Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly went to couples counseling on V-Day

I have no idea why commenters decided to hijack yesterday’s Megan Fox post to relitigate Megan’s relationship with Brian Austin Green, but please stop doing that. Megan was a teenager when she got with BAG, and every time she tried to leave him they ended up having another unplanned baby. It’s weird to make that HER fault. Speaking of, I’m actually a little bit surprised that Machine Gun Kelly hasn’t tried to baby-trap Megan, because that seems like something he would do. MGK and Megan had some kind of major falling out during Super Bowl Weekend. Megan’s people have been briefing People Magazine that this fight was pretty serious, serious enough that she’s removed her thorned engagement ring. Serious enough that Megan and MGK spent Valentine’s Day at couples counseling.

The twin flames have reunited. Amid ongoing breakup rumors — and a reported fight that broke out during Super Bowl weekend — Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox were photographed together at an office building in Agoura Hills, Calif., on Monday.

The duo showed up to the building, which houses various couple and marriage counseling specialists, in separate cars the day before Valentine’s Day, according to Daily Mail. The outlet reports that the “Taurus” co-stars stayed inside for approximately two and a half hours.

Although they exited the building together, Fox, 36, and MGK, 32, left in separate vehicles.

[From Page Six]

People Magazine said, on Monday, that they weren’t speaking to each other following their fight. I guess someone convinced Megan to talk to MGK alongside a “neutral” third party. I don’t know what to say here – I’m convinced that Megan and MGK’s dynamic is pretty toxic, in general, and I hope their counselor sees that and helps Megan walk away. But I also think it’s bad news that Megan was willing to meet with MGK under any circumstances. So I don’t know!

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Cover Images, Instagram.

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  1. Jm says:

    Run Megan! There is someone out there for you that isn’t this much work!!

    • Jamie says:

      The “When You Can’t Walk Away” poster on the wall behind her seems to say a lot

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Jaime, it’s quite poetic. Hopefully Meghan looks closely at that photo and allows it to sink in. She deserves better but she had to feel and know that. That’s the crux of it, isn’t it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah IDK isn’t it all a lot of work? I’m honestly asking. How many of you have easy relationships? Would love a poll.

      I also don’t know what to think about the bruise on her arm in the mirror picture. Is it lighting? Did she just have a blood draw at the doctor’s? I really hop it isn’t from drugs.

  2. K8erade says:

    I saw the pictures yesterday and I’m really worried about Megan. I’m really thinking the toxicity has escalated to something worse. I mean we know MGK is emotionally abusive, given he tried to put a gun in his mouth when Megan wanted space early on in their relationship (they’ve talked about it before). But recently she had that broken wrist and the makeup seems heavier. It could all be just coincidences but…I’m just worried for her.

    • Savvy Sue says:


      ITA about the breakup timing in relation to her recent broken wrist and concussion is very alarming. I read somewhere that during Grammy’s celebrations she didn’t want to really discuss how she got these injuries.

    • Jamie says:

      oh my goodness. I was thinking she had MORE procedures done on her face – which may still be the case- but after reading your comment I took a look and a lot of it does seem to be heavier or more full coverage make up

  3. Emmi says:

    I mean, there was mostly that first comment that went off the rails yesterday. Kind of like the royal posts. Doesn’t matter what or who they’re about, it always comes back to horrible Kate.

    I think she deserves better than this crap. They haven’t been together that long, why do they already need counseling? This whole relationship has screamed “sex crazed” from day 1 and that is fine, good for them. But don’t confuse that with love or – god forbid – soulmates.

  4. BaronSamedi says:

    I don’t see the toxicity? They seemed fine in the pics from yesterday to me too. Honestly this beat-by-beat reporting on their relationship is what seems toxic to me. So they had a big fight and immediately sources are talking to people about it. This seems like HS level drama, especially if she immediately went to couple’s counseling about it.

    Their relationship seems to be about exactly this though: Being extra about everything.

    Also I don’t believe for one second that she actually wears that ‘thorn’ ring. That is peak wannabe goth couple shenanigans. It smells like Angelina Jolie when she was with Billy Bob. Back then she was also all about coming across as super duper weird and ‘different’.

    Meghan is not about to end a relationship that keeps her relevant.

    • K8erade says:

      Well both Megan and MGK have been blasted for promoting toxic relationships and with good reason. The big story that concerns everyone is MGK telling a story about putting a gun in his mouth and threatening to kill himself when Megan wanted space early on in their relationship. Whether it’s true or not…that is not a story you want out there to promote your love for your girlfriend if you have a healthy and functioning relationship.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        So MGK is using emotional blackmail against Meghan. Another abuser that Meghan is hooked into.

        Run 🏃🏾‍♀️ 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️ Meghan, run!!!!!!

        I understand her situation too well, unfortunately. From a former abused wife who survived and spent 6 years in therapy.

      • Liz Version 700 is says:

        Holy Bleep! If that is the story you will tell people?!?!? How much worse is he behind closed doors Jeez US

    • Shai says:

      People who have followed her for years see patterns and have discussed this before. Adding on, her and this man have been criticized before for what they choose to discuss in the media so this isn’t new. He seems emotionally abusive and manipulative, this is based on everything he’s actually shared about their relationship.

    • SomeChick says:

      we don’t see her wearing the ring very often. but it isn’t because it actually has thorns on the inside. it’s smooth on the inside.

      here are photos from the jeweler. second one shows the inside of the rings:

      so much hype and exaggeration around these two.

  5. Lens says:

    Some women just stay with their chosen man no matter what. Given her history (she actually filed for divorce around 2016 then six months later showed up pregnant) so she’s not about to give up at least not without counseling. And a few back and forth reconciliations ahead of her. I see her. Nobody knows what goes on in a relationship except the two people in it. I know that flies in the face of what we all do on here everyday! I will say all these at least performative Hollywood relationships seem stuck at junior high level. I guess that’s the drama they all crave. No thanks! Been there done that.

    • TwinFalls says:

      It’s interesting to me as someone who left a toxic relationship and chose to not jump into another relationship, watch my ex continue the pattern and cycle through people, never for a minute being alone and finally finding one to “settle down with” even though the drama never ends. It feels so much better without all of that high high/low low chaos even though people probably assume there’s something wrong with me for being the single one.

      Anyway, I agree Megan is probably not at the walk away stage yet if past behaviors indicate anything. I feel for her.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ TwinFalls, I agree.

        Hopefully she will get there one day. I hope so as she, as well as every woman, deserves to be loved and treated without the threat of abuse, manipulation and intimidation.

  6. DARK says:

    It sounded like it was really hard for her to take the step to leave I hope that he doesn’t manage to manipulate her to come back.

  7. detritus says:

    On average it takes seven times to leave.

    I hope this or the next get her out.

    Also, don’t do couples counselling with manipulators/abusers. The point of couples counselling is to come to a compromise, which doesn’t work if one persons expectations are unhealthy.

    • Jm says:

      Yes! And a lot of abusers use therapy to learn how to abuse better, while manipulating the therapist as well

  8. Secondinline says:

    I hope their argument was started by the tubi commercial.

  9. j.ferber says:

    Detritus, I’d heard it takes an average of 7 years for a woman to leave her abusive partner. I hope Megan gets out sooner than that.

  10. dlc says:

    Stars, they’re just like us! I went to couples counseling for Valentine’s Day too. :^(

  11. Rea says:

    I hope Megan leaves this relationship if its toxic for her because its not worth it being with a toxic person.

  12. Spike says:

    To quote Latrice Royale – Good God girl get a grip. She needs to get a restraining order & cut all contact with this trash person. Now. How are her children? She & BAG have split custody.

    It’s an open secret that BAG was extremely controlling & manipulative with Megan. They met when she was 18 & he was 31. He interfered with her career. She filed for divorce in 2015. The next thing you know she was pregnant with their 3rd child. The whole relationship is one of coercive control.

    Unfortunately Megan went from one manipulative controlling husband to an extremely physically abuse fiance MGK.

    This is a sad pattern for women in abusive relationships. She’s got to think of her kids & stand on her own. Get a restraining order against this POS. Find a place for her & the kids. Get everyone in therapy. Stop dating. Enjoy your kids, your life. Play No More Drama by Mary J Blige every day until you believe it