Sydney Sweeney took off her engagement ring, but had a ‘date night’ with her fiance

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As we’ve covered in recent weeks, it definitely feels like Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell began an affair in Australia while they worked on a romantic comedy. They spent tons of time together on and off the set, and clearly, Glen’s relationship with Gigi Paris suffered significantly. Gigi and Glen broke up about a month ago. But last week, “sources” swore up and down to TMZ that Sydney is still engaged to Jonathan Davino. Sydney was seen out several times in recent days – she appeared at a cosmetics event and… she was pap’d without her engagement ring, looking like she just washed that man out of her hair.

Sydney Sweeney has been pictured without her engagement ring from fiance Jonathan Davino as speculation surrounding her relationship with co-star Glen Powell continues. In photos obtained exclusively by, Sydney was spotted at her home in Los Angeles on Thursday with her bare ring finger visible.

An eyewitness informed that Sydney, 25, returned home in a chauffeured limo and only spent five minutes at the house. Her luggage was allegedly already inside the vehicle.
She returned to the limo by herself before heading off to LAX. Her fiance remained inside the home and did not greet her or walk her to the car, the eyewitness told DailyMail.

Jonathan was seen out later that day as well, chatting on his phone. He raised eyebrows on Tuesday when he was seen leaving the home with numerous belongings, including Sydney’s dog Tank and a dog bed.

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Curious, right? It’s Sydney’s house – she bought it last year, and I guess Jonathan moved in? But now it definitely appears that they’re living separately? To add to the mystery, paparazzi got photos of Sydney and Jonathan on Friday, and she was wearing her engagement ring:

Sydney Sweeney and her fiancé Jonathan Davino were seen enjoying a date night on Friday amid rumors they had split, following rumors she and Glen Powell took their chemistry offscreen while filming their upcoming rom-com.

Despite stepping out without her four-carat engagement ring, worth an estimated $150,000, the past few days, or even on her latest sighting, the Euphoria star, 25, and husband-to-be, 38 looked happy in love as they sweetly strolled down the street together after she attended an Armani Beauty event in New York City.

The pair, who have not commented on the unsubstantiated affair rumors between her and Powell, 34, exchanged adoring glances each other’s directions.

[From The Daily Mail]

Personally, I think Sydney is getting bad PR advice? The way she’s playing this is just confusing, with the disappearing ring and the very public pap stroll “date night” and the appearance that Jonathan has moved out. Granted, she doesn’t owe us an explanation, but her career would truly not suffer if she dumped Davino (a guy her fans already disliked) and just started dating Glen officially.

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25 Responses to “Sydney Sweeney took off her engagement ring, but had a ‘date night’ with her fiance”

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  1. Smart&Messy says:

    Maybe it’s not her playing a stupid PR game, more like trying to get rid of a clingy live-in boyfriend.

    Ok, this was fun at first, but I’m bored now.

    • SamuelWhiskers says:

      I hate that I know this, but she’s never worn her engagement ring basically ever. She wore it to announce the engagement but she’s never worn it in her daily life.

      And it’s actually her fiancé’s movie, which puts a whole new dynamic on potential cheating/potential PR.

      • Sandra says:

        oooh if her fiancée had anything to do with the movie (and needs it to be a success) then I absolutely think it’s PR,

        If he was seen walking out of the house with belongings it’s because he wanted to be seen.

        He is old enough to play the game and she is a good enough actress to sell it hard.

        If it is just PR there’s a chance that Gigi still split because she didn’t want to look like the “stay with him through an affair” type

      • M says:

        He is only “a producer” because she gave him a job. Shades of JLo’s back-up dancer turned choreographer….

      • Normades says:

        Pffff it’s not “his movie”. It’s the director of Easy A. He just has a vanity production title because she’s in it.

  2. Shirurusu says:

    Her fiancé has got to have a great personality or something because neeeeeeeeee

    Not everything is about looks but he looks damn unhealthy

    • Mika says:

      So her boyfriend is 38 and…. that?

      Yeah. Suddenly I’m ok with this on-set romance.

      • Orangeowl says:

        Lol, same. I didn’t think her co-star was very attractive but now I actually see his appeal from her perspective.

    • hangonamin says:

      this is what a lot of 38 yo men who don’t get botox and don’t spend hours in the gym look like. if anything he just hasn’t had the hollywood men diet/package. if sydney dumps him…i bet he’s gonna look a lot different in 6 months.

      • Shirurusu says:

        I don’t know, I know some pretty hot forty and fifty year old men in my industry (not entertainment), but it’s true they do usually work out 😉

        This is just such an unfortunate orange person

  3. Pointillist says:

    Apple Sweeney Sydney Martin

  4. Jais says:

    Maybe Glen doesn’t want to date and was just having fun. But you’d think he’d be down to at least for film publicity.

  5. Seems she might have a commitment issue. To be engaged to not be engaged. She is young but hopefully with time better choices will be made.

  6. cer says:

    Never mind the personal drama, WTF is she wearing at the Armani event?

  7. Noki says:

    She is a new starlet, she needs to be careful, they are less forgiving with females who get involved with messy entanglements just ask Sienna Miller.

    • Lucy says:

      I think that was different. Sienna was messing around with married men who had kids with more famous/powerful ladies. No one here is married, and the only remaining partner is a way too old for her fiancé with creepy vibes. It’ll only turn into Sienna territory if she does like Kristen Stewart and gets caught with her married director.

  8. Lens says:

    Oh no not ring-gate! I think she’s playing with daily mail myself. This is the most attention she had ever gotten.

  9. Paige Liberato says:

    I was also engaged/not engaged/engaged to an older man at her age. Messy is fine, but I hope everything is okay behind the scenes with her.

    She seems very transparent about her life in many ways (her finances and her family), so she’ll discuss if and when she’s ready to share it publicly.

    • Cherry says:

      Yeah, she’s so young and with her star on the rise, I just don’t see her married right now. But whatever happens let’s hope no one is hurting.

  10. Kirsten says:

    If the photos weren’t captioned, I’d have absolutely no idea that the guy in the last two photos was the same person.

  11. tealily says:

    I feel like the not wearing the ring thing would have a little more impact if she wasn’t WITH him in public at the time of the sighting. She works on cars and stuff. She seems like perhaps she is just the type who doesn’t really wear rings.

    Don’t get me wrong, though, I think they’re absolutely going to break up. I just don’t think that the ring is a good indicator of that.

  12. H says:

    Wait, he’s 38 and she’s 25? they are never getting married lol

  13. jferber says:

    She’s got a bad case of resting bitch face.

  14. ADFan says:

    A couple things. As already stated, Sydney almost *never* wears her engagement ring going out so the fact she wasn’t wearing it here is not news. However, to the person who said the first time she wore it was to announce her engagement, she herself never actually announced it.

  15. Normades says:

    Around Glen she was glowing. With her fiancé she looks miserable and dead eyed. She really needs to dump this guy or get a really good prenup.