Ryan hatches a beard

Teri Hatcher and Ryan Seacrest were photographed making out on a Malibu beach. Teri Hatcher doesn’t seem dumb enough not to be in on the joke, although she did expect Clooney to stick around and then used her painful past to get back at him, so she’s not that bright overall. Still, she can’t be as delusional as Zellweger, and chances are that she’s getting something out of this other than bad publicity.

An eyewitness says Hatcher and Seacrest were “very animated” which is code for “very bad actors”:

“The were immersed,” says an eyewitness, who noticed Hatcher massaging Seacrest’s neck. “Every now and then, they’d embrace.”

“Teri frequently laughed loudly at Ryan’s jokes,” says an onlooker. “They were very animated with each other.”

Here are the pictures of Hatcher and Seacrest making out that will be published in this week’s US Magazine.

And here’s a video of Seacrest flirting with Anderson Cooper on CNN. Cooper tells Seacrest that his big tie “works for him.” Then Seacrest points out that Cooper’s tie is “tiny and mine is huge.” “I’ve heard that often,” Cooper responds. Ow!

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