Jennifer Lopez: Ben Affleck is ‘a wonderful father,’ my kids ‘love him & appreciate him’

Jennifer Lopez went solo to the Met Gala, and then she stayed in New York to make some appearances and do some events this week. These photos are of J.Lo on Wednesday, going in and out of the Live With Kelly and Mark show. Her ensemble is Valentino – a minidress and tights, leopard-print and feathers. Her body is crazy, but the style… well, I love an animal-print, but this is a tad too much for me. But it suits her. The part that kills me is the itsy-bitsy mini-purse is leopard-print too! LOL. J.Lo also went to the Today Show and she chatted about what Ben Affleck is like as a stepfather:

Jennifer Lopez has nothing but good things to say about husband Ben Affleck taking on the role of stepdad to her two kids. While speaking to Hoda Kotb on Today, the multi-hyphenate, 53, raved about the AIR star, saying, “Well, he’s a wonderful, wonderful father. And a father figure to [Max and Emme] as well, because he has his own three beautiful children, and then there’s us.”

“He’s fantastic. He really steps up to the challenge of what that is and what that means,” she continued of Affleck, 50. “And they love him. They love him. And they appreciate him, and so do I.”

The actress also spoke to Kotb about parenting her teenagers and watching them grow up in a “different way” than she did.

“They’re becoming adults. They’re challenging everything in life. And these kids have so much information — so much more than we had — so they’re thinking and talking about life in a different way than I did when I was 15 or 16 years old,” the singer explained. After Kotb stated that she and Lopez “followed the rules” growing up, Lopez agreed, adding, “Yes! And they don’t! They’re challenging and looking at everything, which is great for our world. I feel like they’re going to change the world, quite honestly. And make it so much better than we did.”

[From People]

From the very start of the Bennifer revival, it seemed like J.Lo made it a priority, to have her kids around Ben from the start. From the looks of things, Emme and Ben get along really well. I think Max is just quieter and less comfortable in the public eye, so we just don’t see him that much. But I buy that Ben is fully bonded with Emme and Max. It’s probably a different story with J.Lo’s relationships with her stepkids, but Seraphina seems tight with Emme, so maybe their “Brady Bunch” blended family is doing okay.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Cover Images.

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  1. Selene says:

    I like that she phrased it carefully, as not to only include his experience with her children, but first and foremost added his own with Garner. I respect that.

    • canichangemyname says:

      I noticed that also. She worded that well, so hats off to her for that.

  2. Andrea says:

    The kids seem to have bonded and that speaks volumes

    • Jan says:

      I wonder if she keeps in touch with ARod’s children, she was all over them.

      • joey says:

        Why? they have their own mother. her relationship with Arod didn’t work out so they moved on. keeping in touch would do more harm than good for all parties.

  3. Eurydice says:

    Lol, did we imagine she’d say – my husband’s a rat bastard and my children all hate his guts?

    • Seraphina says:

      THANK YOU!
      It would have been great to hear her say: well, the girls are still cringing after hearing Gwyneth say Ben is technically excellent.

    • shanaynay says:

      Good point.

  4. TeamMeg says:

    Any guesses as to what she’s got in that teeny tiny LV bag? Credit card and a lipstick?

  5. Torttu says:

    That outfit is hideous.

  6. Tarzana says:

    Loving them together and all of this. Two people in their 50s who find their way back to each other after almost two decades apart. Bonus, they’re both completely infatuated with each other, still gets me. 🥰

  7. Seraphina says:

    I agree the print is a bit too much – less is more here and I didn’t even see the purse until it was mentioned and I went back to see it.
    Yes, I agree with her saying these kids will change the world for the better. I see my kids and their friends and how they are vocal about what they see is wrong. They embrace all and question what they think isn’t right. I have so much hope for them to do good and continue to fight for the greater good.

    • ama1977 says:

      Totally agree about the kids, they are amazing and so thoughtful. Mine are 15 and 10 and the kindness and empathy that they exhibit to their friends and schoolmates (and that they get in return!) is so heart-warming. And they’re funny as hell, too! I have so much hope for the future when I look at the generation to come.

  8. BillyPilgrim says:

    Didn’t she say something similar about A-Rod and her kids being a family blah, blah, blah?

    • KLO says:

      To me it seemed like they were very close so i don`t see the problem with her saying that. A-Rod said that his children loved J-Lo. They were together for years.

  9. A says:

    It seems like Jennifer’s bonding with his kids too. She’s been photographed getting lunch with Violet alone, and hugging her during the family’s Paris trip. Sam is probably the easiest because he’s younger but they’ve regularly been photographed holding hands. Seraphina has obviously bonded well with Emme

  10. Ameerah M says:

    Anne Hathaway wore almost this exact same Valentino look and it was a thousand times better on her. I feel like JLo always over accessorizes her looks.

  11. Trish says:

    What is that outfit? Jenny, no!

  12. lucy2 says:

    That outfit…no…
    I hope this is true and all the kids are happy and getting along. The family dynamics of both sides have changed a lot over the years, hopefully the kids are all doing well.

  13. Joey says:

    That outfit only works on Jlo. It’s over the top and fun just like her. I appreciate how she expresses her family life, acknowledging that she is a stepmother as well, that Ben is a father figure to her kids not a dad, and how life is like with teens. People nitpicking about what she said while she was with Arod need to move on. That relationship is done because HE was cheating on her. HE betrayed her, her kids AND his kids. He robbed his own kids of having a fun loving family that they were building. I don’t understand why people vilify her from walking away from a bad relationship. She put herself and her kids first by not sticking with a man she couldn’t trust. She could have stayed and put up with it but she didn’t cause she shouldn’t have to tolerate a cheating man.

    • Lens says:

      She and ARod were still engaged when she got in touch with Ben so there was at least emotional cheating on both sides. She really jumped from one man to the next with no break in between, and introduced her kids almost immediately (when he went to stay with her in Miami before she moved to LA remember?). That’s got to be head spinning and weird for her kids. Fortunately for them all it worked out in the end but it would have not been good parenting on her part if it hadn’t.

      • Joey says:

        How do you know if there was “emotional cheating” on her part? She has been in touch with Ben via email for YEARS. He’s been talking about them keeping in touch since he was married to Jennifer Garner. Once again, ARod is the one who ruined the relationship but people still pin it on her. I find it so abhorrent that society loves to place the blame on the woman. Ben Affleck was dating Ana de armas before this and introduced her to his kids but no one calls him a bad father for that.

      • Gelya says:

        Emotional cheating?????? There is no way. ARod was cheating on her!
        I know Ben. He is an attentive listener and he is loyal. She has been in contact with him for years. There was no cheating except ARod doing the cheating.
        If there was so called emotional cheating, good for her that she was able to get out of a bad relationship and go into a healthy one.
        Jen G has famously shown she would not have any of Ben’s girlfriends around the kids. He starts dating Jen L and the kids are hanging out with her. This shows clearly that Jen G believes that JLo was a healthy stable person to be around her children.
        Both these women are great Mother’s who prioritize their children first and are protective of them.
        I doubt any of the kids find this head spinning and weird. I see two Mother’s who worked together to carefully blend a family into a healthy and loving unit.
        Now, if Ben doesn’t self sabotage all this. I guess Jen will get the blame for that too.
        That outfit is too much, lol. I wear lots of animal print. She could be the new Cheetah in the DC universe.

  14. j.ferber says:

    Gelya, I agree that both these women are far superior to Ben, as different as they are from one another. I know that JLo’s outfit is a lot, but I absolutely love it!

  15. Carolnr says:

    @ Gelya
    That is so true. JG knew that Shauna Sexton & Katie Cherry were just casually dating & the relationship (s) were most likely not going anywhere. I don’t blame JG for not wanting their children to be introduced to someone that most likely wouldn’t be in their life long.
    Ana was also papped with Ben’s children, so JG must have thought that Ben was very serious with Ana.
    Lindsay Shookus; however, wasn’t ( I believe)ever going to be papped publicly with Ben’s children, even though her daughter was papped with Ben.
    Blended families out of the spotlight are tough…I can only imagine how hard it is to this in the public eye!
    I really hope that Ben continues to be a good dad & a good father figure to JL’s children.