The Mail: Prince Harry only works one hour a week at his Archewell charity

Prince Harry didn’t go into court yesterday for Day 3 of the pre-trial hearing in his lawsuit against ANL/The Mail. It doesn’t look like he’ll be in court today either, at least I haven’t seen any photos or videos yet, as I’m writing this. He attended the first two days, and it was on the second day that his witness statement was entered into evidence. Considering ANL is trying to get the lawsuit dismissed entirely, Harry basically had to preview his case and explain why it was important for this lawsuit to go to trial.

It’s been interesting to watch the British media, specifically the Mail, try to navigate their coverage of Harry’s surprise appearance in London and this lawsuit. The Mail has mostly ignored Harry’s words and instead used their platform to present their side of things, but only up to a point. Then this story dropped as an exclusive at the Mail yesterday – an explicitly punitive story about Archewell’s charitable arm, with the Mail heavily editorializing and doing a lot to imply that there’s something untoward happening with Archewell’s finances.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Foundation in 2021 gave out $3million in grants and raised $13 million from wealthy benefactors and $4,500 in public donations, tax records reveal. The humanitarian charity has released its latest tax return, which shows it was mostly propped up by two wealthy philanthropists who contributed a combined $13million, while taking in a meager $4,470 from the public.

In total, Archewell received a total $13,005,660 – with $10million coming from an individual donor as first reported, $3million from another, and $4,470 from other ‘contributions and grants. The remaining $1,190 came from ‘investment income’, documents obtained by reveal.

This has led to speculation that the larger donation was made by Oprah Winfrey in return for the interview the Duke and Duchess of Sussex gave in March 2021, which rocked Buckingham Palace, and the other $3million came from Harry himself, as part of the $20million advance he received for his controversial autobiography Spare.

The charity dished out $3,096,319 in grants, which amounts to 24 per cent of its income, and at the end of 2021 had $9,018,590 in reserves.

The document also reveals that Harry and Meghan worked one hour each a week at the foundation, thus, 52 hours a year. This is similar to one week’s full-time work, which begs the question how the couple have been spending their time when Archewell was said to have been their main focus.

The charity spent $163,085 on salaries, according to the filings. While Harry and Meghan don’t take a salary, CEO James Holt also works an hour a week and receives a $59,846 salary and $3,832 in other benefits, which means he’s earning $1,224-an-hour.

[From The Mail]

While I’ve never worked on the financial side of a charity, everything here looks above-board to me? We knew about the money coming into Archewell before, and it’s weird to see this presented as new information, or information which hurts the Sussexes. The new part of it is the assumption that Oprah “donated” $10 million to the charity as a way of paying them for the interview. If that’s what happened, so be it. They weren’t “paid,” but Oprah made a donation, and that was the work-around. The charity still has $10 million in its coffers to do good work and highlight important causes, it’s not like that money has disappeared. It rolls over into the next year. As for Harry and Meghan only working “one hour a week” – again, they’re not taking a salary, and I’m sure that calculation is some kind of tax thing. So… is this all the Mail has in response?

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  1. Louise177 says:

    Wasn’t Archewell just getting established in 2021? I don’t think it was really up and running until 2022.

    • This is the projecting that I was talking about earlier in the week. It seems that Lazy Peg is the one not doing work so they must turn this on Harry. We all know Harry out does peg at everything.

      • Call_Me_AL says:

        Good call, Susan Collins! Total projection.
        Why are Harry’s photos from this trip still making me drool?

      • Couch Potato says:

        Yeah! The real story should be a comparison between the admin costs at Eartsh!t vs Archewell, but, that wouldn’t make little Pegs loook good.

    • Janey says:

      I came to say the same thing, Archewell is in its infancy and has many more years in which to highlight causes and make donations. This is pathetic and basically outlining a newly formed charity getting started, being run with mostly volunteers.

    • Debbie says:

      Whenever the Daily Fail or any other British media comes out with phrases like “This has led to speculation,” well, all I can say is that this is the moment they pull assumptions masquerading as facts from their collective rears. It’s as clear as “sources say.” And I do not think that the BM (keep of the royal family) wants to engage in an Hours Worked vs. Money Received battle with anyone. Anyone. Much less the Sussexes.

    • Another Anne says:

      Yes, and also many things were shut down or inactive in 2021 due to the pandemic. Many charities more or less held tight until things opened up again, so that they could begin planning programs when the time came.

      • B says:

        I’m tired enough right now that even if it were 100% true, I can’t hate on him for that…..

    • Yvette says:

      @Louise177 … “Wasn’t Archewell just getting established in 2021?”

      Yes. Moreover, for the majority of that year people were still confined and under stringent COVID-19 mandates and guidelines.

    • Lace says:

      Then he has time to go to the coronation because, I read, the success of their businesses in the US depends on their connection to the BRF!

  2. Jttrain says:

    They is so stupid. If the RF doesn’t want anyone to look into their charities, why look into someone else’s? The rota and family can’t save themselves. Especially since we…and they…know meghan has all the receipts on the kitchen cookbook.

  3. ELX says:

    So they have no sources and wrote a made up story based on the tax return on Guidestar.

    • The Hench says:

      This is exactly what they did.

      • Anastasia says:


        Yes it’s standard, I believe it’s based on the average numbers per week, but I know from when I was on a board that’s what got marked down regardless of how much time I actually spent.

        I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a 990 that had board members at more than 1 hour, the point of being on the board is that you’re directing not doing the work. I also want to say that generally when it’s someone’s own foundation, they have to be a board of director, not an employee, because then there would be crazy tax implications

    • Anastasia says:

      Yes! And they don’t know that the one hour noted is standard, and only relates to board work, i.e. meetings, not actual work.

      • BeanieBean says:

        I figured that one hour per week figure must be some sort of standard reporting figure for tax exempt charities, I just didn’t know what. This is not my field. And clearly, it’s not the field of DM writers! They just wanted something, allegedly grounded in fact (i.e., the published tax documents), with which to continue their campaign of hate.

  4. equality says:

    I wonder if the one hour thing is a method of reporting without revealing actual hours spent or if it only reflects time spent at the physical address of the nonprofit and not any work-from-home time. PH has plenty of other jobs to keep him occupied and the Mail can file any of it away as not their business since none of the support for Archewell is public money. I didn’t even know there was a way to send private donations to Archewell. Most of their campaigns have given ways to send money directly to whatever charity they are supporting. Now let’s do the Royal Foundation.

    • Izzy says:

      Pretty much. On our 990 we have to report how many hours per week each board member works, despite the fact that none of them take a salary. We put down a number that ballparks it, but for a few of them it’s one hour, a couple of them it’s five, etc.

      • Visa Diva says:

        If the DM bothered to.look deeper, I bet the Archwell staff works 40 hours a.week.

      • bananapanda says:

        I was assuming this is a monthly Board meeting or longer Quarterly meetings. But it doesn’t really matter how many hours the unpaid Founders work.

        They’re overlooking the fact that Archewell gave out $3 million in both years!

    • Taytanish says:

      Meh, the Fail is always failing at everything, even this reporting is just making them look stupid to put it very lightly. Since 2020, 70% of folks are working virtually. Even after the vaccine was made available and people got their shots, survey after survey have found that most people still choose working virtually and thus it still remains like it was during the pandemic. People only work at their offices an hour a week if at all. My son in law never went back to the office and he says he won’t go back unless they tell him he’s gonna lose his job if he doesn’t show up at his office daily. My daughter works 2 days at her office, 3 days from home and lots other people still chose to work from home. Probably the Fail hasn’t realized it yet but this is the 21st century, almost everything can be done remotely online in the comfort of one’s home. This Meg, Harry and Holt work only a day a week is just retarded reporting.

  5. Amy Bee says:

    This is not the gotcha the DM thinks it is. Harry and Meghan have a lot of other things going on besides the foundation. I still remember the press complaining that they were taking on too many things now they don’t spend enough time working at their foundation. I agree with Kaiser the financial side seems ok.

    • Kel says:

      Their foundation is run well and is doing well.
      That’s it. It doesn’t even matter how much time they spend on it because they have people hired to take care of it. They are also private citizens so ultimately it doesn’t matter how they spend their time.
      It’s for sure an attempt at distraction like any other story from the mail really lol.

  6. Snuffles says:

    And 1 hour a week is still 4 x more than any work Will and Kate do for their foundation. Which is probably 1 hour a month, if that. Also, pretty sure Meghan was pregnant with Lily and they both took 6 months of parental leave after she was born.

    Also, this is for 2021 when they were still establishing their organization and ramping it up. We know 2022 Archewell became a LOT more active and gave out a lot more money.

    But, hey DM, since we’re looking into foundation finances, do the Royal Foundation now!! Hypocrites.

    ETA: Harry is probably back in Montecito by now.

  7. lanne says:

    They’re grasping at anything they can. It doesn’t matter that the royals wouldn’t survive the scrutiny of the Sussexes. The gutter press are determined to take the Sussexes down one way or another. It’s personal to them. The success of the Sussexes makes them rage. Thankfully their reach doesn’t extend as far as the US, but they have deliberately poisoned the well in the UK. I don’t expect Harry, Meghan, or their children to ever reside in the UK, and even their visits will be rare. They will pay millions for security each year because I don’t believe the gutter press are above trying to create “accidents,” even for the children.

    All this toxicity is going to bite the royals in the ass. They have stirred and poked the beast, and the beast will need to be fed. They have increased the tabloid’s appetite for salacious stories, and they have no one but themselves to provide them.

  8. Ceej says:

    52 hours is not the standard working week in the U.K. and they know that. But sure, let’s add up what 100 odd- engagements of 30 minutes or less amounts to please and see how W&K are billing TAXPAYERS for their workload.

    A charity that runs without needing to rely on public support and without taxpayer funds isn’t shocking. I don’t recall the Mail pointing out what percentage of Earthshot’s funds went to the entrants versus how much was in their bank account all year…

    I hate the mail. Trash paper run by trash people.

  9. LadyE says:

    These people, yikes. The British tabloids are so shockingly insular and up their own behinds about “little Britain” (yep, saying it like that) being some intimidating world power. They better be careful making up bullshit about Oprah Winfrey. Or don’t be careful! FAFO

  10. Noor says:

    It will be more beneficial to UK for the The Mail to scrutinize the royal expenditures and royal foundations in UK

  11. Jais says:


  12. Tarzana says:

    They still work more hours than Willy and his + 1. M does more in that tax purpose 1 hour per week than others do in 5 “Early Years.”

  13. Polo says:

    There’s literally nothing wrong with any of this. They just added the Oprah part and working once a week to try and generate outrage..meanwhile Harry and Meghan are private citizens with a team.
    None of this matters lol.
    Please social media people don’t give this engagement. It’s literally the stupidest article

    • Blast says:

      So true this article is along the same lines of the deportation story. It’s stupid and not worth discussing further. Archewell has several branches and they have staff working on their foundation side. That’s the point is for staff to run it.

      Speaking of social media Elon musk did 2 things. He’s trying to boost positive tweets and he’s boosting accounts/people who drive the most engagement on Twitter. Meghan would for sure be up there if she had Twitter since her haters can’t stop talking about her.

      What this means is that if you keep talking about the other royals you are unintentionally driving up their engagement for Elon to boost when he looks at the data.

      Use Meghan’s name and tag but also write positive tweets about her and her work past or present.
      Stop always attaching Meghan to her past trauma or repeating hateful propaganda from the tabloids.
      Like her speech that went viral from the capsule collection. Or any of the great things Harry has done. Be intentional about the message you’re spreading about Harry and Meghan on Twitter right now.

  14. Miranda says:

    Yeah, no, you can’t act like a (possible) donation from Oprah is shady when Charles is accepting £1m from the relatives of one of history’s greatest monsters (and no doubt plenty more cash from untold numbers of similarly unsavory characters, besides). The Fail can take a fucking seat.

  15. nutella toast says:

    I’ve run finance for non-profits and written / managed grants of all sizes for 25 years. You NEVER spend down everything you have in reserve because usually there is an extended amount of time charities / recipients can request the funds (sometimes it’s a reimbursable arrangement where they have to spend the funds first and request reimbursement – I won’t bore you with the details, but you can’t promise money that you don’t have in reserve – it’s on a rolling basis, and honestly that’s a pretty good spend rate.) I’m reviewing the 990 filing and will let you know what I glean from it (as someone who actually knows what a U.S. 990 means). One last thing – full donor lists are not publicly available – larger donations are required to be disclosed to the IRS, but not every single donation.

    • North of Boston says:

      Thank you for that perspective!

      That Mail article is reminiscent of the whole “ooh look, the Sussexes’ companies are based in Delaware! Evil Shady Delaware!” nonsense written by people who have no idea how US entities operate and no clue what they are talking about.

      • Debbie says:

        I was thinking about the cockamamie article the BM wrote about the Sussexes’ grass, but the Delaware incorporation is a great example too, perhaps even better. It’s still the English press with their noses firmly pressed against what’s happening in America, without understanding an inch of it. But they blithely ignore the suitcases full of cash taken in by Charles.

  16. anna says:

    this is ridiculous. they’ve already set up two awards (with the kennedy thing and the NAACP), done the work with World Central Kitchen that involves funding infrastructure builds, and set up multiple one-off projects. Seems fine to me.

  17. Becks1 says:


    Now, DM, scrutinize the work hours of W&K, the money raised and where it goes, how much time W&K spend in the office, and where the money comes from.

    Leave the US philanthropists alone. Worry about the people your tax dollars are propping up.

    • Lady Digby says:

      Exactly this UK tax payer would like to know how many hour(s) Global statesman 2b and Executive Barbie per week dedicate to their Royal engagements? I still can’t get over both of them being outperformed by a 96 year old in her final year! How are either going to limber up if they do ascend to the throne in 10 years time?

    • Michelle says:

      Word! The British “journalists” should focus on the shady exploits of the BRF. But instead the media serve as a PR wing of the Firm.

  18. TheWigletOfWails says:

    They’re trying to distract from Harry’s lawsuit. Ok assuming he spends one hour a week on archewell’s business, what about all the other stuff he does? That’s not his only job. He has invictus, better up, african parks, etc. and it’s all NON-TAXPAYER FUNDED. And what do the lazy futures do? Since y’all can’t criticize king tampax and his cash for honors scheme anymore, focus on that since you pay for the wiglets and helicopter rides dummies.

  19. nutella toast says: This is the public 990 direct from their website. The part (if anyone cares) you want to pay attention to is “Functional Expenses” on page ten. 91% of their expenses went towards direct program expenses – which is a really solid rate. There are strict rules about what constitutes “direct program expenses” so they can’t buy a ton of fancy clothes and call it “program expense”. Their “management / administrative expense” is also solid – 9%. That’s the internal cost to keep the program running. The accounting is done on an accrual basis – meaning they take into account what they owe and what they’ve promised for the future as their basis for managing the money – which tells me they have lots of grants and monies that they expect to payout over a span of time (typical of grants). It also shows they donated $186,000 to Europe. You can see on pages 36 to 39 all the places they donated – I love the intention and specificity behind each. The one hour per week thing – that’s pretty normal for board members and even employees that are not fully compensated through a company to put 1 hour per week. James’s full compensation cannot be under 60k for such a big operation – he must also receive compensation through another company or their private funds – AS HE SHOULD because he’s probably also helping with other areas of their life, and not everything should be jammed under a non-profit banner. That’s called integrity. There’s no “there there”.

    • Bklne says:

      @Nutella Toast: thank you for this! Your knowledge and perspective are greatly appreciated!

      Also: Betcha Oprah’s donation didn’t come in the form of plastic grocery bags full of cash … 😒

    • Lindsay says:

      Really appreciate you sharing your expertise on this complex topic, Nutella. Great info.

    • MsIam says:

      Ok, that explains something I was wondering about regarding James Holt’s compensation. I was thinking no way would he relocate from the UK for $60k per year, that is just the amount of his pay coming from the foundation arm. Also, the report debunks the derangers theory that all of the money the Sussex Squad raises is going to Meghan so she can buy new clothes, lol.

      • notasugarhere says:

        And most of what SussexSquad does is fundraisers in the names of Sussex Family or for related events. It is money donated directly to a cause/outside entity not donated to Archewell. Which is reflected in the small amount of money donated directly to Archewell by members of the public.

        ETA, Snuffles made this point better than I did under post #36.

  20. EasternViolet says:

    Harry and Megan donate many of their working hours to Archewell’s advancement. This article is a big pile of steaming summer garbage.

  21. Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

    I work for a non-profit, and we would be absolutely ecstatic if we had $9M in reserves! As for Harry working one hour a week at Archewell, doesn’t he also have a full-time job at Better-Up and running the production arm of Archewell? And didn’t they have other staff working there while they got the foundation up and running? This is not the gotcha that Mail thinks it is, unfortunately, their readers aren’t going to figure that out.

    • PC says:

      @Elizabeth Kerri Mahon, in addition there’s Spare. That book was a labor of love and revelation. It took many hours, over years of collaboration to write it and then to edit it from 800 pages to 400. Then there’s the time it took for Harry to read it for audio. Harry has been playing polo for charity, his work in the field of mental health, his British charity endeavors, getting Travalyst up and running, being s good husband and father…Harry has so many irons in the fire I wonder when he sleeps. The Fail is mad and frightened and this article proves it. It’s not even their usual vain of cruelty but much milder than they have been in the past. Harry has them gun shy. The Fail’s article is vindictive but that’s all. None of their usual name calling and unnamed sources contributing to their hit piece. The Fail is in a weakened position and it’s showing.

  22. Afken says:

    These people are such liars. First of all, of course the money didn’t come from Oprah for the interview. Oprah doesn’t pay for interviews she is literally Oprah. The money did it not come via Silicon Vally Foundation? Harry works in Silicon Valley. Better up is based there. It literally could be a donation to the charity from Harry himself. Also it’s hilarious to see them mention Delaware as if it’s dodgy to incorporate there. All it means is that you get to set up a company or non profit with fewer board members/trustees in the beginning. That’s it. Also they leave out that the American wing of the royal foundation which William and Kate received money from in 2021, is incorporated in Delaware. And finally as to the amount of hours worked: they have other jobs and I don’t remember them saying the foundation was their main focus??! Can anyone find a quote cos it sounds like they made that up. Harry and Meghan are the co-founders, not the CEOs. Also I love how this basically debunks the previous idea that Meghan was micromanaging Archewell. Lol

  23. Tessa says:

    Of course this attracts the nasty comments after the article which is what the dm wants

  24. girl_ninja says:

    It must be so frustrating to be left with two of the laziest royals in Willy and Waity who do nothing and when they manage to do something it’s uninspired and problematic. Here they are searching for anything to criticize in the Montecito royals. The British media and Willy and Waity, bound for life.

  25. HeatherC says:

    It doesn’t matter if Harry works one hour a week or one hundred hours a week at Archewell.

    There are no public monies (tax payers funds) going to his upkeep or lifestyle.

    You’d think the British public would care more about WanK doing one hour a week and getting a seventeenth home out of the deal.

    This is why I doubt (as an American) that the British monarchy will end in my lifetime. Apathy from those that have to initiate the change.

  26. Enis says:

    This is an area I can actually speak about, as I am on the board of a nonprofit!

    It’s not uncommon to put down “1 hour/week” for unpaid employees/volunteers/board members on your yearly IRS filings.

    • L4Frimaire says:

      This makes more sense. No way do they only work just one hour/week. That have no idea what the Sussexes do or how they run their businesses. They even had no idea Harry was in the UK. They have no idea who even funds their charities so throwing Oprah’s name in there is a way of them hoping to attract more legal attention so they can get more info. The trial must not be going very well for them if this is what they’re throwing out there. Harry does not work for them, has many jobs and is now in the private sector.

    • Chelsea says:

      Not sure what’s going on with CB right now but i posted a comment hours ago highlighting the fact that you are right Enis; the full IRS form posted on Archewell’s site listed everyone including the foundation’s executive director James Holt at 1 hour and he very obviously doesn’t only work one hour a week. It’s just a common practice which the Daily Fail knows but is being purposefully glib about.

  27. Lucky Charm says:

    52 hours a year is still more than William and Kate work, and they are compensated by the British taxpayers! Their royal foundation needs to be scrutinized with as much attention as this, and then let’s see which one really has shady details that need investigating.

  28. Maxine Branch says:

    Since when does the CEO’s of a Foundation/Charity report for work daily. Remember gutter press there are many ways to communicate and this is exactly why you hire competent folks to run it. Save your outrage for the Royal Foundation and that illusion, I meant illusion called EarthShot.

  29. Mary Pester says:

    GASP, CLUTCH THOSE PEARL’S AND GRAB THE SMELLING SALTS!!! DM admits Harry works. How can this be, a royal prince works?? But, but, but, they are supposed to make OTHERS WORK, not get their delicate hands dirty?? W. T. F is this paper on, so Harry works at the office for 1 hour, how do they know what he does for the other 23, orrrrrrr, are the Daily Fail telling us they either have the Archewell offices bugged or their Montecito home??? They have no bloody idea the muppets, this all boils down to spite and jealousy, see, Harry and Megan managed to raise those funds without the ROYAL MEDIA MACHINE, or the UK rags patronage, God how that must sting. To think they have done so well in such a short time is bloomin amazing! My only fear is that with the poison these idiot papers are spreading, it could affect donations to this brilliant charity.
    Final point, they haven’t mentioned how many hours /DAYS Harry gives to sentebale or invictus, or the millions he has raised for them!! Because they don’t like to admit, that when it comes to raising funds, Harry makes the others look like tin shakers!
    Will the daily mail, now please print Billy and botox performance reviews

  30. riley says:

    work shy runs in the fam. jk. honestly, harry and meghan are rich people. do i expect them to work normal working hours? probably not. but thats their own business. if they can hire people to do what needs to be done to grown their empire and work less, more power to them. but this sounds like tax reasons blah blah and we are reading too much into it. DM story generated for clicks as usual.

  31. tamsin says:

    Are they angling for another law suit so they can go fishing for info about Archewell?

  32. Kara says:

    “This has *led to speculation* that the larger donation was made by Oprah Winfrey in return for the interview the Duke and Duchess of Sussex gave in March 2021…” [emphasis mine]

    Oh? By whom? Who, other than the writer of this article, has speculated about that?

    What they did there was a fantastic way to stick an idea into the minds of readers whilst circumventing libel laws.

  33. Monlette says:

    I would really love to see a breakdown of how the Earthshot money was spent.
    As well as Catherine’s groundbreaking work on early childhood development.

    Is there honestly anyone who is learning for the first time that what a baby learns in the first five years is important? I predict there will never be a call to action. She can’t very well tell businesses to give people more time off to be there for their children.

    All she can do is “raise awareness” by dressing in fancy clothes and posing with children, which helps her more than them.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      THIS!! William spent $12million dollars of Earthsh!t money just so he could give away $5million. Where did that other $7million go? Don’t be confused with spending $5million of Earthsh!t money and leaving the rest in the foundation, they SPENT $12million, but only accounted for where $5million went. With a real charity, that type of financial shenanigans would trigger a forensic audit.

  34. Robin Samuels says:

    In 2021 Harry and Meghan were on maternity/paternity leave. Also, they were Board members, not staff members. In 2021 while on maternity/paternity leave Archetypes (12 episodes), Meghan and Harry Netflix Docuseries, Invictus Netherlands, Travaslyst was growing, etc. Everything that happened in 2022 was a product of their work in 2021. The Royal Family has lost its luster again. The desire to keep Harry and Meghan directly connected to the Royal family is a survival strategy. HARRY AND MEGHAN ARE NON-WORKING ROYALS but receive more coverage than the Monarch and the heir.
    My greatest hope that the claimants win the ANL lawsuit is that British media will be forced to find someone other than Harry and Meghan to target daily. It will cause those who profit from making money at the expense of their pain to engage in authentic journalism.

  35. Shawna says:

    And why should the Daily Mail or British public care about what an American nonprofit is doing…? Ugh.

  36. Steph says:

    I don’t know if it was 2021 or 2022, but the public raised more than half a million dollars for orgs that Archewell teams up with, mostly WCK.

    • Snuffles says:

      Usually when the Sussex Squad raises money, they send it directly to the organization in question (in the name of the Sussex’s) and not to Archewell. So, that wouldn’t be in their tax records.

  37. Well Wisher says:

    The argument has validity, if that was the only ‘work’ Harry and Meghan did for the entire period that amount to a year. Looking back they have between them produced two doc-series, an award-winning podcast, narrated two books, wrote and co-wrote the same books. At the same time expand their family.
    Another factor, there is no indication where the donation came from, only speculation. on the part of the fail.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It doesn’t really. They are two private citizens who have a non-profit. If they never show up to work there, it doesn’t matter. The non-profit work is getting done by hired employees; the people who founded it are not required to work there.

  38. Tara says:

    I worked as an Assistant Fiscal Manager at nonprofit for 5 years. There is nothing presented that would raise anything close to a red flag for me. Most of our largest single contributors went out of their way to make sure they would not be identified, and the source of our contributions was only divided into public, non-public, contract and grant. We got very little in the way of contributions from single donors, that’s just how it is for most charities unless they are a religious organization taking tidings from parishioners , or that kind of thing.

  39. Chelsea says:

    The full IRS form posted on Archewell’s site listed everyone including the foundation’s executive director James Holt at 1 hour and he very obviously doesn’t only work one hour a week. It’s just a common practice which the Daily Fail knows but is being purposefully glib about.

    Also Oprah has made it clear she didn’t pay for this interview and there’s no way she’d have to cough up 8 figures to get someone to sit for an interview. She’s OPRAH! It’s probably much more likely that the endowments for the foundation came from a percentage of the deal’s that Archewell’s production compannies got from Netflix and Spotify.

  40. jferber says:

    A point: The Archewell money (10 mil) WOULD have disappeared IF it had been run by Will and Khate. That’s probably why they give nothing to any charity they ever visit– any monies have already been sucked up into the accounts of W and K. Being honorable, genuine, caring and NOT a criminal, of course Archewell has the money and will use it for its true purpose. No idea what the tabloids are quacking about. They know f–k-all about what Harry does ever–just proven when they had NO idea he returned to England until he did. Just making up shit again, as usual.

    • Tara says:

      100%. The fact that an English rag is trying to decipher an American tax return says it all – they don’t, and have no reason to know, anything about American tax laws. All they can do is speculate, and they said it themselves: it’s all speculation and assumption. If I were being sued, I’d keep my mouth shut until a ruling was reached.