Lizzo: ‘I was sick of the shapewear industry forcing a body type on me’

Lizzo is responding to body shamers once again. It’s becoming somewhat of a full-time obsession for her. Although, in this case, it’s business, because the shamers were coming for her Yitty shapewear. I guess people have been commenting on Lizzo’s breasts and stomach looking soft or sagging while wearing her own shapewear pieces. So they made comments that the shapewear must not be effective. Lizzo filmed a video addressing the claims, saying that her sags and softness are because that’s the way she likes her body to look. She said the reason she started Yitty was because she was tired of the shapewear industry dictating the one way a body was supposed to look, so she designed her line for people to be able to choose exactly how much support they wanted and where. Lizzo asked people to buy the shapewear to look the way want and not worry about how other people choose to wear theirs.

Lizzo is responding to trolls who say that her shapewear isn’t doing what it’s supposed to.

The 34-year-old singer and creator of Yitty said she wanted to talk about “body politics” during a get-ready-with-me style video on TikTok. While getting herself dressed for a night out, she reflected on comments she’s received since launching her shapewear brand and wearing her product.

“Snatched, where? Why? No, I’m sorry. Her breasts are sagging. It is not a good look,” she claimed people have said before responding, “This might be a little controversial for some of ya’ll and it may be hard to hear, but I like it that way.”

Lizzo went on clarify that the way that her shapewear fits “works for me” and “if it does not work for you, at Yitty we have different levels of compression so you can create your… own beauty standard.”

She also said that the variety in shape, fit and compression that her brand offers is the reason she created it.

“I was sick of the shapewear industry forcing a body type on me. I don’t want to look like that. What if I wanna look like more snatched here, more loose here, more relaxed here, maybe a little cleavage there?” she asked, grabbing different parts of her body. “I wanted to give all bodies — and yes to ya’ll even the people who be talking shit — the opportunity to create your own beauty. Create what feels good to you, what looks good to you.”

[From Yahoo!]

In the video, Lizzo acknowledged dieting and working out are also body ideals people want to obtain. I’m with Lizzo on this. First off, I undertand that shapewear itself is controversial. I respect that. Not to be too much of a bummer but at times, shapewear kept me from slipping back into bad disordered eating habits. I own my issues, but as Lizzo said, we all have different ideals stuck in our head for better or for worse. I find it a better solution to acknowledge that we have different preferences, as Lizzo said, than telling everyone they all must have the current idealized body type. If someone likes their stomach, let them show it. If they wear compression leggings, that’s their business.

As cliché as it sounds, the best accessory to any outfit is confidence. If you choose to wear shapewear and it helps give you that confidence in that outfit, go for it.

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  1. mvaca says:

    Massive respect for Lizzo. Her attitudes and the way she expresses them are top notch. She truly is a role model for all of us. An extremely clever businesswoman and spokesperson for her own brand(s). And a talented artist too. Love her and admire her greatly.

    • Peaches says:

      Agreed. Lizzo’s a real one. She’s not judging those who conform to society’s ideals. Cuz how could we not?! it’s drilled into our heads from the time we’re born. I love the has compassion for many of us who are still trying deprogram ourselves and is like, look, DO YOU.

  2. Scurryalongnow says:

    I had a reconstructive abdominoplasty a little while back and struggled finding compression garments. I actually picked up a pair from Yitty that I LOVE…wayyyy better than the other shapewear I’ve gotten and gave me the compression I needed. My only complaint is they’re sold through that fabletics membership thing. It’s a pain in the ass, and I can’t comprehend who is buying so many it makes a membership worth it, or why memberships for clothing is even a thing (apparently you can pause the membership if you’re not using it that month or something, but again – why have it unless you’re counting on people forgetting about it and just paying each cycle)

  3. SquiddusMaximus says:

    She is so fecking pretty, talented, and fierce. Thank God for positive role models like this queen 🙂

  4. Houlihan says:

    I have a connective tissue disorder (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) that affects my posture and joints. I wear **a lot** of shape wear because it helps with posture and takes some of the strain off my muscles. I swear, the Yitty bodysuits are the best I’ve ever used. They’re really comfortable and give a lot of support without making you feel like you’re rearranging internal organs and can’t digest food properly. And they ACTUSLLY fit plus sized bodies, unlike some brands (looking at you, Skims). Lizzo did a damned fine job with them. It’s annoying that they’re sold through the Fabletics monthly membership and that mh local store doesn’t stock them, so that’s the only way to get them. But I deal with it because they’re just that good. And the models represent a huge range of sizes and shapes, without skinny shaming or fat shaming. Like I can’t say enough good things about them.

  5. Nicegirl says:

    Thank you Lizzo 💕 🎶 🖖

  6. susan says:

    Damn, I love love love this woman.

  7. Enis says:

    As someone who is overweight and middle age, I have found lightweight shapewear is incredible for making saggy skin more comfortable. It’s far more breathable than most “compression garments.”

  8. Emmy Rae says:

    I wish Lizzo could just do her thing without having to make these responses. But she makes great responses to all the bullshit!

  9. meli says:

    Let’s all please acknowledge how EXHAUSTING it must be for Lizzo to respond to this kinda BS ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME.
    Being a black woman is hard enough. Being a “plus size” (whatever that means) black woman in an industry that makes you want to hate yourself… She is absolutely indefatigable.

    I hope one day she realises, she doesn’t need to respond. At all.

  10. j.ferber says:

    She’s right and she’s gorgeous. Enough said. Love this lady.

  11. Fig says:

    I wish Yitty wasn’t sold through Fabletics. They make you sign up just to browse! I’m interested but not that interested