Prince Harry ‘torpedoed any remaining bridges’ with his witness statement

As an American, I believe that people within powerful institutions should have an adversarial relationship with the media. Journalists don’t work in PR – there should be a healthy give-and-take, with the fourth estate acting as a check on power. For years, I assumed that’s how it was between the Windsors and the British media. But no, the relationship is not adversarial, it’s symbiotic, with both powerful institutions feeding on each other, working towards the same goals 99% of the time. This is why royal reporters act as if they’re part of the monarchy – they are, they’re part of the same convoluted ecosystem. This is what Prince Harry is trying to rip apart, and he’s doing so by suing the pants off of several media outlets and by exposing the institution’s private and public lies. It’s not just the Daily Mail soiling itself with dread about Harry’s revelations, it’s the monarchy as a whole. Because they’re the same, the monarchy and the media. They are one, especially in King Charles’s royal court. Speaking of, the Daily Beast has an exclusive royal reaction to Harry’s witness statement in court.

A friend of King Charles has told The Daily Beast that Prince Harry has “torpedoed any remaining bridges” with his family by accusing the monarchy of “conditioning” him and cynically “withholding information” about phone hacking from him so that he wouldn’t “open a can of worms” by appearing in court. Of why Charles, along with Prince William, turned down the opportunity to see Harry this week, the friend of the king told The Daily Beast, “The trust is gone.”

A friend of the king told The Daily Beast: “Harry has torpedoed any remaining bridges with this statement. It is just six weeks until the coronation and the last thing Charles needs.”

Asked if they were surprised Charles had declined to meet Harry during his trip to the U.K., with his office briefing that he was “too busy” to do so, the friend said: “The trust is gone and I think that’s been made quite clear by the king refusing to meet him.”

Prince William, who also passed up on the opportunity to see his brother this week, is unlikely to be impressed by Harry’s efforts on behalf of the nation. One friend told The Daily Beast: “William is over it at this stage. If this was about his vendetta with the Mail that would be one thing. But Harry keeps doing everything in his power to try and embarrass the family. How can you have a relationship with someone who is doing that?”

Harry’s claims that the institution of monarchy essentially worked against him were met with weary dismay by palace insiders. A former Buckingham Palace staffer who worked with Charles, William and Harry during their tenure told The Daily Beast: “All anyone at the palace ever tries to do is look after the principals. And yes, that might include encouraging them not to take legal action on a regular basis as it rarely turns out well for anyone. The royal family could spend their entire lives suing everybody if they wanted. It’s so unfair to suggest those people, most of whom spend their whole lives working very hard for the family, for very little reward or recognition, were conspiring against Harry.”

The former staffer said: “Harry and William shared an office and staff until 2019. The entire phone hacking investigation was actually triggered after details of a phone call between William and (TV journalist) Tom Bradby ended up in the News of the World. Harry knew about it.”

[From The Daily Beast]

“Harry knew about it” – William’s hacked phone call stuff happened when Harry was in his early 20s, I’m pretty sure… meaning he was at Sandhurst and focused on his military career. Plus, it’s abundantly clear that royal staff did keep things from Harry, in addition to briefing against him. Not to mention the royal lawyers consistently convincing him that nothing could be done, that he shouldn’t sue. He didn’t realize until 2019 that he could actually sue the papers for hacking him and putting trackers on Chelsy’s car and all of that.

As for Charles and William’s broken trust… you would think that Harry had attacked their loved ones? Harry is suing the Mail, not Buckingham Palace. As I said, a rotten, vile ecosystem in which William is being led around by his Tory handlers who are in bed (literally) with the Mail. Charles and Camilla are fully owned and operated by the Mail and the entire British tabloid-system at this point too.

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  1. ThatsNotOkay says:

    The principals think they’re protected so long as they throw the “lessers” under the bus. They’re not: Frankenstein’s monster will turn on you eventually. It’s not worth trying to mend fences at this juncture with his family. They’re brainwashed and too afraid of their privilege being ripped out from under them. In truth, the principals know that THEY are not cut out to do anything other than lord themselves over other and pose for photos. They’re the original Instagrammers. And just as useless in the world.

    • usavgjoe says:

      Amen. Amen. Amen.

    • Whyforthelove says:

      Thatsnotokay yes yes and YES!

      • Susan M says:

        This makes me both angry and sad for Prince Harry, his wife and children. Harry is the 2nd generation of what his mom Princess Diana had to endure and he is now fighting against it. He will not allow his family to live like this or die as his mom (mum) did. Also, how sad to be called a Spare! Of course he has mental health issues. Anyone would with all he’s been through. I love his and Megan’s energy and I hope they are both so happy with their children that this hot mess clears up real soon for them. In my opinion, they are more than welcome here in America for all the good they do!

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ ThatsNotOkay, so who exactly are the Principles that this “source” mentions?? The Principals of the BaRF or the principals of the RR’s media?? As for suggesting either one of them is an oxymoron.

      Does this “source” understand the amount of money that the RR’s have acquired writing endless lies, books, granting interviews to perpetuate the lies and misinformation??

      IF it’s the BaRF, the principal members benefit from protection by not being outed by the RR’s in keeping their dirtiest secrets silent and protected. The BaRF are working diligently at keeping their grifting gravy train rolling in.

      Not one person is suffering from the statement by this “source” except Harry, as well as Meghan and the children

      • Robert Phillips says:

        Just quit. Charles, William, Camilla, and Kate are all suffering. Because things they did years ago are being held over their heads. Harry is the only one NOT suffering because they have nothing on him to hold over his head. Because all his stupid childhood mistakes were printed on the front pages to cover up for William or Charles. I honestly wonder if the coronation is actually going to happen. Or if the tabloids are going to go all out on Charles and Willam for not stopping Harry. Charles will be the last King of England. And William and Kate will be broke and destitute because their both to dumb to do anything productive.

      • Typical Virgo says:

        @RobertPhillips- in addition to most of his childhood mistakes being plastered on the covers of tabloids, Harry ALSO released a very comprehensive memoir, which, in addition to Harry definitely wanting to set the record straight on incidents involving Meghan that had been not been reported on truthfully, and tell them in such detail that there left ZERO room for ambiguity, I think he also wanted to just put it ALL out there. Tell us about every shameful, embarrassing, uncool thing he had ever done that the public didnt already know about (ex losing his virginity), so that there was absolutely NOTHING that could be used against him. I think that is definitely one of the main reasons he wrote Spare.

    • Cara says:

      This dysfunctional group of snowflakes could only survive in the posh bubble the British taxpayers so generously provide for them. Same goes for the hacks that are employed by the wretched tabloid press. Just imagine if they had to get real jobs! Their headlines read like hysterical shrieks!!

  2. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    It’s not about embarrassing his family, as we know. It’s about trying to right a system. I know we know, but instead of only yelling that at my screen, I’m writing it down too. Lol. It honesty takes someone like Prince Harry and Elton John to do so. I thank them.

    • swaz says:

      The Monarchy is an Institution masquerading as a Family😫 you notice the Royal Rotas have stopped using “a royal source” and are now using “a friend”. What Harry is doing is working, slowly but surely 😫 I thank them too, it takes a lot of courage.

  3. Sarem says:

    Oh noes. They don’t want to come back. Deal, British press and creepy compromised Charles the Cruel + Evil Stepmother.

    • Marichendd says:

      I know, right? 🙂
      How many “last bridges” has he burnt already, according to the British media?
      But…but…but… THIS one really IS the last bridge…
      Until tomorrow when Harry says good morning to someone. Because how dares he?!
      The RF/RRs (same thing by now) are so pathetic it’s becoming embarrassing for the whole country.

  4. Seaflower says:

    Yeah yeah, we’ve heard the RF sob stor before but they still desperately want H at the chubbly.

  5. Zazzoo says:

    Just. Wow. Just when you think this couldn’t escalate further. Scorched Earth Harry comes for ya. Love to see it.

    • Misa says:

      Scorched earth with a much despised king and his terrible wife. Who cares? Harry has plenty of friends and allies, and this is what really enrages “scorched earth” the King’s friend (aka Charles PR machine).

      It must hurt Charles and William that Harry is with Elton John in this. You know, “Candle in the wind” Elton, Sir Elton, who loves princess Diana like a sister. Curious that the press hasn’t brought back this connection?
      Oh wait, maybe we aren’t supposed to think of Diana right now?
      I’m sure that they (Charlie and his handlers) are furious that Harry mentioned her in court. Btw, the royals going scorched earth with her and causing her to fear royal protection was one of th causes of her death.

      And maybe we aren’t supposed to reflect on the fact that many British stars are going scorched earth with the king by refusing to participate in the chubbly?

      Every day I’m more amazed at how good the rota and the royals are at digging their own graves.

  6. Emily_C says:

    Chuck and Willy’s broken trust. Right. They’ve been abusing Harry his whole life, but now that he’s not taking it any longer, he’s the one who’s broken their trust. All abusers have the same manual.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      So predictable. And it’s wild how they always use the language of war when describing Harry standing up to abuse (as they did with Diana). *To this day* these people endanger his wife & babies, but somehow Harry is “torpedoing bridges.”

    • Whyforthelove says:

      Yep ! And they super hate it when you stop protecting them from the consequences of their abuse. Now Britain might realize the Royal family also has abused them for years. The Commonwealth countries are already figuring that out.

    • Well Wisher says:

      He decided to live for his wife and children ……
      Not to spend his time and energy to keeping up appearances…..
      There is no impetus to keep up the one sided relationship….

  7. lanne says:

    The royals really are telling on themselves aren’t they. They care more about the bottom feeders than their own son and brother. I hope they realize that they are next on the menu for the very bottom-feeders they are supporting. Harry and Meghan won’t be around to satiate the appetite for royal news. “Expelling” them from the family guarantees it. So who’s next on the menu? Beatrice? Kate? Charlotte? Louis? Peter Phillips? The Tindalls? Lady Louise? James? someone (likely several) people will need to be served up on a platter. The Middletons? Camilla’s spawn? And how safe are the king and heir when push comes to shove? Tampongate happened to Charles when he was POW.

    • Mary Pester says:

      Harry has broken THEIR TRUST, WTF. They have broken Harry’s trust. They never defended him, they ALLOWED the press to print whatever, when ever they wanted without a single push back, sorry, they DID for lazy Khate and BULLYAM, botox and affairs anyone? NOW is the time for Alex Tiffin to print his article in FULL. Watch willy squirm then! THEY allowed the media to push Megan to the point of thinking of taking her own life and they thought Harry would let them get away with it!! No fkg chance. BURN THEM DOWN HARRY, BURN THEM ALL DOWN, and there is now A PALACE STAFFER WHO ADMITS the phone hacking was going on. How much more evidence does this bloody judge need!? Or has he had a phone call???

      • BeanieBean says:

        Right? And admitted that they told Harry not to pursue it in court. Wow! They are really telling on themselves.

    • Solidgold says:

      Will and Charles care more about their image. Plus both are extremely low on the integrity scale or they would support Harry in trying to change the exploitative tabloid system.

      Will is especially despicable since his two younger kids are going to abused by the tabloid system.

    • Lorelei says:

      You’d think that TamponGate would have made Charles feel the same way that Harry does about this…and they sure didn’t protect Charles from criticism in the 80’s and 90’s, so why are they so afraid to risk angering the current POW?

      • Bee says:

        NO ONE wants to anger the current POW! Because he is a rage monster with no self control. and they know how that’s going to go.

  8. girl_ninja says:

    A friend of King Charles has told The Daily Beast that Prince Harry has “torpedoed any remaining bridges” with his family by accusing the monarchy of “conditioning” him and cynically “withholding information” about phone hacking from him so that he wouldn’t “open a can of worms” by appearing in court.

    I thought that Harry had already torpedoed all bridges when he married Meghan. Or was it when he left that island to protect his family? Or was it when he wrote his autobiography? Or was it when he…? They need to stick with a story as to when exactly Harry torpedoed all of the bridges!

    • TheWigletOfWails says:

      Well, since he’s torpedoed all the bridges and broken all the olive branches, I hope they can finally leave him and Meghan alone and stop speculating about whether or not they’re attending the chubbly.

    • TheFarmer'sWife says:

      charles torpedoed his relationship with Harry when he allowed Meghan to be treated so poorly, when he took away the Sussexes’ protection and thought it was okay for horrible things to be said about his b-racial grandchildren! I raised my kids to be responsible: for their actions, for the words that came out of their mouths, and how they treated people. Apparently, the royals didn’t have to learn that particular lesson until now. Can of worms? Smells like an overflowing septic tank!

      • LadyE says:

        @Pattsy – sorry but no. This is about not just CRIMINAL ACTS, which are not a part of the free press, but also about criminal acts committed by British tabloids against private citizens- Prince Harry is joined in this suit by Doreen Lawrence.

        “Free press holds those in power accountable” Please stop with the nonsense. Rupert Murdock and the British tabloids ARE those in power. Who did the three most recent Prime Ministers meet with first before anyone else. Rupert Murdock. British tabloids break the law, destroy the lives of innocent, non-famous British people all the time (AGAIN Doreen Lawrence- also Millie Dowler).

        Perhaps if the Royal Family, which is supposed to be a model for British people actually chose to act in support of British people, it would have cut ties with these bottom feeders after the first Levenson Inquiry. It would have denounced what happened to Millie Dowler’s family, to the Lawrence family. But, not they didn’t. And none of that has anything to do with nonsense “holding the powerful accountable”. Profiting off of and lying about crime victims and making money off of people’s personal intimate lives from PHONE HACKING is what this is about.

      • Kkat says:

        @Pattsy The British Media is NOT a free press

      • Lady D says:

        Not even close to a free press, Pattsy.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I’m a little hung up on the literal notion of torpedoing bridges. I’ve never read of such a thing in any war. What kind of ship, capable of carrying torpedoes, can maneuver within a river channel? Although, come to think of it, there are those massively long bridges in some parts of the world that cross bays or ocean channels, but still. Torpedo a bridge? This is the best bombast their writers could think of?

      • Debbie says:

        I suspect this rota genius is mixing his metaphors, like “torpedoing” something and “burning one’s bridges.”

      • The Hench says:

        Haha – now you’ve got me thinking about this. Yes, bridges get blown up – either by charges laid on or under the bridge or by explosive devices ie bombs dropped on the bridge from the air.

        Torpedoes are only fired underwater – otherwise they are missiles – so only fired from warships below the waterline (not sure this is even a thing??) or submarines. Most of those don’t fit up rivers or under bridges. So whilst it’s not impossible to ‘torpedo a bridge’ it’s less likely than blowing one up. Once again the palace reveals that they don’t know what they are talking about.

  9. Well when you sleep with enemy ( tabloids) like the royal family has then what Harry is doing is technically attacking them. I think Harry has given his family enough warnings but they continue to sleep with said enemy so no holds barred Harry is throwing truth bombs and to that I say let ‘‘em have it Harry.

    • Ciotog says:

      They never say he’s lying. Ever. That’s so telling.

    • Debbie says:

      The British royal family is so compromised at this point that, when the British media gets sued, THEY holler. Incredible. Like the Corsican Brothers

  10. Becks1 says:

    Attacking the press = attacking the royal family, and that’s a big problem.

    This is just so enraging. The royal family used Harry for YEARS as their scapegoat. They don’t have a huge problem with the relationship with the media because for the most part it benefits Charles and William – as long as there was Harry to throw under the bus.

    Also, there is a difference between having a relationship that involves throwing one party under the bus to embiggen other parties, and allowing illegal behavior to occur because you don’t want to “open a can of worms.” Ideally, you would think the head of state would have a problem with laws being broken.

    • Hail says:

      Also pay attention to the word vendetta being used here. They want to paint Harry as someone who’s bitter and looking for revenge. When Harry has said many times that this case is bigger than him or Meghan. It’s about exposing corruption and changing the landscape of the media so ppl like Piers Morgan won’t hack dead people’s phones without any repercussion.

  11. Lemons says:

    It’s awful that the BRF would even comment anything but positivity and well wishes for Harry AND HIS CODEFENDANTS in court. Is Charles surprised Elton doesn’t want to perform for him when he can’t even show a minimum of support for his son’s legal case of which he is also a defendant?

    Harry is suing now to make sure that these despicable publications and their practices for tabloid news are finished. These journalists aren’t risking their careers to save the world. They’re breaking the law to earn a quick buck and a few more salacious clicks. You’d think the tampon king and his bride would understand…but it always flies right over their pea brains.

    • Whyforthelove says:

      It is awful! But I think they are afraid of their overlords the Rota. This sounds like an effort to attack Harry (again time 712) to appease the media. Pathetic excuse of a family. They are all abusive and evil. Keep torpedoing those bridges Harry and then salt the earth behind you.

    • The Hench says:

      This is such a good point that rarely gets raised. These journalists are stooping to these illegal methods not to reveal nefarious actions that threaten the country or good people – there’s no ‘the results justify the methods’ argument here – quite the opposite. They are committing criminal, despicable acts just to be able to print scurrilous gossip. To be able to muck rake and tragedy rubber neck and pry into people’s secrets for their own commercial gain.

      Freedom of the press is fundamental to a functioning democracy and therefore vitally important to defend and protect. But freedom of the press is freedom to write the truth without fear or favour. It is NOT freedom to break the law and do whatever the f**k they like. In defence of proper press freedom, all media organisations who have behaved criminally need to be cut off at the knees. Shame on them for trying to use ‘press freedom’ to behave like c***s.

  12. TheOriginalMia says:

    The principles are protected. As we’ve learned since, that didn’t and doesn’t include Harry. Also, this whole Charles & Will shunned Harry is laughable. No one knew he was even in London until he showed up at court on Monday. If those two had an inkling he was coming to the UK, they would have leaked it. Nah, Harry didn’t come to the UK to grovel at their feet for their attention and acceptance. He came to take care of business and get home to his family.

    • Debbie says:


    • Petal says:

      Oh, they knew Harry was coming to town alright. The second his passport was scanned, they would have been given a heads up. That is why they made themselves scarce, too busy, blah, and etc. What they perhaps didn’t know, or chose to ignore the possibility of, is Harry showing up to court that day.

      People keep laughing at him for being dim, or for crying “I want privacy”, when he never did that at all. I like South Park, but fuck them for pulling that little stunt. I digress. I am amazed at his tenacity. He gives no fucks at this point, and he’s just going to keep going until he gets what he, and the others in this case want out of this. Satisfaction and the promise it won’t happen again to anyone. Harry is quietly becoming a hero to some who thought he was just a useful idiot and on top of it, HOW DARE HE! Etc. Scales are falling from the eyes of higher ups and lower downs. He has no reason to lie, sex things up, or do anything but tell the truth. Those on the other side are flailing and crapping themselves because in their case, it is quite the opposite.

      I really don’t like Kate, to put it mildly, but if she was smart (she is not) and would stop listening to Carol(e) she would quit this shit on her own terms prior to the Coronation to take attention away from Chuck and come out looking like she’s on the right side of things. Even if she is faking it. Now is the time. People hate Chuck, the aren’t too in love with Willy. Go to the light you dumb cow. GTFO.

  13. Snuffles says:

    Well, if they believe they then they can rescind the invitation to the coronation and save Harry and Meghan the trouble of deciding whether or not to put up with their abusive shit in the name of the monarchy.

  14. JMmoney says:

    This is an institution masquerading as a family. The backbone of this institution is the press notably DM and the Sun both of whom now make more money with a rift than a “happy family”. Hence why we will never see a reconciliation – maybe in 20 years but I highly doubt it.

    • swaz says:

      I just said the same thing. Harry himself told Anderson Cooper that the family/institution wants to keep him and Meghan as the enemy. The first thing a Dictator does for control is to create a common enemy, there’s definitely no reconciliation in the works.

  15. Maida says:

    Wow, the BRF can’t stop demonstrating why Harry left. Love the line about the courtiers toiling for “little reward or recognition” — if they are actually underpaid, whose fault would that be?

    That they are way more upset about Harry testifying than they are about Andrew NOT cooperating with law enforcement really says everything.

    • MSTJ says:

      The royal institution closely resembles a mafia organization. Prince Harry has given glimpses and then the tabloids panic in defense of themselves and the institution. The more the tabloids spill the more the underbelly of the institution is exposed.

      I think Harry sent a message to BP on Monday while he was on his way to court letting them know he was in the country and will be available if they’d like to arrange a meeting with his father. It was a courtesy message from him and they reacted poorly by snubbing and briefing the tabloids. Poor PR again. They are not good at being on their heels in any situation because they’ve been so accustomed to wielding their power around in the UK. With Harry outside of the institution and independent with global publicity, they are struggling to handle/manage the PR where he is concerned.

      The tabloid reporters were oddly quiet about Harry on Monday, Tuesday and today. I wonder how many of them are implicated in the 73 reportedly listed in the case currently being deliberated in court.

  16. lamejudi says:

    Light it up, Hazz!

    Burn it all to the ground, because it’s moldy, stinking, outdated, and toxic institution.

  17. Jais says:

    So Harry has broken the trust bc….he told the truth. Okaaaay. The monarchy is one with the press. Ugh, not even one with the press actually. They are in fact owned by the press. They suck up to the press and essentially bow down to the press. Bc if not for all the sycophantic articles propping up the king and his heir, they’d be toast.

    • Chrissy says:

      Yup, right there in a nut shell. If they weren’t such terrible people with lots of secrets and self-serving influence peddling and/or criminality in their actions, there would no need for this press protection which is what this is.

  18. Hail says:

    Like Harry said, “I told Meg. You would think we were suing their dear friends”

  19. Sunshine says:

    This ultimately goes back to their problem with Meghan. Harry didn’t seem to care about these sort of things before she came along. Now he’s doing due diligence. Reading things before he signs it.
    Fact is that many things weee done in his name and on his behalf.

    • TheWigletOfWails says:

      Harry accepted it as part of the job and as as a downside to being born into that family and being on the taxpayer’s dime. In comes Meghan who is an outsider in every sense of the word and they’re viciously attacking her with reckless abandon from the get-go. He knew he had to put a stop to it before he ended up in another situation like his mother’s.

      • Susan M says:

        Totally agree. I pretty much just posted the same thing. He’s not going to allow what happened to his mother happen to his family. His mother was always having to be watchful even when no longer part of the Royal Family. He doesn’t want to live his life like that so he is taking a stand now and I respect him so much for it. His maturity is astounding and yet he still has this young playfulness to him. He is a good man. He was a good soldier and shame on his father and brother for not making time to see him while he was there.

    • Snuffles says:

      That’s not true. He DID care. Very much so. It’s just that he was always talked out of it and told there was nothing he could do about it. But when he finally found something he wanted to protect more than the monarchy (the budding family he so desperately wanted) he finally put his foot down.

  20. Izzy says:

    Except that excuse is BS, because they refused to see Harry before he gave his statement in court. So… yeah, try again.

  21. QuiteContrary says:

    The word that keeps springing to mind is “omerta,” the Mafia code of silence that punishes members who report misconduct to the authorities.

    The royal family and the rota are the mob — and they are furious that Harry broke the code of silence, the invisible contract.

    And yes, Harry confirmed in “Spare” that “All anyone at the palace ever tries to do is look after the principals.” He wasn’t considered a principal, and neither was Meghan — they were thrown to the wolves to protect the principals (Charles, Camilla, William, Kate).

    The whole system is rotten to its core. It needs to be abolished.

  22. Maeve says:

    The tabloid press is essentially running a protection racket and they’ve been allowed to get away with it because politicians are terrified of Murdoch (everywhere) and the Rothemeres (UK).
    During the previous phone hacking scandal Charlotte Church wanted to take it to court but she settled at the last minute because the lawyers for News International told her they’d put her mum on the stand and make her answers questions about her mental health struggles. I can’t ever begin to comprehend the courage of the people who take them on. They are utterly ruthless. Yet if you question their motives they throw up their hands like outraged Victorian maiden aunts seeing a flash of ankle.

    • Lorelei says:

      That is so disgusting. How did Piers Morgan not end up in prison more than two decades ago when the hacking was first discovered? After what happened with Millie Dowler’s poor family, there shouldn’t be a single soul who has an issue with anyone taking this trash to court over what they’ve done.

  23. Amy Bee says:

    An attack on the press is equal to an attack on the family in the eyes of Charles and William. I’m sure Harry knows that now.

  24. Ash says:

    The institution and the tabloid press are one and the same.

    Do people not find it hilarious they continue to brief about not being able to trust Harry fearing everything they say will end up in the media. Yet here they are doing exactly what they claim Harry’s going to do, but are hiding behind “sources.”

    I guess. Honestly, if I were Harry I would go no contact with those people AFTER getting my $3 million back.

  25. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I wish people would stop calling them “the press.” “The press” is supposed to report news, not act as a public relations firm, intentionally lie in articles, use the print for personal vendettas, etc. They should not be treated as real reporters, nor be given courtesy like protection against revealing sources. Only real news reporters should get that, and the rota have shown they are not real news reporters. I hope the courts strip them of that status, but of course they won’t. Seeing as how Philip gets his will sealed, and other cover-ups for the royals, it looks like the courts are in bed with them too. It’s funny how tabloids lies are protected, but the truth about Wiliam and Rose is forbidden.

  26. MsIam says:

    The royal family is addicted to having good press so they cannot imagine life without it. They are so used to doing whatever they like and never having to answer for anything. But the tabloids have to be held accountable for invasion of privacy and the Royals need to stop scapegoating other family members.

  27. freddy says:

    PLEASE let there be a Vanity Fair or American Vogue cover and exclusive with H&M that just happens to coincide with the Coronation…PLEASE!!!

  28. BQM says:

    Harry is actually following in his great great grandfather George V ’s example. In 1893, as he prepared to marry princess May of teck, some scurrilous tabloids published the report that the future George V was already secretly married to the daughter of a British admiral, Michael Culme Seymour and the father of two children. Letters flooded into the Archbishop OC. George wanted to make a public reply but was talked out of it by his grandmother Queen Victoria. She felt answering such a patently false story would give it credence and legs. It eventually subsided. Then in 1911 (?) when george was now king, radical journalist Edward Mylius published the stories again. Attention flared back up and so did the king’s infamous temper. Now not just he was being slandered as a bigamist but he felt that his wife was basically being called a whore and his children bastards. He decided to sue much to the astonishment of government officials and courtiers. More so, they were aghast that he planned on taking the stand himself. Winston Churchill, then at the Home office, interceded. The king was persuaded not to take the stand, the trial went on and Mylius was convicted of libel.

    • BQM says:

      When Mylius was convicted, the prosecutor read a statement from the king reiterating that he’d only ever married the queen as well as wanting it stated that he WOULD have taken the stand had Crown Prosecutors not told him it was unconstitutional. (As cases are brought in his name, etc)

  29. Eurydice says:

    You don’t have to torpedo a lost cause; you just go on your way and let it die out behind you.

  30. Well Wisher says:

    J just read about the case in a national broadsheet which ended with the usual “No comment” from BP now to this article.
    So which is it?
    If this is it, how many bridges does Harry have to burn that it would be determined that he ceased being a part of that family and the institution.
    Meanwhile their right winger new channel is reporting that he is the second most popular to be the next monarch. This factor explains this article, although separated they are stoking the flames…..
    And he bit……

  31. Bingo says:

    DARVO = Harry is now the offender.

  32. tamra says:

    I find it mind-boggling that there is not one investigative journalist in all of Britain!?