Why did Emmanuel Macron remove his luxury watch mid-TV appearance?

I love magic tricks and sleight of hand. Like, I think it’s so cool when people can do those kinds of tricks, make a coin disappear, make a wristwatch reappear, pick my card out of a deck. Well, did you know that French President Emmanuel Macron is also a magician? He practices a deft sleight of hand even when he’s on camera, being interviewed. Late last week, he was speaking at a French debate on pensions and he made his wristwatch disappear:

First of all, I would have had to look down to take off a watch – I wouldn’t have been able to do it blind, under a table, but maybe men’s watches are different for men’s (arguably?) clumsy fingers. Second of all, there’s a debate about the model and price of the watch – while many tweets claimed that Macron wore a watch worth something like 80,000 Euros, it’s much more likely that he was wearing a recent favorite, a £2,100 BRV 1-92 model by Bell & Ross. While a $2500 watch is out of range of most men, for a man in his position (president of France), that’s actually not really some big-ticket item. I remember when French peeps took issue with Sarkozy wearing a pricey Rolex during his term in office – this piece is at least French and a more affordable option for some men.

Also: there’s some debate about why Macron removed his watch mid-debate. Was he removing a luxury item while talking about pension reform specifically so he wouldn’t look like a raging hypocrite? Or did he remove his watch because he was gesticulating so much, he kept inadvertently banging his watch on the table?

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  1. C says:

    Who knows. The idea of him removing it to not look hypocritical is my favorite explanation, it’s a very Simpsons-esque moment, lol.

  2. Hmmm…. Maybe afraid when he left the protesters would jump him for it?

  3. ThatsNotOkay says:

    If it was just bumping on the table, he wouldn’t have had to hide the fact that he was removing it. The more logical explanation is that he was looking like an out-of-touch let-them-eat-caker and performed his sleight-of-watch act to try to trick people into believing he wasn’t flaunting his wealth in their faces while they’re struggling to make ends meet. Like, donate your excess wealth into their pension funds. Hock your watch so someone else can eat.

  4. Aud says:

    I think he removed it to try to avoid criticism. No, it’s not terribly expensive if it’s the $2100 version. However, wearing anything even remotely flashy while discussing pension reform which will not impact him is going to result in criticism.

  5. Beech says:

    He got a clue.

  6. Amy Bee says:

    I saw some one saying that his watch was banging on the table that’s why he took it off. The British press ran with this story because they’re angry that he called off Charles’ trip to France.

  7. Andrea says:

    Am I the only one who finds him sexy? He definitely has something about him for me. Plus, I like shorter men since I am 5’2″. I prefer him over Trudeau only because Trudeau is tall.

    • Barbara says:

      No, you’re not alone (hides under the table)

      • B says:

        I thought he was hot right up until I heard his wife was so much older than him.
        It -might- be that it’s perfectly kosher and without agism and whatever.
        But…. I just keep thinking wow, high likelihood of mommy issues. It takes the sexy right out of it.

      • Lee13 says:

        His wife isn’t just significantly older than him – she was also his literal high school teacher (where he was a classmate and peer to her own children). And they suspiciously “only started dating” once he turned 18…

      • Andrea says:

        @Barbara and B haha. I am glad it isn’t just me. I dunno their relationship is odd, but her children approve of it, so who are we to judge? I wouldnt mind a late 50 something man myself and I am 42 (I dont have daddy issues, but i am very close to my father). I just find men my age lack maturity STILL. Except you know Macron. Lol

  8. Emmi says:

    People wouldn’t care about the less expensive one. They would absolutely care about 80k. So … I need to know which it is. LOL

  9. Brassy Rebel says:

    It looks like a strap watch so it would be easy to remove without looking. I just removed mine no problem. Unless it’s one of those preset strap watches. Then I don’t know. 🤔

    I think he didn’t want to continue to bang it on the table. Looks like a nice watch but not super expensive.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Maybe it’s because I don’t wear expensive watches, but I have no problem taking off a watch without looking at it. As for the why behind it, he looks like an craven idiot no matter the reason behind it because he did it below the table. And not very subtly.

  10. HeyKay says:

    Because he looks like a turd wearing a $3K watch and an expensive suit while he’s talking about people struggling to have basic needs covered?
    Too stupid to realize it is offensive to the struggling people before he went on air.
    It’s so sad that the PtB just do not have the empathy needed to be good leaders.
    I hope the protesters in France keep holding strong!

    Macron and KCharles can both be fired for all I care.

  11. manta says:

    It was not a debate. It was an address, a lecture was given, two ornemental anchors gently throwing questions once in a while, so that an impression of contradiction was maintained. It failed.