Lucy Hale talks dating Skeet Ulrich: ‘He was a young 52. I loved it’

Lucy Hale seems to be in a transitional phase professionally these days. She was the de facto star going into Pretty Little Liars, but was definitely not by the time it ended. And she’s struggled to find her footing with her projects since. I feel like she’d be a great streamer movie queen (coining it now, the 2020s version of the scream queen). Anyway, she recently appeared on Rachel Bilson’s “Broad Ideas” podcast. I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet because it’s one of their longer episodes at more than two hours and I find Rachel’s co-host a little annoying. The podcast ep covered a range of topics, including dating. Lucy, 33, talked about her age range of dating and clearly was talking about 52-year-old Skeet Ulrich when she mentioned the oldest guy she’s dated.. But never fear, “he was a young 52.”

“I haven’t really had rules with dating,” [Lucy Hale] said on Rachel Bilson‘s Broad Ideas podcast. “I’ve dated all the way up to 52 — [from] 27 to 52. I’m 33 and I feel like I’ll probably end up with someone around my age or older, just because of the non-negotiables. I feel like a lot of people in that older age bracket will meet those.”

Fans remember Lucy dated Scream actor Skeet Ulrich in 2021!

“He was a young 52,” Lucy said in the interview. “I loved it. No bulls–t, almost.”

In February 2021, Lucy and Skeet were photographed kissing on what appeared to be a date.

To fuel the fire, a short time after that, the Riverdale actor actually left a very flirty comment on the 31-year-old actress’ Instagram.

By April 2021, a source revealed if they were officially over.

[From Just Jared]

Did anyone else recall that line from Always Be My Maybe when Ali Wong’s character defensively describes her boyfriend as “a very young 50.” Um, I will just say, from people in my life in various capacities, there is definitely a such thing as “a young 52.” However, that’s not necessarily a good thing! It could mean youthful and energetic and or stunted and immature. What Lucy says sort of half makes sense. She’ll date people her age or older because they’re likelier to meet her non-negotiables. Sure, but what exactly are those? Because I’m the same age as Lucy and if I were to date someone 20 years older it would be because they’re mature and stable and straightforward. Like, I’d hope for the youthful energy to match my own (waning) energy, but that quality wouldn’t be my goal in dating someone just a few years younger than my parents. I guess the “young 52” thing was fun for a bit, but possibly turned out to be my more cynical reading of the phrase since she says “I loved it. No bullsh-t, almost.” Maybe there was some BS toward the end, which would make sense because their thing was pretty short-lived. Or maybe she caught up on Riverdale and thought it was too ridiculous.

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  1. Abby says:

    Are these photos of him now? Because he looks really good for 52.

    I do think there’s a “young” and “old” sometimes. A friend of mine is married to a guy 20 years older than us. They’ve been married for 8 years. She is 38 and just became a GRANDMA (no kids of her own, it’s her stepdaughter’s child). That seems bananas. But I have spent time with her husband and he is a grown man, but doesn’t seem that much older than us. He’s extremely fit, takes care of himself and is a lot of fun.

    Having said that, I would not be attracted to someone that much older than me, for the long term. Such different stages of life.

  2. Katie Beanstalk says:

    I think she’s saying he’s young at heart – I definitely get that vibe from him. Especially when I have seen both The Craft and Scream several times (he was a bit of a heartthrob.)

    • Coldbloodedjellydonut says:

      Omg, I had such a huge thing for him in those movies, he was so hot. Disturbing because he was also the worst character in both movies, ugh. I find him extremely sexy and he’s not that much older than me, but I would have jumped at the chance even if he was haha.

      I totally get what she’s saying, my fiance is 7 years older than me, so not a crazy difference like 20 years, but his stability (and the fact that he didn’t even know what a dick pic was when we met haha) was super enticing. I tended to date younger than me, and it was not working out.

  3. Thinking says:

    Objectively, he’s handsome. I believe that helps.

    I have zero idea what his personality is like though.

  4. littlegossipboy says:

    By young 52 she means hot…

    • Normades says:

      Yea, I get it. He’s hot AF. He had great chemistry with Madchen on Riverdale who’s 52 too and also super sexy.

    • Arizona says:

      I just became a grandma at 34. 😂 my husband is 11 years older but was also a teen parent, so it kinda caught up to us haha. honestly my husband is way more active than I am, and it’s never seemed like a big age gap. I always tended to date older though.

  5. rawiya says:

    Aww, she has an old soul and he has a young heart. Match made in gag me.

  6. Eleonor says:

    I am 41 going 42, my boyfriend is 58.
    I like his energy and his love for life, the fact that he can get excited like a child towards what he likes (he is an amateur astronomer) but “young” is not exactly the word I’d use for him.

    • paintergal says:

      My husband is 16 years older. Married when I was 40, he 56. Twenty-seven years later, still going strong. Energy level is different but he’s still a working blacksmith at 82! Would not trade our years together for anything.

  7. Concern Fae says:

    If you’re dating, I can see giving someone older a try if you get along. I’d want to know his dating history and how his relationships ended, though. Guys with a rep for being good in bed, being graceful about it when the relationship ends, and not talking about exes can get a surprising number of women who are just looking for something short term.

  8. Frippery says:

    To be fair, Skeet Ulrich thought Riverdale was ridiculous too.

  9. KASalvy says:

    That “relationship” always felt like Lucy trying to get PR vs Skeet. (Worked with him years ago – he’s very sweet, but had been dating significantly younger women for years, so this isn’t anything new for him.) They dated for barely 3 months several years ago and it wasn’t that big of a media blitz.

  10. Frippery says:

    I know she is specifically addressing the age difference between them with these comments, but this is a bit of a burr in my saddle. 52 isn’t one foot in the grave. You don’t need to be a ‘young’ 52 to be desirable. Furthermore, you don’t need even to be ‘young’ to be desirable. You can be a sexy ass MF’er at 50, at 20, at 60, at 40, and so on.

    • Thinking says:

      I think it would be weird for another 52 year old to call him a “young 52.”

      But I think it makes sense for a 33 year old to say this.

      Just like it makes sense for a 17 year old to think a 24 year old is old haha.

      No one can actually imagine any of these ages until one actually reaches them.

      I don’t think you need to be young to be desirable to someone in your own age range, but I think it makes sense for a perspective on a future partner to be affected by age, if you’re not that close in age range.

  11. HeyKay says:

    She is beautiful.
    Skeet is hot, always has been.
    I would guess neither of them expected a long term relationship, but yeah date who you want to see how things go, a fun romance is fine.

    • Erin says:

      Gosh, I think she was so beautiful when PPL started, before she got all of this work done. She actually had a unique look but she got all of this work done in her 20s and I think she’s unrecognizable now.

  12. Mads says:

    I’ll be 30 next week and id still do skeet 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  13. Bex says:

    I need to know who her agent is because she ends up in flops after flops, yet still continues to get booked.

  14. Mireille says:

    Used to have the biggest crush on him when I was younger. Ironically, didn’t really follow his dating life so much as I was always more interested in him as a family man. He and his wife Georgina Cates divorced years ago, rather quietly, and at some point, he ended up with custody of their kids (twins). I read that she took him to court one year on child custody payments, but then that story was never followed through. His kids absolutely adore him. Read an interview where he talked about as an actor he only wanted to work on gigs that were set in or local to L.A. because he was raising his 2 young kids and wanted to be home and around them as much as possible. He was very much active in their lives, attending school functions, etc. Thought that was lovely considering all the horror stories you hear out there about other celebrity parents.

  15. lucy2 says:

    That’s a really big age difference, but at least she was in her 30s.

  16. smlstrs says:

    Ok here goes … am 38, was a fan in the 90s and … if I were single and he showed up … I’d absolutely be disappointed in myself – and go for it anyway!

  17. AngryJayne says:

    There’s nothing wrong with that.
    My husband and I have been together for 11 years, and he’s 15 years older (I’m 38).

    Needless to say I’d totally date Ol’ Skeet if I were single.

    Get it Lucy!