King Charles’s day of service, the Big Help-Out, is apparently ‘doomed to fail’

One of the most bizarre things about King Charles’s coronation is that no one can make the argument that the Chubbly will stimulate the economy at a local or national level. Businesses are mad that there’s another holiday so close to other bank holidays in the UK and it’s just going to be a lot of lost productivity. Maybe people will be buying little flags and Chubbly memorabilia, but I’ve seen reports that sales are way down for that kind of stuff too. Most notably, the palace and the government haven’t gone on a hiring spree for temporary workers. You would think, this is like Christmas only even more rare, you’ll have to hire hundreds, maybe even thousands of temporary workers. Not so much – overall, King Charles seems to expect “volunteers” to work for free around the Chubbly. Not only that, but the day after the coronation, Charles has declared a day of service, only he’s calling it The Big Help Out. People have never been into it – the serfs do not want to do unpaid labor on their day off, in addition to footing the bill for Charles’s big hat party.

An event at the heart of the king’s coronation festivities is at risk of being a “damp squib” because of a volunteering crisis across Britain, the government has been warned. The Big Help Out is inviting people across the country to mark the occasion by signing up to volunteer in their communities on the one-off bank holiday Monday on 8 May in the hope of inspiring more people to start volunteering amid record shortages.

Volunteering experts warned that the initiative could fail. Richard Harries, associate director at the Institute for Community Studies at the Young Foundation, said: “My fear is that it will be a damp squib and that will further undermine efforts to get people engaged. I obviously hope it’s not going to be.”

Volunteering was in “steady decline”, a trend that without government intervention was likely to continue. “You look at levels of volunteering over the last decade and it’s just been relentlessly downhill,” he added. “It’s hard to put a gloss on it.” Volunteering is at a historic low in England, government research shows. In 2021-22, 34% of respondents to the Community Life Survey volunteered at least once a month, down from 41% the year before and 44% in 2013-14.

Organisations suffering as a result include the Scouts, who have 90,000 young people on their waiting list and are struggling to recruit volunteers, according to the National Council for Voluntary Organisations. The Charity Retail Association, representing charity shops, said its volunteer numbers have dropped from 230,000 to 186,000 since the pandemic.

[From The Guardian]

Britain really kicked out the two people who believe that “everyone can serve, service is universal.” Not only that, the palace briefed the media that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had a lot of gall to claim that peasants could serve, that true service is “a member of the royal family looking grim and horsey at the opening of a grocery store.” And now those people are panicking because no one wants to participate in the king’s big day of service? Oh well! Again, the coronation really could have been an economic stimulator if only Charles and the Tory government didn’t expect everyone to do all of this unpaid labor.

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  1. Chuckles has never known how to read a room and now it looks like he is paying for that. You treat people like shit and they return the favor. Can’t wait to see the protesters that will be their service.

    • LadyO says:

      Yes, except it’s us poor peasants that are paying for his Chubbly fantasy! Was ever a man more tone deaf? He isn’t liked by most of the nation.

  2. Jais says:

    Kaiser’s absolutely right. The RF keep going on about how they’re the only ones who can truly do service. According to them, service is not universal. Only working members of the RF can do true service. And now they can’t convince others to do service in their honor? Gee, I wonder why. What idiots.

  3. Becks1 says:

    The royals don’t know what real service is – Kate thinks its hard work to wrap a present – so I’m not surprised that people are turned off by this. i don’t need a billionaire lecturing me about “service” in this way.

  4. J. Ferber says:

    Is this a covert message to W and K to, please God, just do ONE day of service out of 365 days? For the love of God. He KNOWS they do diddly squat.

  5. C says:

    I can’t really blame people for wanting to take their Bank holiday weekend off. It’s the one good thing for them coming out of this nonsense.

    • JanetDR says:

      Right?! Enoy the day off.
      The messaging is so all over the place it is difficult to take anything seriously. Wouldn’t it make more sense for him to personally donate the cost of the coronation to food banks and other relief organizations?

  6. HeyKay says:

    Charles, honestly.
    It would be so easy for him to get useful things done for people in need, AND raise his popularity.
    We all know how too.
    Jam a crowbar into his personal wealth and start writing checks, hire people, fund food shelves, heating assistance, name anything.

    But No, this idiot spends $100M of taxpayers money for the Bore-A-Nation.

    • JanetDR says:

      Whoops @ HeyKay, I usually read everything first but didn’t this time. Great minds think alike 🤣

  7. ThatsNotOkay says:

    Hmm. Almost as if volunteering is easier when you’re not in a financial crisis yourself. Like rich people who sponge off taxpayers have it easier—the time and the luxury—to demonstrate performative concern.

    Here’s an idea: Charles needs to give back—all his stolen wealth and taxpayer money he’s using to proclaim himself more popular than Jesus.

    • Inky says:

      This was my first thought. People volunteer when they have something to give and right now in the UK, we are all just surviving. Why would we volunteer when we are all running on empty?

  8. Lisa says:

    Reminiscent of David C’s big society. Nobody fell for that one either. In fact, it’s probably to blame for the decrease in volunteers!

  9. EM says:

    It boggles my mind at how badly Charles has messed this up. I sincerely think it’s because he’s so out of touch and in his mind thinking he’s still in the UK of the 50’s. He really blew an opportunity to show that the BRF (and UK) was evolving and able to meet the challenges of the future by integrating Harry/Meghan and other younger royals. By focusing on the diversity of the UK. He, Camilla, William and Kate will never be able to move on from this disaster.

  10. Lili says:

    I think people have woken up to the Con of Royal Sevice. Royal Service= sovereign grant monies. Public Service= Volunteering, Unpaid!

  11. Happyoften says:

    I cannot believe he actually considers himself a standard bearer for volunteerism.

    If you are getting compensated because you perform a service, Chuck, that is a job. Your job pays very well, considering the work you do, but it is your job. You are not a volunteer when you open a grocery store, or give a speech. You are merely being over paid.

    Enjoy your new hat.

  12. HeyKay says:

    Maybe stop letting the Royals do these worthless walk thru PR gigs.
    They show up empty handed and do nothing but polish their egos and images.

    Why can’t anyone get C&C, W&K to understand that they NEED to do more than photo ops?

    Tick Tock Charles. Tick Tock.

  13. Blithe says:

    So, what will the Feeble Four and friends be doing to honor the occasion? As @Happyoften pointed out, Charles gets very well compensated, so I hope that he and Camilla along with Will and Kate perform some services that are genuinely useful — and over and above the sorts of things that they typically do.

  14. HeyKay says:

    I know I’ve brought this up before BUT, can’t actual ruling Gov’t refuse to use taxpayers money for the Coronation?
    Pass a hardship law or something.

  15. Blue Nails Betty says:

    Imagine asking people working 2-3 jobs to survive the severe economic crisis to take off and *checks notes* work for free on a party for a *checks notes again* billionaire.

  16. equality says:

    The poor need the help themselves or the rest from labor. The rich/aristos aren’t participating because they are sulking over no invite to the con. Oh, well. Good info to have when some tool on SM tries to claim Meg’s 40×40 didn’t go well.

  17. BeanieBean says:

    I thought Katie Keen was supposed to be a big Scout supporter, having spent a day or two in the woods with Scouts at some point over the last ten-plus years of duchessing. Huh. Too bad she can’t think of a way to, you know, help drum up support. Even better, really volunteer for the Scouts, regularly, weekly, month after month. Ah, who am I kidding.