Demi Moore’s new plastic surgery denial: I have stretch marks!

Over the weekend, an early excerpt of Demi Moore’s interview in French Marie Claire came out. I honestly thought that Marie Claire might be making up the quotes, because I had never seen Demi Moore go on the defensive quite so much about all of those plastic surgery rumors. Demi said the rumors were “completely false” and went on to pontificate, “I’ve never had it done. But I would never judge those who have. If it’s the best thing for them, then I don’t see a problem. I don’t like the idea of having an operation to hold up the ageing process – it’s a way to combat your neurosis. The scalpel won’t make you happy. That said, the day when I start crying when I look at myself in the mirror might be the day when I’m less adamant about not having it done. But for the moment I prefer to be a beautiful woman of my age than try desperately to look 30.”

As it turns out, Demi actually said that sh-t. And now that everyone is calling her out, she’s sticking with her story. Demi took to Twitter and fought back against the accusations that her face is pulled too tight to tell the truth or whatever:

Demi Moore is fighting back at allegations she’s had hundreds of thousands of dollars in plastic surgery.

Following up on her recent denial of going under the knife, Moore responded to some incredulous people on Twitter Monday night insisting that having her three daughters has left her with stretch marks and extra skin.

The avid tweeter replied to someone who claimed that Moore could not go from stretch marks and saggy skin, once on display in an old paparazzi shot of her at the beach, to the fine form she shows off now.

Demi’s response?

“I still have excess skin & stretch marks!”

When someone responded to that remark with disbelief, saying she did not, Moore followed up with, “Ahh hate to break it to you but I do. Comes with having a few kids 4 some of us!”

[From the Huffington Post]

Ah… it’s not an “all or nothing” proposition Demi! We could conceivably buy that you’ve only had work done on your face, and not your body. Using the “stretch mark” defense doesn’t really answer the question of “why is your forehead pulled so tight you look like you have a receding hairline?”

I’ll say this again – I don’t really care that Demi has had some work done. She looks beautiful, she seems happy, good for her and God bless. It’s the lies I hate. The lies, and the idea that she thinks we’re too dumb to notice. I hate that.

Sidenote – Us Weekly has a poll up right now asking, “Do You Believe Demi Moore’s Claim That She’s Never Had Plastic Surgery?” Right now it’s 84.8% who think she’s a total liar. Vote early and vote often!

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  1. Sassy says:

    Honey give it up already! You should have just gracefully bowed out and said, “yes, I’ve had work done, but I won’t discuss it.” That would have been 10 times better than your denials!

  2. Claude Yoola says:

    I don’t have a dog in this race, so I’m trying to neither defend her nor excoriate her. I’d just like to point out that there are non-surgical ways to achieve tighter more youthful skin for middle aged people. She *could* have been practicing facial exercises for years, exfoliation via peels, facial massage, cold water showers and possibly numerous other non-surgical means. All of the above give fantastic results used persistently and over time. No need to take my word for it, the evidence is there for anyone to research if they want.

    Having said that, I do think that if such were the case, Ms. Moore might have mentioned it. There’s no reason not to, unless she wishes people to think she’s just, y’know, naturally not ageing much. This in itself seems to be what bothers people – in other words, Ms. Moore, don’t piss on our legs and then tell us it’s raining. LOL.

  3. Naomi says:

    I’m not too sure if it’s true or not, but you can kind of guess that she had some work done. I think I remember hearing back when she did ‘Striptease’ that she had some ribs removed from her stomach. Was that true? Hey, if you had work done, just fess up, what’s the big deal. You only look like a jerk denying it.

  4. Heavenbound says:

    Ribs removed from your stomach? mmm… that even sounds more interesting than the naturally aging gracefully theory.

  5. loodles says:

    Claude Yoola: Ditto to everything you said!

  6. Lee says:

    Oh I don’t know. I’ve never had anything done, and I’m Demi’s age. I get taken for someone who is 30ish or so, but that’s genetics, sunblock from way before it was fashionable, and luck. Her face looks like it has thinned, which faces do, and she may have the bone structure to make that a good thing. Perhaps Rumor will have some lucky face-thinning:) However, I am SO not buying that the boobs have never been done. I seem to remember her admitting to a boob job for the Striptease movie.

  7. Susette says:

    Those of us old enough to have watched her change her appearance over the last 20 years are kind of surprised/amused by this. It’s strange, because at the time she had her breasts done, rumors of a nose job, etc..she never bothered to deny any of it. Now she denies all, and won’t even acknowledge that some pictures exist to prove her wrong.

    I don’t care one way or the other, but the denials are just making her look silly.

  8. QB says:

    She had platic surgery when she was younger and she had surgery now that she is older.

  9. nycmom says:

    Perhaps what she is denying is anti-aging surgery. She has previously said she had breast implants for a movie.

    Gotta say I am weeks away from 48, and I have nary a wrinkle or eye crinkle. I am nuts about my facial”routine” and have been since my teens. The only thing that gives away may age is my neck. The skin there started to slack around 45 no matter what I have done. Olay Olay Olay that is my recommendation ladies. Never leave your house with a moisturizer and sun screen, no matter what your ethnicity.

  10. nycmom says:

    Forgot to add water and sleep are very important too.
    signed no great beauty but young looking skin!

  11. Smith says:

    As Kaiser wrote – the lies, oh god the lies!!

    Dear Bill Clinton; it’s not that you had sex with Monica, it’s the fact that you lied to the Grand Jury about it.

    Dear Demi; the wealth of before/after evidence alone should shut you up. We wouldn’t fault you for having the surgery – you look pretty good for 68 – just stop insulting us.

    No surprise though, this was the woman who exposed her A cups in the 80′s, and her C/D cups in the 90′s and swore again, “no surgery here folks – just a late bloomer!!”

    Are you there God? It’s me Demi.

  12. lola lola says:

    When women lie about cosmetic surgery and/or their age, it undermines all women. Making us all feel bad about ourselves. Like we should naturally look that good–without all the help women like DM are getting. Shame on her for lying about it! She looks great. What’s wrong with being honest about it? If I had the time, money etc, I’d do it too. Just don’t want to end up looking like Joan Rivers. There are limits.

  13. AC says:

    What ever surgerys she’s done I want to know cause she’s a good example of plastic surgery done right. Gradual, minimal and she doesn’t look like an alien.

  14. Firestarter says:

    Just shut up, no one really cares one way or the other Demi. You obviously want people to care, but they don’t. The thing they do care about though, is how dishonest you are. STFU and it will be fine!

  15. Zoe says:

    @lolalola: “When women lie about cosmetic surgery and/or their age, it undermines all women. Making us all feel bad about ourselves.”

    I don’t know, I always feel like you have to give someone permission to make you feel bad about yourself.

    I just feel like doing the kind of violence to yourself that’s required for plastic surgery (broken nose, slicing and stitching, implanting plastic, etc.) undermines all women too. It doesn’t feel like self love to me. It doesn’t feel empowering. I wouldn’t do it to my husband out of love. I wouldn’t do it to my daughters or my friends out of love. “I love you, but something’s wrong with you and we’re going to inflict a lot of violence on you and spend a fortune on fixing you.” It just feels wrong, you know?

    I really struggle with this issue. I’m not getting any younger and I’m in a field of very young people and the pressure to look younger is huge. Lotion with magic vitamins/sunscreen feels more like self love to me. Injecting expensive poison (Botox) into my face so that I have a less expressive face, not so much.

    Of course we all want to look good, but plastic surgery isn’t the same as spending a lot of money on clothes or something. I think people lie about it because it’s violent, painful, expensive, and vain. That’s embarrassing and no one wants to be seen as vain, selfish and insecure.

    Maybe Demi’s embarrassed/worried that her daughters might do this to themselves too, so she’s lying about it?

    This is just my take on this, I know I’m probably in the minority here.

  16. fizXgirl314 says:

    she’s also got some botox since her eyes don’t move when she smiles. but overall, the work on her isn’t too bad…

    BTW, did my home ip finally get banned because of my big mouth? LAME! :/

  17. hatsumomo says:

    Beautifully put Zoe.( except for very last sentence)

  18. fizXgirl314 says:

    Thank you Zoe! it’s nice to hear that there’s actually some sanity still left in this world :) . I wonder though, it’s obvious we’re headed toward a very surgery happy society in the future… eventually it’ll just be routine… will we still have ANY people left who think like you do?

    the future seems bleak… :|

  19. JustMe says:

    Shut up… yadda, yadda, yadda.

  20. Jag says:

    Numerous celebrities have has the laser procedures done which tighten the skin. At least one can be used over most of the body, and all are non-surgical. That’s one way they “get away with” saying they’ve never had surgery. That said, I would love to have the procedure done, as it continues to improve over the course of a year by building collagen.

  21. Linda says:

    She has had to have had work done. A boob job for one. Major liposuction, tummy tuck, Botox, etc. I have watched her over the years. It really is to her own embarassment that she isn’t honest.

  22. kris says:

    demi has good genes i think. when she was younger i thought her face wont age right away or easily. maybe she got routines against aging. shes really beautiful.

  23. Jaxon says:

    I don’t know about the face but we all have seen the photographic evidence from Striptease. Surely she’s not trying to say those rigid bolt on cantaloupes we all saw in that movie are her very own. Bitch, please. As for loose skin on her stomach. Again, photo evidence. When she strutted in that black bikini for the Charlie’s Angels movie you could have bounced a quarter on that stomach.

    One thing I will say, it’s all great work. Looked as natural as can be. Must have been a very good and very expensive doctor.

  24. Shakti says:

    I find it really quite worrying that someone of Demi’s ‘seeming’ intelligence can make such ridiculous statements about plastic surgery.

    It’s more than apparent that her boobage in Striptease was surgically ehanced. So immediately everyone’s little red flags would go up and say hang on a minute Demi, please don’t talk to the world like they only have two brain cells. I believe she has had a huge amount of work done both surgically and none-surgically ( she is a very wealthy women who has access to all the latest techniques which help beautify ‘celebs’) and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    Buttttt !!!! I can’t abide the bollocks that some celebs come out with ….. she uses the word neurosis, well let me tell you Demi darlink, to make such denials and try and imply that you are such a well balanced human being you would never consider plastic surgey, actually shows us all just how unbalanced you REALLY are. Comments like this from ‘naturally beautiful women’ *rolls eyes* do nothing but add to the insecurities and neurosis of those younger more vulnerable women in society who actually believe this nonsense and who actually think that models and film stars really do look like their pictures in magazines!!

    I am a 41 year old mother of three and I just wish these stupid celebs would grow up, grow a spine and be honest.

    They underestimate people’s intelligence to their own detriment.

  25. Shakti says:

    another thought occured to me last night, I wonder if Miss More is trying to create some publicity because her daughter’s new film has just come out… a little cynical perhaps but the timing is more than a little synchronistic…

  26. Paulette says:

    I second whoever said she had A cups in the 80′s. She’s pretty, but she’s also had plastic surgery.

  27. abigail7881 says:

    I remember reading somewhere that she had surgery to remove excess skin around her KNEES!!!

  28. Double Standards says:

    @Zoe, it’s a private issue and choice for most women and women should stop judging each other or making loud insulting remarks about other women having surgery while in public places. Yes, women will actually be in the grocery store for example and purposely say something loud and insulting within earshot of another woman they believe had surgery. Plastic surgeon’s wives admit they go around and play a game pointing out who has had what done. Weird that they make it a shameful thing when their fancy lives are made possible by all the surgery (and they themselves are usually stitched head to toe.) It’s insane.

    Not everyone who looks good at a certain age has had surgery. Actresses probably so because it’s competitive and HD shows everything and they have the money. But there are regular women who have stayed out of the sun their whole life, not smoked, eaten well, etc and have no wrinkles and no Botox. But these days if you look good at a certain age it’s automatically assumed you’ve had surgery, Botox, etc. People get very angry towards those who’ve had surgery.

    However, it is a different story for actresses. Actresses are in the public eye and are role models. They give up their privacy in exchange for mega money and a highly privileged life. They have influence and therefore a greater responsibility to be truthful. If they don’t like this, they should get out of the business. They knew what they were getting into and are selfish and childish to complain about it as they luxuriate in their mansions and jet about the world and wear all their free designer clothes, etc

    Also actresses set the standard for others. It is terrible the pressure women and girls feel to go under the knife and that is a topic worthy of examining.

    So, yes, Demi Moore does a disservice. But it’s always the women who are grilled about this, not the men. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and others aren’t bombarded with surgery questions or as microscopically inspected for aging.

    It’s not women who should be demonized for having surgery. It’s society’s double standard and pressures, it’s the media including actresses who go along instead of taking a stand, and it’s even regular people like on this board who would equally rip a woman to shreds if she were overweight, had wrinkles, etc

    Sadly, the day when surgery and botox etc are part of routine maintenance already seems to have arrived. Even young girls are doing Botox and having surgery while still in high school.

    Honest discussion is good. But women need to stop being so catty and hateful and automatically assume regular women who look good had surgery.

  29. beuaty myth says:

    The fact that there’s a witch hunt over whether Demi Moore had surgery is despicable and none of you see the real issue here which affects all of you. While no Demi Moore fan at all, this kind of garbage doesn’t go on against men. Men aren’t put under a microscope and humiliated no matter what they do. If a woman is too fat she’s a pig, if she’s too thin she has a disorder, if she’s old she’s ugly and decrepit, if she looks young she is fake and had surgery. Women can’t win, but the men aren’t put through the same hateful examinations. None of you get the real issue. You participate in it.

    Imagine all the wonderful constructive empowered things women could accomplish if their energies were directed away from obsessions with their and other women’s appearance.

    Read The Beauty Myth

    “It examines beauty as a demand and as a judgment upon women. Subtitled How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women, Wolf examines how modern conceptions of women’s beauty impact the spheres of employment, culture, religion, sexuality, eating disorders, and cosmetic surgery.

    Wolf argues that women in Western culture are damaged by the pressure to conform to an idealized concept of female beauty—the Iron Maiden throughout modern society, from Victorian Times to today. She argues that the beauty myth is political, a way of maintaining the patriarchal system. It allows women to enter the labour force, but under controlled conditions. She also claims that this system keeps women under control by the weight of their own insecurities. The beauty myth is sometimes viewed as succeeding The Feminine Mystique, which relegated women to the position of housewife, as the social guard over women. In this sense, Wolf claims that public interest in a woman’s virginity has been replaced by public interest in the shape of her body.”


  30. Shakti says:

    sounds like a logical and insightful read…. but I take issue that you aasume ‘none’ of us get the real issue here!! *winks*

    and i would state that it’s not just women in ‘western’ cultures who are damaged by the pressures to conform to an idealized concept of female beauty…

    Patriarchal control and the disempowerment of women stems back centuries over many cultures and has become the foundation of many of the worlds religions….. oh so sadly.

    female circumscision, feet binding, covering of the face…etc…etc….

    The masculine and female energies of humanity are very much out of synch in ‘modern man/woman’

  31. Dawn says:

    I remember when she did Striptease that she admitted to having a boob job. I think she has amnesia or something. It’s a shame that women in Hollywood think the rest of us are stupid. There is no way she could look like she does at her age without some cosmetic work done. Just admit it, what’s the big deal?

  32. Chris says:

    Demi is obviously lying about the Cosmetic surgery. If people address this issue and she had never done plastic surgery then she should be flattered at the suggestion. Any normal person would take it lightly and say thanks fo the compliment, but no I haven’t. Instead she gets ballistic and defensive, so you know she is lying.