Jennifer Lopez wore Gucci to the Grammys & Ben Affleck was miserable

The 2023 Grammy Awards were held last night and E!’s Red Carpet show was incredibly boring. You know why? Because of alllll of the big-name musical acts skipped the carpet or skipped the interviews. Jennifer Lopez skipped that sh-t too and she wasn’t even nominated – she was just there as a presenter, and she brought her husband Ben Affleck. Ben… um, wasn’t happy to be there, let’s just say that. I also think J.Lo was there to support Bad Bunny, and Puerto Rico. Bad Bunny opened the Grammys (it was great) but he was snubbed in the big categories, just like Beyonce.

Fashion notes: Jennifer’s dress was Gucci and it was kind of meh. She also goes to the Beyonce school of red carpets now, I guess – no red carpet photos, but she puts everything on her social media. I can’t believe she’s 53 years old! Damn.

Anyway, the real story here is Ben looking progressively more and more miserable throughout the night. Surely J.Lo has a friend or sister who would have been a better Grammy date?

Photos courtesy of J.Lo’s IG.

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  1. girl_ninja says:

    Meh. Unless he’s at Dunkin or they’re out with their kids that’s his face. No biggie to me.

    • Lux says:

      Seriously, where is Matt Damon when you need him?

      Real question: where IS Matt Damon? I vaguely remember some controversial comments he made (can you tell I’m a huge fan?) and then he seems to have disappeared. Not particularly interested in anything he does (imo he peaked at Good Will Hunting/Talented Mr. Ripley) but it’s rare for famous, white actors to just disappear like that.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think Matt Damon kept mansplaining MeToo or something like that. There may also have been rumors of him cheating on his wife?

        He hasn’t disappeared, he was in the Last Duel in late 2021 and I think at this point he’s just one of those celebrities who works and lives his life and we really only see him when he’s promoting his work.

      • SAS says:

        I think Matt was involved in some Crypto thing. Not sure if he lost money from it or just a reputational hit for some reason (can you tell I’m also a huge fan lol).

        The comparison of this and his Paris vacation struggle, compared to him lighting up like a firework at the Dunkin drive thru is actually kind of endearing to me.

      • Lux says:

        @Becks1 You’re right; I didn’t see “The Last Duel” but my impression was that it’s more of an ensemble cast, not a Damon-starring vehicle. It even felt like Adam Driver was more heavily promoted/featured. I just remembered Oceans, Borne, The Martian, and then it seemed like he vanished.

        Whereas Ben…is everywhere (from a PR standpoint, obviously). I even watched “Dark Waters” on Hulu…don’t judge me and yes, it was bad!

      • Jais says:

        Also, he told that anecdote about his daughter who had to explain or write an essay to him or something about how it was inappropriate to use the f-word.

      • Thinking says:

        I think a lot of (big) celebrities have slowly “disappeared” during the pandemic. Unless they have a movie to promote, you don’t really see them.

    • Arizona says:

      yeah, I have resting depressed face and it would stress me out so bad to have a camera constantly flashing to me and people inferring that I was no longer sober or happily married because of it.

      • AuntRara says:

        Yes, 100% this. I’m an introvert with social anxiety and the thought of potentially millions of people seeing pictures of me looking exhausted or awkward or unhappy and judging me for it would send me into a spiral. I wish he could give an interview about it and be like, “Yeah, you got me. Like a lot of people out there, I’m uncomfortable in big crowds of people and it makes me anxious when people shove cameras in my face and want me to smile. So, you know… please don’t read into it that I’m unhappy with my life. That’s not it. I’m unhappy in the moments when there are cameras in my face.”

      • Lux says:

        @Arizona: Oh, Ben can certainly look happy when he wants to. He was floating on the moon doing pap walks with Ana De Armas. How hard is it to have fun at the Grammys? Booze*, food, music, famous faces…this was more than just resting bored face. I would hate to get to THAT point, where not one musician/musical act excites me.

        *I realize Ben is sober and Jlo also doesn’t drink, but he could’ve put some Dunkin in a bottle. Plus, alcohol is not a requirement for fun.

      • Arizona says:

        @Lux sure, I guess – but they did it with Paris too. there were plenty of photos where he looked loved up and happy, but had a few where he was just making a neutral face and everyone was like “looks like the honeymoon’s over already!” plus the man’s been famous since the 90’s, I doubt he gets super jazzed over “famous faces” at this point lol.

        anyway I just think the commentary on him last night is kind of sad because he’s literally just existing in the audience lol.

      • Lux says:

        @Arizona, that’s true. When I only look at the pics and memes, he looks absolutely miserable. Then I watched the video compilation and it’s true—at some points he’s even bobbing along. It’s too long of a show to be “on” the whole time and I do now agree with you and @girlninja that that’s just his normal face.

        The “husband dragged to wife’s event” thing is funny. The “omg they’re miserable divorce in on the horizon” thing is not.

      • FC says:

        Agree Lux, he’s an actor and a grown ass man who is capable of looking like a supportive husband, he just chose not to.

    • Cessily says:

      I don’t watch any awards ceremonies because they bore me to death and they are torture to get through. So I can’t imagine having to sit in an audience through an entire event. On this I will give him a pass I probably would have been much worse.
      Jennifer definitely has had procedures done.. I have no issue with it. I’m vain enough that I get Botox it makes me feel better and look a lot less angry when I’m not. (I have that crease between my eyebrows that is genetic and I don’t like seeing my face look angry when I’m not) Aging in todays world is not easy and I’m not even in the entertainment industry. So I try never to judge others for this. What I don’t get or understand is when stars and celebrities get horrible results.. don’t they research the doctors they use? Whatever Jlo has had done she looks great and Madonna should have used Jlos doctor. Also I’m pretty sure Ben gets a little refresh also but people don’t seem to make a big deal about men doing this unless they have a horrible facelift like that one country singer Kenny something ? (Gambler song? Drawing a complete blank on his last name sorry)

      • bananapanda says:

        I’m amazed at Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban who attend ALL the awards shows every year. It’s nice to be on top and doing professionally but, dang, that must be exhausting.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yeah, he just has Resting Sad Face, and I think the beard contributes to that.

    • Anonymous says:

      So I just watched some of the show and it looked like a full on raging party where people were raging drinking and maybe smoking weed, etc. It’s possible as someone in recovery he was becoming increasingly uncomfortable and not having fun in that environment. As it was a work thing and his industry is entertaininment he may have decided to stick such things out if he’s not feeling like his sobriety is threatened. But it might not be fun and as someone who has had to stick boring or in-fun work things out AND had to stick things out (including work things) when sober as the designated driver (I can’t drink for health reasons, so I’m always the driver), I can relate to how he looked like he felt!

    • Geegee says:

      Why does Jlo always go to the grammys every year? Has she ever even been nominated? Isn’t it embarrassing to go to an award show that refuses to acknowledge you?

  2. FancyPants says:

    I did not identify that header photo as Jennifer Lopez, and on second glance, I still can’t. I hope she isn’t messing with her face.

    • NotTheOne says:

      Let’s not pretend that she has a “normal” 50+ face. Not sure what she’s doing, but she’s definitely messing with it. Just subtly.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        She is certainly tweaking her face and this bit about simply needing to buy her beauty line so that you too can look like her is tiresome…..

        And would someone PLEASE a talk to her about having her mouth partially open for pictures is gross!!! It’s not sexy JLo so please shut it.

    • Lurker25 says:

      That is mostly definitely not an untouched face. And it’s more than fillers and Botox. She’s had everything “lifted” – eyes (upper and lower), neck, maybe lower face. Buccal fat removed (look at her cheeks from In living color), and nose tip thinned and rest maybe shaped. It’s ***excellent*** work, very subtly done, gradually over time. That’s more than contouring, being more in shape/overall weight loss.

      She’s so healthy she’s also aging really well – her skin is taut and supple and probably healed beautifully after surgery.

      Marc Jacobs called her out on it after his face/neck lift.

      She looks amazing! But I wish she’d stop pretending that the result of magic genes and olive oil.

      This is one area where I respect Chrissy Teagan (sp? That lip sync battle woman) – she is upfront about the work she’s had done.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think Jane Fonda hooked her up with her surgeon during Monster-In-Law and also impressed upon her the importance of continuing with her exercise, etc. and also all that dancing, clean living and lack of starving herself when she was younger has PAID off BIG TIME. In the 90s etc. she talked about how she wasn’t gonna worry that she wasn’t a waif because in her culture, it was OK to be thicker. All people could talk about was how “big” her butt was. Who is laughing now!?! She looks a bizillion times better than Kate Moss. And all everyone can talk about is how good JLO looks. I do wish she would let us know who her plastic surgeon is and what exactly she does, because I can believe she has had no actual surgery, but I still want to know every product she uses and procedure she has done and by whom. Because I would buy/go to/use them too! On every level! Her workout and diet too.

        The clean living vegetarian life has done Christie Brinkley pretty well too.

        Listen-up kids, clean living and sleep and skin care and exercise and eating well is where it is AT!

    • lucy2 says:

      Yeah something is definitely…different. Which she does NOT need to do!
      Ben does not seem into it, but I think it would be a lot for most people.

    • Seraphina says:

      Thus far she has looked great but the tweaks and whatever else are beginning to show. My mom and talked about these procedures a while back and she accurately stated that the work will eventually show and age eventually shows and they have to keep at it – so no matter how great the work looked in her 40’s it is catching up with her.

      • Anonymous says:

        Paris Hilton looked off in a similar way to me recently. Like almost like a different person or younger version of herself (except like JLO we know what her younger self looked like and she has somehow ALWAYS looked the same for 20 years) and kind of fake like a filter but natural at the same time-I could really see the resemblance to her aunts Richards circa “Escape from Witch Mountain”. And if I hadn’t known she had had a surrogate I’d have thought she looked good with a little baby weight. I almost wonder if there’s some new super procedure we haven’t heard of yet…

        Oprah and Kim K and JLo all looked amazing at that Anastasia BH thing.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      I thought that was Kim K at first.

    • Sass says:

      She looks like a kardashian. Not great. But it also seems to be the trend. Madonna – same thing, they’re all getting similar work done and starting to have “filter face”.

  3. Noki says:

    Lol looks like one of those bored husband’s at the Mall waiting for their wives to be done.

    • Steph says:

      When i was in my early 20s, many moons ago, I went into a little shop in the Indian fabric section of the fashion district here in NYC. They had this little section of front with benches and labeled it “Husband Waiting Area.” At the time I found it hysterical, today? Idk. A bit misogynistic I guess. Have you ever seen a waiting area like this?

      • Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

        A store that I enjoy shopping at has a couch in it , with hubby happily relaxing, I can shop as long as I want without him driving me crazy. I know that he wishes that the sporting goods store had a chair where he could park me🤣

      • Sue says:

        @Harla At Lowe’s, I sit in the patio furniture model set ups while my husband shops. It drives me nuts having to shop in there with him lol.

      • Little Red says:

        Sounds smart to me. A woman whose husband isn’t constantly pestering her is likely to buy more stuff.

      • AnneL says:

        I’ve seen the couch, just not with the sign, lol. And yes, there are often male SOs waiting on it. But I wait on it myself when shopping with my daughter. She goes in to try on all the cute things we found that would never fit me any more, and I wait. Happily. It’s a good idea to have the couch there.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      He looked completely bored, which is a shame because it would have been nice if he put forth an effort to appear happy being there with her.

      • FC says:

        He’s giving off so many red flags and stoner vibes it’s hard not to notice. I hope it works out for JLos sake but I hope even more that he’s not making HER miserable.

  4. Lolo86lf says:

    Ben Affleck does look miserable being there. He clearly doesn’t give a hoot about the Grammys. He was there just to please his wife. What a drag. Wouldn’t it be nice if spouses could read their husbands and wives likes and dislikes to prevent such misery on one another.

    • Kokiri says:

      He’s sending a message, loud & clear.
      No, he doesn’t want to be there. Yes, she insisted.
      So instead of being an adult, sucking it up & making the best if it, he looks determined to ruin every picture, create drama for the press to react to for days.
      He’s immature, selfish.

    • Eleonor says:

      Except that attending this kins of events is PR, and that is part of his job too.
      He should be more professional.

      • saltandpepper says:

        Perhaps he wasn’t feeling well. Perhaps he’s not in a good place. There could be many reasons he looked the way he did. I think it’s time to cut him some slack.

      • Birdie says:

        I agree with saltandpepper. Maybe he had a migraine and the music and lights were making him want to vomit. Maybe he was having a hard time with all of the drinking going on around him. We don’t know what’s going on in their personal lives.

  5. Kokiri says:

    I’ve never minced words about my thoughts of Ben.
    He’s a mess of a man, in so many ways. He’s not even pretending, less than a year in. Or else he’s intoxicated, which is very worrying, being he’s an addict personality.

    This “love” story was never about love. These 2, that’s not love. It’s infatuation, boredom, need for attention, whatever it is, it’s not love.
    It’s not even romance.
    Jen is doing the heavy lifting here, thinking she’s got some great prize. Same as Jen1 did.
    Thank goodness they won’t have kids together *fingers crossed *

    • Lolo86lf says:

      Maybe Ben just didn’t want to be there.

      • Kokiri says:


        I literally just replied to your comment above.

      • Eurydice says:

        Lol, that’s the most reasonable explanation, isn’t it? For however long the show seems to us watching, it’s several times longer for those attending.

    • Steph says:

      @kokiri, I actually commented below that he might be struggling with not being intoxicated.. This doesn’t seem like an easy environment for someone who is still struggling with their sobriety.

      • Truthiness says:

        There is video of Ben disagreeing with JLo saying “I was not drinking” on twitter. I think it’s harder for him without all the extra weight and bloat keeping his face afloat, his features got so sunken.

    • Sue says:

      I still think J. Lo went back to Ben and married him so quickly because she was so hurt/wanted to get back at A. Rod for his cheating ways.

      • Selene says:

        I think he was always The One for her. A-Rod was just… there. Famous, handsome and readily available.

    • Tarzana says:

      Infatuation after nearly a quarter of a century apart and collective divorces between them? I’m here for it! What a beautiful thought. I certainly hope so. Jennifer Lopez is a successful woman of color. They’re both 50+ years old. JLo is a wonderful mom, daughter, and Ben Afleck’s bonafide. They chose each other because that’s exactly what they both wanted to do. If Ben’s still infatuated with JLo after all this time, this will only strengthen their love and bond as they continue their journey as husband and wife.

      It’s entirely possible that Ben looks uneasy because he’s in a party atmosphere that could absolutely lead to a drinking binge. No one knows the triggers better than Ben Afleck. We don’t know what kind of demons have manifest themselves in the days and hours leading up to the Grammy’s ceremony. What we do know, what’s abundantly clear, is that Ben was there to support his love, his wife.

  6. DouchesOfCambridge says:

    Omg feels like trouble… i give it a year and im generous. Ben is going to be benning and jlo absolutely knows what mistake this was. She hates loosing face lol

    • one of the marys says:

      Yup, she’s not going to be happy today that this is what got them attention and it’s all over the place. The come down is going to be very hard for her

    • Scurryalongnow says:

      I think way too much is being read into this. My first thought was “wow, being in recovery and in such a potentially triggering situation would be hard for anyone” – there’s a reason many people in recovery will avoid “people/places/things” at least until they feel more solid, but this is his job – doesn’t quite get the same extension of best intentions from the public. Imagine for a moment, and I’m only posing this as a hypothetical, you’re hanging on by a thread in such a public venue and it’s not NOT wanting to be there, it’s wanting so badly to be there, and knowing how detrimental that can be, and having to appear happy and enthusiastic all while this brutal inner struggle is happening. It’s not a joke. The other thing I thought was he looked how I look when I’m jet lagged. So many other very practical reasons for why he looked “miserable” other than he didn’t want to be there.

  7. Steph says:

    Ugh, that cover photo (it’s also the last pic)! She’s been making that same stupid open mouth vixen facial expression in every red carpet since the 90’s.

    I think outside of her shoes and that facial expression she looked result this though. I’m getting a little sick of the body suit dress on everyone this point but I think she’s wearing it very well here.

    I also love how much fun she’s having. She’s always been a dancer and I love that she can’t sit still.

    Um is Ben still sober? This may have been a really hard environment for him to be in.

    • SadieMae says:

      The open mouth always makes me laugh. It’s supposed to look sexy but to me it always just looks like she has a stuffy nose and is having to breathe only through her mouth!

  8. Heat says:

    He wanted out of there, badly.
    To be fair, I’d assume the alcohol was flowing at that event, which would be a difficult situation for a recovering alcoholic (if he still is).

    • harpervalleypta says:

      I seem to recall some awards shows where he was pretty sloshed. So if his habit to get through these things was to drink up, going while sober could cause him to be miserable for several reasons: he doesn’t like them, he’s used to drinking while at award shows and now he can’t drink, and he’s surrounded by people who are drinking.

    • SquiddusMaximus says:

      Anyone else here sober? I’ve been off the poison for 2+ years now, and there are so many things I used to do happily — and buzzed — that I’m just bored to death by now. I imagine Ben — who isn’t a PRO hustler like Jen — was just bored out of his gourd by the pageantry of it all. Old news, and he’s rather be home in his flannels watching The Last of Us.

    • joey says:

      They are sharing a table with Dwayne Johnson who also does not drink. I think he was bored but was accompanying his wife to a social event she was invited to. I don’t understand why everyone is flipping out over this. How many men and women attend things to support their spouses even if they dont want to go?! The only difference in this case is that he is photographed and video recorded the entire time. That would drive me nuts!

  9. Chaine says:

    What happened to his face? Did he have some kind of tweaks around his eyes, or maybe bad Botox? His face looks weirdly smooth.

    ETA: he almost looks like a Ben Affleck impersonator. Are we 100% sure this is even him 😂

    • Kara says:

      Wondering the same thing. His skin looks smoothed out and shiny and plasticky—maybe Jennifer is dragging him along to her derm.

  10. Kel says:

    Yeah I couldn’t imagine being a celebrity. You have to smile all the time otherwise you’re depressed and hate your life but if you smile too much it’s fake.
    I remember Adele at a basketball game with her RBF and everyone thought her and Rich were gonna break up.
    Sometimes you just don’t wanna fake it.
    Most of Bens picks look like this to be honest. Pre and post Jen. But he also has some pics from the Grammys smiling (most of which aren’t gaining traction of course). There’s a narrative being pushed.

    Maybe he’s troubled? Who knows? But he’s human. I would rather see that.
    What I don’t like is what seems like collective bullying by the internet. Is there anyone more disliked by social media than Jen and Ben? And Chris Pratt?
    If he wasn’t going through something before I imagine this would make him miserable.

  11. Julia K says:

    The above picture of his eyes and the furrow between the broad shouts Migraine. This is exactly how it looks when you know that headache is causing light and noise insensitivity. He should have stayed home. The guy is ill.

  12. NMB says:

    He is so full of botox. Is he drunk? He doesn’t look sober to me. Was it this site or a different one that posted some video on a red carpet where it looked like Jen was grilling him about drinking and he was like, “Jen, I didn’t drink!” Interesting…..

    • Karisma says:

      He never said that in that video, we can’t even hear what he was talking about with jen, people just made all kind of assumptions and decided it was about the drink which is kind of gross and went as far as putting subtitles.

  13. Vanessa says:

    Dude looks high as a kite. He may not be drinking but definitely not sober.

  14. SIde Eye says:

    I get how he feels. I hate crowds. I took my kid to see the Statue of Liberty once and the boat was so frigging crowded. That was before the pandemic. I struggled that whole day but I got through it. I live in a small town now and I love it.

    It could be he is more comfortable in certain circles (the Oscars but frankly he looks uncomfortable there too it’s just more familiar) and not others. I don’t mind a crowded dog park cause i love dogs. Or a crowded hockey game. I hate football so i’d be struggling at the superbowl. Also so many posers there like the Kardashians etc. which hockey generally doesn’t attract. No one goes to hockey games to be seen. They go cause they love hockey. Those are my people.

    Also in fairness to Ben I hate the Grammys and I never watch. The fashion is next level pick me chick atrocious and everyone suffocates the entire room with their me me me ness and bloated self importance. Actors at least pretend to be humble but I’d probably suffer in those circles as well.

    I feel like the same mediocre artists get all these accolades and Black Violin goes home empty handed. At some point you get tired of seeing the same people over and over and over again. Harry Styles Taylor Swift etc. Enough already with these people and their melodrama of mediocrity.

    Do I dare say here I’m not a huge fan of Beyoncé or Drake and I’m on Bey and Aubey overload? I’ll probably be ripped to shreds here for it but I don’t listen Beyonce’s music. Yes she’s super talented. The music isn’t for me. Her husband bugs me. I used to like Rihanna but not anymore. I love Meghan Thee Stallion. There aren’t many modern day artists I like. I find Adele’s voice grating. I don’t like the Adele and Beyoncé screaming. I grew up on Whitney and Mariah so have at me for disagreeing.

    Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of jazz. Billie Holiday. Nina Simone. Real music. I’ll exit now before Im accused of murder for not being a Bey or Adele fan.

    Also i’m old now. i don’t know who half these people are. Most of the other half I don’t care for.

    • Jaded says:

      I’ll take Billie, Nina, Ella, etc. over Bey and Adele any day. Sometimes being old has its benefits, good music is one of them.

    • SIde Eye says:

      Ah thank you @Jaded and @Chantal. Now I don’t feel so badly! Recently I was watching Season 2 of White Lotus and heard Beatrice Granno sing. She is featured in a few Italian songs I found on itunes. I love her voice. I’m so tired of singers who can’t sing.

      Jaded you brought up Ella I love her too!

    • Fabiola says:

      I love Whitney and Mariah too and I don’t think any of these artists are in the same level. Sorry bey hive.

  15. honeychild says:

    He just has RBF and social trolls who like to RT his “sad” pics and not those where he is actually prepared for the camera and smiles, because it’s become part of his persona on SM. The photos of him smiling and cuddled up with JLo got far fewer retweets. But, I do think a huge chunk of the retweets that I have seen are people relating to him as a fellow introvert and/or someone who suffers from anxiety and depression. The others are, as mentioned, mean azz trolls goofin’ on him and others who oddly wish the narrative that he is miserable being married to JLo to be true.

  16. shanaynay says:

    She;s a try hard. There is something about her that just rubs me the wrong way. I just don’t get the JL appeal.

    • Torttu says:

      I don’t either, I quit Shotgun Wedding within the first minute, the moment she did her “hopeful eyes” look. I don’t expect anyone to understand what I mean though.
      I’m also tired of hearing how she “works so hard” – nearly everyone I know works really hard.

      • Bassflower says:

        The thing is, JLo, and I’m even including Beyoncè, may work hard, they don’t have much talent to back it up. They pretty much HAVE to work harder and hustle harder to stretch that out.

        Take acting for instance. Meryl Streep and Angela Bassett, they’re hard-working actresses, but very talented. Meryl and Angela’s farts have better acting chops than JLo.

      • Reborn Rich says:

        Did you really just call Beyonce talentless? Did you? Did you put non-singer JLo in the same category as Beyonce? Unbelievable.

        I grew up listening to the jazz vocalist greats & still do, including Cecile Mclorin Salvant and Samara Joy. Beyonce of Destiny’s Child & Beyonce of “Plastic Off the Sofa” are not the same. She continues to grow vocally.

        I wish Sarah Vaughn were still here. I know what she’d think.

    • Jaded says:

      I agree. She’s painfully self-obsessed. Sure she works hard, but so do most of us and we don’t have an army of worker bees to do the heavy lifting. Furthermore, she is notoriously D I F F I C U L T.

  17. Karisma says:

    Social anxiety is a real thing and even more for a recovering alcoholic, people should cut him some slag. And yes there was photos of him smiling and lovey dovey with jlo or laughing with Adrien Brody but they don’t gather as much tractions as his resting b*tch face, like dunkin it became part of that viral brand of him on sm and it’s what ppl like to see.
    t’s not his scene, he went there out of his comfort zone to support his wife, I didn’t see someone miserable but very uncomfortable and trying his best. But if that’s hard for him which I can understand jen should tell him to stay home

  18. Torttu says:

    Those tweets are funny!
    I’m sorry but I don’t think this couple is a match. It’s like a mermaid and a goblin or something.

  19. Phyl says:

    JLo should know by now that this was going to go that way. The tweet about him being an introvert hit the nail on the head. But JLo has to show everyone their Love. It’s ok to bring a fun date who’s not your partner to an event. He’s a recovering alcoholic. These were not his people. Let him stay home the next time. It must’ve been embarrassing for her but still. Know your man!

  20. Mel says:

    I’m beginning to think that Ben Affleck might be a little introverted and having to sit in a large crowd for hours with a camera in his face occasionally overwhelms him. He looked miserable the entire time.

    • FC says:

      He’s an introvert, yes, but he’s also an actor. He’s more than capable of pretending to be pleasant for 3 hours. He’s just being a shitty husband here.

      • Twin Falls says:


      • Carolnr says:

        Totally agree!!! Ben is not a presenter nor was he nominated for a Grammy. There is zero pressure here! Ben should have been able to just sit & relax & enjoy the Grammys. This could have been a very fun, enjoyable date night! Ben looks like he doesn’t want to be there & can’t wait for it to be over!!!

    • Thinking says:

      He likes being at the Oscars.

      The Grammys are kind of dull so I don’t blame him for looking like he’d be anywhere else.

      But there are awards shows he’s looked giddy at — especially if he’s the one getting the award.

  21. Lens says:

    He is like the husband who comes to work stuff for you but ruins it by showing you he’s having a miserable time. He is the king of passive aggressive and let us know he did not want to be there. Jlo doesn’t need “support” when all she did was present and she’ll learn now it’s better to leave him home sometimes if he’s gonna look miserable. Which he will. Let’s don’t do backflips excusing this pampered white man’s behavior when you wouldn’t do it for anybody else.

    • Fabiola says:

      Whatever happened to someone just being bored? I had to go to a baseball have with my husband and I was so bored. I’d rather be at work. Does that mean I want to divorce my husband? No, I was just bored.

      • Lens says:

        A private person going to a baseball game doesn’t have any relevance to what he had to do – go to a public event front and center seats with cameras on you the whole time and twitter watching and tweeting about the event. I dare say he is not an idiot and knew he was being passively aggressively a turd to his wife. He’s an actor who should have sucked it up. So many give this guy a pass for what?

  22. AnneL says:

    I think Ben is just bored and stressed with the event. The Grammys aren’t for everyone. I never watch them. It’s such an “Event” and those can be draining. I can’t even imagine having cameras on me all the time like that.

    It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Jen or their marriage. A person can just be feeling out of sorts or tense and have trouble hiding it.

  23. NotSoSocialB says:

    He looks pained, like he’s feeling pretty crappy.

  24. Jessica says:

    So we’re all just gonna gloss over the fact they were seen arguing at some event recently and he could be heard saying, I haven’t been drinking….
    She needs to stop taking him to these events if they are triggering for his disease.

    • Jaded says:

      It was at her latest movie premiere. She literally grabbed his glass from him and tasted it to make sure it wasn’t alcohol. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he’s taking the occasional nip, I would if I was married to her.

      • Karisma says:

        Ben had a coke in his hand the entire night, she took a sip out of her own drink and it became ‘she’s tasting his drink to taste if it’s not alcohol’ when there is absolutely no context whatsoever about that 5s clip. And it’s horrible to make that kind of assumptions because someone has been public about his journey towards sobriety.

      • Lens says:

        Ben was caught looking very defensive and jlo unhappy as she took a long sip of what looked like an alcoholic drink although we all have heard she doesn’t drink. People made up what they thought they were saying and what was going on but they were giving everyone ammunition.

  25. Twin Falls says:

    The memes had me cracking up last night.

    I’m not feeling introversion as whatever the hell is wrong with Ben Affleck. The man has been in the public eye for over 30 years. He didn’t just develop introversion and an inability to deal with being around people.

    He is however newly sober.

  26. J.Ferber says:

    She looks magnificent. I’d so love to have her beauty/exercise team working for me!

  27. ChillinginDC says:


  28. HeyKay says:

    Ben looks totally bored and miserable.
    He should be able to accompany his wife to her work event and do a better job of at minimum, looking pleasant.
    We’ve all had to do it. Think the spouses company Christmas party.
    Polite, fake friendly, wait for it to be over.
    Ben is just a PITA. Hard. Work. as they say.

    JLo looks good. Love her jewelry. Dislike the long wavy side pieces of the gown tho.

  29. Trish says:

    @lux Then I guess I’m like Ben, cos I don’t find one thing about the Grammys interesting or fun. Just call me and Ben old miserable fcks, cos I listen to like Bob Seger, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana and you know, people who actually play musical instruments and have talent. Not a fan of any of those people celebrated on the Grammys. Except Bonnie Raitt is good.
    Glad she won.

  30. J.Ferber says:

    Well, if Ben IS drinking again, at least he has a new woman to blame it on.

  31. Mothra says:

    Might be the angle but she looks like she put those horrible, cursed Dracula teeth that famous people are using these days.

  32. HeyKay says:

    Can you get a good look at the nightmare shoes JLo is wearing?
    They are ugly, plastic 4-6″ heels, with a platform sole. Her feet must be in agony. How she doesn’t trip and fall, I don’t know.

    Btw, the Daily Mail has a film clip of BA whispering something in her ear, JLo pulls away and kind of pushes his chest back.
    The look on her face when she sees this has all been caught on camera….Ha!

  33. J.Ferber says:

    Jaded, you said it: Billie, Nina, Ella and so many more. I just heard Nina Simone’s Wild is the Wind for the first time and, just wow!!! Those women knew how to SING. I also love Bessie Smith and her raunchy, sly lyrics.

  34. Bread and Circuses says:

    He’s spent about a decade only very rarely NOT looking exactly like this.

    I think this is just his face now.

  35. Thinking says:

    I think he’s legitimately bored to be there. Since it’s the Grammys, I can slightly empathize. Except for that one performance from a performer you really want to see, most of the time that awards show is kind of dull.

  36. Abby says:

    I think people are reading too much into this. He just looks tired and bored beyond belief. Which is exactly how I’d look at this event. Plus this isn’t his crowd, those aren’t actors. The music is horrible and the performances dull as frack. I would look exactly the same as him if someone forced me to be there.

    P.S. People who think a 50 year old with not a single line on her face looks great are deluded. She doesn’t look great, just rich and fantastically preserved but that’s no surprise or achievement. She has the money to preserve her face. I find someone who isn’t rich and looks happy, youthful and warm (despite wrinkles or body fat) as great looking. Not rich people who pour money into cosmetic procedures.

  37. Penn Central says:

    Too bad for Ben. He’s basically quiet and introverted. He was bored witnessing this tasteless carnival of vanity, expensive bad taste and backbiting. To bad he wasn’t at home, he could have just shut the TV, like I did…..