Prince Harry is ‘frustrated’ because he & Meghan still haven’t received apologies

Since Netflix’s Harry and Meghan series aired, I’ve been thinking about the footage of the Sussexes right after their Oprah interview aired, and how they both thought that the biggest story would be Meghan’s suicidal ideation while she was heavily pregnant with Archie. Post-interview, the biggest stories in America and the UK were about “royal racism” and who questioned the color of the Sussex baby’s skin, and how Charles would change the convention to remove the Sussex kids’ royal titles. Oh, and of course the fakakta bridesmaid-dress story got a lot of attention too. People talked about Meghan’s suicidal thoughts, of course, but that wasn’t the biggest headline.

I bring that up because I do think Meghan and Harry tend to chronically misjudge his family and the way the British media will react to whatever the Sussexes do and don’t do. I think the reactions from the Windsors and the media still surprise them consistently. The British media is still largely ignoring all of what Harry wrote about in his memoir, just as the media refuses to really go in-depth to a lot of what Harry said about his family in his promotional interviews. Mostly, this is about control – the British media can’t allow Harry to control his narrative, they want to force their agenda on his story as much as possible. All of which means that I think Harry probably believed that his interviews would change things and his father would call, and that they could start the next chapter. Harry misjudged his father yet again, it seems. Us Weekly’s sources say that the Sussexes have not received any calls or apologies.

Still at odds. Much to his dismay, Prince Harry‘s relationship with the royal family remains unchanged after the release of his bombshell memoir, Spare.

“No apology to Meghan [Markle] has been made by the Palace, which frustrates Harry. Nor has he received a personal apology,” a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. While Spare made headlines worldwide after it was released on January 10, it didn’t help communication within the Firm. “He was hoping his family, especially William, would lay their cards on the table and have an open conversation with him, but they haven’t made progress,” the insider continued.

A second insider noted that the prestigious brood will have to settle their differences eventually. “At this point, the royals can only move forward and come to some form of truce with Harry if everyone sits down and talks through their issues privately,” the source tells Us. “Despite everything that’s happened, Harry does want his family in his life.”

While his family’s silence is difficult, the Invictus Games founder has “few regrets” regarding his memoir. “Harry is happy with the outcome of Spare,” the first source explains to Us. “Yes, there has been some backlash. By now he knows it comes with the territory — it’s what he was signing up for when he agreed to write Spare.”

The former Suits star, meanwhile, is letting her husband take the spotlight for now. “From Meghan’s perspective, Spare is Harry’s story to tell. His moment to shine, so she’s taking a step back and keeping a low profile,” the insider tells Us, noting that Meghan is keeping busy and “working on other projects.”

[From Us Weekly]

“He was hoping his family, especially William, would lay their cards on the table” – that’s actually the only part I don’t believe. Not “especially William” – at some level, I do think Harry understands that William is largely a lost cause. At least I hope Harry realizes that, because it’s true. William is a complete psycho and a f–king moron. I think Harry’s goal – with Spare and his interviews – was more about his father’s reaction, and trying to move the needle on their relationship. Of course that’s not what the institution took away from it though, as evidenced by the British media trying to order King Charles to ban Harry from the Chubbly.

Photos/screencaps courtesy of 60 Minutes, The Late Show/CBS, GMA. Cover courtesy of People.

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  1. usavgjoe says:

    I think M understands the abject cruelty of the BRF, within herself due to the abuse she endured while hidden away at Frogmore. More than she has told H about. But, H is not there yet. I believe M does not want to push him, but understands he has to come to that conclusion that is family is vile, on his own.

    • Sue E Generis says:

      This! Harry is still going through the process of grieving the loss of the idea of his original family. He is letting go, but it takes time and it seems Meghan understands that he needs to go through the motions until he gets to the place where he realizes his family are not who he thinks they are and he needs to detach completely and move on.

      I just hope he doesn’t go to the coronation. He cannot bow to Charles and Camilla. He just can’t. That would be a public capitulation and humiliation.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Ah, but Chuckles has already supposedly start to bridge the gap by sending the Archbishop of Canterbury to Montecito for a summit of “peace talks” as Chuckles wants Harry to be at his Chubbly coronation but it stops there.

        And this article, as usual pure bullocks.

      • Jennifer says:

        Meghan’s also lost her own dad due to this whole shitshow.

        Harry may still have hope, though I can’t fathom why.

      • SussexFan says:

        I don’t want him to attend the Coronation either. I don’t think Archbishop Welby is into deception or wants to be Charles’ dupe.

    • Caribbean says:

      Harry and Meghan say no one speaks for them. This is not real. I think Harry know quite well he is Not going to get an apology and just say that to stop the media and others looking to Him to reach out; Because of course

    • Louise177 says:

      Fake story. In a couple of interviews Harry said he doesn’t expect an apology but hopes for one. When it comes to family people have a little hope but keep expectations low.

  2. Zut Alors says:

    At this point, Harry should accept the apologies are never coming. He should process that and move on from these toxic people.

    • Ginger says:

      He probably does. This is US Weekly, a tabloid that used a source. It’s just clickbait. Harry and Meghan have said no sources speak for them.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Far from apologizing, they still claim not to know what Harry believes they did that was wrong. And how many talks, conferences, summits have they had now? They all ended in Harry being gaslighted and abused. And even physically attacked!

    • Mel says:

      I think he knows that, I think he’s saying that the ball is in their court to remove any expectations that he will be coming to them for anything. That he has nothing to say until they do. Us knows nothing they’re just speculating.

    • Anony83 says:

      I think part of Harry’s problem is something you see all the time in people who grew up in abusive homes or who were split up from their siblings in foster care or who otherwise had a traumatic childhood. They can really cling to the version of the future that they (and perhaps their siblings) envisioned for themselves as kids. They remember the “promises” they made to each other as children and, even if entirely untenable, try to keep them. And sometimes that can also make them a bit like Charlie Brown with their siblings if their siblings haven’t developed into adults who care or want to keep those promises, which is incredibly common because trauma impacts everyone differently.

      Harry still sees the William that he grew up with and with whom he experienced a very unique childhood and trauma (even outside of losing their mother) and despite the fact that from the outside William was clearly cruel to Harry even when they were teens/young adults, there’s part of Harry that thinks William is still the same person. That he’ll see reason and keep his promises if Harry can just “get through” to him.

      I think that’s why Harry focused so much on the “summits” with William and Kate in the book; he really believes that somehow he could remind William (in particular) that they had shared goals at one point. That listening to Harry is in William’s best interest too.

      The problem is, I think, somewhat ironically is that because William is the heir, he never actually got the chance to evolve and to heal in the way that Harry did. He never truly got out of that royal system to see the world for what it really is (and even to see his family for who they really are). Sure, William did the helicopter thing, but he was always at most half-in and half-out of being a working royal. Harry, for better or worse, went to war. Could choose whom he dated and married with more freedom. Etc. Etc.

      This isn’t a pity post or excusing William for his actions, but I think it IS why Harry had such a huge blindspot towards his brother. But, just like anyone who had loved someone with serious issues, like addictions or mental health problems (and I would argue that William’s anger likely is a mental health problem), you know that you can’t make someone want to change. And William has the additional benefit/burden of being almost entirely shielded from the consequences to his actions. Which is likely why he is reacting so strongly to Harry’s “betrayal”, not because he cares about their relationship as siblings anymore, but because Harry is one of the few people capable of holding him to account and making him face at least some sort of consequences for his past behavior and that, of course, enrages William.

      Meanwhile, Harry is battering his head against a brick wall that his brother hides behind in the Firm (sometimes quite literally at KP and Windsor) just hoping he can knock it down so William will finally see the other side, even if I think William is perfectly capable of seeing the other side of the wall if he wanted to, but he is uninterested in making even the slightest of efforts to do so. Harry is trying to communicate with a William who no longer exists, but his blindspot about his brother is still understandable, I’ve seen it myself with mentees who grew up in foster care.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Anony83, while I agree with you reflection of Harry needing to process his acceptance of never being granted a sincere apology but I disagree with regards to WanKs anger. His anger stems from a lifetime of being treated differently than Harry and without any actual responsibility nor accountability. Case in point was the Duchy course, which he didn’t complete but was given full access to once QEII passed away.

    • K says:

      I agree.

  3. Lizzie says:

    Actually, a private apology might have happened, no one knows. This is just more made-up clickbait.

    • Noki says:

      Exactly!!! Sometimes I think we get lost in all these reports and forget that there are MANY things happening that we wouldn’t begin to have a clue about.

      • Polo says:

        Preach!!! I said below that most of these “insider” sources could be from Harry’s interviews himself that he did for promotion of Spare. The fact that even supporters of Harry and Meghan can belief some of this stuff after the last 6 years is the mind boggling part.

    • Chloe says:

      Going by all the coronation stories that the British media have dropped, i think it’s fair to say that they have not and probably never will.

      • Chlor I agree with you, but I firmly believe it’s because the Royal family dare not go against the British media. Especially the DM, because they know that the DM have a amassed so much dirt on them that if any of them step outside the boundaries that the press have set for “good will” stories about them, their whole charade will come tumbling down. It will make Harry’s book look like a love story to the family. The press would be able to run anti monarchy stories until George took the throne,(if it’s still there then)

    • Tan says:

      Prob no apology but this article is also a lie

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Yep. Harry is not frustrated because he has no expectations. He’s only stated what needs to happen from his perspective. If anyone’s read Spare through the entirety, they would have a clue to Harry’s expectations. Which are none. He’s not expecting anything. US Weekly is also the same publication that came out with one of the funniest royal stories ever.

        Meghan wanting to do a documentary on all of Kate’s charity work.LOLZ

  4. Moxylady says:

    I don’t think Harry is surprised. Disappointed. But not surprised. Hurt. But not surprised.

  5. Ameerah M says:

    I don’t think this is about Harry AND Meghan. I think Meghan understands that it will never happen – I mean look at her response to William letting Knauf testify against her in the Netflix doc. It’s Harry’s family and I think he is the one who needs to make peace and understand that his family can never give him what he wants. I think Meghan is staying quiet and letting him come to that realization on his own.

  6. Mrs CP says:

    I’m sure Harry was hoping for excuses and apologies but I doubt he was counting on it. 😔

  7. C says:

    This is fanfiction not coming from the Sussexes. I’m sure that they haven’t received apologies and it’s upsetting to them but they aren’t holding their breath – they aren’t stupid.

    I don’t think Harry wrote this book to get William to put his cards on the table. It may have been part of it but Harry wrote this book with the angle it has because they’re still trying to abuse him as if he was under their thumb. I have this feeling that if in 2020 they had come to an uneasy truce and the Palace had decided to leave them alone when they left, we wouldn’t be getting this information or at least not in the way he has chosen to speak about it. But William and Charles won’t stop and won’t do anything about the tabloids, so as long as they put their story out there he’ll put his. Fair is fair.

  8. Tessa says:

    Us is a pro Wails magazine.

  9. JMoney says:

    I think H genuinely thought there would be a tentative peace agreement as a result of his book at the very least. I say that bc H says he still believes in the monarchy and outright said in the UK interview his family isn’t racist and went out of his way to clarify they have implicit bias and pointedly said he wants a relationship with his family. If he didn’t think it would be possible he would’ve just said this is my side of the story and wishing them all the best but he didn’t.

    That said, I think H is coming to terms his “family” will always be an institution first with a family that occasionally has family moments. He’s asking something they can’t give nor want to give.

    • Kel says:

      I think he was trying to give them one last shot to change and from what we’ve seen they haven’t. I think post coronation that little part of him that he said is still holding on to hope (even though he’s aware it might not happen) will have to be put to the side.. and let go..
      maybe months or years done the line his family will finally get it and apologize to him and Meghan but for now they don’t want to or care I feel like.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      @JMoney, your last sentence of first paragraph. That is pretty much what he said. He gave his terms to a reconciliation. With his full chest. He’s put the onus on the wrong doers, his father & brother who’ve f&cked him over and smear campaigned against his wife. Harry knows. He’s just being very gracious with his words. imo, I don’t think Harry believes it’s possible (Windsors in England don’t apologize). He was just putting it out there and hoping for some good to come of it.

      Upon finishing reading Spare, my conclusions are, Harry has a happy life without the trappings of the royal family. He’s not conflicted. He’s not praying for rain without recognizing mud comes with it. He’s just saying an if then situation.

  10. Polo says:

    Harry himself said in strahans interview that he was prepared to not get anything at all from his family! He said that would be sad but he still chooses to look for hope. I’m paraphrasing.
    This sounds like it’s been taken from what Harry said in those interviews. He also said in 60min that he hadn’t talked to his family and they have never apologized…again all this taken from interview he’s done in recent weeks.

  11. Mariam says:

    He never should have back tracked on the archie skin color comments nor defended Hussey even William wasn’t dumb enough to do that. The more he plays nice with that family the more they will use it against him, he’s starting to look like an unreliable narrator with regular folks who defended them after the Oprah interview he needs to understand no amount of back tracking will get those inbreeds to realize their mistake.

    • YeahRight says:

      Especially since they have shown on multiple occasions that they don’t care about him, Meghan or the kids. They have quadrupled down on everything they said about Meghan so he can keep talking about unconscious bias until he’s blue in the face but that’s just plain ole racism.

    • Concern Fae says:

      I think most people realize these are actual flesh and blood people he has feelings for, not game pieces on some board to discard as soon as they aren’t serving some external goal.

      Not everyone has the discard everyone the moment they aren’t bringing positive energy into your life attitude. It’s a deeply sad way to move through the world.

      • YeahRight says:

        Meghan is a human being with feelings who was thinking about ending her own life due to their awful treatment of her. Still to this day they are willing to discard her while he’s running around talking about some unconscious bias making excuses for them.

      • dee(2) says:

        I honestly don’t think a lot of people realize that. There’s always a ton of comments about what Harry and Meghan should do, based on what this person or that person would do, without acknowledging that they feel absolutely no emotional connection to these people. I often think man I hope you get to the point where you see they don’t care about you, but I can understand why he still wants to give them the benefit of the doubt. Even with abusers they aren’t terrible 24/7, that’s why it’s such a haul to leave those environments. They are still his family and he doesn’t want to believe they aren’t redeemable. If it was easy for you to go no contact, it doesn’t make the person it’s not easy for weak.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      I mean…yes.

    • Ziaaa says:

      @Mariam Exactly! As a person of color, I do appreciate that Harry as a white privileged male has actively tried to break the cycle of abuse. But man some sections of his recent interviews made me facepalm so hard. First, soft-pedaling hardcore racism by calling it unconscious bias. And, then vouching for that racist Hussey and bolstering his support by adding Meghan’s name to his opinion as well….just when Ms. Fulani was bearing the full brunt of the racist abuse. We have seen Meghan to be more discerning of the situation based on the snippet from the docuseries with regards to Willy and the Mail. I am all for couples working in unison. But I don’t like when men speak for their wives in their absence.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      @Mariam, when did he backtrack on the Archie skin color comment? Does not expounding on it mean backtracking when he said in the O interview he wouldn’t reveal that conversation?

  12. The Old Chick says:

    This is 💯 made up. No one believes, surely, anyone is revealing Harry’s personal thoughts or convos with his family to US weekly, or I gotta bridge.

    Harry knows he’s not getting apologies. He’s not stupid. The Harry is naive narrative yet again.

    • SussexFan says:

      My feeling is this: anything coming from sources other than Harry or Meghan THEMSELVES is bullshit. Especially news media on both sides of the water.

  13. lleepar says:

    Part of the process of Harry finally letting go of hopes for any relationships with his father and/or brother is to satisfy himself first that the requests he’s made, and the boundaries he’s set, are reasonable. It’s a process that’ll take time.

  14. aquarius64 says:

    This is US Weekly spewing this, so take this with a grain of salt. I believe the documentary said he doesn’t expect an apology and they have moved on. They will eventually announce they are not going to go to the coronation and celebrate Archie’s birthday. Tin foil tiara: on July 4th Harry and other immigrants are taking the oath for US citizenship. Harry visited US military memorials; there are pictures of him and Meghan in front of the US flag; they have celebrated US holidays; Meghan’s niece Ashleigh Hale is an immigration attorney. I see no British traditions passed on to the kids. Harry has said in the docuseries the US is the kids’ home. It may be too soon for Harry to do that, but you have to admit the meltdown by the BRF/BM would be epic. In America Archie and Lili can strive for any title they want; the biggest one for Lili – POTUS.

    • Judy says:

      Okay I think you are being too optimistic about them announcing they aren’t going to the coronation. So many people were convinced they wouldn’t go to the jubby and they did. Harry knows this is a big deal for his dad and as much as we all might hate it I could see them going but doing what they did in the Jubby and stay low key.
      Whatever they do..I support because it’s not my life. I’m just a spectator in their story.

  15. L4Frimaire says:

    Harry said in the Netflix series they he doesn’t expect an apology or accountability and they’re moving on. I’m sure he wants it, he may have voiced it in interviews, but it’s not coming and he probably realizes that. Have they ever apologized for anything? Whether it’s their colonial past and slavery, or how they’ve treated family members, don’t recall that happening. I think they’re moving forward but not holding their breath for the royals to do the right thing. Those in the UK just go on like nothings happened, while briefing and complaining behind the scenes. Seems like the Sussexes are keeping their own counsel. They really don’t have to do anything right now regarding the royal family.

  16. Well Wisher says:

    Harry is not waiting by the phone for calls he is living his life and relishing his well earned peace.
    He has already established boundaries to remove any doubt about his feelings about future relations with his family.

    The relationships must respect his terms and conditions. He has no interest in being treated as expendable, that does not lead to self actualization.

    He said what he needed to say to claim his narrative from all the interlopers and spin doctors.
    Harry felt the need to offer an explanation to his fellow countrymen, the response was heart tendering with the highest sales aggregate.

    He never offered ultimatums, just a road map as to where he is heading emotionally.
    It is about the journey, not the destination.
    The rf is free to join him or go their own way.
    He understand that abusers do not ever want to concede power and control and he’s prepared for any eventuality.

    After all, this is fundamentally about his inner life, his values, self love and confidence.
    Ultimately it is his responsibility to take care of himself in order to be present for his family as a husband and father.

  17. girl_ninja says:

    I actually don’t think that Harry is waiting for any apologies from that crew across the pond. And I think he went easy on Bill and Chuck in Spare because he loves them despite what they have done.

  18. Kingston says:

    The ‘source.’ Of this ‘story.’
    Sure, jan.

  19. Okay says:

    I don’t think Harry wrote that to “make peace” I think he wrote that to control his own life and use it as a shield and sword if they come for his Meg and kids. Writing about his “alarming baldness” it was a trigger for Will and about Cam “being dangerous and the other woman” like remember she is a sl*t that hurt Diana …that is who you have as Queen Consort. It was personal, deliberate and his feelings. He even taunted them that if they keep going the will write another one. He knows this is what is making all of them freakout at BRF that he knows and has receipts. Harry is not dumb and this was meant to cut deep because they deserved it. His loyalty is with Meghan. Charles just want to use him to safe face and then ignore him again. Will well will will have Harry living in his head rent free for the rest of this life. The more Will reacts the more hurt I feel he is but his is an asshat that did this to himself. All Will feels is what hurts Will. I feel this way because he is being dramatic as eff. Charles is more cold in IMO and already got what the wanted except the Chubby so that is the last he needs of Harry. Will though is more alone then ever and he deserves it. To me Charles the only thing that mattes is the crown, Cam and that his Will and George exist and eff the rest.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      He said it himself: He wrote it to correct the record, to make sure history recorded his version of events.

      Harry’s been through a war — an actual war and one with the British media. He may have been naive before, but he’s not now.

      • okayyy says:

        I respect and support him doing it 100%. Yes he did do it to correct the record but you have to admit he threw shade left and right and it was wonderful. Well done but deliberate shade. Like why is Wills baldness mentioned? because as a sibling he took a well landed jab in public to see how Will liked a taste of what he did to him for years to reporters as teens. He didn’t call out his cheating on Kate left and right because he is more classy then that. Just a little shade to remind him who is the Heir with the Hair. LOL

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        okayyy, I thought it was about Harry actually looking at his brother and seeing him for the first time since they were children, and the person he was looking at was not the person had known or thought he was. Of course, any shade he threw was a bonus!

      • @Saucy that’s how I took it as well — I’m all for good shade but Harry taking about baldness is all pot and kettle

  20. Jenepooh says:

    I was coming here to say the same thing. This is a fake story where the word “sources” is sprinkled in to make the story seem legitimate. By now, we all know if Harry is feeling something he will flat-out say it and attach his name to it.

  21. MsIam says:

    I think Harry wrote the book first and foremost to expose the tabloids and to further explain the invisible contract. I think it’s mission accomplished on that end, more people than ever are realizing that the tabloids lie every day that ends in “y”. As far as his family and an apology, I doubt Harry is pining away. He knows nothing is coming from “Willy” and his father is a weakling. Harry is about his work and his wife and kids. I couldn’t help but notice that no one from his father’s side is mentioned in the acknowledgments. Eugenie and Anne got some positive mentions in the book but the rest, nada. He knows exactly who those people are.

  22. Christine says:

    To be fair, would you want to give an apology after sitting through a 4 hour crisis meeting? I think if H&M do receive an apology, it could very well be years from now. They see him as enemy #1 right now.

    • C says:

      I would never be in a four-hour crisis meeting like this in the first place like William/Charles because it resulted from THEIR abuse and THEIR misdeeds with the press. If they were mad at having to do a four-hour crisis meeting it’s their own damn fault. So don’t try to argue that point, thanks.

    • Jennifer says:

      There will never be an apology, even on anyone’s deathbed.

  23. Harper says:

    More lies from US Weekly. Harry can hope for an apology but SPARE will have sent Burger King into a deeper tailspin than ever regarding H&M. William would never apologize to Harry and Meghan at this point in time; it would mean Harry had forced William to his knees. Nope. There is too much pride and ego on William’s part and too much work to be done on William’s end before he would be able to offer a self-reflective apology to them.

    IMO, William would have to be in extremis to apologize to Meghan and even then it would be through a priest and on his deathbed and never face to face.

  24. AmelieOriginal says:

    Do the Sussexes do “source” briefings to the media anymore? I believe they did when they were still senior royals but they only brief officially through their spokesperson to refute really damaging stories from what I understand. So this is coming from Kensington Palace or Clarence House which is just confirming neither has given an official apology to Harry and confirming Charles/William have refused to sit down with Harry to talk things through. The telling is “coming to a truce with Harry” which is very much the BRF’s side of things. I love how they are just hypothesizing on what Meghan is doing lol, saying she’s letting Harry take the spotlight and working on other projects. They have no idea what she’s up to, that’s just an educated guess and a logical conclusion.

  25. Cessily says:

    They really do not pay attention to what Prince Harry says at all.. the ball is in Chucky’s court unless he takes action they will not be going to the chubbly. In Spare and the book promotional interviews he was very clear, Prince Harry is not going to deal with his backstabbing family members and racist media hate campaign against his family. I believe Prince Harry’s own words over anonymous sources.

  26. Jaded says:

    US Weekly is just another trash tabloid that doesn’t know sh*t. Whatever *sources* they quote are imaginary. Harry’s relationship with William and Kate is dead in the water, that much is painfully obvious. Who’d want to go back and try to work things out with a pair of malignant, aggressive narcissists? As for his father, there will be no apology forthcoming. Between Charles and Camzilla there isn’t enough familial compassion to fill a thimble.

  27. Gubbinal says:

    Narcissists never apologize. Never. They need to believe that they are always correct, ergo there is nothing for which to apologize. William and Charles are both narcissists–Charles is a “pity me” narcissist and William is an “Obey me” narcissist. If they approach Harry, it will only be to gaslight “the darling boy”. Once a family has narcissism in its genes, it’s difficult to apply “normal” manners and standards to them. CarolE @ Paedrew are probable narcissists. I believe Charles loves Camilla because she knows the perfect places to massage–both physically and emotionally.

    • Scooby Gang says:

      I agree! They never apologize – and they never change. They’re about maintaining power and control. They will go to any lengths to keep a victim trapped in the abuse cycle. And no amount of proof, facts, truth or logic will change that.

    • Tessa says:

      Charles could have loved his first wife had he not been so weak. I am not even sure he has this great love for Camilla. He did not want to marry Camilla when he first met her and he told this to his authorized biographer

  28. Amy Bee says:

    Harry said the docuseries that he’s accepted that he may never get an apology or accountability so I think he’s not surprised that nothing has happened.

  29. Jais says:

    In the Colbert interview, I remember him talking about being naive. That if he left the stories would die down, but that during Covid, when they were minding their business, the stories never stopped. He called that an eye opener. The obsession with Harry and Meghan is unprecedented in some ways and yeah he’s been pretty shocked and even underestimated it at times.

  30. hangonamin says:

    i doubt these insider tidbits into what harry thinks. i never thought spare was harry’s attempt at getting an apology. i thought it was his effort to get this narrative out in the open, to clarify lies, and it was overall a cathartic experience for him. I think he wrote it and put it out there and left the door open for his family to reach out if they want to.
    in terms of william…i don’t think he’s a psycho. i think he’s also a very incredibly traumatized person from the death of his mother and growing up with the weight of the crown on his shoulders from the beginning. his anger issues and the way he reacts to things are a direct byproduct of being older than harry and being the middle of his parent’s failing marriage, the same lack of emotional support from this father, and a deep seated instilling of privilege as the heir. overall, an incredibly flawed man with a lot of demons as well. however, he followed the typical route in life as expected of him and married an english rose and subscribes to the monarchy above everything else. harry, on the other hand, just does not see a future under the weight of the crown and won’t perform for the institution.
    william will likely never reach out and apologize as the book also painted him in almost a completely negative light with little redeeming qualities. hardly an olive branch. i think the best bet for harry is to do what he said in many interviews, move on.

    • Tessa says:

      The trouble is that will imo thinks he is perfect and unfortunately thinks he does not need help nor did he do anything wrong. So imo he will just get worse

      • hangonamin says:

        maybe. that is likely the case given he’s the next king and people probably make excuses for him which just perpetuates bad behavior. but ya know, i don’t think we will ever know what he really thinks unless he comes and out says it or writes about it. otherwise it’s just speculation like with harry until he wrote his memoir. at the end of the day, i just think they are two very different people with very different upbringings/experiences despite being brothers and now are on very different paths that diverge.

  31. Robin Samuels says:

    At a young age, I learned to take with a grain of salt statements that begin with “If it was me, I,” I witnessed on many occasions that the person who says what they would or wouldn’t do very often does not react the same when confronted with the issue. The story’s moral follow your instinct, which is what Harry and Meghan are doing. We will only know what happened behind closed doors if they choose to share.
    Unconscious bias does exist in most ethnic groups, but we fail to define it as such.
    The pro-monarchy publications are working overtime to repair the image of the royal family. Kate has not worked so hard since she became a cult member in 2011. How often does Harry need to say that they don’t expect accountability or an apology, so they’re moving on? The Heart of Invictus will premiere this summer, and the Invictus Games in September. I’m hoping Meghan is working on season 2 of Archetypes.
    Thousands of Brits took to the streets yesterday concerning low wages for teachers, and tabloid media prefers to talk about Harry and Meghan waiting for an apology. Murdoch and Rothmere are the modern-day Jim Jones. They have the royal family and their sympathizers in a deadly chokehold. The UK may never recover from the damage. Still, I remain hopeful that someday eyes will open and voices will rise and shout enough!

  32. j.ferber says:

    The Brits would sooner return the Elgin Marbles to Greece (which has already built the museum to house the absent Elgin Marbles) than to make it up to the Sussexes in any way. It’s just not in their wheelhouse and never will be. Although Harry must understand this intellectually, emotionally it must be agonizing to realize your family has all the tenderness of the stolen Elgin Marbles. You see, the royal family is not actually human, or if they ever were, they have turned to stone.

  33. Emily_C says:

    US Weekly fanfic. They have no idea what Harry’s thinking.

  34. As far as the Royal family is concerned, the British media and some paid US media don’t report real news. They create stories/fiction about the royals. They’d do anything to cover up the real news (dirt) about this family. They’d report anything but the real UK economic, political, and social crisis that continue to devastate the whole of UK at this time. And they cover this up by lying about Meghan and Harry and passing this up as news.

    After Brexit the British people have not seen the economic benefits promised by proponents of Brexit – job boost, improved infrastructure, and restoration of neglected town center. Nada. And British media try to hide this truth from the British masses by muddling the news with Meghan and Harry lies. And now the BM have paid some US media to be complicit with them. Pathetic lot.

  35. Levi says:

    I understand why Harry had to do this, because the media kept running stories supporting a very negative narrative. Better than taking every single media outlet to task, he decided to counter them all in one swoop. Understandable considering he wouldn’t want to waste time and energy on those people. I will however say that I can understand that they haven’t received apologies from the RF. Demanding an apology, especially from people like the royals with their “never explain, never complain” attitudes, rarely works. Especially when it’s through a third party, in this case the media. Plus I can also understand not wanting to engage out of fear that a response that is considered subpar (and with the royals the chances of that happening are quite great) being outed in a next book, interview etc. To me the focus should’ve mostly been countering the media, not rebuilding relationships with the RF.

  36. sammi says:

    In the Tom Bradbury interview his answer as to whether they would be going to The Coronation was that there had to be accountability and that there was some time before it for talks but the ball was in their court. In the Docuseries he said that he accepted that he would not get an apology as they spoke a different language since his development away from the Institution.

    I think he and Meghan will decide what benefits/protections they gain by going versus what they could lose considering the strong position they now hold in the World as the UK slides further into chaos.