Stormy Daniels: Trump is ‘no longer untouchable’ & ‘not exempt from the law’

Stormy Daniels is an American heroine. Whenever I hear her speak or read her interviews, I’m always sort of blown away by her integrity. She was one of only a handful of people adjacent to the entire Trump clownshow who spoke up, did the right thing, sought justice until the end and faced a lot of danger because of it. Now that the grand jury has indicted Donald Trump for multiple counts of white-collar crime, all stemming from the hush-money payments Trump made to Stormy, she’s talking about the years-long journey to get here and how much it cost her and how much it cost the country. Some highlights from her Times interview:

No one is exempt from the law: “Trump is no longer untouchable. A person in power is not exempt from the law. And no matter what your job is, or what your bank account says, you’re held accountable for the things you’ve said and done, and justice is served.”

On Trump’s indictment: “It’s vindication. But it’s bittersweet. He’s done so much worse that he should have been taken down [for] before. I am fully aware of the insanity of it being a porn star. But it’s also poetic; this p–sy grabbed back. It’s monumental and epic, and I’m proud. The other side of it is that it’s going to continue to divide people and bring them up in arms. He’s already gotten away with inciting a riot, and causing death and destruction. Whatever the outcome is, it’s going to cause violence, and there’s going to be injuries and death. There’s the potential for a lot of good to come from this. But either way, a lot of bad is going to come from it, too.”

The violent threats against her: “The number and the intensity is the same as it was the first time around, but this time it’s straight-up violent. The first time it was ‘gold digger’, ‘slut’, ‘whore’, ‘liar’ whatever. And this time it’s ‘I’m gonna murder you’. They’re way more violent and graphic.” Is she frightened? “For the first time ever, yeah. And part of me is hesitant to say that because you don’t want blood in the water. It kind of encourages the sharks.” But, she says, “it’s especially scary because Trump himself is inciting violence and encouraging it.”

Trump’s supporters feel emboldened, post-insurrection. “The country is more divided and people are more desperate. I’m not afraid of him, or of the government, but it just takes one crazy supporter who thinks they’re doing God’s work or protecting democracy.”

She’s not afraid of facing Trump in court. “I’ve seen him naked. There’s no way he could be scarier with his clothes on. And after what Avenatti put me through last January I’m not as scared.” (She was cross-examined for hours in court by her former lawyer Michael Avenatti, who was representing himself on charges of cheating her out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in book proceeds; he was jailed for four years.)

She wants to testify against Trump: “I hope that I do have to. I’m not afraid, I have nothing to hide, and I look forward to telling everybody what I know.”

How she sees the NDA & the hush money: “If I hadn’t signed the NDA, and I hadn’t taken the hush money, then he didn’t do anything wrong. He banged another hot chick — which he’s kind of known for doing — and nothing about that is illegal. Signing the NDA and taking the hush money was actually the greatest gift that I gave. Because it’s what made it illegal, which made it possible to actually go after him.”

She couldn’t be shamed: “Can you think of a single time that ‘porn star’ wasn’t put in front of my name? Imagine if I did something else — would ‘school teacher Stormy Daniels, or ‘accountant Stormy Daniels’ have ever been printed? No, it was salacious and used against me and used to ruin my credibility.” But, she says, it also went in her favour. “Because I couldn’t be shamed. I couldn’t be threatened with nude photos — they are everywhere.”

She doesn’t regret speaking up: “Sometimes in the moment, I’m like, ‘What the f*** was I thinking? Was it worth it?’ But I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror. If I could go back far enough to where I did go to the hotel that night, I wouldn’t have done that. But . . . coming forward, I would do the same thing again. Because it was the right thing to do.”

[From The Times]

See what I mean? I’m actually tearing up because she’s an amazing person. The fact that she was brave enough to stand up to him, to see this to the end, to be the one to take him down… it’s beautiful and poetic. I’m very worried about her safety too – I hope she’s got good people around her, and I hope she stays in secure locations, because she’s right – the people who support Trump are absolutely unhinged.

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  1. Smile says:

    She is really brave.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      She is and should be proud of what she has accomplished and achieved all whilst living in constant fear and shame. I do hope that Ms. Daniel’s isn’t harmed for her bravery and commitment to exposing ‘Ol Diaper Donald. It certainly takes a certain type of woman to go after DT but she did and we all support her doing so.

  2. equality says:

    Interesting how she gets called nasty names by the people who put Trump on a pedestal for doing the exact same thing, because it’s always the woman’s fault.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Yes, this is another impressive element about what she’s done.
      Because of her career choice, she would have been in no doubt about the dirt that was going to be thrown at her, yet still fronted up, and took it all on the chin. There is a lesson there for all of us in intestinal fortitude.
      Trump and anyone who supports him are absolute filth. Cunce, the lot of them.

  3. Seaflower says:

    Epic quote “this p–sy grabbed back”

  4. Sigmund says:

    She’s so brave. Good on her for speaking out and refusing to back down. I hope she’s staying safe from all the crazies.

  5. Brassy Rebel says:

    She needs Harry and Meghan level security. What I will never understand is how someone this smart and articulate agreed to sex with Trump 🤢 and hired Michael Avenatti as her attorney. 🤔😲

    “There’s no way he could be scarier with his clothes on ” 😆🤣

    • Duch says:

      Look, Nike was scammed by him too – he’s serving time for that. At least on picking Avenatti no notes there.

    • AmyB says:

      My understanding from one of Stormy’s earlier interviews (when this story broke in 2018) was that Trump had promised her a chance to be on Celebrity Apprentice. So I think it was like a quid pro quo for them. He got to have sex with a porn star and she had a chance for more fame and money. I applaud her bravery as well – standing up to the likes of Trump and Avenatti! And she is so funny LOL

  6. Julie says:

    It’s funny how they use Stormy’s profession against her. The last FLOTUS had quite the porfolio of nudes, and somehow got a genius Visa for it.


    Like rain on your indictment day.

    • Gelya says:

      Stormy is amazing, strong, beautiful and brave.

      When Trump was elected I said on a different unrelated site I couldn’t wait to see Melanias fashion game as a First Lady. I was not a Trump supporter.

      I was flabbergasted at his supporters who wrote things like she better keep her clothes on. She is a porn star, she is a disgrace.

      Now, she is the best First Lady ever according to them even when I brought up how they shamed her and showed them their original messages.

      Trump supporters mentality never ceases to amaze me and frighten me. They are two faced and dangerous. I do hope Stormy has great security.

  7. LooneyTunes says:

    I know Avenatti stole from her (and got what he deserved—long before trump), but he’s what we needed to bring these things to light (ruthless). I’m glad Stormy is okay; may she stay safe throughout the trial.

  8. USA_noob says:

    I respect her so much.

    Perhaps I’ve become completely cynical in the post Trump era, but I don’t believe this trial will “take him down”. In fact I expect him to be acquitted or dead locked.

    John Edwards was charged for the same thing and he got off too. I hope I’m wrong but my gut feeling is screaming.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      Your gut feeling may be correct, but John Edwards was charged strictly for campaign finance violations. That may be part of Trump’s charges, but reportedly the main charges involve business fraud or falsifying business records. It’s different.

    • shanaynay says:

      I hope you’re wrong as well, but now you put some doubt into my head. : – )

      • Scurryalongnow says:

        LegalEagle on YouTube has a really amazing breakdown of everything that might put this into perspective, he makes awesome videos that breakdown the law on a very accessible way. I had no clue the depths of these charges until I watched his video on it…it’s BAD.

      • Jaded says:

        @Scurryalongnow — thanks for recommending LegalEagle’s videos, just watched a couple of them and you’re right, the number of charges (about which we still know very little) and the number of Trump’s sleazy lawyers who have willingly covered up for him is nothing short of shocking.

    • Rapunzel says:

      There are 30+ charges in this indictment. Statistically, the odds are good that at least one will stick. What that will mean in terms of punishment is to ne seen, but I’m confident he’ll be found guilty on at least one count of the indictment.

      The saddest part is it seems no guilty verdict or jail time would prevent him running for and being president again.

  9. Anne Keane says:

    I love Stormy’s smart and funny responses on Twitter. So many MAGA types trying to shame and sneer at her and she just incinerates them every time.

    • Melissa says:

      She really is a treasure.

      I was reading some of the tweets and in one of them she mentions her husband is a porn star also. She has done hundreds of movies, he’s done thousands. She pointed out that he’s always viewed as a stud and she’s always the whore.

  10. Nicegirl says:

    Thank you American Patriot Stormy Daniels.

  11. Peanut Butter says:

    I admire and respect her tenacity and courage so much 💛

  12. HeyKay says:

    I hope they prep walk him in handcuffs on live tv!
    Hurry up.

  13. HeyKay says:

    Hats off to this woman!
    She is doing the correct thing by coming forward with the things she knows.
    She has guts!

    • otaku fairy says:

      She does. Even admitting that she’s affected by the misogyny directed her is brave. Knowing that there will always be people who feel the need to let everyone know they don’t care, or that they feel that it’s deserved, or even that it will even increase because some people are violent and get off on female suffering can make that honesty hard. Women almost have to be these always smiling, always laughing, empowered bad bitches about violence aimed at them. But she’s human too. Even without hero status, the treatment of a sexually immodest woman is just as important as the treatment of a socially acceptable woman or a man.

  14. Dee Kay says:

    Hero! Icon! Legend! Let’s have parades for Stormy Daniels, she is fighting for all of us, our democracy, and justice itself.

  15. Jaded says:

    I’d love for Duchess Meghan to interview her for a new podcast. Stormy Daniels is an icon and a rock star!

  16. jferber says:

    Yes, I agree that other iconic women should take her up, interview her, etc. I’d love to see her on Oprah. Maybe the prosecutors don’t want her to say too much until the trial is over? I don’t know. I bought her book to support her some years ago.

  17. Emily_C says:

    She is a true hero.

  18. Trillion says:

    Remember when Trump held a press conference with three women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct directly before a debate as an intimidation/shaming tactic? bwaaaahhaaaahhaaaa.

  19. phlyfiremama says:

    I would really LOVE to see sex work stop being shamed. It is time to consign that way to denigrate people to the garbage heap that attitude deserves. Good on Tiffany for having the courage to endure!!

  20. Kelly S says:

    I looooove her so much.

  21. Bren says:

    Wow I hope they get all of Epsteins sick oedo friends too. Their time is coming