Tabloids: Angelina Jolie is the root of all evil


This week’s tabloids are a buffet of anti-Angelina Jolie clippings. Angelina is on four of the major weeklies, and much of the current gossip is coming from the Ian Halperin’s book, Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Us Weekly’s cover story this week seems to just be cut-and-pasted from Halperin’s book, and Us Weekly has already put two stories online based on Halperin’s “reporting”. I think Halperin is a hack, but some people consider him legit. Here are some of the “bombshells” revealed:

* Brad and Angelina have “broken up so many times it would make your head spin.”

*Angelina “has a temper like a cobra.” The book even alleges that she confessed to hiring a hit man to kill her in 1998 because she was so distraught.

*Brad and Angelina “fight all the time about the kids – where to put toys, saying the wrong thing to a nanny, not cleaning up. Like cats and dogs.”

*Angelina has waged “a mean-spirited but effective campaign” against Jennifer Aniston around the time that Brad Pitt divorced her to be with Jolie.

*Halperin asserts in his book that Jolie and her camp (including her manager Geyer Kosinski and brother James Haven) planted press stories in 2005 that painted Aniston in a negative light. Specifically? That Aniston firmly prioritized her career over starting a family — which put her directly at odds with Pitt, who ached for kids. Jolie, Halperin writes, “was convinced that this is the story that would resonate with all these women who saw her as a man-stealing bitch.”

[From Us Weekly]

Meanwhile, Star Magazine’s cover story on the Aniston-Jolie war of attrition makes it sound like Aniston isn’t some wilting victim. Star claims that Aniston is planning on meeting Brad Pitt is Brazil when he films The Lost City of Z, and that she sees the rendezvous as “her chance for a reunion away from the prying eyes of Hollywood… and she knows when Angelina finds out, she’ll be livid.” A source also says Jennifer “can’t help” but continue to call Brad: “She just seems to want to insert herself in their lives. She does it with frequent phone calls and texts to Brad, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning.” And while Brad will sometimes talk to Jennifer, it’s given Jennifer a “false hope” that they will reconcile. The source says: “Angie is confident that Brad won’t leave his children. And if Jen gets crushed again over Brad, well, that’s just fine by Angie.”

Oh, but there’s so much more. Quite honestly, I’m likely to believe everything above before I start believing this part: “Jen wants serious roles, but Angelina scoffs and says she doesn’t have the chops for it. When Angie heard that Jen had gotten a copy of the ‘Wanted’ script, she immediately called her agent and ordered him to get her the part. And although she was interested, she ‘let’ Jen land the role in ‘Management’. But look what happened: it bombed! Angelina says she laughed her butt off over that one!” Um… Jennifer got offered Wanted? Angelina got the script for Management? Uh… no. That didn’t happen.

There’s more stuff about how Angelina “steals” all of the designer clothes Jennifer wanted to wear, and how Angelina makes snide comments whenever she and Brad run into one of Jennifer’s friends. Apparently, when they ran into Courteney Cox at a party, Angelina watched Courteney leave and then said to Brad, “Bet that one had to run and make a call.” Which is actually the funniest line of the story, in my opinion. Star concluded by saying that Brad “instigates” the drama between Jennifer and Angelina, because “he enjoys watching Jen and Angie fight over his attention – he even eggs it on!” Eh.

I know some people will freak out about this stuff and the Uncool Bermuda Triangle War of Attrition will march on indefinitely. I just wanted to make a few points before that happened. First of all, if you hated this, it’s only going to get worse, because Halperin and Andrew Morton’s books haven’t even come out yet. There is more to come, and it will probably be even trashier. Pace yourself. Second point: I get tired of the opposing sides of The Uncool Wars fighting over which side has the greater press legitimacy. Let’s play this game for once: you either have to believe all or nothing. Either none of it is true, or you have to accept everything: that Angelina is a hyper-manipulative, baby-collecting, homewrecking devil woman who is out to destroy Jennifer, and Jennifer is so pathetic she still has her heart set on winning Brad back by whining and throwing pity parties for five years. All or nothing.

Us Weekly cover courtesy of CoverAwards. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Los Angeles ‘Inglourious Basterds’ premiere on August 10, 2009. Jennifer Aniston is pictured on the red carpet for ‘The 24 Hour Plays’ on November 9, 2009. Credit for all: WENN.

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  1. Brandy M says:

    This is another celeb I am getting sick of hearing about. I’m sure jen has gotten over the whole angie stole brad thing.

  2. Environ says:

    Boring, this is getting so old, why do people keep buying these magazines?

  3. Fire says:

    I was just going to say “let the games begin” but I don’t think I am even in the mood to read all the nutty comments a-comin’. I’m in too good of a mood today!

    Happy Friday the 13th gang!

    Oh, and good idea Kaiser – you have to believe all or nothing. I like how people pick and choose when it suits them.

  4. Sumodo says:

    Manufactured news. I wouldn’t buy a tabloid that featured that on the cover, because WHO CARES?

  5. california angel says:

    Hey, I read “The Lost City of Z” : )Great book!!

  6. BitterBetty says:

    In before 87 comments

  7. katyusha says:

    A hitman to kill yourself?

    That’s not a bad idea, I’ll admit.
    I mean, if that’s what you want to do.

  8. alex says:

    Kaiser, you already put up a thread of the same thing yesterday, adding another one will just fuel the craziness more. People will believe what they want to believe no matter what.

    All parties have moved on it is time for the tabs and the fans to do the same. 5 years later and the craziness is still going on.

  9. Munkey says:

    alex: That’s the point. An army of crazies means an army of hits for CB. So let the unstable rants begin!

  10. Elle says:

    I’m feel SO sorry for all parties, esp Angelina. The stuff they write is BEYOND cruel. I don’t think she’s an evil femme fatale. That’s just her image and the roles she gets. I know she was a weird-o/attention-seeker, but people can change. None of her exs or co-stars have said she’s a bad person. Most have said good things. I don’t get the cruelty.

  11. Mimi says:

    Agree Kaiser BELIEVE in ALL or NOTHING at ALL

    SO I’M GOING WITH NADA because despite being a JP fan and former Jen hater I realized that I can not believe the same tabloids who speak ill of the JP family and also Jen.

    So now I prefer to believe what the 3 say in their interviews and what they do in their lives instead of believing in sources that never appear or live in some sick bitch’s head.
    To me all 3 have clearly MOVE ON so i was a fan of JP do the same.

    And besides Angie would need to be SUPERWOMAN to be that nasty with Jen and still have time to take care of 6 kids 3 pregnancies a husband (or boyfriend was some of u like it) work 12 at 16 hours in movies going to movies premiers of her and sometimes Brad, traveling with the kids to Cambodia, France, Ethiopia, Africa, Jordain, New Orleans, LA, NY, adopting 3 beautiful kids from some of this places … Going to foreign countries to brings attention to their ill situation specialty the kids and refugees…

    The list goes on and on so i will stop here and ask how she COULD do all this?

  12. Meimei says:

    At this point I read the “revelations” as: “bla-blah-blah-blah, we got you believing in evil Angelina and pathetic Jen, now eat it up all over again – put that truckload of cash in that“.

    So, why comment? All I want is to suggest a new triangle with more current stars: Michael Jackson’s ghost and the brooding Twilight duo. I don’t care who’s with whom, just make it happen.

  13. Catherine says:

    Jen looks strange on the cover. What is up with her eyes? I am so sick of this Angie/Jen crap. And that is exactly what it is…crap.

  14. JaneL says:

    “Uncool” It’s kinda pathetic how you (Kaiser) stick on to every word Jen says just to use it against her.

  15. Firestarter says:

    *super yawn*

  16. RoseBud says:

    I think Jen has moved on. Angelina probably lets the kids run wild and instead scolds the nannies in front of the kids, only reinforce negative behavior and enpower them. shame

  17. Rosalee says:

    Wow slow comment day, especially for a Jolie/Pitt/Aniston story, usually it’s about 50 to 60 posts by now. Is there a sale on at Macy’s?

  18. Vermithrax says:

    They put a nice picture of Ang and find the worst possible pic of Jen.

    US Magazine is FAIL.

    Plus yeah, really sick of the whole thing.

  19. stinabelle says:

    @katyusha: lol i agree

  20. katie says:

    Even if they did break up constantly, what does that really matter? They probably enjoy breaking the monotony of bliss. LOL! And we all are eating it up!

  21. PJ says:

    I think it’s true that Angelina and Brad have avoided a lot of negative publicity by always being photographed with their kids.

    Who knows who started the rumors that Jennifer was more interested in her career than babies? I remember reading at the time that she was making the transition from TV star to movies, and wasn’t at all certain that she would be able to pull it off, so she decided to postpone having kids for a year while she filmed some movies. JA has said several times that she had planned to have a child the following year, which was the year Brad left her.

  22. TwinkleToes says:

    I don’t care about the stories just the fun commenters (you know who we are). I have to say that Bisquick ad you guys got going on here is awesome. So funny and a fun game. I’ve actually started up with the Bisquick a few weeks ago. Making chicken pot pies with left overs, biscuits, the dumplings and apple cobbler with the apples from picking a few weeks ago. It’s so easy but the debribulators on the ad are a hoot! AJ should get her lazy ass in gear with some bisquick but I can’t see her being too creative. Huh, some mother!

  23. TwinkleToes says:

    Why does Jen look like Streisand here? Someone got a little too carried away with the photoshop.

  24. Kevin says:

    Yeah, that is an awful picture of Jenn, Twinkle. At least they got the photo shop of that humongous vein on Angie’s forehead right.

  25. Beth says:

    I could have died laughing from reading this. Are we really supposed to believe that if Jennifer goes to Brazil Brad is going to run into the living to tell Angelina and the kids he’s going back to her? Jennifer in “Wanted”, Angelina in “Management”? I have never heard anything so stupid in my life. Either I have a really good memory or most people have short attention spans. There were rumors of a divorce and Jennifer not wanting children long before Angelina was in the picture. Even Jennifer said that there were problems in the marriage for a long time. As for all or nothing concerning rumors, people are going to believe what they want to believe no matter what.

  26. Newyorking says:

    What is wrong with Jen’s face? WTF? Her right side looks like the wicked witch of the wild. Its too distracting to read the rest of the story.

  27. Who Cares says:

    Stupid cover, stupid rehashed/made-up article, if you can even call it that.

    And why/how did they make Aniston look crosseyed? Even if you don’t like her, she isn’t crosseyed. Too funny!

  28. teri says:

    Of course they photoshopped jen to death to look like a retarded Streisand, don’t you feel much more pity for her now? It’s simply just sad that Huvaine and jen has stooped so low as to drag this divorce out for five going on 10 years which it seems for the sake of keeping her career alive. This pity party me has actually hurt her and she’s to dumb to care.

  29. lolo says:

    I don’t think they photoshop her, because I remember her talking about being slightly cross-eyed in Rolling Stone. Usually, you can’t tell, tho? . . . I think the 3 of them should get their lawyers and sue the f** out of these tabloids. I really hate the way they have turned both women into sad caricatures (evil Angie vs pathetic Jen) while giving Brad a free pass.

  30. Bambi says:

    Wow, I hope no one reads Star magazine and tells Angelina about Jen’s plans to have a rendez-vous with Brad in Brazil! That would totally blow the secret!

  31. sonia says:

    this whole story is pathetic …

    But I think Angelina Jolie can do all this …

    It’s horrible … she is the representation of the worst in Hollywood…

    For me, she is not a star but just an actress without scrupulous…

  32. Cheyenne says:

    Oh yeah, I believe it ALL! I believe Angie is feeding Brad a witch’s potion she cooks up in a caldron every single night to keep him from straying back to Jennifer, and she sticks pins in a Jennifer doll to keep her away from Brad. She pays Jennifer’s hair stylist to give her Jenny-poo’s hair clippings to toss into the witch’s brew to make it more potent. Along with eye of newt and toe of frog and a couple of gerbils and such. And Jennifer is going to stow away on the plane that takes Brad to Brazil to film The Lost City of Z or whatever the hell the movie is called and they are going to run off together and live happily ever after, swinging from vines all day in the heart of the Amazon jungle.

    Now that I’ve got my giggles for the day, I’m going to throw a question out there: what is Aniston supposed to be “over”? If it’s Brad, that’s a done deal. I think she was over him less than two years into the marriage. If you mean is she over the rejection and the humiliation, that’s a whole ‘nother issue.

    I think she’s sick and tired of the pity party she launched, but it’s taken on a life of its own. She’s probably sorry she ever started the whole thing to begin with.

  33. SageAdvice says:

    The tabs only write this stuff because people want celebrities to be as miserable as they are. If even The Triangle has problems then people feel they can relate to them.

  34. Who Cares says:

    Oh jeez, another one for the big Aniston/Huvane conspiracy.

    What a bunch of crap!! Stories like this don’t do any of them any favors. Aniston is no more responsible for this than Jolie is and only an idiot would think otherwise.

    It kills me that people think the stories about their hero are false and the stories about people the don’t like are all true IN THE SAME FREAKIN MAGAZINE! How ridiculous can people get?

  35. Essie says:

    I cracked up at Jennifer being offered “Wanted” and Angelina being offered “Management”!! I know these ragmags know that most people don’t know anything about a movie’s background but, people, “Management” was produced by Jennifer. Why would she offer the role to Angelina?? And, Jennifer Aniston in an action movie . . . please!! That was the funniest thing I’ve read, EVER, from the tabloids. Talk about licking the bottom of the barrel!! The “Brad walks out” stories must be drying up!!

    I just don’t understand why this triangle goes on and on in the tabloids. And people still buy those things and believe the stores. It has been FIVE long years and six children since the divorce!! Come on!! Stop this madness, please!!

  36. Essie says:

    One more thing . . . “Lost City of Z” won’t be filming any time soon since there is no script for it. If and when it is filmed, I would imagine Brad will take him family to Brasil with him, since that is what he has done for every movie he has filmed since he and Angelina have been together. That would make it a little difficult for Jen to “visit him in Brasil” while he’s filming the movie, wouldn’t it?

  37. tekhana says:

    I don’t believe any of this. There is at least one book about her to sell, and they’re probably ticked off they haven’t got pics of those twins like they want so they can sell magazines.

  38. tekhana says:

    No, people buy the magazines because they want to relate to celebs. The magazines write that crap because they know people will buy it.

  39. justathought says:

    The truthful scoop:
    Brad & Angie: soul mates and vastly talented actors who are loving parents of six adorable kids.
    Jen: a beautiful woman rolling in dough from all her cookie cutter movies who actually enjoys being single.
    Neither of these realities sell.

  40. Bek says:

    Have to say I agree with most of you. Tabloids consist of scum-bag staff that get paid to dig dirt on people. Sometimes they don’t even watch where they’re digging to make sure they get the facts straight. Problem is, I think people continue to buy them because they do get things right sometimes. I remember seeing a bunch of covers back in 2007 that claimed brangelina was pregnant. InTouch claimed it was with twins–a boy and a girl. Lo and behold, a year later it’s confirmed. They all dished on Madonna and Guy Ritchie, and for months they both denied it. Then, they split up. They were the first to report about Chris/Rihanna trainwreck. You know? If they were always messing up, nobody would wonder if it’s true. I like this new idea that everybody should try believing all or nothing. In jest, though, I think it might be hard for Kaiser to report gossip without giving the Brange the edge on everything. *wink*

  41. Lita says:

    Colour me surprised – took until 29 for someone to make a good, cringe-worthy comment. If it has come to this, what’s the point of opening the K-ALBPJA posts ;o)

  42. Anonymous says:

    Yes, its true!

    And Brand is also guilty!

  43. QueenMab says:

    I’m Not amazed, but still, does NO ONE remember that BRAD left whiney Jennifed a Full Month BEFORE he served her with papers and THEN took up with Angie?? Does no one remember Angies press release that she wouldn’t date a married man? SHE DID NOT DATE A MARRIED MAN, NOR DID SHE “STEAL” BRAD. Brad served Jen with DIVORCE papers a full month PRIOR to hooking up with Angie. Please, someone else go look up the PUBLIC RECORDS for LA COUNTY, hellooooo…

    Of course this is a tabloid frenzy, what else could it be? And imfo, ANY ONE who sleeps with/dates or has sex with :shudder: Vince Vaughn deserves all that she gets. Jen makes my skin crawl, Angie has class, the kids and the man. Not to mention that those emeralds she wore for the Oscars were outtasite!!

    Jen, go curl up & cry some more (you classless no acting chops bimbo) somewhere our of the lime light soon, (like yesterday) PLEASE, you were SO overpaid for “Friends”. I’ve never seen Anything you’ve done well on TV or Movies, you have NO ACTING SKILLS AT ALL = 0%.

    Angie and Brad, keep on showing us how it’s done. I know you will last, you’re the King and Queen of Hollywood.

    Nuff said.

  44. angie fan. says:

    I think Brad and Angie are stronger than any of us can imagine. They are at the very least a family and they will protect their children at all costs. So do they know all the craziness going on, of course. But they are strong and above loved by millions.

  45. Charity is Chic says:

    Teri, how is it Jen’s fault that these two books were written about Angie? You Brangeloonies always claim Jen has been dragging this out for the past five years when that’s total BS.

    The reality is that these three will always be linked together. None of them has to lift a finger to make that happen. All three of them have commented on it, all three of them have dropped enough soundbites to keep it going. I know you want to believe Brad and Angie are just harmless victims of Jen’s PR machine but only an idiot would believe that. As if BRAND-gelina had no PR machine. LOL.

    And again, I ask, what does Jen have to do with writing these books? Or with the editorial decisions made at the tabs to put them all on the cover again. The drama sells. You’re here commenting aren’t you? You, and I and all the rest of the people on this thread have kept this drama alive too. FYI

  46. Firestarter says:

    Oh yummy! Same old blame game going on 40 odd posts into the thread. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the weekend unfolds.

  47. Aprill says:

    How can any one even pretend to know any thing about these people personal life. I heard-I read mean you are believing rumour after rumour. Please people let the triangle go and live your own personal life. Stop living through Jen she is living a good life. She don’t need us to come to her rescue. The quicker we stop letting people sponge off the triangle the better off Jen will be.
    I hate any magazine or book that feature the triangle-it lets me know you are pathetic from start and not worthy of my money.

  48. Cheyenne says:

    Bek: actually In Touch claimed Angie was carrying two girls. In fact, when she had the twins, after every news source reported that she had given birth to a boy and a girl, IT reported on their web site that she had just had two girls and reminded everybody in big capital letters, REMEMBER, YOU READ IT HERE FIRST! My friends and I had a good laugh over that one.

    If I had a nickel for every time IT reported “Brad Walks Out!” or “Angie Kicks Brad Out!” I could retire by now.

  49. Cheyenne says:

    @ Teri: Actually, Aniston did very well out of the pity party for the first two or three years. It bought her a lot of notice that she never would have received otherwise. Being publicly dumped by one of the hottest men on the planet who then promptly ran off and built the family she never wanted to give him with one of the hottest women on the planet must have been a very bitter pill to swallow. And she could count on a lot of support because there are a lot of scorned, bitter women out there who empathized with her.

    What I don’t think Aniston was prepared for was the eventual reaction. Pity has a relatively short shelf life, and can turn into derision almost overnight.

  50. stacy says:

    i thought jen divorced brad?

  51. Goddess711 says:

    She really IS the root of all evil. It’s got nothing to do with Jen, AJ’s been an evil bitch all her life – never gonna change. Glad Brad gets the brunt of it all, keep adding more kids AJ! Make him STUCK and MISERABLE!
    I have guys I’d like to hook Jen up with. Wonder how I could get her with one for real happiness while she and one of these Prince Charming’s watch Brad’s world crumble around him?

  52. angie fan. says:

    One good thing that has come out of all this is that Halperin (who I believe to be in love with Brad) has lost a lot of book sales. The tabs’ are cheaper and you get more juicy lies. Brad and Angie will survive. They love their family and they have good friends to help them through this onslaught of lies. I was hoping that Morton’s book would come out at the same time as Halperins and get all the stufff over with. Brad and Angie always disappear at the Holidays.

  53. Charity is Chic says:

    Jen DID divorce Brad. SHE filed the papers the day after he and Angie were caught on the beach in Africa. Brangeloonies have a tendency to bend the truth to whatever suits them.

    Also, not sure what pity party people kept referring to. Jen kept her mouth shut for the first nine months after Brad left to turn his relationship with Angie into a global spectacle. She gave one big vanity fair interview and then kept her mouth shut for another two years. Then referred to Angie’s comments about falling in love with Brad while he and Jen were still together as uncool. HOW IS THAT A PITY PARTY???

    I know it’s always better to cast Jen in a negative light. Makes it easier to build up the king and queen that way.

    To say Jen didn’t want to have kids because she was ambitious or didn’t want to ruin her body. LOl. Have you people seen how women in Hollywood have kids? They don’t gain weight and they don’t give up their careers.

    Jen probably didn’t want to have kids with a guy whose joint rolling skills were legendary around Hollywood. And after he started humiliating her on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith she figured he wasn’t worth it. And wasn’t it Brad who kept throwing himself a pity party during interviews demanding that he 7 kids and trying to get the media to pressure her? Yes, yes it was.

  54. Firestarter says:

    Must everyone always go on and on and on and on about Aniston?

    Cheyenne, you made such a great list teh other day yet now you have to still talk about Aniston as if you know these people personally.

    People feeling sorry for her did not get her noticed. Give it a rest.

    We know you love Angelina, and that is great, but stop the constant Aniston bashing. You do the very same thing that you accuse others of with regards to Jolie. It is getting old always hearing about Jennifer and pity, hen, hag, ugly in tha same sentence, just as it is mind numbing hearing about Jolie as either a homewrecker or a saint.

    Move on.

  55. havieesa says:

    Angie laid it out on a plate for Brad.imo

    No one really believes that Angelina did not break up THAT MARRIAGE.
    Of course she(&Brad) BROKE UP THE MARRIAGE, IMO, She saw Brad, wanted him and laid it out on a plate, went after him.

    Angie already admitted they were digging on each other while doing Mr and Mrs movie. People were talking on the streets who were working on the film in LA, that Angie went “all out” after Brad. I feel he met his soul mate so he was outted there, marriage over, bye Jen.

    Jen looks so unattractive in that photo.
    Jen’s better off without him.

  56. fizXgirl314 says:

    yeah I blame her for pretty much all the problems in MY life… THAT BITCH! I haven’t entirely tested this theory though as it would require an intervention of a “christmas carol” proportions…but i’m just know that if she and her stupid triangle didn’t exist I would be so much happier :/

  57. SageAdvice says:

    Stacy is correct. Jennifer actually filed for divorce from Brad. I recall this because it happened the day after my nineteenth birthday at the height of my immature fandom for actors in general. My friends made a magnificently huge deal about it. I followed the nonsense pretty closely after that and it’s fairly clear that Angelina and Brad had some kind of affair, be it physical or not.

    They officially announced they were separating some time in January 2005.

    Mr. and Mrs. Smith starting filming in January 2004. They had to do reshoots in March 2005 because Brad had to shoot Ocean’s Twelve in April 2004 and they couldn’t make his deadline.

    Jennifer filed for divorce March 25, 2005. The day after my birthday, thus why I remember. I was also nineteen so…take from that what you will. I do admit to obsessively following them as a teen.

  58. lisa says:


    Scary.. the second time I have agreed with your post..

    I think at this point they all have moved on. Brad and Angie don’t talk about Jennifer.. and after her Uncool comment I don’t see her saying anything else about them. I doubt Brad is jealous or Angie for that matter. Angie is still friends with her exs and talk to them BBT has said he has had dinner with the couple and Angie mentioned in an interview something nice Billy had said to her after her mother died. So Brad does not seem to have a problem with past men. I doubt Angie would have a problem with Brad being friends with Jennifer.. BUT I don’t think they are in touch at all. I am reminded of the Oscars. They had an opportunity to speak and they did not. Jen was a few rows behind them and Brad nor she made any attempt to speak. So I think that bridge is burned. Brad has a family with Angie and they seem to be quite happy.. Jen is living a single life and making movies. So everyone has what they want.. Time to close the Brad/Jen book..

    Again reading the comments has been very enlightening.. I think the tabs made a bad decision on their covers this week.. There is a lot more interesting and current celeb stuff out there and they chose to rehash stories they did 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 year ago.. OLD NEWS IS NO NEWS..

    Nobody believes this and when you read the actual articles.. you see the lies up close.. so.. Bad move on the rags part.. You have milked that cow too many times..

  59. sonia says:

    you can not find it strange that whenever she has to promote a film “Salt” very soon, she is pregnant or adopt a kid …

  60. Bek says:

    Just to be fair, I think some of you need to go read Brad’s recent interview in the Los Angeles Times about how HE was the one who didn’t want kids with Jen. I know, I know. It doesn’t make sense because at the time he was married, he made several statements about wanting to start a family with her. I think that, all arguments aside, this whole “Jen never wanted a family” thing needs to stop. Reminder: those were tabloid rumors. The same tabloids that most of you now claim to be utter liars. There’s no proof they never tried to have kids. And personally, I don’t know if I could carry a baby to term if I was too busy worrying he was sleeping around. That is, if I even WANTED a baby with somebody who would do that. And sorry, but just because the woman doesn’t have kids right now doesn’t “prove” she never wanted them in the first place. Not all of us want to get knocked up by every casual boyfriend we have. Sorry if I’ve offended some of you. I’m not saying that Angie is evil or that these current rumors about Angie are true. But come on. The kid thing has nothing to do with it.

  61. Cheyenne says:

    @ Stacy: She did, after he left her for Angelina. He did the decent thing and let her be the one to file for divorce. It may have salvaged some of her pride after having been dumped.

  62. Bek says:

    Dear Cheyenne, for whatever reason, my link isn’t working. If you google “In Touch weekly twins boy and girl”, using image search instead of the web search, you’ll see several images of the cover that came out in early march 2008, including the one that Just Jared ran on their website, which is the link I was trying to post…

  63. dovesgate says:

    I don’t think an all or nothing approach can be had here. Some of these things, I can see happening. Some, absolutely not.

  64. Daisy says:

    QueenMab,Brad and Angie were caught holding hands on their set of Mr.&Mrs.Smith[when they were not filming] He was definatly still married to Jen.Angie has class and Jen dosnt?[lol] This women has said and done two diffrent things on a regular basis.I guess its classy to french kiss you brother on national t.v.Jen has never done anything to look classless compaired to Angie.Who cares about her being with Vince,maybe she was looking for someone to make her laugh after BRAD LEFT HER for Ms.S.T.D.

  65. Don't buy it! says:

    Please. Jen told an interviewer that they spent nearly 10 months apart. The interviewer was appalled but she acted oblivious. The ‘razzi took pics of them fighting, and she forgot to thank him when she won an Emmy. They didn’t seem compatible and lots of people noticed the charade. BUT, it’s so CONVENIENT to blame Jolie, right? I think Brad/Jen wrecked their own marriage.

  66. SageAdvice says:

    @Cheyenne: Oh Brad did the decent thing, did he? He cheated on his wife and then “allowed” her to divorce him? Amazing…truly amazing…

  67. SageAdvice says:

    Oh and just a thought…a woman isn’t bitter just because she’s sad that she got a divorce. Getting a divorce is a terrible thing to go through and probably even worse when you’re going through it in the public eye with a man and a woman who are super famous and everyone is blaming YOU when, in fact, you’ve done nothing wrong. Perhaps the women who like to blame Jennifer Aniston are the same women who think it’s ok to date a married man who is “separated”.

    Regardless of the married couple’s status, they are still married. And until they get a divorce, you still count as an adulterer and you still had a part in them breaking up aka you were the security blanket.

    Be it a man or a woman, if you are the security blanket for a married person after their divorce, you have contributed to that divorce.

  68. Jackie says:

    All or nothing does not work, we have to use our good brains. So many times tabloids have been right, Eddie Cibriani and Leann Rimes are a case in points, so yes the story about the movie roles may be rubbish but I wouldn’t write off Angie’s people leaking negative stories about Jen to the tabloids. How else would she come off badly in a situation where she was the victim and Brangelina pull off the saintly act when they are adulterers. Angelina’s chicken have come home to roost. I don’t need tabloids to tell me that she is an evil mean woman, she does that all by herself in her interviews. She has always been passive aggressive towards Jen and that is why I started hating her. Remember when the holidayed in Africa? that was before the divorce, and when she wanted to talk to Jen? The tabloids didn’t make that up. And when she said she fell for Brad during the shooting of M and M. That woman neither has a heart or a soul and I don’t need tabloids or Helperin to tell me this. However, I am glad the tabloids are now onto her. May be those naive fans of hers can see what we have been seeing along.

  69. Charity is Chic says:

    Don’t buy it. There is no such interview where Jen said they spent ten months apart, unless one of them was shooting a movie. You make it sound like they split up for awhile and that is complete BS. Feel free to furnish the link to the interview. LOL

    “A lot of people noticed the charade.” Huh. Where do you get this crap from?

  70. Daisy says:

    it is easy to blame jolie when everyone knows she at least had a part in it.Jen said that right before Mr.&Mrs.Smith started filming,she saw Angie and said”my husband is excited to start filming with you” and the rest is history.Kinda on a diffrent subject,did anyone else hear that they tried getting David Beckham to do a photo shoot with Angie and he said “no thanks,Im married”:]seems like he at least knows to stay away.its her reputation,and she did it to herself

  71. Cheyenne says:

    @ Bek: Check this out:

    I remember surfing the web the day after the twins were born. After every single news source reported the twins were a boy and a girl, IT’s web site was STILL reporting she had two girls. It took the the better part of a day to correct the error.

  72. Cheyenne says:

    Daisy: posing buck-naked on the cover of GQ with a bunch of guys doesn’t strike me as being the epitome of class. But hey, when your career is on the skids and you’re desperate to sell a movie, you do what you gotta.

  73. Essie says:

    Sonia, “Salt” will be released in July, 2010. Why would Angelina adopt a child now if she needs it to promote the movie?

  74. jbird says:

    Cheyenne you are still calling angelina the hottest woman on the planet, have you looked at her really looked at her???? Angelina is very ugly these days, skin and bones, balding, veiny and haggered. So many hotter woman than aj. just sayin.

  75. Daisy says:

    cheyenne,posing on a magazine cover is one thing.she actually looked great…french kissing your brother in front of millions is another.Jennifer does have class,Angie does not.Its not rocket science,its clear.If you want to judge them that way…I cant think of any movies that jen was nude,but angie has shown her ugly body lots of times.I really dont understand the hatred for Jen,she did nothing wrong.get real

  76. lizzie (greeneyed fem) says:

    Nobody on these boards really knows what happened between these three people in the months leading up to the divorce. And no one here can really say what JA, BP, or AJ is like in real life, as a parent or partner . . . unless you know them personally? Anyone?

    There are some things we DO know, though. So I just want to point out to the folks saying that Angelina Jolie is the embodiment of all that is pure evil in this world:

    * Angelina Jolie has traveled to more than 20 countries as a UN Goodwill Ambassador to raise awareness about the plight of refugees around the world. She has paid her own travel expenses for these trips and shared the same living conditions as UNHCR field staff. (Wikipedia)

    * She lobbies in DC for humanitarian interests, and has met with members of Congress over 20 times since 2003. (Wikipedia)

    * In 2005, she founded the National Center for Refugee and Immigrant Children, and personally funded it with her own money for its first two years. (Wikipedia)

    * In 2006, Jolie announced the founding of the Jolie/Pitt Foundation which made initial donations to Global Action for Children and Doctors Without Borders for $1 million each. (Wikipedia)

    * Earlier this year, while she was in DC for World Refugee Day, she took an unpublicized trip to Walter Reed Hospital for the USO and spent hours with wounded veterans and their families. (Celebitchy)

    * According to tax records, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt donated more than $8 million to charity in 2006, each donating around $4 million. (Look to the Stars and Fox News)

  77. Cheyenne says:

    @Daisy: “She did nothing wrong”? Well, let’s see:

    She said in a publicized interview while she was still married that Brad was never the love of her life. This is her husband she is talking about. How do you think he felt listening to that?

    She cuts him down in public during a joint interview when he said he hoped to have a lot of children by telling him “You’ll be lucky if you get two.”

    He goes overseas for six months to shoot “Troy” in 2004 and she can’t be bothered to visit him even once. For a marriage that is already on the rocks, that is extremely stupid behavior. (Angie would have packed up all the kids and gone overseas with him.)

    She tells him they will start a family as soon as Friends wrapped, and as soon as Friends wrapped she signs up to do four movies back-to-back. If she had no intentions of having a family with him — and it was obvious by then that she didn’t — she should have just been honest with him and said so.

    Going back to your comment that “Angelina has showed her ugly body lots of times” — where? Except for the butt shot in “Wanted”, she hasn’t been filmed naked in any movies or posed naked on any magazine covers, as far as I am aware.

    Look, honey, get over it. It’s a long way past 2005. Brad dumped Jennifer because he fell out of love with her and didn’t want to live with her any more. It happens somewhere every day. If he hadn’t left her for Angelina, he would have left her for somebody else. Just deal with it.

  78. Daisy says:

    yeah,she is a saint

  79. Cheyenne says:

    @Firestarter: C’mon now, be honest. Do you really think that pity party didn’t boost her profile? Look at it this way: it was a brilliant PR move. America’s Sweetheart dumped for the quintessential Bad Woman. It got the minivan majority and hordes of scorned women solidly on her side. But like a lot of people on a roll, she didn’t know when to stop. Sooner or later, sympathy for the woman scorned is going to turn into derision, when the woman scorned keeps getting dumped and re-dumped, and people start saying maybe the problem isn’t the guys; maybe the problem is her.

  80. Daisy says:

    lets see idiot…taking lives,gia,among a few others.And Im glad you know angelina so well that you can say she would pack up all her kids,yet you havnt seen her movies.All the things you listed as jen doing wrong are not wrong.You sound so dumb.But hey,Angie is bi-sexual,so maybe you have a chance with her.good luck!

  81. Daisy says:

    Omg.I cant stop…I SAW Jen get an award,and she said…”to brad,the love of my life…”obviously you have no idea what you are talking about.And your the one who needs to get over it,you are going on and on about things you a.dont know about.b.things no one cares about.[who reported they had two girls and the up links,and how long it took to correct]wow

  82. Anonymous says:

    This women is the evil!

  83. Cheyenne says:

    Daisy, dear, wipe the foam off your mouth and calm down. I realize you idolize Aniston but she is not blameless in all this. It takes two people to wreck a marriage and her marriage to Pitt was on life support before he even met Jolie. They spent much of their first two years together in counseling and by her own admission, the marriage was dead by 2004.

    What bothers you no end is that Pitt and Jolie are happy together, and you don’t think they deserve to be. You’d probably feel better if Aniston could find a man who can stand to be with her for more than a month or two, but it’s neither Pitt’s nor Jolie’s fault that she keeps getting dumped. Your girl has some serious problems but they are her problems and nobody elses, and certainly not Pitt’s or Jolie’s.

  84. Don't buy it. says:

    This whole thing is ridiculous. Their marriage wasn’t working out. Brad spent his 40th birthday alone in LA while Jen filmed Derailed in London. Even in the Vanity Fair interview, Aniston admitted they should’ve spent more time together. I just don’t think they were compatible. 65% of marriages end in divorce. IT HAPPENS! Get over it. It’s not YOUR life. Seriously.

  85. Don't buy it. says:

    Dear Ted (Casablanca): Question about the whole Angie-Brad-Jen triangle. Was the whole thing a stunt for publicity? —Elizabeth
    Dear Bermuda Triangle of Love: Wishful thinking, hon-pie. Brad left Jen just the way it looked. Only thing is, Angie looked like the trampy one out of it all, when in reality Brad and Jen were already on thin ice.

  86. SageAdvice says:

    @Cheyenne: Angelina Jolie has been nude in Gia, Original Sin and some other movie that Ethan Hawke was in as well as virtually naked in Beowulf.

    What are you talking about?

  87. fizXgirl314 says:

    Who’s not over it? it seems like there are more people crying to “get over it” than there are people who actually AREN’T over it… I mean seriously jolie fans… get a grip :/

  88. Fat Elvis says:

    Cheyenne: You, of all people, are in no position to be instructing others to “wipe the foam” from their mouths. The time you’ve clearly spent analyzing the lives of these three strangers is genuinely disturbing. Get help.

  89. Daisy says:

    I dont really care if Brad and Angie are happy,or not or who Jen dates.I really just hate dumb people who think they can tell me about people they dont really know.Cheyenne,how long have you been counseling them?The stuff you are saying isnt even accurate.I dont idolize Jen or anyone in Hollywood.But I happen to know that it dosnt always take 2 to split up a marriage,and you must be a pretty classless b*tch yourself to be saying some of the stuff you are saying.Dont try to throw your facts at me,you have no idea what you are blabbing about

  90. Dont buy it says:

    @ Daisy
    January 19 2003
    Trouble Signs?
    Aniston forgets to thank Pitt during her acceptance speech for best actress in a TV comedy at the Golden Globes, prompting speculation that there may be a few cracks in their marriage. Rumors about their relationship have dogged the two for months.

  91. Firestarter says:

    Cheyenne- You are a broken record with the same old song playing over and over.

    Why do you have to keep up the Aniston hate and rhetoric?

    Brad is with your golden girl, so why not leave Aniston alone and move on from all the negativity.

  92. Emily says:

    @Daisy, Jen was walking around buck naked in The Break Up. You trying to say that you haven’t seen every movie Jen’s been in? Please. As for the Angelina nakedness, more please!

  93. SageAdvice says:

    And now that I think about it, Jennifer Aniston has only briefly showed her breasts in two films that I can recall…while Angelina Jolie has been fully nude in at least one film (Gia) and shown her breasts in at least three…

    Cheyenne you are really on the wrong side of that debate, my friend.

  94. crash2GO2 says:

    Why does everyone insist that Jen threw a great big pity party? Naturally, she was asked a lot of questions about her divorce and how she feels about being single again, yada yada. She answered. BIG DEAL.

    As for how happy or unhappy anyone’s marriage is, no one knows that except the PEOPLE IN THE MARRIAGE. So whenever a poster says ‘and so-and-so is happily married’ or was unhappily married, and they are some random person posting on the internet, I know immediately to take anything they have said with a BIG grain of salt.

  95. lisa says:

    How long is this stupid debate going to last.. 5 years or 10. Angie and Brad are together. Brad and Jennifer are over..

    Brad/Angie have a family. They are not connected with Jennifer and she is not connected to them. Damn this is just getting crazier every day. I mean really it is just too much. they are not the only people to divorce and will not be the last. Maybe the gossip sites should realize that. And so should the fans of all concerned.. We are all acting like complete fools. Debating lives of people we don’t know.

    I mean really..

  96. karen says:

    Well, it’s pretty darn obvious Brad was unhappy with his marriage! He called his marriage a “dead end”. And, he left her to begin a new life with someone who was her total opposite in almost every way. I always thought Jen was using him for fame. Pure speculation–but unlike the other people pretending to know these people (weird!)–at least I admit it.

  97. BitterBetty says:


  98. TwinkleToes says:

    Kaiser, I’m tired of everyone making that duckface to try to look like AJ. Please help spread the word via this site-

    Here’s Megan Fox making the Duckface.

    The website is good for a laugh. You, of all people will love it.

    Miley Cyrus is on the next page and Kim K is on there as well.

  99. Daisy says:

    yes,I have seen the break up and rockstar,and probably most jen movies,I dont really care who was naked in what,the point remains the same,Angie is a skank.Emily,more please what?Angie’s body is disgusting,Jen’s body blows her out of the water.

  100. Zoe says:

    I’m highly amused that it’s always the most charitable entertainers that are badgered as evil in the media. I’d like to see what some of them have done for society, besides preying off people’s souls and making blood money.

  101. COCOCOX says:


  102. BEN says:

    Who is stuppid to trust lied created stories from the money hunger Halperin?

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