Kourtney Kardashian posted a photo of a bathroom with plates of food on the floor

There was recent outrage over something a Kardashian posted so… it must be a day ending in Y. This one comes to us courtesy of Kourtney K, who posted a photo dump on Instagram. The Kollection of pix seemed random, although there was a dedication to bathroom shots. And that’s’ were the furor came in. The third pic was this:

[From Instagram via Buzzfeed]

People are outraged by the plates of food on the floor and especially the chicken sandwich on the toilet. Many a vomit emoji was smashed in the comment section of Kourtney’s post. People called her or the photo nasty, gross, disgusting and even suggested she was *gasp* not classy. I’m positive many of you will have several of the same sentiments. I’ll admit, I’m not as bothered by the pic as everyone else. Given what we know about Kourt and husband Travis Barker, I think we can guess what she’s trying to show us here. The bulk of the food is desserts and there’s a bucket of champagne. The water is colored from either oils or a bath bomb and bubbles. This was a sex bath. The food was a pawn in the whole thing and seeing how little was eaten, it worked. As for the sandwich on the toilet. I can tell you the logistics of reaching down to grab food with a wet arm/hand, it would have soaked the sandwich. I generally don’t put my coffee cup on the floor because the bathwater trickles into when I reach for it. So my guess is, that plate sat on that one corner until they were done and put on toilet when they got out.

I assume this photo is part of their sponsorship deal with Daring Foods vegan chicken. I’m going with this, because there are so many things inconsistent with a Kardashian shot. First of all, that’s not Kourt’s tub. Maybe it’s one of the kids tubs, but the champagne suggests it’s not. Secondly, as I mentioned before, none of the food, save for the chicken burger, has been touched. Even the champagne glass in the corner is clean. Lastly, with the general disarray, there would be wet food somewhere. So someone fancies themselves an art director and thought this was a great way to promote vegan chicken. Because it makes sex baths hotter until you forget the food and jump out of the tub to ravage each other. Anyone who has had this sex bath knows that that tub would be the reason you abandoned your sex bath, not because your macrons paired so beautifully with your raspberry dessert taco. It’s a lovely soaking tub, but not a sex tub. So I’m fine with folks taking Kourtney to task on this pic because I don’t find it aesthetically appealing. And it’s a logistical nightmare. But was I young enough that I thought bringing food to a sex bath was clever? Yeah. And those plates had to go somewhere. We didn’t eat off them again (nor did we need that much food) but I won’t say I never needed to dump a plate on a bathmat in a hurry.

Photo credit: Instagram

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  1. Josephine says:

    I will say this – she’s the only one in that people who arguably has any sex appeal but it vanishes when she tries so, so hard.

    • shanaynay says:

      Sorry, I’d have to disagree. Personally, I don’t find any of them to have any sex appeal. I find them rather trashy. Very try-hard instead.

    • Sugarhere says:

      Seksapeel, where? Her vulgarity is so old-school trashy, we’ve been over it since Madonna’s 1987’s hanky panky. And that bath water looks like her period played a nasty trick on her.

      I am wondering about the artistic relevancy of rehashing that self-parody of outmoded tackiness in 2023? Wasn’t the whole point of these kinds of stagings to be provocative and outrageous enough so as to trigger a positive shock? This one looks so stale, so déjà vu that I find it painful to watch.

  2. Barbiem says:

    Nobody eats that much food in the bathroom lol.. weird pic. They should have had fruit and wine only.

    • Ang says:

      This is gross and ill conceived. Drippy messy fruit like mango and watermelon sounds sexy in a bath. A chicken sandwich (hold the fecal particles) is ridiculous.

      • Barbiem says:

        @Ang… I meant a bowl of berries. Lots of folks do berries and champagne and the bathroom. Watermelon and mangos in the pic? lol… didn’t study it that hard, I saw chicken and plates everywhere of food and thought is was nasty. Just kinda glanced at it. Meh.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Right? That bathwater’s going to get cold long before two people could make a dent in that food. Or the food’s going to get cold. And yes, clearly that’s not a Kardashian bathroom, it’s too old.

    • Mauve says:

      There is no way in this universe that any of the Kardashians have a bathroom with that ancient blue tile.

  3. Rapunzel says:

    The food in the bath stuff is better than a golden shower. Just sayin’

  4. Eurydice says:

    Huh, I guess they’re riffing off the “Daring” part of the package – not the breaded plant-based chicken thingy nuggets thingies. I’d think a more effective promotion for food would be – it’s so delicious we forgot about having sex and just kept eating – but that’s probably off-brand for a Kardashian.

  5. FHMom says:

    Happily, most of these photos won’t load for me. This is a staged sponsorship photo shoot. Nothing happened in that tub.

  6. wildwaffles says:

    I agree this was staged and meant to imply a sexy bath time. None of the champagne bottles are open. But the red bathwater just made me think “uh oh, someone dropped the ketchup dipping bowl in the water and ruined it”.

    • goofpuff says:

      Who has a package of Daring chicken just hanging out by the side of the tub with all those plates? wouldn’t you plate it in the kitchen? totally an advertisement shot.

    • dlc says:

      There are 3 bottles of champagne? How long were they planning to be in there? This is hilarious and gross and staged.

  7. Mirage says:

    This set up is so impractical. How do you get in and out of the bath with so many plates on the floor, and how uncomfortable would it be to pick them up whilst in the bath.
    It doesn’t strike me as unhygienic, I imagine Koutney’s cleaner comes in every day! I could eat in my bathroom, not that it would appeal to me particularly.
    I don’t understand the allusion on this post to a sex bath. I mean that’s even more uncomfortable and is it even implied in the photo?
    So many questions!

  8. Olivia says:

    That image screams disordered eating. On that note, is it a weird coincidence or an obvious connection… that binging massive amounts of food has been normalised online at the same time as intermittent fasting.

  9. hangonamin says:

    lol. the angle of the picture, her assistant would have had to contort themselves on top of the toilet to get that pic. honestly, what a small and normal looking bathroom was what i was thinking.

  10. Emmi says:

    It’s honestly giving “I was taking a PMS bath with ALL the food within reach and then I got my period.”

    I don’t mind the picture but I don’t get it either. I don’t have a tub, I never got the appeal of baths in a regular-sized tub. Sure, if I had the money for a monster tub but these smaller ones are just annoying. I chose my apartment in part because it has a lovely shower but no tub.

  11. JanetDR says:

    I like to soak and read in the tub. No doubt that I have something to drink and once in a blue moon a snack. I have a little table to hold the items next to the tub. So I’m not bothered by eating and drinking near the tub (although my tub is out in an area of the bedroom with large windows and a lovely view of the meadow, nowhere near the toilet).
    What is bothering me is why use red-pink bath salts or oils? It looks like the Death of Marat! And if the faux chicken is what you are advertising, why place it on a toilet? Gross. Also gross? Fake meat. As a vegetarian, nothing is worse than being offered fake meat.

    • BeanieBean says:

      JanetDR: I’m right there with you. I gave up eating meat because I didn’t want to eat dead animals anymore. Why would I want to eat something that looks like, smells like, tastes like dead animals but only technically isn’t?

    • Paulkid says:

      In my guest experiences, one feels forced to consume the fake flesh because it was chosen and prepared “for you”!

    • Maida says:

      The reddish water in that tub is giving me “Shining” vibes!

  12. Khate’s Mourning Wig says:

    “Daring” on the napkin and a food wrapper near the tub as well…plus a very perfectly round bite out of the cookie (?) on the toilet = ad. Still makes me want to gag lol. Is that a burger in the soap holder?

  13. EasternViolet says:

    Its not the food that grosses me out… its the tub water. All I can think is either yeast infection, or free bleeding in the tub. To each their own, but hard pass from me.

    • Eurydice says:

      I thought – serial killer. I guess I’ve been watching too many murder mysteries.

      • EasternViolet says:

        THIS absolutely! (and there is no such a thing as too many murder mysteries )

      • E4M says:

        lol—same! Or similar… I thought of depression, ie can’t leave the tub. And definitely read the bath water as red from injury. Overall, a big *shudder* and zero sexy thoughts!

  14. Lightpurple says:

    Why are there no forks or spoons for those desserts? Those aren’t finger foods

  15. HeyKay says:

    I’m sorry I looked at this. Ick!

  16. Dani says:

    So basically it’s a poor and ill-conceived attempt at an ad. I don’t find it horrific or vomit-inducing; just stupid.

  17. OriginalLeigh says:

    People eat meals while bathing? That’s a thing? I could see drinking a glass of wine or champagne while reading/watching TV but eating food seems strange to me for some reason…. Maybe it’s because I’m more of a shower person.

  18. Shawna says:

    Any publicity is good publicity, I guess? The company must be glad for the brand exposure.

  19. HandforthParish says:

    Forget the food, all I can think about is period bath.

  20. TwinFalls says:

    Red bath water equals bloody bath water.

  21. Seraphina says:

    This reminds me of the time I decided to paper myself with self care when the kids were young and I prepped a bath with rose petals and a nice book and candles to relax. When I got out of the tub (who can relax with kids running around outside your bathroom) I realized my ill-conceived idea of R&R because it dawned on me I was the one who had to fish all the petals out so they didn’t run down the drain. So much for R&R.

  22. Sue E Generis says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s not actually her bathroom. That tile is dated.

  23. Chaine says:

    I don’t care how much they try to sex it up, vegan chicken is one of the least appetizing foods known to humanity. How about instead of trying endlessly to create fake versions of meat we all just eat a salad with some peas and pumpkin seeds and slivered almonds in it and call it a day?

  24. phaedra14 says:

    I do not eat in the bathroom. Period.

  25. SarahCS says:

    The more she tries to lean in to the raunchy/sexy thing the more fake it seems. I hope they have a great relationship and they’re both getting everything the need from it but from a brand/marketing perspective I just don’t buy her in this guise.

  26. Coco says:

    First off why and secondly, who signed off on this photo shoot?

    The food is on the floor and by the toilet, on the toilet and next to a bathtub filled with red water, nothing about that is appealing or makes you want to buy vegan chicken. Not to mention most of the food even looks like it was touched and the “chicken” burger that’s on top of the toilet has one bite, took it out of it. 👀 They also seem more interested in each other than the food this is just bad marketing all the way around.

    This reminds me of the photo shoot Brooklyn Beckham did for Victoria’s fashion line. Where he took pictures of everything and focused on everything, but the shoes they were advertising.

  27. Stef says:

    Gross. I’ve always found her to be disgusting somehow, what a lame post for attention.

  28. ME says:

    Look, they have a new season of their failing show to promote. Kanye’s “I love Jewish people now” tweet didn’t get them the attention they thought it would (ever notice Kanye only tweets when the Kardashia’s have a new season about to premiere? It’s like he does Kim a favor every time). These “food on the floor” photos are just a pr ploy to get us talking about them again. If this season doesn’t do well, I’m pretty sure the show will get cancelled. They are desperate. I bet Kim will be putting out “dating” rumors very soon. I wonder who it will be? She’ll put out the rumors and then deny it. Same old trick every time. Maybe they’ll do the “let’s say/do something offensive and get them talking !”. Which culture will they appropriate next?

  29. JP says:

    Gross. Food does not enter bathroom, ever. They were not raised right.

  30. Jensa says:

    It looks like a mid-range hotel bathroom to me, with room service plates and cloche. The huge salad seems rather impractical. It would have looked a bit better if they’d just pulled a little side table in there for the food. Balancing it on the toilet and floor does give me the ick. Plus it looks like someone cut themselves in the bath.

    • Scurryalongnow says:

      Thank you!!! This is the kind of bathroom I see on Zillow in a mid price home in upstate NY that hasn’t been updated since it was built in 1964. Clean but need a total reno.

  31. GrnieWnie says:

    People who keep their toothbrushes out on the counter and don’t close the lid on the toilet when they flush have absolutely no ground to stand on, here

  32. Notjust says:

    Meh, the bag of the “daring” breaded chicken thingies looks just like how my dog’s treats are packaged. Hipster dog treats, that’s what their packaging looks like.

  33. Mel says:

    Sorry, this is disgusting. ESPECIALLY if this is a hotel bathroom. A plate of cheese, crackers and fruit on a STAND would be better. They’re all so tacky, yuck.

  34. Frippery says:

    Is *this* truly worth getting angry and pressed about though? Like, I get that people haaaattteee the Kardashians and think they’re tacky and famous for nothing and try hard and so on, but not every move they make it a war crime.

  35. Rhonda says:

    This is a candid photo of the aftermath of the Daring Foods photo shoot. That explains why it’s not her bathroom, the bathwater is dyed red (they were drinking a similar coloured champagne), there’s an excessive amount of food, etc. It’s a gross photo but it’s not like she lives like this.

  36. The Recluse says:

    Odd. Tacky. Unappetizing. Just….no.

  37. jferber says:

    All these comments slay me. Love them all.

  38. Rachillnz says:

    Do people not realise that if you thoroughly clean the bathroom it’s just as clean as other rooms?

    Germs are everywhere any cleaning agents help to kill germs….

    So I’m assuming everyone cleans the bathroom more often/more thoroughly than their bedrooms? So how is eating in the bathroom really thaaaaat disgusting compared to the bedroom?

    My bathroom is fking clean so if I wana eat in the tub, I will.

    God the comment section here has become tiresome