King Charles doesn’t consider the Sussexes to be ‘the heartbeat and future of his family’

There are several amazing stories in the British media this week about coronation chaos, aka Chubbly Shambles. Apparently, the Windsors and their staff have only begun to organize the actual ceremony and try to pace out how long everything will be and it’s just been one catastrophe after another. King Charles is worried he’s going to collapse under the weight of his cloaks and stolen jewels. No one has made a firm decision about who gets to wear tiaras because Charles keeps dithering over the dress code. And to make matters even worse, the seating chart can’t be finalized because the Duke and Duchess of Sussex still haven’t RSVP’d.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s reluctance to confirm their attendance at the King’s coronation has caused huge headaches for organisers. Sources close to Prince Harry last night confirmed “no decision” had been made by the couple.

Despite the Sussexes, who quit their royal roles in 2020, being aware of the April 3 cut-off date, Buckingham Palace staff are still none the wiser as to whether they will show up. It means organisers in charge of details such as seating arrangements, transport and security for VIPs, are unable to sign off on their plans. Buckingham Palace last night admitted seating plans were still not confirmed, just over three weeks away from the May 6 ceremony.

Royal sources revealed how organisers are “exasperated” with the couple, who have spent two years railing against the monarchy after they decided to leave in favour of earning millions in the corporate world. The Duke and Duchess have been in “email correspondence” with the palace in recent weeks, but Harry reportedly remains in a “predicament” about whether to attend. Palace insiders said they expected him to attend but were unsure whether Meghan would accompany him and may choose to stay in the US given it is their son Archie’s fourth birthday on the day of the coronation.

A source with knowledge of the plans, said: “They (Harry and Meghan) still haven’t confirmed either way. Of course they will be afforded extra time but in all honesty, everyone is exasperated with them.”

The Mirror last week revealed how Harry and Meghan, who now live in Montecito, California, do not feature in plans for a roaring coronation day finale on the famous Buckingham Palace balcony, featuring the Red Arrows. The King declared he would only share the historic moment with the “working royals”, those who have dedicated their lives to the monarchy and public service. One well placed source said: “His Majesty wants to be surrounded by those who he considers to be the heartbeat and future of his family, hence there is no place for the Duke and Duchess (of Sussex) or the Duke of York.”

Palace sources said they would continue to plan for the Sussexes to attend “unless advised otherwise”.

[From The Daily Mirror]

FAFO, that’s all I’ve got to say. If you wanted Harry to come at his father’s command, then his father should have thought of that years ago. In the same breath as these courtiers are melting down at the fact that the Sussexes won’t confirm, they’re proudly declaring that the Sussexes are not the heartbeat or future of the family. Imagine saying that about your son and grandchildren.

The Mirror is also running an interview with a “PR expert” who claims that if the Sussexes had rejected the invitation back in February, “the story would have died after a few days,” and that Harry and Meghan are trying to “create drama” by keeping everything up in the air. That’s incorrect analysis – if the Sussexes had said, back in February or March that they weren’t coming, every single tabloid story would be about how the Sussexes are terrible people who should be stripped off their titles for disrespecting Charles, and ALL of the coverage would still be about “why aren’t they coming.” Same if they had RSVP’d immediately and said “we’re coming!” The same media would be complaining about THAT and issuing violent threats about how the Sussexes will be punished. Say what you will, but I think the Sussexes have played this the right way, especially since their silence just emphasizes how f–king crazy everything is over there.

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  1. Tessa says:

    With incandescent bill and workshy Kate the future of the monarchy looks bleak

    • Cecile730 says:

      This ☝️
      These idiots still don’t realise that Harry’s family was representing the best future for the BRF.
      You talk about WanK but their children are going to face even more backlash because of those two. They’re going to be weaponrized by the dumbest parents and everything is going to take epic proportion….if they’re still on the throne.

  2. Alexandria says:

    Ok then stop mentioning Harry and Meghan. Oh that’s right, you can’t.

  3. Layla says:

    Lmaoooo. So the “heartbeat” is supposed to be Keeny and weeny? No wonder the monarchy looks dead the heartbeats hardly ever there

    • Renae says:

      All the CPR in the world won’t get more than an agonal rhythm. A dying heart. Now, can they get the funeral right?

  4. aimee says:

    make them sweat megs and haz. keep silent. they desperately want them to come…if they’re no longer the “heartbeat and future of the monarchy”, then just mark them down as not coming and move on.

  5. Well Wisher says:

    The King does not want his son and wife to attend his coronation.
    If he did, none of this media created ‘drama’ would be going on.
    He let the older son muck things up, do that should the younger son not attend, he would not have to bear any responsibility.
    What is so difficult to have two seating plans, one with the Sussexes, the other without??
    It would be prudent for the palace to ditch the idea of scapegoat and sacrifical lamb.
    This latest “Please 💘 me, and hate ‘fill in the blank'”( it could be Harry, Meghan, or even the Queen ) is simply dead on arrival.
    Whilst one wants to live in the moment, it would be nice when this is over, less than one-third of the public have any interest in spending any money related to it.
    Under normal circumstances, that is enough to mute the money hungry media, why is it not happening in this case??
    Is Harry supposed to bring in the money???

    • TheWigletOfWails says:

      If they’re planning on seating them in “Iceland”,why do Harry and Meghan need to publicly RSVP for that?

      The BM want them there to abuse and because new pictures and stories of the Sussexes (especially the kids) would bring in £££.

      • BeanieBean says:

        The Mirror also seems to have forgotten that we’ve been told BP has made two sets of plans, one for H&M attendance and one for their non-attendance. So now everything’s in a tizzy because they don’t know? Pretty sure actual, professional event planners know how to come up with contingency plans and professional law enforcement/security know how to plan for large public events, as well. Nobody should be acting like chickens with their heads cut off. I’m guessing that’s really the domain of the press, ’cause they’re the ones having issues.

  6. Ann says:

    We’ve said it before here, but I think the Sussexes have RSVPd, but Charles or the Palace or Camilla haven’t leaked it because it will reflect poorly on Charles. It should and it does. They’re expecting Harry to change his mind and attend so they can save face. Not gonna happen.

    • aimee says:

      ohhh interesting theory. but i’m not sure harry and meg would keep silent about their RSVP. i feel like there’s no way they would allow the DM and all the garbage BM to smear them with “oh they’re throwing everything in disarray bc they are dragging their feet about the RSVP” if they have already made a decision. they’re very about setting record straight with BM now.

    • Flower says:

      I think C&C have not leaked it because H&M have threatened that they will not hesitate to pull out at the 11th hour and not attend if their privacy and security is compromised in anyway.

      It must be eating W&K alive to know that they have to sit on that information otherwise Charles will be pissed if his Con-A-Nation goes sideways because of them.

    • UNCDancer says:

      I absolutely agree. I think Harry and Meghan have already sent their “regrets,” but are giving the palace the courtesy of not announcing it. These stories are designed to help the King save face and continue to paint the Sussexes as churlish, childish, petty … pick your adjective. I suspect the tabloid media already know they declined but are using the “lack of an RSVP” to drive clicks and attention both to their wretched publications and to a coronation that is not driving a lot of interest.

    • FHMom says:

      I agree the Sussexes have RSVPd. I don’t think the the palace is waiting for anyone to change their minds. The press just hasn’t been given the information, and it’s killing them. All they can do is speculate and put a negative spin on it. For the record, I believe H&M will attend. All these articles will just be another example of when the press got it wrong.

    • Jenna says:

      I’ve been thinking the same thing. The Sussexes don’t want anyone leaking their plans.

  7. Lexistential says:

    Of course he doesn’t. He thinks HE’s the dynamic direction of the family, but all the briefing and the propaganda wolves at his disposal can’t convince us otherwise.

  8. equality says:

    What happened to the contention that BP wasn’t confirming any RSVP’s? And what happened to there is a difference in what is “family” and what are “firm” events? And, of course, only the “English” members are the “future” of KC’s family.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      The future of the family and British head of state is white males for the next 100 years or so. No wonder the monarchy is having “hiccups”.

  9. Pumpkin (Was Sofia) says:

    Geez. Is there really no way to say “While Harry and Meghan are no longer working royals, they remain beloved members of the King’s personal family which is not dictated by who is or isn’t a working royal”. That way they could even add Camilla’s grandkids in that.

    But that requires competency and affection from Charles and we’ve seen over the past year that both are severely lacking in him.

    • ShazBot says:

      THIS. Holy cow, it’s not rocket science.
      The Queen walked that tightrope sort of so there’s already a playbook for it but it’s Charles’ SON – it should not be this hard for someone to highlight the obvious PR strategy here.
      Why wouldn’t Charles and Camilla want to be surrounded by family on their big day?! It’s insane.

  10. He wishes they weren’t the heartbeat but he would be wrong. Bitter isle can’t do one article without inserting the heartbeats name. More jibber jabber from the sources.

  11. Izzy says:

    They’re not the heartbeat of the monarchy. They’re pretty much stopping the heartbeat of the monarchy, their mere existence sends everyone over there into such a tailspin that the whole world now sees them for what they really are: trashy, inbred, racist grifters.

    As for not saying anything about their RSVP, the palaces keep saying that Harry and Meghan need to stop talking. Well, they have, so they aren’t commenting on their attendance at the Shambles Chubbly. You can’t have it both ways.

  12. Mary Pester says:

    Correction Charlie boy, Harry and Megan WERE the beating heart of the family, their natural warmth, empathy and grace shone through and people loved it. YOU, your selfish rage monster son and petty jealous daughter in law threw all that warmth away when you allowed the press to try and destroy them. Face it, you and the toxic twosome had grown use to using Harry as your whipping boy and you didn’t belive for one minute he would turn around and say, stuff this and you, I’m off and taking my family with me. Now all your left with is a cold, cold hearted son, who is counting down the days to HIS coronation and a cold, cold daughter in law, who is counting down the days till she gets her hands on all the jewels. Your wife (the recycled one) is more into her chevas Royal than Charlie Royal, but at least we all knew what she was about when we saw what she did to Diana. So enjoy your throne Charlie boy, but for your sake, I hope its got a heated seat. The beating heart of your family is in the US, and for the sake of his family, happiness and sanity, I hope he stays there, to

    • CheChe says:

      Many claps and a deep bow to your concise summation of who these royal clowns are in real time. Thank you and good night.

    • Jackie says:

      This comment is pure perfection.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      LOL’ing at Camilla being more into “her chevas Royal than Charlie Royal.”

      And not even a defibrillator is going to revive this dead institution. We just need the British people to call the official time of death.

  13. Reign says:

    I feel like Prince Harry tried to talk about family with his father saying Look, I will come if we. A work through some of this, I want to spend my son’s birthday with him so I will bring the family but need to carve out sometime for that celebration.
    Then his father directed the couriers to try to force their appearance and complain that instead of acknowledging Prince Archie’s presence on his 4th birthday.

  14. Mrs. Smith says:

    Funny, H&M also have PR advisors, no doubt excellent professionals who know how to handle this. All they need to do to is sit back and watch the BM have daily hissy fits IN PRINT and then plan accordingly. I truly hope they stay home, play polo and enjoy birthday cake, but if they must attend, I predict the British media will choke on it when H&M glide in, gorgeous, glamorous and unbothered. It will be a sh*tshow for Charles either way.

  15. K8erade says:

    Honestly, I hope Harry & Megan remain silent and don’t say a word. Let the British media meltdown and the courtiers and senior royals show their asses over Sussex’s silence. They have lives to lead and it doesn’t involve that mess of a family.

  16. Lamb says:

    I know some people here want to believe that the palace already knows what Harry and Meghan’s plans are but I think the reality is they just don’t know yet.
    Harry and Meghan are pretty straight forward will all this stuff. If we haven’t heard anything it’s probably because they are still thinking on it.
    They’ve mentioned a few times about praying for clarity and I believe this isn’t just an easy decision for them especially Harry!
    Ultimately I hope they choose their peace whatever that looks like whether it’s going or staying.
    I also do believe the hold up is Harry probably hasn’t gotten to talk to his father.
    They spoke to the Queen often so she was able to make plans for them to get to the UK.
    In this case I feel like Charles isn’t talking to Harry which is leaving things in limbo.

  17. MSTJ says:

    If they aren’t the heartbeat, why is the media going on and on and on and on about whether or not they RSVP’d ? Yeah right. Why is the palace still briefing about them? Why is the palace still including them in the seating arrangements if they haven’t responded by the deadline? They’re all in denial. The Sussexes are the heartbeat of the institution. The Sussexes give them global relevance in the news. Hardly anyone would pay attention to the royals outside of the UK if they weren’t linked to the Sussexes. They’re milking their links to the Sussexes. That’s why they’re holding seats for them at the coronation. Hahaha 🤣

  18. Becks1 says:

    Not the heartbeat and yet they’re the only ones the press cares about LMAO.

  19. one of the marys says:

    Meghan has demonstrated wonderful manners and consideration so I imagine she would rsvp out of an abundance of courtesy. So either they’ve rsvp’d or they’re waiting on something which Charles is fully aware of. They’ve stopped playing, well never did play, the leaking game. I agree the press and perhaps Charles is trying to force their hand and they just won’t play that game at all. I don’t think M&H first revealed that Meghan was not welcome at the Queen’s deathbed, that they were evicted, that Charles was too busy to see Harry in London. I think the palace has all the information they need to move forward but don’t want to announce it or be responsible or have the answer reflect badly on Charles

  20. Honey says:

    Pre-Spare publication, I was on the fence about Harry and Meghan attending the coronation. As a matter of fact, I was leaning pro-attendance. No matter how we/I feel about the players and the monarchy, I felt like it’s still Harry’s birthright and, therefore, that of his children. Also, the UK was his home. I felt like he might want to share that and access to all the monarchy has with his children, e.g., private castle tours, staying at some of the properties, seeing the private jewels and artwork (bought, gifted, and stolen).

    Now, post-Spare publication, I’m like f*ck attending. There isn’t any “profit” there for Harry and Meghan’s attendance—especially if they are going to be given the cold shoulder by family and definitely pilloried by the press. Despite saying that, if I were Harry and decided to attend, I would exert a large cost for my attendance. I would not just show up for “free”. The cost of business has gone up. If I were Harry, there would have to be some sort of back door negotiations and ironclad agreements (signed, sealed, and delivered) with Charles about money and the inheritance of private properties in the UK for my children that William
    can’t touch or nullify. I’m not talking chump change, fob me off money, either or the inheritance lil rinky-dink fixer-up properties like Frogmore House. Harry’s lawyers need to negotiate that 💩 like Harry was a long-term mistress about to be let go and who Charles doesn’t want to go public with their story.

    Finally, Charles may very well say “no more books; a gag order; don’t talk about my beloved Camilla.” Once again, only after careful agreement and an additional property, more money, or a concession would I agree.

    That’s the pound or two of flesh I’d need. Then, and only then, would I attend. “F” what the people say.

    Have a good one.

    • Lauren says:

      Right, ever since Spare I’ve been of the opinion that if Harry and Meghan go to the Coronation its because they have negotiated to get something in return

    • BeanieBean says:

      I like how you think, Honey!

  21. Amy Bee says:

    The Palace could have solved this by not inviting Harry and Meghan to the coronation. They only have themselves to blame.

  22. Harry and Meghan could have given the Monarchy a new lease of life if they weren’t barred, slandered, scorned. Today the British Monarchy is made up of frustrated people who live off the taxpayer. I believe that as much as the tabloids continue to lie about the Sussexes, the British people know the truth. They are amazing people and together with their two children they make a beautiful and loving family.

  23. Mel says:

    They are not part of The Firm anymore, perhaps the press should stop talking about them like they are but then I guess that wouldn’t sell papers….

  24. TheVolvesSeidr says:

    I would bet money they replied a month ago. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  25. Yesgirl says:

    LOL loyal to the monarchy. Everyone on the balcony but the kids and Princess Anne has threatened Charles via the BM and Charles has threatened with eviction the rest of the more minor elderly royals. What Charles did is surround himself with vipers. Cam will rule with fear and anyone still around will have the same abused from C&C that they have gleefully been waiting to be able to act on.

  26. Bubblegum Dreams says:

    “…not the heartbeat and future of his family ?…” Well color me surprised.