Lily James wore Tamara Ralph at the Met Gala: would be OK without the bangs?

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Lily James went to the Met Gala with celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury. I own approximately one item from her collection, Flawless Filter, which is awesome but was pricey at over $40. Lily wore a leather dress by Tamara Ralph which would have been OK without her bad styling. Why are blunt bangs a thing? They’re definitely clip ins as I watched James’ getting ready video with her hair and makeup application. I’m not as much of a bangs hater as Kaiser, although she’s definitely influenced me, but those bangs are just really bad. If we’re supposed to notice James’ makeup she should have a different hairstyle!

Something nice – I like the high skinny belt and the long train on this gown.

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Ariana DeBose was in Altuzarra and this is pretty bad. The skirt is OK but the jacket just looks thrown together. It’s supposed to be “utilitarian” from what I remember of the fashion discussion on E! and in my five minutes of googling I found some vague articles about how Lagerfeld inspired utilitarianism, without a lot of examples of his utilitarian fashion. So I don’t know, it just doesn’t look either interesting or on theme to me.

On the other hand, both Mary J. Blige and Jodie Comer slayed in Burberry.

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9 Responses to “Lily James wore Tamara Ralph at the Met Gala: would be OK without the bangs?”

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  1. girl_ninja says:

    I liked Lily James and her struggle bangs. They went well with her gown and she was serving. Ariana DeBose did not do the thing. And I did not Like Mary J’s outfit at all nor did I like Jodie Comer. Both women’s hair and makeup were lovely.

  2. Grant says:

    I kind of love Lily James’s look. The only note I have is with the necklace — it doesn’t seem to go with the rest of the black leather look she’s sporting. I also usually hate blunt bangs (Courteney Cox in Scream 3 … /shiver) but I think it works here.

    I think the rest of the looks are pretty bad/boring. Ariana looks kind of messy. Jodie’s is boring. LOVE Mary J’s look though. That slit is everything.

  3. AnneL says:

    Lily James needs to stop with the “sexy face.” The half closed eyes, the head tilt, the open mouth. She does it every time and I am so over it.

    That said, I kind of like what she is doing here. It’s channeling Audrey Hepburn and it fits with the Chanel theme. She changes up her hair color and style and has fun with it, which I like. I love the silhouette of her dress but is it made of pleather?!

    Jodie Comer’s dress is a gorgeous color and material. I think it’s a bit too bulky or something, though, so it messes with the lines. It should look sleeker.

    • Jais says:

      Agree about the face. Lily James is really cute and when I see her talking and in motion, she is lovey. But I cannot stand her sexy pose face. Like i loathe it, regardless of whether she has bangs or not. That expression does not suit every person’s face.

      • ama1977 says:

        Her face looks really…hard (?) to me in these pics. I thought it when I saw her last night and I think it again now. Her makeup is awful, it is not doing nice things for her. The dress, OTOH, is gorgeous and looks great.

    • Mtl.ex.Pat says:

      Agree with the Lily James so called “sexy face” comment. I said to someone that she’s copying Keira Knightley who is often photographed with her mouth hanging open. Not a good look for either….

  4. Jensies says:

    I really liked Ariana’s look! It was bright, different than anyone else’s, and well made. She looked beautiful and comfortable in it, and the color would not suit everyone but worked on her.

    Lily James underwhelms me every time.

    Mary J looked amazing, like she felt fierce, and the colors were great on her.

    Jodie’s was pretty. Didn’t realize it was all feathers until the close up. Nice homage to Karl’s bouclé obsession.

    Overall tho, I felt the outfits were kinda meh. It’s a really boring theme.

  5. HeyKay says:

    Lily James, is that gown leathe/pleather? Must be hot to wear, it gives me a black Hefty garbage gab look.
    Dragging all these long trains…I hate these gowns with the huge trains and fabric so carefully set down and managed

    You wear the fashion. Not the fashion becomes a chore for you to wear.

    $50K a ticket? This is all a PR/attention show.
    Starting to get close to the Coronation feeling of “Let them eat cake”

  6. sparrow says:

    Ahh, the curse of Charlotte Tilbury. I hate her makeup styling – it’s so sheeny and highlighted, and greasy looking, with aggressive “follow the hollow” contouring. I know Kate Moss et al love her, but I see so many girls out and about who’ve obviously followed Tilbury’s tutorials and, in the broad light of day, all this layering and contouring looks awful. I can’t wait for understated to come back, and for dewy to look just so and not slathered on. Essentially, Lily’s makeup has completely taken over. She is a pretty woman, let down.