W photographer to Demi Moore: that’s not the original photo (update)

There was a lot of buzz over the fact that Demi Moore seemed to be missing a chunk of her thigh in her photo on the cover of W Magazine. Demi is a very thin woman, but her hip is probably not a few inches smaller than her thigh. In her defense, Moore posted a photo to Twitter that she claimed was the original, unretouched version used for W. It showed her hip pushed in like on the cover picture, and she wrote “Here is the original image people my hips were not touched don’t let these people bullshit you!” Moore also retweeted a response from a fan that said “its just the way u have ur hip kinda swung to one side..y can noone see this!?”

W Magazine admitted the image was altered but said it was “nothing out of the ordinary.” The photographer that shot Demi for W who first spotted the flub says that of course the photo is retouched, and calls it a “blooper” that belongs on the “art department wall of shame.” Photographer Anthony Citrano was kind enough to e-mail us with his comments and says that he’ll donate $5,000 to the charity of Demi’s choice if she can prove that the photo she posted is the original.

I saw your article on the Demi Moore photoshop flub – I’m the photographer who started the whole thing – and after giving it a lot of thought (and being accused of “bullshit” by Demi overnight), I’m raising the stakes: http://twitter.com/acitrano/status/5894990728

While I really feel bad that Demi is on defense over this, I also don’t like being accused of “bullshit.” So, let’s find out who’s bullshitting. This isn’t about her and it isn’t about retouching (I’ve no problem with either). It’s about a blooper, basically. The cover is a blooper; it goes on the art department’s wall of shame. So what? We
all make mistakes. That’s got *nothing* to do with Demi. She’s a beautiful woman with or without retouching. And where the hell is W Magazine on this? Why are they forcing Demi to address it? It’s not fair to her.

[From Anthony Citrano, received via e-mail]

In a follow-up e-mail, Citrano explained “I have no problem with Demi nor with Photoshopping – but I don’t like her accusation of ‘bullshit’ toward me, and then posting what she claims is the original as if it’s some kind of ‘proof’ – while most of her bazillion twitter fans take it as gospel.” Demi probably isn’t missing a piece of her thigh, then. Even if her thigh was somehow pushed in by the way she was standing to the side, it’s not like that’s her everyday face, and her body looks unnaturally thin. So why is she so defensive about the photo? Why doesn’t she just admit she was retouched and be done with it? It’s not like all the other celebrity cover photos aren’t airbrushed into oblivion. This must be a sore spot for Demi, and seems to tie in with all the times she’s denied any kind of plastic surgery. Demi is so naturally beautiful even her cover photos are all natural!

Update: Anthony Citrano is not the photographer who shot Demi for W, but his photos have run in W and he is the one who first noticed the blatant Photoshopping.

It appears as if Moore’s entire body may have been replaced. Popculturemadness points out that Demi’s body looks like it was replaced with a supermodel in that same dress and exact same pose on the catwalk. (Thanks taya for the tip!)

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44 Responses to “W photographer to Demi Moore: that’s not the original photo (update)”

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  1. 88Modesty88 says:

    It’s totally out of alignment in the most impossible way…

    One just has to look at the difference between the hip and the leg to see how badly it was done!

    Delusional Demi… She’s so gorgeous she doesn’t really need touching up! Capitalism at work, folks. Photoshop experts need jobs too!

  2. Vibius says:

    Photoshop? Its like they used the block eraser in MSPaint.

  3. Lenore says:

    With all the focus on her thigh, is anybody else astonished by the hack job they did on her nose?

    I have a lot of affection for Demi Moore but if she really thinks that picture is a real-life shot, if that’s what she sees in the mirror, then she’s just delusional, poor lamb.

  4. TwinkleToes says:

    i just found out a classmate from jr. high is still a habitual liar to this day. Both her and Demi had trashy moms. coinky dinky?

  5. macaquinha says:

    nothing against her but she looks like a zombie and she’s too skinny for god’s sake!

  6. revel87 says:

    Demi Moore is a pathetically vain woman. Everyone knows she’s had plenty of plastic surgery and all photos in the many fashion magazines are ‘shopped’ or retouched. She’s not kidding anyone. Absolutely pathetic.

  7. Popcorny says:

    Very insecure moron.
    Is that why she hardly ever works anymore? Is she spending all her time trying to live up to old photographs?
    She hasn’t defied the odds or age -look at her face, it’s fallen down like everyone else’s has, especially off either side of her gravity-pulled nose.

  8. taya says:

    Demi is upset because she is trying to, hang on by her bare knuckles, the theory that she is naturally aging. She will never admit to the $1000,000’s worth of plastic surgery to make her look the way she does. Those collar bones are NOT natural. She is pathetic. Not because she has had help, but because she will not be honest with herself or to the public.Demi is delusional if she thinks that the public believes her lies.

  9. Lenore says:

    The weird thing is, she used to be so straight-up about the tricks of the trade used to make her look her best.

    She gave an interview with Empire round about the time of Striptease where the interviewer kept saying how incredible her body looked. She basically said, “Well, of course it does. I’m gonna make damn sure that any unflattering shots don’t make it into the movie. You’re not going to see any angles where my ass doesn’t look great!”

    It was also pretty obvious – and no secret – that her breasts were fake, brand new purchases just for that movie. So I don’t get why she’s all of a sudden decided to deny having had surgery, or to protest that ^ this picture is accurate!

    (And honestly? I think she looks better in the real-life shot than in the Photoshop makeover anyway.)

  10. ien says:

    am i the only one that doesn’t think shes “beautiful” ??
    I actually find her to be pretty average.

  11. lucy2 says:

    Looking at her “original” without the cover lettering, I now think that BOTH hips have been photoshopped in. Along with everything else. She’s in great shape, but she’s not THAT thin. That’s like supermodel scary skinny.
    If you look at the “original”, both hips are in further than her thighs – if her left his is a result of how she’s standing, then her right hip should be sticking out FARTHER instead of sunk in also. And the shadow is kind of weird.

    I’m sorry, but if the photographer himself is saying it was retouched, she shouldn’t try to claim otherwise or call him a liar, because he must have copies of the original.

  12. javelin says:

    poor Demi, she thinks they really gave her the originals? maybe she doesn’t look in mirrors anymore, only magazines.

  13. taya says:

    Here is proof that Demi is a liar and that the photo IS photo-chopped…


  14. Cat says:

    Lol I don’t get it! How does standing at a certain angle shave an inch off of your upper hip?? If we could see her knees/lower legs we could get a better impression of why it must be photoshopped. I think it’s fake, but maybe I’m just a bitter, anti-woman hater 🙂

  15. CB Rawks says:

    Yeah, her defensiveness is sad.
    If I had had some awesome surgical improvement, I would be proudly pointing it out and flashing before and after pics.
    You look lovely Demi, and there’s no shame in getting a little help with that. Yeesh.

  16. anneesezz says:

    how can she say she’s never had plastic surgery? All you need to do is rent one of her early movies to see the changes. She’s obviously gotten implants and had a nose job. Not that I had a lot of respect for her before but making a big stink out of this is really dumb. BTW, what was the last movie she made???

  17. Ana says:

    Her beauty is starting to fade for me with all of this hoopla.

  18. Tess says:

    Don’t it make her brown (well, actually hazel) eyes blue?

  19. bros says:

    here is a photo where you can see a woman’s hip smaller than the thigh bulge, similar to what some people are asserting happened to demi.


    and this one:


    however, I think there is more compelling evidence that that entire body is not demi’s and belongs to a thinner model. demi’s arms and collar bones have never looked like that and dont right now. her waist is not like that and her chest doesnt look like that either. it really looks like her head is on someone else’s body.

  20. Popcorny says:

    I checked out Taya’s link too … wow, and Demi was touting that it was her “untouched”.
    Then there is (in Taya’s link) a REAL untouched photo of the withered witch.
    She must be melting extra fast now that these pics have come out.
    Perhaps she’ll now twitter some outrageous claim that because she’s so “hot” they use her as a body-double for catwalk models.
    She could have been attractive for her age, but instead she traded off to be an ugly liar and a more haggard looking one than expected (due to the photo-trickery).
    Raised her own bar so high she can’t be seen in public.

  21. kelbear says:

    Maybe this will let more magazines know to stop using photoshop so much

  22. Kayleigh says:

    So why don’t they just take pictures of a women’s head and put Barbie doll body under it? It would be about the same “magic” I see here with their crop chop from hell. Supermodel body, Demi’s PS face, why not throw in a flipper and a tail and well call it a day?

  23. Emily says:

    I think she actually looks better in the non PS’d photo below the cover one. If I was her, I’d be bragging about my plastic surgery. Whatever she’s had done, it looks GOOD.

  24. Nicole says:

    I actually think it might be legit. Her thigh muscle looks like her leg is forward. This could create the illusion of the missing hip. Its a 2 dementional photo. These things happen.

  25. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    @ Emily: “If I was her, I’d be bragging about my plastic surgery.”

    Yeah, if I had plastic surgery, I’d want everyone to know what a VAIN, SELF-HATING moron I am.

    There’s a reason everyone lies about it.

  26. Emily says:

    @She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, well, it’s better than lying about not having it, when it’s obvious to everyone that she’s had heaps of shit done. Or is honesty not valued where you come from?

  27. Bek says:

    She looks a lot thinner than in real life, yes. It looks like they’ve thinned out her arms and put her in some sort of corset. But the leg thing looks totally natural to me. She’s standing with her hips swung slightly to the side, with her leg out. Happens all the time. At those angles, that’s what happens. Hell, try it in the mirror if you don’t believe me. It will make you feel even thinner! It’s an old trick…

  28. WTF?!? says:

    That overlay on popculture is hilarious, and pretty convincing. I call shenanigans!

  29. DD says:

    she looks awful in that photo and completely out of proportion, why would she want to admit that’s real. i’m surprised at her age that she’s still not trying to be a better example for her daughters and be proud of being a real woman for a change.

  30. Miss Thang says:

    I’m really hoping someone leaks the original. I love when they do that!!

  31. Celine says:

    It is very obvious that the photo she claims to be the original shot is not the original one. It is EXACTLY the same one, just less contrast and desaturated.

    If it was the original photo, there would be differences in the details of hair, the draping of the dress, ecc ecc. I work in the industry myself and when you are shooting as important picture as the cover of a magazine, there is ALWAYS retouching. And you never get a shot where every single piece of hair is on the right place, the your arms straight as a line, let alone your tighs… Especially as she is not a professional model but a middle-aged lady.

  32. fizXgirl314 says:

    the who the what and the where? Man, I am sooo confused about this story… where did this third party come in and take all the blame for these accusations? what makes him think the “bultlshit” accusations were aimed at him? they could have bery well been aimed at celebrity blogs and general buzz… who heard of this guy until he inserted himself in the the frey? what a vindictive dickwad…

    it’s clear that this picture is photoshopped… they couldn’t even get her damn eyecolor right… and she is OBVIOUSLY not as attractive in regular photos… I mean, wasn’t that her a mmonth or so ago posting toothless photos and looking like a hillbilly? now she’s on the cover of a magazine looking like a fresh out the puss, 20 year old model… all the lies and deceit in hollywood kind of just make me sick… It’s like they think we’re idiots…


  33. jbird says:

    Wow, thanks for the link Taya, it is absolutaly not Demi, it is that model on the runway, same everything. If any doubts people check Taya’s link. Makes Demi look like even more of an idiot for lying.

  34. Lee says:

    @ jbird: people should not only check Taya’s link, everyone needs to pass it along. Young women need to see what’s really behind the images we are bombarded with. Unfortunately for Demi, this one not only exposes the industry, it exposes her, and she’s made it even worse with the tweets. Idiot.

  35. Jacquetta says:

    @fizXgirl314 – well, he’s the one who discovered the mistake and wrote about it first, then got called a liar. i’d be p*ssed too and do something to defend myself. actually i HAD heard of him before but that’s because i work in tech, he’s known more for what he has done in tech. he’s only been getting photography published the last few years.

    anywaze, totally agree with what Lee said, that link Taya posted shows that this WHOLE thing is SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY questionable and i hope people don’t let it drop. we should all be e-mailing W Mag, blogging about this, and demanding some answers, that is crazy!! first when i read it i thought it was just a silly mistake but now, when I see what Taya posted I am seriously wondering if they didn’t use Anja’s body for that shot… omg.

  36. crash2GO2 says:

    bros, I think you’re right, as is the article. I originally posted that she must of dropped 10 lbs for this shoot, but the fact that they may have substituted her body entirely never occurred to me. What a farce.

  37. bros says:

    I just did a side by side comparison of the pic on W and an enlarged version of the model walking on the runway in the same dress that was on the popculturemadness site. the model has a sternum bump that is very unique that is the exact same in the demi photo, and the model has very pronounced sternocledomastoids (neck muscles) that are exactly the same as well, as are the clavicles and the unique spacing of the bones and muscles. that body isnt demi’s.

  38. juiceinla says:

    Whoa. That link from Taya is unbelievable- no question its the model’s body, and not Demi’s. Abso-lutely No Question.

  39. Bobby the K says:


    I’m thinking robot from ‘Metropolis’.

    The phrase ‘trying too hard’ has been getting used today, not just here.
    And it would apply to ol’ Demi.

  40. Truthful says:

    WOW!! Demi has some serious issues..anyone to let this pic hit the stands and to think-she could fool her fans..

    She is still pretending to be perfect huh???

    what a joke

  41. fizXgirl314 says:

    are we sure the model wasn’t photoshopped? meaning, someone found an outtake of moore and pasted someone else’s head on it on a runway to cause controversy? I find this level of deception almost unbelievable…

  42. JetBlack♠ says:

    Ah, seems like just yesterday she was on the cover of Vanity Fair pregnant with Ashton.

  43. Gwyneth says:

    This brouhaha is becoming bigger than the controversy over the moon landing hoax. My thoughts on Moore: Despite oodles of surgery, she still looks over 40. Her naso-labial lines need to be filled again. The natural photo of her still reflects heavy face makeup and hazel eyes. We do not know what she looks like unless we see her first thing in the a.m. The W cover is a total fake, this we know. It is identical to that runway model photo of a 26 year old. That there may be minor differences in the placement of the sash, etc., is because the digital imaging artist rearranged some minor details. Moore has blue eyes on this fraudulent cover shot and I thought it was Megan Fox when I first saw it. I don’t buy these magazines, period. They are full of nothing but ads and fake, heavily manipulated photos. I lived in New York and saw many models au naturel. They are chosen because they have the type of face that can be used as a canvas upon which to paint an illusion. BTW photoshop is passe and obsolete. Digital, CGI……where does it end?

  44. me says:

    When the fan states ‘your hips are oushed to the side’ or some such bollocks, that person needs to learn basic physiology. When the skeletal structure moves, especially the hips or shoulders, it promotes a shift thorughout the entire structure. For her hips to be to one side it would cause the mid section to arch in that directio, as a result the opposite shoulder would slightly drop not raise as it has in this image.