The British media is positive that Oprah Winfrey ‘snubbed’ the Sussexes

I kept seeing all of these British headlines about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex being “snubbed” by Oprah and I only just now figured out the source of it. The Spectator – a right-wing British publication – published a piece where their British society writer tried to Britsplain what happened at Oprah’s birthday party and what it all means for the Sussexes. The level of obsession is pretty remarkable – British publications can’t help but obsess about “why aren’t the Sussexes at Oprah’s birthday party, the Sussexes must be deeply unpopular in America!” Y’all. It really is that dumb.

As stars came together to celebrate Oprah’s sixty-ninth birthday this weekend, there was one very noticeable absence. Best friend and confidant Meghan Markle appears to have been bumped off the guest list.

A-list megastars gathered to celebrate the TV icon’s birthday that was organized by Anastasia Beverly Hills, in unison with the brand’s twenty-fifth anniversary. Kim Kardashian was in attendance, posting some pictures on her Instagram Story with the caption, “Happy Birthday @oprah. Sharon Stone said it best last night toasting you that you mean the world to the world! Happy birthday!” Don’t worry Megs, we’re sure it wasn’t that fun.

To channel Oprah herself, is the exclusion an act of racism? Unconscious bias? Is Meghan at home crying on the kitchen floor after patiently waiting by the mailbox all weekend? It seems that Mr. and Mrs. Markle’s loud mouths are now being used against them after a series of similar incidents over the last few years.

On a more serious note, snubs like this show that the tide is turning with the Sussexes — and that the gamble that saw them trade in the lifelong duty of being working royalty for the money and fame of being celebrities hasn’t paid off.

Just three months ago I wrote in our October edition that A-listers were leaving the pair off guest lists because of their “capacity to share,” adding that celebs never know where details of their private lives might end up.

The Sussexes were also omitted from the guest list to Barack Obama’s sixtieth birthday, which was a hotspot for philanthropic Hollywood stars such as George Clooney, Jay-Z and Beyoncé: figures that Harry and Meghan are modeling themselves off. At the time, royal watchers speculated that the Obamas pulled back because they were unhappy with the Sussexes’ very public falling out with the rest of the royal family in months prior. The Daily Telegraph wrote, “When it comes to Harry and Meghan, it seems, the former president and first lady remain firmly of the view that blood is thicker than water.”

“The Sussexes equal drama. Everybody over here is starting to realize that they never intended on having a quiet life,” a Hollywood insider says. If Meghan and Harry ever had a chance of cracking the Hollywood scene, staying silent would have been a good option. If they were ever silenced by the palace, as Oprah implied, we never noticed.

[From The Spectator]

There’s more about how Harry made Oprah look “foolish” during his promotional tour for Spare, because none of these people can simply accept that Harry knows a lot more than he’s saying, and that he’s making a conscious choice to hold back and NOT destroy the Windsors. It’s worth noting that the Spectator, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail and other British outlets have no idea what parties the Sussexes are invited to and what parties THEY choose to skip. From what little we know of the Sussexes’ social life, they’re quiet people with a close-knit social circle and they’re able to move around California with a great deal of privacy. THAT is what gives them value and cachet in those elite American circles – the fact that they’re not going to the opening of an envelope, that they’re highly selective about where and when they’re seen, that we don’t know where they are at any given moment. It’s something British people don’t understand.

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  1. girl_ninja says:

    The way that these tabloids love to embarrass themselves is hilarious. They have no clue about who the Sussex spend their time with and where. They didn’t even know that Meghan, Harry and the babies were staying at one of Tyler Perry’s home for weeks! They are so obsessed and so wrong.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      It’s the deranged just deranging. They said worse about Tyler Perry throwing them out of his house because M was rude to his mother. Problem is, TP’s mother died years ago. This party was to celebrate a make up brand. Not sure why the Sussexes need to be there. Thankfully their next move always shuts up the haters.

      • ELX says:

        The Brits are from a very small island with a tiny, incestuous upper class—they really have no conception of the sheer size of the US and the vast array of social groups.

    • B says:

      The UK tabs are always loud and wrong lol there are pics floating around of Meghan and Harry at Portia’s birthday/vow renewal celebration with Ellen.

      BTW the video had such a quick 3sec scan of the guests. I’m shocked people were able to identify Harry and Meghan!

    • 2tall4u2 says:

      Truth: This wasn’t Oprah’s birthday party it was a celebration for Anastasia’s Beauty Brow Salon’s anniversary that happened to fall on Oprah’s birthday (and mine) and she brought out a cake since Oprah has supported her for decades.

      They always get it wrong. And Kim was Kris’ plus one to the event hence she’s all up in Oprah’s face. I’m surprised she didn’t crash Ellen’s birthday/surprise vow renewal that Kris oversaw.

    • SarahFrancisco says:


    • Mary Pester says:

      Just shows the media REALLY NEEDS TO FACT CHECK, it wasn’t Ophras birthday patty, it was for a make up brand and they just brought a cake out because Ophra was there and it was near her birthday

  2. Amie says:

    That wasn’t even Oprah’s birthday party! They were there to celebrate the brand Anastasia. There were tons of pictures from the party and it was clear it wasn’t Oprah’s birthday party. Sure they celebrated that too but it was for the brand.

    The idea that MMH are being snubbed is ridiculous.

    • Jillian says:

      Yeah, that’s what I got too: this was a party thrown by a make up brand. With Oprah or in her honor, sure, but make up brand party nonetheless. Bit low rent for the Sussexes.

    • JustStop says:

      Yes, Anastasia’s godson was one of the few men there–because the party was about Anastasia. Part of Anastasia’s success is knowing how to treat powerful women, which explains how Oprah’s birthday got involved in the celebration.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Yes exactly. This sounds like a big celebrity product roll-out/ b’day bash. Not M&H’s vibe at all. I guess the Brit tabloids are so thirsty, they are beyond realizing that Oprah surely also celebrates her birthday privately and unannounced with her closest family and her dearest friends/ confidantes. LOL!

      • Christine says:

        It’s hilarious that the British media and royal family are so out of touch with how actual business/enterprise works on this planet, they don’t recognize marketing/PR when they see it.

        I get their confusion, since no one was handing out pictures of themselves as a “gift”.

  3. Brit says:

    They said the same thing about Tyler Perry but he was in the documentary and is godfather to Lill. Harry thanked Oprah in his book. It’s desperation and it’s predictable. This reality they’re trying to manifest where the Sussexes are hated, exiled and unpopular is really driving them over the edge. They have no clue who Harry and Meghan interact with on a daily basis and has no intel or access and it’s stalking obsession at this point. Imagine talking to Perez Hilton, Megyn Kelly, Bethenny Frankel, that Kinsey woman and saying that D list rejects somehow speak for all of Hollywood. Harry and Meghan are in circles with Silicon Valley execs, ecntrpeneneurs and billionaires, Hollywood as well. Those losers are not in those circles.

  4. dee(2) says:

    The people writing these stories would go to the opening of an envelope if any of the people named had a chance of being there, so they really don’t get that everyone else doesn’t operate like that. It’s like they equate not attending something with not being invited and have very weird ideas about people who have business relationships being best friends. The idea that the Sussexes may just be doing other things in private with people they aren’t aware of pisses them off, so they would rather soothe themselves with the idea everyone hates them.

  5. Brassy Rebel says:

    Someone on Twitter said this wasn’t Oprah’s birthday party. It just happened to fall on her birthday weekend. The party was actually to celebrate the anniversary of some product introduced by OW and a bunch of celebs. Meghan had zero to do with it. Another example of the rags just making up 💩.

  6. Eurydice says:

    But this wasn’t Oprah’s birthday party, was it? I read that it was a 25th anniversary celebration of Anastasia Beverly Hills and those invited were people who supported the brand. And because Oprah’s birthday was in a few days, they brought out a cake for her.

    • ChewieNYC says:

      This. Are we to assume that OPRAH would invite KimK to her actual birthday party? Are they close because I feel like that’s the bigger shocker? I’m sure Meg has sent over or dropped by herself lovely flowers and teas to Oprah for her birthday.

      • Nic919 says:

        There is no way Oprah invited Kim K to a birthday party. That should have been clue number one that it wasn’t a personal event.

      • Christine says:

        Kim K or Sharon Stone, the only two quoted in this farce, by proxy, in Sharon Stone’s case. Per usual, they are working the mean streets to really crack the case, in England.

    • MsIam says:

      I saw where Oprah went on a trip to celebrate her birthday. Gayle King and some other people were there too. This thing here was for PR.

  7. usavgjoe says:


  8. Bookie says:

    This wasn’t even a “real” birthday party. It was a publicity event for Anastasia Beverly Hills. Had the Sussexes attended, they would have been branded as too Hollywood, too Kardashian-like. The Sussexes can’t win with these people.

  9. Pinkosaurus says:

    Hahaha every sentence contains ridiculous statements it’s impossible to even figure out where to start, but the contention that Hollywood avoids anyone who gets attention is the cherry on the top. How does absolute deranged obsessive falsehoods like this even get published in a complete rag? This is so embarrassing.

    In other news, post-COVID we are planning a few overseas trips and Britain has completely fallen off the list. I have such a negative perception of the country after Brexit and all of this royal BS derangement.

    • kirk says:

      Britain has fallen off my travel list too. Used to be leary of Egypt, but then I saw a Travalyst blurb for Eco Egypt and was really intrigued by some of the options.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Britain has been eliminated from our list as well given the treatment of H&M which doesn’t deserve our tourist $$$$.

        But I am certainly looking at Scotland now as the replacement. Plus I look at Scotland with their dreamy landscapes which ignites a drive to see as much as possible, as well the exceptional people.

    • Hummingbird says:

      Go to Scotland. Were friendly, welcoming and anti Brexit. We also ( largely) don’t support the monarchy and we don’t vote Tory.
      We have scenery to die for, castles, Nessie and wonderful whisky.

  10. Moxylady says:

    This is a bday party throw in conjunction with marking 25 years of a brand? Is that a makeup brand?
    Yeah…… that’s not the party the Sussexes would go to. But you bet your butt they went to her small private party and gave her something that Meghan magically knew she would love and is now the top of her fav things list.

  11. Noki says:

    Firstly and I could be wrong that party at Anastasias was really for her 25th business anniversary, they simply brought Oprah a cake cause it landed on her birthday.
    Secondly the new narrative that no one can even cough around the Sussexes because it will be leaked is the biggest irony of all.

    • Snuffles says:

      Oh, you’re right! I saw JLo posted pictures with her, Oprah and Kim Kardashian on her Instagram. Even less of a reason for the Sussex’s to show up.

  12. Snuffles says:

    And if they DID show up, they would write articles about how the Sussex’s are celebrity whores and creat endless fictional stories between them and whoever they took a photo with. Can you imagine if a Kardashian got a photo with them? They would milk that shit for MONTHS!!

    And if they went to the Obama party, they would say this was proof she had political ambitions.

  13. lunchcoma says:

    “If Meghan and Harry ever had a chance of cracking the Hollywood scene, staying silent would have been a good option.”

    British journalists really don’t understand Hollywood, do they?

    • Brit says:

      The British media love to project their hopes and dreams on other people. Basically they’re implying that Hollywood won’t embrace them if they keep talking, lol. The projection is real. I love how delusionally obsessed the media has become because this couple stands up to them.

    • Eurydice says:

      They’ve already “cracked the Hollywood scene” by getting big-ass contracts with Netflix and Spotify, and by producing top rated programs for them. What do the BM think Hollywood is?

    • Brittney says:

      What’s wild is that SHE IS staying silent!!!! And THAT is a huge story for them too!!!! I hope they’re able to laugh about it at this point.

  14. Izzy says:

    I know people close to Meghan and Harry don’t want to engage with these idiots, but part of me really wishes Oprah would publicly blast this story for the lie that it is.

    • Formerly Lithe says:

      This kind of engagement wouldn’t shame them. They would count it as a win because it would generate more stories.

  15. Ann says:

    It’s a hate industry. I am relatively new to TikTok and am astounded by the anti H&M content. I skip over, but it keeps showing up. Fawning WanK videos appear too, “proving” they adore one another. There’s some serious propaganda out there! People are being paid to create this b*****it.

    • BUBS says:

      There’s a lot of positive H and M content on Tiktok…at least from what I see reposted on Twitter. People have even begun making videos to troll those Karens who try to troll Meghan…so, it depends on where you’re looking…

    • Shai says:

      I think I’ve only come across one negative H&M video on TikTok, other than that it’s all positive stuff.

    • brighidg says:

      There’s definitely some coordinated attacks happening on Tiktok. I know the past few weeks they were going after some royal news tiktoker (matta of fact) because she is both very popular and pro-H&M. Since I torture myself reading the comments, I guess even the British “media” has attacked this tiktoker on a few occassions. That’s how threatened they are!

      • Annalise says:

        I love Matta Of Fact!!! She is amazing!!! Happy to see her getting some love here! There really are some amazing, ardently pro Sussex supporters on TikToc and YouTube. Matta of Fact and Tisa Tells on YouTube.

  16. Brit says:

    But it’s not working and that’s the problem. The world isn’t going to like William and Kate by forcing and brainwashing people to dislike the Sussexes. The Wales’ are still boring, have no charisma and you can’t replicate and create carbon copies. People will always want the real thing which is why the media still want the Sussexes. I mean, asking where Meghan is? I thought she needed to be quiet and she was hated so much…

  17. Vanessa says:

    So Kate is getting slammed by people for her empty shallowed campaign that cost huge amount of money. So let go back to our favorite past time which is slammed the Sussex’s and make up rumors of the Sussex’s being uninvited to Oprah birthday party if this help some of the Karen’s sleep at night with the thought of Meghan and Harry being left off at party . The truth of the matter is that the Royal family and the British media have taken a huge hit a lot of every day people are asking Questions the British media is once again telling on themselves and have no idea how Hollywood works . There are many celebrities who have wrote tell all some of the British as well so this notion that Hollywood elite is uninvited Meghan and Harry to things so they can say see the royal family have people who are on their side is false . It’s like the British media needs to believe that the royal family is all powerful and well like

    • Brit says:

      It’s like they’re faced with reality and then decided we have to change it to the point of delusion. Their charity has been extremely successful and raised millions, they live in a beautiful home, Their documentary is one of the most watched in history and his book is one of the best selling memoirs of all time. Archetypes was successful as well. Hollywood celebrates money and success, not some boring, bland royals in the UK.

    • kirk says:

      “It’s like the British media needs to believe that the royal family is all powerful and well like.” Or maybe BRFCo has managed to bamboozle the British public that they’re “all powerful” in order to maintain the brand. Listened to +44 podcast with 4 black Britons discussing Prince Harry’s book and the impact on racism in Britain, and was stunned to hear a participant call the royal family the most powerful family in the world! What? Surely the Waltons or Saudi royal family would rank higher.

  18. Becks1 says:

    Yeah, I think H&M are doing just fine in California and no, I don’t think they’re being shunned by anyone in Hollywood.

    • MrsCope says:

      Apparently Meghan was just at Portia and Ellen’s surprise vow renewal. So yeah, they continue to be fine. And anyone that thinks Oprah’s actual true-blue birthday party invite list includes Kim Kardashian and Sharon Stone….

  19. Amy Bee says:

    The British press is embarrassing.

    “From what little we know of the Sussexes’ social life, they’re quiet people with a close-knit social circle and they’re able to move around California with a great deal of privacy. THAT is what gives them value and cachet in those elite American circles – the fact that they’re not going to the opening of an envelope, that they’re highly selective about where and when they’re seen, that we don’t know where they are at any given moment. It’s something British people don’t understand.”

    All of this!

    Harry thanked Oprah in his book. He wouldn’t do that if they were on the outs.

  20. SueBarbri33 says:

    The problem with stories like this is…even if we accept this as the truth (it is not), the next question becomes “So what?” At no point did I get the impression that H&M particularly wanted to be a part of whatever the British media currently considers the Hollywood A-List. They keep trying to push this weird narrative that the Sussex are being shunned or something, but it just sounds desperate to my American ears. Besides, if “friendships with celebrities” is the new aspiration for the RF, then they should go ahead and tell us which celebrities count Kate and William as good friends. Which birthday parties have they attended lately? I remember seeing Diana out and about in London in the 90s with all sorts of A-listers–how come Kate doesn’t do that, if that’s so important? Prince Andrew used to hang out with plenty of household names at Epstein Island or whatever–do they think that would be appropriate for H&M?

    • Emily says:

      If you look at the Z listers that Kate got to promote her early years project it would seem celebrities are not that keen to associate themselves with W&K. Even Earthshot in Boston could only attract a handful of A listers.

  21. freddy says:

    I’m more shocked that Oprah invited Kim Kardashian (because her life is so drama-free) to her party……

    • Eurydice says:

      Oprah didn’t invite KK because it wasn’t her party.

    • Rai says:

      I read somewhere that Oprah is friends/ friendly with Kris Jenner and has served as mentor to the sisters when they were building individual brands and companies.

  22. MsIam says:

    The Sussexes go to the parties that no one knows about. And ha ha that “Hollywood “ doesn’t like the Sussexes because they are not “quiet”. The same “Hollywood “ where people can make a meal out of talking about their bathing (or non bathing) habits. That argument makes no sense because if the Sussexes were going around being seen at each and every event, how is that being “quiet”? So because we are not seeing them at every opening, it’s because they talk too much? Huh? I don’t even understand what I just wrote, it’s as nonsensical as what the tabloids say, lol.

  23. Tessa says:

    The tabs still are imo trying to deflect from PRince Andrew stories.

  24. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Her face makes so happy. Weird? Probably. But it’s true though lol.

  25. BUBS says:

    All these crazy stories just tell me one thing: the British tabloids are desperate to see Meghan. They’re basically trying to force her to appear somewhere. They tried it with Spare…insinuating breakup because she didn’t promote with H…now this! They really want to drag Meg out of the house to “perform” for their papers! They think if they can shame her enough, she’ll give them a show just to prove the falsity of their claims! It must really grate that my sweet sis is not bulging…she’s just taking her time, doing her thing in silence 👌🤣🤣

  26. L4Frimaire says:

    They are obsessed with the Sussexes being “ snubbed” and clinging to this idea they want to be Hollywood insiders. They know enough people and already have celebrity friends. Does anyone really think this is the only party Oprah has for her birthday? Do they really think Meghan is gonna show up in Kim Kardashian’s IG post? Meghan went to Gloria Steinem’s party shortly after the Oprah interview and we only know that because she mentioned it in an interview. Harry gave Oprah an acknowledgment in his book. I think they’re ok with not attending this particular event. This blurb from the Spectator of all things is assuming a lot.

  27. AmelieOriginal says:

    The party being a makeup brand’s anniversary party makes way more sense with Kim K being there. I was like since when does Oprah rub shoulders with the Kardashians? She interviewed them once years ago which makes sense since Oprah has pretty much interviewed anyone of pop culture note. But they’ve never been mainstays at any party she’s hosted. I could see Meghan going to this kind of thing if she was still running The Tig and still on Suits maybe, but not now at this point in her life.

  28. Well Wisher says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to Oprah !!!🎈🎈🎉

    Did she actually celebrated by hosting a party??

    That remain unknown. No invitations were issued? Oui/Non?

    The awful unkind Spectator nonsense??


  29. Ciotog says:

    Oprah has about the most famous best friendship of any celebrity, so it is hilarious that the British press thinks that Meghan thinks she’s Oprah’s best ffiend.

  30. Nanea says:

    So these dumb Brits still haven’t found the time to consult a map, three years after the Sussexes left Plague Island, or else they would have known that the distance between Montecito and Beverly Hills is ~ 90 miles. M&H have two little kids at home, and, looking at the photos on PEOPLE’s site, it doesn’t really seem like an event the Sussexes would attend.

    As to Barack Obama’s 60th birthday — Meghan turned 40 on the same day, Lili was only two months old.

    Additionally it was still in the middle of the pandemic, *and* a party on the other coast of the US.

    But hey, why would the racist British media and rota 🐀🐀🐀 try and apply logic, reasoning, and journalistical ethics.

  31. Isabella says:

    The paps are thirsty because they need photos of H&M to keep afloat. So how dare they not go out in public? My guess is they are friendly with Oprah but not friends who are like family and invited to every event.

    That white gown is exquisite on Meghan. What occasion was that? They have done a great job of picking and choosing when they will appear, choices they didn’t have in the royal family.

  32. MerryFairweather says:

    “Is Meghan at home crying on the kitchen floor after patiently waiting by the mailbox all weekend?” Very nasty line. Especially considering what we now know after reading Spare and how delicate Meghan’s mental state was when she was found crying in their Nott Cott kitchen. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at how often these editorials hit below the belt, its standard now.

  33. Truthiness says:

    As usual the Brit Media is reaching so hard for any criticism of Meghan that they’ve pulled their muscles into a hell of pain. And they’re assuming that the most prominent Black figures have to be besties, in public, for our commercial consumption, upon demand. In a country of 330+ million people ffs.

  34. Rnot says:

    The party wasn’t hosted by Oprah or her friends. It was hosted by a beauty brand that’s worked with her. It was exactly the sort of “commercial” event that the BM would sneer at Meghan for attending. The loaded language and malice just drips from every line here. It’s so heavy-handed.

  35. Bluenoser says:

    When Oprah interviewed Harry and Megan, the BM was all “Oprah who?”

    Now they take delight in claiming that Oprah snubbed H and M.


    • Marion says:

      It’s called divide and rule, these creeps have been doing it for centuries. I knew they’d try this nonsense because they realized the USA were more accepting and less judgmental (racist) of H&M and they hate that so now they are trying to cause strife between H&M and their friends in the US.

  36. Robin Samuels says:

    When Brits mention California, the following word is Hollywood. The entire UK can fit inside California, but they can’t imagine that. They believe everything in America is about celebrities. In 2021 to them, Oprah was a nobody, now a star that snubbed the Sussexes. There’s a whole senior working Royal running around the country trying to sell an empty concept, but they worry about who was invited to a birthday party that wasn’t a birthday party. Make this make sense, please.

  37. j.ferber says:

    British journos sure like their made-up snubs, God bless ’em.

  38. Nicki says:

    Sorry, Spectator, but the Sussezes were indeed at Oprah’s birthday party. (Her real birthday party, not an eyebrow salon’s promotion.) TMZ has the details, and some pix. More proof of @Kaiser’s point about H&M being skilled at flying under that radar.

  39. Trix says:

    I actually contacted the editor of the Spectator about that October article because it was such an insanely unhinged hit piece based on nothing but her imagination. This one is just as bad.

  40. Saucy&Sassy says:

    It seems that the bm believe that everyone in Holly does everything in public. There are all kinds of dinner and parties going on privately that don’t get published. This is a foreign concept to the bm, but people in the US choose when they want to be private. Not just in CA either, but everywhere in the US. They need to start publishing what the brf members are doing 24 hours a day–after all, if they get any of the public money they should be photographed and followed 24/7.

  41. Patricia says:

    They were invited and attended Ellen Degeneres and Portia’s birthday and vow renewal.That was officiated by Kris Jenner and had A list attendees.Guess the daily fail didn’t get the memo

  42. Marion says:

    There needs to be another word instead of ‘press’ because the only press I can stomach now tends to be from the USA and NEVER Murdoch owned as they seem to be more fair in their reporting whereas the British lot are like brainwashed toadies.
    I’ve stopped buying uk papers also as can’t stand the vitriol against H&M.

    • Julia says:

      I’m the same. No longer buy a uk paper, don’t watch any of the morning shows. Get most of my UK news from Channel 4 News website because I find them more neutral than the BBC, which can be a mouthpiece for the Royals.

  43. blunt talker says:

    If the Sussexes go an event there is reason behind most choices-opening a new beauty brand is not one of them-the UK media is mentally ill to write garbage with no facts -most of Harry and Meghan’s inner circle usually don’t mention when they attend functions to keep the big nasty UK media away-let them read about it later.

  44. VeniceRiley says:

    They also seem very unaware that Oprah exposed her own family telling her tale of sexual abuse by an uncle. What a dolt writer and editor.
    And every American knows Oprah’s decades long best friend is Gayle King.

    What’s with all the fantasising of harming Meghan? Did this writer not see the hideous Jeremy Clarkson’s grovelling apologies?

  45. MrsCope says:

    If Gayle wasn’t there, it wasn’t Oprah’s birthday party, period.

  46. Annalise says:

    “the Obamas don’t approve of how H&M have treated the royal family.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣AS IF.
    Someone needs to tell this lady that the royal family ARE CELEBRITIES, and here in America we don’t view them as any better or more special than Scott Baio or Kristie Alley or any other has-been celebrity with deplorable politics and disgusting world views.