Paris Hilton is a great environmentalist

Paris Hilton just becomes a better and better person. Clearly her jail time really did change her, and her statements that she would contribute more to the world were not just empty promises. Sure she flaked on that humanitarian mission to Africa, and has spent a good deal of her time drunkenly counting the pennies in fountains, but she’s changed, damn it. Case in point: last weekend, Paris saved an Oompa-Loompa’s life. She also gave Britney Spears career advice. And now Paris is publicly bragging about what an incredibly environmentalist she is. And because it’s Paris, you know it’s true, and she’s not just inflating one tiny little thing to make it look like she’s Mother Theresa.

Paris Hilton is making a personal contribution to protecting the environment. “I changed all the light bulbs to energy-safe light bulbs and I’m buying a hybrid car right now,” the 26-year-old celebrity heiress said Wednesday. Hilton said she turns off the lights, doesn’t leave the TV on or the water running when she leaves her house. “Little things that people can do every day to make a huge difference,” she said.

She was in Berlin to take part in an advertising campaign for Rich Prosecco, a sparkling wine sold in cans. Hilton told reporters she’s looking for a boyfriend and knows exactly what qualities Mr. Right should possess. “Right now I’m single but I am looking for a nice boy,” she said. “He should be funny, smart and loyal.”

Hilton said she was planning to visit one of Berlin’s Christmas markets, the city’s famous museums, and had already been partying at the city’s trendy Cookies club.

[From Yahoo News]

Blech. I hate that I can’t actually call her out on her comments, because they’re true. All the little things add up and matter. Somehow putting that under the heading “Paris Hilton helping protect the environment” seems a bit much, but that’s probably Yahoo’s fault. Still, who goes to Berlin to promote sparking wine in a can and then talks about what a great environmentalist they are? Paris Hilton. She’ll say whatever she thinks makes her look good, regardless of the truth behind it. And while I’m glad she has energy efficient lights and turns them off when she’s not in the room, something tells me she actually has an assistant, or maybe her illegal pet kinkajou Baby Luv, follow her around and turn off all her lava lamps. And not leaving the water running when you’re not home is generally a good idea regardless of the environment. It keeps your home from flooding. That’s probably why people have been turning their faucets off long before people paid attention to conservation.

Note by Celebitchy: The BZ, Berlin’s version of The Sun, has a cover story about Paris today in which they call her “Princess Trash.” They say she was 50 minutes late to her press conference and point out that she brought multiple bodyguards with her.

Here’s Paris out in Maxim Night Club last night in Berlin trying to feel up the DJ. Note how the other club-goers don’t even glance at her. Thanks to WENN.

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