Sarah Palin says she would invite Levi Johnston to Thanksgiving

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The Associated Press was the first to get a hold of Sarah Palin’s upcoming autobiography, “Going Rogue,” and so far it seems that it’s mostly a book of complaints. There are complaints about money, complaints about the way the McCain camp treated Palin and her family, and lots of issues over who paid for what and how much between the two camps. And then of course there are the requisite complaints about the media. She goes on at length about her infamous interview with Katie Couric, claiming that Couric “badgered” her and didn’t include the parts of the interview where Palin came off well.

Palin also writes harshly of CBS anchor Katie Couric, whom she describes as “badgering” and biased. Palin’s series of interviews with Couric were widely regarded as disastrous, leaving the impression of an ill-informed candidate who was unsuited for the job.

In the months leading up to her July resignation as Alaska governor, her legal bills had mounted to more than $500,000, fueled mostly by what she called frivolous ethics complaints. What appeared to upset her most, though, was that about $50,000 of the legal bills was her share of the expenses for being vetted for the VP nod, Palin writes.

She said no one had ever informed her that she would have to personally take care of any expenses related to the selection process. Palin writes that when she asked officials at the Republican National Committee and what was left of the McCain campaign if they would help her financially, she was told the bills would have been paid if McCain had won, but since he lost, the bills were her responsibility.

Trevor Potter, general counsel for the McCain campaign, told the AP the campaign had never asked Palin to pay a legal bill. “To my knowledge, the campaign never billed Gov. Palin for any legal expenses related to her vetting and I am not aware of her ever asking the campaign to pay legal expenses that her own lawyers incurred for the vetting process.” Potter said that if Palin’s personal lawyer billed her for any work related to her vetting, “We are unaware of it. It was never raised with the campaign.”

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There are two especially interesting things about the book: first, there is no index whatsoever, leaving several commentators to joke that’s perhaps Sarah’s best revenge on people: if they want to see if they’re mentioned, they have to read the entire book.

Second is that she never once mentions Levi Johnston. Yet she obviously talks about daughter Bristol’s pregnancy. That must have been quite the dance, writing about all that without mentioning the baby’s father. Johnston and Palin have been involved in quite the epic feud over the last several months. Right after he broke up with Bristol, Levi said Palin – the abstinence only supporter – probably knew they were having sex. It’s no surprise she doesn’t want to talk about him. Yet in her upcoming interview with Oprah (airing on Monday) Palin says she would invite him to Thanksgiving dinner. She also says he’s a part of the family and she wants to invite him into the fold and take him under her wing and she can tell he needs that. The clip is short, but it’s safe to assume that Levi’s not interested.

“One final question about Levi,” Oprah asks in the first clip: “will he be invited to Thanksgiving dinner?”

Palin laughs. “You know, that’s a great question.” It’s also a question that Palin doesn’t seem to want to answer. “It’s lovely to think that he would ever even consider such a thing,” she says. “Because, of course, you want — he is a part of the family and you want to bring him in the fold and kind of under your wing. And he needs that, too, Oprah. I think he needs to know that he is loved and he has the most beautiful child and this can all work out for good. It really can.” She then segues into a mishmash of statements on how the Palins are “not really into the drama.”

Oprah presses on: “Does that mean yes he is coming or no he’s not?”

[From the Huffington Post]

I really doubt that’s true; it’s just the polite politician response to give. Palin goes so far as to say “Levi is love.” Johnston has made all sorts of accusations about Palin (including that she called her son Trig – who has Down’s Syndrome – “retarded”) basically calling her a bad mother and saying she has all sorts of deep, dark secrets. Which maybe she does, but I doubt Johnston is privy to them. In related news, it’s fun to watch Levi think he’s a big celebrity only to get shot down. He requested $3,000 to appear at a nightclub – they offered him a round of sodas instead.

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20 Responses to “Sarah Palin says she would invite Levi Johnston to Thanksgiving”

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  1. Brandy M says:

    I would love to be a fly on the wall if that happened.

  2. Lantana says:

    Quick – who can cross-reference fast and put it out 10 minutes ago for a $5 Paypal? The index thing is really funny, and probably true.

  3. Goddess711 says:

    So what – he can be mistaken for a wolf and shot “by accident”? LMAO!
    Palin’s an idiot.

  4. JayBird says:

    Haha, I love that. I’m sure Palin would love to have Levi’s head stuffed and mounted on her wall.

  5. Samantha says:

    He should go and pull a Micheal Lohan – Secretly record it. I’m sure it would be interesting.

    Sarah: Levi, could you penis pass the salt? I mean, please.

    Levi: Why don’t you just open your door and ask Russia to send you some?

    Sarah: “Oh, thats cute.” A phrase I am sure you will hear a lot after the world see’s your playgirl spread.

    Levi: Your daughter didn’t mind it.

    Sarah: Gross. Just pass the damn salt.

  6. Cristina says:

    Good for her, for taking the high road. Maybe he will realize what an a$$ he looks like, and straighten up. He has a child who will know about all his bs someday, and he’s tainting that relationship- although I doubt he really cares.

  7. Popcorny says:

    She’s conniving as usual -and that’s actually the low road.
    Trying to make herself LOOK good to the public (after and while screwing him over)and coaxing him into shutting up by playing the sleazebag’s “you are loved” card.

    I’ll bet Levi does indeed have more dirt on the mutha Palin.

  8. Mairead says:

    1 – actually she said no such thing. She gave a political answer and deflected it to say “as if he’d agree to such a thing”. I’m sure she’d love to have him more involved and less combatative, but I don’t see him getting anything other than a “you can over for a short while on thanksgiving – if you want, and have nothing else on, but i totally understand that you’d rather spend the day with your publicist” :lol:

    2 – her hair looks good, but she’s lost a lot of weight. I’d say the stress she’s been under recently is huge.

    3 – actually I think it’s terrible that the McCain group and Republican party are allegedly lumping her with such a hefty bill for the vetting process. Just goes to show that they really did pick her because they thought she was a dim little girlie who was easily duped. If she thinks that the party top brass are suddenly going to respect her in time for a 2012 ticket, she would be beyond delusional.

  9. Do we really believe her c**p? says:

    Sarah Palin is doing the same thing with Levi that she did during the convention – pull him out, clean him up, and put him in front of the camera with displays of love and affection — all for show.
    Fast forward, the campaign is over, and she no longer has to show the loving, traditional family. He is gone so quickly I’m sure his head was spinning.
    Is it any different now? Palin is showing us her ‘everything is fine, you betcha’ face. Are you really buying it? There is no way in the world he would be welcomed at her Thanksgiving dinner. He has to fight to see his own son.

  10. huh?! says:

    If I’m him I won’t eat! :D

  11. Vermithrax says:

    I bet she would.

  12. Kris says:

    I seen that on tv, how crazy. Why would she want to invite him after the accusations he has thrown at her.

  13. gg says:

    She would have plenty of reasons to invite him. Some good, some bad. He’s a member of her family now, like it or not.

  14. Kelly says:

    Political commentators have pointed out her strong similarity to George W. Bush. She is completely disinterested in any world or local events especially if they do not mirror her personal views. Rather than listening to experts or consulting differing opinions or even doing a little research she follows her “gut” and believes God will keep her informed and reveal the answers in making incredibly important political decisions. She is a total hawk and believes that invading and converting foreign countries to Christiananity will solve all the world’s problems. Like Bush she is oblivious to world events. Bush’s people finally created a DVD showing New Orleans under water and dying/drowning before he even knew because he does not read newspapers, watch the news, etc. Sarah Palin could not name One thing that she reads. How about the Anchorage newspaper, Wasala times, anything. She is that incurious. She’s extremely dangerous and I cannot believe that people have forgotten the last disasterous 8 years. I think Bill Maher’s right – Republican men adore her because they want to f*ck her. Great way to choose your president.

  15. lucy2 says:

    I’m glad she doesn’t mention Levi. I wish no one would ever mention him again and he’d go away, because seriously, he’s a jackass. I don’t like her, but the way he’s treating the family of his child is disgusting.
    I wish she’d gone up against a real serious journalist. Katie Couric smiling and asking what you read is not badgering. It was a puff piece and she couldn’t even take that, and continues to whine about it to this day.

    There’s so many fact check articles and stuff about her book, it’ll probably be shelved in fiction.

  16. Laura says:

    Actually she’s not an abstinence only supporter. Politically she supported more extensive sex ed. Personally she didn’t want her children to get it, which was stupid. But saying she’s an abstinence only supporter is inaccurate.

  17. Cheyenne says:

    Does she want to serve him dinner or serve him for dinner?

  18. Spoonman55 says:

    Who cares. Her 15mins of fame has evaporated into being a disgruntled former Governor of a dinky state.

    She is done politically and Dems are just hoping she runs for President and hands the re-election of Obama to them…

  19. tired says:

    Why do people who comment here call someone an idiot and then go on to spell words incorrectly, use poor grammar, and just show everyone exactly who the idiot happens to be?