Pete Davidson removed all of his Kim K-related tattoos, even the branding

Pete Davidson dated Kim Kardashian for about nine months, from October 2021-August 2022. It was a big relationship for both of them – for Kim, it was something fun and “normal” after years spent with Kanye. For Pete, Kim was just another in a long line of famous and beautiful women he somehow pulled. Since their split, Pete dated Emily Ratajkowski for a hot minute, but now it looks like he’s seeing Chase Sui Wonders, his co-star in Bodies Bodies Bodies. I didn’t know much about Chase, so I read this People Mag story about her – she’s 26 years old, she graduated from Harvard in 2018 (Magna Cum Laude) and she’s the niece of fashion designer Anna Sui (meaning Chase isn’t a nepo baby, but she’s a nepo niece). A source told People: “Pete and Chase Sui have been hanging out and having fun… It doesn’t seem like a long-term thing though.” Well, they are currently on vacation in Hawaii, so it looks almost like a real relationship to me:

Because of those Hawaii photos, people are talking about how Pete quickly got rid of all of his Kim Kardashian-related tattoos on his chest and trunk. Like, remember how Pete got BRANDED? He had that removed too.

Pete Davidson is removing his ex Kim Kardashian from his life in more ways than one. The comedian, 29, was photographed shirtless on Saturday while vacationing with his rumored girlfriend, Bodies Bodies Bodies costar Chase Sui Wonders. The snapshots appear to reveal that he had all of his tattoos dedicated to his former reality television belle removed. In the recent photos, Davidson’s clavicle and collar bones appear to be sans the tiny inks dedicated to the Kardashians star, 42.

The actor previously had a “My girl is a lawyer” tat (in reference to Kardashian passing the baby bar in December 2021) and the initials “KNSCP” (standing for Kardashian’s initials and those of her four children — North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm, whom she shares with her ex-husband Kanye West).

Underneath that ink, Davidson also sported the names “Aladdin” and “Jasmine” and an infinity sign, inspired by the two’s 2021 Saturday Night Live sketch, which marked their first kiss.

The SNL alum’s “Kim” chest art, which Kardashian revealed to be a brand while appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, also seems to be completely gone. In an Instagram photo shared by Kardashian in July, what seems to be the ink appears to have a faded look, which may indicate that Davidson had worked to get the body art erased earlier (if it was ever truly real in the first place).

[From People]

I mean… I think it’s stupid to get tattoos and brandings for your girlfriend of a few months, in general, but it was especially dumb in this particular case. All of that and he just quietly got everything removed as soon as he dumped her last summer? That’s rough. The good news is that the tattoo-removal laser technology seems to be getting better every year.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images, Backgrid, Instagram.

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  1. HeyKay says:

    Pete seems an OK guy.
    Good for him, IMO, he never should have tattooed anything KK in the first place.
    He is impulsive, I think.

    • Kitten says:

      Seems like a decent albeit extremely *extra* guy. Everyone knew the tattoos were a bad idea because this thing was never gonna last.

      • Jennifer says:

        Especially the *branding.* Glad he could get THAT removed.

        Seriously, dude, don’t get a tattoo for anyone without at least marrying them first! This is why henna exists!

    • Cheesus says:

      I definitely side-eye him for dating barely 18 year old’s multiple times.

  2. Flower says:

    Life moves at a completely different crazy pace for these celebs – wowzers.

    I feel like Kim used Pete as a distraction and human shield during the whole divorce process with Kanye.

  3. Shane says:

    Hope he smoked her up and helped her chill out for a while at least. After everything with Kanye, she could have used it.

  4. Peachy says:

    Curious as to how you remove a brand but glad it worked. He was already planning to remove some of the tattoos so guessing it wasn’t difficult to remove a few more.
    Chase is pretty and they seem to be enjoying themselves in the pics. No matter what, she has to be more laid back and easier to get along with in a relationship than Kim. At least she doesn’t have an evil ex lurking in the background that we know of!

    • lemontwist says:

      This was my question too! How do you ‘undo’ scarification with out a skin graft?

      Branding & tattooing are so totally different. I thought it was weird when KK decided to clarify that Pete’s ‘KIM’ marker was a branding instead of a tattoo. I’ve never seen a picture of it but I’m not sure how those two things could be confused. Maybe like a light branding with ink, if that is thing?

      In any case, Pete Davidson, hope he cools it on the tattoos for a bit.

  5. Julia K says:

    “If it was ever truly real in the first place”. My thought as well. There are very good temporary tats out there.

    • lucy2 says:

      I would hope so, as he got those VERY quickly into their relationship, and tattooing her kids initials was a bit much considering they weren’t even together a year. A temporary thing to post on social media would be a lot easier, but who knows. He seems to like getting tattoos.

      The lawyer one, LOL.

      • SophieJara says:

        (talking about mental health and self harm here)
        I don’t think they’re temporary. Pete has talked about how he used to self – harm before he was diagnosed with BPD and started getting tattoos a lot as a way of organizing and limiting that. Even though he’s well into treatment it’s still a comforting process for him, more about being tattooed than the end result. And yah, impulsive. So I think they’re real.

    • Josephine says:

      I’m in this camp. I never believed their “relationship” for a minute and my guess is that it was all fake for her new show, right down to the tattoo and branding. It doesn’t seem like she’s ever been in a real relationship (other than with the mirror).

    • Emily_C says:

      Yeah, it was paint.

    • shiba says:


  6. HeyKay says:

    Oh, it never occurred to me he might have temp tattoos.
    I hope Pete got paid during his KK time.
    I also hope Pete has good money advisors.
    He’s hot right now but I don’t see him having a steady career in 10 years. For lots of former SNL cast, their time at SNL was the height of their careers.

  7. Twin Falls says:

    Tattooing names/initials of other people’s children is just a hard no for me. And then removing them? Jesus.

  8. Annalise says:

    Big surprise. I bet they were done in such a way so that they COULD be removed easily.
    I have firmly believed that their relationship was faker than Khloe’s current face, faker than Kylie and Travis’
    recent relationship, and faker than the business successes of Kim’s friend Jonathan who might even beat Khloe in the weird face contest.
    I think Kim was pissed about all the attention Kourtney and her Travis were getting, which was more than Kim at the time. I think this especially infuriated Kim b/c she was used to Kourtney being her whipping boy/girl. So Kim, who was already friends with Pete D., convinced him to take part in the charade that was their “relationship”, and I think it’s no coincidence that Kim found a white, heavily tattooed guy to fake-date. A lot of people might disagree with me about this, but I think Kim was secretly THRILLED when Kanye started trying to psycho-engage with Pete over social media, b/c it put her right back in front of Kourtney, interest-wise, AND garnered her a fuck load of sympathy, to boot.
    Personally, I think Kim sucks. NOT a fan.

    • Persephone says:

      You and me both Annalise. 100% this.

    • Christine says:

      I also believe it was a PR relationship and would have continued if not for the death threats and Kanye making Kim’s life miserable behind the scenes because of it. They didn’t split up right away because they needed time to dissolve the contract and/or come up with an exit strategy that worked in both their favor without making the other look bad. I also don’t think any of his tattoos for her were real. There are products out there which give you a “real” tattoo for up to a year and gradually fade over time.

    • girl_ninja says:

      Yup. She was so jealous of the attention Kourtney was getting and HAD to find something to get the attention back on her. She’s really so unfortunate.

    • Serena says:

      Some of you need to chill with the KK hate. I don’t especially like her but she did nothing wrong in this situation. So what if they had some fun or even if it was just PR relationship (I don’t think Pete is the type to agree to that tbh)?

      Pete has to calm down with the love bombing though and I hope he has a good therapist cause it looks like he needs one.

  9. JoanCallamezzo says:

    I need to know what laser removal process he uses.

  10. cheesus says:

    Did Pete do the dumping with KK? Not sure this happened

  11. VegasSchmegas says:

    The way this guy makes an Etch-a-Sketch of his body is sad.

  12. Lucy says:

    They’ve come out with tattoo ink that fades over the course of I think a year? My Instagram thought I needed to know about it, tons of ads for a while. It was only available at like three studios, one in California, in NYC and I think the third one traveled. Anyway. I hope he gets his artist to start using that for his relationship tattoos. On deux moi there were pictures of him in her hometown (upstate NY? It was someplace not a major city. There were pics), so they seem to be doing this for real.

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s actually a really good idea, people could try something for a year, if they like it, get it done permanently, and if not, gone without having to do a removal.

  13. Emily_C says:

    I think their relationship was real, in that it was always just supposed to be a fun, short-term thing, and not something that could last forever. That’s what Pete Davidson does. I’m surprised so many people seem not to have ever had relationships like that. Relationships that are here for a good time, not a long time. They’re fun and can be immensely healing — and when you’re done (3 months, say), no hard feelings at all.

    I am quite sure his “tattoos” and especially “branding” were fake.

  14. Coco says:

    Pete seems to love bomb every woman he’s in a relationship with.

  15. Trish says:

    Gee, I hope her kids didn’t get close to him. Because he erased them just like it was nothing. I don’t care for him tbh. Idk why he gets a pass for having mental illness, but every other celebrity with mental illness is still criticized.

  16. DeluxeDuckling says:

    Wow!! she’s so pretty 😍

  17. Saba says:

    I’m exhausted at the mere thought of Pete’s dating life.

    These aren’t just hook-ups for him, he throws himself into the deep each time. Love bombing, grand gestures and tattoos. Then he moves on to the new one and erases signs of the last. Rinse rePete.

    Not saying this is what’s happening to Pete but it does remind me of friend who is the sweetest and has bipolar. The yoyo-ing isn’t sustainable for long-term relationships. The extreme highs from the initial romance is a trigger that launches them straight into a depressive low that leads to self-medicating substance abuse.

    I hope Pete has good support system. And I hope these women also have a good support system.

  18. rea says:

    Pete’s life seems complicated however…he should write a book about dating. He seems pretty successful in that department.

  19. Serena says:

    I hope they were temp. Dude must enjoy the laser removal pain because otherwise I don’t get it. He does this with every single girlfriend, right away, as a big romantic gesture (?), and then rinse and repeat.

  20. Aubrey says:

    I would love to see how these tattoos being removed turned out?