Megan Fox & MGK are ‘still not in a good place’ but she’s ‘backtracking’

There were a lot of Megan Fox updates over the weekend, with People Magazine insisting that Megan is “not giving up” on her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, and Page Six reporting that Megan had found texts & DMs from other women on his phone, which is why she got upset two weekends ago. Then Megan revived her Instagram to tell us that “there was no third party interference” in her engagement. Some of you took that as Megan trying to appease MGK – and maybe she was – but I think it’s far more likely that the tabloids were crawling all over MGK’s bandmate Sophie Lloyd, who has just been innocently doing her job and yet people are convinced that she’s the other woman. In any case, People Mag has a new update:

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are “still not in a good place,” a source tells PEOPLE, after the actress returned to Instagram Sunday to shut down rumors about the couple.

Fox, 36, who completely deactivated her Instagram account last week after hinting at a potential breakup between her and 32-year-old Kelly (real name Colson Baker), shared a post after reactivating it stating that there was no cheating involved in the relationship.

“There has been no third party interference in this relationship of any kind,” Fox wrote. “You need to let this story die and leave all of these innocent people alone now.”

A source who is familiar with both Fox and Kelly tells PEOPLE that the Transformers actress had initially suspected something was amiss and reacted out of emotion.

“She’s now posted that there was no cheating, but she initially thought there was and now is backtracking a bit,” the source says. “She was definitely hinting at infidelity with her first post. She regrets making it all so public, but was really upset in the moment.”

“Their relationship is crazy and intense,” the source adds, “yet it wouldn’t be shocking if they were back together completely by the end of the week.”

[From People]

“Their relationship is crazy and intense” – after more than three years? Like, can they settle down at some point and just chill out and make dinner? Megan is a 36 year old mother of three, why is still doing crazy and intense relationships at this point in her life? Those crazy and intense relationships happen when you’re young and too dumb to see all the red flags. I do feel like Megan is a habitual ignorer of red flags too. Anyway, I bet Megan had good reason to freak out and take her engagement ring off, and she should go with that reason and not backslide. Easier said than done for many women, I acknowledge that.

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  1. Emily_C says:

    Dude. No. Being the target of an abuser doesn’t make you a “dumb” person who ignores “red flags”. That is a victim-blaming take that keeps a lot of people, mostly women, in abusive relationships. They know they won’t get support because everyone will say they were dumb. No. They were targets.

  2. K8erade says:

    I don’t want to victim blame Megan. I too have been in her situation. At the same time, I also feel there comes a point when you do have to hold yourself accountable when you consistently enter toxic relationships and ask yourself why you keep finding yourself in this situation. That’s what I did. Being abused is NEVER a person’s fault but I strongly believe that healing is up to the individual, especially so they can break the cycle. In Megan’s case, whatever is causing her to consistently get in these toxic entanglements needs to be healed. If she can’t heal for her own sake then for her sons’ sake so they can see that treating a woman the way their mother has been treated is never okay. As for this mess with MGK, I just hope she can disentangle herself from this creep.

    I also feel the biggest problem with abuse victims is that we as a society exist in two extremes: the first being victim blaming and the other is victimizing which leads to infantilizing people who go through this situation. There is no medium and there should be.

    • It Really Is You, Not Me says:

      I love what you said here. I don’t want to victim blame either, but I also want women to know that we’re not doomed to repeat our worst mistakes and relationships. We’re people — we are always learning and growing.

    • AmyB says:

      Well said!! When you have a pattern of toxic relationships, YOU are the common denominator in all of that. In order to break the cycle, you must address the trauma in your past that led to this pattern. Much easier said than done; I know, I spent over a decade plus in therapy dealing with the underlying psychological issues of my anorexia in my 20s and 30s. I hope Megan can make the best decision for herself, and her children and leave this relationship if it is so toxic. We are not privy to what goes on behind closed doors, but for me, there are certainly red flags with MGK.

      • SomeChick says:

        she has been in two relationships ever. BAG is much older. this one is messy, yes, but it’s only her second go. the judgy comments aren’t helpful.

    • Colby says:

      Wow I love this comment! Especially the part about the two extremes.

      I heard it said once (Last Podcast on the Left) that “mental illness if not your fault, but it is your responsibility” and I feel similarly here.

      It is not the victims fault, but at some point they must take the responsibility on themselves to get out and heal themselves. Megan has the recourses to help herself, I hope she takes the opportunities she has.

    • K8erade says:

      She also dated Shia LaBeouf and I think her first boyfriend was one of the 7th Heaven kids…not that it matters. Whether she’s been in one or a million relationships doesn’t discredit what I say. The abuse is NOT her fault but it is her responsibility to get out of whatever toxic situation she is in – even if it isn’t her fault she was put there in the first place. It sucks but it’s life. That means taking a hard honest look at herself.

  3. C says:

    I’m reading that Megan’s childhood with her mother and stepfather was extremely restrictive because of their Pentecostal beliefs. I’m inclined to think the blood drinking and everything like that is half-PR and half a reaction to her upbringing. I think it’s obvious though that she has tons of baggage from it and I do not blame her. Being raised by ultra-Christians in Tennessee would warp me a lot worse frankly. I wish her nothing but the best.

    • molly says:

      Add in the fact that she got with her ex-husband the *second* she turned 18 and HE WAS 30(!!), and yeah, our girl probably doesn’t have the healthiest of romantic relationship tools.

      • C says:

        Yeah…she said herself she moved out at 17 as soon as she could support herself (probably to get out of that environment), and it does not surprise me she would look at an older man like him as a further kind of security, and he took plenty of advantage of that.
        The fun parts of her relationship with MGK were paraded around for some drama and clicks, but the unsavory stuff she is clearly reluctant to reveal for the public eye and she stuck up for Sophie. So I don’t think she has as horrible judgement as others might say. But her partners are definitely treating her like crap and I’m sorry for that.

  4. Ariel says:

    A lot of us have had these “intense” relationships. I just remember when mine was finally over, I was exhausted/ for a year.

    The sex was frequent and great – until it became painful. I went to a gyno who found nothing physically wrong with me. But not having daily hot sex made my patience short and my memory long/ and the relationship was over within a month or two.
    Y’all I think my vagina may have saved me.

    I hope she finds a happy place. Whatever that may be for her.

  5. Lucía says:

    The only person I feel sorry for here is Sophie, quite honestly. Her only crime was being an attractive young woman who works in close proximity to a male celebrity. I hope this doesn’t affect her career.

    • Normades says:

      I feel really bad for her. She is an attractive woman who is an amazing musician and got dragged into this hot mess. I’m not feeling any pity for Megan or Kelly.

  6. TwinFalls says:

    “Those crazy and intense relationships happen when you’re young and too dumb to see all the red flags.”

    This is SUCH a bad take. For context, Angelina Jolie was 40 when she divorced Brad Pitt and it was her third divorce. The abuser is always the problem. Not the choices of the abused.

    There is no “correct age” where a person is okay to end up in a toxic, abusive, manipulative, hard to leave relationship nor a magic age where we suddenly “know better” and can avoid it.

    The lack of awareness and empathy in this post and comments saddens me.

    • TheVolvesSeidr says:

      Right @TwinFalls? Growth is a process. And it is never linear. People could show a little more grace maybe.

  7. Colby says:

    I get what y’all are saying about not victim blaming, but do we know that MGK is abusive?

    I’m new to this relationship, though, so if I missed something glaring I’m happy to be corrected.

    • otaku fairy says:

      Until we’re told otherwise, I believe her broken wrist was from some unrelated incident that didn’t involve him. But he did once threaten to shoot himself because Megan wanted space in the relationship.

    • Coco says:


      Created Jaded for posting this the other day

      ( MGK is openly perverted about his attraction to underage girls, and has made disgusting comments like… “I wish 13/14/15 year old girls weren’t allowed to be hot so I wouldn’t feel like such a creeper when I look at them…”, or how about this gem…at the BET Awards’ red carpet, the presenter asked him about one of his recent tweets that stated he likes “chocolate milk.” He answered with, “I’ll tell it like this, my child is black. Black girls give the best head.” )

      Multiple people have commented on MGK is openly said in an interview that he put a gun to his head and told Megan that he would kill himself if she left him. Whether that happened or not it’s a red flag and a sign of a toxic relationship that he thinks those things are funny. Abuse comes in many forms than just a physical.