It sounds like Brad Pitt is upset about Angelina Jolie having lunch with a billionaire

Personally, I believe that Brad Pitt is still obsessed with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. Angelina left him dramatically after he terrorized and abused Angelina and their children on an international flight in 2016. Angelina made a clean break and refused to take him back, nor did she come crawling back to him. She was done, and he’s been in damage control personally and professionally ever since. His love curdled into an obsessive hatred and a need to belittle her, financially abuse her, and terrorize her through the court system. And still, Angelina thrives and heals. She was recently seen out on a “business lunch” with David Mayer de Rothschild, and that must have sent Pitt over the edge. Pitt’s team ran to the New York Post – one of the favorite outlets for hit pieces against Jolie – and they got the Post to publish a very strange article about Angelina’s love life and how much she’s still hurting poor, pitiful Brad Pitt. Some highlights:

The lunch with David Mayer de Rothschild: Looking fresh-faced with barely any makeup, and clad in a slinky black dress with cutouts, Angelina Jolie left the restaurant with a smiling de Rothschild, 44, in tow. Single since her bitter divorce from Brad Pitt, it would seem that de Rothschild, a British explorer, environmental campaigner, author and filmmaker, would be precisely the kind of man Jolie would want to date. However, de Rothschild is married to Ukrainian actress Karina Deyko, who, like Jolie, is a dark-haired beauty, and the pair share a sprawling bohemian complex in Venice Beach. Deyko declined to comment. Indeed, the Nobu lunch was a business meeting, sources confirmed, attended by a small group of people. But, as always, Jolie has a knack for making even a business meeting look intriguing.

Angelina’s “flings”: Jolie has seemingly had a fling or two since the divorce. We’re told by one highly placed Hollywood insider that she “definitely hooked up” with singer The Weeknd (real name: Abel Tesfaye) who counts supermodel Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez among his exes.

She had coffee with Paul Mescal: Then, in January, Jolie and Shiloh were pictured having coffee with “Normal People” heartthrob Paul Mescal in London after watching the 27-year-old actor perform in “A Streetcar Named Desire” at the Almeida Theatre. But Page Six is told there is “nothing” romantic in Jolie and Mescal’s friendship.

Pitt sold his house: Angelina bought Cecil B. DeMille’s famous home for $24.5 million in 2017, and is living there with son Pax, 19, a budding artist, Shiloh and twins Vivienne and Knox. The actress’s eldest son Maddox, 21, is studying at South Korea’s Yonsei University and Zahara is a student at Spelman college in Atlanta. Jolie revealed that she chose the property because she wanted her kids to be close to 59-year-old Pitt, who then lived only five minutes away. This week, however, it was reported that Pitt — now dating Ines de Ramon, the ex wife of “Vampire Diaries” star Paul Wesley — has sold his Los Feliz estate for $39 million as he wants to downsize, although a source who knows him said he’s not moving in with de Ramon.

Pitt claims “parental alienation”: In August 2022, Jolie prompted the release of an FBI report into the incident — in which she said that Pitt “physically and verbally assaulted” her and their children aboard the plane. The FBI declined to press charges against Pitt, who later insisted he would not “own to anything” he did not do. “It’s a case of parental alienation,” claimed one source familiar with the custody fight this week. “It’s very sad.”

The Judge Ouderkirk debacle: In 2021, Jolie won her appeal to remove their private judge, John Ouderkirk, from the case after arguing that he had business interests with Pitt. “They’re back to the beginning pretty much,” said the source. “Brad is pissed, but there’s honestly been no movement recently while the lawyers are doing their thing. Angelina has been quiet for close to six months, so it seems for the moment that things have calmed down between them.” The couple still don’t speak, however, Page Six told.

The Miraval lawsuit: Brad Pitt claimed in the lawsuit that Jolie sold her interest in the vineyard without his consent, something they had previously agreed was a requirement, although Page Six is told that this was a “verbal” agreement. Lawyers are still wrangling. Jolie’s attorneys still have to deliver information they promised as part of the discovery process, while another legal filing, seen by Page Six, makes it clear there is a row brewing over whether documents were destroyed by either Jolie or Shefler’s camp.

Angelina won’t be single forever: She’s still acting — in October it was announced that Jolie will star in a biopic of opera singer Maria Callas, directed by Oscar nominee Pablo Larraín. This could lead to another Oscar nomination for the star, said multiple Hollywood insiders, but it’s yet to be seen who would be on her arm on the red carpet. As one insider said of Jolie: “She won’t stay single forever!”

[From Page Six]

The unnamed sources arguing from Pitt’s perspective tell me all I need to know about who organized this piece. Pitt’s obsession with Jolie is creepy – she left him six and a half years ago, and this is his way of letting her know that he’s keeping tabs on her, that he’s mad that she looked hot while having lunch with a billionaire. As for those Pitt-perspective quotes – is it parental alienation if the children he abused want nothing to do with him? Is it parental alienation when Angelina made a point of buying a house close to Pitt’s Los Feliz property so that she would be close by if and when the kids visited Pitt… and then he sold that Los Feliz home and he’s moving out of LA?

As for the stuff with the lawsuit and the “verbal agreement” – one of the funniest filings to come out of this whole Miraval shambles happened last December, when Jolie’s lawyers were openly mocking Pitt’s claim of a secret, unspoken, unwritten agreement about the sale of Miraval. I hope Angelina stays strong and lets her lawyers handle all of this. Brad Pitt is such a f–king loser.

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  1. rawiya says:

    Oh, he big mad. She “won’t be single forever” because she had coffee with one guy and then months later lunch with another. His team is pathetic.

    • Sunset says:

      It comes off as someone is mentally preparing himself for when she is seen with someone new. It’s pathetic. It’s been 6/7 years. She literally just went to lunch. Calm down

    • Eleonor says:

      Abusers textbook behaviour.

  2. Coco says:

    As I said, when the pictures of AJ and Rothschild were posted, Pitt is going to lose it. His PR team is going’s to run to the media to attack Jolie because she dared to move on with her life romantically. It is a pattern that whenever AJ is linked to somebody he attacks her in the media.

    • Fabiola says:

      Why would Brad be mad she had a business lunch? I doubt he cares. She probably has lots of business meetings with different people. Everyone knows the Rothschild guy was married.

      • Coco says:

        @ Fabiola

        When the pictures first came out people were saying they were on a date hence why he would be mad do you think is PR article is a coincidence especially given the verbiage used?

      • Jel says:

        I don’t think people do because he’s not married. He and his partner have just been together for a long time

  3. UptidyFish says:

    Haha, the ” linky black dress with cutouts” is still one of Angelina’s beloved black sack dresses. Much scandalous! I’m clutching my pearls as we speak.

    • Kate says:

      They clearly want us to believe she was vamping around in a form fitting bustier dress luring another married man away from his wife, basically. Who they note is into beautiful brunettes. Sigh, eyeroll, yawn.

    • Mia4s says:

      Yeah Brad Pitt’s team…oh I’m sorry, the “sources” and I have very different definitions of slinky! I mean, it was a nice enough dress but this just reads forced as hell!

      That move out of LA screams that all the kids are teens now and are limiting contact. I don’t say that with any pleasure, it’s a sad thing….but he’s certainly given them reason to. 😒

  4. Lady D says:

    Karma is coming Brad.

  5. Boxy Lady says:

    Yeah, if my dad choked me, I would definitely be alienated from him and I wouldn’t need my mom’s help in order to do that. Loser.

    • HeatherC says:

      And if I watched my dad choke my brother, I wouldn’t be begging for visits either.

    • Christine says:

      The most telling thing, to me, is that all 6 kids want nothing to do with Brad. They witnessed something that scared them enough to never want to live with Brad again, much less hang out with him. One of these days, one of them is going to tell their version of events.

    • Heidiho 68 says:

      He reminds me of my kids dad…they even look and act alike as in aging idiots. Teenagers are fully capable of understanding what’s not right…throttling a sibling being a cleat sign. My ex also got a $3500 Mexican face-lift Ala Kenny Roger’s…we laugh and laugh.

  6. freddy says:

    These two are toxic—the never-ending custody battle, lawsuits that fly at one another as if they were playing tennis is a great example for the children. Team NOBODY.

    • Jaded says:

      There’s only one toxic person in this situation and it ain’t AJ. She and her kids were physically attacked repeatedly by a drunken, raging monster so she cut ties surgically and immediately. That’s what good moms do to protect their children. Pitt’s done nothing but stonewall and smear AJ about everything instead of acknowledging he effed up big time, admitting he has a problem with booze and likely some other recreational substances, and letting his ex-wife and kids get on with their lives and heal from the trauma he inflicted on them.

    • lanne says:

      Angie didn’t choke her kids. Brad did. Angie didnt try to keep Brad’s finances tied up in a sinking vanity wine venture. Angie didn’t build shoddy houses for hurricane victims, overcharge them, then disappear when those houses started falling apart. Team nobody? Really?

    • Kel says:

      There is no custody battle. That’s over when the judge, Brad and his lawyer were all reprimanded. The winery lawsuit is just an another attempt at controlling her. He has lost several cases since. It’s ligation abuse.

    • Coco says:

      Hi Pitt or Bote 389 wave 👋

      I love how you guys love to hide behind “their both to blame” when it’s only one person Pitt.

    • lucy2 says:

      You have to read the report of the plane incident, and then see if you still think they are both being toxic.

    • otaku fairy says:

      Let’s not pretend that smearing their mother and portraying her as toxic for how she dealt with their father’s abusive behavior has been somehow helpful to the children.

    • Josephine says:

      She’s going to fight FOR the kids until they are 18 and don’t have to do anything with him if they don’t want to. She’s a fierce protector, and thank goodness they have one parent who actually protects the kids. She’s taken the high ride, but sure, blame the victim of domestic abuse.

    • Emily_C says:

      This is not the first time “Freddy” has appeared to both sides a situation in which a man physically abused a woman and/or children. It’s the only time he seems to show up, actually.

  7. Joanne says:

    Why does Brad dress like a moth eaten goat?

    • Isabella says:

      I get the feeling he is a very heavy drinker and seldom comes out into the light. It must be awful to lose your fabulous looks and see Angie smiling and at her best. That hat he’s wearing hides his face and so does the beard. He hates himself.

  8. lanne says:

    This is a clear case of financial abuse. We need much much more discussion of financial abuse as a control tactic.

  9. Kate says:

    He is the human embodiment of “weird, chunky jewelry”

    • ama1977 says:

      I don’t know which gave me more glee, this or the “moth eaten goat” comment. Well done to both of you, @Kate and @Joanne!!

    • Bananie says:

      This made me laugh SO HARD! Bless you 🙂

  10. Zut Alors says:

    How much more pathetic can he get? Is he still modeling those ridiculous looking clothes on the streets of NY?

  11. Michele says:

    Not gonna lie I still miss Brangelina….and still like them both separately.

    • lanne says:

      The idea of Brangelina, in retrospect, seems a hell of a lot sexier than the lived experience of Brangelina. There are no children getting choked in a drunken rage in the Mr and Mrs Smith image.

    • AmyB says:

      They were a great celebrity couple, but now knowing the things that we do, it’s all tainted for me. I can’t believe there was a time I liked Brad Pitt – those days are LONG gone. Cannot believe what a horrible person he has become. I will forever admire the way AJ has protected her children and remained classy through this entire ordeal.

    • Coco says:

      yes nothing like liking a man that verbally and physically abused his wife to grids and is still trying to financially abuse is ex to the courts.

    • Emily_C says:

      You like a man who strangled one of his children? Okay. Weird thing to admit.

  12. Lurker 25 says:

    This is white male fragility. The combination of “I’m entitled to whatever I want and you should love me for it” and “this basic consequence to my action HURT MY FEEFEES!!!”

  13. Isa says:

    He’s definitely still obsessed with her.

  14. Freya says:

    Isn’t he the one who shouts to the four corners of the world that he is VERY happy with Ines and that he doesn’t care what Angelina thinks? What happened? He wants to be happy, but he doesn’t want her to be too. How selfish is that?

  15. Kokiri says:

    Oh, I see.
    The next articles will be how Angie is trying to homewreck this guys marriage & lure him away with her slinky dresses.
    Already setting it up how she’s the one who seduced Brad, ruined his marriage, screwed him from financially, & alienated his kids.

    His obsession is dangerous.

    • Lady D says:

      No one is setting that up. They have been running that exact scenario for 20+ years already. Evil homewrecker destroys girl-next-door’s happily ever after, and then alienates children from poor, poor, beleaguered Brad.

  16. Sunset says:

    I love how ET got an exclusive about selling his house right after she was seen with Rothschild. He’s clearly bothered by the outing which is ridiculous since it was just lunch and it’s been almost 7 years. You don’t her own her and you’re supposed to be happy in whatever PR relationship you have concocted.

  17. HeyKay says:

    Is this going to be how Pitt lives out the next 10 years of his life?

    Pitt needs to accept AJ is gone. His kids do not want to know him.
    He’s 60. No longer the golden boy of Hollywood.
    No longer the front cover of the tabloids either. I don’t think 17-30 y/o movie goers are rushing to see Pitt.
    His personal life is empty.
    I feel zero sympathy for him.

  18. Karisma says:

    This hit piece just after Angelina was seen dining with the billionaire and it went viral. Pitt couldn’t be more transparent. I’m wondering how unhinged he’s going to become when she will publicly move on with someone else. He’s obsessed with her in a very dangerous unhealthy way

  19. Okay says:

    I doubt he cares. He is the one that is exclusively seeing someone. I hope she is dating good for her. Lets move on.

    • Coco says:

      😂😂😂😂 I hope you’re being sarcastic.

      Of course, he cares what do you think this article came from? Page six is one of his go-to media outlets and it’s clearly Pro Pitt and anti-Jolie come on now. He also brings her every chance he gets.

      Not to mention do you actually believe his obviously fake relationship is real? His PR team can’t make up their mind if they’re either serious or just a casual relationship. 😂

    • ToastedChai says:

      His team have been very clear that he’s not exclusively seeing Ines. People including his own fans have been quick to call it what it is. It’s PR in the same way Leonardo and Gigi are PR. If he didn’t care then he wouldn’t have responded days after with premium exclusives that he’s sold he’s out. He cares.

      • Okay says:

        He keeps talking directly to reporters that he is happy with her. This could be just casual true but getting serious. I don’t agree. He also never tried to stop the divorce. The delays were over custody an business related portfolios stuff that is complicated. Just like Gis and Ben. Two hot people that are over each other and can easily find more hot people to date. What makes you think that its not just click bait. There is not new info and just tabloids selling tabloids about two people that haven’t been together in years. Brad is friends with his exs and so is Angie. Yes these two are not friends but they share kids and the tabloids need to fill up space. Brad is not longing for Ange and Ange is not longing for Brad.

      • Facts says:

        @Okay I hate to write a novel but just let me share this tidbit with ya.
        Everyone except his loyal fans and friends know he is obsessed with Jolie. Her lawyers even wrote in a desposition how spiteful and angry he has been since she left him so that said I believe them.
        NYPost writer like this one even did a hit piece on Angie a week after the divorce and when I say it was a carbon copy of how his lawyers speak in verbatim. Nasty and slanderous even down to how she was ova in HW which I took a a threat.
        All of this because he attacked his family and wanted her to forget it. All because she wouldn’t sign a gd NDA so he ya led back his offer for her shares. It doesn’t take a legal expert to read what has been going on since 2016 just in their court papers to agree he is an idiotic spiteful azz.

    • Sunset says:

      Being in a relationship doesn’t stop abusers. There is no on and off switch

      • Sunset says:

        No charges means physical abuse didn’t happen? ligation abuse = abuse. The frivolous lawsuits that he keeps losing because of no evidence is abuse.

      • Okay says:


        No need to twist my words to prove your point. I usually require more than here say when I accuse someone of something that horrible and I wasn’t in the relationship. He has not record of hitting people or any previous ex saying this or a reputation of being violent outside of Ange. Since none of you know them personally that is someone I as a reader would wonder about. The lawsuits have gone both ways for all kinds of stupid rich people stuff. Maybe Brad is take them to court crazy but that is within the law.

      • Sunset says:


        how is that twisting words around when that’s what you said? How does his reputation with other Ex’s negate what Angelina, the kids and what third parties said? Brad himself said he took his addiction as far as he could so why would his past relationships even come into play? It doesn’t matter if he’s within his legal rights. It’s still abuse and shame on you for even trying to excuse that behavior

      • Sunset says:


        That’s what you said and is now trying to back out of it. As someone else said, you’re getting obsession and love confused. This is not wanting your partner back. This is wanting to destroy them because they left. There’s a difference.

    • ToastedChai says:

      @okay Obsession isn’t love. You’re greatly mistaken.

      • Okay says:

        Maybe resentful but I don’t feel he cares who she sees.

      • ToastedChai says:

        @okay If he’s resentful and responded in such manner then he obviously cares and not in a longing way. This is hatred.

    • Tam says:

      Abusers always “care”. Ur PR ready down to earth sweet Brad exists only for the cameras. He’ll never be over it as she’ll never be over him choking their son.

  20. Sunset says:

    Lainey called it. She said he always finds away to be reactive and here it is. This type of reaction makes me frighten for her and the kids. Of course this is Pitt’s team because they made sure to throw in that he’s not moving in with the PR gf. His second favorite tabloid (radar) picked that up real quick.

  21. Jan says:

    Brad trying to bankrupt Angie with his frivolous lawsuits, now the people that owns the half of business is laying the lead on Brad for his wasteful spending.
    Angie and the kids are doing alright, Shiloh is driving.
    It must be hard for Angie with 3 teenagers and Maddox driving.
    I use to wonder why the children wanted nothing to do with Dad, all 6 children, it was strange until the story came out about their trauma on the plane.
    Mothers will put up with a lot, when you cross the line and start abusing the children, that’s it.

  22. HeyKay says:

    No one thinks Brad Pitt is a prize.
    Just another self-involved wealthy older white man.
    Maybe Pitt and Tom Brady can hang. LOL

    AJ can take her pick of men.
    She always could.
    She will be fine. Pitt is a weight, still trying to control.

  23. Simone says:

    I don’t know if it’s true cause it’s Page6 and they like to create false stories about Harry and Meghan( I take with a huge grain of salt what they say like the Daily Mail) but Brad seems to be obsessed with Angelina, resentful to the max like when you go from love to hate, and wants to destroy her at all costs despite having children with her… it’s really scary: he is not at Kanye level but…

    • Coco says:

      No Pitt is definitely on Kayne level. Pitt verbally, and physically assaulted AJ and the kids that is they same as Kanye threatening Pete. Both men have a, unhealthy obsession with their ex wives.

      PageSix is one of Pitt go to media outlets. Just like the royals have the DF and others as their go to media outlets to trash Harry and Meghan.

      • LOL⁹ says:

        @OKAY Hey Brad Pitt, what you doing here trying to deflect your domestic abuse and child abuse…we see you hey Brad pitt.

    • LOL⁹ says:


      Brad Pitt most definitely is at kanye West level crazy don’t undermine his craziness just because his PR is protecting his image, unlike Kanye nobody tried to protect him brad pitt he’s already financially abusing Angelina and the children in court with litigation abuse and financial abuse, you would think that the guy is happy with his PR arrangement relationship he’s been having with
      Paul Wesley’s wife which page six
      souce forgot to say she’s not even divorced yet shes still married to Paul Wesley…

  24. Veronica S. says:

    We really need to start adding red flag training to things like sex ed because there’s so many tells that are obvious parts of the pattern if you know them. This kind of behavior is a dead giveaway for abusive personalities – anger over the lack of control they still have over the victim.

    • Emily_C says:

      Unfortunately, there are also abusers who know that so-called “red flag” behavior and do a super good job at presenting themselves as one of the good ones.

      While I know this wasn’t your intent, the idea that abusers can be avoided if you just know the signs is victim-blaming mentality. They can’t, actually. If an abuser wants you, it’s exactly like someone wanting to punch you.

  25. jferber says:

    You can tell Brad is unhinged by that crazy lounge/leisure outfit and hat. WTF? He has LOST it.

  26. Isabella says:

    I’m amused by the part where doing a movie turns a woman into a slut because she will need an escort on the red carpet.

  27. solidgold says:

    I can’t get over thia new guy job titles. You know you’re wealthy when you have 4 job titles and one of them is British Explorer.

    “Angelina made a point of buying a house close to Pitt’s Los Feliz property so that she would be close by if and when the kids visited Pitt… and then he sold that Los Feliz home and he’s moving out of LA?”

    I hope Brad buys his “downsized” home near his kids or that would be another confirmation that he has no relationship with ANY of his children. Downsizing when he still has a 3 kids under 18….I suppose they no longer need their bedrooms at dad’s house?!?!

    • Coco says:

      He already brought a house in Santa Barbara. He was living 5 minutes away from them move about an almost two hours away .