Hilaria Baldwin brought back her fake Spanish accent to address the paparazzi

Last Thursday, a New Mexico district attorney announced that they would bring criminal charges against Alec Baldwin and Hannah Gutierrez-Reed for the involuntary manslaughter of Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer on Rust. The charges were somewhat of a surprise, especially given that many believe that Hutchins’s death was a tragic accident, or failing that, criminal negligence solely on the part of Gutierrez-Reed, who was the armorer on the production. If this goes to trial (meaning, if Alec doesn’t take a plea or the charges somehow go away), it’s going to be a huge circus and a very expensive legal exercise for Alec. The last f–king thing he needs his baby-collecting wife making everything about HER.

Well, on Friday, Hilaria Baldwin stepped out in New York. She wore pleather leggings and a sweatshirt reading “EMPATHY.” The paparazzi were out and of course Hilaria had to stop and speak to them. Keep in mind, this woman is from Boston. She visited Spain a few times in her childhood. She grew up in Boston, she went to college in America, and as an adult, she’s taken some vacations in Spain. She has lied for years about being “from Spain.” Check out her accent in this video:

No but I f–king lost it when she said “ven aquí!” And she’s trying to pronounce her words with a fake Mexican accent, if my ear is correct – that’s not a Spanish accent she’s trying to fake. Hilaria is, how you say, procedente de Tijuana by way of Boston. And the whole calling the paparazzi over to the side of the building so she can give a press conference to say that she won’t be giving press conferences… dios mio, nuez como un pastel de frutas. And using her seven children! MY GOD.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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143 Responses to “Hilaria Baldwin brought back her fake Spanish accent to address the paparazzi”

  1. Basi says:

    I was so uncomfortable listening to her. She’s mentally not well.

    • Lady Digby says:

      This is not helping anyone and it just making a circus of a very serious situation. She needs the help of a therapist not speaking in a borrowed accent and look at me Keck’s in front of a media scrum!

      • Bad Janet says:

        She acts like a deeply embedded narcissist. All the world’s therapy won’t cure her.

      • Lia says:

        I don’t get it. I’m from Europe, so I only caught a glimpse of everything with hilaria and her spanish name. I know that she can speak perfect english but can’t she speak spanish too?
        Besides.. That video is soo embarrassing…

      • Coco says:


        Read what Kaiser wrote above it will give the the background information of these saga.

      • Sara says:

        She is also CHOOSING to invoke her children. They have a house in Vermont and a house in the Hamptons, and somehow she’s decided that parading the children through the front entrance in NYC is the only way to go about her day. I would bet my house there is a private entrance to that building, and she employs an army of nannies who could shuttle the children around and the paparazzi wouldn’t get near them. She is loving every minute of this.

    • NotTheOne says:

      Same. There is something deeply wrong here and in a few decades, we’re going to hear about it from the kids. How do you explain this behavior or rationalize it away?

      • ❌❌❌Tart ❌❌❌ says:

        Hilaria IS ridiculous, but respect for her in drawing the paps away from the vehicle so that her children could be loaded into it in relative peace.

    • Lisa says:

      if you scroll down in that tweet, there’s video of her speaking in her normal voice when they only had 3 kids. this is a weird hill to die on.

    • StarFranscisco says:

      I was more uncomfortable seeing those men with aggressively flashing cameras surround a woman with a tiny baby. Since when did it become ok for men to harass a woman with a small baby? Her accent, whether it’s a stupid thing or not, her personality whether she is an idiot or not is beyond the point. I felt enraged looking at that scene and thinking “how is it ok for men behave like that around women?!?!”

      • Ciotog says:

        She deliberately paraded her kids in front of the paparazzi, just like she’s constantly putting them on her social media. The nannies usually do the school run.

      • StarFrancisco says:

        @CIOTOG “she asked for it” is the primary excuse rapist and abusers use to explain their behavior. Let’s not participate in that.

      • BeanieBean says:

        They were crowding her, yes, and she was right to feel uncomfortable but—-she led them away from her vehicle & the front door of her building to talk with them; i.e., led herself & her infant away from safety in order to get some face time. Making note of that is not blaming the victim, she’s actively participating in the circus.
        Ugh, but yes, at the same time, they know when & where they’ll see her every day if she’s doing the school run. Paparazzi are stalkers & there’s something unsettling about that. I can’t quite tell what’s going on though, in the photos she’s got a backpack, no kid, but in the video she’s got her baby strapped to her front. So she’s in & out a few times? And she was on the way to the car, led the paps away to speak with them, then went back inside her building leaving her car door open & driver waiting?? I’m not quite clear on the situation.

      • Ciotog says:

        Except that she’s not the victim here, her kids are, and she is their primary victimizer. She wanted to create a spectacle and she used her children to do it.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @StarFrancisco, Hilary and Alec have lived at that building for a long time. If she truly wanted to go someplace unnoticed, it would happen. Celebrities do it all the time. Sometimes it’s a coincidence. With all of the headlines surrounding Alec-it’s not. THEY HAVE DOORMEN that alert them to press. This was a set up by her/them.

        That she chose to bring out her faux accent is just so effin strange. That she chose to do all this with a baby strapped to her front is illogical. That she chose to walk down the sidewalk speaking in her faux accent, baby strapped to her front and leading the way for paparazzi to speak with her is deranged. Hilary from Boston had the opportunity to get into her vehicle, say nothing and go along her way. She chose not to. She wasn’t using her voice because she actually didn’t say much of anything in her faux accent.

    • Vexxy says:

      She’s not mentally ill, she’s just a narcissist who thinks being Spanish makes her interesting and multicultural. She’s addicted to the attention she gets from pregnancies, plus it doesn’t hurt to have as many kids as possible so if she splits with Alec she can live on muy grande style until the youngest is 18. As Kaiser pointed out, she doesn’t even sound Spanish. She just doesn’t hear any difference between Mexican Spanish-speakers and native speakers from Spain.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      I think Hilaria Mentirosa is only a con artist and now the lies come to the comb like knots in hair.
      I don’t see any mental illness there…

  2. Tessa says:

    She needs to keep a low profile and stop talking to the media.

    • Startup Spouse says:

      But she called them… that’s super obvious here. She looks almost gleeful when she’s herding them. This woman is quite sick and sadly no one seems to care about her enough to get her help.

      • Isa says:

        Although I find the video veery awkward, I have to say something nice: She wrote something positive about Meghan on insta last fall (when Meg received that Kennedy award)!

      • Sparkles says:

        Hi! Just spanish checking, nuts like a fruitcake is loca como un dulce de frutas. The translation for nuts went a bit literal!

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Sparkles, well said!!! It’s actually quite comical as when you listen to her clearly she “accidentally” drops her accent a few times.

        I grew up with a Spaniard father and I can hear that when that spot of Castellano doesn’t carry through after hearing it for more than 50 years.

        The ones I feel sorry for are their children, that’s it. As for Alec and Divertidísima, nada..

      • BeanieBean says:

        Hey Sparkles, thanks for that! I couldn’t quite figure out Kaiser’s bon mot (to mix languages).

      • lucy2 says:

        Extremely obvious – especially since she was about to get in a car, then did her little speech, and then went back into the building? Wasn’t she going somewhere?
        I’m disturbed that she subjected one of their babies to that.

        That said, I agree these paparazzi need to stay away from the kids.

  3. Julia K says:

    I am now going to research the name of the affliction that causes people to speak with a foreign accent when they have no history of having spoken that language.

    • Mia4s says:

      “Foreign accent syndrome”? Real but incredibly rare. It follows brain injury or stroke. It’s a symptom of brain damage. But of course…you don’t claim to be from the other place, and the accent doesn’t come and go when convenient. 😒

      Her syndrome is “being a few sandwiches short of a picnic” as my Granny used to say, along with a wild level of narcissism. 🤷‍♀️

      • Anonymous says:

        LOLOLOL at “being a few sandwiches short of a picnic” syndrome!

        Yikes to the state of the women Alex was spending time with after Basinger. Didn’t that Vegan chef whose boyfriend manipulated her until she stole from people say she was hanging out with him right before he got together with Hilaria? I’m not saying these are bad women, but there at least seems to be a thread of them being off in a way I’m really not sure about. If it’s just mental illness that causes no harm, that’s one thing and maybe one could argue Hillary is kind of offensive but closer to harmless (?), but I do NOT like that she put the baby in that position. If you decide to have a word with the paps, do it without the kids. Sheesh! We all just heard Harry talk about how bad the paps were to deal with as kids.

        I wonder if there should be a rule that press can’t use flashes or photograph babies at least without parental permission. Is it harmful to them? Any neurologists in the house?

        Also it’s not like she’s Madonna living in England for 10 years with her English husband and posh friends, and developing a different accent in her native language. It is odd, she’s not even living in Spain!

    • rrabbit says:

      “Hilaria Baldwin’s Disease”.

    • lamejudi says:

      Someone on twitter named it Hillary’s emotional support accent.

    • Lucy says:

      So, funnily enough, my mom told me years ago about two people she knew who did this. A teacher in Oklahoma in the 50’s or 60’s that taught at a school she attended, went to Louisiana for vacation (?) and came back with a Louisiana accent she maintained for the rest of her life in Oklahoma. The second is more fuzzy in my memory, but it was someone who came back from a month in England with a British accent they kept up forever. She didn’t remember the teacher as being particularly weird or eccentric, other than this.

      • Lisa says:

        m neighbors daughter lived her whole life in NY, got married to a person from Ireland and then had an Irish accent

      • Annalise says:

        My own mother bears a number of unfortunate similarities to Hilary/Hilaria. Both are upper class WASP-y types from Boston. My mother also was obsessed with “exoticizing” herself, so she married a Cuban and changed her first name from Mary Lee (pronounced with an American accent) to Marilea (pronounced with a Spanish accent), so she would then have both Latin first AND last names, making it much easier for her to “fake exotic”. One time I had to write her a check and I realized I wasn’t sure what her legal name was. Like Hilary/Hilaria, my mother’s dark-ish coloring helped with the fraud/facade.
        Last, my mother would occasionally say something with a Spanish accent and “Latin flourish” but never in front of my Dad’s family. For obvious reasons. My siblings have taken to referring to Hilaria as our mothers bestie.

      • JaneBee says:

        @Annalise The stories you must have!! While hugely entertaining to read this as an outsider, I am sorry, because a childhood spent with this type of mother likely wasn’t smooth sailing 🙄 Glad you had siblings with a sense of humour to help get you through.

  4. Kaye says:

    When did pearl-encrusted house slippers become street wear?

    • North of Boston says:

      The slippers are an odd choice.

      Her bottom half with leggings and giant feet … it’s as though the Capitol from The Hunger Games were somehow taken over by Hobbits, who promptly abandoned their Shire wardrobe in favor of … whatever that is.

      • Snappyfish says:

        See I was thinking more Foghorn Leghorn

      • Jennifer says:

        On the one hand, I guess I gotta give her props for actually not going out into the street in her bra and panties in January. This is a legitimately warm outfit that covers all of her body.

        On the other hand, it looks like the random mismatched stuff I might wear in January when I’m not leaving the house for days. I wouldn’t walk outside in that. And then talk to the paps.

      • Liz Version 700 says:

        I also could not pry my eyes from those slippers LOL. The sweatshirt is all casual on the top and then the slippers and shiny pants are a party on the bottom. Yikes

      • Annalise says:

        Plus it looks like her leggings cover her feet too. You can’t see any of her ankles or feet. Weird. And her feet do look huge in those slippers. And in the top pic I thought she looked pregnant (again!!!?? Why??? 😱) then I realized it’s just the insanely unflattering leggings material.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Her whole outfit is wild! And those slippers, at first I thought they looked weird because they look so gigantic below her skinny legs in those tights/whatever those are–but the more I zoomed in on them, the more I think I’d like a pair! Indoor wear only though, and just for me!

    • Jj says:

      I could not imagine wearing slippers like that outside on the streets/sidewalks, particularly in a city like NY.

  5. greenmonster says:

    “Come… but stay away from the baby.” The baby she is carrying in front of her.

    She loves the attention, doesn’t she?

    • Mia4s says:

      Oh she LOVES the attention alright. I think that’s also part of where the obsessive compulsive baby collecting comes from. Pregnancy and cute little babies draw a lot of attention to you….perfectly lovely older children? Not so much. At some point, more cute little babies will not be an option…and my guess is that will be the end of the marriage. She will go totally off the rails looking for that attention.

      And @Kaiser you are so right, that fake accent sounds far more Mexican than Spanish. I mean if you’re a total fake at least put some effort into it!

      And I think I’d have an easier time with empathy if I’d seen some remorse that felt genuine. 😬

      • blue says:

        Hilarious used a surrogate for the most recent baby & maybe for a couple of the older ones too.

    • FHMom says:

      My god, right? I am sin palabras. It’s both hysterically funny and sad at the same time.

    • teehee says:

      She’s using a baby as a personal shield.

      There’s very little that miffs me more than women who use their babies as a right of way.

      Like those mothers who use their strollers to bolt into traffic or cut people off.

      As if sticking your infant into other peoples paths is a great idea to begin with.

      I see people with very little power in their life, using a baby to make themselves feel more powerful.

      Having a baby doesn’t take away ay of your pre-existing ills.

  6. The Old Chick says:

    I liked Alec years ago but the, how you say, baby mana has become so problematic. Then after the shooting he looked almost gleeful, like, he knew he got off, there was sympathy. But here we are. And I’m glad. Her family needs this.

    • Tacky says:

      Are you saying seven small children “need” the trauma of their father being tried for manslaughter? That’s quite a take.

      • The Old Chick says:

        If he’s responsible? What about her family? He was gleeful at getting off so take your attitude elsewhere. What’s his potential culpability got to do with how many kids he’s produced? Do you say the same about other people who act with potential criminality? He’s a piece of work so yeah, whatever you think

      • greenmonster says:

        @Tacky: I think, The Old Chick meant Halyna Hutchins’ family might need this – not Alec’s family.

      • SAS says:

        @Tacky I read it as Halyna’s family needs this (i.e. culpability from her killer).

    • Vexxy says:

      I don’t get liking Alec. He has a history of assaulting people. He throws homophobic slurs out at people. He’s verbally abusive as a parent, too. This has been going on for years and years. It’s completely removed from this whole situation.

      I’m a bit confused about how the family needs this, unless you mean the widower and son who were left behind. Or that Alec needs to take accountability.

      I feel sorry for those kids. One parent is a ridiculous narcissist who pops out kids for attention, and the other is a violent, bigoted and verbally abusive narcissist who condones the first one’s behaviour. How awful for them.

  7. Lisa says:

    this has Baby Jane dancing for the police energy

  8. Steph says:

    This made me laugh so hard. I know I shouldn’t be laughing at someone’s mental illness but oh my God, the level of pick me going on here is insane. 😂

  9. Eurydice says:

    She looks like she’s auditioning for the chorus in Kermit: The Frogman.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Eurydice, your comment is gold!!! Or should I say green??

    • Anonymous says:

      Eurydice, LOLOLOLOLOL!!! This Kermit comment is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while, also SO astute and SPOT ON and just a great take on the whole scene. You won the internet today with this, Bravo!

  10. AA says:

    I saw this via Twitter and was like, she is not right in the head. I have been sort of following her and the grift, but this accent, this outfit, this…everything is just not right. She’s from Boston! Those children are beautiful and I fear for them. I hope they don’t have another one.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      Yeeaaah. Like everyone else here, as I watched, I just thought, “she’s unwell.” And, yes, she’s doing a spicy Latina or Mexicana accent, not a Spaniard from Spain one. She wants to sound like Salma Hayek and yet look like Penelope Cruz. Like…what?

  11. TikiChica says:

    Wow. Just wow, vergüenza ajena is what I feel watching that.

  12. Heather says:

    Munchausen alone is defined as an exaggerated story so she at the very least has that on board. Somethings off with her for sure. I think she and Alec have a strange relationship too, but they are also kind of suited for one another? Like a very unhealthy co-dependency.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      I feel badly for the kids but not him. He married her then had seven kids with her. I don’t think it’s common for two narcissists to marry each other but here it is.

  13. Emmi says:

    She is just so damn weird. I‘m not going to diagnose her from my sofá because frankly, people use words like narcissist too willy-nilly. Sometimes the diagnosis is simply „asshole“. Gotta say though, the way she maintains that sliiiight accent, that’s commitment. It’s more difficult than going full-blown accent of a native speaker.

    Those poor kids though.

    • Annalise says:

      Emmi- I agree about the rampant overuse of calling people narcissists. It’s the new bi-polar, and equally problematic. First, EVERYONE shows SOME traits of narcissism. Doesn’t make us all narcissists. But people will see someone appear to display, for example, selfishness, and it’s all “there it is!! S/he is a narcissist!” The fact is someone can be a terrible, self absorbed person, who does selfish things, doesn’t automatically mean that s/he has narcissistic personality disorder. And really, only someone who has treated the person can say what’s wrong with them, regardless of how public that person’s life is

  14. Jess says:

    I don’t find this amusing. Whenever someone tries their best to reinvent themselves it screams insecurity and she’s not the first celebrity or famous person to do this.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      I don’t find this funny either. Her husband is being processed for a terrible accident and she has 7 kids to worry about and she is screaming for the public to be empathetic and as if that wasn’t enough she has to pretend to be Spanish! Everybody knows Spaniards speak with a lisp which she doesn’t have. Girl just watch a movie with Penelope Cruz speaking English to learn ffs!

      • Lina says:

        Exactly, I came here to say the same thing. I am Latina and I sound more or less like her in English and I live in Spain and the accent is different from whatever it is she’s trying to do. The whole thing is very odd.

    • LIONE says:

      There’s a HUGE difference in re-branding and whatever Hilaria has going on with her accent. Just saying!

      • The Old Chick says:

        Yes that’s what I meant, there’s a victim in all of this and if he’s guilty of something, he deserves to be prosecuted. I’m sorry for his kids but that’s irrelevant.

  15. Julia K says:

    My hope is that Childhood Protective Services follows them. At some point these sweet children may be at risk. An unstable mother and a father charged with a felony should be a red flag, imo.

    • Chaine says:

      CPS is not going to do anything. These are wealthy white people first, and second even if they weren’t, you will seen on the news parents convicted of multiple deliberate homicides or sex offenses where the courts will still say that doesn’t reflect that they would harm their own children or that their home environment is problematic.

    • Rnot says:

      CPS barely has enough resources to remove kids from homes where they’re being actively sexually abused. As long as those “parents” are trying to provide for their children, the state will not step in to do it for them. They’re not going to remove them just because their parents are crazy a$$holes.

      In fact, they’ll be more reluctant to remove them because there are so many of them. Big families are even harder to help. Family members aren’t equipped to step in to take on 7 kids. Foster providers who can take 7 are rarer than jackpot lotto tickets. Even finding 7 separate open beds in foster care at the same time would be lucky. Being separated from their siblings in addition to their parents will amplify the trauma of removal. So you have to be really really certain that staying with the parents will be worse for the kids. CPS is never about good or harmless choices, it’s about least bad choices. It’d be preferable that they stay in their own home in the care of their nannies for as long as the parents have money to pay those nannies.

  16. Brassy Rebel says:

    She may actually think this is the way most people in New Mexico talk. And she’s trying to influence the jury pool. Sounds crazy I know, but there has to be some logical explanation. Doesn’t there?

    • Bunny says:

      Logical explanation: narcissism. Narcissists repeat actions that get them attention.

    • BeanieBean says:

      She’s been doing this too long for it to be connected to the shooting in New Mexico & subsequent jury trial, if any. She’s just wackadoodle.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        But now she’s expanded her repertoire to doing a Mexican Latina dialect. I mean, wtf!?

  17. Amy Bee says:

    She’s not right.

  18. nisa says:

    First, pastel de frutas – I died lol. But honestly, my family is from Mexico and this is beyond offensive. We KNOW she is faking her entire personal! I can’t believe she is getting a pass for essentially doing brown-face in plain view, and the fact that she continues to do it after being exposed is mind blowing to me. And Alec is fine with all of it, including the compulsive baby making. His lawyers must be desperate to muzzle these two.

    I should add if it is mental illness, I’m sympathetic – to a point. Example: Kanye.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      If this goes all the way to trial, his lawyers will need therapy too after dealing with these two for months. Fortunately, they will be able to afford it. The billable hours are already racking up.

      • Blue Nails Betty says:

        I truly hope the Baldwin lawyers make bank off of them. The lawyers deserve every penny for having to put up with their narcissistic assholeness.

    • Eating Popcorn says:

      Yes, what exactly is the difference between this and Rachel Dolezal? One gets a permanent and says she’s a person of color. One fakes an accent and says (until she’s caught) that she is from Spain.

    • Meagle says:

      Does it count as brown face if the person she’s pretending to be is European? Spaniards are not exactly a historically oppressed group lol. Mental health issue, absolutely.

  19. Bunny says:

    I’m predicting a trial baby. She’ll waddle into the courtroom daily to gaze longingly at her man.

    By the way, it was announced a few days ago that Alec Baldwin will continue filming Rust.

    • blue says:

      If she waddles, it’ll be a fake prego belly. She’ll use a surrogate if she goes for #8, as she did for #7. She won’t want to risk spoiling tight abs & tummy tucks have post-op activity restrictions for a while.

    • CC says:

      I think she’ll wear a black mantilla every day of the trial, while praying on a jewel encrusted rosary.

    • BeanieBean says:

      What??? They’ll continue filming??? Who among the crew would want to? I’d be too traumatized, no matter my role. Good god, Alec, shelve the project!

      • AppleCart says:

        Not only are they going to finish the film with the pending criminal charges coming. Part of the Civil Settlement gave Halyna husband an Executive Producer role. They are also not going to be using any working guns on set (allegedly). Now her husband has put out a statement that he supports the criminal charges. That is going to be super awkward if they are both on set.

  20. Eowyn says:

    This isn’t likely mental illness. Sometimes people are just jerks. And yes this is weird racist and sexist brown face sexy Latina stereotyping she’s used to make money. People borrow and lean into racial and ethnic identities and use racist stereotypes to make money. It’s a grift.

    • Zazzoo says:

      If she has a clinical personality disorder that is a form of mental illness. That doesn’t make her more sympathetic though.

    • AppleCart says:

      Go listen to the start of the Alec’s police interview on youtube. She was the first person he called and had her on speaker. She did not have a Spanish accent. But when the Detectives asked if he kept a gun at home. He imitated Spanish Hillary with a spanish accent saying – no no no no guns with the kids in the home (to paraphrase) then doubles down on the lie that she was born in Boston but raised in Spain. He believes the lies she spins and they are all nuts!

    • bisynaptic says:

      People from Spain are considered white.

  21. HeyKay says:

    Is she high? Or just so thirsty for attention? WTH is going on here?
    Geez. Those poor kids.
    Imagine what their day is like. CPS should be keeping an eye on them, hopefully the Nannies/staff are stable people in their lives.

    I would think Alec has PR and new expensive lawyers who should be advising both of them to lay low, stay inside and shut up.

    And that EMPATHY top makes me want to dump a bucket of water over her.
    A young child lost his Mother, you are not the victim here HB.

  22. MsIam says:

    Doesn’t she realize people know she’s fake? I guess reality left the building or probably the zip code. Or maybe there is something wrong on a deeper level. When people behave this aggressively and inappropriately strangely, you have to consider that possibility.

  23. Rapunzel says:

    And the hat was falling off the baby’s head, exposing it to the terrible winter cold. You’d think after seven babies she’d know better.

  24. Westlawn says:

    Just stop it Hillary Lynn Hayward-Thomas from Boston, Massachusetts!

  25. Digital Unicorn says:

    Every time i see her name I think ‘Its her, Hilarious Baldwin again’. Mean I know and I always thought that it was pronounced Ilaria (the first letter being an i). I did giggle when the reporter in the video called her Hi-lar-ia – I thought that the ‘h’ is silent or maybe am wrong in how she wants us to pronounce her name.

  26. Jaded says:

    Hilary, eres una mentirosa tan estúpida. Stop this nonsense.

  27. Joanna says:

    Ok I’m a basic white girl so I’m going to say this: I can’t stand it when basic white girls pretend they’re not all white to seem more intriguing than other basic white girls. It’s offensive to other cultures and a slap in the face to minorities who experience the racism that comes with actually being what these idiots are pretending to be.

  28. Zazzoo says:

    The paps are laughing all the bank with this insanity. I’m genuinely curious what Alec makes thinks of her behavior, especially using his criminal charge to gain more exposure for herself.

  29. Emily_C says:

    She’s obviously mentally unwell. Condemning her for that, or laughing at her for it, is pretty gross.

  30. María from Tercer Mundo says:

    She es loca

  31. HK9 says:

    How is she even getting away with this fake accent thing. HOW?!?

  32. Nx2 says:

    She’s doing Spicy Karen – what a karen does when they’re trying to get a pass instead of owning up to white privilege.

    • Liz Version 700 says:

      Yep! She wants to appropriate other cultural at will, but still expects the benefits of being a white entitled Karen!

  33. Adrian says:

    I watched a YouTube vid where a white man acts like an Asian guy bc his white wife has an Asian fetish particularly Korean Idol types, you know like BTS, kpop stuff. And his friends told him to quit bc he looked unnatural but he said he only feels sexy and important when he do this Asian cosplay. He even fakes an Asian accent (hard R can’t pronounce L ) which sounds borderline racist. Hilaria is that. She’s so bland as a white person so she pretends to be a Latina person of color and that Latina person of color in her mind happens to be Penelope Cruz?

  34. Eggbert says:

    Why didn’t she get in the car that she threw the book bag into, at the end of the video she went back into the building?

    • Zazzoo says:

      I noticed that when I watched a second time. Either the car had to move so maybe it went around the block and she’s going to wait in the lobby or … the entire thing was staged. She called the paps so she could create that entire scene but wasn’t really going anywhere.

      • SIde EYe says:

        If the victim were a friend or family member of mine, I would be absolutely livid watching this asshattery.

        Ven aqui? wtf!!!

        Maybe Alec confessed to a crush on Salma Hayek and she switched to a Mexican accent now. Or maybe she spent a summer in Mexico as a kid or went there on vacation a month ago. Who knows.

        Another mystery is what the eff is up with those pleather leggings. Are they leggings with feet? Or does she just have weird socks on?

        Someone should remind her there’s a young child who lost their mom in this. She seems to think she’s the victim here and the only mother that matters. Geez Louise she is EXHAUSTING and sucks the air out of every room she enters with her fake Spanish me me me-ness.

    • Juliette says:

      I read on another site that she distracted the paps away from the door so that Alec could sneak into the car without being seen by anyone. No idea if that’s true but that accent is just cringey.

  35. Arhus says:

    She is definitely faking the accent and is ridiculous, BUT I remember reading that growing up, her parents had a vacation home in Spain and they would visit often? Not excusing, just saying she visited before she was an adult and more than ‘a few times’

    • Coco says:

      She spent some of her summers in Spain as a child. So what does that have to do with her claiming to be Spanish and faking an accent? Not to mention her bad accent in the video is more of a Mexican accent. She was raised in Boston and when to college in America, so the 90% of her time in America as a child 10% if that in Spain.

  36. BEE says:

    That accent is Hilariaous!

  37. Cel2495 says:

    Oh sh!t , that lady is not ok. She still faking that accent? 😂

  38. Elizabeth says:

    Yeahhhh . . . She sounds very unwell and I believe that her behavior is a conscious choice.
    I was born in Boston too, ironically, and lived there most of childhood. But never developed a native accent in part bc my parents were from other states originally (no new England accent).
    We eventually moved to Charleston, SC for 7+ years and I only developed a very slight softening, hardly discernable.

    Later married a man from Colombia and, despite 10+ years together, think my natural accent/pronunciation has barely changed. Maybe a little softer on certain letters over the years.
    Point being that despite actually living in multiple areas with strong accents during formative years, mine never changed despite moves, vacations to various destinations, etc. We used to visit family in midwest every year and none of us returned home with a flat Iowa accent, lol.
    She sounds loco

    • SAS says:

      It’s not even just that she “picked up” the accent Austin Butler style when summered in Spain- when she used to get TV work as a Spanish health and wellness type person, she would “forget” the English words for things! It’s bonkers.

      • lucy2 says:

        Don’t forget she posted videos of herself comparing her “skin tone” to her children.
        It’s so far beyond picking up a bit of an accent.

      • cerise says:

        OMG who can forget the whole “Cómo se dice? coo-cumber” incident 🤦🏻‍♀️
        This woman cannot see herself to save herself.
        Poor kids 😢

  39. Valeria says:

    I have been following her since she first started claiming to be from Spain, she was all over the press there as a native Spaniard despite the fact that her chosen name Hilaria does not exist in Spanish and her Spanish is that of an American, not bad at all but far from native. She also dresses, moves and behaves as an American, quite the mystery for many years ha ha… In any case Spaniards don’t care about anyone impersonating us we are flattered that an American woman would think it’s higher status or more interesting to be one of us!! Her new accent now more of a Mexican approximation so she’s fluid. Having said this I feel terrible that her husband may go to jail for what appears to be a tragic accident.

  40. Julia K says:

    Alex Baldwin had to be aware of ,or in on, this whole fake accent kerfuffle. She was doing this way back before they got engaged. He must have met her parents at some point, who are well educated and professional people from Boston. Did he not ask them why she has an accent and you don’t? She is on you tube and tapes of tv shows doing her whole schtick. He must have seen these and not asked her WTF? They are both a few cards short of a deck, imo. I feel for the children.

  41. Meagle says:

    Makes me think of George Santos! The same self destructive compulsive lying w/ stuff that is so easily fact-checkable. I think she must desperately need to distance herself from something that happened to her before she was Hilaria.

    FWIW her Spanish is genuinely fluent, weird tho the accent is. She’s spent a lot more than a few family vacations practicing.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      Her Spanish isn’t fluent at all, there’s a video on YouTube where she struggles to put together a sentence.
      She’s a con artist, not a foreign language speaker.

      • Meagle says:

        Not sure what video you’re referring to, but there are a lot online of her speaking very fluent Spanish. Her accent is weird and kind of all over the place–sometimes she does a really thick Castilian lisp and other times sounds more Mexican. But she sounds plausibly enough like a native speaker with a very weird mix of backgrounds that it’s not surprising she didn’t get caught for years.

    • Valeria says:

      Actual Spaniard from Spain here…her Spanish is quite good for a foreigner but does not pass for native, not even close. Back when I was still under the impression she was claiming to be from Spain I found her grammar and use of particular words to be that of a foreigner. When she was being featured in the cover of HOLA magazine in Spain as a Spaniard I thought they meant heritage because her whole demeanor and personality strikes me as very American not to mention that her name Hilaria is simply unheard of, does not exist, she literally made it up. Important to note that someone of her age would not be able to have a made up name because that is a newer thing in Spain, before there was a list of names you could choose from only. Within the interviews she would claim to actually be from Spain and say she moved to the US in her early 20s and that to me did not add up at all, the reverse maybe. Her coloring does match the average Spaniard. I think mental illness of some type is clearly at play. Not to be annoying but we from Spain do not feel part of any disadvantaged group of any kind so if anything the whole situation is funny but not offensive.

      • AppleCart says:

        And to be clear she has no Spanish heritage. Her Dad did a semester abroad in Spain for College. And enjoyed the country so he would take his family to vacation there. I would love for to take a DNA test and come back basic white girl.

  42. Clara says:

    This is 100% not a spanish accent. Spanish is a lot thicker. You can clock a spanish accent on, of course, Penelope Cruz, but also Elsa Pataki.

  43. Annalise says:

    What in holy hell is that woman wearing???

  44. cerise says:

    No mames Hilaria, ya párale!
    This woman is certifiable, it’s uncomfortable to watch.
    She’s going full sunk- cost fallacy on this accent /Spanish identity.

  45. ❌❌❌Tart ❌❌❌ says:

    Hilaria IS ridiculous, but respect for her in drawing the paps away from the vehicle so that her children could be loaded into it in relative peace.

    • AppleCart says:

      huh, she was by herself and had her baby strapped to her. With the paps getting pictures of the baby. Not to mention how stressful that can be to a baby. Let’s not make her into some Spanish Saint here.

  46. Twinkle says:

    Did anyone notice the swagger, and self-important posture she projected walking back into the apartment? This chica is loco in the cabeza.

  47. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    ¡Chingao! Sinvergüenza.

  48. Saba says:

    Hillary Hayward-Thomas from Boston pretending to be a migrant in order to con her way into marrying a Baldwin brother will definitely get a Netflix mini series on day.

    I will never forget the day she tried to teach her children about racism by comparing her kid’s white-ass skin to her spray tan arm.

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