Sheryl Lee Ralph: ‘This is my natural face, it’s not filled it’s my 60 yo face’

The AARP awards were last Saturday. I know, but come on, let’s not pretend like Old Farts aren’t currently having a moment! And that moment was beautifully celebrated in Beverly Hills with Jamie Lee Curtis, Michelle Yeoh, Brendan Fraser, Alan Cummings and Elvis Presley all getting their due. (Arguably Elvis was kind of cheat since Austin Butler who played Elvis is only 31. But Baz Luhrman who accepted the award is 60 so it balances out.) Sheryl Lee Ralph was awarded Best TV Actress, and rightly so, for her work on Abbott Elementary. But let’s be real, Hollywood is just playing catch-up for having slept on Sheryl for way too long. Sheryl talked to USA Today about being a natural beauty at 60. She said her face and body are the ones God gave her. She told young folks not to sweat aging because not everyone gets to do it.

“Abbott Elementary” star Sheryl Lee Ralph, who won best TV actress, spoke to USA TODAY about embracing aging.

“This is my natural face,” she said. “It’s not pulled, it’s not tucked, it’s not filled or anything and it’s my 60-year-old face. My body is still my body, it’s still me. And the way I’m aging, is it different? Absolutely, but I respect it.”

She said she thinks about friends who died young. “I wish they had gotten the chance to live, to grow older, to be a grown-up. But they didn’t. So don’t turn your nose up on growing older because not everybody gets to do it.”

[From Yahoo!]

There’s an argument to be made as to what you would pull on Sheryl’s face, it’s perfect the way it is. But I understand her point. I wore makeup for the first time in a while the other day. While my undereye bags were less visible, my crows feet were on display, as happens when I wear eye makeup. I look my age but as unbelievable as it sounds, I like it. I earned this age, I don’t mind looking it. And if I looked like Sheryl, I’d flaunt it any chance I got. Yes, we’ve heard her sentiments before, that getting older is a blessing because the alternative is death. But it’s something we all need to be reminded of, especially after a worldwide pandemic that claimed so many lives.

Sheryl is not only looking her fabulous 60 self, she’s living her fabulous 60 self. After a long and successful career, she still at the top of her game and the rest of the industry is recognizing her for it. As I said above, it’s about time. But it just goes to show you, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over. (Of course, if I keep using grammar like that, my writing career will be over fairly soon.)

I need to stop there because Sheryl is one degree from Quinta Brunson and her Eagles just destroyed my Niners in the playoffs so… whatever.

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  1. SJP-NYC says:

    Love her. I am almost 56 and while I don’t wear make up often but I have found that I have had to change my make-up to ones that are more mature friendly over the last few years-40. So if you make-up settles in fine lines you may just need to find a different foundation or concealer. I have gone to absurdly expensive Dior foundation, but it lasts all day and I don’t look like a crypt keeper after a few hours.

    • Eurydice says:

      I mix my foundation with moisturizer. I decided a while ago that I’d rather look hydrated than super porcelain smooth.

  2. Ceej says:

    I mean, May we all be blessed to age as well as she is.

  3. chill says:


  4. Chantal says:

    Love her and its so wonderful that she’s finally being recognized for being a great actress after decades in the industry. She’s always been a great role model for me and I hope these next generations appreciate her too. Its also cool that she played the President on Motherland Fort Salem.

  5. C says:

    I love her!

    I’m in my 30’s and it’s retinoids, vitamin C, sunscreen, AHA’s.

    Of course I’d probably have more of an effect by drinking more water and cleaning up my diet, but, uh, it’ll have to wait, lol.

  6. FHMom says:

    As I approach 60, I remind myself daily that aging is a privilege. Not everybody is lucky enough to live to an old age. It’s funny how I avoided 2 piece bathing suits in my 30’s and 40:s but embraced them in my 50’s. Not tiny ones, of course, but I feel liberated when I go to the pool or beach and don’t care what people think. I’ve talked a few of my friends into buying them, also. I think we all look great.

  7. Lisa says:

    for me personally, I prefer not to do anything like fillers etc because focusing on what is wrong or needs fixing is for me negative energy and I just prefer self acceptance. I spent a lot of my youth not loving or accepting myself and I prefer to avoid that if I can. you can run from aging but it will win. I dont want to play a game I cant win.

  8. Lauralee says:

    Wow she is gorgeous and I love her attitude. I’m 36 and decided to skip the fillers and surgery and just go with the wrinkles and grey hair. I think it’s gross how normalized injecting neurotoxins into our faces and taking away all our individuality has become while these companies make billions off of claiming they empower us. I don’t see how everyone suddenly having exact same look its empowering. I decided I’m going to respect my ancestors, the survivors who kept our family image going and eventually led to this aging face that reflects them as well as me.

  9. smlstrs says:

    I mean … whatever she’s doing (or not doing 😉 ) seems to be working. Not only does she look happy and healthy, she’s killing it when she performs on screen and radiates charisma when she’s being herself.