is that they’re too “earnest.”

  13. girl_ninja says:

    This family loves throwing each other under the bus. They definitely happy to have Harry and Meghan as their constant but they have no problem casting dispersions one another using leaks and the media. I wonder how they will go after Kate the peacemaker?

    • Well Wisher says:

      She knows her place, so she is safe.
      I would not be surprised that William was instructed that she is a part of the package.
      It would be surprising if she has any secrets on her husband.
      The two worse ones are out; his irrational behaviour and the intimate nameless stuff.
      She will abide with the loveless marriage and stay in her place behind the three principals.
      It will remain that way for as long as materialism can suffice.

      To Eugenie and Beatrice – ‘Beware!’

  14. Eurydice says:

    Charles vs William is sooooo interesting. I’m trying to imagine what Harry’s role would have been if the RF weren’t such short-sighted, racist assholes. Would he have been a buffer between Charles and William? Or would he have sided with William as the new guard against the old? So much better to be safe in California and watching this from afar.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      If Harry had stayed, he would have been the scapegoat for both of them. So it would have been Chuck using Harry to hide his own dirty deeds…and Willy using Harry (or, more likely Meghan, as we saw with reporters flat out admitting they were fed Meghan stories to cover for Willy’s affairs stories) to hide HIS own dirty deeds. Chuck and Willy wouldn’t have needed to brief against each other because they’d have Harry. Same as was done to him his whole life before he got the hell out of dodge!

      This is why I’m on the edge of my seat with the popcorn, to see how quickly these two selfish rage monsters turn on each other. Chuck v Willy…go!

    • The Hench says:

      Yes, down the line – when the vitriol finally runs its course against Harry and Meghan, I predict the next feud will become William vs Charles. With Harry out of the picture I can see William turning on his father. The question will be whether Charles, as King, will get over his fear of his son to flex his power as monarch against him.

  15. Veda says:

    No one does pomp and pageantry like the British it seems. Delusion is strong. Every country has its pomp and pageantry. Our temple festivals have more pomp. Becky needs to start reading and travelling.

    • Emily_C says:

      British pomp and pageantry is dull as dirt. It’s mostly a bunch of white guys in very silly hats marching very very very slowly. Pretty much every country does it better.

    • girl_ninja says:

      These folks clearly have not seen a Nigerian wedding, or an Indian wedding or even a wedding in the states down south! Pageantry. Please.

  16. ChillinginDC says:

    Well this is interesting. Charles is annoyed at William. Charles and William can’t stand Angela Kelly. Charles is annoyed at the Americans for acting like no one cares about the coronation (dudes none of us cared about the funeral either).

  17. Miranda says:

    “Despite what some American papers would have you believe, Britain does have a special place in the world.”

    British autofellatio never ceases to amuse me. If we’re being generous, the statement that they have “a special place in the world” is broadly true. Unfortunately for them, it’s far from a compliment. They’re seen as pompous, pretentious, unrepentant colonizers still living in the past. Basically, the 40-something former high school football star who still wears his varsity jacket and has his old jersey framed in the trailer that serves as his office at the used car lot.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      Right now they are most definitely a special and cautionary example to the rest of the countries in the EU. After the disaster that Brexit has turned out to be, the exit movements in other EU countries have become less loud. And honestly, we have just been looking at the politics in the UK for the last 5 years shaking out heads and saying “what the hell is going on over there?”

      • IForget says:

        YES YES YES to all you said Miranda & ArtHistorian.

        With each year, it’s being seen as less and less ‘cool’ to want to go to the UK, even for a year or two. When I first moved here nearly 9 years ago, most of my friends were jealous.

        Now I get whatsapp messages saying ‘just checkin in, u ok over there boo’ every time we’re in the news hahahaha

  18. manda says:

    Not that I care about Angela Kelly, but it seems sh!tty to change the locks. Tell the woman she is no longer needed, my goodness. These people are SUCH jerks

    • Ameerah M says:

      Angela Kelly is the woman who famously tried to keep Meghan from being able to wear a tiara for the wedding and who Harry got into an argument with. Her job ended the moment QEII died. She’d already written two books and is in all likelihood going to write a third. They gave her a whole house as compensation for her years working for QE. I see no issue with them changing the locks. She doesn’t need access to the rooms anymore and the fact that the even felt the need to do it at all tells me they didn’t trust her.She’s a terrible woman.

      • ChillinginDC says:

        She also supposedly blocked people from seeing The Queen. I don’t know all that went on there, but based enough about what the RR were saying she’s trash.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      AK is a sh!tty woman so she deserves that treatment. I’m sure she already stole…errr…was “gifted” whatever of the queen’s jewels and other items she wanted so I don’t even know why she’d be bothered to be locked out. She was a grifter like so many others connected to that family.

    • Jaded says:

      Angela Kelly has proven time and again that she is not to be trusted. Remember the ugly cat fight she got into with a maid over a rumoured fling with her husband, a pastry chef at BP who Angela was having an affair with? Oh, and she lost her temper during a busy investiture day luncheon and threw a bag of rubbish at a woman in the catering department because her own lunch had arrived late. Then there was Tiaragate when she repeatedly cancelled appointments with Meghan when she needed to pick a tiara to do a dry run with her hairdresser. She was an embarrassment and nobody could understand why QEII got so chummy with her.

  19. ArtHistorian says:

    British aristocrats are definitely weird – even to other brits.

  20. Hail says:

    This is Rebecca’s juiciest briefing to date!
    First off, “marital home”? Sounds like Charles and Camilla live separately & when they want to indulge in their martial relationship, they have a separate house for that.
    Secondly, the bit about Angela Kelly. Wasn’t it Angela that leaked the story about Harry “yelling” at her over Meghan’s tiara? And weren’t there stories about her mentoring Kate? She’s proven herself to be team Cambridge over Sussex so it’s interesting that they’re freezing her out. It’s also going to be hilarious seeing how royalists react to this. For years they’ve been singing praises to Angela AK47 Kelly because she put Harry and Meghan “in their place”. Now it looks like her selfless dedication to over sharing and leaking isn’t appreciated by Charles or William. Poor Angela
    Thirdly, the reason there was eyerolling from BP about William’s statement is because they’re firmly on Hussey’s side. They think she did no wrong and they saw William’s statement against racism as him doing too much and further trying to prove he’s not the royal racist who asked about Archie’s skin colour.
    And lastly, of course Charles and William are closer than ever. They have a lot to bond over. They achieved their goal of pushing the Sussexes out and having the UK media firmly on their side through their ascension. After a long PR rehabilitation campaign spearheaded by Charles, Camilla achieved her goal of becoming Queen Consort and soon Kate will join her. The RF is back to being all white again so there’s a lot for Charles, William, Kate, and Camilla to bond over.

  21. First comment says:

    Wow!!! Sorry for the long post but there are so many things to comment: first, it must be nice to have so many homes to choose from and for each spouse to have his/her own. Secondly,” We do pomp and pageantry in a way that no other nation can.”!!! I mean, really? Are those the things they want for UK to be known? I guess this particular point justifies the existence of royals to the British people, so… thirdly, the Edinburgh title, even bestowed on Louis will end up used by a not senior member(he is already currently the 4th and descending, lol in a few years time). Forth, are they trying to preemptive any negative for the senior royals content of Kelly’s future book (“Many suspect she may try to use the tome to settle a few scores. “)? Moreover, it’s evident that Charles and William can’t cooperate (the incident with hassey proved that). Finally, the big elephant in the room: why Kate isn’t mentioned at all? I mean we have a whole paragraph dedicated to the outfit and the tiara that camilla will wear at the ceremony..shouldn’t there be a mention of Kate’s outfit at least? Isn’t that what the royal fans care about? Her absence in any reference regarding future royal plans is quite telling of her role and significance in the royal family. Wait for an article from the Middleton clan for Kate’s role in the coronation.

    • Emily_C says:

      “first, it must be nice to have so many homes to choose from and for each spouse to have his/her own”

      No kidding! My husband and I are able to sleep in separate (very small) rooms because we can afford an apartment with that many rooms, tiny as they are, and I know how lucky we are for that. (We’re perfectly happy, especially since starting to sleep separately — he snores like a congested bear.) Meanwhile these people take having multiple mansions/castles/palaces as a given.

    • PrincessK says:

      I hope that Kelly writes a book and exposes them all.

  22. dee(2) says:

    It never fails to amuse me how they try to present themselves as just simple country folks as they discuss how the first four homes (huge estates) they have aren’t home to them, it’s the fifth that really counts. This from the Double C’s, and we’re just a normal middle-class family from the Wales’ would infuriate me if I was a British citizen, but they keep doing it so it must play to someone.

  23. ABritGuest says:

    Remember the backlash Harry got for saying he wanted to ensure the queen had the right people around her before invictus. But now it turns out that some of the family didn’t trust Angela Kelly either. Quelle surprise.

    It was right for KP to speak out on Hussey’s behaviour but they were opportunistic just because of the Boston trip- we know from treatment of Meghan etc that they don’t really care about racism & if anything didnt want to give credence to claims on Oprah around race by looking like they were denouncing Hussey. I think BP got their revenge by ensuring that most of the reporting only called Hussey, William’s godmother.

    But this just proves what I thought at the time- the palace didn’t really want Hussey out. Most of their reaction was due to the international spotlight & now they want to appease their right wing fans by showing solidarity with Hussey & bringing her back into the fold (unlikely she really left)

    • Solidgold says:

      KP speaking out was self serving. They did not want the ‘race row’ to overshadow the tour not because it was the right thing to do.

  24. GrnieWnie says:

    The Brits do pomp and pageantry because they’re obsolete and living in the past, not because they’re unparalleled. Hello, the French?!

  25. Layla says:

    K’s being silent because her copykeening is beginning to get exposed

  26. Serena says:

    It’s funny how they keep saying Lady Hussey is ‘William’s godmother’ as if that is Baldy’s fault..he has many but that one is definitely not. And while it’s rich of Bulliam to speak of racism after what he did to his sister-in-law, that statement was right. Something Camilla should have done, instead of going to lunch with raging psycos.

    • Emily_C says:


      I wonder if Charles would be able to function on any level if he couldn’t throw a family member under a bus. Just for like, a month. Would he even be able to get out of bed? Would he go into some kind of fugue state?

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      Can we just take a moment to snicker at the oxymoron that is *Lady Hussey?”

  27. Athena says:

    The yet-unnamed country they’re hoping to go to for a state visit must be the U.S. and they must be getting pushback. I hope Biden gives them a firm no. He has already indicated that he doesn’t think what happens in England is that impactful to the world (that last prime minister fiasco). The Bidens are all about family, family comes first. I get that it’s politics but I just don’t think England is that important right now for Joe the proud Irish-American and loving father and grandfather to put aside his values to embiggen Charles’ ego.

  28. Solidgold says:

    There will not be much on Kate since all of Becky’s talking points came from BP.

    The talk of Kate and Will separation is deranger territory. She may have her own home, but that’s not any different from Camilla having her own home. Kate is not going anywhere because the current royal lineup is dry. Will is not a catch, never was and never will be. No woman in her right mind will want to take Kate’s place.

    • Jean says:

      Sounds about right

    • C says:

      I doubt they will break up because William is as lazy as she is.

      But this is not a situation like Charles and Camilla. William will not protect Kate the way Charles will for Camilla. The Waleses live separately because she is the wife and he wants to have his mistresses. Camilla just does what she wants while Charles lavishes her with jewelry etc.

      I can see a certain type of woman finding it very easy to be William’s consort now that the pressures of having kids etc are over. Make no mistake, the aristos he wanted didn’t want him at the time but a whole new wave of Waity Katies would arise if he were ever single, lol. We may think of him as a petulant rage monster but there are plenty who would be happy to deal with it in exchange for the perks (see the present Princess of Wales).

  29. Gabby says:

    I love “An old woman’s funeral was an advertisement for Britain”. Hahahahah!

    Tampon is probably holding onto the Edinburgh title in order to keep Scotland in the fold. Wales’ angry reaction to the rapid PoW title upon W was writing on the wall. Hand out the DoE too soon and Scotland may vote to leave the UK. He’s waiting to see if there will be another referendum and will keep it at least until Nicola Sturgeon is no longer in office.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Gabby, I agree that the funeral was somewhat of an advertisement for Britain. The entire world got to watch as the Firm humiliated and othered the Sussexes. That’s some advertisement there!

  30. Rapunzel says:

    Okay, so one headline yesterday called Harry “a spoiled megalomaniac marinating in spite.” Considering the constant projecting of these hacks, I’m guessing it’s really Will they’re describing He listens to nobody and seems to spend all his time venting his anger.

  31. Lizzie Bathory says:

    So the locks were changed, then immediately Camilla & Kate start wearing new-to-them tiaras & jewelry? No wonder they looked so chummy after the Queen’s death.

    • Well Wisher says:

      Angela committed the cardinal sin, she forgot that she was a mere employee, even if she was close to the Queen.
      She infered that malice was the motive, and did not cover the instigators.
      It was public knowledge but fully exposed by Kate’s behaviour after the death with her vulgar display in wearing so such jewelry.
      She was instructed to leak, and made that implication.
      She refused to be a proper ‘palace aide’ by indicating William’s role.
      If she cannot cover for him, she had to go.

  32. Well Wisher says:

    William decided to stop any questions concerning the incident, so he made a statement mentioning the perpetrator’s name.
    He does not care about either side.
    His silence would have make it possible for her to keep her position.
    She would’ve been allowed to stay.
    The thinking is that ‘they’ would decide what is racism.
    In ‘their’ eyes that was not bigotry, since no one used the ‘word’.

    This way of seeking this particular situation allows for ; William’s reaction interpreted as over-the-top and unnecessary.
    Hence, eyerolling.

    Ms.Fulani was fully aware that this was a possibity.
    Never-the-less she shared details of the incident, but withheld the name, because she recognized that the particular atmosphere allows for the Lady’s behaviour.
    She knows that this type of bigotry has no cure, so this was to inform others like herself.
    A simple message, “this can happen to you.”
    Then future invitees have the option to decline such invitations.
    No one is under any obligations to meet their quota(s) nor enhance their optic.

    One can live a full life without that specific, unnecessary type of stress and aggravations.

  33. Lionel says:

    Interesting take on the DofE title. First of all, was it really all that senior a title before the late Philip got it? Or was it just one of the cache of dukedoms a monarch can give out?

    If it does carry some sort of historical significance making it “senior” or “more important” then okay, maybe it shouldn’t go to the third son of the monarch. But that’s exactly what Louis is going to be (AKA the third inheriting child) so the title would eventually end up just as far down the line of succession. The absence of logic is very telling.

    • Tootsie says:

      I noticed over the years that these Royal correspondents and the entire British family truly lack a critical thinking mind.

    • Snoodle says:

      There have been three creations of the Dukedom of Edinburgh, in 1726 by George I who gave it to his grandson Frederick (Freddie became Prince of Wales later that year, then eventually died and left the title to HIS son who also later became George III), in 1866 by Queen Victoria who gave it to her second son Prince Alfred (his only son predeceased him due to suicide so the title became extinct in 1900), and in 1947 by Queenie’s dad George VI who gave it to his very-soon-to-be-son-in-law.

      So, no, no real specialness as far as royal dukedoms go. It broadly resembles the Dukedom of York in that it mostly seems to merge with the Crown, but it doesn’t have some ancient history attached and there’s really only been five Dukes of Edinburgh and each creation was roughly a century (or more) after the previous.

    • Unblinkered says:

      I think there’s something very odd that the title didn’t just go straight to P.Edward as the Q and the late Duke wanted. I don’t believe Charles would lightly ignore their wishes, there has to be something else. I wonder if it’s to go to P.George, not his siblings, for some reason as yet unknown……
      That would explain Edward & Sophie’s seeming acceptance of not receiving it. Possibly C will give them another dukedom.
      Some very strange things happened in those days after the Q died. Will we ever know……

  34. Vanessa says:

    William only made a statement because he was in America Him and Kate are desperate to seen as cool kids . The fact that everyone was talking about this and the facts came out that she is William godmother which I think Charles and Camilla wanted that to be known there favorite royal reporters were leading with she Williams godmother . So even William doesn’t care about racism is a evil racist himself he knew he was being scapegoated he decided to make a statement to make sure that he have no part in this particular situation and that Camilla was the one who was there .

  35. Murphy says:

    Re: the Edinburgh title
    “Edward is 13th in line and descending, it should go to Louis”.
    Where do you think Louis will be in 50 years? Geez.

    • Questalynne says:

      IMO Edinburgh Title: Edward should receive it. It was the wish of both parents and he and Sophie have put in the service. Then after his death the title reverts to the crown.

      • Tootsie says:

        I do not care for Edward and Sophie. They seem like foul people based on the things they’ve said and done in the past. I find the fact that they kissed the BRF butts so hard for that one period to be super off putting. The Wessexes not getting the title does not make me feel pity or sadness for them at all. I would never help them fight for the title by voicing any support on any public forum. I will not decry the unfairness of Charles going back on his word, even though it is true that he did. In my eyes, this is just karmic retribution for them consistently choosing to be unkind. They get no support from any sides and must fight for their title by themselves.

        But I am also not cheering on Charles for being such a crappy brother. I now know for certain that Charles is not a man of his word. He has gone back on promises again and again. These horrible people bind together in order to keep themselves on top but lack enough love and respect for each other to actually raise each other up. May they continue to go back and forth between sucking up to each other and stabbing each other in the back. At least when someone is your enemy you have no expectation of kindness from them. This sort of wobbling relationship is much more anxiety inducing. This family is rife with this sort of relationship, including between William and Kate as well as Charles and William.

  36. ChattyCath says:

    I’ve just had dinner with people complaining about Harry & Meghan despite their only knowledge being the Murdoch press and shouting me down because they think ‘the Royals are worth it because of all the money they bring in tourism’. I enjoy reading Celebitchy in the hopes I can unclench my jaws. I’m afraid this is the UK.

    • Emily_C says:

      The royals cost money that could be made from tourism. They don’t bring in any. This is easy info to find, actually, but it’s also common sense. Try mentioning France to any of these people.

  37. Lola says:

    “the current thinking is that such a senior title — particularly one associated with Scotland —should not go to the 13th in line to the throne (and descending)”

    Prince Phillip himself wasn’t in line to the throne at all, whatsoever. Except maybe in some extremely distant and convoluted way given he was also a descendant of Queen Victoria. Nice try, though.

    • Lola says:

      Okay, I just looked it up. At birth, Prince Phillip was apparently just over 100th in line to the British throne due to his descent from Queen Victoria. As of 2011, Prince Phillip was unofficially ranked #679th in line to the British throne out of 5753 people.

  38. blunt talker says:

    If they think the royals are worth it-that’s fine-but tell them to yell at the UK press for writing about the Sussexes who have left over two years ago-leave them alone-what part of that statement you don’t understand?-if they are bringing in all this tourism they don’t need to bash Harry and Meghan who no longer live there-the tourism is because of the royals already living there-their tourism has nothing to do with the Sussexes-think critically is truly needed in the UK media-after looking at some of the royal family’s events-they look like they are living in a time capsule-I don’t care about some horse and buggy show.