Amy Robach inspired T.J. Holmes’ love of long-distance running

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach were spotted and photographed in New York over the weekend. And for once they were not canoodling! They were running in the New York Half Marathon. The couple have run together before — they ran in the New York Half and New York Marathon together last year, with the latter being shortly before their affair was revealed. Amy is the dedicated runner of the two and apparently she inspired T.J.’s newfound love of running.

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach are partners in life and in fitness.

A source tells ET that both Amy and T.J. have always been fitness enthusiasts, taking exercise very seriously, working out daily, eating right, and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle.

“Amy has been an avid long-distance runner the majority of her life, she’s on KETO, and has always used the open road to clear her mind, focus her energy, and channel it into bettering herself,” the source says.

“And while T.J. has always been very active/into sports, Amy inspired his newfound love of long-distance running, and it’s been a shared passion ever since. Expect to see the two on the open road, running together, in future races,” the source adds.

On Nov. 7, 2022, Amy and T.J. completed the New York City marathon together, with Amy sharing several photos of the two of them running alongside one another, as well as celebrating post-race.

A source told US Weekly that Amy challenged herself to run four marathons in 2022, with two in two weeks, and T.J.’s support meant a lot to her, as she wrote on Instagram, “4 marathons… 2 in the last 4 weeks… NO WAY I could ever have accomplished this alone! I love this running crew so much. We encourage each other, train together and finish together.”

[From ET Online]

Sure, I’ll buy that running is a shared passion. They both seem to be very active people and maybe that’s what they bonded over. When T.J. and Amy ran together last year, they talked about it on GMA3 and even did some training tips videos in which they gushed all over each other. Amy even said he beat her by one second in the half marathon last year and I kind of think she let him win because she sounds like quite the dedicated runner with all those marathons. I wonder if that extra time Amy and T.J. had training together is what really sparked the affair. Anyway, I guess it’s nice that they have something in common and something to do besides PDA everywhere. Daily Mail claims T.J. and Amy prepped for this latest half marathon through “intimate sex workouts,” which is obviously completely made up and yet sounds true.

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  1. K says:

    Yeah..from commitment

  2. Carobell says:

    Long distance running takes hours, marathon training takes hours a day/week. Working full time and running for hours, they were both checked out of their relationships.

    • ama1977 says:

      They’re cheaters, no doubt about it. But you can definitely be ambitious in your career and train for long distance/marathon running while being a great partner. My husband has run multiple half and full marathons yearly for the length of our very happy almost 20-year partnership, and he’s also an accomplished, successful attorney who runs his own firm. IJS, these two are not poster-children for long distance runners.

  3. shanaynay says:

    Y’all are nothing but cheaters. Stop trying to deflect.

    • BayAreaGirl2000 says:

      The fact that she is still wearing her wedding ring honest to god throws me off. If they were both checked out of their relationships, what is she doing with that on?! Both tasteless as ever.

  4. Gracie says:

    Oh man this post brings back memories. My partner also cheated with his training partner when he took up long distance running. I’ve known at least 5 other relationships that have the same story. My partner’s running pal gave me bad vibes from day one, just with the intensity and fast pace of the “friendship.” She hid behind her healthy habits but was excessively cruel and manipulative to me – it blows my mind that someone can actively try to kick someone out of their own family, but I’m not a mean person. Just my experience, but the hobby turned into a lifestyle and it was like living with addiction – if I needed my partner to watch the kids or if one got sick last minute and he had to miss a run, it was complete hell. He spent nearly 14 hours on the weekends and almost every night running and drinking beer with his running friends. The kids gave up on him completely. My experience was not unique and I know people will come for me for saying this, but there is a responsibility on the trainer, as well, to make sure the trainee’s life isn’t being upended by an insane schedule. If your kids are grown and you have time, all power to you, but if you’re working with a parent of young kids, be mindful that they have other demands on their time. It was my partner’s responsibility to recognize this, but hard to do when your training buddy also has small kids and tells you that the running journey takes priority. My life was wretched due to what happened. If you have marriage troubles, deal with those rather than literally running off with another woman.

    • shanaynay says:

      I’m sorry that you had to go through that. Cheating of any kind is a horrible thing especially when children are involved.
      I’ve been cheated on many times, and each time I was made to think it was my fault for why they cheated. Pure BS.

    • Myeh says:

      Gracie I’m so sorry you had to go through that with your partner. What a selfish a**hole. From personal experience ultra runners, cross training (won’t name that movement but y’know who…), weekend mud run “enthusiasts” (gimme a break just enlist and go through basic training instead of being so annoying..) all of these types are extremists and their practices are rooted in a very white way of thinking. It smacks of insecurity. People who engage in selfishness while ignoring their duty to family are not as disciplined and dedicated as they like to present. They also want to talk alot and commiserate with other people who share their “passion”… Anyway I came here to say from the perspective of someone in the fitness world you would be happy to hear my colleagues and I laugh our asses off at these people. We consider them brainwashed sh*threads. We tolerate their whining if we’re making top dollar but even then we cut them down to size in person because big eye roll here they are just insufferable. You will also be happy to hear the risk with time and age training like this increases exponentially and I hope when your I hope ex partner injures themself you can let them know they did it to themself!

      • Tchotchke says:

        With all due respect, how on Earth is running enthusiasm and an interest in races a “white way of thinking”? People across all cultures run and engage in a competitive world of fitness. As for the rest of your comment, mocking clients for their passion and interest in something you yourself are not into isn’t just mean, it’s unprofessional.

    • EllenOlenska says:

      They certainly wouldn’t be the first people to use the long training times to cover for other activities. Generally you’ll be untracked while doing long runs unless your partner is using tracking software, so who knows if you’re making a side stop at the sidepiece’s house? Not to mention the whining and endless talk about their training routines tends to make the partner who is doing all the work at home while you’re busy self actualizing tune you out completely.

  5. AngryJayne says:

    This is hilarious