Seward: Prince Archie is ‘the real loser’ because he won’t go to the coronation

Prince Archie’s birthday is the only holiday most of us care about. The fact that Archie’s grandfather tried to steal his birthday thunder will always be hilariously unhinged to me. Imagine a whole-ass king beefing with a child over who gets more attention. Prince Archie will likely spend his birthday in Montecito, being celebrated like the ginger king he is. I would imagine that Archie’s mom will bake a special cake, and ice cream will be served and maybe Archie’s friends will come over. Maybe there will be a bouncy castle. Archie’s father has to fly to England to see Archie’s dogsh-t grandfather wear a hat, but Harry will be back quickly. But to hear Ingrid C-Word tell it, Archie is the “real loser” in this whole situation because Archie’s parents should have taken him on a 12-hour flight just to see some horses.

Ingrid Seward, editor in chief of Majesty magazine and royal biographer, has said it’s a shame that three-year-old Archie has been ‘denied’ a look at the ceremony. Ingrid believes Harry’s decision to come to the Coronation without his wife will not have been easy, but she could have been the ‘driving force’ behind it.

“Harry’s decision to come to the coronation without Meghan won’t have been easy,” she said. “Harry and Meghan are an emotional unit. He lacks confidence without her and is more suspicious when she is not at his side. Harry needed to and he wanted to come to the Coronation. The invitation clearly says, ‘By Command of the King’. Harry was in the military and his allegiance is to his King. The King also happens to be his father. For all his bravado Harry knows that if he didn’t appear it would be a terrible snub. He might have been cut off for ever and brand Sussex couldn’t afford to lose the royal fairy dust.

“I suspect Meghan was the driving force in persuading Harry to attend. She is smarter than him and would have realised it might mean the end of their future dreams if he didn’t appear. However pathetic when you have a team of helpers, Meghan can still use the excuse of Archie’s 4th birthday to avoid crossing the Atlantic to be ridiculed, by both the royal family and the Brits. Why should she bother. For a girl who makes a huge fuss about which table she has in a restaurant it would be a terrible insult not to have one of the top seats at the coronation ceremony. To add to this possibility the disgrace being excluded from the Buckingham Palace balcony line-up was more than she could bear.”

“Now Meghan can play the martyr if she pleases. Certainly, the rest of Harry’s family especially Kate and William will be delighted she is not there. King Charles and Queen Camilla will also be mighty relieved.”

“The real loser is little Archie. How exciting it would have been to see the soldiers, carriages and horses of his grandfather’s armies. What a shame he was denied the opportunity however hard for his parents.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

I have whiplash from all of these narrative switches – Meghan is smarter than Harry so she persuaded him to go, but she refused to go because she’s pathetically making Archie’s birthday all about Archie, when really the Sussexes’ team of helpers could… organize the children…? Or something, I’m giving up trying to understand what C-Word was trying to say. All of these people are just so mad that Meghan isn’t theirs to abuse and that they don’t get to monetize her or her children. I also think Archie and Lilibet are where they belong: in California, where they’re safe, and not put on display like the Waleses’ kids. THAT is what so many people are mad about – William and Kate oversaturated the market by overexposing their children.

Photos courtesy of Netflix, Avalon Red, SussexRoyal IG.

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  1. Well Wisher says:

    Keep Prince Archie’s name out of your…. mouth!!!

    • May Bench says:

      I’m celebrating Archie’s birthday, not Chuck’s crowning.

      • Layla says:

        So basically, what this woman is say isn’t is that the real” disaapointment” is that Prince Archie won’t get to see a clown on his birthday. Le sigh(!) No Chucky the clown and his big silly hat.

      • Claire says:

        I mean, were the kids even invited to the actual coronation to begin with? I assumed based on the past formal events like the jubilee and the recent funerals that kids under a certain age wouldn’t even be invited to the church ceremony / actual coronation part? Maybe they were invited to some other parts of the weekend festivities, but I highly doubt that they were even invited to the actual coronation church ceremony.

    • PrincessOfWaffles says:

      I’m the real real loser, I’m not invited too and looks like ingrid sewage isn’t going either after all that work gatekeeping the honor of the Royal family she didnt score an invite so whose the real real real
      loser now

    • notasugarhere says:

      Notice she couldn’t bring herself to call him Prince Archie or reference his sister, Princess Lilibet, at all.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        Notice she’s also saying the “quiet part” out loud:

        “Meghan can still use the excuse of Archie’s 4th birthday to avoid crossing the Atlantic to be ridiculed, by both the royal family and the Brits.”

        THAT is what this is really all about. They made bank abusing her during the late Queen’s funeral and they’re RAGING that they can’t abuse her to her face this time.

        Triangulation in abusive families is always disturbing, but the unhinged, enthusiastic triangulation by the media based on their parasocial relationship with the monarchy is next level cray. Literal institutional madness, both on the Crown side and the media side.

        Just because it’s not happening to Workshy & his direct line doesn’t make it any less heinous.

    • Mary says:

      LOL, well wisher, that was my first thought when I saw the headline! She also seems to forget that Archie wasn’t even invited to the Coronation. He would have a better view of it from the States by video!

      Was Seward the clown that said that Archie will be a “brat” if he doesn’t grow up around his (then) Cambridge cousins? These people are crazy.

    • Bean says:

      What charity are we donating to for Archie’s birthday?

    • Sugarhere says:

      I’m used to posting long comments, but this one will probably be my shortest.

      Did that malevolent snake really dare call a young child “a loser”?! Is a not-quite 4-year-old the target of her venom now?

  2. What fakakta crap is this? Archie is going to be 4 he doesn’t know what a coronation is and he is the loser in this? Why because he won’t be there for the tabloids to make racist remarks with racist pictures? Archie is the big winner in this he gets to stay home and enjoy his birthday.

    • BW says:


      I don’t even remember important events from when I was 5 or 6 years old, let alone turning 4. If Archie went to the clowning, he wouldn’t remember any of it.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ BW, exactly!! And if Ms. Sewer mouth would STFU for 2 seconds, shouldn’t she include that the Prince Archie and Princess Lili were NOT invited??? Plus, a child at 4 will remember this “grand, historic” event??? Baloney….

        (This witch failed to mention that H&M, as well their lovely children do not have a safe home to stay at as well. As KFC promptly evicted them in his petty driven rage showing he is an unloving grandfather.)

        My gawd, the emotional somersaults she was spewing in her article gave me whiplash as well Kaiser.

      • thaisajs says:

        Agreed, four-year-olds barely remember anything. It’d probably be his nap time anyway, so he’d miss most of it.

      • Christine says:

        It’s every child’s dream to be taken somewhere they can’t talk, move, or show emotion!!! Yeah, Archie’s the real loser here. Pull the other leg, Salty Isle.

    • Princessk says:

      Well, Archie is old enough to remember but the point is if they did take him to the Coronation where would he be positioned, what would he see? The children were not invited to the ceremony and it appears that they were not invited to any kind of reception at Buckingham Palace. I really do not understand why Charles was not willing to accommodate all of his grandchildren in some shape or form. He only has five grandchildren after all.

  3. Rai says:

    Prince Archie should go to Disneyland like a normal toddler if he wants to see horses and parades. I bet his cousins would prefer it too… these people are so strange with these ridiculous statements

  4. Snuffles says:

    A 4 year old wouldn’t remember any of that. Before the age of 5 my memories of anything are sparse at best. But what Archie WOULD have picked up on are the feelings and vibes coming from his father and the people around him. He would feel his father being tense and angry. He would be made uncomfortable and scared by the crowds and hard stares. He would sense the hostility from people in the room.

    No need to cry for Archie. He’ll be eating cake and partying with his pre-school homies.

    The petty part of me wants Harry and Meghan to release a new family portrait the exact moment Harry is wheels up on the plane home.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Oh yes!! How wonderful for everyone to witness how big and grown Archie has become reaching his big fourth birthday too!!

    • Meghan says:

      The petty part of me wants the Sussexes to do something incredibly basic like take the kids to McDonald’s and watch THAT dominate the press instead of the coronation. And of course he should have the best 4th birthday party he could ever imagine, I just want one “normal, American” thing to dominate, ha!

      I can see it now- go out to McDonalds or something on Friday, before Harry leaves, and set it up like that W&K Norfolk (I think?) pub visit. Heads would explode in a hundred different ways. That’s what I would do, but although we share a name, I am nowhere near as classy as Duchess Meghan.

      • Puppy1 says:

        Meghan, never mind McDonalds. They should go to “In-N-Out” and make that the theme for the weekend! 😈

    • Mary says:

      @Snuffles, some people remember quite a bit at that age. I have quite a few memories, starting at about the age of 2 years old and on. Granted, I don’t remember everything but I do remember some of my early birthday celebrations. I remember my third birthday and the excitement leading up to it.

  5. Dee(2) says:

    So let’s see- Harry’s stupid, Meghan is fame hungry manipulative harpy, they both are hated by the family and would have been booed and maybe under threat if they both came, but it’s totally an excuse that they didn’t want to take their four year old into that atmosphere because he could have seen some horses? Because horses only exist in England and because we know he gives a shit about seeing them anyway. I thought it would take a few weeks for them to express their anger at Meghan not coming but doesn’t seem like they made it twelve hours. They are PISSED.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Archie has probably seen horses when Harry plays polo for charity. He”s probably being taught to ride now.

    • Brit says:

      They’re pissed as this is one of the last events that Meghan could’ve possibly been seen at other than a funeral. It will be years before Meghan and her children will be seen on UK soil for a long time. It’s clear she has no time for these people and the person she had respect for is gone now. The press know this and they’re going to lose a lot of money because there are no new images of Meghan and the children. It’s signaling the end and they know it.

      • ThatsNotOkay says:

        Yyyyyyyyyyyup! Now there’s nothing to see at the cornyation, since Meghan isn’t going–their kids were never in the picture. They’ve lost their moneymaker and they know it. It’s curtains for the Rota!

    • aftershocks says:

      Yep, Ingrid Sewer is certifiable. She has a nerve trying to claim Harry has no confidence. 🙄 He had the chutzpah, confidence and courage to get his family the heck out of the toxic gilded cage!!!

      Both Harry & Meghan are very smart. They make all the clever, considered and thoughtful moves. Meanwhile, the incompetent, chaotic royal firm and the desperate rota ratchets will NOT have their salivating thirst to see and to abuse Meg, Archie, and Lili, satisfied.

      Thus, Salty Isle nonces are the biggest losers. LOL! 🤪🤣

    • Blue Nails Betty says:

      I have no doubt Prince Archie has seen a photo of Camilla so yes, he has already seen a horse. 🐴

  6. Brit says:

    All I’m getting from these articles are “How dare you not grovel and pay us no attention, How dare you reject us when we’re supposed to reject you” It seems that some brits are very sensitive and insecure about Americans. The American they proclaim to despise is not bothered or affected anymore and they’re panicking.

    • Whyforthelove says:

      Americans don’t get impressed by titles. We rejected them kind of loudly. Mind you we get impressed with other stupid stuff …many Americans are overly impressed with $$ (Elon Musk cough). I read a piercingly honest comment on Twitter about how mad the British Rota is that a black woman wouldn’t grovel for acceptance and her husband chose her dignity and his family’s safety rather than forcing her to grovel. I think that analysis is spot on and bravo to both of them. They are mad because the door is indeed closing. H&M have left the British Media and their profit margins behind and taken their family with them. Harry is going back for a brief visit to make sure the latch on that door is securely locked and they are gone…like GONE GONE.

    • KaMo says:

      Who do those racist morons (RR and royal “experts”) think would provide the top security that Duchess Meghan, Prince Archie & Princess Lilibet desperately need? Meghan is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t.

  7. aquarius64 says:

    The biggest loser is the BM because they won’t get money shots of Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

    • Shawna says:


    • Whyforthelove says:

      This!!!!! They are bigot mad and I love this journey for them

      • QuiteContrary says:

        “Bigot mad” might have been a typo, but it’s perfect.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @QuiteContrary, RIGHT. P.S. Late to the party and closed comments on a thread. Agree ++++ on your comments and others.

        @Whyforthelove, ‘bigot mad’ best description.

    • aftershocks says:

      It’s completely silly to imply that Archie needs to be there, especially when the British tabloids have been screaming for months that the Sussex children were NOT invited. 🙄 They are obsessed over two very young children. Lili is still a toddler, and Archie is just turning 4 years old, as everyone knows, due to his Gramps idiotically deciding to compete with King Archie’s b’day!

      That was a huge misstep by Chucky & his incompetent courtiers. As was the preposterous FC eviction. Frankly, Louis is a year older than Archie, and reportedly Louis is not attending the cornyation. Why ain’t ratchet Sewer blubbering and whining about Louis being a Big Loser??!!! 🤔 🤪

    • Elon's Sink says:

      Agreed x 100%! But it’s not just shots/pics, it’s video scrutiny and stories that would have leaked from the palaces. Their appearance at the Struggly would finance the BM’s grandkids.

  8. Brit says:

    All I’m getting from these articles are “How dare you not grovel and pay us no attention, How dare you reject us when we’re supposed to reject you” It seems that some brits are very sensitive and insecure about Americans. The American they proclaim to despise is not bothered or affected anymore and they’re panicking. Also, they’re mad that they have no footage or images of Archie and Lilli that aren’t copyrighted. Everyone has seen the Wales’s children already. In fact it’s getting boring.

  9. Josephine says:

    these stories reallly show what a great move H&M have made. they made the move that gives the white supremists the very least to work with, and it’s showing. they can’t pretend that Harry is shunning his father and they can’t pretend that Meghan is looking to be the center of attention so they’re stuck making up the most ridiculous stuff. their knickers are showing and they are in a twisted knot.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ Exactly @Josephine! They continue to make up the most ridiculous crap! No matter what H&M would have decided, the rota rats always have their poison pens and feeble insults ready to fly.

      H&M couldn’t care less about BP balcony. It’s the BM and the BaRF who are obsessed with the balcony. Where pray tell were all the paps’ zoom lenses focused during last June’s Jubbly/ Trooping the Colour event??? Smack dab on windows in the building adjacent to BP balcony, cuz that’s where Meg & Harry were entertaining Harry’s young cousins, and shooting the breeze with the elderly Duke of Kent. LOL!

      Only Meg in her fierce and fabulously stylish navy & white Dior hat are memorable from that day! ✨❤️‍🔥

  10. Jais says:

    Ummm, did I miss the story where Meghan makes a huge fuss about which table she sits at? Like, Ingrid C-word legit just made that up right?

    • K8erade says:

      I think that’s supposed to be a swipe that Meghan and Harry enjoy going to fancy restaurants in Montecito.

      • TheWigletOfWails says:

        So what if they enjoy fancy restaurants in Montecito? We all love the finer things in life. Her King actually made a fuss about a freaking pen in public, with cameras present. She should focus on that.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Michael Cecchi-Azzolina wrote a book about being a maitre d’ in New York entitled YOUR TABLE IS READY and claimed that Meghan made a fuss about her table while on SUITS. He’s the only person who has claimed that Meghan made a fuss like that. I’ve never heard any other stories about her being demanding in a restaurant.

      • ThatsNotOkay says:

        Just looked that up. It was supposedly Meghan’s handler who made the fuss, and it was because Meghan was dating Harry and needed a private table. Like…this all seems like a legit reason to need a private table. Yawn.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Elizabeth, really?? I downloaded that book when it came out but haven’t read it yet.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Okay @Lorelei, I need you to read that book. I trust your opinion. This is the first time I’m hearing the table story fuss (agreeing with Elizabeth & ThatsNotOkay). Did this dude add MM’s name in for clout? How many different restaurants did he maitre d for? Ask that because really good maitre d’s don’t need to job hop much. I’ll admit, my knowledge is limited to Italian/Irish restaurants. When they have a very good maitre d, they stay and are paid well.

  11. Slush says:

    Admittedly I’m no early childhood development expert like Kate is, but I suspect Archie will be just fine.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ Yep indeed! Prince Archie is gonna be more than fine having a fun celebration in Montecito with family and friends! He’s the huge WINNER for escaping the spectacle of being threateningly dangled over the BP balcony, as vilely conjured up in Jobba the Hut’s thirsty, feverish mind.

    • molly says:

      This whole thing is where Meghan’s Americanness absolutely shines.

      “Sooooooo, in the year 2023, when so many Brits can’t even afford food, your father is making everyone spend millions to watch him get a crown of stolen jewels and be driven around in a literal gold carriage?? Sweetheart, that’s BONKERS.”

      I’m certain she’s more than happy to chill in the backyard of her sunny California home with her cute kids and comfy clothes that weekend.

  12. Tessa says:

    He is three going on four. Expecting him to sit through a coronation is ridiculous

    • Lucky Charm says:

      Even so, I’m 💯 confident he’s much better behaved than little Louis. Prince Archie’s mom actually is a hands-on mom, unlike the “early childhood expert” Kate.

  13. Osty says:

    The way these fools are behaving , you would think they were not the same ones who claimed Meghan isn’t welcomed here and if she dares ro come should be snubbed and sat at Iceland

  14. equality says:

    Didn’t Archie already see all this at the jubbly? And how exciting is it to see things from a window? Or were they supposed to stand with the crowd since the whole RR talking point is that A&L would be excluded from the procession, the balcony and the con? If Archie wants to see horses, he can go to the polo field with dad and see them up close. He can see plenty of military personnel at IG. None of them need the royal “fairy dust” which is actually more akin to anthrax powder.

  15. SURE says:

    “Certainly, the rest of Harry’s family especially Kate and William will be delighted she is not there. King Charles and Queen Camilla will also be mighty relieved.” Does this vicious liar (see YT We Prove Royal Experts Lie About H&M) really believe she’s commending K, W, C & C with this nasty comment? If anything she’s confirming their hostility towards M and reaffirming the wisdom of her decision not to attend the ConAnation. I love when these so-called royal experts kick an own goal.

  16. Missy says:

    But like, wasn’t Archie explicitly not invited?? So she’s saying Charles ruined Archie’s life bc he didn’t invite him, right?

    • Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

      Neither Archie nor Lilibet was invited. According to Ingrid, Meghan and Harry should have brought them so the kids could watch the proceedings on television or from a window at Buckingham Palace.

      • MsIam says:

        So Archie should miss his birthday cake, friends and bouncy house so he could look out a window at a parade? I feel sorry for Ingrid’s kids if this is her idea of a good time. Sheesh!

  17. C-Shell says:

    “Ingrid C-Word” is the most perfect play on words I’ll ever see. She is vile, unhinged and utterly desperate that Meghan has chosen HRH Prince Archie’s birthday and her own mental health over the abuse, racism and xenophobia C-word and her ilk want to spew at her.

    Meghan is brilliant. I expect Harry will be on the first plane west when the Clowning ceremony is over.

  18. Tessa says:

    Ingrid is the loser bringing calling a three year old a loser.

  19. freddy says:

    Maybe Harry is going out of respect for his father and the Crown, and Meghan was like “I am not lugging these children on a 12hr flight so we can be ripped apart by the UK press..and I’m sure as hell not curtsying to CamelToe and Basic Becky”

  20. Bubblegum Dreams says:

    Meghan’s just doing what people the world over do with toxic in- laws and family. Cut them out of your life and protect your children from that toxicity. Its not rocket science and she has no agenda.

  21. Linda says:

    Archie sees a real soldier every day!
    He doesn’t need salt island’s sympathy – his party will be much more festive!

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Well said @ Linda!! He does have a real soldier everyday unlike those that will be playing dress up whilst showing their medals which were not earned. They simply like to parade around others, and the plebs, showcasing how as their brood was chosen by God.

  22. HeatherC says:

    Archie will only be 4 on the fancy hat day. Four years old you stupid c&#$.

    Also Meghan is an American citizen. They keep forgetting, we fought and won a war centuries ago so that whole “by command of the king” thing is not a thing we even recognize, nevermind “obey”

  23. L84Tea says:

    Holy sh*t, that entire article was DISGUSTING.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ Yes, one asinine ridiculous claim after another, which cements Sewer’s stupidity and desperation. We all know that the only magical royal fairy dust resides year round in Montecito. It’s the dull, charmless Windsors and the clueless rota who need the magical fairy dust that only the Sussexes possess! ✨ 😍 🎆

  24. Shawna says:

    You can’t hire “helpers” to replace Mommy at a birthday party. Good lord.

    • MsIam says:

      You know Kate has “helpers” for her kids too, but they are always using the hands on mom excuse for her. Once again, Meghan and her children are always to be sacrificed for the Crown.

  25. Sass says:

    Holy shit they’re really going for it huh? Implying M&H are bad parents?

    Fuck these people

    (PS when my dad proposed to his now wife, she wanted to get married on my daughter’s birthday. I straight up said to my dad if he wanted us there they’d choose another date. They moved it. His wife was pissed, bc her goal was to overshadow my kid, bc she hates my brothers and me. Fuck this nasty old man pulling this garbage. King of what? Petty?)

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Sass, an excellent example of how petty KFC was in purposely choosing this date as he clearly thought it would be a “test” of who was more important to him by Harry and Meghan. An ego so precious that KFC is competing with a three year old on his fourth birthday . 🙄🙄🙄

  26. diANNa says:

    I have a theory regarding the choice of Archie’s birthday – May 6 – as the date for the clowning!
    I think the expectation when that date was announced is that Meghan and Harry would definitely attend. That the BRF and rota rats believe their own vindictive propaganda that Meghan is a “famewhore” who would not want to miss a chance to be seen on a global stage as one of the “royals”, and that she needs to keep being aligned with the royals in order to remain relevant and bring in the $$.

    I suspect they deliberately chose Archie’s birthday so that they could use it to bash Meghan, and forever damn her for choosing to attend the clowning over being with her child to celebrate his birthday. There was an earlier blog highlighting points made by Camel Toe and she said that in the Oprah interview, Meghan said her “most important title was Mom”. Imagine the trashing that they would have heaped on her!

    Kaiser suspects the Rota rats likely had pre-written articles to cover all eventualities and I think that would have been a big point. For years afterwards, they would refer to this incident as showing Meghan as an indifferent mother, a hypocrite, thirsty for fame and clinging to maintain a “royal” status. Not to mention how they would have hyped Khate even more as a caring mother.

    SOOOOO glad she has outsmarted them all and denied them more fodder to bash her with. They’re going to look even more deranged continuing to deride her when it’s clear she wants nothing to do with them.

  27. Amy Bee says:

    What about the children has been the refrain by royalists and the royal commentators. These people really wanted Meghan to be there and now they’re upset that she’s not going.

    • Dee(2) says:

      I think after the shock of any sort of confirmation, they are realizing they’re not getting anything. The confirmation flat out said Harry wasn’t attending any other events. So what, they get him coming in to Westminster Abbey, him leaving, and a few shots through this ceremony. No shots of Meghan through windows, or walking into the service, no shots of their kids, no potential off the cuff interviews, no chance of seeing them visit charities or go out to dinner. It’s not a lot that they’re going to be able to do with three photos of Harry in a blue suit.

  28. Brassy Rebel says:

    Geez, Louise! Make it stop. I know. It’s only getting started.

  29. Is That So? says:

    Prince Archie has polo ponies. He’ll be fine not seeing PaPa’s parade.

    “For a girl who makes a huge fuss about which table she has in a restaurant it would be a terrible insult not to have one of the top seats at the coronation ceremony.” Here we have a new accusation, slyly slipped it to become a part of the historic record.

  30. Layla says:

    Friendly reminder that this woman was one of the group of clowns exposed by Joshua pieters and Archie manners on YouTube 🤡 😵‍💫

    Can’t wait to see Meghan 10 days later!!!!

  31. Feebee says:

    C-word is right! Good lord what a f**king mess. They are all so bent out of shape. How dare Meghan not make herself available to be ripped to shreds in person. Every article proves the Sussexes correct. Again.

  32. ScorpioMoon says:

    What just shocks me about all this coverage is how blatantly abusive it is. In virtually every article, they talk about how reviled the Sussexes are and how everyone can’t wait to snub them/”put them in their place.” But then when it wasn’t clear whether or not they were going, the articles were also desperately talking about how they HAD to come. Like, do they truly not realize how transparent this all is and how much it validates the Sussex narrative about what really went down?

    As for Harry choosing to go, I think he made the right decision. I think him going alone protects Meghan and the kids, and on his own, he’s still the son of the king and Princess Diana, in his native homeland; he can’t and won’t be directly mistreated in the way Meghan would. And even if he is, I imagine he’s going to soldier it and shut it down. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if the coronation is the last royal event he attends; seems like it’s his attempt to at least somewhat maintain a relationship with Charles, but he’s the bigger person and the better man for it.

  33. Becks1 says:

    Oh, so Meghan can’t use her son’s birthday as an excuse to miss the coronation because she has “helpers,” but Kate can use “the school run” as an excuse to miss anything and everything, including the death of the Queen*???

    Seward is just nuts. All these RRs are SO TICKED Meghan isn’t going that they don’t know which way is up and you can see them just throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks.

    *remember the “official” story put out was that Kate wasn’t there bc of the “school run,” not because she wasn’t wanted.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      But of course the expert of aryle yares knows what is best for her children as she is the “expert”. KHate choose to take the children to school while the Queen was dying, a blatant snub to the Queen. Especially as they have written how close and the admiration that the QEII held for KHate.

      (Which leaves the possibility that KHate wasn’t invited as they have hoards of staff to care for their children.)

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      The allowances given to Kate are wide, far and inexplicable. Remember this story from Nov. 2019. (she wasn’t traveling thousand of miles either)

  34. ⁸Maryth says:

    A good grampa would say. “Bring the kids im throwing archie a party at “pick any castle/home he will vist that day”. Camillas not invited.”
    The kids can see each other and grampa can dash in on the way to his coronation or afterwards. Prince edwards kids could be in charge so their snub wouldnt look so bad. If anyone of the old guard was alive this would be the solution.

  35. Lizzie says:

    Meghan doesn’t need or give an excuse. She simply said she is staying home with her kids.

  36. Nicegirl says:

    Ooh it makes me so mad to even see our baby Prince’s name in the same sentence as the word loser.

  37. QuiteContrary says:

    Ingrid C-word (perfection!) should consider how racist it is to refer to Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, as a “girl.” Did “uppity” not get past your editors, Ingrid? (I mean, how dare Meghan want a private table!)

    All this abuse just confirms the rightness of H&M’s decision.

    And Archie is in no way a “loser” (who in her right mind says that about a preschooler??). He sees his dad and his Uncle Nacho on horses all the time.

  38. Over it says:

    Why does Archie need to see chucky horse. Have the rest was not seen more than enough or Camilla already. Why subject a poor innocent child to that mug up close and personal?
    Also I wish ingrid c word would go brown paper bag her head already. And then go f herself with her bs.

  39. HeyKay says:

    Archie is fine.
    Not missing anything but not attending the Bore-A-Nation.

    Now, in the near future, I hope both H&M kids get to hang with all the little cousins.
    They are both so young yet, no worries.

    I bet George and Charlotte would both like to NOT have to attend the Bore-A-Nation too.
    But William the Angry, and King Charles the Weak, have sold those kids to The Firm PR/BS machinery in order to keep the $$ pouring in.

  40. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Archie’s going to miss out on the horses? From whatever place he’s staying since he’s not invited to the Clowning? You mean on TV? Well, the Kentucky Derby will have lots and lots of horses and QE2 had horses racing there in previous years. If Archie wants to stare at horses on TV rather than join in a birthday party, he’d do well with the KD.

    How can this woman suggest that Prince Archie will miss being abused by the brf and bm with racist comments (and possible actions ala Jobson)? Guess what, Cword, you don’t get to demand people appear for your racist entertainment. Try again.

    • equality says:

      You can get plenty of hats and fancy outfits with the Derby also.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      But, but, but @Saucy&Sassy, it’s ‘soldiers, carriages and horses of his grandfather’s armies’. Never mind that it’s soldiers, carriages and horses that his grandfather inherited from Archie’s great grandmother QE2 and more than likely saw on tv (or, for all we know, in a super secret location live with Murtaugh(Outlander) & co. security force and Grandma Doria lol) when at Frogmore Cottage last year for the Jubbly. Archie and Lili’s parents were on tv-I have no doubt the Jubbly stuff was on tv wherever the beautiful Sussex children were. Meghan’s waves out of car windows and other things were nods to their children too.imo

      It’s entertaining, at best, for Cword to ASSume that Archie hasn’t seen any military parades or drills on an actual military base with his father being a veteran and founder of the Invictus Games. lol, I see that as a normal boys day out for father & son.

      More laughs. Archie seeing his inherited grandfather’s armies on horses would mean more than seeing his own father kicking butt riding a horse playing polo. That’s not how little ones think. It’s not disrespect but familiarity.

      ‘loser’ Cword must have forgotten that Archie was at the Jackson Hole 4th of July parade last summer too (I get why some Brits might forget). Horses, veterans, really cool cars, clowns (not the rota type) and other fun things. I have people that live in JH and they and their children, grandchildren have a really good time. It’s disgusting Cword would use Archie and loser in a sentence together. Ingrid, you ignorant ****. Fill in your own choice.

      Yes! The Kentucky Derby. Live racing coverage may not begin until later in the afternoon on NBC. If you have TVG/Fan Duel it starts around 10am EST. So, Savannah Guthrie mentioned she’s covering the Chubbly. My tv will not be turned on to that nonsense-I’ll be getting ready for a Derby Party. Bless her heart. She drew the short straw.

  41. The Old Chick says:

    Jeezus these people are not just racist, but beyond it. C-word, Archie sees horses all the time, I’m sure. I have no words for how awful this pos is and what she’s written. Interesting, she didn’t post it on her twitter page. Avoid the dragging, I guess.

  42. blunt talker says:

    Here in the USA-as a general rule parents usually put the interest of their children first-in the UK the royals put the interest of the institution first-America looks at things in a different way and the Brits look at things another way-I hope Archie has the best birthday celebration ever and the UK have best cornation ever-just stop all the attacks on the Sussexes and let them have their own way of life-the world is watching all this venom coming from the Uk piling on Harry and his family-that makes one wonder about the true evilness of this royal setup-the UK media and the royals themselves is making people the world over wonder about how disgusting the attacks on a family who does live or work for you-things have said on both sides and maybe both sides should pull back and let the other side move on and exhale. God loves and believes in humanity not institutions-putting mankind first is God’s way.

  43. Beverley says:

    What this B is really saying is that it’s a disaster that the British media won’t be able to ridicule Archie, monetize his photos, and call him the N-word. Whatta shame!

    Who do you think you’re fooling? We see you, Camel Toe.

    These people are so incredibly transparent. It’s mind boggling how these white folks don’t see how this looks. Terrible optics, but somehow these people don’t seem to understand how shitty all of this looks on the world stage.

  44. bisynaptic says:

    They’re having ChatGPT write their articles, now.

  45. serena says:

    Can this woman stfu already? Why would they leave their child alone on his birthday just because they have helpers? Just to go and be abused?
    Also the thing about the balcony is so completely and utterly ridiculous, can someone tell them people outside the UK don’t give a single crap about that? Meghan especially, I’m sure.
    Also, Archi and Lili were NOT invited to the Chubbly, so take that to their grandfather.

    “Archie’s father has to fly to England to see Archie’s dogsh-t grandfather wear a hat” I loved this though, lmao.