Chris Rock: What Meghan Markle went through in the UK ‘was not racism’

Here are some photos from Chris Rock’s latest Netflix stand-up special. He did stand-up in front of a mostly white audience, and the positive response for the special has mostly come from the conservative, right-wing media. Rock is their guy, spouting their talking points, calling Black women “bitches” and suggesting that Black people aren’t really victims of racism if they knowingly fell in love with someone who comes from a racist family. Speaking of, Rock decided to dedicate part of his act to the Duchess of Sussex:

During his new Netflix special, Chris Rock: Selective Outrage, the comedian, 58, unloaded a few jokes about Meghan, 41, and her in-laws, at one point claiming that “some of that s— she went through was not racism,” but rather what he called “in-law s—.” He later called the royal family the “OGs of racism” and “Sugarhill Gang of racism” during the Saturday night special — claiming that they “invested in slavery like it was Shark Tank.”

“Sometimes it’s just some in-law s—,” Rock said on the special of Meghan. “Because she’s complaining, I’m like, ‘What the f— is she talking about? ‘They’re so racist, they wanted to know how brown the baby was going to be…’ I’m like, ‘That’s not racist,’ cause’ even Black people want to know how brown the baby gon’ be. S—. We check behind them ears.”

The segment about Meghan and the royals began when Rock claimed that “everyone is trying to be the victim, including people who know g–damn well they’re not victims.” After mentioning Meghan specifically, he said that she “seems like a nice lady, just complaining.”

“Like, didn’t she hit the light-skinned lottery,” Rock asked. “And she’s still going off complaining?” Rock continued, saying he understood Meghan’s “dilemma.”

“Black girl trying to be accepted by her white in-laws,” Rock said. “Oh, it’s hard. It’s so hard, it’s very hard — but it ain’t as hard as a white girl trying to be accepted by her Black in-laws. Now, that s— is really hard. If you Black, and you wanna be accepted by your white in-laws, then you need to marry a Kardashian. Because they accept everybody. Kris Jenner is like the Statue of Liberty.”

[From People]

What’s weird is that the people who are like “yes, finally someone tells the truth about Meghan” are in complete denial of the part where Rock mocked Meghan for NOT knowing that the Windsors “invented colonialism” and that she was trying to enter an environment which would be hostile to her just because of her race. Like, he made that about how Meghan was… a bad person for falling for a white man with a racist family, but the racist idiots defending Rock are just glossing over the fact that Rock said the Windsors invented colonialism and have been racist for centuries?

Of course, Meghan wasn’t the only target of his unfunny ire. Rock also said he watched Emancipation just to see Will Smith “get whipped” (Smith plays a slave-turned-soldier in the film). He went off on a tangent (?) about how Jada is a “bitch” because she tried to boycott the Oscars for being racist, and he brought up Jada’s entanglement, etc. Basically, as the AV Club says, Rock seemed more upset with Jada than with Will. Basically, Rock’s special was all about how much he despises Black women.

Photos courtesy of Kirill Bichutsky/Netflix.

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  1. ThatsNotOkay says:

    The audience was mostly Black, not white. His point about MM was that, yeah, Black people want to know the kid’s skin color too. He just didn’t go further and discuss WHY that is a habit in the Black community and why it’s problematic (internalized racism).

    • LooneyTunes says:

      The comment about the ears and saying she won the light skin lottery pretty much sums up the internalized racism of Rock (and many Black people) due to … wait for it … the racism they’ve been subjected to their entire lives. The only reason she “won” by being light, is if others “lose” by being dark. Hence, colorism and racism.

    • BlueSky says:

      CR knows that this is going to play to a white audience so it doesn’t matter if the audience that was there was black. He knows who his real target audience is. He’s an obsessed stalker and someone who feigns for white acceptance. His hatred of BW goes back decades. He knows he can get away with it because he knows we are not protected. He would never dare call a WW a b@tch because he knows who’s writing his checks. He’s one of those men who thinks it’s his job to put BW in their place, to play both the oppressed and the oppressor. He’s like my aunt who falls into that respectability politics, who thinks you shouldn’t behave a certain way in front of white people as if that will make a difference in how we are treated.

      • Alex says:

        I watched the Netflix show from beginning to end. The audience was mostly black, and those women were laughing. I’m not defending CR, I’m just trying to correct the assumption that the audience was mostly white. It definitely was not.

      • BusyBea says:

        @Alex: She never said the audience at the show was white. She said it will play well to a white audience which it has. As far as the laughs he received at the show he attracts like-minded people, regardless of color. A BW laughing at someone calling BW bitches is a lost Soul. But seriously who is surprised……rinse and repeat with Chris.

      • Ms single malt says:

        @busybea The first sentence states he appeared in front of a mostly white audience.

      • susan m says:

        The commenter remarked that this is going to ‘play’ to a white audience. Meaning while the actual, literal audience at his show was majority black, his comments will go out to a lot of white people and play into their ideas about MM…about a lot of things in general.
        Nuance isn’t your thing, I guess.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ BusyBea, I’m white and I couldn’t finish watching his schtick as I was revolted by it. CR is an abusive, misogynistic narcissist. How CR has a career baffles my mind…..

        As a side note, many of the BW in the audience weren’t laughing at CR’s jokes either.

    • Moxylady says:

      He’s 58 and he hasn’t continued to grow. He dismisses black women’s lived experiences and black women in general. He’s not in the forefront of any progressive thinking but then …. He’s 58 and he’s black and he doesn’t get that as the world changes, more than his experience is needed to light his way to understanding the experience of blsck women. Also why does be f-ing hate jada?

      • BusyBea says:

        I get the feeling Chris has been rejected a lot in his life in particular by BW. Maybe Jada rejected him. Not sure but the guy has some serious issues.

      • Spnn4579 says:

        CR is an Ahole. Point blank period-T
        I don’t like him or his type of comedy. I don’t think he’s funny

    • BaronSamedi says:

      Yeah, I think the commentary in the article is obviously missing some of the complex underlying issues in the Black Community.

      I don’t think this was funny, but well observed by Chris Rock. As always he is coming for his own people to entertain the White Folks.

      1. It *is* actually 100% in-law shit. It also happens to be racist in-law shit but come on, who doesn’t know 100 or more stories of exactly this type about all kinds of families.

      2. She *did* hit the skin color lottery?! Colorism is alive and well. We all know that Harry would probably not have fallen in love with deeply dark woman. Any woman of color marrying into that family was always going to pass the paperbag test.
      Heck look at Zendaya, Halle Berrry, Zoe Kravitz, Beyonce etc. and tell me colorism isn’t alive and well to this day.

      Of course he made it all about the Black Community also being colorist instead of centering on the very real racism at play with that question. It’s one thing if Auntie asks about it and another if the white family asks about it.

      3. Well of course this man is not going take a woman who ‘complains’ seriously.

      F him.

      • LoveGossip says:

        F him X2

      • sunny says:

        Pretty much all of this. This is part of his bs with Black women but honestly I wish we were circling back to discussing how this man has spent decades making fun of Jada. I mean, even this comedy special was filmed in Baltimore for some mysterious reason…(for those of you who don’t know, Baltimore is Jada’s hometown). What a weird creep.

        His hatred of Black women is exhausting. I hope his daughters are doing ok.

      • Emmitt says:

        Actually, I think Harry WOULD have fallen in love with a deeply dark Black woman but he knows that would NEVER have flown in his family. Meghan was about as dark as he thought could be acceptable. If he & Meghan should ever divorce, people think he would take up with an English Rose but I wouldn’t be surprised if he got himself a Jodie Turner Smith or similarly dark woman as a 2nd wife, especially after Charles dies.

        Second, while Chris Rock’s in person audience was mostly black (due to it being in Baltimore, Jada’s hometown), the vast majority of the Netflix viewing audience will not be black and a LOT of the non-black viewing audience is cheering on Chris Rock calling Jada & Meghan out.

      • Christina says:

        He came after Jada hard. She was a sought after beauty back in the day, before Will. I am sure that Jada spurned him. They both became big, and he has not lost focus on her. Someone called him an incel. His ex-wife is gorgeous, and also light-skinned.

        It’s hard on dark women and light women. Many black lighter skinned women are that way because of rape during slavery. At the same time, their whiter appearance makes them more accepted by whites in the power structure. It’s all painful.

        This makes me think of Corriegadora by Gayl Jones. It’s the legacy of racism.

    • Smile says:

      I was at the show and you are correct.

    • swiftcreekrising says:

      It’s referring the to the longstanding knowledge that Chris Rock both caters to a white audience (even if the taping of the special doesn’t look like it based on the audience) and that he has a long history of being shitty to Black women. You’re also saying that Black women were laughing but forgetting that things can be edited in a million different ways AND that Black people are not a monolith AND that women are often socialized to laugh in awkward situations AND that women are not immune to internalized misogyny and racism.

      Chris Rock isn’t it.

      • Kelly says:

        So black women aren’t a monolith but if it looks like black women disagree with you it’s because of a million other reasons at hand.

      • Emmitt says:

        A lot of black women were laughing at Chris Rock calling Jada & Meghan out.

        A lot of black women on social media are NOT amused, because you cannot say:

        The royal family is racist, Meghan should have known they were racist so she needs to stop complaining about racism and stop being a victim (when Harry is the one who brought up the racism, not her)

        Will Smith is the one who slapped me but Jada is the one who is a “b*tch”.

        Black women are pretty much the only ones calling out Chris Rock for his misogynoir against Jada and Meghan.

      • swiftcreekrising says:

        @Kelly – I’m saying that dismissing the concerns about his misogynistic content because there are Black women laughing in the audience is reductionist and ignores a lot of relevant nuances (which I listed above). Do you need Chris Rock not to be a jackass for some reason? Again, it’s well documented that he’s been doing this schtick for years – and that’s not even getting into his material about the n-word (differences between, Louis CK spouting the hard-r with his blessing, etc.).

    • May Bench says:

      He wasn’t that funny and neither is Chappelle. They used to be, but now, not so much.

    • Renee' says:

      I watched and agree the majority of the audience was black.

      I also agree it was not very funny.

      • I was appalled and stunned when I watched Chris Rock say what he said about Meghan. I used to sympathize with him for that slapping incident at the Oscar. But after watching him do his bit about Meghan I think he doesn’t deserve sympathy and compassion.

    • CRock had to mention Meghan to give
      him relevance and exposure in media. Only by hitching on Meghan’s star can he get the media coverage and mileage he’s enjoying now. He’s a user and a misogynist.

  2. Moderatelywealthy says:

    Celebrities we forget about: I want attention. I better say something stupid about Meghan Markle.
    Megahn Markle: I don´t know her.

    • Sam says:

      Now begins an era in which we will expose so many sexists and racists. Anyone who talks bad about Meghan or wants to benefit from her with negativity is exactly that!

      • Jais says:

        It’s the Meghan Filter. Tell me how you feel about Meghan Markle and I’ll tell you if I have time for you. People are out here just exposing themselves left and right. Using her for clout to big up themselves while simultaneously dehumanizing her. They can all GTFOH.

      • Moderatelywealthy says:

        Oh, look, Rebel Wilson is a new customer

      • Lorelei says:

        @Jais, same. I’ve been using the Meghan filter IRL for a while now, and it’s led to some surprising disappointments.

        But yeah, on a larger scale, Scott Baio or Tim Allen or some assh!ole like that will probably mention M next to get their names into some headlines. It’s proved to be a tried and true tactic. It works. Today is one of those days where I want off this planet stat.

  3. IForget says:

    Oh, I didn’t realise Chris Rock was British (hope I don’t need to denote the obvious sarcasm there)

    Maybe he’s friends with Andrew, seeing how close Chris and Jeffrey Epstein were.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Chris Rock was close to Jeffrey Epstein? I only knew he’s been a problematic misogynist for years. I guess that tracks with being close to Epstein.

      • IForget says:

        I got confused! Turns out it wasn’t him. I wish I could delete a comment.

        Point still stands, he’s historically been misogynistic and especially hateful towards Black women.

        Blargh I’m kicking myself right now, there’s enough reasons to dislike Chris without adding in something false :/

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        Misogynoir is definitely his brand.

  4. Rapunzel says:

    So they’re the OGs of Racism, but the color concerns were just in-law stuff? How does that even make sense?

    And white women have it harder with black families than black woman do with white families? What on Earth?

    This nonsense is not just nonsense, but it’s not even funny?

    • equality says:

      Agree. Not funny. Acceptance is going to vary by individuals.

    • KingOfDouches says:

      It was not funny and it did not make sense: “The Royals werent racist towards her, but they were the OG of racism”… OK. Chris Rock is just trying to surf on the Sussexes clout. The Royals had in-law sht against her for sure, but they were racists towards her big time too. They made it all about race, built it, snowball-effect it so that the people would go against her. That was all during the Trump era and racism was big and the media knew what race could do to a nation.

  5. truthSF says:

    Black ppl (esp. women) been warned everyone about that man! That slap was a long time coming. Yet, it still wasn’t enough! I need the ancestors to handle this horrid incel!!

    • Deextrous says:

      @truthSF: 100% this. He is *awful.* Whenever white folks — white women in particular — rush to defend him, I clock it and keep it in mind because it says *a lot* about them.

    • BlueSky says:

      Of course not. No one listens to us.
      “The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black woman.”—Malcolm X

    • Green Desert says:

      Seriously. I still get angry when I think about the comments on those slap posts last spring. Some non-black people will only listen so much. Sigh.

      • Imara219 says:

        @Green Desert I agree and not do I remember those comments I see that now Chris Rick is involving Meghan the opinion towards Rock has shifted. I guess Chris Rock needed to attack the right Black Woman for some people to actually care about how the majority of the Black community received Wil Smith vs Chris Rock situation.

      • Green Desert says:

        Ooo @Imara219 GREAT POINT.

  6. Again. Chris disrespecting black women. Same show different night.

    • Lizzie says:

      It’s always been the staple for lazy and unfunny comics, make fun of women, either looks or intelligence. Call her one of the b words (b!tch or b!mbo) and bonus points for saying they only want your money.

  7. Becks1 says:

    Based on these quotes here, it sounds like he’s saying the royal family is racist and the institution sucks and they’re awful in-laws and Meghan should have somehow known that and been prepared for it, I guess? Its not really a pro-royal family stance, at all.

    Finally Baltimore gets a major event and it ends up being this one. Ugh.

    • Rapunzel says:

      The title of the special was “selective outrage” so I think his point was Meghan selecting to get outraged over the color concerns was dumb because there’s a whole history of racism which she should’ve known and chosen to get mad about instead”

      And that is just a dumbf–k argument and not funny.

      • MsIam says:

        So based on his argument, Meghan should have been like “Well that’s ok, cuz they’re racists”? Yeah dumbfcku argument indeed.

    • sunny says:

      Also the selection of Baltimore wasn’t random to me- it’s Jada’s hometown.

    • H says:

      Normally, I’m not one for conspiracy theories but I think Rock deliberately picked Baltimore, my hometown and Jada’s, to film his Netflix show. F him.

  8. equality says:

    So the RF are the original racists, except when it comes to Meghan? He seems confused. And he, like everyone outside of the RF, doesn’t know what the comment was because PH wouldn’t repeat it. If it was just wondering “how brown” the baby would be, why wouldn’t PH have repeated that?

    • Hail says:

      Chris Coon Rock’s whole rant about Meghan doesn’t make sense. Her marrying into a racist family and “complaining” about experiencing racism, IS racism. Just like a black woman marrying into a colorist black family and experiencing colorism, IS COLORISM. Both of these instances are still examples of racism/colorism and invalidating them as an “in-law” problem diminishes the whole point of him even saying the Royal Family is racist.

      I’ve noticed that some black people try push their own feelings about racism and colorism on Meghan. Meghan for years now, even dating back to college, has acknowledged her lightskin privilege. She never once thought that her lightskin would save her in powerful white spaces. She has talked a lot about racial exclusion and being turned down jobs because of her racial ambiguity, so she knows that she’s not welcomed in every white space. She knew that there would be obstacles (just like every other space she’s entered) but she thought her mindset of “well if I work hard enough” would allow her to overcome it. Sadly, going through life with the belief that if you work hard enough, get into the best colleges, don’t give up on your dreams didn’t hold up then. She quickly learned that not only were these people building obstacles for her, they were actively working to destroy her. That’s why Tyler Perry said when he asked what she was afraid of, she said she was “afraid of them destroying her”.

      Also I’m glad Meghan addressed in the documentary how loudly ppl reacted to Harry’s family’s racism compared to her admitting to being suicidal as an expecting mother. Everything that led up to that point; being sent white powder attached to a racist letter, random texts threatening to put bullets in her head, teenagers arrested for calling her husband a race traitor and planning to assassinate him, people being offered money to lie on her, estranged siblings making money off her name, toxic dad trashing you on tv and selling your letter to the Daily Mail, being accused of making a white woman cry, being portrayed by the BBC as a knife wielder from the trailer park trying to attack a white woman, the constant smear stories, THE CONSTANT BULLYING. Being a victim of racism and sharing your story doesn’t make you a “complainer”. I applaud Meghan for being so honest and vulnerable.

  9. Genevieve says:

    I’m not married, so maybe I just never noticed this, but do most newlyweds have to deal with their in-laws briefing against them to the tabloid press, who then rack up sales based on daily racist, I mean “in-law sh]t” headlines?

    • Whyforthelove says:

      Thank you! Most in-laws brief to a couple of others in the family…not the Royal Rota. Chris Rock remains gross. Black women warned us !

  10. Lili says:

    Oh Chris, what a man, I understand it is his truth, but dude where is the comedy the observations on life, there is so much going on in the states he could have turned to, but he was all about settling scores and denigrating black women. I think the Oscar joke was a well crafted joke that takes a minute to get the full depths of , but by all accounts the special was a rant on.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      I’m kinda sorry I didn’t know about this show in advance so I could not watch it on purpose. The Hollywood Reporter review was pretty brutal.

    • C says:

      He is entitled to HIS truth. Meghan’s story is not his truth.

    • Emily_C says:

      This is why I hate the phrase “my truth.” While people do see things differently, when we’re talking about facts, the truth is the truth. And the truth is, Meghan was subjected to horrible racism in the UK. It is simply factual. Just like that the earth is round — people are not entitled to their personal truth that it is somehow flat.

  11. Cel2495 says:

    Hm where is Will Smith when you need him. That was the sentiment in Twitter when people reacted to this guys Bs. he is not f*cking funny, his stand up is lame and he is always going after black women. He is a tired man with an inferiority complex. He is an idiot and always been.

  12. Tina E says:

    Argh, one more time for those in the back….

    She didn’t say that they were just wondering how dark Archie’s skin will be. She said they expressed “concerns” about how dark his skin will be and “what that might look like”. I have biracial children – some people wondered the former but no one expressed anything close to the latter.

    It’s insane how easily the truth disappears in media narratives, my goodness.

    • IForget says:

      Exactly, the nuance is easy to pick up if you aren’t a piece of sh*t. There’s a huge difference between ‘I wonder whose eyes they will get’ and ‘concerns about looking like a person of colour’.

      • QuiteContrary says:

        I love this line of yours @IForget, and agree 100%: “the nuance is easy to pick up if you aren’t a piece of sh*t.”

    • equality says:

      Also PH wouldn’t give an exact quote of how things were phrased which means it was worse.

    • Mary says:

      @tina, 💯. The “concerned” language always seems to be omitted by people referencing the skin color conversations to show that The Royals are not racist. This, to me, also just looks like another incidence of someone trashing the Sussexes, particularly Meghan, to get the attention of the press. These people are so desperate. And yes, I’m looking at you Rob Lowe, Rebel Wilson, etc..

  13. Jais says:

    All of Chris Rock’s talking just tells me a lot about Chris Rock and it’s not pretty. He’s got a lot of issues.

  14. Polo says:

    Meghan said there were concerns about Archie’s skin tone along with not giving him security and taking away his HRH.
    So annoying that even in joking he’s gaslighting Meghan.

    The royalists and racists are rejoicing.

    • Harper says:

      Exactly. Concerns in tandem with asides that Harry’s kids would not get the security and titles they were due. And here’s another thing that burns me: These concerns were expressed to Harry and he was just as upset about it too, but it’s clear that laughing at Meghan is where the money is. Why isn’t Harry’s name mentioned in any of this? Because Rock is a chicken.

  15. Well Wisher says:

    I will iterate what I said a year ago, a good trashing when he told the first joke about black 👩, had Jada’s father was alive and present, with the wherewithal, a discreet trashing, beating would have stopped this unfunny, bitter man.

    The bitterness is the turn off, continually attacking vulnerable people is disgusting.
    I stopped paying attention to him since his wonderful performance in Brown Betty.
    He did a special that was as usual awful towards the black decent poor.
    It was enough.
    My outrage was that he was supposed to replace Will Smith, who had grown, matured in his work.
    I detest the way Will Smith was publicly punished for protecting his BLACK wife, while rock profited from denigrated his…

    His whinging about how dangerous it is for comics.
    Bitch….just be funny and relevant, your 🎭 will protect you.

    In terms of the Duchess of Sussex, deafening silence is what the undignified clout chaser deserves…

    No one can pay me to watch, black people can now pause, while mainstream talk about him..
    Now where were we in that public conversation……
    The last relevant thing…
    Back to regular programming…

    • Well Wisher says:

      Just saw a video clip of Will Smith celebtating his win, dancing to his song….
      Oh Joy!!!!

  16. Dee(2) says:

    I’m so sick of this idea that being light skinned means you experience absolutely no issues related to race, and should be “thankful” if you do it’s not as bad as it is for dark skinned people. It’s all f’d up, none of us are winning. Chris should remember his own joke about ” whites losing everything”. Also, he is so bitter that it oozes out of his pores that Jada didn’t want him. What Jada and her husband’s relationship entails is between them. You don’t have to know or agree, because neither are married to you. With the stuff around him cheating on his wife and not wanting to pay child support for the child he adopted he just disgusts me more each day.

  17. OriginalLeigh says:

    So I was one of the people who was appalled and disappointed by Will Smith’s behavior last year, and I still believe that it was the wrong thing to do because I abhor violence and felt that Chris’ vile joke could have been addressed in a different way. That said, I wanted to slap Chris during several moments of that Netflix special. I was particularly horrified by the way he talked about Jada. He goes on and on about how Will was wrong to attack a man who is smaller in stature but he thinks nothing of verbally assaulting a woman who is smaller in stature and did nothing to him. How dare he call her a bitch?! He’s truly terrible.

    • Jess says:

      You started with all of that just to turn around and say you wanted to slap him too for his special.

      • OriginalLeigh says:

        @Jess – I didn’t mean that I would actually slap him or that I think it’s okay to slap people because I still don’t feel that way. I was trying to say that after listening to him for a full hour, I now understand why so many people failed to sympathize with him.

      • Okay says:

        Also eff him for acting that because he didn’t go on Oprah because he isn’t playing victim. He went on Netflix and made a special so he can play victim. I think it was lazy comedy. Hate for Oprah, Gayle, Meghan and Jada.

  18. Hannah says:

    Watched it. I was quite taken aback at his blatant *hatred* of Black women

    The one line that did stick in my craw was (paraphrasing here) Women got all the power. Every dollar I have ever spent has been on pu$$y – and then listed all the ways he’d paid for pu$$y

    • Cessily says:

      I never paid much attention to him until recent events at the Oscar’s. He comes across as a very hateful bitter disappointment. His hatred for women especially black women is glaringly obvious. Why is he still given platforms like Netflix? He isn’t funny at all. Truthfully the unprovoked vile he spews makes me wonder just how long he has had erectile dysfunction issues.

    • Bisynaptic says:

      Of course, *that’s* not complaining. /s
      Poor, bitter old man.

  19. C says:

    So this is the direction he wants to go? Get attention for doubling down on how much he hates women just to troll? He must truly be washed up if this is his tactic.

  20. Greeneyedgirl says:

    There is a difference between wondering what a new baby will look like and “concerned” what a new baby will look like. Meghan and Harry have both said the person was “concerned”. Huge difference.

    • Reborn Rich says:

      This is tricky stuff. Black folks wanting to know how dark or light the infant will be is actually a question about how hard or relatively privileged the child’s life will be. How beautiful will people find this child–especially for girls because skin color will correspond to opportunities for marriage and work or social advancement? For black boys and girls the treatment by police officers and teachers are related to the depth of brown skin well. This is painful, historically grounded reality.

      Chris Rock had the opportunity to tell the truth with nuance, compassion, and humor, but his bitterness is so palpable that he failed. Chris hates Meghan and Jada because they are the kind of women he could not have when he was a working class, short, dark-skinned child growing up in 1980s Brooklyn. His Beyonce worship and then his subsequent reduction of her as pretty enough to work at Burger King yet marry a billionaire is also telling. Women are a commodity to him.

      He simply has not grown, and he has never been that funny.

  21. Kp says:

    I hope Meghan and Jada are surrounded by love today.
    Chris’s obsession with Jada feels a bit like Piers with Meghan. Except Piers abuse towards Meghan has been more frequent and public.
    Why does it feel like men like t

    • Amanda says:

      You don’t even need to finish that sentence…we can ALL fill in the blanks a million times over, lol

      Obsessed is a good word, especially since, as someone stated above, this “SpEciAL” was filmed in *Jada’s* hometown?!! What??

  22. Over it says:

    Would this be the same Chris that did a special about divorce when he was getting a divorce about all the hoops he had to go through to see his kids? I guess that’s not complaining, that’s comedy. Or the same Chris who just did another show about being slapped by someone but I guess again that’s not complaining, that’s comedy . Chris is like piss Morgan and Dan rotten , sad little white men or in his case sad little wannabe white man . I been over his unfunny ass for ages. That hair documentary was when I saw he had a real problem with women of color, especially black women . Too bad he has two black daughters who will grow up to be black women. How does he justify and explain his hatred of women who
    Look like them to them? Chris is just another pathetic pass his sell by date mediocre man .

  23. Trix says:

    Isn’t it a totally different thing than if Black people are contemplating it versus historically colonial white people?

  24. Jan says:

    One of the newspapers did a review and said the special was lame, and Chris sounded like an angry old man yelling at kids at the end of the block.
    Then Twitter went to work, recalling how he had to pay off a model, then his paternity test from having an affair while married.
    Black women are tired of being abused by Chris.
    Years ago Jewel said he looked like a burnt match.

  25. equality says:

    Kris Kardashian is not the statue of liberty. She accepts those who are rich and famous.

  26. Jess says:

    Chris Rock is obviously mad at the “Black community and Hollywood” for mostly siding with Will and he’s venting. I think he should keep talking so all these newfound fans can see he’s not funny at all. One of the reviews already came out saying he sounded like a “get off my lawn” guy. Will is naturally funnier than Chris.

    • Jan says:

      Agree with you, he is pissed that the black community sided with Will.

      • Reborn Rich says:

        Jess & Jan, this is so true. And I think this rejection brings back childhood trauma, which is why he is so unhinged. It’s also why I wasn’t surprised when he started publicly dating Lake Bell. That was an FU to black women. The–I’m not even going to pretend anymore that I mess with y’all.

  27. J. Gerber says:

    This dude knows nothing. But he sure loves to appease white people. People like him used to be called Oreo cookies.

  28. Amy T says:

    Don’t mean to thread-Jack, so if this isn’t okay, I hope it gets deleted. But anyone who thinks being light-skinned is a walk in the park should get their hands on Alexandra LaPierre’s amazing novel “Belle Greene,” a scrupulously researched historical biography of the Belle da Costa Greene, who would never have become J.Pierpont Morgan’s personal librarian if her mother and siblings hadn’t made the collective decision to pass as white. And yes, Chris Rock, that does include you.

    • OriginalLeigh says:

      Chris Rock’s comment about Meghan winning the light skinned lottery was moronic but light skinned privilege is a real thing and “Belle Greene’s” story is actually a classic example of that privilege. She was able to capitalize on career opportunities that would otherwise not have been available to her because she was light enough to “pass.” Her life was definitely difficult but not in the same way as darker skinned women who were completely shut out of opportunities like that. Meghan herself said that she did not truly understand what life is like for black women until she married into the BRF and moved to the UK. She would have understood a lot earlier if she had a darker complexion.

      • Amy T says:

        Obviously there are significant differences between these stories, but the era in which Belle lived was very different in terms of the consequences of leveraging any privilege afforded by her skin tone. Had it ever come to light that she was anything other than she said she was – from Virginia and descended from an aristocratic Portuguese family – her life and the lives of her siblings and mother would have been destroyed. It’s interesting to consider that Meghan didn’t know what Belle did from a much younger age. It took bumping up against wealth and power on a Morgan-like scale in her 30s for Meghan to find out what Belle knew going in.

      • Scotchy says:

        As a bi racial light skinned women with no white presenting features, I have yet to benefit from light skinned privilege although I do know my proximity to whiteness affords me some privilege and would never deny that colorism is a real thing and that darker skinned women suffer more, BUT there is a difference between someone light skin with white presenting features and those of us without that. It is a nuanced discourse and one where we don’t seem to come together and address the real problem which is colorism which exists because of racism that anyone of color has to deal with. Like being called a little n%%%er as a child and shot at in a small town as a little light skinned girl makes me feel a bit of ways when everyone goes in on light skinned people. Us mixies much those that are not are not a monolith. And there are varying layers of privilege within our community as well.

    • Imara219 says:

      Being light skin is not a walk in the park but it most definitely comes with privileges that dark skinned people do not get. That is apart of the conversation and we can’t negate that either.

      • aftershocks says:

        I get what @Scotchy is saying though about being fair-skinned, but without so-called ‘white-presenting’ features. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed my brown-toned skin. An older sibling has deep darker brown skin with wavy hair. My hair has a tighter (kinkier) curl. Our younger siblings have various fair-skinned shades and various wavy to loose curly hair textures. Our mother had beigy-toned fair-skin with a broad nose and wavy hair. She could not pass for white (nor would she have wanted to) but probably she could have presented as Native American, which is part of her African American heritage anyway. Our father was my same bright brown complexion. His hair texture featured tight ringlet-type curls. I never personally experienced colorism growing up in my family cuz our parents never made any conscious distinctions that I ever noticed, especially not my mother. Still colorism is and has been a huge thing in the African American community. I never realized how much it affected my parents (especially my father’s family) and their generation when they were growing up in the South.

        BTW, Chris Rock is pitiful awful.

    • kirk says:

      Just bought The Personal Librarian for book club. Looking forward to reading about Belle de Costa Greene. Was unaware of other books about her.

      • Amy T says:

        @Kirk – Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I read The Personal Librarian first and was disappointed. It was a great story told in serviceable chick-lit. Lapierre’s book is far and away the better choice. It would be interesting for your book club to read the Lapierre after The Personal Librarian.

        To everyone else sharing their personal stories about colorism: As a white woman working to educate myself (and knows that there are times I’m gonna fall short or make mistakes), I just want to thank you for your words.

  29. Amy Bee says:

    I won’t say what Chris Rock actually is but I’ll laugh at the British people who are too dumb to realise that he called your beloved Royal Family racist and the purveyors of colonialism.

  30. Nikki says:

    He’s gross, and so are his comments. Headlines like “STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON” and picturing their newborn baby as a MONKEY certainly translates to hateful racism to me.

  31. JCallas says:

    There’s a difference between being curious about what the Sussex kids would look like and being “concerned”. People always conveniently forget that part of what MM said and how she correctly predicted that KC would try to strip their titles.

  32. HeyKay says:

    Chris Rock used to be funny. His early stand up specials crackled with electricity, he paced the stage like a tiger while off firing off joke after joke.
    Packed crowds eager to see him, fed him energy and his timing was terrific.
    He did 2 that were at the height of his talent. Years ago.
    In the past 10-15 years he has ridden on his rep.
    Tambourine, his Netflix stand up, was terrible. He took the stage and spent 60+ minutes trying to mansplain his way out of his cheating while married, his divorce, line of girlfriends 20+ years younger, on and on.

    Zero interest in anything from Chris Rock.

    • C says:

      No Sex in the Champagne Room was funny. That was the last thing of his I really liked, lol.

    • kirk says:

      HeyKay – thanks for your perspective. I used to think Chris Rock was hilarious, but hadn’t seen him for a while, except for Good Hair. Then the Oscar slap happened and I started looking up his stuff. I realized that I didn’t think much of his more recent stuff. Either I’d changed or he had…
      Became a Meghan fan early w-Suits, and have tried to educate myself with Ibram X Kendi and others since then…

  33. TIFFANY says:

    Whew Chile, so many commentors are here telling on themselves.

    I am not one bit surprised y’all watched his special.

  34. Emmi says:

    I read a review this morning that said he seems a bit unhinged when talking about Jada. That by the end of the special, it becomes less about comedy and more about a personal vendetta against a woman who came between two men. And that it’s strange how still, after getting slapped on one of the biggest stages in the world by another man, a man would rather blame the woman than another man. This was a German newspaper.

    I’m not sure I’ll watch. I don’t want to add to his numbers.

    • aftershocks says:

      I’ve come across Chris Rock’s old tv show in reruns, as friends had it on when I visited. And I saw a bit of Good Hair, when I heard others speak about it here on CB. I never thought Rock is that funny. I’ve never made a point of watching any of his stand-up shows. His former sit-com is a microcosm apparently of the roots of his ills, hurts, biases, complaints, and his misogynoir. He tries to hide behind his unfunny ‘jokes.’ I was completely turned off by Chris Rock when he decided to Uncle Tom and host the 2016 Oscar telecast during the #OscarsSoWhite picketing campaign, notably supported by Will and Jada. Rock struck out viciously and nastily against Jada (with an unfunny joke that involved Rihanna). When asked about what Rock had said about her the next day at an airport, Jada, on point and dignified, without missing a beat replied, “It comes with the territory,” and she kept walking. Last year’s gratuitous Oscars ‘joke’ against Jada, was ‘territory’ too far.

      As Will Smith told us, he had previously asked Chris Rock to stop dissing Jada. Rock did not listen. In part, I blame the Academy for inviting Rock to present an award last year, so close to when the Best Actor award would be announced! Why did they do that? The Academy needs to clean up that format anyway of so-called comedians making fun of nominees and other attending stars. Supportive spouses should definitely be off-limits in the joke-making. You ain’t no Billy Crystal, Chris Rock! Stop trying!

      Check out Christopher Bouzy’s tweet regarding Chris Rock’s old Vanity Fair cover photo! That cover says it all.

  35. J. Ferber says:

    How dare he speak of a Black woman’s experience that left her suicidal and pronounce what it was or wasn’t? Entitled pr-ck.

  36. Lizzie says:

    Hmm, what do ‘comics’ Chris Rock and Rebel Wilson have in common? I’ll give a hint, cheap shots and clout chasing.

  37. Caribbean says:

    I love how people are spinning the fact that Meghan went into the family with an open mind, and didn’t go in to make everything about race, a bad thing.

  38. Caribbean says:

    It all came about when Harry and Meghan were shown as been popular and skilled.
    If they were inept, they probably would still be in the family and everyone saying ‘there, there’ in the most post British accent

  39. Isa says:

    There’s a huge difference between being concerned and being curious. Everyone wanted to guess what my kids were gonna look like, but they weren’t concerned. You can tell.

    And just like with Harry and Meghan everyone underestimated the strength of those ginger genes.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ LOL! I get what you are saying about the ‘ginger genes,’ @Isa. The Spencer red-haired genes are strong, likely because they are so plentiful. There’s also red hair in the mix somewhere in the Windsor DNA.

      Still, the biological fact is: the gene for red hair is recessive; the gene for brown hair is dominant. Lots of people don’t realize that in order to have red-haired kids, Meg has to carry a gene for red hair (along with a gene for brown hair), to go along with Harry’s likely two genes for red hair! Even so, it is still statistically unusual for them to have two kids with red hair. Thus, the child they lost probably did not have red hair.

      Significantly, Meg’s half brother, Tom Jr, had dark red hair when he was young. Also, it’s worth noting that Meg & Harry are 17th cousins, via her father’s mother’s ancestry, and via Harry’s mother’s ancestry. Thus, Meg is related to the Spencers. 🎯 🌟

  40. J 360 says:

    As a Black woman, I’ve wanted to cancel this guy for years. He just isn’t funny anymore. He’s a bitter, divorcee who needs therapy badly. Going after women of color has been his thing for decades. Even after the slapping incident he doesn’t zero in on Will Smith but attacks his wife and their relationship again and again. He never admitted his error in the entire incident and his humor, making fun of alopecia is just juvenile. This guy really hasn’t gotten passed junior high school. Since the 80s, he’s always been a agent for the right. He’s just proving now.

    • Flowerlake says:

      Remember watching some comedy routine of his back when I was a teen, thinking: “is this supposed to be funny?”

      Did people ever find him funny?

  41. Harla A Brazen Hussy says:

    This was the weekend of irrelevant comedians using Meghan to try and appear still relevant.

    • TheWigletOfWails says:

      I’m so tired on her behalf. She hasn’t been publicly seen (pap pics don’t count) since December. Can she focus on her family and work in peace???

  42. K8erade says:

    Chris Rock is a very unpleasant misogynist and I fail to understand why anyone would give this POS the time of day. I was so confused when they asked him to host the Oscars last year. He just comes off as an all-around unhappy and awful human being.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ Chris Rock didn’t host the Oscars last year. But right, he shouldn’t have been invited to present an award either — especially not with his history of making fun of Jada. She was there to support her husband, not to be made the butt of an unfunny ‘bald’ joke.

      As I mentioned up-thread, I blame the Academy for inviting Rock to present an award that evening. He has a known history of dissing Jada, and also of mocking Will. Is that what the Academy wanted to happen? An attempt to cut Will & Jada down, ten minutes before the Best Actor award was announced? Everyone knew that Will was expected to win for his King Richard portrayal.

  43. Darkwing Duck says:

    If my longer comment gets through – apologies, my paragraphs disappeared

  44. girl_ninja says:

    Chris has major issues with colorism and misogyny mainly directed at black women. He also has an insecurity that must be fed by WHITE people. I saw that in his little round table discussion with C.K. Seinfeld and Gervais where two of the loser white men threw the N*gger with the hard r. He has no respect for himself or others. Period. This man cheated multiple times on his former wife so what makes anyone think that he would respect ANY black woman or woman of color.

    His obsession with Smith’s open marriage and attacks on Jada threw the years tells me that he’s mad he didn’t get any when they were all young and single and can’t get any now even with their marriage arrangement. I also believe that he knows that he would NEVER have a shot with someone like Meghan although he did manage to pull his former wife who seems amazing.

    Will was wrong to slap Chris but I do believe that he thought that he was defending his wife. I know that Will apologized and I love him for seeing his mistake but looking back I think that Chris deserved that slap and needs deep, deep, DEEP therapy.

    • sunny says:

      All the therapy! I haven’t been into his comedy for awhile- I just cannot support him and his general awfulness about Black women(and giving permission to his white friends to use the n*word).

      I refuse to watch his special.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Love and cosign every word of this comment!

  45. Ellie Shore says:

    Meghan never said the RF asked how brown Archie would be – but that there were CONCERNS about how dark his skin would be. Huge difference. That’s just flat out racism.

  46. Over it says:

    Will should have slapped him harder the first time around and then he won’t ever have remembered Jada’s name . Calling her or any woman of color a B will never ever be okay Chrissy

  47. Onemoretime says:

    Let me go watch some Will and Jada movies/ tv projects. I have never like Rock or his comedy.
    He is still bitter at Jada not choosing him over Will. Rihanna rejected and laughed at him when he thought he had a chance with her, but he never speaks on her, because he knows better!

  48. SIde Eye says:

    I didn’t watch. Cause I hate this Black klansman full time Uncle Ruckus fool working overtime for White Supremacy on Sundays.

    Christmas on a cracker the gaslighting!!!

    So Meghan is “complaining” because staying silent when confronted with Straight Outta Compton headlines is not racist? Nappy New Year anyone? Staying silent while the press compares your new born family – your blood relative to a chimp is so not racist. Wearing a racist brooch to meet your family’s fiancé for the first time is just in law shit? Ok then. Got it.

    But let’s all cry a river for whatever White woman he’s bringing home this holiday cause damn she will go through hell. No one more racist than Black people amiright? Let’s start a go fund me for whatever Karen he dates next. She’s gonna need all of us to mobilize and start cold calling, sending e-mails, and being on high alert. This is serious!

    You notice how he only dismisses light skinned women (who he obviously hates I guess he has a poor track record with them) – but he never questions the blackness of Malcolm X, Frederick Douglas, or Barack Obama. I guess it’s ok for men to be light skinned but not women. Light skinned women should STFU. Rosa Parks had all this light skinned privilege y’all! We never experience real racism. Obviously i’m just imagining it all.

    His comment about watching Emancipation to see Will Smith get whooped is really really disturbing. I had to re-read it 3 times to make sure i read it right.

    It used to be these Clarence Thomas types were an anomaly but now I can’t even keep up with this lot. Candace Owens, Kanye, Stacy Dash, etc it’s a bunch of people breaking their necks to carry water for White supremacy. All of them think they’re these intelligent free thinkers who can’t be controlled but they’re all just idiotic contrarians with a deep deep hatred for themselves.

    I find this trend so disturbing. These people need to be de-platformed. They are dangerous.

  49. aquarius64 says:

    US tv media is running stories about the Chris Rock special, dragging Will Smith. Nobody is bringing up the Meghan shots.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Change: a local TV station brought up Meghan’s name but nothing more. The focus was Will and Jada.

  50. swiftcreekrising says:

    So he goes and does this in Jada’s hometown. Maybe his drawers are in a twist because Harry did the James Corden bit where they went to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air mansion.

  51. Laura says:

    The audience was predominantly black. This is the first time I’ve felt compelled to leave a comment. It really hit me today that there seems to be no space for unbiased and fair perspective on the topic of the royal family and Harry/ Meghan. Your perspective is always, always completely one-sided and this today is wrong. The audience was mostly black. His view of victimhood and selective outrage has its merits and kudos to him for being who he is.

    • Ameerah M says:

      I don’t know if you’re being willfully obtuse or not but you completely missed the point. She was specifically talking about the wider Netflix audience. You know the MILLIONS of white folks who will watch this special – OUTSIDE of the live audience. And her point STANDS. Hope this helps.

      • Laura says:

        No, I wasn’t thinking of the wider audience and that does help. I hadn’t thought of that. What I am thinking about is kindness and compassion. And how we engage with each other online. I appreciate the feedback even if it wasn’t delivered in the most understanding way. I have more to learn

      • C says:

        I think that is a good thing to discuss Laura. Which is why I think it’s very wrong for Rock to boil it down to Meghan “complaining”. People can agree with him if they choose but he leaves out a lot of context: an aunt asking about an unborn child’s skin within a Black family is a bit different than one of the senior British royals basically asking for a meeting and sitting Harry down about it. And his analogy of a white girl trying to be accepted by her Black in-laws as being harder is also ignoring context – that Black families and communities are not protected enough for white people to enter them without doubt being involved, justifiably so in my opinion.

      • Ameerah M says:

        @Laura your original comment wasn’t kind or compassionate. It was condescending and passive aggressive. Your energy was simply met.

      • A says:

        @Laura, bold of you to talk about kindness and compassion when someone is rightfully holding you accountable for your blindspots, while you refuse to extend the same towards others, either on this forum, or towards Meghan and Harry.

    • Amy Bee says:

      What’s the unbiased and fair perspective on the topic of the royal family and Harry/ Meghan? Is this Emily Andrews?

    • Over it says:

      I am sorry, are you saying kudos to Chris for being an abusive, insulting Prick to black women?
      Okay , then kudos to Will for slapping Chris. May he stay true to himself.
      Black women are owed respect. We should not have to beg for it

    • Emily_C says:

      His view does not have merit. It’s right-wing. It’s the just world fallacy. It’s garbage.

    • Tan says:

      U both siding this now? Are we at the part where u suggest both sides to come and do a Kumbaya circle or some stuff like that?

    • Nerd says:

      It doesn’t matter what color the majority of the audience was. It is poor taste, misogyny, racism and colorism to discredit someone else’s experiences just because their gender and race/skin tone is different from your own. He has no right to tell another person if the very real experiences they have had are racist or not. He wrongly took what was said in the Oprah interview and tried to relabel it as not being racist. He actually called them the OG of racism and said that racism should’ve been expected from them, but in the same breath lied and said that what she experienced wasn’t racism. An aunt being curious about the potential skin tone of your future child is in no way similar to a family that he himself refers to as the OG of racism “having CONCERNS” about your future child’s skin tone and “how that might look” to others. One is being curious like any parent, family or friend being curious if your child might have red hair or blue eyes. The other is being blatantly racist and making the assumption that there is somehow something to be ashamed of. Having views or opinions where you refuse to support bigotry, racism, colorism, misogyny and any other form or hate is one side that I am more than happy to stand by. His views on selective outrage seems to ignore his own selective outrage towards women of color, especially those who are light skin. Just because someone is of a different gender from you or race or skin tone doesn’t mean that they don’t have the right to have a voice or opinion about their own lived experiences. No one including him has the right to discredit someone else’s experiences. Yet he has a history of doing just that while using the stage to complain about his own experiences. Talk about one sided and being biased.

  52. Rnot says:

    Ugh. He’s gotten so bitter and lost whatever funny edge he used to have. It’d be best if he and Will and Jada avoided mentioning each other in public ever again. The more I learn about the three of them the less appealing they become. They’ve gone from being a draw to being a hard pass.

  53. Saschafrom76 says:

    I refuse to read one word of this of abusers opinion. I hope will slaps him again. Harder. Twice.

  54. TheWigletOfWails says:

    Leave these women alone ffs. To quote Will Smith here, “Keep my wife’s name (and Meghan’s) out your fcuking mouth!”

  55. AppleCart says:

    I dropped out after the first 10 minutes. It just wasn’t funny. I remember how hard I laughed in Bring the Pain special. But this was just a big nope for me.

  56. Jennifer says:

    I watched the whole thing and it was NOT funny. But I wasn’t surprised because Chris Rock hasn’t been funny in a long time. He came across as a grumpy old man. He went off about how we’re all addicted to attention, and that he’s not a victim, but then name checked Meghan and closed his show with Will and Jada just to make sure he’d get headlines. And that’s the only attention he’s getting right now – headlines for mentioning Meghan and for “finally” addressing the Will Smith slap. No one is talking about his special being funny. If he hadn’t name checked those three, no one would be talking about him and his lame ass special at all right now. He made it really clear what he thinks about women when he talked about his dating life and how he’s spent his money.

    • Imara219 says:

      Just to be honest in mostly Black media he’s getting headlines for going in on the Smiths and had no idea he mentioned Meghan but im not shocked because it tracks for him and how he rolls. Chris Rock is predictable

  57. Feebee says:

    I could only watch a few minutes of his thing before switching off. It was a bitter, unfunny start. And why was he yelling at the kids to get off his lawn when he had a mic in his hand? Too much.

    And then the Meghan and Jada stuff. Meghan was just an easy target and it seems clear he has something about Jada. Perhaps the slap last year wasn’t so much a whoa! moment as an about time moment.

  58. solidgold says:

    Chris Rock is bitter. BITTER.

    Go back and watch his specials. There is an underlying bitterness to his comedy and it’s mostly directed at black women. I think he hates his lot in life..I think he hates being black. He was bullied when he was younger, he was and is skinny and unattractive, he is not the guy that gets the girl and he HATES it.

    Chris is the victim between him and Will. Assaulting someone and doing it on the most public platform is humiliating.

  59. Bubblegum Dreams says:

    Will should have slapped him harder and more…till his teeth ended up in his toes. Vindictive BW hating mofo

  60. Blithe says:

    To quote some of the hopefully immortal middle school kids who have enlivened my existence:
    “Chris’ got ISSUES.”

    One of his issues is misogynoir. He gets paid very well for it. smh. There’s almost always one.🍪

    It’s hard to truly love and respect others when you haven’t learned to truly love and respect yourself.

  61. Imara219 says:

    Keep in mind that I grew up actually liking Chris Rock stand up and rooting for him since he played Mookie in New Jack City but……Chris deserved that slap last year. Chris panders to white audiences. Chris has issues with Black women and colorism. He has issues with light skinned women who he thinks is “uppity”. Remember the overwhelming majority of Black Hollywood and even a few Black comedians supported Will Smith. That says a lot.

    • Emily_C says:

      I was shaken by the slap because physical violence is not something I can look on and stay calm. And it shouldn’t be — physical violence should be incredibly rare and it takes an awful lot to justify it. As time has gone on, I have come to be more and more on Will Smith’s side. Or rather, I’ve ALWAYS been on Jada’s side. I want to hear her words about it.

      • Imara219 says:

        I mean a part of this is aspects of the Black American community, culturally, a large majority of us got why Will did what he did. Those who didn’t are either used to playing the respectability politics or are simply more uberconservative in nature. Also, the barometer of violence for a minority community used to a form of historical violence either financially, physically, or judicially will digest the moment differently. For us, that slap wasn’t really a slap, we saw it for what it really was.

  62. Sass says:

    Agreeing with many of the above comments about internalized racism, colorism, and of course the possibility that CR is an incel.

    I guess Will should’ve hit his lil ass harder.

    • Choklit_latte says:

      This! To paraphrase CR, “I’m not saying Will slapping Chris was right…but I understand”.

  63. Mary Pester says:

    CR is a dick, enough said

  64. Nicky says:

    Wow. Had Chris rock got a problem against women?

  65. AC says:

    It’s a no win situation to be honest for the BRF. He made it known that they’re the Original Racists . That’s nothing to rave about that . Even if the toxic British tabloids and the right wing wants to use Chris Rock against Meghan, the BRF is still being branded as a Racist family, and was highlighted during his skit while also attacking Meghan. I also didn’t like the way he attacked Jada- that’s a very low point . No wonder why Will Smith punched him last year .

  66. L4Frimaire says:

    Eh, this was so overhyped. I really don’t know why he’s even going on about Meghan. It was the same tired stuff and getting stale. Would I be deeply offended if I was Meghan? Probably not. He called the royal family racist and she should have known better. Like we haven’t heard that before. More of an eye roll. Then he segues into the Kardashians and OJ and the Black boyfriends/sons in laws and Kaitlin Jenner. Rock definitely has a lot of baggage to unpack. Kinda cringey. Am I worried about Meghan after this act? Nope. Misogynist vibes though.

  67. SourcesclosetoKate says:

    Wow. I initially defended him, should have known he would sell out. This is the last straw for me!

  68. Rackel says:

    I didn’t watch his special and I won’t. I have read bits and pieces and there was some laughs there. However, I hope everyone has realize why he got slapped. HE STILL USED WILL AND JADA TO DO HIS JOB.
    Will Smith had every right to slap him. For more then 20 years Chris has used will and embarrassed him. Will has been great about it. Sometimes he would say you went to far but he didn’t get Chris beat up or blackballed.

    On wills big night Chris just had to get up there and belittle them. That’s the problem. Why was Chris up there? I believe Chris was there to drop Will down a peg. And will was just waiting and hoping that Chris would be nice.

  69. blunt talker says:

    Whether people agree with what Chris Rock said about Meghan and the royal family is Rock’s own interpretation I have my own because I am not ignorant enough to not have read about Harry and Meghan’s start from the beginning-I saw all the UK media dog whistles while they were dating, after their marrige, and after the birth of their children and moving to the states-I truly believe Meghan was trying to see the best in the royals and probably took off blinders to what was being said in the press-if I remember correctly in the Oprah interview she said the the UK media was extremely racist and downright hateful against Americans-If Rock knew what the British really thought about his ass as a black man and American he would shut his trap about Meg because he has not walked in her shoes-he never thought how much Harry was trying to protect Meg from some things his family was saying until he could not becaused it caused him anguish before they got married, after they got married, and after the birth of his children-Rock needs to read Spare and find out how royals really act behind closed doors-the royals gave one face to the public and Meghan probably thought she would be okay especially since Charles told her and Harry to keep their heads down and do the work and don’t complain-after Meg realized the royals were not going to protect her and her Archie -Harry and Meg made plans to leave-this is not just some in-law shit as he says -this deeper because the royals used the media to beat on Harry and Meghan without getting their hands dirty-Rock is trying to make a fast buck off the backs of women of color-his heart and soul is deeply disturbed and he needs to get in therapy quick.

  70. Bad Janet says:

    I really want to like Chris Rock. I really do. Films like Good Hair are important. The new Wonder Years are important. But any goodwill he earns from those projects is hard to keep when he won’t stop talking. I know how stand up comedy works, and how it has to be taken in context. I also know how sound bites get used by people with agendas who LOVE to claim Black people are on their “team” of racist ass hats. And when he has been doing the same thing for years, at what point is it comedy, and just his opinion? His Black daughters hear this stuff. Ugh

    • Ameerah M says:

      Good hair was a joke as well. I suggest reading into the drama around it. It was essentially satire about Black women’s hair.