Megan Fox ‘is still upset but is not giving up’ on her relationship with MGK

Something happened between Megan Fox and her fiance Machine Gun Kelly just before the Super Bowl. They went to a pre-Super Bowl party and they were photographed together inside the venue, looking fine. Then Megan looked very emotional as they left the party, and within 24 hours, she posted a cryptic Instagram quoting Beyonce and deleted all of her photos of MGK, leading everyone to believe that she dumped MGK after he cheated on her. She also followed Eminem, Timothee Chalamet and a few other guys, all before abruptly deleting her IG. Megan’s people then informed People Mag that she had removed her (thorned) engagement ring and she wasn’t speaking to MGK. Then on Valentine’s Day, Megan and MGK were seen at a couples counseling office, where they stayed for several hours and after which, they left in separate cars. So, is it over? Probably not:

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are continuing to prioritize their relationship despite their differences, a source tells PEOPLE. While the 36-year-old actress is “still upset” following a recent dispute with Kelly, 32, the two “are working through their issues and haven’t split,” says the source.

“Megan is still upset but is not giving up on their relationship,” the source says. “He feels the same way. They are getting professional help because they want things to work out.”

Over the weekend, the Transformers actress hinted at a possible breakup from her actor-musician fiancé on Instagram before deactivating her account altogether. In the comments section of Fox’s last Instagram post, she addressed allegations that Kelly was unfaithful in their relationship with a woman named Sophie — whom fans believe to be Sophie Lloyd, the guitarist in Kelly’s band.

“He probably got with Sophie,” commented one fan, to which the Jennifer’s Body actress responded, “Maybe I got with Sophie.”

In a Wednesday statement, Lloyd’s management team said, “Sophie Lloyd is a professional, accomplished musician who has been needlessly dragged into the media based off of meritless accusations made by social media.”

They added, “Any suggestion that she has ever acted in an unprofessional manner or stepped out of her relationship are untrue. It’s disrespectful to her as a female artist and poor journalism and social commentary to be reporting anything else.”

[From People]

Your guess is as good as mine at this point. I have some thoughts about Megan and MGK’s relationship which I’ll keep to myself (for now), but their vibe has always been “unhealthy.” I get that Megan is very into astrology and soulmates and she really believes that they’ve known each other in another life, but all I can see is that Megan falls head over heels with problematic guys and then spends too much time trying to hang on to something which is well past over. In summary, MGK is not the guy you want to fight for??

PS…Page Six reports that the big issue was Megan finding “texts & DMs” on MGK’s phone. She did break up with him two weekends ago but, as People Mag says, they’re trying to work on it.

PPS… Megan denies that there’s any third party involvement.

Photos courtesy of Instagram, Cover Images, Backgrid.

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  1. BB says:

    She seems to be emotionnally stunted and acts like a teenager. Girl, get it together. This is not worth it.

  2. Osty says:

    I’m beginning to believe what the others said that she did that for attention.
    I just hope she grows a pair and leave his toxic arse

  3. Moderatelywealthy says:

    Why MGK is always holding Megan in this weird way, like he is carrying a a box or something? I know she probably weighs like a feather, but dude, she is not going to fly with the wind!

    • Lola09 says:

      Agreed, it’s creepy af! Arm behind on shoulder or waist is typical, arm in front seems to be saying ‘hey I’m first and don’t you forget it’. No bueno.

  4. Pointillist says:

    She seems like a really cool person who sticks up for other women although she insists feminists don’t like her or aren’t into BDSM like she is. She’s a bit weird. She also sounds like an excellent mother – read the Glamour 2022 interview to see what I mean. I’m rooting for her.

    100% with the second last paragraph – she needs to live in the real world when it comes to her relationships. You’re too good for him, girl.

  5. Zapp Brannigan says:

    When you wear rose tinted glasses through life, the red flags just look like festive bunting.

  6. Christine says:

    Trauma bonding, he talks a good game, love bombing, the cycle continues. I wish the therapist would have just said to her, girl, he ain’t the one. She is beautiful and intelligent and rich and he can still manipulate her into staying. I hate them together.

  7. Mariana says:

    If he is cheating, it just goes to show that your partner cheating on you is never about you not being pretty enough/sexy enough. It’s about them.

    • Sakura says:

      Mariana- Exactly. You show me the hottest woman in the world, and I’ll show you plenty of dudes who would still cheat on her due to their own issues/insecurities. I kept seeing comments on other sites like, “If he can cheat on HER what hope do we regular women have??”.

  8. LIONE says:

    She reminds me of a dear friend of mine who are also knee-deep in the astrology and soulmate-thing.

    It’s hard to watch from the outside because it is SO clear that she spiritually bypasses her deep emotional traumas and repeat the toxic cycles of trying to fill a void in herself that her alcoholic father caused, with red-flag partners.

    At this point I just want to sit her down and tell her she needs to address her traumas, but she’s not even aware of them and completely believes she’s some elevated being ment to have lots of pain in this lifetime to evolve or something.
    When in reality she just needs better and clearer boundaries.

    That said, I’m not dismissing spirituality. I just believe it is very important to balance the real world and the spiritual, and actually become a lot more aware so we can choose better for ourselves.

    • Andrea says:

      I had to let a friend go who would fall in love with everybody she dated and was also knee deep in tarot and astrology. She’d get angry and deflect that I couldnt properly love when I have set boundaries for myself and wouldnt fall in love with just anyone. She needed to heal from traumas and now sadly has groomed during the pandemic an 18 year old (now 21) whom she is convinced is her soulmate (she is 36). I saw all this on her social media.

      That all being said, like Ben and JLo who are both Leos, I sideeye same sign pairings. MGK and Megan are both Tauruses.

  9. Lola09 says:

    Wtf is with the bathroom photos? And what’s the poster being displayed? Cos it makes me think of domestic violence awareness. Maybe I’m way off but it all adds to the screaming red flags here.

    • Jordana says:

      It is a domestic violence help poster. It looks like she decided to pose beside it. Maybe it was a coincidence but who knows

  10. Justjj says:

    I want to see her in her villain bad b, era. Can you imagine if she just spent some time alone and started a business-I would buy her goth shoes/makeup??? And started acting again in horror and did more of her niche work. She would be great. I want her to be the goth countess mom we all need her to be and go to a bunch of therapy and be an unf-kwithable boss. She needs to be alone for awhile and get everything back on track and only date again after she’s taken the time to heal and focus on herself.

  11. Stephanie says:

    The “when you can’t walk away“ poster behind her…

  12. ama1977 says:

    I’ve always thought that if you need couples therapy before there’s a legal commitment (i.e. marriage/formalized domestic partnership/children) that’s a giant, flashing, neon sign that this isn’t it. It shouldn’t be hard to be together a year or two in. I’ve been married for almost 18 years and while we’ve had some rough patches (most notably the huge learning curve that came with baby #1, then another in pandemic year 1) it’s overwhelmingly easy and good.

    I think this is delaying the inevitable and I honestly hope she calls it off before they get married (I can see him whisking her away for a quickie elopement if he can get her to look past whatever he did here recently) because I want good things for her. She seems like a sweet person who falls for toxic BS and I’d love to see her make choices that are good for her long-term.

    • Paige Liberato says:

      AMA, I respectfully disagree. I think having a third party to help coach communication, healthy boundaries, and self-differentiation is never a bad thing.

      I will always be pro-mental health services and take it as a sign a couple is taking their own mental health and their commitments seriously.

      That said, I hope she is safe, because MGK has said disturbing things about his own behavior.

      • ama1977 says:

        Paige, I agree that communication and help establishing boundaries can be beneficial, and I shouldn’t have said “always” because there is really no situation where there couldn’t be a good reason for an outcome or solution that “usually” would seem counterproductive.

        IMO, couple’s counseling prior to a legally committed relationship is usually just delaying the inevitable, and can often cause people who should have broken up at a less permanent stage to have to negotiate a breakup/divorce further down the road when it’s more complex and difficult. Of course there are circumstances where that’s not the case, but (anecdotally, I know) in the situations I’ve known with friends and family, if there are issues serious enough to necessitate counseling, the relationship is really not working and the best solution is to move on.

      • SomeChick says:

        some people choose to visit a couple’s counselor before making a huge commitment. seems pretty wise to me.

        the part about “issues serious enough to necessitate counseling” indicating that it’s time to move on is problematic. to me, it reflects a perspective on counseling that is unhelpful. if people waited as long to go to the ER as they do to seek counseling, most of them wouldn’t pull through. there’s this view that relationships should just organically work somehow and that counseling is shameful or indicates in itself that things are irreparably broken. if that’s the case, you’ve waited too long.

        there’s no shame in consulting an expert. it can be incredibly helpful at any stage in a relationship.

    • Penguin says:

      I have to say, I agree with Paige Liberato. Having a third party help you develop good communication and boundaries is never a bad thing. Everyone, no matter how well-adjusted and self-aware, can struggle with the commitment and compromise that comes with marriage and partnership. You could argue that the best time to do it is at the start of the relationship when you can build a healthy foundation before years of baggage and resentment take hold. Or understand that perhaps you are incompatible and unhealthy together. Either way, the stigma of only relationships in trouble get counseling needs to go away. I’m saying this generally, not about these two.

  13. nocturne says:

    She is a victim of abuse and has been primed for abusive relationships ever since BAG manipulated her.

    MGK threatened to shoot himself because she wasn’t paying him enough attention. THIS IS ABUSE. Next, she turns up at an awards show with a messed up wrist and stating on her instagram that she also had a concussion, later giving cryptic messages about him cheating on her. Not only that, but she put up a photo of herself in front of a poster for domestic violence. A concussion is a serious injury! She finds out that he is cheating on her, calls him out on it and then she turns up seriously injured. I WONDER WHO DID IT?

    She is trying to get out and screaming for help. The message where she states there was no third party involved could be a further move to pacify her abuser. She might have found texts and other evidence, but if she didn’t actually see him in the act, then he might be railing against her in private. That she is a liar, that she is making up things, and full on gaslighting her.

    The fact that some here are claiming she did this all for attention? JESUS CHRIST.

    We are always so willing to blame women for having a ‘bad picker’ when it is the men TARGETING THEM.

    • nocturne says:

      Also, her attending therapy when she is clearly over it could potentially (hopefully) be another move to pacify her abuser as she tries to get out.

      If she goes to therapy then she cannot be blamed for not trying everything to save the relationship. It is one less thing he can hold over her head. One less accusation – that she didn’t try.

      • nocturne says:

        She said she likes toxic relationships? WHO CONVINCED HER OF THAT? This is just another way for an abuser to place blame on the abuse victim.

        The idea of mutual abuse is a myth. They are both equally bad and toxic, right? Really? He threatened to kill himself, she turns up clearly having been assaulted, but you know, she says weird shit sometimes so it’s fine? They are both equally bad? Is that how it goes?

        Abuse fucks with people’s head, and abusers deliberately go out of their way to mess with their victims minds so they sound crazy. Gaslighting, lying, manipulation. All of it. Then they can hide their abuse behind the fact that the woman is just ‘crazy,’ right? Who made her crazy?

      • Paige Liberato says:

        THANK YOU! I’m hoping having an outside set of eyes on the relationship helps keep her safe and form strong boundaries, whatever that may mean for her.

    • Saschafrom76 says:

      EXACTLY. Half the women on this common threat, are practically complicit in the abuse that she has suffered for decades. Yeah, I said it I know women who criticized her when she was being abused on movie sets. I know women who criticized her through her groomed marriage. And now. SAME WOMEN. Even as Megan has outlined all of the abuses. Like y’all who constantly attack her actually have something real and tangible to do with her effed up personal perspective – you know that right? and if you don’t, maybe you should look in the mirror and do better.

      • nocturne says:

        THANK YOU! I felt like I was going nuts with no one acknowledging this.

        She has stated multiple times that she doesn’t come forward about me too and feminist issues because she doesn’t think other women will support her because of the way she dresses/acts/looks. SHE IS RIGHT!

      • otaku fairy says:

        It’s sad that that feeling of not being safe with is still the reality for a lot of women with feminism. Knowing that many liberals and feminists will make experiences they discuss all about their need to sexually gaslight, slut-shame, and victim-blame them, right along with the right and the manosphere. That’s a lot to have coming at you in a lifetime. There probably won’t be change on the right, but hopefully on the left this will become less of a problem over time.

    • TwinFalls says:

      “The message where she states there was no third party involved could be a further move to pacify her abuser. She might have found texts and other evidence, but if she didn’t actually see him in the act, then he might be railing against her in private. That she is a liar, that she is making up things, and full on gaslighting her.“

      Agree, highly likely an appeasement post.

      I feel for her and will not judge her for not being able to disengage from this toxic relationship in one step.

    • Emily_C says:

      “We are always so willing to blame women for having a ‘bad picker’ when it is the men TARGETING THEM.”

      This. When you’re constantly in the sights of abusers, some are going to get you. My abusive boyfriend went after me for multiple reasons, but one of them he told me was, and I quote “You’re hard to manipulate. I like the challenge.” That was when he’d already been working on me for years, so I was numb to it by then.

  14. Nicegirl says:

    💕 💗 hope she’s ok. I support you Megan

  15. Jonesy says:

    Ugh they seem so toxic. I recall the lead up to all this was her sharing group texts about how she loves toxic men. Part of me thinks this drama and attention seeking is just who she is and part of me thinks she is angling for clout or reality show or something. Blech

  16. L says:

    I hope she’s able to get out of this relationship with this toxic man. I’m rooting for her.

  17. Jaded says:

    Megan screams insecurity. From the number of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures she’s had to the men she gets involved with romantically, even though she outed misogynistic and deeply disturbing behaviour by men she worked with, she continues to present herself as an overly and darkly sexualized woman who struggles with her identity. MGK is openly perverted about his attraction to underage girls, and has made disgusting comments like… “I wish 13/14/15 year old girls weren’t allowed to be hot so I wouldn’t feel like such a creeper when I look at them…”, or how about this gem…at the BET Awards’ red carpet, the presenter asked him about one of his recent tweets that stated he likes “chocolate milk.” He answered with, “I’ll tell it like this, my child is black. Black girls give the best head.”

    Megan, get away from this douche NOW.

    • Mothra says:

      Damn, really? At this point I have to wonder about the character of any woman who engages with this man, casually or not. The line between being another victim and accomplice was crossed, I think.

    • otaku fairy says:

      Accurate take on MGK aside, it would really be healthy if boomer straights with a pattern of biphobia and slut-shaming avoided trying to set the tone for what’s too sexual for other generations of women.

  18. Mothra says:

    This guy has bad news written all over him. I never heard his music, is he even good at that?

  19. Aries-Mira says:

    IMHO she should steer clear of romantic relationships and concentrate on herself. Figure out how what makes her happy, and be with her kids. Learn how to be alone, and be comfortable with it. If that means therapy/counselling, so be it. Then, maybe look at getting back into the dating scene? She needs to figure out out who she is, and she has probably the financial resources to step back from the public eye and do that.

  20. StarCey says:

    I’ve been thinking of this and looking at it from a different perspective entirely. What if there was no cheating, no abuse aside from the toxicity on both parts. MgK has had struggles with drug abuse and addiction in the past. What if he’s been using and lied to her about it or something along those lines?