Rihanna wore Schiaparelli at the Globes, then headed to Giorgio Baldi

In the before-times, the Golden Globes were a real dinner and waiters were always scurrying around, serving people food and bringing out wine bottles and champagne to ensure a well-lubricated awards show. Nowadays, the Globes are a budget affair with a buffet of sad-looking sandwiches and a veggie plate, and A-listers have to serve themselves. That’s why it’s so funny to me that Rihanna attended the Globes and afterwards, she immediately headed out to her favorite restaurant, Giorgio Baldi. Rihanna took one look at that sandwich buffet and said “hell nah.”

From what I can tell, Rihanna made a pit stop to change in between the Globes and Giorgio Baldi. At the Globes, she wore the Schiaparelli SS22 dress and paired it with a “custom-made silk drápe, the ‘Intrigo Strap’ by Giuseppe Zanotti.” She and ASAP Rocky didn’t even walk the Globes red carpet either – they just turned up at the show and sat at the Wakanda Forever table (Rihanna’s song for Wakanda Forever was nominated). It was a good look, honestly. Rihanna will perform at the Super Bowl in less than a month!

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instagram.

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  1. Dena says:

    She won the night. No one does it like Riri. She is cute and sexy, and the dress is not my cup of tea, but she wears it. Rocks it.

    I saw more pics on lsa.

    • Sonni says:

      It’s so cute and sexy to be racist and support sexual assaultera and abusers tee hee

      • Emily_C says:

        Yeah, no one does it like Rihanna. Thank goodness, because we don’t want more like her. One’s too many.

    • C says:

      At least it’s not her R Kelly shirt.

    • Hawaiiangymrat says:

      She looks amazing, especially postpartum. She has been serving looks, even during pregnancy which isn’t always easy pregnancy comy to pull off.

  2. TikiChica says:

    Did she ask Johnny Depp to escort her? (rolls eyes)

    • SarahCS says:

      Unfortunately I can’t get that out of my mind either. Women are not responsible for the actions of men, they are responsible for their own choices and I can’t see how she was in a position to not be doing that voluntarily.

    • Thelma says:

      I’m also having a hard time with her because of the Depp issue. She surely can’t be that oblivious.

  3. Well Wisher says:

    Old school glamour with a twist.
    Like the Marley braids.

  4. Sonni says:

    Rihanna was never a good performer in the first place, and she’s been out of practice for years and years. At worst I her superbowl show will be meh, at best a disaster (let’s not forget that Rihanna is, in fact, an awful person)

    • Princess Caroline says:

      Agreed. It’s been a looooooooooong time and while she has tons of hits her voice live is less than spectacular and she’s not really a dancer either. Hoping she has some good guests bc I don’t think this halftime show will be all that

  5. Eurydice says:

    Lol, we had a buffet exactly like that for our book group last week – it came from Au Bon Pain.

  6. Euphemisms says:

    I don’t think I ever saw a single celeb eating their plated dinner at past Globes though. Like yeah maybe they scaled it down to cheap out but maybe it was also to not waste a sh*t ton of food.

  7. detritus says:

    Yeah, I used to adore Rih.

    Not now.
    She’s just another out of touch rich person.

  8. Kate McCallister says:

    This is… agressively fine? Although, I have to admit that I do NOT understand the general fawning over Rhianna.

  9. PNW says:

    She looks beautiful, but I’m completely over her after she went completely out of her way to include Johnny “irrelevant misogynist abuser” Depp in her last show. Grossed out yawn.

  10. NeoCleo says:

    I don’t know much about Rihanna, but she and her partner make a stunning couple.