Sharon Stone: I will do anything for attention (and fur)

Sharon Stone, the new gay icon, has accomplished a lot in the past few weeks.

  • She made out with the West Wall in Israel to promote her “screw your way to world peace” program
  • She donned the carcasses of countless animals and teased her hair to pre-90s levels, complete with matching spandex
  • She did her part for the labor movement by giving jobs waiting on her to her relatives and friends.
  • She starred in a movie that she tried her very best to make dirty, and ended up with a film that reaches Showgirls-level camp
  • And she overcame shyness by flirting with discount shoppers

    Now she’s surprising us all with her latest announcement that she will do Playboy – again:

    The sexy actress made her debut in the men’s magazine in 1990 before shooting to fame with her role in Basic Instinct.

    And after watching the star strip in new thriller Basic Instinct 2, magazine bosses have reportedly approached Sharon with a million dollar offer to pose again.

    Sizzling Sharon told a US TV show: “I did Playboy a few years ago.

    “They’ve approached me again. This is not the moment but (that’s) not to say there won’t be the moment.”

    The moment will be in a month or two, we’re sure. Sharon Stone would do playboy again – how shocking!

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