The weather for Saturday’s coronation will apparently be pretty rainy & bleak

What’s crazy is how many *events* British people schedule outdoors, knowing that their island is constantly raining. I always think of that as I’m watching Wimbledon – while the June-July tournament has nice weather most days, there are inevitably rain-delays and washouts. Same with the grass-court tennis tournaments ahead of Wimbledon – Eastbourne and Birmingham are constantly being rain-delayed and rained out. And all of that is happening when it’s officially summer. Spring is generally “wetter” in North America and the UK. All of which to say, it looks like anyone planning on being outside on May 6th should prepare for a lot of rain. What’s that? King Charles expects his subjects to line the streets for a glimpse of a new gold carriage taking him to his £250 million coronation? As Queen Elizabeth II said, après moi, le déluge.

King Charles isn’t the only who will reign over us this Saturday, as new weather forecasts show most of the country will see showers and even thunderstorms throughout the weekend.

The coronation is to take place this Saturday on May 8, and as the day approaches, the British public are beginning to pull their own celebration plans together from street parties, lunches and even finding volunteering opportunities as they plan to take part in the bank holidays ‘Big Help Out’ scheme.

However, the weather could put a dampener on the King’s Coronation for some this Saturday, as new forecasts have predicted widespread rain with a chance of thunderstorms. People still planning to take their celebrations outdoors should ensure they leave prepared with an umbrella and mac, and remain cautious about the potential development of thunderstorms. Those in London, the Southeast and the Midlands are most likely to see the storms.

Based on current predictions, the best Brits can hope for is some “brighter spells” on the Saturday, with reasonably warm temperatures.

Most of England and Wales can expect to see the arrival of rainstorms at 11am on Saturday – the very time the coronation ceremony is scheduled to start. By 3pm, forecasts show London in particular will be heavily hit by the predicted thunderstorms, which unfortunately looks like it could coincide with the King’s post-coronation procession, where many are expected to line the route of his return journey and hopefully catch a glimpse of the newly crowned pair.

[From LBC]

While I couldn’t care less about the Chaos Coronation, I do worry that the weather will be bad enough that Prince Harry’s flight back to California might be delayed. Best not to go, Harry! As for the likely visual of sparse crowds under a grim, bleak sky… well… lmao. I don’t know what to say! I’m too busy chuckling to myself. It really is perfect. All of that careful planning, months and months of palace briefings and decades of yearning for his special day, and Charles is going to look like a rain-soaked toad in a crown. *chef’s kiss*

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  1. Beverley says:

    Hahahahahahaha! May the skies open up and drench the land. I hope it thunders and pours! I hope everyone outside on the parade route is soaked to the bone. Have a good Clowning, King Sidepiece.


    • acha says:

      Archbishop: And I hearby declare unto this great country of Britain that your God-given King is—
      *Lightning suddenly strikes the Stone of Scone, splitting it in half*
      Archbishop: Uh. The God-given King is—
      *The sky opens up in a deluge*
      Archbishop: OK, OK, I get the hint!

    • Dawning says:

      Nice! Thanks to Mother Nature for literally raining on Chuck’s parade.
      I will watch Harry and Meghan on Netflix and listen to Archetypes on Spotify. No clown show for me.

      • Sam says:

        And I will lie on the beach and enjoy my holiday in Spain with sunny weather and what feels like 30 degrees!
        I’ve heard a lot of British speakers here. They are probably all fleeing from the clownation! 😂😂

    • swaz says:

      This is the best post 😍 every comment is funny 🤣🤣🤣

    • Honey says:

      I understand your sentiment and snark and the joke of a rain-out, cuz it is kinda funny for C &C. I’m hoping weather stays good for all the working people who are selling things, serving/cooking at restaurants, bartending, etc. And for the paid thousands who are setting up/tearing down events and need the money. Whatever we think of the RF and the coronation, many Brits are strapped for cash and need the pounds the coronation brings.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Ahahahaha! Ahha! You guys 😂😂😂! *Slaps thighs, wipes eyes*

    • Well Wisher says:

      It will be the perfect excuse for the general population’s disinterest in the proceedings…

    • Princessk says:

      Well I plan to be on the Mall and I hope I don’t get soaked.
      Some of you may remember that I went to Windsor for the Sussexes wedding and I represented Celebitches with a ‘Flying Elvi’
      This time I shall be wearing something that shows my support for H&M.
      If any of you see me please say hi.

  2. Jensa says:

    This whole fiasco is going to be such a wash-out.

    • Carmen says:

      Literally and figuratively.

    • Cara says:

      Why wouldn’t they have consulted with a meteorologist or two before scheduling this shindig?? Kind of confirms stealing Archie’s birthday was deliberate because the date was a very poor choice where the actual weather is concerned. Either that or they are beyond stupid. I mean, the date in the article isn’t even correct. C day is May 6 not May 8.

  3. SarahCS says:


    I don’t believe in any higher power but I do think karma is a thing. I love this.

    • Jenna says:

      Well, I believe in God (and karma ) and the first thing I said to myself was “God is punishing him for trying to steal his grandson’s birthday.”

      And then I laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

      He’s a horse’s ass.

  4. aquarius64 says:

    The planned airport strike can mess up travel. Best not go Harry.

    • Snuffles says:

      There’s a strike happening too!?

      • MrsFonzieFace says:

        After 13 years of Tory rule, I now can’t think of a profession that isn’t striking now or in the near future. It’s bleak here, in oh so many ways…

      • sparrow says:

        Everything’s striking over here. As MrsFonzieFace says. The NHS is on its knees. It’s tragic.

    • Jan90067 says:

      Kinda hoping Harry f***s them ALL over by flying into France a day or two before (on a private jet) with his OWN security, and takes a train/car into London on the down low. Then repeat in reverse to leave, thereby NO ONE will know where he is at a given time. In and out, bypassing any strike at Heathrow, and any foul weather that could ground a flight in London and surrounding areas.

  5. Linda says:

    I am not a religious person.. but for the last week, every night without fail, I’ve prayed for rain.

  6. Mimi says:

    That is what he gets for picking May 6th!!

    • Normades says:

      Right? out of all the days of the year he had to pick Archie’s birthday. It’s Mother Nature’s karma.

    • Nx2 says:

      He really shouldn’t have picked Archie’s birthday, but also astrologers are saying it’s a terrible weekend for a coronation thanks to Charles’ natal chart vs. the planets this weekend. Ha!

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        May 6 is also the feast day of the Greek goddess Artemis, whose Roman counterpart was… Diana.

        And Diana is a moon goddess, and there’s a lunar eclipse at moonrise on May 6. :insert giggling gif:

        Yeah, Chucky & Bride of Chucky/Cruella de Ville are about to go through some things… that they brought on themselves… all of which is entirely deserved…

        Guess they should have had Edward Young scout out a proper Court Astrologer. Pee Emm doesn’t seem to be up to the job…

  7. Bubblegum Dreams says:

    I repeat my wish I made a few weeks ago. May it rain constantly, with thunderstorms all day. F you Chuckles and Cowmilla. May you reign in interesting times
    Just hope the poor horses pulling that dumb carriage don’t slip on the slippery streets and get injured.

  8. Rapunzel says:

    I mean…Mother nature gotta upchuck for the Upchuckathon. Right?

  9. C-Shell says:

    LOL. Yeah, karma has been doing her thing in the open for a while now. Cute tweet I saw this morning, highlighting this weather forecast, has Diana, wreathed in smiles, waving cheerily.

    I hope this doesn’t hold Harry on Isle de Saltines so long he can’t get back for HRH Prince Archie’s birthday!!!

  10. Krista says:

    I love that first picture of Camilla with the umbrella obscuring her face. Best she’s ever looked!

    • sparrow says:

      That is hilarious. You made me go back and look again. Thanks, Krista. You get Meghan and Harry under their umbrella….and then there’s this!

  11. The Old Chick says:

    He pos. N.’m shocked at how lame he is.

  12. equality says:

    The only thing I hate about it is that it will give them an excuse if there aren’t loads of people lining the route. I wonder if they prepare for that and pay some spectators to stand in the rain. I hope the protesters still show out in full force though. I guess it’s too much to hope for a lightning strike right when C&C are being crowned.

    • UnstrungPearl says:

      The die hard royalists will still go and so will the protesters. Its the casual fans/tourists who will stay away, either watching on TV or hopefully find something better to do!

    • Barbara says:

      I honestly could swear this morning I saw a tweet of a paper headline saying Parliament rushed through a law ahead of the coronation prohibiting protests.

      • equality says:

        According to the Guardian article I found on-line the new law will have prison terms for anyone who blocks roads and who locks himself onto a building, etc. The scary part is that “Police will also be able to stop and search protesters they suspect are setting out to cause “disruption””. So up to the individual’s interpretation that someone is being disruptive?

      • Jojo says:

        Hope it rains all the night before and all through the day too.

        Also, you did see a report on rushed through legislation @Barbara. It wasn’t supposed to go through until June so it’s fairly clear they are targeting potential coronation protests. I’m so 😡 about it. I just don’t understand what the hell is happening here in the UK anymore. Here’s the details about it all below. Imo they’re trying to scare ordinary people away from peaceful protesting. It’s appalling. I read the info below in the Guardian yesterday about it.

        Official warning letters have been sent to anti-monarchists planning peaceful protests at King Charles III’s coronation saying that new criminal offences to prevent disruption have been rushed into law. Using tactics described by lawyers as “intimidatory”, the Home Office’s Police Powers Unit wrote to the campaign group Republic saying new powers had been brought forward to prevent “disruption at major sporting and cultural events”.
        The new law, given royal assent by Charles on Tuesday, means that from Wednesday: Protesters who block roads, airports and railways could face 12 months behind bars.

        Anyone locking on to others, objects or buildings could go to prison for six months and face an unlimited fine.
        Police will be able to head off disruption by stopping and searching protesters if they suspect they are setting out to cause chaos.
        “I would be grateful if you could publicise and forward this letter to your members who are likely to be affected by these legislative changes,” says the Home Office letter, which lists the creation of a number of new criminal offences under the government’s much criticised public order bill.

      • Bee says:

        That’s correct. And it’s not just about people locking themselves to buildings. Even people just linking arms could count. It’s draconian.

  13. Sugarhere says:

    Isn’t it ironic? Even the clouds will taking a leak on that congregation of dunces.

    Chuck should have left May 6 for Prince Archie to enjoy a nice indoor birthday at Frogmore.

    • PunkPrincessPhD says:

      “It’s like raaaaaaaa-ee-aaaain on your wedding day … It’s the free riiiiiide when you’ve already paid … It’s the good adviiiiiice that ya just didn’t take.And who would’ve thought, it figures.” 😁

      • Flowerlake says:


      • Jenna says:

        Alanis is perfect for this situation.

        I didn’t want to post the first 2 lines of the song for fear of karma, but the are just so….

        “An old man turned ninety-eight
        He won the lottery and died the next day”

        Isn’t it Ironic?

  14. UnstrungPearl says:

    Diana smiling down…and sending thunderbolts hahaha

    • Sid says:


      One of the many, many things I hope results from what the ratchet royal family did to the Sussexes is a rethinking of the media campaign the ratchets waged against Diana in the years after her death to try and destroy her image. No she was not a saint, no one is, but folks should reconsider a lot of the so-called truths put out about her in order to try and rehab the images of the trash buckets that currently call themselves the king and queen of the UK.

      • Tessa says:

        Diana was only 19 to Charles 32 when they got engaged.. He cynically used her to get his heirs .like with harry and Meghan there are some out and out fake news and gaslighting comments about Diana to this day. Penny was even deployed recently to write an article criticizing diana.

    • mellie says:

      Yes! Have you seen the meme’s out there with Diana smiling and waving that say “open the floodgates”? Those are cracking me up today!

      • UnstrungPearl says:

        Yes I was just looking at twitter! It’s too funny. She will not be erased!

      • Jenna says:

        And then she clears the skies to let Harry’s plane through and then closes them up behind him.

    • Becks1 says:

      YES. She will have her vengeance.

  15. Tessa says:

    Maybe Chuck will have a temper tantrum over the rain and his attendants protect Charles robes from getting wet

  16. Jan says:

    The cancellation of celebrations for the ConANation are not because of rain, but the lack of people willing to pay, there are doing refunds to the few that paid, pretty embarrassing.
    They rush through a Bill to stop people from protesting, with the rain, the Bill is a waste of strong arming the public.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      WTH? What were they asking people to pay for??! Are you freakin’ kidding me?

      And a bill to keep people from protesting?! It’s started, everyone. Totalitarian Britain.

      • Jan says:

        Some Town hall planned events.
        Even were Chucky’s house Highgrove?? is, no events are planned.
        They had a person that sells Monarchy stuff, saying they can’t get the ConAnation sold, the Jubbly was better for business.

    • Lady D says:

      The ‘stop people protesting law’ isn’t for the environmentalists that are blocking highways every where, but to protect Charlie’s little parade?

  17. Amy Bee says:

    LOL. I always thought it was weird that the coronation wasn’t done in the same week as Trooping. But Charles knew what he was doing when he agreed to put the coronation on May 6.

  18. Lala11_7 says:

    I remember being worried about the weather for Harry & Meghan’s wedding (which was ALSO on my Mama’s Birthday 🎂 ❤️)…because I know the GOOD GOOD weather dosen’t set in over there until June…& when I saw how BRIGHT & GLORIOUS it was…I took that as a GOOD OMEN…

    I see me & Mother Nature are simpatico when it comes to the Royal Family😆

    • SamuelWhiskers says:

      It depends. April and May can be early heatwave and be beautifully hot and sunny here, or it can be cold and rainy. But then June and July can equally be either hot or cold and rainy. The UK just has extremely variable and unpredictable weather all year round, it’s not really accurate to say it doesn’t start to get nice here till June. Plenty of years we’ve had hot sunny Aprils and rainy chilly Junes.

    • Becks1 says:

      It was SO gorgeous over there but I remember waking up here (on the East Coast) and it was pouring, just a complete rainout of a day…..well it gave me an excuse to do nothing but watch wedding coverage, LOL.

    • SarahCS says:

      May is so variable here, today is hot and sunny (like, I need to get my sandals out as my feet are uncomfortable in trainers) and tomorrow we have pouring rain back again.

  19. Sugarhere says:

    ⛈️ ☔ means the soils will be slippery? And Camilla 🤫 …
    No, I don’t want to build false hopes here.

  20. VonBarron says:

    In 2007 I went to a Harry Potter movie premiere to watch the stars arrive in London and it was raining and everyone still came out. Very London etc etc.

    But I am a superstitious person, and although this can be twisted to all kinds of positive omens by the press, I hope it’s an absolute deluge, where all pictures are obscured by black umbrellas and tents posted up for the arriving guests.

    And I still want Harry to arrive on Air Force 2 will Dr. Biden. They would use military bases and a strike wouldn’t affect them.
    I would also LOVE for other euro royals to be no shows bc of weather or transportation issues.

    • Hummingbird says:

      OMG not everyone is looking forward to the clown show. Just watched the scenes at Celtic Park in Glasgow last Saturday where the crowd were singing at the top of their lungs, ” You can stick your coronation up your a**e.”
      You can trust the Scots to tell it how it is.

    • Truthiness says:

      Given the slugfest going on between Harry and the Brit media, I’m quite irrationally hoping Dr. Jill and the Secret Service could help keep an eye on Harry’s safety. Strange car accidents just happen out of the blue you know.

  21. LADY DIGBY says:

    Anybody know why Chuckles choose the month of May instead of June or July? UK is famously tricky weather wise so it is probably a moot question. I can remember the Pope dying in 2005 delaying KC’s remarriage so Diana arranging hailstones and a shower of toads on 6 May is quite possible! Apart from the loonies and disgruntled peers no one cares about the CC hat ceremony, we in Liverpool are a lot more excited about Eurovision!

  22. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Think I’ll play Cult’s Here Comes the Rain on Corny Day. 😀

  23. Eurydice says:

    If people didn’t go out when it was raining, they’d never go out at all. It’s the weather; you just accept it. But…is lightning attracted to gold?

    • sparrow says:

      Exactly! And there’s rain, then there’s rain. Will it be the normal stuff, which is like water off a duck’s back, or full on cats and dogs.

  24. Maeve says:

    It absolutely bucketed down for QE2’s coronation – they had to put the roofs up on all the carriages much to the disappointment of the crowds. The exception was Queen Salote of Tonga – apparently in Tonga rain on a big occasion is an auspicious sign, so she had the roof down and got HUGE cheers the whole way round the

  25. Elle says:

    Can I ask for my fellow commenters to send all of the rain to England, so that we have better than anticipated great Kentucky Derby day weather? It’s looking okay now (high of 70 with 50% chance of rain). While I want to be comfortable, what I REALLY want is safe running conditions for the horses and jockeys! Because they will be out there whether there is a blizzard or perfect conditions.

  26. PunkPrincessPhD says:

    And as we all remember from our first Shakespeare unit in jr high English, this is an example of “pathetic fallacy”. For fun, consider how extreme rainstorms are used at several points in Macbeth to mirror the political and emotional havoc set in motion by Macbeth’s actions.

  27. Fifee says:

    Well that’s unfortunate isn’t it! Too bad it’s inside unlike his investiture which was in the open.

  28. Iz says:

    Oohh boy! Not to mention that the astro weather is even worse: the clowning takes place on top of a very intense & cathartic Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse.. Very interesting timing, given Harry’s revelations on the heels of the New Moon Eclipse in April. I have my popcorn ready 😁

  29. AnneL says:

    Yeah, planning it for May 5 was risky. I’m in Long Island right now and it’s quite chilly (in the 50s) and has rained two out of the last four days. I’d say the weather here is comparable to London, probably a little sunnier and warmer on average, and you never know what you’ll get here in May (and to some degree June) either.

    I’m not sure what they were thinking.

  30. sparrow says:

    We’re all delighted for this, because it’s a bank holiday! That’s all that matters, come rain or shine. There are of course the idiots who are already sleeping out on the pavements, waiting it out for the coronation. But I have asked all our friends and family and they are 1) not watching it and 2) not saying one word of allegiance. Apparently, 84 % of Brits aren’t going to say anything. I read one of Charles’ staff tried to talk him down from all this opulence, advising that it didn’t align with the current economic state of affairs in this country, but here we are.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      sparrow, 84%? Very interesting. I’ve been thinking of Harry having to do this, and if I were him I would stop after King and not say the heirs thing and pick up after that. Why would he swear allegiance to himself? That would be the honorable thing to do for his Command in Chief, but let’s him off the hook for Fails, etc.

      KFC is shooting himself in the foot and it appears that he doesn’t care as long as he gets what he wants.

      I hope it POURS on Saturday.

  31. Chantal says:

    Well at least it’s not tornado season like it is here in the Midwest and southern US.
    Thunderstorms during the ClownFest would just be great karma and similar to most people’s objection to this extravagant farce – but louder and wetter. Hope everyone remains safe during the thunderstorms…

    C-Rex and wifey had better hope they don’t get struck by lightning while they are being anointed with holy oil…Maybe the weather will prevent Harry from flying over to attend this nonsense. I’ll bet the BM will start wailing that Meghan prayed to God for inclement weather to keep hostage Harry home and ruin the head of the Church of England’s special day. Hope it’s nice and sunny in Cali for Prince Archie’s birthday!

  32. Serenity says:

    Yep. Rain on KFC & co, bright and sunny for Archie’s birthday. 😈Karma, by way of Diana and all of us. Yeah I’m sending all this out into the universe, with lots of ❤️ for the Sussexes. 🥰

  33. Tamara says:

    I enjoy your posts and podcast. I’ve been following you for a couple of months now and finally decided to post. I’ve mentioned on a couple for groups that I am in that I don’t think that Meghan and the family are staying in California. Remember neither Prince Harry nor Meghan confirmed that she will remain in California during the con-a-nation. The palace spoke did. Prince Harry is/was supposed to be in court on the 9th and it’s supposed to take couple of weeks. Based on their relationship and the love of their family unit, I don’t think either of them would risk him flying back and forth from the US to Salty Island within that short time frame. As a loving, supportive wife, she would want to be close to him under the circumstances of Archie’s birthday, con-a-nation, and trial. I believe they are staying somewhere close so that Harry doesn’t miss much of his son’s birthday and can enjoy it. They have shown that they can come and go as they please. That has angered the palace which is why they want to know his travel arrangements. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were already there relaxing with their family. Harry will pop in and pop out but they’re right under his family’s nose. They’ll spend time with the ones they love. They may stay at least a day or two for the trial to support Harry.

    • Serenity says:

      Welcome, @Tamara! I’ve been reading this site for so many years…back when Kaiser was a poster like us lol. It’s a great little community here, and it’s the first site I read every day. I don’t post often but I read all the comments. 😃 Hope you find it a safe, comfy space here.🙃

      And I find your comment very interesting…I bet you’re right about Meg coming with the children. She knows it’ll be a difficult time for Harry and I know she’ll want to be there for him. And all the whole time, the BM is so delighted that Meg is staying in CA, but they’re gonna have *kittens* when she’s spotted in London!!

    • Harper says:

      @Tamara welcome! I saw a post on Twitter that said there were rumors that H&M and the kids were supposedly already at Elton John’s place in France and Harry would come and go from there. Now, it’s all rumor, but gosh, that would make for a fun birthday for Archie with Uncle Elton and his family, and much less hassle for Harry.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Tarama, welcome! There’s been nothing (that I recall) about Harry having to be at the Trial on the 9th. I suspect the trial will last weeks, so he’ll be there at some point, but only his Attorneys know when (and Harry). I just think Harry will fly in and out and that will be that. He was able to do that in the other lawsuit and they evidently still don’t know how he did it.

      We’ll probably never know one way or the other. Harry is extremely good at strategy.

  34. Linda says:

    Actually it was Louis the XV who first said Après moi le déluge, and look how that turned out in France!

  35. Mary Pester says:

    The government and the Royal family are in each others pockets. They have rushed through legislation to stop protests AND STRIKES, christ we are becoming more and more like north Korea every day. I hope the “not my” king protests go ahead, just put the slogan on yellow t shirts and stand at the front, better yet unfurl any banners as the “cash for gold” carriage goes past. But Charlie you must know how much people are not looking forward to your clowning, there are over 790,000,000 streets in the UK, but only 3000 are having a party 😂😂😜😂, yep Diana will be looking down whilst sat on her throne guess that’s where the “rain” will come from. Enjoy your day that will be wet, just like you

    • sparrow says:

      Good point about the street parties, Mary. No one I know gives a ***k about this charade, and no one is talking about celebrating in any way shape or form. It’s a total waste of money, right now when the public purse is drained. Apparently, some courtiers advised Charles not to do this, exactly because the country is limping along financially, but he insisted. Charles really doesn’t realise how much of a non entity he is.

      • Mary Pester says:

        @SPARROW, I’M back in hospital at the moment and I wish I could have recorded some of the comments in here, I was in the lift going down for a scan and the porter asked the old lady in the lift if she was looking forward to the clowning, and I nearly lost it when she said WTF would I want to watch that idiot for 🤭plus, several of the nurses I have spoken to have said they have vountered to work over the weekend, just to get away from it 😂😂

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Mary, I hope you won’t have to stay in the hospital long and that whatever happened to put you there is easily treated.

        The comments you’ve heard in the hospital are hilarious. I wonder what percentage of the population agrees with them? This Clowning could actually be amusing if KFC throws his party and hardly anyone shows up.

      • Bee says:

        I’m so sorry to hear you’re back in hospital, dear Mary P. You know we’re all rooting for you!!!

    • sparrow says:

      Mary. I’m so sorry you’re back in hospital but that comment about the old lady in the lift really made me smile. No one but NO ONE is interested in this fiasco. I send you all best wishes x

      • Mary Pester says:

        @saucy&sassy, sparrow and Bee, thank you all for thinking of me. I have a very nasty chest infection and my oxygen levels got very low (79), and the cancer (who by the way I have called Colin 😂) means my immune system is buggered so they said I had no choice but to be admitted, and I BLOOMIN HATE IT. Don’t get me wrong the staff are lovely, and we have a good chuckle (when I’m not coughing). Today I pretended to be Tom cruise at the clowning, my oxygen mask was brilliant for it. Yes, I know I’m nuts but life is to short not to be a bit nuts at times.

    • Cassie says:

      Mary Pester ,I bet all the hospital staff love your humour.

      Take care❤

  36. HeyKay says:

    I’d say the entire Coronation is looking Bleak!

  37. CC says:

    Charlie boy might get more viewers if networks started marketing it as the Schadenfreud-o-nation.

  38. Steph says:

    @kaiser will you be covering the coronation on Saturday or sticking to the regular Sunday schedule?

  39. Bubblegum Dreams says:

    Why does Chuckles always look like an overstuffed laundry basket. The best tailors in the world at his disposal and he looks like that.

  40. J. Ferber says:

    He deserves just that.

  41. BeanieBean says:

    Gadzooks. ‘This Saturday’ in each of the first four paragraphs. The crappy writing these people churn out is staggering.

  42. Normades says:

    So I live on the other side of the channel and took a look at London weather with a local site. Today was actually lovely but it’s supposedly the last nice day of the week. Not only have they announced rain but Saturday will also be the coldest. Lol.

  43. Lucky Charm says:

    Oh Kaiser, you’re funny! I live in the rainy Pacific North West, where we have scheduled outdoor events all the time in the spring and summer. If we waited for the rain to stop we’d never do anything outside lol.

    But yes, I hope it pours and everyone stays home and indoors all weekend, and he and his royal procession are the only ones there to celebrate. The rain of King Charles III instead of the reign lol.

    (To those who also live in PNW….yes, I know it doesn’t rain ALL the time here, and we actually have beautiful springs & summers, but I don’t want to let everyone else know that or they’d all want to move here!)

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      LuckyCharm, I’m in the Pacific NW, too. Our weather is being hit and miss with rain or getting a bit of sun. If I really wanted to see something and there was a LOT of rain, I’d probably go. I would never go to something like this–it would have to be something fun.

      (I’ll keep the secret.)

    • MonicaQ says:

      Too late, I’m already moving there. One visit and I was hooked. And eager to get away from Florida after 30+ years!

  44. Lorelei says:

    I wish I could post a photo of Diana throwing her head back and laughing heartily.

  45. Cassie says:

    I hope the golden carriage leaks .

  46. Nicky says:

    Hope you feel better soon! You’ve had me in fits at times, just keep on fighting the good fight!

    Strength and hope to you dear lady!

  47. Claire says:

    Depending on how long Charles lives I wouldn’t even be surprised if this is the last coronation, so what a way to go out! When it rains or thunders what generally happens with balcony appearances? Do they just dash out quickly with umbrellas? Surprisingly I can’t think of a wedding or trooping of the color, etc. recently where there was rain?

  48. SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

    Wouldn’t it be awful if the golden coach was struck by lightning. Terrible. Wouldn’t laugh at all.

  49. rieki says:

    it’s London. it’s raining/showering all week. and most of next week. it’s only fitting the new king has to suffer with every pleb.

  50. tamsin says:

    The forecast doesn’t look that bad, actually. They’re not predicting heavy rain all day. Sounds like light showers, and not a lot of accumulation. I thought I read somewhere there was also rain on the queen’s coronation day. It just won’t be sunny and mild.

  51. puppetgirl says:

    Thank you Thor for putting a damper on Chuck’s coronation

  52. Tessa says:

    The coverage is just excruciating and the con a nation has not happened yet. Tina Brown is going to talk about Camilla and the sussexes today. On channel 7 I won’t be watching

  53. Cassie says:

    I think it will all go well.unfortunately.

    I daresay the protesters will be blocked ,the new laws brought in will mean most of them will be carted away out of sight .
    They will have a lot of renta crowd

    Just can’t wait till it’s over .
    I am sick to death of all of it .

    Stay safe Harry .