Nicole Kidman’s weird lips, boobs & attitude freak people out

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman arrive at the 43rd Annual CMA Awards in Nashville

The other day, I mentioned that I thought Nicole Kidman was looking better than she has in while. She was showing off her classic red hair and a less severe looking face, which I was happy to see. I did, however, note that she’s still doing some crazy junk to her lips, but overall, I gave her, in my mind, a “most improved” sticker. Of course, that was before Nicole appeared with her husband at the Country Music Awards on Wednesday night. Apparently, Nicole may be photographing less severely, but she still looks pretty rough in person.

It’s looking like Nicole’s weird, overly-plumped lips were noticed by many people at the CMAs. And it wasn’t just her lips – it was her jacked up boobs and her bizarre attitude too. Ted “I get everything wrong” Casablanca at E! has a source who claims Nicole was “her usual aloof self” and that Nicole “couldn’t be bothered to chat with fans or press peeps.” Fox News points out that people were talking about how her ladies were jacked up in a low-cut, bright, pink gown. They also claim the dress’s “color was so garish and bust was so tight, Kidman’s kids were popping out to such an extent even husband Keith Urban had to keep his eyes averted.” Meanwhile, Page Six goes even further, quoting an unnamed source who claimed that Nicole’s face is so jacked, she looks like Meg Ryan. Ouch.

Everyone was talking about Nicole Kidman at the Country Music Awards in Nashville. “She looked freakish,” said one witness. “She just had her lips done, and now she looks like Meg Ryan.” The Aussie actress didn’t want to be interrogated on the red carpet and fled, leaving behind her perplexed husband, Keith Urban. “She just flipped out and took off running,” said our source. “Keith kept saying, ‘Where is she? Where is she?’ ” Kidman’s reps had no comment.

[From Page Six]

The Huffington Post has a poll up about Nicole’s lips, and they have a series of close-ups of Kidman’s lips throughout the years to compare and contrast. Once you look at them, it does become obvious just how “plumped” she’s getting those puppies. Us Weekly piled on too, pulling Nicole’s old quotes about how she’s all-natural: “I am completely natural. I have nothing in my face or anything.” Us Weekly then quotes Dr. Martin Braun, a Canadian Botox doctor, who claims that Nicole is so “over-Botoxed…frozen and strange” that she looks like a bat. Seriously.

Just when everybody gets on the bandwagon about how rough Nicole’s Botox-injections-surgery stuff looks, that’s just when I start feeling badly for her. I used to think she was totally crazy to mess with her beautiful face, and I hated her a little for how waxy and unmoving her face had become. Now that everyone’s picked up on it, I think people should give her a break. She fears the reaper, y’all. And having that frozen face is punishment enough.

2009 CMA Awards - Arrivals

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  1. crash2GO2 says:


  2. Mark says:

    I think she looks fantastic and anyone who snipes at her for looking good, saying she’s frozen etc. are just haters.

    All the haters saying evil stuff about other people are what is really wrong with the world.

    Where is the love? If you don’t give, you don’t get!

  3. Alarmjaguar says:

    Clearly she should have gone up a size w/ the dress, but her lips don’t look that plump to me (she’s no LL, but I guess that probably isn’t a good comparison). Anyway, it looks more like a bad lipstick issue to me. And maybe she’s shy, it’s possible. I don’t know, I just don’t get all the hate for Nicole.

  4. Alarmjaguar says:

    Okay, just checked out the slideshow and her lips do look different, but I still stand by the it’s lipstick conclusion.

  5. Megan says:

    i thought she looked great… her lips aren’t that bad!

  6. Jillian says:

    I think she looks good. I’m with alarmjaguar, I don’t get all the hate either.

  7. Carolyn J. says:

    If you look at the corners of her lips in the bottom pic you can see her original lip thickness. Then they expand towards the centre. THAT’s how much they are plumped.

    You can hardly hate an actress for that stuff, though.

  8. LolaBella says:

    It’s sad when once attractive women practically butcher themselves to conform to some ridiculously unattainable idea of ‘perfection’. She’s fast approaching the Meg Ryan/Lisa Rinna ‘trout pout’ and her frickin’ face (especially that forehead) has not moved in years!

    The once fresh-faced beauty is now a ridiculous caricature of her former self. Sad.

    Her new boobs don’t suit her frame, but they are not horrendous looking a la Amy Winehouse’s though.

  9. Raven says:

    I like her and think she is a good performer. I wanted to think that by returning to her natural hair color that she was getting herself back together. I guess I have to admit that the woman is really mentally ill and badly needs some treatment. She is beautiful and was raised well, but is showing really bad judgment. She needs a psychiatrist not a dermatologist.

  10. grisgris says:

    I really love the dress, especially the color, but I can see that it might have seemed very bright in person and it definitely should have been a bit looser.

  11. Eileen Yover says:

    Her lips aren’t huge, but they’ve definitely been “tampered” with. Most of the time when someone smiles and the inner part of the lips folds out and its not even with the middle, it usually means they’ve had some filler. Lips are only one size so when you fill them, the excess skin has to come from somewhere, so the insides start coming out.

  12. Kris says:

    Those boobs don’t look good on Victoria Beckham, what made Nicole think they would look good on her too!? lol.

  13. Lem says:

    She looks better than she has in a long time, I agree K, I’m starting to feel for her. You want to stay young and beautiful and working, you ex trading you in for a younger model and you married another mighty mouse; the next thing you know you are a waxy puffed zombie. Poor gal

    On a side note. I had those ginormous lips from the dentist last week. I loved the temp. pucker but my goodness, how do these women deal with the way that feels. I felt like my lips kept running into things and I could see them, literally see them, without a mirror. They must be starving. I couldn’t eat for 3 days. Mine was temporary!!!

  14. Ron says:

    I think Nicole comes off aloof because she is shy. She also has always taken the backseat at events that are about her partner at the time. It would be very easy for her to steal Keith’s spotlight and she does not want to do that. I have met her on numerous occasions and she is truly delightful and very sweet.

  15. Bubulle says:

    I think she looks good for once. Her lips look normal, as for the tits she was probably wearing that VS’ magic bra.

  16. Guest says:

    her lips look normal imo…

  17. Lem says:

    Ted “I get everything wrong” Casablanca

    No truer words………..

  18. Karin says:

    ‘Wear clothing tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady’.

    Looks like she crossed the line with this one – great dress, but it would have been better without the padding or in a bigger size, so her own curves could create a nice silhouette. She’s a beautiful woman, but if she goes on like this she will be cast as a talking model only (as in ‘Australia’ and ‘The Golden Compass’).

    I do wish her well though and hope she can find a way to stop before it’s too late. Even in showbiz self-confidence and talent (and tons of connections) will ensure good roles, despite age creeping up on the actresses. See Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren and Susan Sarandon for example.

  19. Orangejulius says:

    I think she looks beautiful.. .love the dress and I don’t think her lips look bad. The boobs, on the other hand, are way too squished and high on her chest. You’d think with all the primping and preening and hair/makeup stuff going on that someone would have noticed and done something about it. Too much ass-kissing?

  20. crash2GO2 says:

    Mark, I agree with your post, except for the part about her looking good. Her hair looks great, but she’s doing things to a face that was already beautiful and now she is trying to make it look like something it isn’t. It is to that which I am speaking when I say “ghastly”.

    I remember noticing years ago, that she used to really overdraw her upper lip with liner. Then one photo came out where her lipstick had worn off and the liner was still there, and it looked pretty awful. I thought to myself “uh,oh, here we go” and sure enough, the next thing you know, she had started injections. I think she is self conscious to the point of pathology.

  21. ligeia says:

    “I think she is self conscious to the point of pathology. ”

    gee i wonder if being scrutinized almost daily by hundreds of people with only something negative to say has something to do with that ….

  22. javelin says:

    I think she looks great.. granted, it would be nice to see her “all natural,” but that’s not gonna happen so we might as well enjoy her the way she chooses to be.

  23. Dishy says:

    If someone wants to enhance their lips or do botox, let them. Not something I’d ever do but I’m not in the movie world where you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Look at scurrilous websites like Perez Hilton where he sh*ts all over actresses who are aging, and then sh*ts all over the ones who try to turn back the clock with surgery or botox or whatever. Nicole Kidman seems to have a pretty thick skin and a good relationship with her husband – why do you all pick her apart like she’s some kind of criminal????

  24. Tanya Degano says:

    I think she looks absolutely stunning!

  25. Maritza says:

    I checked those past photos of hers and I got to say she has changed for the best. The woman looks gorgeous! Besides that she looks so happy her husband Keith.

  26. Fire says:

    Oh man! I feel bad for her, being bashed like this!

    Maybe she didn’t stop for questions from the press because it’s the COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS and she is married to a country music star – she was there supporting her husband. It wasn’t about HER. That could be a good reason.

    And maybe she’s gotten some botox and lip fillers. I actually think she looks pretty here. The only thing is maybe her girls are a little too jacked up, but I think the dress is pretty. LOVE the color and I think it looks good with her new/old hair color. Could have had a little more coverage up top cuz it looks like they’re trying to escape, but it’s not that bad.

  27. peachpie says:

    I think, for once, she looks great. She doesnt look plastic. Kudos nicole, and stay away from the shiny makeup. Your makeup looks great!

  28. anyhoo says:

    Why can’t actresses just say they’ve had botox, or their lips done?

    I mean, I don’t care if they did or didn’t, I just hate the lying!

    Just admit it already! We all know (Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore)

  29. nag says:

    I have looked at a few different versions of this story..
    I agree with the comment on Meg ryan. I think she should look more like naomi watts who hasn’t gone that way…

  30. Novaraen says:

    The lips have definitely been plumped and after seeing the slide show, I’ve noticed she’s had her teeth capped too.

    Honestly…the problem is that her red hair looks AWFUL with that weird pink-ish red dress.

    Oh and did she get breast implants or just jack those puppies up with chicken cutlets?? lol…

    Don’t hate her though…Just don’t see the reasoning behind her messing with her already beautiful features.

  31. RAMONA says:

    You have to understand one thing, it wasn’t long ago that Nicole had a baby…Let’s face it pregnancy does mess with your boobie’s quite a lot…Most rail thin people like Nicole Kidman, tend to enjoy the voluptuous affects of their plumper girlie parts as long as they can after childbirth….And why not, providing that she didn’t have them surgically altered it looks as though she is just having fun with them…Also the reason she ran out is probably because she didn’t want to steal the spotlight from her hubby…And lastly about her bicycle pumped up lips, Yes she does have ultra large jumbo, industrial strength size, but, a lot of people don’t realize that once you choose to have lip fillers injected there is no going back and you have to keep them up…if you didn’t they would just deflate over time and leave a wrinkly prune look around you mouth…Over all I think she is one of the most stunningly, drop dead gorgeous women on the planet….Botox,plumpped lips and bodacious Tah Tah’s…You Rock Nicole…

  32. jdao says:

    I think her face looks good but she needs a different dress.

  33. Shannon says:

    Oh please, it’s so obvious that she’s had work done, and not just injections. Parts of her face have that over-shiny, stretched quality that serves as a dead giveaway for plastic surgery. There’s no hiding it!

    Honestly, I do like Nicole and I think it’s great that she keeps her private life private as much as she can. But seriously, lay off the fake stuff honey, you’re beautiful because of your NATURAL qualities.

  34. MizzExpert says:

    She is not the same person as she was in Dead Calm. Go back and look at her BEFORE face/body. She also would not be anywhere as an actress had she not become a vampire and ‘married’ Tom Cruise! What a sham. Too bad Katie sold her soul and will only come away with an Oscar for best HAG with the worst Cankles!

  35. boo says:

    why do celebs have to pretend they are natural when they clearly are not? do they think we are blind and stupid? also can the term “haters” just die already?
    just because someone points out that she has irregular looking lips now does not mean they hate her. its an opinion. anyway look at any old pictures of her and you will see she had very thin lips. plus lipstick does not make the bottom of your lip puff out. lisa rinna has the same problem and she admits to lip injections.

  36. Pandora says:

    I just don’t get it?! Her lips looked way worse than that a few months ago….I ALWAYS comment on her frozen features but even I thought she didn’t look that bad….

  37. Firestarter says:

    I think she looks better than she has, but I hate the lip color. Also, her skin is TOO shiny.

  38. Granger says:

    I don’t think she looks awful, but those lips have definitely been enhanced. I saw a Saturday Night Live special not too long ago, with skits from years past; Kidman was in one with Mike Myers, probably around the time she married Tom Cruise. Her lips were completely different. Her whole face was more natural, and it wasn’t just youth.

    Meg Ryan still takes the cake, though.

  39. snowball says:

    Butchered? Mentally ill? Wow.

    I don’t find a thing wrong with her, especially not that she’s mentally ill. These days, you’ll have to go very far to find an actress that hasn’t had anything done, including fat injections, Restalane, chemical peels, breast enhancements, Botox, lipo – and lets not forget the weaves and hair extensions.

    Nicole looks great and best of all, happy. If she wants to Botox her forehead until she looks like she belongs in Mme. Toussaud’s, then let her have at it. She still is lovely.

    There were some unretouched pictures of her from when she testified in front of some Senate committee and she looked different than when she’s at these red carpet events with an inch of makeup on. She had crows feet, faint lines on her forehead and a neck that looked a little crepey.

  40. huh?! says:

    Nicole is with those lips for the past 3 yrs! What are people – blind?!

    But the boobs are definitely new.

  41. irishserra says:

    I agree with Ron. She’s very good about gracefully stepping aside when it’s her husband’s night. I think the work she’s had done is absolutely not necessary and perhaps too much, but her personality outshines it all.

  42. nikki says:

    not only her lips and botox! and her fake breast!

  43. Obvious says:

    I can understand her not talking to the press and fans. it was her husbands night to shine. she was merely a plus one.

    Angie and Brad have done the same thing for each other in the past.

    i give her props for looking better than she has in years, she’s so much less severe. I finally remember why i like her.

  44. fee says:

    Thank God shes lost the ice blonde hair – it was horrific on her. Im loving the red…..

  45. jess says:

    as someone with a fake set of boobies, those are most definitely new unless she is wearing a vs wonderbra but just by the fullness on top, i have no doubt they are definitely fake and enhanced. she never had that.

  46. PJ says:

    Nicole probably didn’t talk to the press because she wasn’t there to promote her own work — she was there to support her husband, who was nominated for best vocalist. He was the one who should get the limelight, not her.

    The breasts look like a push-up bra to me.

  47. Lee says:

    She looks so pretty here, but those boobs are something else. She had such a nice little figure before this addition of real estate. Women with small breasts often look better in their clothes, and here is a clear example of the problem big boobs can pose.

  48. Andromaches says:

    She looks better than she has in years.
    As far as her lips go, I remember when they were as thin as a cat’s. She also had a pretty gummy smile. I don’t think her lips are overly full now. To my mind they’re approaching the size of a normal person’s lips.

    Some people unfortunately are naturally lacking in a top lip. I think it’s great that there’s now something to corect that kind of birth defect. Poor Gloria Grahame, an actress from the Golden Age of Hollywood, had her top lip injected with novacaine when she was playing a role.

  49. Lee says:

    Jennifer Garner is also someone else who had a very thin upper lip and a gummy smile, but she had something more permanent done to her upper lip than injectibles. However, she looked odd before, while I think Nicole still was pretty before her lip puffing.

  50. Danielle says:

    Really? I saw a load of pics from those awards and trust me, she looks so much more fresh and natural than the majority of women there. Gimme a break!!

  51. Bambi says:

    Regardless of the reason why her breasts look three times their normal size, the question remains: why did she choose to stuff them into a dress that is too small?

    I doubt she’s wearing a wonderbra because the whole point of wearing a wonderbra is to boost a woman’s cleavage up when she needs more, not to make her breasts spill awkwardly over the top.

    As for the face, I remember thinking in the mid through late Nineties “I never knew how pretty she was.” That’s good plastic surgery, but after the early 2000’s it shifted into the “I never noticed how different she looks” phase.

    I don’t know whether this is the inevitable effect of aging on the old plastic surgery or too much tampering with new modifications, but she looks “done.” Not bad, just unnatural.

  52. la chica says:

    she looks like an old lady trying desperately to look young. and it’s not working. but she does look OK for an old lady. i can see why Lainey calls her Granny Freeze. there is something ancient and used up about her. Xenu sucked the life force out of her before disconnecting her.

  53. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    “Some people unfortunately are naturally lacking in a top lip. I think it’s great that there’s now something to corect that kind of birth defect.”
    wow. Since when is having a thin upper lip a “birth defect”?
    Something has gone terribly wrong in this world.

  54. dan says:

    personally, i think she looks stunning.

  55. Shay says:

    It’s not rare for spouses to leave the red carpet when the event is for their partner. They don’t want to over shadow them.

  56. gg says:

    @ la chica, I think she looks great, except for the tight dress. She is not old, you are a twit.

    She quit $cientology ages ago, get with it.

  57. Who Cares says:

    I think she looks the best and the “least fake” I’ve seen her look in awhile, as far as her face goes. She looks very pretty in those pics.

    But what’s with the boobs? Those are new purchases.

  58. Just a Poster says:

    IMO those look like pregnancy boobs. I went from a C cup to a DD cup in a blink of an eye. So lets keep an eye on the bun in the oven stories.

    And I think she looks beautiful.

  59. Lita says:

    Just a Poster, you took the words – pregnancy//breast feeding boobs can get pretty big! After birth I had this ridiculous looking chest. I looked like a porn star (or bad plastic surgery victim) – was really quite embarassing the way ppl looked at me; not with licivious intent but just freakish curiosity. The only thing I would question is the dress being so tight – otherwise she looks good.

    Also mentally ill, old and birth defects? Really people? Get a grip!

  60. NicoleAM says:

    She should have just answered with a “No comment” when asked about plastic surgery. Because for her to say she’s all natural…..either she’s delusional or she thinks we’re all blind and stupid.

  61. Rosanna says:

    Nicole looks stunning, that is.

  62. Andromaches says:

    @ She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named
    “wow. Since when is having a thin upper lip a “birth defect”?
    Something has gone terribly wrong in this world.”

    I said that to be snarky. I get pretty sick of people making fun of full lips. Some people have naturally very full lips and I get offended when thin-lipped people make THEIR snarky comments about large lips. I take those comments as a thinly disguised insult to those ethnicities with naturally large lips.

    Thin lipped people consider themselves the norm but they’re really not. I agree that some people whose lips are naturally thin take the lip fill too far. Naturally full lips are firmer and more shapely. That famous duck face or trout pout look does not occur in nature.

  63. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I agree she is slightly improved on recent times – the red hair is a big improvement It is just hard to swallow the no work done thing when her face has clearly been frozen/plumped. The anti-Nicole thing as far as I can tell is driven by a lot of p’od Keith Urban fans – they are seriously rabid about her on some gossip boards accusing her of all sorts of horrible things with no merit. I think she’s made some questionable career choices (marrying Tom no.1) but do think she can be really great – unfortunately her recent work has been panned, I haven’t honestly seen her in anything since the deep freeze set in so I can’t say but can imagine it would be a big impediment for any actor not to be able to move their face.

  64. isabelle says:

    Leave Nicole alone, folks; she looks great.

  65. Firestarter says:

    Andromache- Are you serious? Thin lipped people make comments towards full lipped people in an attempt to insult ethnicities? Wow! You are stretching it a bit aren’t you? Does everything have to boil down to some sort of attempt to bring race and ethnicity into it?

    I have never known anyone in my life to insult full lipped people period. Women go out of their way to have full lips, so what are you even talking about?

  66. Andromaches says:

    Firestarter, when have you ever seen a black woman with full lips praised and celebrated for it? Name one black female celebrity who gets the kind of attention for her lips that Angelina Jolie does.

  67. Trashaddict says:

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Have work done, you’re “too fake”. Don’t have work done, you’re “too old”. Lose weight, you’re “anorexic”. Gain weight, you’re “too fat”. Dress up, it’s “too slutty”. Dress down, it’s “too dowdy”. Give me a freaking break. I am so glad I am not in that business.

  68. Sunnyjyl says:

    I’m feeling a bit old fashioned today. As in, it isn’t polite to ask someone if they have had something ‘done’. Why should anyone be expected to answer truthfully, something that is impolite to be asking in the first place.
    That being said, she looks beautiful, and I’m sure glad I’m not an aging actress in Hollywood.

  69. rosie says:

    She used to be gorgeous, but she looks so fake now. She does look better with her red hair though. the blonde just made her look washed out.

  70. hunnybe says:

    @ 53 I agree. I get so sick of the whole ‘trout pout’ remark. I also have naturally full lips and it is offensive.Funny how times have changed,not to long ago nobody wanted full lips and tried to make people feel bad about their natural features.Now those are the same people wanting to imitate and are willing to get needles in their lip and crazy surgeries. That being said I like Nicole.She seems genuine,sweet and most of all she isn’t harming anyone.

  71. fizXgirl314 says:

    andromache… imagine if a black woman were praised for her full lips, that would DEFINITELY be considered racist…

    btw, you seriously need a reality check… calling thin lips a “birth defect” and claiming racism on an issue that has nothing to do with race and everything to do with gender…

    and not everyone here can be subdivided into the “thin” lipped or the “full” lipped… this is more of a natural vs fake issue… you are reading WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much into this… if full lipped people were such outcasts, why would there be so many lip plumping lipglosses? have you ever heard of a lip thinner? I didn’t think so… MOVE ON..

  72. fizXgirl314 says:

    btw, kidman’s lips look like a babboon’s ass… I suppose they serve the same purpose… :/

  73. Firestarter says:

    Andromache- Grace Jones, Beyonce, Naomi Campbell, to name a few. Do I need to add others?

    People bitch about the moronic use of lip fillers to achieve bee-stung lip status. I hate any woman, black, white, green, purple who feels the need to use those ghastly fillers on her lips. It looks gross. Naturally full lips are beautiful. Lips shot full of crap look freaky.

    Please do not turn this into a racial thing, because it is not, only in your mind.

  74. pickelhaube says:


    Yes, apparently every comment under the sun is motivated by “racism”. I don’t know why people think that calling others names like racist and telling them that they’re all secret bigots is going to make those supposed racists receptive to change. Because we all just LOOOVE to be preached to, and told what we REALLY mean, because we’re too stupid, racist, ignorant and uneducated to know our own minds. Oh thank GOD we have geniuses like Andromaches to tell us how misguided and wrong we are….right? LOL!! I mean, isn’t “racist” pretty much ignored as an insult nowadays, simply because it’s such an overused insult? It’s like the boy who cried wolf, which is NOT helping the victims of racism, it’s just marginalizing them even more and making people not care, so it’s really quite counterproductive. You’d think these elitists, being that they’re so much smarter than us unwashed masses, would know this…..

  75. Firestarter says:

    Pickle- I know. The people always crowing about racism are the ones perpetuating the practice.

    Not eveything is about race, in fact very few things in this era are. It frosts me that even a thread about Nicole Kidman and her lips racism will come up.


    I said it before and I will say it again: I have no problem with NATURAL full lips. I hate the fake, “trout pout” crap that is ruining some of the prettiest faces in Hollywood.

  76. Ana says:

    Her lips aren’t that bad until you see them pursed and then she has the dreaded third lip.
    The dress fit everywhere perfectly except for the bust. Nicole has an amazing body.
    The red hair goes a long way in helping her look less frozen. But it’s sad that Ellen looks younger than her and she is actually older!

  77. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I think white women get praised for having naturally full lips because it’s anomalous. Remember how people went on and on about Vanessa Williams’ green eyes?

    It looks like a ‘trout pout’ because the natural creases in the lips are smoothed out by the injection process.

  78. fizXgirl314 says:

    she has really nice and creamy booby skin… her face skin sucks though… I can see all her veins… ewww

  79. Popcorny says:

    That likening Nicole to an elderly lady? -I get that. It’s the icky-delicateness she exudes, it’s more aura than direct visual.
    Like, she doesn’t LOOK old, but she “smells” old and great-grandmotherly (the kind you couldn’t hug). -Miss Havisham, anyone?
    Pardon the awkwardness here, it’s hard to articulate.
    She is beautiful and she does look better in these most recent pics (aside from the grotesquely squashed boobage).

  80. fizXgirl314 says:

    yeah! she looks all prissy and no fun… like you can’t hang out with her, knock back a few beers and burp and scratch your balls… ok I wouldn’t do that last part either but you get the point :-p

  81. Pam says:

    She is happy with her family and I don’t think she cares what we think. I wouldn’t.

  82. Shadow says:

    Personally I think she looks good, but as for why she and other women in this business do these things to their faces, well it the same reason models starve themselves, if they want to work in the business, they are forced to do this to themselves, the only ones who can get away from doing this, are the ones who are very talented.

    Nicole used to get a lot of roles when she was younger, now the studios are giving the roles to younger women, let us be honest does anyone think Megan Fox is a better actress than Nicole, but Megan is getting the roles right now.

    That must hurt people like Nicole and even Meg Ryan, watching their careers go down the drain and seeing the lolita women who can barely act getting roles.

  83. Farleece says:

    I don’t think she looks that bad. And there were a lot of hideous dresses at the CMA’s.

  84. icky says:

    whatever – I think she looks good and in no way can she compare with meg ryan when it comes to ugly mugs. Nicole’s lips really don’t look too bad or fake…I don’t get what all the fuss is about

  85. tkay says:

    Total Kidman admirer since 1993 absolutely beautiful – until now…what happend…she lost her charming grin

  86. Gwyneth says:

    Those breasts are FAKE. End of debate. So what, who cares? So are mine, I’m stacked, went from a small C to a big D. So sue me. I don’t care for Kidman but all the ongoing wrangling about did she or did she not have surgical procedures is ridiculous. OF COURSE she has had many procedures, it’s part of the cult known as Hollywood. She has the type of skin that ages rapidly and eyes that suffer from early upper eye lid droop. What makes me laugh is that her new husband looks like Tom Cruise with long hair and a nose job. He’s a head shorter than she is and I see a new version of Cruise in a different body, but with with a nose job. It IS a nose job, so he’s right in the plastic fantastic cult with her. mazel tov!

  87. Mel says:

    I think she looks great. So what if shes plumped up, if i had the cash I would plump me up too. Shes in acting in her 40s she has a lot to lose by sagging. Fair play its an investment. Nicoles lovely a very beautiful and classic looking woman. Compared to Katie the new Mrs Cruise who is already looking old and rather plain. Nicoles dress is a brilliant statement that shes sexy and happy after all that time in high necked dresses after her divorce. Nicoles happy and it shows. Keiths happy with that it shows. Leave them alone.

  88. Well, I turned 30, on august 6th, 2012. So what! , 30, I can’t drive, plus, I don’t have many friends. That really sucks ass, but I’ve got to keep going! On not gonna get rid of myself, cause I believe in god too much to ever do that stupid crap! Because I believe anyone who kills themselves, or anyone else goes to hell! And as far as I’m concerned, they do. Well, I’m 30 years old, I’ve already been to a freak ing nursing home. Only because when I was 20 years old I rode with a drunk moron, well, he wasn’t a moron, he was just at the same party I was at. By the way, he was my good friends half brother. They had the same mom and different fathers.