Jobson: King Charles ‘grew closer’ to both of his parents in their final years

The Daily Mail has serialized the hell out of royal biographer Robert Jobson’s latest book, Our King. Jobson has a lot of access to King Charles’s royal court, and Jobson is also unhinged – this is the man who feels entirely comfortable “joking” on-air about dangling the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s children off the palace balcony. So, that should tell you a lot about which biographers are approved by King Charles and Queen Camilla. One of the most obvious pro-Charles stories in the book seems to be Charles using Jobson to utterly rewrite his relationship with his father, Prince Philip. Philip and Charles famously did not get along and did not understand each other, but to hear Jobson’s version of events, Philip and Charles softened towards each other a lot in Philip’s final years.

During the final years of their lives, both the Queen and Prince Philip had seen Charles more often and grown closer to him. The change was most marked between father and son.

‘They had both mellowed,’ said a well-placed source. ‘In recent years, they were much more accepting of the other’s point of view. They had always loved one another very much – that had never been in question. But there was a deeper respect, and it was growing as time went by. They shared common ground on the future direction of the monarchy, on religious issues – even on the environment.’

The common view is that Philip had never really appreciated his sensitive eldest son, being so different from his tougher and more resilient daughter. But a member of Charles’s close circle of friends told me: ‘The idea that the two men spent a lifetime at loggerheads, and that the Princess Royal was the son he wished he’d had, is out of date and wrong. A much more accurate picture over the past ten years is of two very strong-willed people who came to understand each other’s point of view – a father and son who loved each other and enjoyed a relationship of mutual respect and affection. Over the last year of Philip’s life, they were the closest that they had ever been.’

At 99, the Duke of Edinburgh knew that his days were numbered when he left hospital in March 2021 after a stay of nearly a month. But he wanted to spend those final days with the Queen at Windsor Castle. He died on April 9, 2021. Hours earlier, Charles had been at his bedside, talking about plans for the Duke’s 100th birthday. He had to repeat himself at volume as Philip had been growing increasingly deaf. ‘We are talking about your birthday, and whether there’s going to be a reception,’ boomed Charles.

After Philip’s death, the Queen turned to Charles more and more – not only to take her place when she was unable to carry out engagements, but also for advice. Whenever he was due to conduct an investiture at Windsor Castle, Charles arranged to stay the night there and have dinner with his mother, instead of returning to Highgrove in Gloucestershire. He knew the Queen was nearing the end of her life, and wanted to be there for her.

Last May, it was clear her reign was gradually drawing to a close. Dutiful to the last, she drew great comfort from the fact that both Charles and William were well qualified to succeed her, and that the birth of Prince George had helped ensure the continuation of the monarchy.

[From The Daily Mail]

To the victor go the spoils – Charles is free to completely rewrite the narrative of his relationship with his parents. Charles didn’t “grow closer” to his mother in her final years, he was just the regent in everything but name. He was largely in charge as his mother’s faculties were in a steep decline in her final few years. And yet… I get the feeling that QEII’s staff did a lot to “protect” the queen from her own children, Charles and Andrew included. Look no further than the arrangements made when Andrew settled out of court with Virginia Giuffre – Charles was the one pulling the strings, arranging for a quid pro quo – Andrew got to “borrow” money from the Duchy of Lancaster and in exchange, QEII signed off on “Queen Consort Camilla.” Charles was blatantly manipulating his elderly and ill mother. As for Charles’s relationship with Philip… I have no idea. I believe that they made their peace with each other in Philip’s final years, but I think mostly Philip just wanted to be left alone with Penny.

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  1. theRobinsons says:

    Pluleez, there is still obscurity of Charles whereabouts while Mummy was on her deathbed. My biggest question is who gave QE2 Covid when she was doing fine and protected for the longest? How did Charles and Horsey end up visiting QE2, with Covid and did they purposely visit knowing they were infected?

    • Maryth says:

      I asked this on a detailed forum that would know and :crickets:. I believe c and c or will and kate gave it to her. At the time i thought will and kate. For awhile they seem to be passing covid back and forth.
      Charles was one of the first really important people to get covid. No one gives him any grief for this but he kept doing events. How many staff did he infect.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        That’s an excellent point to make. KFC knowingly passing a deadly virus to his two parents whose health was in danger and yet never gave it a second thought.

        Why would you knowingly subject your elderly parents to an untimely death compounded with insurmountable pain and suffering?? In addition to everyone else you encounter that do not have immediate and cutting edge medical care access that you and your royal family members have?? An unconsciously level of utter selfishness and cruelty to all.

    • PrincessOfWaffles says:

      Charles was so close to his mother that on her last hours he had to get out of there with a basket to get mushrooms. Ann was always the queen’s number one. Even pedo andrew wasn’t there which is what surprised me most. He used her but in the end, he wasn’t even there. Ungrateful bratz they are all, except for Ann. We also must read the real words: charles was “closest” to philip in his final years doesnt mean they were close, just never THAT close.

  2. Sure so close that he decided to mushroom hunt as his beloved mummy lay dying. What a load of 💩.

    • blue says:

      Susan calls it!

    • ML says:

      Susan, I just commented on the same thing.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Isn’t it delightful that Jobbo is trying to rewrite history in an effort to squash the blatant truth which we all witnessed?

        My how KFC must be quite desperate in feeding this narrative to Jobbo. KFC has shown his true colors with his treatment of his own son, DIL and grandchildren, but we are to believe this dribble?? Not in this century or the next.

  3. ML says:

    Yesterday we learned that as the queen lay dying, KC left her to go pick mushrooms. Mushrooms feed on dead and decaying plant matter: the symbolism in KC’s actions is strangely fitting. His sister Anne behaved more normally and stayed by her mother’s side. Sorry, but KC’s actions are not those of someone who has gotten closer to his mother.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ ML, Princess Anne, and Edward to an extent, seems to be the only ones that showed any devotion to their parents. Anne didn’t leave her mothers side for more than 24 hours. Anne also ensured that Harry was able to spend time with his grandmother alone so that he could have the opportunity to say goodbye.

      The dynamics of the BaRF with each other is a myriad of emotional gymnastics that any mental health professional would need an additional expertise to untangle.

  4. Well Wisher says:

    This is one iteration and interpretation of events, whether truth or other wise.

  5. Tarzana says:

    Now I can never be sure, but I’m thinking his idea (and QEII’s idea) of “closer” is much different than mine.

  6. kelleybelle says:

    Charles and William were well qualified to succeed her? What? Now that is funny. What point is Jobbo trying to make by saying this about Chuck being closer to his parents when they’ve been long gone?

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      As far as I know the only qualification for succeeding the monarch is being first out of the gate.

  7. Maryth says:

    I know charles teared up at his fathers service but……. does anyone else think he purposely got philip sick. They say it was charles idea to have them get on the boat for elizabeths event-the paddington one. The weather was either cold or rainy. I think chuck, will, or kate got him sick with covid. Ofcourse it couldve been anyone but….. suspicious.

  8. Maryth says:

    Just an fyi. William didnt smile at this wedding or his uncle edwards wedding. Edward admitted to adding a smile in editing. I wish this family wouldnt play around with the editing software. If they are suppose to be royal then the public has a right to unedited pictures. Seeing these pictures remind me of just how edited kate is now.

  9. Mslove says:

    Lol, Chucky was so close to his parents in their final years, but before that…well. That won’t change the fact that he is estranged from his son & grandchildren.

  10. SussexFan says:

    Lies. Just lies. No wonder Charles was beat with the Ugly Stick.

  11. Gina says:

    Now C3 can say via his mouthpiece what he finds PR appropriate. Though his actions say otherwise. Not just the latest reveleation about mushroom picking but in general. He sold her horses almost immediately, he went against his parents’ wish regarding the Dukedom of Edinburg titles, etc.
    I think his mistress future Queen is the only person he has some connections to. Unfortunately for Britain and his relatives this mistress is cold, dangerous and manipulative woman.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Gina, that is the truth to all of these lies that Jobbo is spewing. Yes, KFC has only shown devotion and love to one person and one person only, Cruella.

      It’s utterly ridiculous that Jobbo is trying to paint KFC as anything BUT what he is spewing. KFC manipulated every aspect of his mothers ill health and we all watched it play out IRT.

    • The Recluse says:

      I think he wore his parents down. They gave up at last, because he wanted what he wanted and was going to have things his way. I believe Harry referenced the Queen saying as much once.