In Touch: Jennifer Aniston is in Mexico, waiting for Brad Pitt


This is In Touch Weekly’s cover this week. Yep. It’s that… boring. Apparently, it’s also false advertising. Considering that In Touch seems to have a vicious anti-Brangelina story every week, complete with quotes from “insiders” about their demise, et cetera, you would think that In Touch could just make up a good story to go along with this cover. Instead, it seems like Jennifer Aniston is “waiting” for Brad… to text her. Yeah. We don’t have the complete cover story yet, but here are the highlights, courtesy of Jezebel:

In Touch’s cover copy reads: “Jen waits for Brad at the resort they love.” But inside, what they mean is: She went to a hotel in Mexico she’d been to with Brad and “waited” for him to text her.

“After a few glasses of wine on November 13, his pal reveals that Jen ducked away from her group of friends and exchanged a series of text messages with Brad that crossed the line from friendly to downright flirtatious.”

Oh, and you know how two tell-all books about Brangelina are coming out? Angelina’s “tarnished” image is driving Brad away, and he thinks she’s brought this on herself because of her addiction to attention.

The copy reads: “Brad isn’t worried about how the books will affect Angelina, but how they might hurt their children.”

A source says: “Maddox is old enough to Google his mom now, and Brad is afraid he’ll get hurt.”

Jen’s friend says: “Brad seems haggard. All Jen wants to to when she sees him is give him a big hug and tell him he’ll be fine.”

Oh, and Brad and Jen have reconnected over Norman, Jen’s sick dog — who used to be Brad’s dog, too.

[From Jezebel]

Meh. If you’ve read one In Touch Weekly anti-Brangelina story, you’ve read them all. Blah, blah, Angelina is horrible, blah, Brad looks horrible, blah, blah, “the last straw”, blah, some fake doctor gives quotes about why Angelina is the devil, officially.

Now, the real dirt was in Us Weekly’s cover story last week. We covered it partially, only the stuff that was online. Now, we’ve got even more of the story – almost all of which was based on Ian Halperin’s “tell all” book about Brangelina. First, before I get into what Halperin’s alleged, there was another named source who was quoted throughout the piece. That person was Nicholas Kristof, the New York Times columnist and Angelina’s friend. Brad and Angelina recently attended Kristof’s book party, and in return, Kristof supplied complimentary quotes to Us Weekly. Here are some of the highlights, via Public Road:

Their love was on display at an October 27 West Hollywood dinner with their friend, “Half the Sky” coauthor Nicholas Kristof. “They’re attentive to each other. They listen, they’re respectful and sometimes finish each other’s sentences,” Kristof tells Us. “When we walked into the restaurant, Brad kept turning around to make sure that Angie was OK.”

“They’re both proud of their kids and clearly care a lot about them,” says Kristof. “Angie talks about how she and Brad juggle their schedules so somebody is always looking after them. She is incredibly attentive of how their careers will affect them.”

While [author Ian] Halperin says he feels he’s watching “a fairy tale in reverse,” Kristof predicts a happy ending: “They’re a great couple. They are both very down-to-earth and very funny. They like to just talk about their family. Every time I see them, they’re just very close.”

[From Us Weekly via Public Road]

Yes, Kristof is laying it on a bit thick. Yes, it comes across as overkill. But there might be some method to this madness when you consider the kind of crap Halperin is spinning. Here are some of those lowlights:

*Halperin… claims Jolie spread nasty rumors about [Jennifer Aniston]; that a tipster told him Jolie was recently taking crystal meth; and that she and Pitt are just one year away from splitting.

*Angelina was convinced that Brad was having an affair with a Sudanese model named Amma. Halperin claims Angelina “has accused Brad of cheating on her on more than one occasion.”

*Angelina’s former bodyguard, Mickey Brett, was once thought to be shopping a book about Brad and Angelina. Brett now denies that he’s writing a book. But the rumors of Brett’s book have convinced Halperin that Angelina is cheating on Brad, too.

*Halperin claims he “can’t prove” any of the “secret meetings” between Jennifer Aniston and Brad: “I painstakingly traced each of these reports… I can say with a fair degree of certainty that Brad and Jennifer have not been together since the first week of January 2005.”

*Jennifer’s friends say: “Brad is nothing but a distant joke to Jen at this point.”

*Halperin hedges his bets at the end: “It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if [Brad and Angelina] are broken up by Christmas 2010.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition, November 23]

The crystal meth is the thing that caught my eye at first. This isn’t the first time Angelina has faced those kinds of rumors. When she was pregnant with the twins, Dr. Drew famously said in an interview that he’s “never seen someone remit heroin completely. You’re either still on heroin, Oxycontin or something else. Unless you’re dead. Is she still using something?” While I know that Angelina was a drug user before she was a mother, I honestly believe she hasn’t touched any illegal substance since adopting Maddox in 2002. And crystal meth is a pretty serious charge – it’s not like Brad and the reefer. Gah… whatever. People didn’t seem to pick up on this, so maybe people don’t care. Hopefully.

In Touch Weekly cover courtesy of Cover Awards. Brad & Angelina at MoCA on November 14. Credit: PicApp/Getty.

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  1. Ana says:

    Meth is very destructive. While she is very skinny I just don’t see her staying as pretty as she has.

  2. alex says:

    let me put in my 2 cents before the crazies get here and I mean the Angie’s haters lol

    Halpern’s book is full of bullsh*t. Intouch is REALLY out of touch and are way to obsessed with the whole triangle thing.

    I seriously doubt Angie is taking drugs, but the haters would lap this up like it is the gospel truth.

    And oh please on Dr. Drew, the man is an idiot.

  3. Sumodo says:

    Naw, she’s addicted to CHILDREN. I saw some blurb for a show about women who feel they can’t have ENOUGH CHILDREN. Me? I’m “one and done.”

  4. Meow Mix says:

    Agree Ana
    Meth makes you look absolutely horrible. She always looks very thin but not sickly. Doesn’t meth make you very ashy?

  5. kim says:

    Yeah I guess the studios paying her $ 15 million- 20 million a film don’t care she’s on meth I guess the company that is insuring her on these $80 – 100 million films don’t care that she is testing positive on the physicals actors are required to take before starting a film like Salt in Feb or the Tourist.GMAFB

  6. Tia C says:

    I’m no big fan of either of them or anything, but MAN, there sure is a whole lot of dreck published about them! That must get tiresome…it gets tiresome for me just seeing the headlines!

  7. jdao says:

    I don’t believe she’s on meth because she doesn’t seem to have any of those ‘tweeker’ qualities.

    And Brad and Jen are not getting back together. Ever.

    Not that I’m team AJ, I’m neutral, but I’m sick of buying the mags with this story. I just don’t believe it anymore.

  8. Sigh. says:

    That is the wordiest cover EVER.
    No need to read what’s inside, really.

    I do think AJ’s personality is addictive, and like Sumodo said, her drug of choice is kids. The other stuff, probably in her past, but doubtful now.

    As for their “pending” breakup, I wouldn’t be exactly shocked if they did part ways, but I don’t WISH it on them or their kids.

  9. MymaJane says:

    Meth also gives you horrible skin. Now, OxyContin, or some other narcotic drug could be used and not show any external symptoms other than weight loss. She certainly is skinny.

  10. kim says:

    So Drew Barrymore, David Bowie, Nicole Richie, Balthazar Getty, Robert Downy Jr, David Arquette all addicted to heroin at one time. Are they still using opiates or is it only Angie? Dr Drew is an a**hole.

  11. lucy2 says:

    I agree it is tiresome. The whole Brad and Jen thing is hilarious though – obviously they’ve both moved on, and the idea that either of them would have any interest in the other again is absurd. But hey, it sells magazines, so let’s print it!
    I don’t like Angelina, but I seriously doubt she’s using meth, and I truly hope she’s not using anything else for the sake of her health and the kids.

  12. nycmom10024 says:

    Kristof is an amazing journalist and pretty genuine person, if he says it so, I guess it is so.

    RE the comment of kids of celebs with questionable past, that is probably a real fear. My child is aquainted with a child of celebs who has a very well known and controversial past. I cringe knowing there is a point that my child will come to me with questions about her friends parents and family. I can only imagine what it will be like for that celeb couples children in the next couple of years when they will hear the negative comments about their parents.

  13. Megan says:

    damn, i never knew she did heroin!

  14. lucy2 says:

    “So Drew Barrymore, David Bowie, Nicole Richie, Balthazar Getty, Robert Downy Jr, David Arquette all addicted to heroin at one time. Are they still using opiates or is it only Angie? Dr Drew is an a**hole.”

    Good point, however I think all of them went through rehab at some point to beat the addiction. I don’t know that Angie has (she may have, I don’t know, but I don’t ever remember it being mentioned) so I can understand questioning her more than some of the others.
    As for Dr. Drew, I think he’s pretty smart and usually right on with people, however I think it is wrong of him to publicly diagnose or question anyone he has not treated, so for that I will agree he’s an a-hole.

  15. Beth says:

    What I want to know is why is it in every story Brad and Jennifer are always texting each other like crazy but never any phone calls? Since they are so desperately in love you would think they would want to hear each other voices. I just don’t understand how these magazines sell. Every week they say “Brad Moves Out” or “Brad and Jennifer Back Together”. Yet it still hasn’t happened in almost five years.

  16. Megan says:

    It’s so strange that this years old situation still generates so many stories. I hope that Brad is just a distant joke to Jennifer at this point, how heartbreaking to think that she could still carry a torch for him.

  17. wow says:

    More proof that the media is so silly at times. Jenn’s already been papped LEAVING Mexico already. Gah!

  18. Charity is Chic says:

    Yes, she’s a recovering heroin addict. And she has taken two trips to the LA psych ward after several suicide attempts. She’s talked about this in a zillion interviews.

    People like that don’t completely change who they are, they just find other addictions, children, fame.

  19. Jillian says:

    Jen, you might be waiting awhile…

  20. california angel says:

    Man, I guess us addicts have the frickin Red A on our foreheads no matter how long we’ve been sober. It’s so horrible to accuse anyone of doing hardcore drugs without any proof.

  21. kim says:

    Well if trying heroin = being a recovering addict than I’m a recovering addict too since I tried heroin twice stupidly in 1998. So guess I’m biased . I have never read an interview where she said she was addicted to heroin.. But the point is I don’t believe she is using drugs now. Also I fail to understand how adopting 3 kids in 7 years 2002, 2005 and 2007 makes a person addicted to adopting. Is Sharon Stone addicted she adopted her 3 boys in the same time peroid. BTW, Beth I think the tabs have said that Brad and Jen also drunkdial each other.I’ve always wondered why the tabs never said Nicole K. was pining after Tom or Reese after Ryan . Or did they?

  22. kruczynski says:

    I read an interview years ago and Angelina said that she experimented with drugs, but that doesn’t make you an addict. She’s never been fat or tough (althought I agree she’s really very skinny and frail) so I don’t really understand wath Dr. Drew is talking about.
    As for Jennifer waiting for Brad, somebody says that if you repeat a lie over and over and over, the lie becomes truth… That’s not the case.

  23. lrm says:

    people are naiive! c’mon.
    Do you know people on uppers or downers,even valium?
    Imagine that # times 10,in hollywood. At least.
    SO many celebs use something,to get through the day,or an intense film shoot,etc.
    Don’t kid yourself that red carpet smiles and dog walks in the park mean that all of the tabloids are entirely false.

    Look at the % of people estimated to be addicted to painkillers and anti depressants alone. You think H-wood is immune to this statistic?

    Also,AJ is rumored to be the answer to a blind item on a number of other sites re: heroin use.
    she would go for the good,expensive stuff-she can afford it-why use meth?

    I would not be at all surprised. Rumor further says she did not use while pregnant [but perhaps used a substitute like oxy-],but has before and since.
    And that needle marks have been covered numerous times in film shoots.

    Oh,and I don’t hate her at all. I think she’s old school glamorous movie star looking. And a bad-a*s. There’s no other female who does action roles like she-seductive and sexy,and strong at the same time.

    That said,I don’t love her either-I think she is not a great actress at all. And,sadly,I do think she uses her children for publicity. (though does love them,as well.)

    She’s a bit of a narcissist. But she’s cool and does her own thing-unique.There’s noone like AJ. And that is why she gets the big bucks. IMO

  24. YeaRight! says:


    Jennifer dumped/divorced/kicked his lyin, cheating, hot mess of an azz out of her life for good, years ago!!!

    The Himbo and his Ho deserve each other.


  25. nnn says:

    How can she be on the least drug, even crack or alcohol when as a UN goodwill ambassador you are closely blood tested several times a year to trace drug, alcohol and all the vaccines in order to make sure that you are on top form and won’t act erratically or put in danger any mission, its agents, ect ?

    Some former model Warris Dirie had been removed as a UN goodwill Ambassador because she was a drunkard and she couldn’t hide it through those blood tests and used to not comply effectively to her missions which were less dangerous. So a druggie, give me a break !

    Goodwill amabassadors have to be the most controlled employees after professional sportwomen and state agents.

    Those tests, include blood related ones but also several psychological tests before and after each missions to test your stress resistance, ability to react to certain situations, especially since the death of UN Goodwill Ambassador Sergio de Mello.

    UN Goodwill Ambassadors sent to missions in high risk rated countries are trained like soldiers without weapons but soldiers nonetheless in terms of action, reactions, behaviour, ect.

    They work with state agents, including the US department and secret services. They all get tested and monitored, Jolie included. If she fails the tests she will be dumped for good and it will be known.

    The UN doesnt joke with this especially when it chosse thoroughly its representatives to do the job properly in a context that is often dangerous and volatile. A mission which is usually prepared weeks before and who is set up 24 to 48 hours before she leaves secretly when the state department gives its green light based on updated reports on the ground.

    No wussie, no druggie are required. You are closely checked even if your name is Angelina Jolie.

    There is no way she has been taking drug since at least 2000, when she started. Those tests are thorough and you can trace drugs taken months ago.

    They have all details of her health report, what she eats, what she hates eating, her vaccines, her past illnesses, her allergies, hell, they even know when she is supposed to get her period, they were probably the first ones after Brad to know that she was pregnant and tested her stress resistance and behaviour after the rise of oestrogenes before they greenlit her mission to Irak as pregnant women are more prone to mood swings,ect…You can’t hide anything and they don’t tolerate anything that could endagere a mission. even a boulimic or anorexic person will ne be tolerated, hence I always laugh when people say she is anorexic since it made the mood swings.

    The UN conjointly with the US department that deals with missions of its agents knows everything related to Jolie’s health from A to Z because not only is she a UN goodwill ambassador, she is also the one who is often sent in those countries that are listed among the most dangerous ones. So she is the one who is the most monitored and tested as she works more than any other closely with the secret services.

  26. Shannon says:

    Angelina was never a heroin addict, or she would have pulled a Lindsay Lohan. Just because she did heroin doesn’t mean she was ever addicted to it, and nowhere has she ever said she was addicted. I know a lot of people who have done hard drugs and never become addicted. It’s a phase of their lives, then they move on. Not everyone becomes addicted to drugs from trying them a few times. Some people do, obviously, but Angelina isn’t one of them.

  27. jdao says:

    I’m going to boycott any gossip mags with these three on it. For now.

  28. Loser1 says:

    To nnn: Yeah, they test professional athletes, policemen, etc all the time too, yet there still seem to be plenty of them that manage to sneak by. Not saying AJ falls into this category, but just because she’s supposed to be tested doesnt mean she is, or her tests are accurate.

    Poor Jen, she does not deserve this, she is way better than this.

  29. Eileen Yover says:

    Wow-I love the novels being written on here.
    The skeleton is beginning to show on this dead horse…please quit beating it!

  30. westender says:

    Angelina aside, why would Jennifer want Brad back? He left her for Angelina and is now raising six children!! with her. Can you imagine the tabloids with cover stories of Maddox or Shiloh or Zahara saying “You are not my Mommy!! or calling Jennifer a homewrecker for coming between their parents. Why would she want that type of publicity?
    As for Brad, Angelina has him by his “assets” . Can you just see the child support payments that Brad would have to pay? Plus to leave his six children for another woman? That would not help his box office appeal.
    I would like to think that all three would put the welfare of the children above their own selfish interests.
    ( I am not on Team Angelina,Jennifer or Brad btw)

  31. Who Cares says:

    Well to anyone who knows anything about heroin addiction, it’s not a drug that can be used casually. Addiction is almost a given even after once or twice. Thats why it’s such a dangerous drug to even “try”

    Having said that, I can’t see anything about her or her busy work schedule that would feed into the notion that she’s a heroin or meth addict. She wouldn’t be able to function for 12-16 hours on a movie set if she was. It’s possible she is on some kind of maintenance drug, but as long as she’s not higher than a kite while she’s taking care of her kids, I don’t think it’s important or anyone’s business.

  32. raven says:

    Something I always wondered was can you smoke heroin? Because people always assume the reason AJ is so veiny is all the heroin she may or may not be injecting, and while she has some awe inspiring humongous veins it might not have to do with the drug use at all? That being said I think it might be unlikely that she is a heavy drug user, she may be able to dabble in some stuff and still appear functional but who knows?
    Also I for one will be happy to see JA in an awesome dramatic role where she delivers a stellar performance so everyone can stop feeling”sorry” for her and stop pedalling these pathetic stories. She may be single, and occasionally lonely (which by the way even couples in long term relationships are capable of feeling) it does not mean people should fall over themselves feeling sorry for her all the time. There.. now I feel dirty having made all these assumptions about people I don’t even know..

  33. Essie says:

    I’m really sick of these awful, lying stories from, especially, In Touch!! They obviously hate Angelina but they must also hate Jennifer because they make her look like a total fool!! She’s “waiting for Brad” to call her . . . FIVE years and SIX babies after their divorce!! What kind of woman does that? What a ridiculous story to print about a woman who has moved on with her life.

    As for Ian Halperin . . . he’s the WORSE and if anybody reads anything he writes, they are as stupid as he is. He knows absolutely zero about Angelina, Brad or Jennifer. He has a stupid blog where he has printed a lie about that Sudanese model being pregnant by Brad. Now, it’s been a year since she supposedly got pregnant and there is no baby in sight, he just says Brad had an affair. Ian just blows with the wind in whatever direction he deems best at the time. Just take a look over at; search for Halperin’s Michael Jackson book, which he published about two minutes after MJ died. There are people writing in saying they want their money back because what Halperin wrote was just a rehash of rumors, lies and heresay from years ago. He’s a hack and doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.

    And, thanks nnn for what you said about the United Nations and how they don’t tolerate drug use by their Goodwill Ambassadors. It’s completely true, they don’t. Besides that, how could Angelina be on drugs and still have the clear skin and shiny hair she has? How could the woman function being a movie star, goodwill ambassador and a mother to six babies? The answer is, she can’t and only people who hate her are saying these nasty things about her and they should be ashame of themselves. As for Dr. Drew . . . he’s an ass and should be censored by the Board for what he said about Angelina.

  34. teri says:

    Loser1, what makes you think Angelina deserves any of this anymore than Jen? Neither deserve to be the target to line their pockets and leave destruction of hurt families behind.

  35. Codilla says:

    raven: Yes, heroin can be smoked.

    Who Cares: Addicts work long hours all the time, especially in Hollywood. So that’s not really a valid argument against Angelina’s possible drug use. I’m not saying that she’s still using, but the notion that full blown addicts can’t function is simply untrue. Not everyone behaves like a Lohan.

  36. Essie says:

    Raven, yes, you can smoke heroin and you can sniff it like cocaine. I don’t know if you get the same high as injecting, though.

    Not everybody injects heroin, but large veins mean you DO NOT inject anything because if you are an intravenious drug user your veins would COLLAPSE not stay big. Long-term heroin injectors have no veins and some of them are so desperate to get a vein to inject into, they will inject heroin under their tongues or into their neck, because there is nothing left of the veins in their arms or legs.

  37. Essie says:

    Codilla, sorry, I disagree with you. There is no such animal as a “functioning drug user.” Not the hard stuff, anyway.

    Sure, there are movie stars who use drugs but, eventually, it catches up with them either because they begin to show up late to the movie/tv set or they miss meetings or they can’t be trusted anymore. I’m not saying no movie stars use drugs, I’m just saying they are not into the real hard stuff like Lohan. Otherwise, they would all be like Lohan. It’s really difficult to hide a drug addiction for years and years. Eventually, it will bit you in the buttocks!!

  38. Ana says:

    I think if Angelina were using, she wouldn’t be living such a high profile lifestyle.
    She seems concerned for her media image. I think if she were addicted to drugs she would just stay in the mansion shooting up.
    But that’s just my opinion.
    I don’t think she is using. And I’m a big fan 🙂

  39. Cheyenne says:

    Okay, here comes next week’s In Touch:

    Cover story: JEN SAYS: I’M HAVING BRAD’S BABY!

    Inside: long article about Brad texting Jen spilling all his woes, says he wants to remain in Jen’s life. Jen in raptures, planning re-wedding, big $3 million blow-out, picking out baby names for a boy and a girl since she plans to have twins.

    Sidebar article about what to do with the six kids Brad already has with Angie; Jen thinks they should take the three youngest but leave the three oldest with Angie because since her twins with Brad will be blond haired and blue eyed, the older Jolie-Pitt children would look too conspicuous and they wouldn’t fit in right.

    Another sidebar about Bill and Jane Pitt in ecstasies because Jen plans to give them the grandchildren they always wanted her to have with Brad.

    Week after next:

    IT runs cover photo of wild-eyed-looking Angie next to apprehensive-looking Brad. ANGIE TO BRAD: I’LL SEE YOU DEAD BEFORE YOU TAKE MY KIDS!! Long article inside about Angie threatening mayhem etc.

    Week after that:

    Cover photo of Jennifer looking devastated. JEN SAYS: “ANGIE RUINED MY LIFE!”

    Inside, long article about Brad texting Jennifer to tell her he can’t text her any more and please don’t text him because if Angie finds any more text messages she will do a number on his cojones with a switchblade and he won’t be able to make any more babies. Jennifer sobs about the children she will never have with Brad because Angie destroyed all her future happiness.

    Sidebars about mean, nasty Angelina etc.

    Week after that:

    Cover showing beaming photo of Jennifer pasted next to photo of John Mayer. JEN SAYS: JOHN IS THE MAN I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR ALL MY LIFE!

  40. annie says:

    If “Jen” is so worried about her sick dog, why did she leave it behind and go to Mexico?

  41. Charity is Chic says:

    nnn, what drugs are you on?You can’t seriously believe the UN does drug testing on its celebrity spokespeople, do you? Seriously, what drugs are yoy on?

  42. Miriam says:

    The crazy idea that people with big veins are intravenous drug users is crazy. I grew up in a not too nice neighborhood in NYC wich gave me plenty of opportunity to know quite a bit about junkies and believe me, veins is the first thing to disappear.
    If Angies would’ve been injecting herself all these years, believe me, she wouldn’t been able to hide it by now. First thing junkies do is cover up.

  43. SageAdvice says:

    If my eyes rolled any further back in my head, I’d be staring at my optic nerve.

    How do people actually believe any of this nonsense?

    There might, may be, possibly, perhaps be a tiny, minuscule grain of a kind of truth in there and rag mags present it as fact.

  44. Babs says:

    Everyone knows that the real problem with these stupid Brangelina/Aniston stories is that Jennifer Ansiton isn’t hot, and that’s why ugly people like her so much. The people who work at InTouch are not hot, to say the least.
    They think that if Brad Pitt went back to Jennifer Aniston then it does too mean that ugly women can date hot men. Not true. A hot Jolie will come and take your attractive mate every time.
    Another problem with InTouch magazine is that they are also based out of Mid-Michigan, which is why they have to make up all their gossip, and they never do get anything right.

    The just don’t know any famous people, or any people who know any famous people. They should move to New York or LA, and meet some famous people, then they would get better gossip.

  45. Aprill says:

    So sad they way any one has to use the triangle. It’s a sign of deterioration.

  46. Zarah says:

    This story is so pathetic I’m embarrassed for In Touch. How can this stale garbage be published week in, week out? No concern for fact and reality. It’s sad and deeply disturbing, the level of sheer lies and falsehood that surrounds this couple. And perhaps a telling reflection of how lame and boring Hollywood is these days if utter tripe about Brangelina is the only thing that makes the tabloids covers. Is there really nothing and no one else to print lies about?

  47. beachbum says:

    people take other drugs besides heroin. If someone was taking i.e a narcotic for years they build up a tolerance for that particular drug. Most people in the medical profession know that you can test for drugs besides the standard drug testing method..example hair samples.

  48. jbird says:

    I really think Jen has better things to do than wait for a text from ugly haggered pitt. Seriously why would she want the ugly old fart, not to mention how he treated her when he fell in lust with aho plus he is probably ate up with std’s now after being with aho.
    Now I could totally see why he would want jen back, but she would have to be a fool to give him the time of day!
    He deserves to be stuck with that ugly bony, veiny druggie.

  49. jbird says:

    So I am guessing all you she doesn’t do drugs have not seen the video of her in the drug den high as a kite rambling about killing her pets and how great drugs are??? it is out there and it is not that old.

  50. daisy says:

    I wanna see that…anyone have a link?Oh and I have a former friend who got hooked on meth,she still looks normal,and she used to stay up for days doing crazy things,like cleaning and making t-shirts and rakeing leaves…so for a super busy mom of 6 its the ideal moms I guess get hooked on it alot.Babs…oh Babs…Jen is hot,her body is rocking and she looks healthy,wich I find more attractive then AJ cracked out look.Im not ugly either,trust me not only ugly people like jen,that is dumb.Maybe only whores like AJ.

  51. Codilla says:

    Essie: I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I’ve personally known hardcore addicts who go to work and lead seemingly responsible lives (until they get behind closed doors, that is). And the people I knew didn’t have a fleet of nannies, personal assistants, house staff, accountants, and God knows who else to help them through the day. That’s why Hollywood is such fertile ground for addiction — tremendous access to drugs, and plenty of minions to handle your day to day responsibilities.

  52. Mairead says:

    Hi Daisy. I’ve seen it. CB did a story on it last year I think and I’m assuming the link is hiding somewhere.
    It’s difficult to say it’s a “drug den”. It’s dark and they’re taking drugs. But it could be anywhere.

    And the “killing pets” was she talked about having a rabbit when she was a kid and she fed it too much lettuce and it died. She had no idea lettuce could kill rabbits. She does laugh (incredulously I think) at the memory. But jbird and their ilk will insist she was gloating as they’ve done it before.
    Personally I believe her as something similar happened with my cousin’s rabbit when we were very little. We fed it lots of “rabbit food” and it had keeled over by the next day. Literally killed by kindness, and I had no clue that could happen until she mentioned it in her video.

    But I wouldn’t bother watching it really. It’s very very long and my GOD Angelina can talk! She rambles on for ages.

    I have to say I’m very surprised at the notion of regular drugs testing for Goodwill Ambassadors. For once I’m siding with Charity is Chic on this – I’d love to know the source of that information. And can I just say, regular bloodtests will collapse your veins as well as drug use. About 10 years ago I went through nearly 2 years of regular bloodtests for a hormonal condition. Even now the veins in my right arm are shot.

    Oh and can I just say – I’m very plain and don’t like Jennifer Aniston. How does that fit into the overall scheme of things? 🙄

  53. Cheyenne says:

    @ Zarah: The “stale garbage” will be published week in and week out as long as it sells. If it didn’t, In Touch and the other tabloids would have dropped it a long time ago. The problem isn’t just the tabloids, it’s the people who believe the bullshit they print.

  54. Raven says:

    #32 is not my comment. I thought people were not to be using someone else’s name to post.

  55. LIZ says:

    I agree InTouch makes AJ look conniving and JA look pathetic. I think that idiot editor has a crush on Brad.

  56. TwinkleToes says:

    nnn, talking out of your keister. she’s not a CIA gov’t employee for cryin’ out loud!You’re confusing her with her movie roles. gisele bundchen is also on board with the UN and Kidman, remember that. Yes, someone said drug users don’t have shiny hair. This is true of potheads (that’s why you can drug test their hair) but just a few drops of silicone hair gloss gives even bleached, damaged hair shine after a 17 hr. nonstop flight from NY to Tokyo. Anyone can fake it by buying smooth drops serum for $5 at CVS.

  57. Beth says:

    Maybe I watch too many movies of the week and medical dramas but I thought that it was common knowledge that iv drug use collapses veins. Angelina wouldn’t have such prominent veins if she was the hardcore heroin user that people claim she is. Also I don’t know why her veins are such a big deal for the last year or two. Just look at her past photos and movies through 2006.

    I don’t understand why people don’t think Angelina has changed her life. People like Johnny Depp, Robert DowneyJr, Britney Spears, Nicole Richie had major drug/alcohol problems. Some more recently than other yet nobody has any trouble believing they changed. Also the drug video wasn’t recent at all. It was filmed something like ten years ago. If it was recent it would have been huge news but the tape was met with a yawn. It wasn’t as if Angelina claimed she never did drugs so it wasn’t viewed as scandalous. I can’t imagine that the UN would let anybody travel to other countries without a physical. I don’t know if they do drug tests but drugs use would probably show up in basic tests.

  58. rraven says:

    I’ll post with a double r to differentiate from the other Raven from now on..thanks for answering my questions essie and codilla!

  59. Paloma says:

    Will Brad and Angie separate? Probably at some point .. it is Hollywood after all; will Brad and Jen be together again? The answer is no.; are the kids having a strange upbringing and no doubt be screwed up when grown up? I say most emphatically, yes!

  60. Elle says:

    Who is buying this garbage? It’s obvious the tabs are lying. I don’t think Jolie is on heroin/meth–it would be obvious. This nasty rumor is just cold-blooded.

    I don’t wish anything bad on any of the 3, and I think people who do are not right in the head. It’s time for all 3 to start sueing the tabloids.

  61. Essie says:

    You’re welcome, rraven, with the second r!!! Glad I could help.

    Paloma, how could you say the Jolie-Pitt children will be “screwed up”??? You have no idea how they are being raised. Angelina has said they have tutors for the children, so they are getting an education; I personally don’t think traveling the world will harm them because it didn’t hurt me; these kids are with their parents far more than most kids (How long has it been since either parent worked? Angelina completed “Salt” in June; it is now mid-November and neither parent has worked on a movie. Did your parents spent five months at home with you?) I think this idea that these childrens’ lives will be a mess when they grow up is as stupid as every other rumor/lie being told about this family. You know zero about them and it is unfair to speculate.

    Elle, it is very difficult to sue for liable and/or slander in the United States. It seems to be easy in the UK but in the States it is very hard and very expensive and most stars just try to ignore these lying tabloids. That’s not to say that Angelina or Brad or Jennifer will never sue, I’m just saying it’s not as easy as one might think.

  62. Cheyenne says:

    The tabs are full of bullshit, but sometimes it’s funny bullshit. This came from, of all places, the National Enquirer (posted yesterday):


    Say what you will about ANGELINA JOLIE and BRAD PITT – the stars are stellar parents! Shopping en famille at a grocery near their home in France with daughters SHILOH and ZAHARA, all hell broke loose when Shiloh tippy-toed to claw an apple from the bottom row of a stacked pile and…CRASH!… boing…boing…boing…fruit cascaded and went bouncing down the aisles.

    Shocked, the 3-year-old cutie stood horrified, but Mama Angie and Papa Brad never lashed out – and quickly turned it all into a game, challenging her and Zahara to beat Mere et Pere at picking up the most apples.

    Ooo-la-la’ing shoppers, chuckling at the sight of superstars scrambling on hands and knees, applauded as Brangelina & Company scooped up every last apple – then ordered a dozen to go.

    Angie’s only comment to Shiloh: “It’s always better to ask, rather than just helping yourself.” Oui, Jolie Maman!

    I wish this had come from a reputable publication because it’s hilarious and I can totally see this happening. Probably somewhere every day, a three year old reaches for something in the bottom of a neatly stacked pyramid and CRASH!… boing…boing…boing…

  63. Kelly says:

    Whatever happens in this situation happens for a reason. Sometimes we may never understand it but remember your children will be in your lives forever. Good luck in the decision you make in they end it will be well worth it.

  64. smilelover says:

    “Halperin claims Angelina “has accused Brad of cheating on her on more than one occasion.”

    The only true point in all of this BS.

    And a tremendeous laugh about the UN part. Nothing of this has or will be done ever!

  65. Toe says:

    @ Cheyenne: LOL Your week by week coverage sure made me laugh. Esp the part about Angie doing a number on Brad cojones. LOL

  66. Anak says:

    The goat and homewrecker deserve each other. And now that they got ugly together, even more.

  67. Judy says:

    All these morons stating she is an heroin addict LOL please..grab her medical records and PROVE your BS. I am sure she has done her dhare of drugs but no one has ever proved that she has, and no one knows why she went into any rehab clinic, all it is is pure speculation or lies and it allways give me a good laugh when these people get on here and start telling people what drugs she has done or how many times she called Jen or did mean things to Jen lol..what do these people live with Brad and Angie??? They know as much about these 3 people as these trashy news papers that are always telling the same stories and they never are true. Jen and Brad were over before he took a hike and Jen was the one whon wanted the divorce lol Jen is not going backl to Brad they were together a lousy 4 yrs for cripes sakes, no one broke up their marriage but them and thank God they didnt have kieds because Jen has a problem taking care of a dog she is too busy making movies and trying to be an A lister and that is not going to happen..they need to leave all 3 of these people alone and find some real crap tp write about.

  68. lisa says:

    Whatever.. If Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are ugly.. then the rest of us need to wear a bag over our heads. Like them or not, these two people are far from ugly. and yes I think they do deserve each other.. two good people who found each other… NICE.

    Regarding drug use. Angelina has been honest in saying she has tried drugs. Unlike some stars who wait for their careers to need a boost before they tell all. And her wild time was over 10 years ago. And yes Drew, Robert, Johnny and countless others can change, yet only Angelina is held to the standard that make a mistake in youth and it has to follow you. Double Standard. Regarding their kids. some haters love to scream that their kids will be messed up. Base on what I don’t know. Traveling the world. Man. Brad/Angie have not traveled much with the kids this year. Brad said they would give them break after all the travel during the Awards season, and they have. Neither has worked in over 5 months. And when they do they stay together as a family. Most celebs are away from their kids and mates. Yet Brad/Angie have made this pact and kept to it. I don’t think she is a drug user. She hardly drinks according to people around them. And yes the UNHCR does do drug testing. She has done this job for almost 10 years. Dedicated and according to people who have worked with her.. she is professional and always prepared for work. Not the MO of a drug user. And to the fools still hurting over someone eles’ break up.. get you own life. Jennifer is fine and so are Brad and Angelina..

  69. DD says:

    lol @nnn talk about overstating the importance of un goodwill ambassadors. I had a laugh but it’s obvious you’re talking out of your ass.
    about her past heroin use, I see her as the type of person to greatly exagerrate her life to suit a particular image she thinks is cool. so at that time I bet she just wanted to appear as a drugged out, vampiric, sex goddess and she probably lied about her drug use, knife wielding, love making crap she loved to brag about.
    oh and to those saying it’s impossible to be high funtioning and use hard core drugs at the same time you’re wrong, trust me.

  70. Cheyenne says:

    @ Anak: as long as the goat and the homewrecker are happy together, what do you care?

  71. Lita says:

    The garbage about this lot aside, it vaguely annoys me that people continue to assert in the strongest terms that it is “impossible” to be a hardcore drug addict (ie heroin) and still function successfully in society. I think Essie and ilk get their drug lore from Cosmo!

  72. anon1000 says:

    as long as the “homewrecker is happy” i.e. Angelina Jolie (for the Bitter Bettys)… who did not wreck a home: i.e. CLIST laura dern, sienna miller, abbie cornish, jennifer lopez, leann rimes, tori spelling, etal.

    Angielina Jolie is NOT on that list.

  73. Essie says:

    No Lita, I don’t get my “drug lore” from Cosmo, I get it from first-hand, personal knowledge. I’ve known people who were “functioning” drug users . . . at least, they thought they were functioning!! Trust me, they were not!! You cannot function well on drugs or alcohol. Addicted people are delusional and think they are doing a great job of fooling people, but everything eventually catches up with them.

    There is no way Angelina Jolie could be a heavy drug user and still do all that she does on a regular basis. And, yes, the United Nations tests the people who volunteer to work for them, famous or not.

    Now, I’ve had enough of this discussion. Peace out!!!

  74. Alex says:

    I work in an area where there are a lot of meth heads (Downtown Eastside of Vancouver) and there’s no way she’s a meth addict. I see it every damn day and it’s horrific and sad to see how much it takes out of a person. I’ve seen news specials on people in the area who are 23 and look closer to a rough 45.

    And I doubt she’s injecting anything regularly. My Mom is a lab tech and I’ve heard years of her stories of trying to get blood from drug users. Their veins collapse and it’s a struggle to get blood from between their toes. Usually the patient has to do it since they’re the only one who can find a vein.

  75. Miriam says:

    I agree with Essie 100%

  76. daisy says:

    cheyenne…could you find me that link for angie in the drug den?I know your good at the links…what?oh,you dont have negative about angie links:]

  77. Patricia says:

    If veins are an indication, then Sarah Jessica Parker must be a fullblown addict!!! Check out her veiny arms sometime.

  78. moondancer says:

    It’s gullible fools like the ones above who believe the horsecrap In Touch puts out. You’re all writing things about drugs, and totally missing the point. No wonder rags like that can stay in business.

  79. Cassandra says:

    Lemme say this real Quick..i hate Jolie,i think she would make an Absolutely Great couple with Johney Depp!! She should just leave Brad the Hell Alone!! he was so happy With Jen!! and to be honest..I’ve never seen a photo of him being happy with jolie!!

  80. Cheyenne says:

    Daisy — if there is a link to Angie in the drug den, you’ll be on it like white on rice. Maybe the reason you aren’t is that there is no such link. So sorry to disappoint you.

  81. spiceh says:

    and wth with J.Lo starry eyes and open mouth!!! why she always try so hard to look sexy wen she clearly is not???

  82. Hmm says:

    There’s a HUGE difference between crystal meth (crystal methamphetamine) and methadone, which is prescribed to people who are heroin addicts. I think you can “honestly believe she (Jolie) hasn’t touched any illegal substance since adopting Maddox in 2002,” while at the same time honestly believe that she’s a heroin addict who’s now on methadone which, like OxyContin, can be legally prescribed but is also subject to abuse.