Angela Kelly fears King Charles will soon evict her from her grace & favor cottage

In Spare, Prince Harry made it abundantly clear that Angela Kelly was QEII’s attack dog, and a powerful person within QEII’s inner circle. Kelly was QEII’s longtime dresser and keeper of the Royal Collection jewels and she wielded her power vindictively. Honestly, Kelly always seemed like a trashy con artist who used her position to manipulate an elderly queen and “punish” anyone who tried to question her schemes. Before QEII passed away, Kelly conned the queen into giving her a grace-and-favor home in Windsor. The second that Charles became king, he and Camilla fired Kelly and literally changed all the palace locks. You could tell because Camilla and Kate began looting QEII’s jewelry immediately. But Kelly still had her grace-and-favor home. Except now she “fears” Charles will soon evict her too. LOL.

Angela Kelly, the Queen’s dresser and confidante for more than 20 years, fears she may have to leave her grace-and-favour home, The Mail on Sunday understands. Friends of Ms Kelly, a Liverpool docker’s daughter who became the Queen’s right-hand woman, worry she is another victim of the King’s ‘property merry-go-round’.

It had been understood that Ms Kelly, 65, would be given accommodation for life after her decades of loyalty to the late Queen. But sources said last week they believed she had to vacate her modest semi-detached home on the Windsor Estate ‘within weeks’.

Ms Kelly has just been recognised by King Charles in special honours awards marking the death of the Queen. However, she only became a Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, rather than a Dame Commander as might have been expected.

Many in the Royal Household were suspicious of her, and one insider pondered whether ‘scores were being settled’. A source said: ‘She’s been told she will soon have to move out. It’s a nice little place on the Windsor Estate and it was convenient for seeing her grandson, who was at college nearby. But the King has made it clear that under the new reign people will have to cut their cloth. The King is clearly not in the habit of providing homes for those no longer working for the Monarchy.’

A Palace insider said the ‘writing was on the wall’ for Ms Kelly after the Queen died in September. Within days, the locks had been changed on all the cupboards to which she held keys.

She was nicknamed AK47 – a play on her initials and the Russian assault rifle – because of her rapid-fire temper. Three-times-married Ms Kelly is said to have thrown a bag of rubbish at a member of the catering staff after her lunch was served late before an investiture.

[From The Mail on Sunday]

The Mail then tries to make this about Kelly vs Prince Harry, as if Charles would evict Angela Kelly simply because Kelly leaked a bunch of lies about Harry and Meghan. Please, Charles was fine with that. Charles and Camilla are evicting Kelly because she’s a giant pain in the ass who manipulated and conned a senile queen for years and because Kelly was probably the source of any number of terrible stories about C&C over the years. While I’m not on Team Chuck or Team Cam, I think it’s downright hilarious that they kicked her out of the palace, changed the locks and they’re now kicking her out of the retirement cottage she conned out of the queen. FAFO.

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  1. LadyE says:


    Really nothing else I can say about this. Don’t care why it’s happening, don’t care who is doing it, don’t care if it breaks QEII’s promise. Don’t care!

    She deserves the boot

    • Lara (the other) says:

      Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person (with the exeption of pedrew).

      But fascinating that C-Rex realy tries to project the image of an absolutist monarch wo isn’t bound by promisses or treaties and rules only by his wishes and wims.
      The last british monach who tried this was his namessake who lost his head.

      • DK says:

        Yeah, while I have no pity for AK at all, between this and Chaz forcing royal relatives to pay market rate on their homes, Chucky is really doing the most to force an uprising against the monarchy from within the royal circuit as well as from without…

      • LadyE says:

        You’re right! I’m just enjoying savouring the delicious comeuppance of this lady all on its own! ; )

  2. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Of this, I approve. And laugh, and laugh. She is reaping what she sowed. Division, manipulation, animosity, favoritism. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, bish.

  3. amyb says:

    FAFO Royal style.

  4. Menlisa says:

    Karma did not wait for her lol

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Nope, it pounded on the door, knocked it off it’s hinges and changed the locks!!

      How lovely to have worked for someone for 20 years and be given a lovely place to live….

      Now when will you evict the Kent’s Chucky???

  5. Persephone says:

    FAFO indeed.
    She’ll be getting what’s coming to her, and in spades.

  6. Brassy Rebel says:

    One of the weirdest things about these weird people is that they have their own weird language. “Grace and favour.” “Cut the cloth.” Maybe while he’s at it, Charles could modernize and simplify the way they all talk. Until then, they’re all stuck in the Middle Ages.

    • UNCDancer says:

      I litterally can’t figure out the genesis of “cut their cloth” means. Does it mean rich people didn’t have to cut the clothe for their own clothes before they sew/embroider them? I suppose I could google it.

      • JanetDR says:

        I’m pretty sure it is “Cut your coat according to your cloth” meaning make do with what you have and not overspend. Cut your cloth appears to be a misquote.

  7. Izzy says:

    GOOD. That’s all I got.

  8. Jais says:

    She is one of the common enemies bw Charles, William and Harry. As if Charles was going to let her stay in Windsor.

  9. Cel2495 says:

    Lol couldn’t happen to a better person. Also dresser? That woman looks like a clown with all that makeup… how in earth she dressed someone? 😂

  10. C says:

    A Nelson Muntz “Ha ha!” just escaped my lips.

  11. Seaflower says:

    It’s called karma, and her being short sighted – QE wasn’t going to live forever she should have kept Camilla on side at least if she was smart.

    • The Old Chick says:

      A servant gets accommodation for life, but not her grandson, soon be son of a monarch (no matter how pathetic a monarch he is)? Interesting choices

      • BQM says:

        It was a way to reward faithful servants who didn’t come from money and didn’t make a bunch in royal service either.

        I’d feel for her if she wasn’t awful. But these G&F homes are a very long standing tradition. Often for people of limited means.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        Then the problem is, employees are not being paid fair wages. Selectively giving housing to a personal favorite is not a substitution for fair wages.

        Anyway, I have little sympathy for them because they all got their jobs through connections and kissing royal @ss. Let’s not pretend that any of these people competed fairly for a position based on merit.

      • Christine says:

        I’m so curious how these homes work. Are all utilities paid as well?

      • BQM says:

        I don’t think maids and footman necessarily got their positions through connections. It’s not the lady Susan Husseys of the world who are living in G&F homes. They used to also go to retired soldiers and their widows. I know someone who lives in the WC enclosure—next to the chapel not in the park like FC or AC. He’s one of the Military Knights—retired military who served during events like the garter ceremony which take place at the chapel. They used to be called the Alms Knights because they were poor. Now they don’t need to be impoverished just retirees. But I think most are still not well off. (And those apartments are so cool. Literally right outside the chapel doors.) Another acquaintance, a retiree who works as a docent at Windsor castle has a G&F home on the estate.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        Even if the people are poor retired workers with no connections (and I don’t believe most fall into that category), letting them live in G&F residences is NOT a substitute for fair wages. We see this is public housing in general, where poor families cannot build generations wealth because they are not allowed to own their properties, only rent.

  12. equality says:

    So they didn’t trust her to hand in the keys and not keep copies? Hopefully he will evict her and, hopefully, she has more stories to sell to the media or put in a book.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Yeah, seems like a risky move to evict the old battle axe. She probably could burn it all down. Hope she does!

      • tamra says:

        I was thinking the same thing. She could write a book of all books!

      • detritus says:

        That was my thought too!
        I wouldn’t want to evict her as much as let her age quietly and die in obscurity. This seems like a bad social play if they don’t want secrets being let out.

    • Snuffles says:

      They changed all the locks.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Yeah apparently it was done the day after QE2 died – she was locked out of her Windsor apartments.

        Given the kind of unfettered access she had to all sorts of things it was a smart move.

  13. JanetDR says:

    I don’t feel anything for her, but wondering about others who may have quietly served for years with housing in their retirement being expected and why they may have been paid less. Seems like a raw deal.
    I think Chuckie needs to say what he plans to do with this housing. Why is he acting like he has no money? Did the Queen invest in bitcoin? 🤣

    • ML says:

      Right, so my gut reaction to this news is GOOD!
      However, I have been to Great Britain on vacation and we have visited a couple of aristocratic “houses.” And one of the things that they tell the public is that the family is supposed to take care of the servants later in life—this is if the family is “good.” Angela K is terrible, however, from the duty perspective, I wonder how that plays.

    • Concern Fae says:

      Yes! Angela is terrible, but palace staff are horribly underpaid. Part of the deal is that they are provided with onsite housing while they are employed and a “cottage” on royal property after they retire. Forcing all these people to pay “market rate” now, when they’ve been paid below market rate salaries for decades is monstrous.

      I remember reading a royal biography back in the early Diana days. It talked about the little neighborhoods of small houses where the retired staff lived, and royals stopping in to visit their old nannies.

      This is like the wealthy towns refusing to build any new housing. They are then surprised that the schools have to close for small amounts of snow. Well, the teachers all live an hour north, where the weather is much worse, and if they can’t make it in, doesn’t matter if the kids can. FAFO.

      • Julia says:

        Yeah, I think Charles is making a massive mistake here. The G&F apartments for staff are not truly “gifts”, they’re part of a compensation package that usually doesn’t include a ton of actual cash. They are also–critically–extra insurance that someone like Kelly doesn’t decide to start supplementing her retirement income by selling stories about the royals. She might well be a terrible person, but Charles is astoundingly short-sighted, imo. He should be honoring his mother’s decrees for the current tenants’ agreed-upon leases, and then changing how he handles his OWN affairs. Maybe pay his workers top salaries to ensure their best effort and discretion, rather than a vague promise for housing they may or may not actually get?

  14. girl_ninja says:

    Lies and loyalty. All those lies she told on Duchess Meghan and here she is probably about to be homeless. I hope she saved some money from her book sales. Karma is REAL.

  15. Interested Gawker says:

    Kick her out!
    Shove her out!
    Waaaaaay out!

    Is it bad that I want this to be true? Oh well… Karma’s a boomerang.

  16. C-Shell says:


    Possibly the best decision CIII (read: Camilla) has made since his mother died. I see that Camilla’s cronyism with the tabloids, the Fail in particular, continues to pay off handsomely. AK47 will have plenty to say to **her** cronies, make no mistake.

    Buying more stock in Orville Redenbacher.

  17. dina says:


  18. Jan says:

    Not sure if her name is correct Liz Cundy??? Claimed she was a friend of Meghan’s and said after she introduced her to Harry, Meghan dropped her.
    The woman interviewed Meghan on the red carpet once and milked that story.
    Well the repossession guys are at her door, BMW, liens on her house and her agent is suing her.

    • girl_ninja says:

      Holy sh*t. Are you serious?!? I’ve never heard of her, now I have to go check it out. Karma is not playing with these hoe’s. 🙌

  19. Emily_C says:

    Chuck does not understand that stabbing people in the back left and right is not likely to work out well for him. He’s going to stab the wrong person one of these days — someone without Harry’s overactive sense of honor. Angela Kelly’s a likely suspect. And, of course, there’s Andrew. I can’t wait to see the pit of vipers turn.

  20. Kristen from MA says:

    She has published 2 books from what is a 3-book deal. Curious what she’ll come up with for the 3rd installment.

  21. Athena says:

    I read one of Angela’s books during the beginning of the pandemic and wondered how the palace cleared it for publication, she was downright making fun of the Queen (in not a good way) in a few stories. I don’t feel bad this is happening to her but do wonder what kind of pension and medical benefits are offered to people who work in the royal household. We all know the pay is low, if the benefits are also minuscule these people are going to have a difficult time making ends meet. And if Charles is planning to kick out all the Queen’s cousins and former employees he should do what companies do and pay a severance. Some people should be grandfathered and the change should apply going forward. These folks do not need to run to the newspapers with their stories, there’s social media.

  22. Digital Unicorn says:

    This is called karmic FAFO – this was always going to happen when QE2 died, EVERYONE in the family reportedly hated her. She’s a serious piece of work and am sure her 3rd book will have nothing but tea as she gets her ‘revenge’ on those who kicked her ass to the curb.

    It will be interesting to see what happens after the coronation as its clear Chuck and Cams are going to clean house with the wider family/hangers on.

    • Nic919 says:

      Just the fact that she published a book while still working for the queen showed she was abusing her power more than others. I suspect Charles wanted her gone at that point but his mother said no.

      Kelly managed to not get fired after a physical fight with another staffer, so she’s been riding on luck for years now. With the Queen’s passing her luck ran out. She should have been prepared for this.

      We also know that not only she was a thorn for Harry and Meghan, but she also treated Kate poorly when it came to the tiara for the wedding and likely in other occasions too. And it is likely she was difficult with Camilla at least early on. So she created a lot of this herself.

  23. Backyardmogul says:

    AK was and is awful but the Queen was NOT senile. She knew what AK was about.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Yes QEII wasn’t senile but she spent her life sticking her head in the sand with matters that were unpleasant to her. We also have the men in grey that fed her her daily bits of worthy “news” regarding family members as well.

    • Nlopez says:

      THIS right here! Elizabeth knew who and what Angela Kelly is!

  24. Steph says:

    They made sure to include that sure was a dock workers daughter. I’m guessing that means she didn’t come from a lot of money. Palace staff are notoriously low paid. Where is she supposed to go at her age? She was an evil bitch so I don’t care but won’t that make him lose favor with the older crowd? You know, the few who actually like him? Maybe he’s accepted that the isn’t a well liked monarch and is saying fuck it all.

    • Robert Phillips says:

      Your supposed to work for the royal family for a few years and then go off and get a better paying job. Just by saying you worked for the royal family. At least that’s what they use to justify the low pay. So I don’t know why there are so many people who retired from working for them. Was it just that these people were so incompetent they couldn’t find other jobs?

  25. BeanieBean says:

    Random thoughts: I thought that was part of the benefits package to working for the royals, a grace & favor cottage when you retired. Apparently not. Why is Angela holding so many programs at the queen’s funeral? Did they ask her to pass them out? Or did she grab a bunch to sell on eBay? And last one: she wore her little award to the funeral, the one that apparently is the lowest award possible (apparently the writer of the article didn’t like her either–they actually put Ak-47 into print!).

  26. TheWigletOfWails says:

    Ms Kelly thought because she dressed the queen she’s a member of the BaRF and now Chuckles has put her in her are a servant and a minion, nothing more. Oh well..after snubbing and attacking the Sussexes on their behalf, they didn’t have your back? Cry me a river.

  27. Unblinkered says:

    My thought is that The Queen’s wishes with this – and other scenarios – should be honoured. Whatever AK is like, however bad, it would seem she kept The Queen jolly and looking really good for years and years.
    However, if the current story is true, and for Charles to apparently be acting vindicatively , it makes one wonder if AK’s third book is ready to go and is sizzling hot. If so, it’ll be one helluva of a read.

  28. Lili says:

    I think there is a huge lesson to be learned here, because Betty lived so long we never got to see the effects of what happens when the guard changes, I hope Camila is taking note, because any promises Charles makes to. Her and her offspring will be rescinded once Willy is in charge . How long does Charles have on the throne. I reckon charles thinks he will live as long as his Mum and Dad. Life has a funny way of kicking our ass

    • tamra says:

      As a R.N., chuckie does not appear in good health. His complexion says a lot, as does the swelling of his hands and probably feet. He appears to have serious cardiac issues.

  29. JMmoney says:

    A common trait amongst royalists who work with the RF is they are all incredibly shortsighted and stick all their eggs in one basket (suck up to the royal they work for). Very few know how to play the long game and AK def did not. She will def be evicted so she better start house hunting fast

  30. QuiteContrary says:

    I cannot imagine living like this — depending on the whims of a clueless, churlish king.

    That said, she deserves to be booted into the wilderness.

  31. Beverley says:

    Bwahahaha! Too bad for her. AK47 gets no sympathy from me. The racist hag treated Meghan like dirt. Racism is the only explanation for how vile Angela Kelly was to Meghan. And racists get no empathy from me. Racists can die screaming in a fire for all I care.

    Here’s hoping Dogsh*t Charlie throws her out sooner rather than later.

  32. Okay says:

    Good. Change the locks while she is out of the house too.

  33. Over it says:

    I hope she got lots of black garbage bags for her trashy ass

  34. Janice Hill says:

    I’m crying crocodile tears.

  35. RoyalBlue says:

    This is par for the course on what happens following the death of a monarch. You are only enjoying the privilege while the monarch breathes. Same thing happened to Abdul Karim following the death of Queen Victoria. He was unceremoniously kicked out by Edward VII and sent back to India.

    • BQM says:

      Victoria was wilier than most. She knew how people felt about him and didn’t trust he’d be looked after when she was gone. Years before she had pressured the government to bestow a land grant upon the Munshi—usually only given to soldiers after years of valiant service. He was eventually given a plot of (government controlled) land in Agra and a pension of 600 rupee. It’s where he lived out his days. He also bought the adjacent parcel of land. He was very wealthy, partly through some perhaps less than savory financial dealings. He had no children and his nieces and nephews inherited the property which they maintained until the Partition.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        yes, at least victoria made sure he had a place back home to hang his hat at the end of the day. QEII (or at least the courtiers) really didn’t give AK47 more than a hope and a dream. thanks for the history lesson.

  36. Well Wisher says:

    It is on par with the King and his Darling wife settling scores, the fact that Ms. Kelly is not well liked is just gravy…

    She is so similar to them, why not keep her around?? This ?? answers itself…

  37. MY3CENTS says:

    Don’t worry Angie, Willy is battling homelessness these days.

  38. The Recluse says:

    Both sides in this scenario remind me of my Aunt’s petty, money-grubbing kinfolk. They’re the sort to come to the funeral to fight over the last 5 bucks in the deceased’s pocket.
    That said, Charles is making a lot of enemies – at lightspeed.

  39. Cassie says:

    I hope she writes a book disclosing all the secrets, but she will somehow be stopped from doing it .
    Something will happen to her .

    Honestly it is like a soap opera in that joint .

    I sometimes wonder what Anne is thinking, she seems a half decent human amongst all that mess .

  40. Paulkid says:

    Camilla’s prospective destiny under William’s reign is why I think she is playing the ultimate long game by alienating monarchists, royal family members and other aristos. Why else elevate her own blood relatives, limiting Chubbly invites and encouraging the Windsors to lose housing? Their grant remains the same, less duties are fulfilled and the losers will leak secrets. She is fine with Will getting little and receiving the majority of centuries worth of wealth. Noone wants the monarchy abolished more than the Evil Stepmother.