A teaser & clip for Prince Harry’s ’60 Minutes’ interview are out

Last night, 60 Minutes dropped the teaser for Prince Harry’s interview. Anderson Cooper apparently went to sunny Montecito to interview Harry before Christmas, and the interview will air on next Sunday’s 60 Minutes (which comes on at 7 pm EST). Here’s the teaser:

Something which struck me – and it’s the striking thing about Harry’s participation in interviews – is that Harry is his own man, Harry knows what he wants to say, Harry isn’t afraid to go on the record, Harry doesn’t need to be fed talking points or have staff interfere to massage coverage. Harry wanted to speak to Oprah, so he did. Harry knew exactly what he wanted to say and not say to Hoda Kotb. Harry called Gayle King to give an update after the Oprah interview. And now this, Harry sitting down with Anderson Cooper on one of the most prestigious magazine journalism programs in America. Some will say “well, Prince William would never be allowed to do that!” William could choose to speak whenever he wanted to, on the record, in an interview to clear the air about anything. William doesn’t – he prefers to be “managed” by his Tory handlers, likely because those Tory handlers worry about how badly William would come across in a loose interview setting. Speaking of, William’s Tory handlers are back to crying about how the brothers’ relationship is “hanging by a thread.”

The relationship between the Prince of Wales and his estranged brother is ‘hanging by a thread’ ahead of the publication of Harry’s tell-all memoir, sources have said. Insiders fear the strained relationship between the brothers is likely to be further damaged by attacks on Prince William and his wife Kate in the controversial book, due out next week.

Sources say that while the King is deeply hurt and bewildered by Harry’s actions, he is still keen to keep a line of communication open, however guarded. ‘Whether Prince William would be so receptive is another question,’ one source said. ‘Things are hanging by a thread as it is after the past few months, and from the sounds of it Harry’s memoir is unlikely to help.’

The Daily Mail has previously reported that while friends find it hard to believe that the brothers will never talk again after all they have been through, William feels betrayed and angered by his brother’s constant attacks on the Royal Family. There is also deep concern that anything they say privately could be made public by Harry or Meghan.

[From The Daily Mail]

Royal sources have literally been whining about the state of the brothers’ relationship for years and Harry keeps talking. You know why Harry keeps talking? Because he doesn’t give a sh-t about supplicating himself to his brother’s ego. Harry has made it clear over and over again: William screwed him over, William attacked Meghan, William needs to be held to account. The British media refuses to pull at any of those threads, they stick with their royal sources (William’s people), who keep telling them the same version of “William will never forgive Harry!”

Update: OMG, 60 minutes just released this clip!! OMG.

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  1. Noki says:

    William wants to keep some form of ‘mystique’ lol. Of course any one of the senior royals can choose to go on record but they really want to be seen and not heard, I guess there is some form of power in that.

    • Snuffles says:

      To quote Abraham Lincoln – Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt

      The courtiers know if they allow William (or most of them really) to speak freely, he will put his foot in his mouth endlessly. Just like Andrew did.

      • AnnaKist says:

        The senior Royal men do not have a good record when it comes to interviews. Remember Charles’ interview with Jonathan Dimbleby, I think it was? And what aboutthat Andrew interview? If William was allowed to be interviewed, he would cock it up just as they did. No, they will just keep on whining and get their lackeys to throw the seeds out in public.

        I hope we got to see the 60 minutes interview in Australia. I don’t watch the local version. It’s garbage. But we often get to see a good/important story from Amer

    • Ginni says:

      Couldn’t see the video and l went to YouTube and l couldn’t find it! Can someone help me?

  2. Big Bertha says:

    Silence is betrayal. Ouch!

    • Sam says:

      Not just the silence! And these articles as above are more then betrayal!! This is a declaration of War and destruction

    • SarahCS says:

      I actually fist pumped at the second clip. Go Harry.

      • Laura D says:

        I actually came on to say exactly the same thing! It’s one thing Meghan trying to be reasonable about the whole thing through Oprah. Harry to coming out and saying it is a whole different ballgame. This is him telling them all the gloves are off – you FA and now you’re FO.

        I said it on Twitter and I’m saying it here: It’s going to be VERY interesting to see how the “leaks” from the “unnamed sources” try and spin this one. They will be ruing the day they let Clarkson, 4Takes, Morgan, Levin, Bower, Tate and the rest of the rest of the sewer rats come after his wife. This is Harry telling them all in no uncertain terms. You killed my mother you’re not doing the same to my wife.

        WTG HARRY.

      • Taytanish says:

        This is Harry saying with all his full chest “you keep briefing against me and my family, Ill continue to give these drip, drip, drip interviews”…. When you finally decide to stop talking, I’ll follow suit, but until then, you talk, I’ll talk, you speak through your royal sources, I’ll go on record and tell everything. Be careful from here on out….LOL, this is getting really good.

      • Christine says:

        I did too, good for Harry. It’s about time the royals have to have their behavior towards Meghan and Harry spelled out to them, in excruciating detail. There is no clap-back for the fact that not one member of the “working” royals have ever said anything even KIND about Meghan, much less defending her from any of the abhorrent treatment she has faced.

    • Kingston says:

      “Silence is betrayal.”

      And there are soooo many other ways if making this point: sitting on the fence doesnt means you’re being neutral, it means you’ve chosen the side of the oppressor.

      AND: “the only wrong thing to do is to do nothing.” MM

    • AnneL says:

      I sat up and said “Wow” at that line too.

      Harry is good in interviews because he’s speaking from the heart and the head. He’s lived this truth and he’s telling it, thoroughly and thoughtfully. He’s not spewing talking points or dissembling or mumbling. He knows what he wants to say, and says it. If there is something he doesn’t want to say, he’s honest about that too.

      This is Must-See TV.

    • Snappyfish says:

      Silence is betrayal ~ MLK, Jr April 4, 1967. Harry using the great men of the past to amplify his point

  3. SomeChick says:

    the chickens are coming home to roost.

    the break in Harry’s voice at the end is heartbreaking. please let the harassment stop.

    • Anna says:

      Oh they are coming to roost. I suspected that any bomb Harry decides to drop will be done by himself only. Meg would be torn to pieces if she even tried to utter anything slightly negative. I also think Sussexes had a strategy to slowly say a bit more with each interview/documentary to see how BRF reacts. Since they are not stopping attacks, Harry is going further. I admire his courage amid this pain that this is his family and they don’t give a shit about him.

      • ThatsNotOkay says:

        I agree with all of this.

      • First comment says:

        You are absolutely right @Anna. I believe they were ready to continue without further interviews after Oprah but the constant leaking and briefing against them from the palace as well as the bullying claims against Meghan and knauf’s involvement in the legal action of Meghan towards the fail forced them to react. Plus, the queen is now dead and the gloves are off.

      • Snuffles says:

        This YouTube short sums up everything


      • Becks1 says:

        Yup. As long as the royals keep attacking. H&M in the press, they will speak out. If they hadn’t kept attacking them post Oprah, I don’t think they would have done the docuseries – at least not the same way.

      • Couch potato says:

        Yeah, I think you’re spot on! I think they hoped to set things straight to the public and also send a clear message to the Firm with the Oprah interview. Without revealing to much. They CAN talk freely now, they have the documentation of Willnot and co’s wrong doings, so leave us alone. The way the Firm has handled this is a PR nightmare. This should’ve been a no brainer for ANY person with common sense and an ounce of decency. They should’ve wished them good luck and stopped the briefing. H&M living in the US, doing what they’re doing now, could’ve been a big plus for the Firm. Had their relationship been good, H&M could’ve for instace attended the Earths!t award = more attention to the award and the Whailses. Just a small thing like Keen wearing something from the Smart Work collection would’ve given the public a show of unity, and the cause attention from another group.

      • SussexWatcher says:

        💯 Anna! I agree that the Sussexes wouldn’t have continued talking about the horrible betrayal and bullying by Harry’s family, if the family had STFU. But they cannot – either because of the invisible contract or because they feel invincible being at the top of the royal pecking order (and are not used to Harry speaking out). And since the family won’t shut up, Harry will continue to set the record straight and speak the truth. That stupid, stupid family will be the architects of their own demise! How fcuking idiotic do you have to be to keep briefing against Harry?! And using “threats” like, if he speaks, his relationship with his brother will be over! While Harry is over in the corner like, you’re dead to me – it was over when you came for my wife!

        I am so so glad Harry is calling out the lies in the ‘never complain, never explain’ family motto! Yaaaasssss!!

        We have now entered ‘find out’-ville and I hope Harry burns them to all the ground. (And I hope AC does a ‘taped after the interview’ bit at the end about the whole thing with Camzilla sending her minion after Meghan. Or, if that happened before the interview, I hope AC asks Harry about it and he goes off.)

  4. Tessa says:

    Attacks William and his wife Kate says the article. The wails treated harry and Meghan horribly. The dm and other media ignore Kate glares at Meghan and of course there is the wails employee knauf.

    • SAS says:

      I’m getting a stronger and stronger feeling that the book is NOT going to “blast the royal family”. Despite all the media gaslighting about Harry attacking William, he has been strongly and consistently focused on attacking the press, and his family has barely rated a mention!

      • Noki says:

        He and Meg have shown those people more grace than they ever deserved. And I know a lot of us were disappointed with how the docu didn’t quite go scorched earth. However I hope maybe Harry just couldn’t bring himself to say it on camera but will unleash on paper. Here’s hoping!

      • Renae says:

        @sas: with you on that. Cancelled my pre-order. Not going to pay full price for just a rerun of things already said.

      • Jais says:

        Oh, I’m still interested, regardless of whether he blasts the RF. A full book will have new details, trust. I got my book order and my audiobook order in. Def wouldn’t cancel a preorder based on what the daily mail says.

      • Emily_C says:

        And I’m getting a stronger and stronger feeling that it’s going to. It’s mostly going to be about Harry’s life — and I never understood how people thought Harry could talk about his own life without talking about the abuse he went through at the hands of his family. It’s intertwined.

        He’s not going to say “here are Will’s pegging partners” or anything like that. But anything that pertains directly to Harry himself? Yeah.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Moehring is a great writer. I’m not cancelling my preorder. Didn’t preorder because I believed Harry was going to dish dirt on the RF. (maybe hoped so)

        His words on his experience in the army and what he would say about his relationship with Meghan sold me. Even after the H&M docuseries I want to know more. Laughing at the derangers and rota’s trying to make a thing about AC interviewing Harry in the negative. How they’re related.lol It’s been out there for some time. Guess what? QE2 is a relative of Edward & Wallis! Not just Harry! Imagine how that shite works.

        It’s cute how derangers/RR’s want to discredit Anderson Cooper too. As if he’s spent his life as a member of the royal rota and not an actual journalist.

        Yep. Nothing there.lol

        May not have always agreed with AC. His body of work is pretty effin substantial. Helluva lot greater than the BM’s/RR’s.imo

  5. Lia says:

    Love it! But I would have celebrated if he had predicted this story from the KP through the DM! It’s so obvious and stupid (as always), Harry could have predicted it word for word in this interview! 😂

  6. Tessa says:

    So will does not think he did any hurt to harry and Meghan. Will is in denial city.

    • Seaflower says:

      I think its more the case that William doesn’t care if he hurts people, because the only important person in William’s world is William.

      • Eurydice says:

        I think it’s a combination of the two – the delusion is that he’s a superior human being by birth and entitled to behave however he wants. The people he hurts aren’t really people in his mind, so they don’t count.

      • Debbie says:

        @Seaflower: That’s a hard “agree” for me too.
        @Eurydice: With all due respect, I have a strong feeling that the “superior” blood, “superior” human, and “anointed by God” hogwash is just folklore that the RF and their minions put out for the tourists and the British people whose support they count on. These Godless royals hardly believe in God, judging by their conduct. And from the feeble way their minds work, I doubt that they know (or studied) how the human body works on a circulatory level. The bottom line is that William knows he will be protected regardless of what he does, and he doesn’t mind throwing his weight around. It’s as simple as that and I refuse to spin fairy tales around thuggish behavior.

      • PrincessK says:

        Harry has plenty of evidence which he is still holding back.

    • Sam says:

      I don’t believe this! I think he knows exactly what he did and is still doing. But he doesn’t care, he’s a narcissistic asshole who will stop at nothing!
      The whole family is (kate too, she always was the mean girl) and I think they raise their offspring the same way. Harry was an exception through Diana

      • notasugarhere says:

        I don’t think Harry was an exception because of Diana. Diana had her own whiplash, temperamental, selfish, abusive moments too – long before she met Charles as well as after. William got the worst of both parents, Harry got the best.

        Frankly, I think Harry basically raised himself from the time he was about eight (boarding school where Wm continued to abuse him and essentially disown him). From then on? Harry decided what kind of person he was going to be and made himself his own man.

      • Honey says:

        @Nota – I totally agree with you. Also, from a different perspective, here is another thing to consider regarding your second point. People often talk about Fergie being a grifter and Andrew being an arrogant prick (true for both) BUT the one thing I’ve never really heard about the two are overly negative comments about their parenting style p1 P parenting

      • Honey says:

        @Nota (part 2) I’m using my phone today instead of the laptop, so between what looked to be ads and my phone doing whatever it wants I’m sure my initial comment looks crazy.

        Anyway, my secondary point is that if you consider the age ranges of Anne’s kids, Charles’ kids, and Andrew’s—with Edward’s being too young—Harry is smack dab in the middle. That makes him but not William kind of too young to hang out with Anne’s kids yet slightly too old to hang out with Andrew’s kids. (Yes, I know he and Eugenie have a close relationship.) The point is growing up and having parents that were divorced, emotionally preoccupied with their own 💩, then a mother to die when he’s still a pre-teen with no one really stepping in to fill the gap for him in the family has probably contributed to him feeling like he is the odd man out and that he’d need to make his own way from an early age—even if he only knew that at a subconscious level. He is sort of like a bridge age wise between the older cousins (Anne) and the younger cousins (Andrew).

        And just in case my first comment didn’t get picked up, what I’ve said in essence is that say what you will about Fergie (grifter) and Andrew (super prick) but they seemed to have been emotionally available parents to their children and provided them with a certain sense of stability and inner security.

      • Tessa says:

        Notasugarhere. Diana was human. She was cheated out of a real marriage by c and c.But the lot of current senior royal family members are horrid. Camilla hanging around with Clarkson shows her for who she is and not speaking out against the vile things Clarkson wrote about Meghan. William is as impossible as Charles. Thank heavens for the sussexes.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes Diana was human, as is Charles as much as we don’t want to admit it. But Diana was already deeply, deeply troubled before she threw her cap at Charles. Charles isn’t to blame for Diana shoving her stepmother down the stairs and gloating about it, etc. He doesn’t get to be blamed for her being treated as ‘another useless daughter’ from the day she was born, nor for the behaviors she developed during those years that persisted after her wedding to Charles.

        And again remember, once Harry was shipped off to boarding school two weeks before his 8th birthday? Diana saw them 3-4 weeks a year total. He raised himself from age 8 up IMO. I have a friend like that, with an alcoholic mother, who raised themselves from age 10.

      • notasugarhere says:

        To add, Diana was only considered ‘useful’ by her family after her older sister dated but refused to marry Charles, Diana showed an interest in being Princess of Wales, and the two grannies (Queen Mum and Fermoy) switched their plotting from Sarah Spencer to Diana once Diana showed that interest. But her interest was always in the Prince of Wales (AKA man who couldn’t divorce her) vs. Charles the man. Rather like Kate in that way. She wouldn’t put up with any of this sh!t from Billy the Plumber.

      • Snuffles says:


        No, Charles is not to blame for Diana’s terrible childhood. But, as a much older, experienced ADULT, he should have had enough sense to realize that that 19 year old he got engaged to wasn’t emotionally mature enough to be married to a future king and all the baggage that comes with it. That she was too young and naive to be cool with him having mistresses like other Kings.

        But that’s the whole problem with this family. They don’t think about these things. They only think about what will serve them. Diana, was young, pretty, virginal and they THOUGHT, malleable. If Charles ever thought about anything beyond himself, he would have realized that Diana was a non-starter.

      • Tessa says:

        In that Princess Documentary Charles talked about meeting DIana when she was 16 when he was dating her sister and found her attractive. She was not “of age” to get engaged and he was 12 years older and she was immature . Diana was not in Charles “set” she was only about 10 years of age when Charles got involved with Camilla. It was not a level playing field. When she was 19 Charles started pursuit of her after Anna Wallace dumped him. Charles was only thinking of himself and it was creepy that Camilla helped Charles select Diana and hosted her as the “safe married friend” with a husband and two young children. Diana had high hopes for the marriage. Charles just thought of himself. The Queen Mum had a cynical reason for recommending DIana, she did not want Charles to marry Amanda Knatchbull, Mountbatten’s granddaughter. She did not trust him.

      • Emily_C says:

        @nota: Great, more pro-Charles anti-Diana crap. She was 19 when she was seduced by a 30-year old man who didn’t care about or respect her at all. “Threw her cap at”? Are you f-ing kidding me? Gotta always blame the woman, right?

        Charles is evil to the bone and always has been. That’s a human thing to be — a dog isn’t gonna be evil, no matter how badly behaved it is. Diana was psychologically tortured by the man who lovebombed her into marriage, by his head mistress, and by the entire British press, and she STILL hugged AIDS patients and walked through a minefield. Then she was killed in exactly the way she said Charles would kill her.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I’m not being pro-Charles here, merely pointing out that Diana’s significant issues didn’t begin with Charles and didn’t end with Charles. I’m not a member of the St Diana club. I do not give her a pass for wanting to marry the position and not the man. Taking her older sister’s sloppy seconds because she wanted to be POW. She wanted to ‘show’ the family that did not value her that she was more important through marriage. She wanted a guaranteed divorce-free marriage no matter how she acted.

        Diana herself said she did her charity work to get love and attention, not because it was the right thing to do. If you can still find them online, read the interview transcripts from Princess and the Press (Frontline), which was filmed before Diana died. esp the interviews with the tabloid reporters she befriended.

        Diana was awful and abusive to many people around her, from the wives of all the married men she deliberately targeted for affairs to Fergie. Whenever Diana thought the press spotlight was off her and on Fergie, she’d pull a stunt to get attention back. She didn’t seek help from therapists or counsellors, she spent her money on psychics and astrologers. Diana made those choices, not Charles, and he is not responsible for her actions.

        Harry was shipped off to boarding school at 8, Diana saw him 3 weeks a year after that. He raised himself.

      • Ameerah M says:

        Except she DIDN’T want to marry the man OR the position. She tried to back out when she found out he was still seeing Camilla. And her family and RF wouldn’t let her. Let’s not paint her in the same cloth as Kate – because they are not the same. Diana was 19 and was genuinely in love with a much older man who gaslit and emotionally abused her.

      • notasugarhere says:

        That still all goes back to her wanting the position not the man, at any cost. She was also willing to stay married to a man she didn’t love in the 90s if he agreed to drop Camilla. Diana didn’t want the divorce, because Diana still wanted to be HRH The Princess of Wales and ultimately Queen Consort.

        Point is Harry got his sh!t together in his thirties because he knew he’d lose Meghan otherwise. Bill and Kate still haven’t gotten their sh!t together at 40. At what point do we accept that 39-year-old Diana was responsible for the choices 39-year-old Diana chose to make? She chose to target married men for her affairs, she chose to stalk potential lovers and harass them and their wives with 100s of hangup phone calls, she chose to have an affair with Hewitt who was a twin of her father, she chose to be awful to many people around her.

    • Gabby says:

      @Tessa, it’s generous of you to deem Will capable of thinking.
      He knows he hurt H&M, but feels it is his “right” to do so as shiny keen future king.

  7. Beverley says:

    “Silence is betrayal.” The Royal Family will rue the day they stayed utterly silent regarding the Clarkson vile mess. At no point have they protected Meghan and that latest incident was proof-positive.

    Harry is talking and the world is watching.

  8. SAS says:

    Re: the clip, I don’t care if people think they’re being repetitive, it is SO IMPORTANT for them to continue being transparent about how intentional this fucked up symbiotic system is!!

    I love how plainly he speaks about it, I can always see Meghan is slightly softening/holding back (understandably) but this is something he has immense experience and credibility to be speaking about and I really admire him for continuing to do so, despite the bullshit redirection about his relationship with his brother

  9. Brassy Rebel says:

    The propaganda is relentless. Every British rag places all responsibility for the brothers’ estrangement solely on Harry. No one on the other side of the pond stops to interrogate this narrative for even a millisecond because if they did they would have to admit that William has brought this on himself by his own nasty actions. He is NOT THE VICTIM here. But, especially after the doc series, we see how calculated and phony this narrative is–just like William, who must be protected at all costs.

    Looking forward to this interview and getting my book next week!

  10. Flowerlake says:

    I’ve heard and seen many people who didn’t give a shit about the BRF (including Meghan and Harry), now saying that they understand Meghan and Harry, and how horrible it is what they’ve been through.

    Am recommending the documentary a lot 😀

  11. Eurydice says:

    How is Charles still “bewildered”? All he has to do is listen. And Harry has already said that his relationship with Will is “space,” so where is this dangling thread?

    • Amy Bee says:

      Harry says in the ITV clip that there’s been no attempt to reconcile. So Charles is pretending to bewildered. He knows exactly what he did and I suspect his antics after the Queen’s death further exacerbated things.

    • Tessa says:

      Charles never said a word if complaint about Clarkson. He is not bewildered he is showing what a horrible father he is.

      • If Only says:

        The use of the word “bewilder” in that article is a slap at Harry. The actions of a 2 yr old can bewilder a parent trying to follow their thought process. So. imo, chucky is saying “Kids will be kids” (smirk, giggle). I truly despise chucky

    • Miranda says:

      Right? At this point, I can’t tell if his father and brother really are THAT f–king stupid, or if they’re just so used to consequence-free shitty behavior that Harry’s reaction is genuinely beyond their comprehension and they honestly feel that THEY the aggrieved party.

      • They are that stupid. Charles, William, and the UK tabloids know The Royal family is not popular or likable. They are all aware that the polls they conduct, the bots they buy for their social media accounts, and the invisible contract is all fake propaganda. They know Harry and Meghan are more popular. William and Kate both had failed television appearances in December. Do you know who had 219 million watched hours on a paid streaming service?

      • Seaflower says:

        To quote your excellent line: Chuck and PWT are just “used to consequence-free shitty behavior ” because no one has ever stood up to them.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        @Miranda, William and Charles are just like Andrew and feel that they are the aggrieved party. Their superiority complex does not allow them to consider the possibility that they may be wrong even once.

      • Kittenmom says:

        Miranda, I think you are right on both counts.

    • Jais says:

      Bewildered is a strategy. Charles is so bewildered bc how on earth could this have ever happened? He hasn’t done anything to Harry and he’s just so bewildered. Thus Harry must be deeply confused troubled and paranoid.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      Charles is an active participant. Maybe the briefs from him were more benign, but those from his mistress-wife have been vile and she gave Jeremy Clarkson all his talking points, plus hired former tabloid journalists to work in her commas team. She is the most wicked stepmother, yet Charles chooses and protects her over his son every single d*mn time. He’s a spineless, stupid coward and deserves zero grace or respect. William is in another league though.

      • Gabby says:

        All those pre-funeral gossip briefings about Harry being excluded from the family plane to Balmoral, Meghan not being welcome at Balmoral and Harry not being allowed to wear his uniform were directly from Tampon. Tampon ordered the ER thing removed from Harry’s uniform.

        Coward King Who Can’t Manage a F-cking Pen can tell the sycophantic BM that he’s “keeping the door open” and “extending olive branches” and “loves his son” all he wants. It’s complete and utter BullExcrement.

        May his coronation be free of any Sussex and Commonwealth glow. PLEASE BIDEN, find something in your calendar more important to do that day (like organizing the junk drawer).

    • Emily_C says:

      Charles is as “bewildered” as Henry II was after Thomas Becket was murdered. Henry II said “Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?” Lo and behold, Henry’s knights who were there when he said it rode off to kill Thomas. And Henry was just so utterly “bewildered” by their actions, he certainly had never intended that, nope nope nope!

      Charles is the puppetmaster here.

    • PrincessK says:

      The Palace machinery has decided that Charles is ‘bewildered’. We may never learn what Charles really thinks. This is the ‘institution’ speaking not the father. I suspect that Charles hates the media but has been told that if he does not cooperate with them then the monarchy is toast.

  12. Amy Bee says:

    I love that 60 minutes clip. Let’s see how BP responds to it.

  13. Nic says:

    Ladies cam some one summarize the second clip for those of us who aren’t in the States/can’t view it?

    • Suze says:

      Andersen asked Harry whether they’d tried to handle these issues privately with the family, and Harry said every time they’d tried a story was leaked to the press. He specifically calls out Buckingham Palace for planting stories about him and Meghan and never putting out any statements on their behalf.

    • LupeBS says:

      AC: One of the criticisms that you’ve received is that, well, okay, fine. You wanna move to California. You want to step back from the institutional role. Why be so public? You say you’ve tried to do this privately?
      PH: And every single time I’ve tried to do it privately, there have been briefings and leakings and planting of stories against me and my wife. You know the family motto is, “Never complain, never explain.” But it’s just a motto. And it doesn’t really hold – – –
      AC: There’s a lot of complaining and a lot of explaining?
      PH: Endless.
      AC: Private – being done in – through leaks.
      PH: Through leaks. They will feed or have a conversation with the correspondent. And that correspondent will literally be spoon-fed information and then write the story. And then at the bottom of it, they will say that they reached out to Buckingham Palace for comment. But the whole story is Buckingham Palace commenting. So, when we’re being told for the last six years, “We can’t put a statement out to protect you.” But you do it for other members of the family, there becomes a point when silence is betrayal.

      • Nic says:

        @Suze and @lupe – thank you both so much! What a way to start 2023 and Happy New Year to you 😊

      • Honey says:

        What is so messed up yet very telling about what Prince Harry has said is this: every comment coming from William’s camp about what is preventing a reconciliation is that he (William) can’t trust Harry not to leak comments to the press. Every. Article. So (1) it’s either gaslighting at its finest; (2) an attempt to flood the zone with 💩 in order to preempt anything Harry will about say about feeling betrayed and/or to caste doubt on Harry and Megan—basically they are liars (William’s team has been doing that for months now); (3) it’s projection and self-protection on W’e end; (4) or, all of the above. This is why it’s war. It’s personal. William & Co. made it personal. Prince Harry was probably used to Charles’ stuff, even expected it. He was likely deeply disappointed but ultimately knew/knows who his father is—a weak man. This with his brother is personal.

      • Mtl.ex.pat says:

        Thanks! I’m in Canada & can’t get it to load either (says not available in this country)

  14. Lolo86lf says:

    I find it very disingenuous of William to stand by idly while his only sister in law is being torn apart by the BM and yet he still expects Harry to his faithful brother.

    • Kittenmom says:

      LOL. I’m sure in Baldy’s mind he “already has a sister-in-law” – Pippa.

      • Solidgold says:

        LOL.. I will never forget that comment! Will is a disturbed and deeply hateful man.

      • PrincessK says:

        Exactly, remember what William said when he was asked about Archies birth? He said he is not my first nephew…..totally unnecessary and totally cold and strong evidence that he was not rejoicing with his brother. I bet he was like all the others hoping that Meghan would struggle to conceive.

  15. SURE says:

    “well, Prince William would never be allowed to do that!” After the Oprah interview, W sent a “friend” and a former KP staffer to trash M for Robert Lacey’s updated (pro W) version of BoB. What W is allowed to do is far more malicious than the measured honesty H has employed when going on the record.

    • Couch potato says:

      Not to mention get the producers to drop clips they didn’t like in the documentary about the brothers.

  16. Jais says:

    Cue the meltdowns.

  17. C-Shell says:

    Whoa, HARRY! Whether the book goes there or not, and I’ll wait until next week to find out, Harry in interviews is brutally honest. The RF will choose to term “silence is betrayal” as an “attack,” but this is it, this is Harry laying the truth out there without fear or care that he’s hauling the charred remnants of the burned bridges out of the water, throwing them into a bottomless pit, and firing up the earth mover to fill it in. I’m salivating a little for a trailer or clip from a Tom Bradby/ITV interview.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      “Silence is betrayal.” Yes, and it is also complicity. I am eager to know if Cooper asked Harry about Jeremy Clarkson because his comments are still out there, stinking like a turd in the sun.

      • Julia K says:

        I like your word “complicit”, hopefully he will use it to describe Kate and her behavior.

      • SURE says:

        Silence is betrayal because of the family’s complicity. H’s telling us he knows they’re guilty.

  18. aquarius64 says:

    The BRF and the BM don’t like the Sussexes talking because it would convince more people to become turned off on the monarchy.

    • Solidgold says:

      It can go the other way. The Sussexes continuing to talk can turn off people too. Especially since they have not gone into any detail about their ordeal. I wish Meghan would have clarified exactly who cried at the bridesmaid fitting, and Harry more of the Sandringham summit.

  19. BeanieBean says:

    No!!! I’m going to be out of the country next Sunday!!! Hope I can find it online somewhere….
    I’m a little irked 60 Minutes used the term ‘explosive’ to describe Harry’s memoir. That’s tabloid talk; the tabs have been using terms of violence to describe everything Harry & Meghan do, and it’s just wrong. It’s intentional & it’s wrong.

    • Gems2712 says:

      They also paired it with Harry making a circle with his hands to make it seem like he was doing a BOOM gesture. Bit tacky…

  20. Laura D says:

    I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall in KP right now! William has probably gone into full incandescent, fury mode! 😆 😆 😆

  21. Noor says:

    It is very difficult to understand why Charles and William need to scapegoat the sixth in line, Prince Harry and Meghan.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Because they both have a lot to hide, and they have used Harry to distract from their scandals for years now. And Meghan, being a bi-racial woman, just gave them another scapegoat.

    • SAS says:

      @Noor, it also becomes increasing difficult for the RR to try and sell this strange illusion of the *King * and 2nd in line somehow being powerless to how the system works. Like “oh, horrific press attacks on my son, too bad that’s the way the Royal system works 🤷‍♂️” FFS! There’s no hiding behind the Queen anymore!

      I was flabbergasted at a commenter somewhere saying “oh Kate can’t actually can’t cut her hair too short/Will can’t grow a beard, they’re entirely beholden to blah blah”. Like… literally the whole point of power the royals are clinging to is that no one can tell the KING or next most senior person behind them anything! Ugh, that’s my rant I’ve obviously been sitting on for a while.

      • Couch potato says:

        The king of Spain and the crown princes of Denmark and Norway can grow beards, but the british heir can’t? Whatever that person had smoked, I’d stay far away from.

      • Jaded says:

        King George V had a beard. Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Consort Albert had a beard. Prince Philip grew a beard during a solo tour aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia on a voyage around the Commonwealth in 1965. The commenters obviously know sh*t about the BRF because they’re bots.

    • Eurydice says:

      I don’t think the RF intended things to go so far. I think it started out with petty jealousy and using the BM to put Meghan “in her place,” and then they figured they could drive Meghan out. And then Harry dug in his heels and the RF countered with more briefing and everything kept escalating until we’re here now. At this point, it’s not even about scapegoating anymore – there’s nothing more the RF can use for cover other than “Harry is being mean.”

      • windyriver says:

        “I don’t think the RF intended things to go so far.”

        Of course not. They all expected Harry in particular to fold early on; pulling funding, pulling security, stripping patronages, attacking his family. Browbeating someone into submission had always worked before, especially when the media are fully involved. It was inconceivable to all of them the tried and true strategy wouldn’t finally triumph as usual. There was no plan B (well, there was in the beginning, but they rejected H&M’s offers) because one had never been needed – and because the egos involved were incapable of accepting they weren’t going to ultimately get what they wanted by continuing along the same path.

      • Anna says:

        They were to dumb to realize who they were dealing with and underestimated Meg big time. They have memory problems too because they already had a smart and charismatic woman as an “enemy” and she gave them a PR crisis of a century.

      • Emily_C says:

        They wanted Meghan dead and Harry brought to heel. They didn’t expect it to go this WAY, but this FAR? They wanted farther.

      • Christine says:

        Word, Eurydice.

        None of us should be shocked that a family who has never been accountable for anything, other than showing up and cutting ribbons, or riding in a parade, is unable to to grasp the specifics of being a normal human being. but we still are, because the royals have happily led the planet down a rosy path, where they are gigantic racists, et. al., and everyone pretends not to see it, because they are “anointed by God”.

        Put another way, they are too stupid to puzzle themselves out of a paper bag, but they still really believe they are very, very important. For some reason, it works, on a segment of the population I hope to never meet, in real life.

    • PrincessK says:

      Fifth in line actually.

  22. Lili says:

    Oh Boy it’s going to be a long week, I wonder what stories about Meghan are going to leak this week. I can see the deranged picking apart the latest trailer drop of Harry sniffing .
    Happy New year everyone. Oh I forgot when is Kate’s birthday, is this going to over shadow it ?

  23. Roseberry says:

    One of the main TV channels in the Uk – ITV has just dropped a trailer for an interview with Tom Bradbury which will also air on Sunday. Tom did the South African tour interview with Meghan, where she 1st spoke about ‘not being ok’. From the trailer it seems that this might be more intimate, it shows Harry talking about wanting to be ‘part of a family, not an institution’.

    • Laura D says:

      I wonder if we’ll get the ratings for the interview BEFORE we get the ratings for Kate’s Carol Service. 😉 Even though Harry won’t have the King and QC, the Middletons, royal children and cousins “supporting” him, I’m going to stick my neck out and say Harry’s interview will have the higher ratings. 😉

  24. Snuffles says:

    “ You know why Harry keeps talking? Because he doesn’t give a sh-t about supplicating himself to his brother’s ego. Harry has made it clear over and over again: William screwed him over, William attacked Meghan, William needs to be held to account.”

    I think Harry is more upset about William’s actions because he expected better of him. Like Harry said, they made promises to each other to not brief against each other and gave each other’s backs. William betrayed that trust. Not Harry. William can complain all he wants and being afraid Harry will repeat what he says to the public, but the fact remains that there is an ENDLESS amount of stuff that Harry could spill about William but hasn’t until this day.

    As for Charles, Harry expects this BS from Charles and was largely unsurprised by his actions. I think the only thing that shocked him was taking his security.

    • Honey says:

      @Snuffles – that’s always been my take as well. William’s actions cut deeper because he expected more from his brother. Harry knew & knows who his father is (a “nice” man who wants to do good in the world but at the end of the day a weak man who only really exerts himself or will get into the thorny weeds when it’s self-protective (read he and Camilla)). Harry has probably made peace with that at some level. Pulling the protection back and not taking the calls probably rattled Harry for a moment but at the end Harry probably said “whatever; I didn’t expect that but that’s who he is.”

    • Athena says:

      I think Harry was the one to voice, to actually say to William, we won’t brief against each other and William passively agreed. Harry took it as a promise and for William it was a whatever. William never meant it as a promise. William never looked out for Harry. Harry said it himself, when he attended the same school as William, he thought he was going to have a big brother who would look out for him and William ignored him.

      William is trapped in so many way and his anger and resentment towards his little brother is palpable. William will never get counseling, there will always be a break between his real self and his ideal self. William is not capable of being the person Harry is expecting him to be.

      • Honey says:

        Athena, your last sentence is the most palpable of all to me. I think Harry, if he hasn’t already come to not only understand and accept that, then he will. It’s a process. Not to be overly dramatic but that’s another level of grief and acceptance. It happens when our heroes fail us, when they literally fall off of the pedestals where we kept them or believed them to be. We have to reckon with who we thought they were and our responses to who we hope they were. It’s painful but eventually liberating.

  25. LupeBS says:

    @nic and other celebitches, happy new year to you all. May this year be packed with excellent gossip x

  26. Heather says:

    Everyone who is so worried about the brothers relationship are not seeing that Harry has put boundaries up for his toxic brother. Nothing at all wrong with that. Just because you’re my brother and the public feels like they own us in some weird way, doesn’t mean I have to put up with your toxic behavior.

    Good for Harry for doing the hard thing. I believe he was already wanting out of the ‘establishment’ before he met Meghan and once they started going after her, he was ‘nope, bye’ to those fools. And even after they did what they did to them, H&M still tried to figure out a way to support (mainly) the Queen and the RF. Now that she’s gone, that institution will fall apart IMO.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      After Diana died William and Harry were never close anymore. The monarchy took William and started telling him he was special. And just ignored Harry. This crap that they were so close is all lies. Harry did the work and showed up when he was supposed to. They never spent any time together other than that.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Robert Phillips, this is what I suspect, too. I don’t think there was as much drinking in the basement “club” with Harry as people have been led to believe. That’s part of the memoir that I’ve been looking forward to where Harry describes how much time he actually spent with William. Well, how much time he spent with William when he wasn’t scapegoated for something.

      • Anna says:

        In H&M documentary Harry talked about Botswana and how people he met there basically raised him. That stood out to me, he was ignored by BRF and found support elsewhere, and it was a blessing in disguise. Harry turned out so well because BRF ignored him, not despite it. They focused on Will and he is who he is..

      • SIde Eye says:

        I agree with all of you. @Anna excellent points.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The monarchy told William he was special from the start, while the staff (at Highgrove, etc.) were allowed to mistreat Harry all they wanted. The big wedge started at boarding school. Harry arrived just shy of 8-years-old, hoping for his big brother to be his friend. William alternately ignored Harry, bullied Harry, or sent his friends to bully Harry. And Harry still thought that his big brother was something special, the one who would always be there for him esp as their parents separated a few months later. But the wedge and coldness didn’t start at Diana’s death, it started long before.

    • Julia K says:

      @heather, I believe you are correct that Harry wanted out before he met Meghan. She is the one who showed him how to find the door.

      • NotSoSocialB says:

        There was a quote from Meghan in the series that was presented within the context of his new& chosen family in Botswana and how they “raised” him- she said basically he had already begun his journey to leaving the brf when they they (H&M) met. I can see that as the full and unvarnished truth.

  27. Amy Bee says:

    The royalists are upset. I love it.

    • SAS says:

      Hopscotching from Andrew Tate to this royal stuff has been an enjoyable few days of entitled white tears lol!

  28. Jennifer Smith says:

    I watched the Netflix series as a firm Sussex supporter. I mean, I have eyes, I can read. My husband was on the fence, but trending toward “lots of money boo hoo”.

    He watched the series and we are now on the same page. One thing he commented on—and it’s not important because he’s a man, but because of where he was before watching it—was how intelligent Harry was. It’s not just that he knows how to present himself well. It’s not just that he has CLEARLY had therapy to enable him to assess, make determinations, and explain himself and the world around him, but he’s also just smart. I knew she was smart already, but I was taken aback by how clearly intelligent Harry is.

    There. I got it out of my system. It doesn’t really add to this conversation though, so moderator, feel free to slide it into the “don’t publish” pile 🤷🏻‍♀️😊

    And happy new year!

    • SAS says:

      This is so sweet! Much like Meghan’s ease for public speaking, Harry being able to speak so succinctly about these complex issues is a real skill that goes a bit unnoticed when it appears so natural. When you put that in contrast with any statements we hear or read from (imo seemingly less intelligent) Will and Kate, the difference is staggering.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Ah yes @Jennifer Smith and @SAS. Your refections about Harry’s intelligence remind me of an old clip that appeared in the Netflix doc of Diana being interviewed about her sons when Will was 3 and Harry was nearly 1, at the in-between crawling and just beginning to walk stage. The two boys were banging on the piano during a family photo-op at KP. At one point, Chuck made funny faces, trying to get little Harry’s attention. Diana presciently explained the differences in her two sons’ personalities. She said that Harry was calmer, and that he was very observant, taking everything in. Bingo! I remember seeing that video clip in real time during the 1980s. It’s unbelievable how fast time passes, slowly, but so fast!

        Looking back and seeing that clip now, I’m struck by the sadness and resignation in Diana’s eyes, even as she spoke with love about her sons. Years later, she revealed what Chuck had said to her with dismissive disappointment after Harry’s birth, “Oh, it’s a boy. And it has red hair.” Diana said that her heart sank in that moment. They had both hoped for a girl. And she had hoped that the birth of their second child would bring them closer together and perhaps save their marriage. After Chuck’s selfish reaction, Diana knew it was over. There was no hope. Her husband did not love her. If he had, even if slightly disappointed, he would have rejoiced over a healthy child. He would have respected the pain and exhaustion of childbirth Diana had just endured.

        Who knew that red-headed second son would be the one who is most like his mother? Who knew that he would be the one to ultimately carry on her legacy? In essence, Harry, the boy ginger, and the ‘spare’ (along with his wife, Meghan), have become ‘Diana’s Revenge,’ but more importantly, they both exemplify Diana’s light and Diana’s love.

      • Tessa says:

        Charles made it clear also that he was done with Diana after the spare. He obviously did not want to try for a girl. He is a total disgrace. The Beckham’s tried for a daughter after sons were born to them and had one.

      • Debbie says:

        @Tessa: Perhaps Charles couldn’t afford a third child, being as cash-poor as the Windsors are.

    • SueBarbri33 says:

      I think that’s exactly right. I’ve been trying to articulate a similar thought–I think the truth of the matter is, Harry has always been much more natural in front of the cameras than his brother. And if the RF didn’t think it was much of a problem before, the palace certainly must understand how bad W looks in comparison now. Even if we assume that W can’t speak out on personal/family issues in an interview like Harry, what’s to stop him from speaking out about his passion for the environment? EarthShot should have been a showcase for W&K–they should have used that platform to show off their own personalities while they demonstrated the environmental innovations (or whatever ES was about). But they gave us nothing.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ That’s right @Sue Barbri33. W&K gave us nothing, because they are both self-centered, petty, and insecure. Their ‘personalities’ are lacking! They rely on handlers and the BM to embiggen them. Sadly, neither Cain nor Mumbles have anything to give. They haven’t learned anything about the error of their ways. At this point, there’s no hope for either of them. My prayers are for their three children.

      • Jais says:

        Yeah, I don’t think there was any video of him or Kate speaking the entire time in Boston. They did for the awards, but outside of that nothing. It was really just photo-ops and RR telling us what happened, even though vid proof at the basketball games told a diff story. If William or Kate had given an interview, they would have gotten more publicity. I don’t think they want to bc even their handlers know it might go bad, they don’t want to bc it’d be more work, and they want to keep up the facade that they never explain.

      • Emily_C says:

        Will has passion for two things: 1) Pegging/rose gardening/dogging in Norfolk and 2) Attacking his brother.

    • Jan says:

      The BM have been saying Harry is dumb, for years and I think most of us were convinced, he was always acting like the court jester.
      This is what freedom is doing for him, allowing the World to see the person behind the facade.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Jan, I never bought into the “Harry is dim” propaganda. You can’t be dim and learn to fly an Apache helicopter–you simply can’t. Add to that the IG and Sentebale and the other things he was doing on his own? That guy has smarts and what I find most interesting is that I’m honestly not sure whether the family actually knows that. I don’ think there’s anyone in that family who would measure up–unless it’s one of the older cousins of QE2.

      • Emily_C says:

        The court jester’s job is to keep the monarch humble by telling truths. Like “The Fool” in a play — they always speak what everyone else is too afraid or too confused to speak. The jester is always the smartest person in any court.

    • PrincessK says:

      Some of my family members who were on the fence are now on Harry’s side.

  29. Jazz Hands says:

    I wasn’t able to watch the clips posted (I’m in Canada) but this one does work for me: https://www.cbsnews.com/video/prince-harry-tells-60-minutes-about-his-decision-to-speak-publicly-60-minutes/#x

    I wish Anderson wouldn’t have interrupted Harry. I’d like to have heard how he was going to finish the sentence.

    • Kelly says:

      Thank you for posting! I was hoping somebody in the comments had an international link!

    • Surly Gale says:

      Thank you for posting! Being in Canada, Y-Tube was not offering me any recent Anderson Cooper/Prince Harry clips.
      Greatly appreciated!

  30. Gem says:

    Silence is betrayal. BOOM! I hope people will finally get a clue that the palace leaks information to certain journalists, while other journalists are not allowed to write anything bad about them. Never complain, never explain is bullshit. Also, Harry and Anderson on TV at the same time is almost too much cuteness for me to bear! Finally, I’m tired of everyone talking about Harry being “the dumb one.” He comes across as very intentional and well-spoken in his interviews.

  31. aftershocks says:

    In the Netflix doc, Harry said that he has early memories of his mother except for her laughter. But it’s not as if he doesn’t have any remembrances of her at all. It’s just that the pain and grief was so overwhelming at the age of 12, that he pushed memories of her away in order to get through that period, which meant there are now some things about her that he can’t fully access. Neither Will nor Harry ever received grief counseling as teenagers, when they needed help the most!

    What Harry does remember are, “the values my mother taught me,” (as he said to Tom Bradby during the South Africa tour). Harry has also never forgotten that Diana told him when he was young, “It’s okay to be naughty. Just don’t get caught.” 😘 Harry mentioned this in the Netflix doc most recently. In his 20s, Harry had sadly yet lovingly recalled, with a twinkle in his eyes, these very same words by his mother, during filming of the Tom Bradby documentary, “Prince Harry in Africa.”

    (my comments are in response to flippant criticism of Harry by a poster whose post was apparently removed)

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ Correction: Harry said he has “no early memories of his mother, except for her laugh…”

      • Honey says:

        We see those old camera shots like those featuring Diana, William, and Harry on water park slides, etc., but we often forget that they were, like most aristocratic children, raised by nannies.

        One parallel that I do see between Harry & Diana is the longing for nurture and a close knit family. They both lost/were separated from their mothers at an early age albeit different circumstances. Same system, tho.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Honey, I specifically remember that Diana was more hands-on with her sons. There were articles written about her desire to take care of her sons’ needs, rather than allow the nanny to do all the work. In fact, at one point, there were even reports saying that Diana somewhat resented Nanny Barnes because she wanted to do most of the caring for her sons herself.

        After the separation and divorce, there was a kind of competition in terms of p.r. re who was the better and more loving parent. Diana truly disliked Charles hiring Tiggy Legg-Bourke to help with the boys when they spent time with him. I think it’s obvious that Diana’s love and care for her sons was more hands-on than previous royal mothers. Taking Will as a baby on their Australian tour was Diana’s decision. It changed the way things had previously been done and set an important precedent.

  32. Chantal says:

    I’ve repeatedly said H&M have a decision to make and apparently, they have made it. The gloves are off! Specifically calling out W and the BM in the doc and now BP in this clip – epic! I’ll definitely watch it! FAFO is on the menu and H is steadily dishing it out! Neither the RF/palaces nor the BM are ready. Carry on H&M!

  33. KP says:

    I’m glad Harry is making it clear how “never explain never complain “ works to people and I’m glad it’s the first trailer. Between this and the documentary talking about Williams betrayal of their promise I hope it helps blow up the royal/palace sources.
    I’m seeing more people talking about the collisions between British media and the royals. I also noticed William and his leakers have been pretty quiet since the second half of the doc dropped. I really think they’re shook.
    Whether that leads to significant change idk but I glad Harry is blowing up the “palace sources” bs.
    I do still think ultimately H&M just want peace and healthy reconciliation which means their interviews/books/message will always be kind and more generous than Harry or Meghan’s dad deserve.
    They’ve both said it but I also think they know it’s not necessarily possible as long as the palace and press are working together because that means Harry & Meghan will always be the enemy to prop up the awful royals.

    After this month I hope for Harry and Meghan they see some real change and finally get peace from the constant briefings and harassment.

    • Surly Gale says:

      I honestly believe H&M want peace. I think they’ve given up on “healthy reconciliation”.
      If the Royal Rota and Royal Family won’t stop talking about H&M, well, I think its absolutely fair play for Harry to speak about them.
      Take my family out of your filthy mouths and we won’t discuss you guys’ gross and dysfunctional behaviours. Keep talking, and so will I.
      It’ll be interesting to see how much they attempt to blame M for what H says and does. He’s a man who speaks with his whole self. When one sees that, it’s impossible to believe anonymous palace sources speak more truth cowering in anonymity than Harry, who speaks in the light.
      I do not believe in anonymous sources. We have a strata that posts all kinds of things and signs it ‘strata’. When I was president, every single thing that got published in strata’s name was clearly indicated as coming from the President, through consultation with Council. Now everything is back to being anonymous and some really bad things are happening throughout the building. Same with the RF & Rota.

  34. Well Wisher says:

    Loyalty is what happens when one leaves the room.
    This, in this case leaking and a refusal to refute the fictionalized version of events around Harry and his immediate family.
    Some one need to remind William, that his fairy-tale ended when he got married and used that time to work part-time with limited engagement of the public.

    His behaviour is one under the fallacy that he is entitled to the popularity that the Sussexes had, in the early stages of their marriage.
    It was the opposite to the newly minted Wales.
    With little or no empathy he exploited the terrible state of English media post-brexit to rage against what he sees as an injustice.
    The public indifference to his sense of entitlement.
    The late Queen’s popularity was not inheritable, every monarch has to sell themselves to the population as head of state.
    Harry and Meghan’s popularity was a positive for the institution and its head at that particular time.
    William conflated the family and institution, and behaved terribly towards the Sussexes because he lacks any self awareness, terribly afraid of failing, will never have to face accountability.

    So William drove them out, the father refused to intervene, while the graven media seemed stunned that Harry does not approved of the idea of being a villain in a poorly written fairy tale.

    I am unconvinced that Harry is interested in laying bare all their secrets in a tit-for-tat, he would have leaked.

    He chose not to.

    Instead he told his truth as it pertains to the discussion.

  35. BeGoneOrangeCheeto says:

    Burn it down, Haz! (Not literally but you know what I mean.) He is absolutely right. And at some point, enough is enough and the victims are going to fight back. Abusers run everywhere, whether you’re rich or poor, and good on Harry for drawing a line.

    I wish I had the courage to draw boundaries so clearly. I just sit back and take it and take it.

  36. Polo says:

    I can’t wait to read his book…already got it on pre order and getting the audiobook as well.
    I am curious to see his interviews as welll because these are coming right on the heels of Jeremy Clarkson’s vile article and the briefing rampage by William and his people after the first half of the documentary was released. I’m sure Harry saw/read all that along with the commentary from people supporting Meghan after the Clarkson article but silence from the palace! Is he mad enough to go harder in the interviews?

    Is he gonna “blow it up?” Eh maybe the palace/press relationship but I still think he’ll be compassionate to them and speak truth.
    . They’ve been pretty consistent in their messaging and I don’t think that’s gonna change. It also helps that Harry’s been to therapy so he’s not out for revenge just truth and peace.
    I think supporters and haters have their own agendas which they project onto Harry and Meghan but H&M have been consistent in their messaging.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Polo, I agree that he won’t burn it down. He will, indeed, go after the media and its relationship with the palaces. It’ll be interesting to see if he will name his brother and wife. I think the previous posts that stated H&M were hoping the Oprah interview would quiet the leaks and UK media. Once it was clear that wasn’t going to happen, they are being much clearer about the problem. Let’s not forget that everything had to clear legal to get published in the book (and docuseries), so that’s a warning that if they want to take him on, he’s prepared.

      I can’t help but feel that Harry understands the bubble that his father and brother are living in and part of him understands that THEY don’t understand what he’s saying. I think, ultimately, any sympathy he has about that reality will slowly erode if they do not stop the media carnage. I think he may be trying to help them get out from under the media’s hold. I don’t know if that’s possible.

      I can’t wait for the interview and the book.

  37. anna says:

    prince charles gave an interview to 60 minutes so it is hardly the crazy radical thing that the press will make it out to be

  38. Kelvin says:

    Y’all notice how little outrage this is garnering compared to anytime Meghan says anything? The Cut interview got more outrage and Meghan just said she didn’t sign an nda….shoot even her supporting paid leave got more outrage.
    Could be that the palace is changing strategies or media can’t make up some supposed protocol broken or claim he’s lying.
    Hmmmm oh how odd? What could possibly be the explanation for this? lol smh

    • Solidgold says:

      Harry is royal by blood. There will always be a some protection and management. Meghan is completely fair game. People can say and write the vilest insults with no push back. The politico article was all about bashing Meghan, very little about Harry.

  39. Mel says:

    @Snuffles- Thanks for posting. I’m over here cackling. It’s funny but it’s the truth. I turned to my husband and said “Meghan is STILL being diplomatic, Harry was all F this BS, I’m going into the temple, turning over the tables and I’m going in with a flamethrower to burn it to the ground.” The family has a Harry problem not a Meghan one, he is sick of their s*** and won’t stop until they stop. Considering that he knows where the “bodies are buried” and ain’t afraid to give a guided tour, you’d think they’d stop. The Royals and the collective brain power a tub of paste, stop messing with person who’s smarter than all of you, can play the game better than you and is not afraid of you because he keeps receipts.

    • Emily_C says:

      They’re dumb as paste but they have a lot of brute power. I still fear for Harry and Meghan’s safety. But the smartest thing for Harry and Meghan to do is to tell part of what they know, and make clear that if they die, they’ve stored the receipts with someone who will release them all.

  40. Robin Samuels says:

    Until the RF cancels the contract with Murdoch and Rothmere, their light will continue to dim on the global stage.
    William and Harry witnessed Charles use his office to undermine Diana and vowed never to do the same. Watching William engage in the same activity is heartbreaking. Suppose you ask William why he doesn’t like Meghan Markle. In that case, he most likely cannot give a logical answer because it’s envy and jealousy. Harry’s girlfriends were never newsworthy or had impressive backgrounds. They were easy targets, and Kate excels at making other women uncomfortable. Paraphrasing Harry, Meghan is like finding a needle in a haystack. She is mature, self-confident, independent, and intelligent, with an impressive resume. Her flair for color and design made Harry’s cottage a comfortable living space. She prepared healthy meals in a small outdated kitchen. William and Kate perceived her as a liability immediately. The leaking and planting of stories spun out of control, creating an unsafe environment for the Sussex family. The British tabloid media will slowly turn on the RF because they are not newsworthy. Archewell has repaired the Sussex leaking faucets in KP, CH, and BP. so the stories are old and redundant. The gag order on the woman Andrew sexually abused expires in February 2023. What about the 5 million Fergie put on a property in London? Is Anne sick or snubbing Charles? New scapegoats are required to maintain the Invisible Contract between the media and the royals. Stay tuned.

  41. windyriver says:

    One piece that’s missing from what Harry and Meghan have said is more specific discussion of the role the advisors and courtiers play, what personal agendas they may have, and how that affects the “advice” they give. Diana famously referred to the “grey men.” Harry said to Hoda Kotb that TQ had bad advisors. I believe there was mention in the doc about how the various palaces will work against each other to promote their own principals. An obvious conclusion is the individual staff of the various palaces also work to promote themselves, and their own interests, which may or may not align with the best interests of the RF.

    Jason Knauf is trash, but my impression is he, and the revolving door of private secretaries Will has had, are lower tier players. That isn’t to say they don’t cause pain and damage with what they do, particularly with their collusion with the press. But the dangerous characters are people like Edward Young, who have the direct ear of the monarch. Young was TQ’s private secretary when Harry commented about her “bad advisors”. He prevented Harry from seeing TQ in January 2020 when she already told him she was free. (Imagine how he blew his top when he heard H&M saw TQ last April.). He’s involved with RAVEC and helped thwart UK protection when the Sussexes are in the country. He was likely involved in torpedoing anything useful coming out of the Sandringham meeting. TQ is gone, but Young still works for Charles.

    Harry said in the doc that Charles continues to believe things that aren’t true. Well, where does Charles get his information? He’s surrounded by people (including Camilla) whose job it is to filter information coming from the outside world. So he’s vulnerable to whatever perspective on events those people chose to present to him. I’m thinking this could be why Harry has seemed still willing to consider a relationship with his father in particular, and why he’s talking about the separation of “family” from “institution”. Personally, I’d have been done after my location was leaked yet again (which could have been by KP) and my security pulled (which would have been by BP/CH).

    I don’t expect Harry to name any more names. JK was fair game because what he did was already out there. But I am curious where he’ll go with the hints we’ve seen in the trailers, if he’ll talk more about the courtiers and advisors.

  42. Kingston says:

    LOL what’s this supposed to mean?
    They might not be sitting down, IN THE LIGHT, being interviewed. But best believe they’re in the dark/in the corner/at the back……like the feral rats they are, spoonfeeding their cohorts in the shidtmedia.

    Did u not hear the example Prince Harry gave to Anderson about BP?

  43. Sansblague says:

    I appreciate Harry explaining how this contract between the RF and the media works. He is helping people be able to recognise what ‘fake news’ looks like. This awareness could have serious implications for the average British tabloid reader and thus the RF, which depends heavily on that demographic for support. I live in the UK and I don’t think PR manipulation is as evident to media consumers as it is in the US. I credit Big Pharma for opening our eyes to that in the US.

  44. QuiteContrary says:

    Harry is so right: Silence IS betrayal. Simple phrase but so powerful.

  45. blunt talker says:

    The real problem with the Royals and the UK media-they don’t see Meghan and her children as human beings-if they did there would be less silence and more protection for them-If anybody think Harry is dumb-they must be living under a rock-he has his mother’s spirit in more ways than one-Harry wants a brother and father who puts family first instead of the institution and the horrible UK media-the royals not all of them comes off as inhuman with no feelings for other human beings-if they did as Harry says this could all been avoided-God bless and keep the entire Sussex family safe.

  46. peartreehill says:

    Harry is dang articulate and laser focused in this clip for someone the MSM likes to dismiss as a lightweight. Watch out BRF you’ve underestimated your opponent!