Princess Kate told rugby players that George & Charlotte are playing rugby too

Last Saturday, the Prince and Princess of Wales traveled to Cardiff to watch the Six Nations match between Wales and England (England won). We posted the photos on Sunday – Kate repeated a barely-seen Catherine Walker coat and they met with people who are being supported by some rugby-injury fund. It was at the meeting before the match where Kate was overheard talking about her kids. This is very common – Kate and William are not great conversationalists and you’d never want to meet more incurious people. Whenever they meet anyone, they launch into stories about their kids. That’s what Kate did on Saturday: talked about how her kids are playing rugby too.

Kate Middleton says that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are tackling the same game! The Princess of Wales, 41, made the revelation at the Wales vs. England Six Nations rugby match on Saturday, where she and Prince William cheered for opposing teams. Prince William, 40, has been patron of the Welsh Rugby Union since 2016, while Princess Kate supports England as patron of the Rugby Football League and the Rugby Football Union.

The royal couple attended a pre-event reception, where they met injured athletes supported by the Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust. There, Princess Kate revealed that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are both playing rugby. According to Hello! magazine, Kate said that George, 9, is moving up from tag rugby to touch rugby at school, where he’s learning how to tackle — with an advantage.

“They are trying to teach him the rules,” she said. “They move them around for their confidence. Because he is tall, he has the physique.”

Princess Kate also commented on her younger two children’s interest in the game.

“But then there is Louis coming. Charlotte also does rugby,” she added of Prince Louis, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 7, per Hello!

[From People]

Louis seems like… he’ll be good at rugby. Is height an advantage in rugby? I really don’t know much about that sport, so I can’t say. In any case, I’m sure when Wimbledon comes around, Kate will tell Novak Djokovic all about how George, Charlotte and Louis are all playing tennis. When she meets Katie Ledecky, the kids will all be champion swimmers. When she meets Mohamed Salah, the kids will all be playing football. And on and on.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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  1. Maida says:

    So that photo . . . at first I thought she was giving the finger (I realize she isn’t actually). But what a weird pose!

    I find Katherine’s interest in sports somewhat endearing, I must say.

    • ariel says:

      I thought the exact same thing. And it would have definitely been funnier.

      • Sam says:

        There is a video where she says at the exact moment the picture was taken with her fingers that she has bags around her eyes!!! So she knows how bad she looks!!!

    • Feeshalori says:

      Ditto, my brain keeps seeing it even though I’ve looked at the photo several times. Show us how you really feel, Kate!

    • Remy says:

      Either that or it looks like she’s about to do “Asian eyes”

    • Cara says:

      It looks like she’s doing a YouTube on how to give prostate exams.

  2. Elizabeth Regina says:

    Bless her heart. The way she keeps throwing those poor children into any conversation.

  3. Mary Pester says:

    Oh ffs, another sport another story from Khate, if it’s football players, her kids play and its their “favourite” sport, rugby, yep “it’s their favourite, last summer at Wimbledon, it was tennis that was their” favourite “, I’m longing for the day the children are with her and when she trots out how it’s their” favourite “, George or Charlotte pipe up and say” NO it’s not mum, we all like YOUR favourite sport “CHARADES”.

    • Tacky says:

      As someone who grew up playing tennis, golf, field hockey, and softball, some kids like a sport for every season.

  4. Brassy Rebel says:

    😂😆! Name a sport! The Wales kids are mastering it.

  5. girl_ninja says:

    Of course they’re playing rugby, just like she made/makes them pancakes. She’s so full of shit. And can someone tell me why this woman never blends in her rouge?!?!

  6. DouchessOfCornwall says:

    Hmmm George Charlotte and Louis are not all OBSESSED with rugby like they seem to be for everything else?

  7. Jais says:

    I can’t look at all those pics v closely bc the coat really does give me a headache. Like one of those optical illusions. I don’t even think it’s ugly so much as migraine inducing.

    • Cara says:

      It really is the worst, isn’t it? I don’t even know how to put into words just how hideous it is.

  8. Neners says:

    Every conversation has to circle back to her kids for her to know how to engage. The generous part of me says it’s social anxiety. The hardass says it’s straight-up self-absorption.

  9. Cessily says:

    I raised boys.. the only sport they didn’t play was rugby but we had🏈🏒⚽️🏀⚾️🥍🎾⛷️🏂🏌🏻.. I don’t see George being a rugby player Louis seems more inclined in temperament. George comes across as timid and height in kids isn’t a plus balance, mass and coordination are more important. Charlotte seems like she might excel at any aggressive sport though. Either way the more time they spend away from their racist hateful parents the better imo.

  10. Lucy says:

    Based on the clips of rugby games I’ve seen, helps to be built like a brick house. There’s been a few guys cross over to the NFL, so pro football sized without the helmets and pads. George being tall, if he’s fast he’ll do well until his 20s I would think.

    They talk about their kids so much because having children is the only experience they have that’s remotely universal, at least from their POV. And they’re hella boring and they know their kind of jokes are not for the public.

    • CallyForbes says:

      One of the fun things about rugby union is that because the different team positions have such different functions it seems to have been designed to suit every size of human being. For example, the forwards are huge and heavy with the mass needed to function.well in the scrums, while the backs are smaller and lighter and designed to dodge and run fast to score tries. Sometimes when the camera pans along the line of 15 players you cannot believe that such different looking people can really be playing in the same game.

      • so_annoyed says:

        Yes, CallyForbes! My son plays rugby (he is going to play in college next year), and he started as a scrumhalf and got too tall and now is a flyhalf. It is incredible how each player’s sizing is so different to play various positions. The higher the number usually, the quicker they are. It is such a fantastic sport that I wish it were more popular in the US.

    • BQM says:

      Just as a side note. One of the players on my team, the Philadelphia Eagles, is a former rugby player. Jordan Mailata is a tackle. He was born in Australia to Samoan parents. His is a pretty cool story.

  11. Becks1 says:


    She really has nothing else to say to people if she’s not bringing the conversation back to her kids.

  12. Old_Crone says:

    My kids actually are obsessed with rugby. And one of the wonderful things about the sport is that there is a position for every body type. Women’s rugby is also becoming huge.

  13. MY3CENTS says:

    Good thing she managed not to say that her children really love food and are obsessed with it when they visited that food bank couple weeks back.

  14. Cecile730 says:

    Again more “my kids love (insert whatever sport she’s visiting)”….Does anyone else feels like she totally don’t know or care about them? 🤔
    It’s sooo bland that it’s impossible she has any memories of them doing any sport because otherwise she would give anecdotes.

  15. Lily says:

    Sorry, but as a proud mom of 3 ( all now grown) I did and still do the exact same thing. I see absolutely nothing wrong with her talking about her children so much. That’s what parent’s do….they brag about their children at any opportunity because they are PROUD of them.

    As for all the different sports they are involved in, I think it’s wonderful ! As my mother LOVED to say “Why not try everything until you find your special something” and trust me when I say she signed me up for every random sport/club around…..and I did the same to mine.

    • Nic919 says:

      Seeing as they keep centring themselves when the point is to highlight what others are doing, it’s not the same as being proud of your kids. It’s making every visit about yourself and your family. How about asking the players more about themselves.

      This entire family lives in luxury off the backs of the UK taxpayers. We don’t need to hear they are great at everything.

    • Kkat says:

      @Lily You’re not getting the point, all she does is talk about her kids and how they love whatever she is promoting

      She is a patron, I’m SURE she could have her staff give her other more topical subjects to talk about.

      It is fine and great she talks about her kids, but she has nothing else to say. That the problem with lazy Kate

      I would be so embarrassed to be in the spotlight and always so unprepared and ignorant looking.

    • Cecile730 says:

      @Lily: I do have kids too but I have things to say about them other than the generic platitudes that she keeps telling. I’m sure that if she did you would hear the stories about the kids endlessly in the press.
      That’s why everyone say it’s fake and that I think she must not know them well.

  16. Amy Bee says:

    When Kate meets Sachin Tendulkar she’s tell him that the children are really into cricket and that she wants to carry them to India.

  17. CQ says:

    She looks sweaty.

  18. The Recluse says:

    Good grief.
    She’s exhausting.

  19. j.ferber says:

    I think her greatest achievement in life so far is taming her left eyebrow. Props, really (not). Also, she’s a known liar. If she were watching a circus, she’d say George and Charlotte love being shot out of the cannon too. It’s like she can’t relate to other people without throwing in her (absent) kids, who are SO like these strangers she’s met for the first and last time.

  20. Cel2495 says:

    What a boring , uneducated and incurious woman. Her kids are the only topic of conversation and they do apparently everything , it’s the only thing she can ever say when in a conversation. George loves dinosaurs, Charlotte likes to bake. Louis likes walking, blah blah blah

  21. Emma says:

    She really doesn’t have anything else to talk about apart from her kids. Shows that even with all that wealth, privilege and opportunity her life is so small! She could do and be so much more if she wanted to.

    However to be fair to Kate, most private schools here play rugby, when I was at school in Home Counties it was more common to play rugby than football in these schools. Still similar now, my nephew plays both, but rugby is definitely more important than football to the school. With cricket being the sport of choice in the summer. I guess rugby, cricket and tennis are definitely seen as the more upper class sports.

  22. ChattyCath says:

    Schools play rugby because they don’t have enough grounds for a football pitch. All schools now are simply ‘crammers’ to pass exams. No wonder she hasn’t an original thought in her head.

  23. 0Rackel says:

    What don’t those kids do. Lol. Are they really into all these sports? How are their academics? Hopefully they just follow the seasons and aren’t juggling everything together.